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Adriel Videl

Super High School Level Acolyte

"Killing...Taking another life...that’s a sin...I could never..."
Ye Good Shepherd Of Faith
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Adriel Videl, the SHSL Acolyte, is known for his charitable works and close connections to the church. Those who have met him say he radiates pure kindness. He is always willing to lend a hand to those who need it and has devoted his life to helping people and serving his religion.

Azazel Cage

Super High School Level Blackjack Player

"Aha, hey pal. Y'here for a drink, or are y'just explorin’...?"
Deals In Cards, Not Drugs
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An avid gambler known for his incredible luck and ability in the casino, Azazel Cage is most well known for his victory in a local blackjack competition, gaining him fame across the gambling scene all over Japan, as well as his title of SHSL Blackjack Player. He always seems to have luck on his side, and things often go his way; he’s a cheerful but quite restless person, always on edge and happy to keep active- Though perhaps a bit too over the top for some, he’s confident in himself and shows it, often also spreading his cheerfulness to others, with compliments and flirting. However he means no harm, and merely enjoys being sociable and outgoing.

Barnaby Wolfe

Super High School Level Stage Manager

"Seriously, what the fuck?"
Sight Unseen, Makes Stuff Happen
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Everyone knows the names of the hit actors and actresses that bring light to the stage; they’re the ones with the adoring fanbases. Fewer theatergoers, however, realize just how much of the success comes from the people they don’t see: the effects, the sound, the lighting, you can’t have a truly great show without some help from backstage, and that’s where Barnaby Wolfe carries out his work. The Stage Manager is the one in charge of making sure everything is in order, and Wolfe has moved up in the theater world without even appearing on stage. Due to his age, the most he’s done are Off-Broadway productions, but to him, it’s only a matter of time before he hits the big leagues. He is the murderer of Chapter 2, messing up the suicide pact between him and Emi Hatori, thereby only causing her death. He remains sick for the remainder of the chapter, before being executed for indirectly causing her death due to it being him who added the bleach to her milkshake.

Cecelia Shimizu

Super High School Level Violinist

"But, um, I’m still a bit w-worried about you...Can I get you some chamomile t-tea or something? I m-might have some l-lavender in my room somewhere..."
Telling Stories Through Making Music
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Cecilia Shimizu is a world-wide renowned violinist you have most definitely heard of. Though her cover works are astounding, Cecelia’s original pieces seem to almost paint pictures with sound! Among her original works is a modern violin song devoid of words called “My Home, My Youth” that is said to make people cry for reasons unknown. She has a legion of fans backing her, and it’s not surprising with her unique appearance and extremely shy nature, she’s practically a small shivering bunny. With all of these traits, Cecelia Shimizu surely deserves the title of the Super High School Level Violinist.

Emi Hatori

Super High School Level Makeup Artist

"I think the best course of action for now is to find someone, maybe two people you trust, and stick with them. It’s harder to kill people when they are in groups. Whenever the main group splits up, the lone wolves always get picked off first, rather than the ones that partner up...understand what I mean...?"
Still Prettier Than Her Clients
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Hailing from the sunny city of San Diego, Emi Hatori has been heating up the entertainment and fashion industry with her hot special effects, theatrical, and high fashion makeup skills. Although Emi may be new to the scene, she inherited her creativity and love for showbiz from her late mother, a famous costume designer, Hailey Bell. Emi has already had her living art showcased in various theater productions, movies, and magazines across the United States and Japan and she isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. Let’s hope she has sunglasses! Emi’s got a bright future ahead of her! Well...not exactly. She is the victim of Chapter 2, and her decapitated body is found in the malt shop, her head not far away on a table in a serving platter. As it turns out, Noriko messed with her corspe - but the one who put the bleach in her milkshake was Barnaby, under their suicide pact.

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: She was immediately drawn to Azazel due to his appearance, but she developed real romantic feelings for him after she got to know him better.
  • Animal Motifs: Emi's symbolic animal is a butterfly.
  • Girly Bruiser: She's not afraid to fight people- even people bigger than herself. She doesn't always win, but she won't go down without trying.
  • Hidden Heart of Gold: She has only shown her more caring and maternal side to Azazel, Barnaby, and Skye.
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Emi was overweight before she began dieting and waist training. She still isn't as thin as she'd like to be.
  • I Miss Mom: Emi's mother Hailey was her best friend, as well as the only source of income for the family. Life without Hailey was hard.
  • Nice Shoes: Emi always wears high heels in an effort to make herself appear taller. Her usual high heels are 4 inches.
  • No Sympathy: She didn't care much for Yuuma's pity-party, so, she decided to beat his ass instead.
  • Nouveau Riche: Emi came into her own wealth when she began to do makeup for movies, and she was able to help pull her family out of poverty because of it.
  • Official Couple: with Azazel.
  • Proud Beauty: She worked hard to get where she is today, and she is not shy about her attractiveness. She knows that she's gorgeous, and you cannot tell her otherwise.
  • Sir Swearsalot: Emi has been known to say a lot of very uncouth things.
  • Slave to PR: Emi built a reputation for herself that she has to uphold, even though that reputation is one of an alpha bitch.
  • Victoria's Secret Compartment: Emi has been known to hide objects in her bra, mainly her sunshades.
  • Weight Woe: She refuses to eat most sweets other than cheese danishes, oreos, and jellybeans. Yuuma decided that he didn't like her as soon as he found out.


Super High School Level Rebel Idol

"What a load of bull."
Diva With A Defiant Streak
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The infamous “Rebel Idol” of South Korea, this ill-tempered and foul-mouthed little lady is 56 kilograms of fiery passion. Her claim to fame originates as a member of the prolific K-Pop group, Alektrona; however it truly began on a talent search show where this little girl from Busan blew everyone away with an almost-genius talent in music and won the hearts of her audience. Shortly afterwards, she signed contract with Cloud K and joined the band. No one truly knows what she is like in person but there is speculation that what the public has seen is hardly different: belligerent, loud, and self-centred.

Haru Aeri

Super High School Level Knife Thrower

"Sorry about that...I was just taken by surprise is all..."
Continuously Misses People For Profit
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Born in Kamakura, Japan, Haru Aeri is a famous entertainer and competitor in the art of knife throwing. She puts on shows all around the country at carnivals, festivals, her own events, and even on the streets at times. She is the youngest inductee to the International Knife Throwing Hall of Fame and has won multiple international competitions.

Hibiki Fujiota & Kasimi Fujiota

Super High School Level Dog Walker and Super High School Level Dog Groomer

"Don’t tell me to be quiet! We can’t just get ourselves kidnapped by some big, stupid bird!" "Quiet, Hibiki...we don’t want to provoke it."
Are You Seeing Double Yet?
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Need someone to look after your dog? Twins Fujiota Hibiki and Kasumi have you covered - no matter how rowdy the dog, or how long it needs, they'll both do it together (considering singlehandedness is...out of the equation). Along with doing jobs for regular dog owners, Hibiki also walks dogs at shelters and pounds, and cares for strays. Kasumi is the groomer of the duo, bathing and brushing dogs from the rich-owned poodles to the scruffy, matted strays. Kasumi is the slightly more level-headed of the duo, but loves dogs just as much as their sibling. Just be polite - you wouldn't want to be rude to someone nice enough to handle even the most misbehaved dogs. Walking and grooming - that's what conjoined twins Hibiki and Kasumi offer to dogs of all shapes and sizes, for they run a successful pet-sitting business and are just as excited as the dogs are to meet you! Just remember, they've got the hearing of a Boston Terrier, so watch what you say!

Kami Okurimono

Super High School Level Winemaker

"Mm. Killing seems a bit silly, don’t you think?"
Goddess And She Knows It
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A winemaker who seems to value herself over anyone and everybody. Kami has somewhat of a god complex, valuing herself as someone to be worshipped by others. Her talent isn’t the most exquisite of things, but she earns a significant amount from it and despite it looks down on practically everyone she meets, considering herself the best and a goddess among them. However, she can mask this pretty well; so well, in fact, its difficult to figure out if you’re one of the few she actually takes a liking to or if she’s just putting on a show so you’ll give her more attention.

Leong Bae

Super High School Level Korean Drama Actor

"I haven’t seen you around before...I’d remember a face like yours. Say, what’s your name, sweetheart?"
A Bae To Some Extent
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Leong Bae was born in Suwon, South Korea, the younger twin brother of world-renowned demolitionist expert, Jeong Bae. Migrating to Japan, he lived there for most of his childhood until moving back with his mother He is titled the Super High School Level Korean Drama Actor and shows thoroughly that he deserves such a title by working hard to surpass his brother’s fame. Flamboyant and charming, everyone who meets him can say he’s pleasant to be around. He’s a huge flirt and it very touchy-feely, but that’s part of the charm.



Matsuo Eisen

Super High School Level Head Chef Sous Chef

"I mean, I could cook for you too, but as you can see, I’m not properly dressed for that. But that isn’t much of a big deal, I guess you could say."
Keep Calm And Cook On
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Matsuo Eisen is Super High School Level Head Chef, she earned this title by coming in second place in a cooking competition. The headmaster of Hope’s Peak Academy was one of the judges at this competition. Even though Matsuo is just a head chef, she has mastered a lot of the arts of cooking. Matsuo is famous for her stews and fried foods, Not only that she has a younger brother who is also being scouted by Hope’s Peak Academy.

Midori Aoyama

Super High School Level Elephant Trainer

"See! Things always work out, even if there are bad nasty dragons in the world!"

Whether she’s up in the skies surrounded by flames, flipped upside down by the thick yellow trunk of her elephant, or simply on the ground flipping peanuts between her petite little fingers, Midori Aoyama, the darling of the Flaming Dagger Circus. This fragile yet energetic girl and her elephant have danced and performed their ways into the hearts of Japan’s citizens everywhere, with a mixture of dazzling performance and a high level of enthusiasm that just can't be beat, and anyone who comes to the Flaming Dagger understands why. Midori shows enthusiasm and passion for her talent like no other in the Flaming Dagger. Japan’s citizens come from all reaches of the archipelago just to see her and her smile as she performs, she is always seen as a dazzling light in the hearts of citizens everywhere, and while the Flaming Dagger might not be the most respectable circus, especially in the eyes of other rival circus owners, they still always succeed in drawing a large crowd, all clamouring for their chance to see the pride and joy of the Flaming Dagger! She is the murderer of Chapter 1, accidentally causing the death of Nene Unpachi through an unfortunate accident, and is executed for it.
Lady, You Need A Bra
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Misaki Anami

Super High School Level Pageant Queen

"Wh-what? N-no! Forget what that bird said! Please, please, please forget it! It’s not true! It’s not true! I’m a girl! I’ve always been a girl! I have to be a girl! I can’t be a boy, no one would love me if I were a boy! Please just forget about it!"
Certainly Not Honey Boo Boo
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What makes a someone perfect? Intelligence, talent, kindness, generosity? Well luckily, there's a student here who fits all the qualifications. Misaki Anami is well-known for being one of the biggest teenage pageant contestants internationally. Known for being incredibly beautiful and gentle, a lot of people describe the young contestant as being "a perfect little porcelain doll". Perfection is certainly a word one could use for Anami, who is a fan favourite for competing in the famous Miss Universe pageant as the representative for Japan. Well, everyone should wish good luck onto this sweet, unforgettable beauty.

Nene Unpachi

Super High School Level Tuba Player

"Ummmmm… I’m trying to think of other cooking things that are like that, but Aru does most of the cooking so I don’t almost burn the house down again, so—"
A Real-Life Oompa OOMPAH
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The only daughter of the prominent Unpachi family, Nene soon rose to prominence in the musical field after mastering the St. Petersburg tuba “just because [she] had nothing better to do.” Having been privately tutored, her ability was only discovered when she took to the streets tooting her own horn. Though her family’s riches are nothing to shake a stick at, she’s accumulated quite a bit on her own with her playing. She is the victim of Chapter 1, killed via multiple stab wounds, on an accidental misadventure caused by Midori Aoyama.

Noriko Morishige

Super High School Level Pen Manufacturer

"My, my, my! That’s gonna be some spectacle! Huhuhu!"
Pink Gremlin 2: Electric Boogaloo
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There aren’t few people that heard about the artisan work of the great Noriko Morishige, a skilled manufacturer who made all astonished rethinking something so recurrent in our days: pens. Although some say that paper some day is doomed to end, the girl’s crafting isn’t limited only to the ink field, being able to produce pens for digital usage. Although the traditional writers and artists can assure the pens of the manufacturer are the best. Not only of highest quality, the works of the Pen Manufacturer is largely known for how versatile they are. Gadgets of various types, such as hair combs, candy stocks, flash drivers and recorders can be found on those. Those characteristics made Noriko Morishige well-known among companies headmasters, that usually buys her pens for the working place. Many wonder how such a childish looking girl can be so smart and how she knows so much about people without even caring about not showing she knows more than she should.

Skye Travers

Super High School Level Therapist

"...O-okay, no need to panic. Let’s all just sit down and simply tell each other our secrets. That way we may be able to bond with each other more."
Sound Insight, No Actual Sight
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Skye is widely known as the rather polite and friendly SHSL Therapist. Her way of dealing with her patients according to other therapists seems to work well due to the fact that her developed sense of hearing gives her a good opportunity to learn more about them by the way they behave sometimes even noticing things that someone else may have decided to ignore. Nonetheless she got accepted as the SHSL Therapist after she convinced a fellow classmate of hers not to commit suicide.

Souju Yuri

Super High School Level Lyricist

"Where’s Ed, where is he, why can’t he, where, wh-where’s Ed, why isn’t he here, why can’t I go, why isn’t he here?"

With songs that pull on almost everyone's heartstrings no matter the situation, Souju has written songs for a variety of artists as well as creating a couple of albums on their own. Their power as a lyricist is almost intimidating, but it's said they have a much different personality while performing than when they are met offstage.
Poor Child Needs Some Love
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Tokaji Ieyoshi

Super High School Level Film Critic

"This...probably doesn’t bode well."
Neverending Popcorn and Soda Fix
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If you’ve ever looked up a review for a film before deciding whether or not you should watch it, you've probably seen at least one written by Tokaji Ieyoshi in the last few years. This teenage film critic's fame has grown rapidly in the world of reviews, due to his skill at observing and noting even the smallest details of a film, while also looking up the background of the film to give what he calls, "The fairest, high-rate reviews".

Ximena Santiago

Super High School Level Lingerie Designer

"We all want to get home. All I can think about is my little Usagi waiting for me in her cage...I told my best friend to feed her but they’re such a space case. We won’t be here long, though. Somebody ought to notice we’re missing soon enough."
Totally Accurate Description Of Her
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Ximena Santiago was born in Aguascalientes, Mexico on November 10th. She is the founder of Body X, a lingerie brand, and the daughter of popular film star Juan Felipe Santiago and Hollywood seamstress, Guadeloupe Santiago.

Yuuma Amano

Super High School Level Chocolatier

"Trust me, alright? I got this." [internally] I so totally don't got this.
The Sweetest Of Them All
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Anyone who looks at a product of Amano Confectionaries is sure to find their mouth watering at the sight, up to and including their current head, Yuuma Amano. As the sixteen-year old chocolatier admits, he’s been working all his life to stand out from the crowd, and the beautiful creations coupled with their low prices have made him a hit in the household market. Up to eighty percent of families in the area enjoy his chocolates daily, in fact! The boy himself has been described by customers as cheerful and friendly; to paraphrase a frequent customer, ‘both him and his chocs would get a five-star rating on Yelp!’. There appears to be a lingering sadness behind that winning smile, however...

  • All-Loving Hero: See quote. Downplayed to a certain extent, but otherwise, he's this. Time and time again, he has proven himself to be one of the sweetest and gentlest of the cast members, especially in his interactions with Yuri. His self-sacrificial nature is exemplified with one quote:
    Yuuma: "Look, if you’re going to release another secret tomorrow...Please, let it be mine. I don’t care that I may be a lead, but none of them deserve so little time to make peace with their inner demons. I’ll take the hit."
  • The Atoner: Is this, after his secret is revealed.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: He turns out to be one of the class' best investigators, with his unnatural and sometimes quite absurd style producing unexpected results, such as when he dipped his fingers into a milkshake to see whether they burned. And burn they did, proving that Emi had drunk bleach. On top of that, even he doesn't want hesitate to show what he thinks of Noriko's psychopathic tendencies, slapping them across the room in one motion. Of course, the victim ends up being fine, and he gets a dislocated wrist for his trouble.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Not only is he protective of his younger sister, but he extends that same fondness to some of his classmates. This comes back to bite him really hard in chapter 2, when his younger sister is held hostage as part of the motive.
  • Bi the Way: Panromantic, actually. And doesn't he show it.
  • Broken Bird: Chapter 1 did not treat the poor boy well. It only gets worse.
  • Color-Coded Characters: Brown. He does wear other-coloured outfits for performances, however.
  • Cosmic Plaything: Life isn't easy for Yuuma in the Cabaret. Outside of finding love with Souju, the universe has it in for him, bad.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Both a shade of beige-brown, his eyes are a little bit darker though.
  • The Cutie
  • Heroic BSoD: Suffers from this a lot to the point that he's considered the Cabaret's official emotional punching bag. Every chapter is a minefield of these for poor, sweet Yuuma.
    • Being reminded of his secret, that of performing corporate espionage and stealing recipes, hits him really hard in chapter 1.
    • Then came Nene's murder, making him lose one of his 'little sisters'.
    • And the revelation that one of his closest friends, Midori, was subsequently convicted for her being the accidental killer and executed in such a horrendous way nearly breaks his psyche.
    • It gets worse in chapter 2. First, the motive is revealed to target the people the students hold dear. For Yuuma, it is his little sister, Madoka, who is his only remaining family member left alive.
    • Then, while trying to apologize to Emi for accusing her of Nene's murder in the last trial, he is knocked unconscious by her kneeing him in the gut, before elbow-checking him into the ground.
    • And then Emi is murdered, and he loses yet another friend when Barnaby is revealed to be the killer.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: Zig-zagged. On one hand, he isn't blameless and is responsible for the fairly serious crime of corporate espionage, along with numerous other minor faults, but at the same time, he still remains one of the most idealistic students.
  • Keet
  • Meaningful Name: One note  he takes great happiness in.
  • Nice Guy: Easily the nicest cast member in the Cabaret, and the most generous at that.
  • Official Couple: With Yuri.
  • One True Threesome: And Ed. Yuuma is specifically noted to be polyromantic, but who let him have two datefriends anyway?
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Chocolate. Specifically, semi-dark.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard




Monokuma's Feathered Long-Lost Relative

Big Bad Borb In Charge
  • Big Bad: Claims to be the Director of this establishment.

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