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    The Homestuck Character Support Group 
John: hey, cal, it's okay. perhaps we can form some sort of support group for homestuck characters.

John Cena, Rose Quartz, Dave Bowman and Jaden Smith. There. Resolved a one-year-old mystery. Finally, you can cross that out.

The main focus of the stories, and the namesake of the second one. Originally, John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley were in a four-way Long-Distance Relationship, with none of them having seen any other one in person despite being in touch for at least a third of their lives, but that changed when their families all moved together to Easthampton in the timespan of three days. In Easthampton, they met Calliope and Caliborn, and quickly befriended Calliope. Therefore, they are relatively close, and the Homestuck Character Support Group forms around this rather firm base.

This group has a precursor: in Calliope and the Final Update, the kids and Calliope were all winners of Sburb discs in Homestuck merchandise, and had never talked to each other prior to appearing in Easthampton to meet up with Hussie.

Rose Lalonde

Allow me to introduce myself first. I am Rose Lalonde. I am currently 21 years old, studying Sociology and two days ago, I found out that I am also a fictional character from an Internet comic called Homestuck.

Ostensibly the main character of the series. Rose is a Sociology student, and has been having trouble writing creatively. However, once she discovers that she is a character of Homestuck, she takes a much more distinct role, planning to gather herself and her three close friends, as well as the neighborhood alien Calliope (as for her "brother" Caliborn, eh, not so much) into a "Homestuck Character Support Group". She also showed interest in gathering more than just her closest friends in, at different points talking to Karkat and MeAndMyReflection about her plans.


  • Accidental Misnaming - Is the target of this, fairly consistently.
    So, so far I have been called Annoying Blabbermouth, Flighty Broad, Annoying Flightymouth, Rose Human and now Rose Quartz. Amazing how no one can ever get my name right.
  • Ascended Extra - Before The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2), Calliope was the most likely candidate for the main character.
  • Character Blog - Appropriately, titled The Homestuck Character Support Group. However, she doesn't interact with other roleplay blogs like they do with each other, due to placing a "no impersonators" stipulation.
  • Cunning Linguist - She's been learning languages on Duolingo. She shares this trait with ASBusinessMagnet.
  • Idiot Ball - She recognizes ASBusinessMagnet, because they share a streak on Duolingo, and even knows that he's Lithuanian. This didn't stop her from being convinced that "aperturescienceBusinessmagnet" is actually AnnaSophia Robb.


how coUld i live when friends like yoU die, and die, and die again, while i continUe to live?

She, together with Caliborn, arrived to Earth on a meteor that landed on April 13, 1996. For two years, they were cradled by scientists, before "L. E." shot their lead researcher (and Rose's mother), causing the authorities to take a different strategy to raise them. Therefore, they were pretty much spoiled, up until Calliope began doing commissions. Lately, though, she and Caliborn began to be identified as "cosplayers" of Homestuck. She is by far the most heartbroken after the revelation, and seeks support in Rose's group. She eventually becomes the group's figurehead, as the blog where the support group is hosted was named after her, being "calliopes-update-girl".


Jade Harley

hold on
i think my islander senses are tingling...

Another close friend of Rose's. Her grandfather explored the Frog Temple built 413 million years ago, and most Skaianet technologies (including Pesterchum) derive from it.

At first, she stayed out of most major action involving Homestuck, and instead befriended Calliope almost immediately. This led to her and Calliope discussing the prospect of the Homestuck Character Support Group, at least until Dave joined the conversation. As Dave is pretty much hitting on her, this made her distracted, but nevertheless, the next day she met up with Rose again and the two, together with Calliope, became the founding members of the support group.

John Egbert

will you stop with your comments already?

As he is the main character of Homestuck's Act One, which certainly isn't the most serious part of the comic, he is on the receiving end of many, many, many jokes, both from Andrew and Caliborn. Therefore, he is left with a negative impression of the comic, and begins sympathizing with Calliope, who was also frequently made fun of by Caliborn. Roughly around this point, he also has the original idea for the Homestuck Character Support Group, which Jade (and from her, Rose) borrowed.

Nevertheless, tables turn on him once he encounters the first elements of the game and its implications, as he is big on end-of-the-world movies. Therefore, he has a change of heart, beginning to actually like Homestuck, and Rose doesn't list him as a full member of the support group, instead usurping the position of leadership herself.

He has a role in Inception of a Masterpiece, as a fan of Problem Sleuth who messaged Hussie at its end, and accidentally gave him the idea for Homestuck.


Dave Strider

i am tom strider real deal
i mean dave
why would i ever say tom in any context that isnt tom & jerry

While he is another friend of Rose's, he is significantly more distant from everyone else, preferring to be a coolkid and write Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. Therefore, he is marked as another question mark in the support group. Nevertheless, he shows interest in the group; though, he has a superiority complex, believing that non-Homestuck characters shouldn't be part of the group. He is also an avid Minecraft player, and soon after moving, sets up a server so he can play with Jade.



    Hussie and co. 
Andrew Hussie's friends are largely other webcomic artists, many from distant places, as most Easthampton residents are Homestuck fans who won't stop pestering him.

Tropes pertaining to all of them:

Andrew Hussie / Randall Munroe / Roald Dahl / Mark Twain / ...

I'm Andrew Hussie, the best guy in the universe, even ignoring Homestuck. You should be honored to talk to me and even live in the same town as me.

Originally, Andrew Hussie seems to be a fairly innocent webcomic creator. Within a few chapters, though, it is obvious that something else is going on: only his characters exist in real life, and he appears to have spacebending powers whose origin isn't entirely clear. Eventually, Word of God confirmed its true origins: it is actually a Lord English-like demon and (part of) the cancer that Karkat gave to the universe, essentially replacing Bec Noir, but during the modern times, it claimed the identities of various "offbeat authors". Though, it particularly likes being Hussie, to the point of claiming his name as its own.


Jeffrey Rowland

The owner of TopatoCo, which sells Homestuck merchandise. He only appears in Calliope and the Final Update as Andrew's mentor, and in the MarissaTheWriter-styled chapter, he allows Calliope to earn a fortune with her work, implying that Calliope at least knows about him.

Shelby Cragg

The artist of the art in Homestuck that is attributed to Calliope. She arrives to Easthampton in April 15th to present her newest fanart to Hussie.

Toby "Radiation" Fox

For the last time, you are not "Radiation", nor do you have any recollection of ever using this nickname on the wide Internet.

The creator of Undertale and one of the musicians for Homestuck; so far, in The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2), he has only appeared so that he could be introduced at the same time as Joey Claire from Hiveswap.

In The Trials and Tribulations of Homestuck, he is given a character study and a brief moment from the past, during which he completed the album The Baby is You.


These friends of Andrew have gotten at least one mention:

  • Dante Basco, who, in Calliope and the Final Update, is struggling to catch up with Homestuck, and has only read up to the update before the Gigapause.
  • Ryan North, Andrew's close BFF, though largely an independent creator. Yet, he does have a significant influence on Andrew; in the Calliope on the Update Gravestone universe, where they never met, Homestuck never gained popularity.
  • Michael Firman, a close friend of Andrew's in 2009, who participates in a strangely familiar conversation with him in Inception of a Masterpiece.
  • Rachel Rocklin, the manager of Paradox Space and Andrew's fiancée. Exactly how she is supposed to date a nigh-immortal space warper and have kids with him is not elaborated upon.
  • Various people who submitted commands to Jailbreak; none of them is named, though.
  • Byron Hussie, Andrew's brother who is only also ever relevant to Joey, and who has not been mentioned by name, except for Unreleased Stuff.

    Team Adorabloodthirsty 
CTG: team adorabloodthirsty
CTG: whos coming up with names on your session

A group of twelve trolls which played Sgrub. However, during the process something went wrong, and instead of the familiar Homestuck universe in which the game was meant to be played again and again, something more closely resembling our own universe came out. The twelve were placed in different locations in the United States, and therefore have been coping with living human lives themselves.

Tropes pertaining to all of them:

Karkat Vantas


The self-proclaimed "leader" of the team, despite them having never met in person for eight "human sweeps". Before learning about Homestuck, his plans oscillated between Take Over the World and fleeing the Earth and going to space, with no significant progress made on either. Once he learns about Homestuck, he makes it on foot to where Andrew Hussie lives to harass him. Later, it appears he has returned to his ways prior to arriving on Earth, beginning to enter memos from the future.


Terezi Pyrope


On Earth, she has become rather seclusive, preferring to play with her own "scalemates" rather than interact with other trolls/humans, and generally live in the past. This personality doesn't change much once she learns about Homestuck. Nevertheless, she is Karkat's second-in-command, and is the first person he comes to when he talks about anything. She even briefly joined the Homestuck read, though remotely.

Vriska Serket

Once she learns about Homestuck, she realizes just how much ragtag Karkat's team is, and self-appoints as the new leader. Hussie also shows interest in her, much to her dismay.

Kanaya Maryam

The most important detail Kanaya picks out of Homestuck is that Rose, the author of the walkthrough that she read, exists. Kanaya and Rose immediately enter a rather warm friendship.

Eridan Ampora

Eridan also never claimed to be "forevver alone", neither in Homestuck nor in this fic. At this point, Karkat is just making up bullshit.

He is mostly depicted as a desperate Extreme Omnisexual who brings up his status as a royal to any conversation. Needless to say, he doesn't gain any popularity, and is used solely as comic relief.

Nepeta Leijon

An Ensemble Dark Horse to the team. The only way in which she is even remotely important is because she discovered Homestuck early on and didn't tell anyone.



The other trolls are significantly less relevant to the plot, and are as follows:

  • Aradia Megido; her attitude is rather nihilistic and she doesn't feel all that alive, stating "0nce dead always dead i supp0se".
  • Tavros Nitram; despite his claiming to have confidence, he is easily the most confused about the Earth and everything surrounding him.
  • Sollux Captor; he pokes fun at Karkat's plans to seize control of the Earth, dismissing them as unrealistic. He also is shown to own technology, such as time travel for chat clients, not available to even the Condesce.
  • Equius Zahhak; he has taken an interest in human bodybuilders, but is unable to join their ranks due to being a troll.
  • Gamzee Makara, a permanent stoner, to whom likely not much has changed; he still occasionally becomes murderous once he is sober.
  • Feferi Peixes; early on, she is abducted by the Condesce, and therefore has a section under "The Villains".

    The Villains 
Perhaps the most ill-defined faction of them all. They only ever form because Her Imperious Condescension scares them into following her, even before she has any sort of defined plan other than "Hussie is the cancer of the universe, therefore I must fight him in some way".

Tropes pertaining to all of them:

Her Imperious Condescension

like literally
were da most awesome species eva 2 grace the uh
the multiverse

She used to be the leader of the trolls. Once twelve of her subjects created the Earth, she also moved in, and for a while she has been a patient observer. When she learns about Homestuck, though, she engages evil mode, and begins hatching plans to... well, she doesn't know that either. Hilarity Ensues when the subjects she recruited also have different opinions on what she should do.


Oh, come on. Did you really think I would not include my own self-insert in this?

The estranged author of Calliope on the Update Gravestone and leader of the memo which unfortunately happened to be named "Homestuck Character Support Group", much to the real support group's dismay. Quickly, though, he is spotted by the Condesce and made Crockertier.


  • Eldritch Abomination - Just as Andrew Hussie, he is a manifestation of the cancer given to the universe. Powers related to that are yet to be exhibited by him, though.
  • Get Back in the Closet - In Real Life, she came out as trans in January 2015. In Calliope's Update Girl, that never happened.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades - His list of interests pretty much goes on and on and on.
    Those include learning languages (in particular on Duolingo), writing fanfics (sometimes even trollfics), translation (in particular of Homestuck), note  making Hitler parodies (in the past, and it will usually not come up in conversation), and very occasionally visual arts and music. As such, he is quite busy on the Internet, and jokes about having "no less than 5 current projects at all times".
  • Self-Insert
  • Surprisingly Good English - Is an example of this among his non-Anglophone fans.

Feferi Peixes


Back on Alternia, she used to be one of the heiresses to the Condesce, who she would mercilessly kill later on. However, on Earth, she becomes valuable as one of the last remaining trolls, and therefore is kidnapped instead. Needless to say, most of the time she does not have any idea what the Condesce and ASBusinessMagnet are talking about.

    Calliope on the Update Gravestone fans 
The fanfic in question has already attained a mini-fandom, of which all the members hang out on a Pesterchum memo, named "#homestuck_character_support_group" after the memo in Calliope on the Update Gravestone. They have already become somewhat close friends, and therefore ASBusinessMagnet has been keeping up the fanfic for them. What they do not know, though, is that in the background, several Homestuck characters in their real life are actually considering the idea of the Homestuck Character Support Group, and the two groups are about to clash in a single place...

[...] I’ve been discussing with my friends/fans/friend-inserts (it's complicated) [...]

They all are based on the real fans of Calliope's Update Girl who submitted themselves as characters. Most of them, however, are not in the United States, and therefore only get to interact with others via the memo they hang out in.

Tropes pertaining to all of them:


Listen, Jade, I'm not going to harm you, okay?

The first significant fan of Calliope and the Final Update, and therefore she is the first to appear, even before there was an idea to make most fans into characters (and even before ASBusinessMagnet's Self-Insert). She briefly messages Jade, before getting blocked. When, during the next day, she arrives on the Homestuck Character Support Group memo and finds Jade again, Rose wants to have a word with her.

Out of character, she also plays an important role in the making of Calliope's Update Girl, as it was her chat with ASBusinessMagnet after which the fic came to be.

MeAndMyReflection / unstopableSmiley / crawavesse

You can't tell us just to not care about someone we love hanging with!

While presumed to be one of the closest followers of ASBusinessMagnet (especially with messages between her leading up both to The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2) and the out-of-universe blog), when she learns about Rose's Support Group, she writes a message there (though, it might just have been not to insult Rose). She is a fan of Let's Plays, RPG Maker games and The Slender Man Mythos.

She has a distinct manner of speech, characterized by mixing up singular/plural forms and various verb forms.


  • Viewer Gender Confusion - According to her profile, she is easily mistaken for a man, and doesn't bother correcting those that mistake her. invoked

davespritenotdave / draconianNeptune

we promise we WONT be insuferable pricks

CTG: the fuck is a davesprite
CTG: is it like
CTG: a soft drink by stridercorp

Another rather close follower of Calliope's Update Girl. He learns about ASBusinessMagnet's transformation early on, and slightly later on befriends Dave.


Like Undertale?

Some of these people have literally been waiting for over a year to see their self-inserts in my fanfic, with cryptologicalMystic holding an absolute record of 1636 days, or nearly four and a half years. You're welcome.

cryptologicalMystic, perhaps known better to some as the artist behind the cool and new web comic track "cool and new community garden", has been following ASBusinessMagnet since at least 2012, when he was writing Invader Zim stories, and also attempted to get a cameo there (and failed). She first appears in chapter 26 of The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2).

PKRS / savvyKiddo / arsoniccatnap

We are getting fairly big, aren't we?

Hobbies: writing, listening to music, reading way too many things... yeah. Also likes pie.

As she first appears in chapter 26 of The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2), little is known about her other than stuff from her profile, and even that is fairly concise.

Linda065cliva / genericTranslator

nope XD
our memo our rules

Just as ASBusinessMagnet, she is a translator of Homestuck. While she has appeared, she hasn't done anything significant in the story yet. Her primary typing quirk involves overusing the emote XD.

gsunny6 / gsunnyDragonlover6

CSP: [...] no matter our wildest dreams, "the Homestuck characters are real" was far from any of my plans to prepare for.
CGD: not mine lol

you are a VERY WEIRD PERSON. you like a lot of things. you believe that if Homestuck was for realz and you were a SBURB/SGRUB/WHATEVER player, your classpect would be the ROUGE of SPACE and your land would be the LAND of FJORDS and FROGS. your ChumHandle is gsunnyDragonlover6, and you love dragons and a few other things.

Another self-insert that first appears in chapter 26 of The Homestuck Character Support Group (Volume 2). Notably, she submitted her profile after it was declared that submissions are no longer accepted, but was accepted regardless.

    Various minor characters 
These characters usually do not belong to any single faction, but are related to those who do.

Unnamed fans of Homestuck / MSPA Reader

(ohmygod Karkat Vantas from Homestuck was actually in my car)

From [the Land of Stumps and Dismay], you have experienced the entire history of MS PAINT ADVENTURES and changed considerably, ranging from a HIVEMIND OF FORUM-GOERS to a COMPLETELY INDEPENDENT ENTITY whose only purpose in the multiverse is to be the INVISIBLE GUIDING HAND for MSPA.

Those fans that are neither close friends of Andrew Hussie nor fans of Calliope on the Update Gravestone seem to have developed their own community. They dress up as characters in form of cosplay, and therefore believe that the real Homestuck characters must be cosplayers as well. Hussie frequently speaks of this community as if he was more than just their spiritual leader, rather being in direct command of them; however, his interactions with some of them are less than satisfactory.

The only Homestuck fan that is actually characterized (but not actually named) is the one appearing in "hcsgame". It is known that her favorite characters are Dirk and Eridan, even though she is still willing to engage with and even be Rose, despite not liking her grimdark form, and more importantly, believes that Rose really is a Homestuck character, rather than a cosplayer.

In The Trials and Tribulations of Homestuck, these fans are represented by a singular entity, the MSPA Reader, whose primary purpose in life is to submit commands to MSPA stories. After the end of Homestuck, however, the MSPA Reader finds themself looking into the lives of various real people and piecing together their stories.


  • Humble Hero - The MSPA Reader is noted to be this by Sans.

The Guardians

John's Nanna: It's amazing what the power of friendship can do! This wouldn't have been possible if some of you fell in love years ago. Love is only a recipe for sorrow and broken hearts.
Rose's Mom: well its certanely a swell party / party like theres no tomorrow / cept pplz had to keep me out from the party cos im too old or stuff / doesnt matter cause well just have an all year long party ou ca mest egal
Jade's Grandpa: Well the adventure has reached this point. But that certainly doesnt mean the adventure is over! Keep being the awesome friends that you are.
Dave's Bro: This isn't even ironic. I am genuinely crying over how there's a happy moment like this. Most stories don't even get one, so one in real life has literally 0% chances of happening. And yet it's happened.

John, Rose, Dave and Jade each live with their own "guardians". Those include John's father and grandmother, Rose's mother, Dave's brother and Jade's grandfather. They all end up attending John's birthday (and Calliope's hatching day) party together with the kids and Calliope.

Out of them all, Rose's mother so far is the most entangled in the plot; turns out, she and her team of scientists had researched Calliope and Caliborn for about two years after their arrival.

Joey Claire

Joey: Wait, you're Toby Fox, creator of Undertale?
Toby: Hold up. You're Joey Claire? From Hiveswap? The same one?

The main protagonist of Hiveswap and Byron Hussie's fiancée. So far, only has had a minor appearance together with various other real people, all of whom listen to Joey's story, mirroring that of Hiveswap and implying that its events (and in turn, Alternia as we know it) really happened.


* point to whatever it is that has been troubling you...

* and i will show them the way of KARMIC RETRIBUTION.

Originally in The Trials and Tribulations of Homestuck, he is a character from Undertale serving in lieu of any narration by Toby Fox himself, seeing as the latter sucks in writing in the style of Homestuck, while his Undertale Author Avatar is mostly non-verbal. However, upon wishing on the slightly wrong thing, Sans is freed from Undertale by the MSPA Reader, becoming their personal guide, able to enter any time period, even those preceding his original conception. After a chat with the MSPA Reader, he decides that his first order of business is to attack Hussie for torturing them.


    And last but not least... 

Caliborn "English"


Calliope's "brother", who has been living with her since hatching. Largely a Spoiled Brat, his attitude towards the world (and, by extension, Homestuck and its characters) is negative. His favorite pastime is making fun of everyone regardless of how appropriate it is, as he is quick to invent nicknames such as "HOMOSuCK" (Homestuck) and "ANNOYING BLABBERMOuTH" (Rose). He also has a passion for art, but unlike Calliope, his "art" ends up being unrecognizable.

Ultimately, the experience of reading Homestuck does not change him in the slightest, barring the fact that he gets the contacts of Karkat Vantas and enters a relationship with him.


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