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Player Characters

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     Demarcus Volker 

"The lack of context disturbs me..."

♠ | 41 | German | Human
First Appearance: Season 2


     Dylan Churchill 

"I'm done, Nope. I'm done."

♣ | 38 | British | Human
First Appearance: Tutorials

     Eleni Dalca 

"Don't worry, the worst that could happen is––well, uh, actually it'd be pretty bad. Nevermind."

♣ | 22 | American | Human
First Appearance: Tutorials

A well-meaning but weak-willed girl who moved to London to earn a degree in illustration. She was made a Cardian after being harassed by vampires, watching her school get set aflame by the Ace of Clubs, and generally having a bad time. While generally friendly, she punches and stabs threats to the team with alarming regularity.

  • Action Girl: Hardly surprising for a club. She's spent a lot of time slashing enemies into bits.
  • Glass Cannon: She dishes out damage quickly, but gives up her defense to do so.
  • Hot Blade: When she inserts a matching magical ruby into her gladius, the sword gets hot enough to sear granite.
  • Flaming Sword: In a few major fights, her gladius set aflame. However, in recent times, the flames have burned her hand rather than her enemies.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Stevie.
  • Scars Are Forever: She had a scar across her nose (courtesy of an accident with her brother) before she even joined the Cardians, and she's only gotten more battered since.
  • The Berserker: For a few months, she was influence by a demon inhabiting her sword and very much became this.

     Ish Jade 

"Shoot good, yes?"

♣ | 29 | Russian | Human
First Appearance: Season 1

     Ivan Archambault
Broken Crown

"Everyone here gives me too much credit..."

♥ | 25 | Scandinavian | Human
First Appearance: Season 1

A heart with a troubled past and an even more troubled conscience. Ivan comes from a rich and well known family, but is, unfortunately, The Unfavorite.

     Jessie Mcbride
The Talkative Beautician

"Come on guys, what's the worse that can happen?"

♥ | 23 | American | Human
First Appearance: Tutorials

  • Action Girl: Pretty much a required trait when you're a Cardian, but more so since she got her bow.
  • Determinator: Her virtue is fortitude and her bow is powered partially by her will.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: When a sheet was made asking the characters who they would date of the same gender, Jessie's name turned up the most.
  • Fragile Speedster: Very fast and very agile, but lacking in armor and health.
  • Motor Mouth: Can lapse into this when time is short or the situation is dire.
  • Pink Means Feminine
  • Plucky Girl: Arguably the most peppy of the group.
  • Statuesque Stunner: Striking looks + The tallest female in London coast = this.
  • The Chick: One of the girliest and spunkiest members of the team, shares this role with Nova.
  • The Heart: Or at least one of them.


     Jonathan Harrison
some caption text

"Cry, you little bitch."

♣ | 20 | American | Human
First Appearance: Tutorials

A club and the most physically able of the group. An ex-gang member and resident boxer, Jon acquired robotic arms after a bad scrap with the Big Bad.He is currently in a coma due to being tackled off a building by a monster he flipped off.

It's tough to be a god

"Uh... yes, they are nice shoes, aren't they? ...And nice wallets. And cellphones. They're mine, I promise."

♥ | 20 | Indian? | Human
First Appearance: Tutorials

  • A God Am I: As far as she's concerned, she's a God in Human Form.
  • Aesop Amnesia: A chronic sufferer should the lesson be pride related. Mostly.
  • Authority in Name Only: She's a god-to-be, you know! Too bad that that holds virtually no power just yet, even in her convent.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Attempted. It may have worked for a few months, but the near constant slip-ups that happen when one lives with the people she put up a front for didn't exactly help. She's since settled for more of a Lovable Alpha Bitch vibe to anyone who's seen far enough past the façade.
  • Beneath the Mask: See the above.
  • Berserk Button: "Did I say you could touch me?"
  • Break the Haughty: She's been put in her place more than once.
  • Dangerous Deserter: You don't exactly just leave the Cardians and have a good time afterwards. That, or you get a better 'this is all part of the plan' signal.
  • Morality Chain: Only thing stopping her from deserting (and meaning it) ages ago was her loyalty to Atticus. Now that he's gone, there's a bit less reason to stay... besides the house arrest shock anklet, courtesy of Freak. 'Fortunately' this only happened after losing what was her motivation to go in the first place.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: Lost her family and didn't even know until she was about to join them. Also never got to say goodbye to her best friend, who left when she wasn't around.
  • Oathbreaker: Spilled a secret or two to her bestie that she really ought not to have spilled. She's since learned her lesson.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Sort of, she's known only as Nova and nothing else. Then No(T)va, Starchild, etc. etc., after selling her name in the goblin market.
  • Sugary Malice: Sweet, Cute, Manipulative as Hell. All part of the job
  • Team Chef: A habit for baking-based-bribery gone good.

     Oakley 'Ollie' Pines 

"Worst Birthday ever."

♥ | 19 | Canadian | Human
First Appearance: Season 2

  • Berserk Button: Harming innocent creatures, supernatural or not.
  • Covert Pervert: Despite his innocent nature, his vice is lust.
  • Granola Guy: Was an active environmentalist before joining up with the Cardians and has an innate love for nature.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Originally from a neglectful, rich family. He often wonders if they even notice he's gone.
  • Soap Box Sadie: Used to take part in a lot of protests and the like, usually just to get on his parents nerves and scorn his family name.

     Stevie Tanning 

"Guys it's okay! I'm okay."

♦ | 24 | American | Sin Eater
First Appearance: Tutorials

  • Badass Driver: The first person the team turns to when driving is needed, normal or otherwise.
  • Drives Like Crazy: ...Even if it is a bit of a roller coaster for everyone else.
  • Mr. Fixit: As the lone Diamond besides the Ace, Stevie takes care of most repairing and crafting needs like a pro.
  • Platonic Life-Partners: With Eleni.
  • Watch the Paint Job: Despite his driving tendencies, this is his attitude about most cars, and particularly the ones he drives and/or works on.



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Non-Player Enemies



     Aristarkh Ilyich 


     Benny Copper 

     Atticus Finch 


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