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Characters / Burning Avalon

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Characters from the Original Character Tournament Burning Avalon.

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    Judges and Non-Player Characters 







    Lost in Round 1 


  • Chivalrous Pervert: Flirts with anything that has breasts, but is a good spirited person.
  • Cyborg: Has robotic parts on his neck, as well as a neurologically activated holographic display.
  • The Gunslinger
  • Knife Nut: Also carries a knife
  • Super Soldier: Is an "Exhuman", a human with an enhanced metabolism, immune system, and senses. This is due to a robotic implant on his neck that charges his DNA.








  • Curse: Has a curse that takes on a physical form known as Apnea. This being drain her vitality and will kill her off if it does not feed.
  • Life Drain

    Lost in Round 2 




  • The Empath: Taken to the extreme- in fact, he can only reflect others' emotions.
  • Fragile Speedster: Very fast and agile, but his body poses the resistance of something like a pillow and will fly very far if a good hit is scored on him.
  • Many Spirits Inside of One: A variation: it is made of the fragments of many spirits.
  • Mirror Boss: His main fighting schtick- as Ragdoll feels the same emotions as its opponent, fighting more fiercely only makes Ragdoll fight even fiercer.
  • No-Sell: Can only be harmed by those with the intention to harm him. If the opponent attacks him but doesn't want to harm him, he is unaffected.
  • Off with His Head!: His fate by Huitzi's spear.
  • Sai Guy: His weapon of choice.
  • Scarf Of Asskicking
  • Wall Jump




  • Animalistic Abomination
  • Curious as a Monkey: Always wandering around investigating random things trying to figure out if it should eat them.
  • Dark Is Evil
  • Death Is Cheap: If killed, it will revive shortly with no memories before its death.
  • Eaten Alive: Does this to its victims.
  • The Empath: Can sense others experiencing anxiety, fear, stress, etc.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifting: Anxiety will shapeshift into Illas (a little girl with a wolf skull on her head) if the "right buttons" are pressed. She'll shapeshift back if someone around her starts feeling tense.
  • Jekyll & Hyde: Illas and Anxiety, respectively. Either the innocent little girl or the soul-eating monster will be around at a time.
  • Little Girls Kick Shins: "Illas is not terribly violent outside of mild shin kicking when displeased."
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: It was made from the soul of a little girl.
  • Skull for a Head
  • Snake People: Well, more like Worm Person... with a wolf's skull for a head!
  • Terrible Trio: Part of a trio of soul-eating abominations based on Anxiety, Sorrow and Fear. The Porter just decided to send Anxiety to do the job here. After Anxiety is killed, he sends the other two in.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: It devours the souls of people after eating them.

Lil' Jack and Jack

  • Bratty Half-Pint: Lil' Jack
  • Came Back Wrong: Lil' Jack tried to revive his bro Jack... it didn't turn out very well, and now Jack's soul is trapped in Limbo.
    • Lil' Jack then tries using seven of the Soul Coins to resurrect Jack. This makes him get possessed by The Ninth Symphony.
  • Child Mage: Lil' Jack.
  • Empty Shell: Jack, whose soul is in limbo.
  • Kids Are Cruel: Lil' Jack isn't an innocent little kid once he shows his true colours.
  • Knife Nut: Lil' Jack carries a knife as a last resort weapon.
  • My Greatest Failure: Lil' Jack accidentally summoning the demons that killed his brother. As a result, Lil' Jack will go through great lengths to get his brother revived.
  • Name's the Same/One Steve Limit: Averted. Lil' Jack's and Jack's real names are Jonathan Paul Hayes and Jacob Arthur Hayes respectively.
  • Sibling Team
  • Spell Book: Lil' Jack carries one.
  • Spoiled Brat: Lil' Jack is very selfish and only cares about bringing his brother back. Everyone else is nothing to him.
  • Sword and Sorcerer
  • The Voiceless: Jack can't even talk because his soul is in limbo.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Even though Lil' Jack is ten, he knows a fair bit about sorcery, bionics and even the underworld.
    "My education's a little bit advanced if that's what you're trying to say."


Huitzi and Akeyra

Melody Fasola



  • Love Interest: To Semblance. Both Semblance and her were badly injured by an attacker, and later on, it's revealed that she also died from her wounds.


  • Floating Mask: Takes the form of green energy between four huge floating masks.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Manipulates Akeyra into reviving Huitzi for the tournament so that he can steal the souls from the Soul Coins.
  • Villain Team-Up: Teams up with The Porter to get Sorrow and Anger into the underworld.

The Porter of Lies

  • Manipulative Bastard
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Gets both Sorrow and Anger into the underworld to have them feed on souls. This ends up helping Huitzi and Melody instead.
  • Skull for a Head
  • Villain Team-Up: Teams up with Loas to get Sorrow and Anger into the underworld.
  • Your Soul Is Mine: Created Anxiety, Sorrow and Anger so that they could bring souls to him. He believes that with enough souls, more souls would congregate with them on their own accord, and hence he can form his own afterlife.

Sorrow and Anger

The Ninth Symphony


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