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Characters / Burnt Empire

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The (at the end of the story) fourteen-year-old female protagonist of the aforementioned story. She, among other things, has a very traumatic past, a deep-seated loathing of things magical, and problems relating to people.

She's quite a Manipulative Bastard.

In her past, it's revealed that her brother is a vampire, her sister is a spoiled brat with aspirations of becoming a druid despite only elves being able to, she assisted her frenemy Morley in killing the queen, and that person she's been trying to exact revenge on was killed by her brother.


She was the Rebel Leader for a short while, but was kicked out after being defeated devastatingly during the Krastone raid.

Has two siblings, one brother and one sister.

Tropes associated with her include:

Morley Telrenas

As of the end of the thing, he's fourteen and officially a regicide who loathes his older brother. Also the male protagonist.

You could say he's a Knight In Sour Armor, but that's a bit inaccurate. Why not go by tropes he's been known to associate with him, instead?


Has two siblings, one brother and one sister.

Hane Avanta

A twelve-year-old dead jerkass. One could say her flashback thingy makes her a bit more sympathetic.

Has three biological siblings, two sisters and a brother; and one actual sibling, a sister.

Tropes associated with her include:

Jacob Telrenas

He's partially based off Tavor from Looking for Group, along with a few other things kept from the first draft.

The aforementioned elder brother of Morley, Jacob is the suave type of guy, as noted below.

He was sent to the army for the kingdom in four-oh-seven, and was apparently so good (or bad, opinions vary on why) that they sent him to be a mole and he lived with the rebels for a while, forming a deal with the main character of the prequel.

He's... not a good guy, to say the least.

Tropes associated with him include:

Ollie Pirenci

A vampire, who for some reason has a much smaller role than he was supposed to. He was vampirised four-oh-six by Margo Morgenstern, whom (as barely-satiable bloodlust dictates) he keeled. Let me tell you, he was quite pissed at the development of her not having any blood in her.

Tropes associated with him include:


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