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Broadway Despair is a Danganronpa based roleplay group that takes place in a theater. Sixteen students are trapped inside, only allowed to escape after committing murder and convincing their classmates that they didn’t do it.

    Female students 

Momo Tsukishima

Super High School Level Tattoo Artist

Momo Tsukishima, SHSL Tattoo Artist, is a soft-spoken girl that tends to keep to herself in most situations. She struggles to communicate with other people, and can often be found looking off into space or observing her surroundings (which can look kind of creepy, but she sincerely means no harm). She’s rather jumpy and panicky when caught off guard, as if all human life terrifies her. She is the second case victim.

Sansaku Jeanne

Super High School Level Bug Catcher

Around the world, many people find bugs purely disgusting and will kill one on sight, but for Jeanne, bugs are her life and she loves to look at them. This small girl runs an extremely popular bug themed blog and has one of the largest bug collection currently in the world. she is one of the third case victims

Natsumi Aoshima

Super High School Level Barista

Natsumi Aoshima is a very skilled barista, able to make a delicious cup of coffee in under three minutes. She loves to meet new people, and she’s not afraid to talk to anyone. To her, the glass is always half-full. Sometimes, it’s even more than half full to her!

Nezumi Kurosawa

Super High School Level Rodent Trainer Super High School Level Information Broker

Kurosawa Nezumi is a shy, quiet girl who seems to get along with rodents far better than she does people. Not much information is publicly available on her but what little there is shows her playing happily with a mouse or teaching a stranger’s rat to do tricks. Those few pictures showcase those rare times when she smiles. She is one of the third case victims

Amaya Tsukino

Super High School Level Theatrics Master

Known to the theatre world for waving her hands wildly in the air as she screams, “Stop the scene!” Amaya Tsukino-Lamont is certainly passionate about her calling as the best up and coming Theatrics Master from Japan. Her abilities as both a Director and a Stage Manager turn scripts into fantastic plays for the viewing of the general public. Not much is known about her publicly, since she prefers to stay out of the limelight. Her strange laugh is one of the most memorable things about her.
  • We Used to Be Friends - Boy, she sure felt betrayed by Masaaki after he turned out to be Act 3's murderer.
  • Peek-a-Bangs - Her bangs almost cover the right side of her face.
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck! - Amaya often uses such words to express her feelings since she's not a fan of swearing.
  • Shy Finger-Twiddling - Does something similar to this. Amaya always keeps her hands busy out of nervousness.
  • Luminescent Blush - Remember the second trial when some of the students ended up stripping? And Natsumi just happened to be amongst those who took off their shirts? Amaya's face reached a tomato red level blush.
  • Reluctant Warrior - She doesn't want anyone to die or be harmed but has learned that she can do nothing to stop such things.

Cecile Murasaki

Super High School Level Sabreuse

Born in France, Cecile Murasaki entered the sabre fencing scene at a young age and quickly gained quite a reputation for being both lightning-fast and unpredictable. She’s known as L’éclair, or ‘Lightning’, for a reason, after all- despite her height, she’s ruthlessly quick, even for the already fast-paced sabre division. That, coupled with her mastery of the risky flunge move, has propelled her to the top of the cadet fencing scene not only in Europe, but all over the world. After a surprising first-place victory at the Cadet Circuit Tournament when she was 15, Cecile’s reputation was sealed, and she was almost guaranteed a spot on the French Olympic team the next year. However, she inexplicably surfaced in the Japanese fencing scene, and is rumored to have signed on with their Olympic team instead. While the reasoning behind this change is debated, one thing cannot be denied- Cecile is one of, if not the best cadet fencers in the world. She is the second case culprit

Haruka Takara

Super High School Level Historical Novelist

Born in Okinawa, then soon moving to Tokyo, Haruka always had it easy. Having her family cater to her every need was the life she lived up until Hope’s Peak, so adjusting would not be easy. She had been homeschooled, which was where her interest in history sprouted. Instead of pitying herself, she took the opportunity of always being in front of a computer and used it to research many things, soon gaining a vast amount of knowledge on history of not just Japan, but many other countries. She wanted to get this knowledge out and share it with the world, but she knew how boring history class could be, and so she found another medium to get it through. Sitting down for nearly a year, she worked on a novel called Until They Surrender, a story revolving around a young girl caught in the times of the American Revolution. It was an overnight hit, and after getting it published and out in stores, almost two-million had been made in sales. After this work as well as other many works under her name at such a young age, the academy took interest in her, and soon invited her. She accepted the invitation, packing up to attend as the Super High School Level Historical Novelist.
    Male students 

Kenji Oshiro

Super High School Level Cryptozoologist

Kenji Oshiro. 16. 5’1”. 131 lbs. Capricorn. Ultimate Cryptozoologist. Loud. Proud. In love with the Loch Ness Monster. “I always have to believe in myself! If you don’t believe in you, then who else will?”

Kyo Nakamura

Super High School Level Geneticist

Kyo Nakamura is a prodigy geneticist, who began working as an intern to the research lab, Pan Future. He’s a very no-nonsense person that works hard to get problems solved... [[Spoiler: He is the first case victim, but he didn't really die, so here he is...]]

Maasaki Yoshida

Super High School Level Cyclist

Behold the talent of Japan’s Beloved Blue Streak, Masaaki Yoshida! The youngest member of Japan’s Olympic Cycling team, he’s brought home the gold for his country! Watch him as he zips through the air with staggering speed- but he always avoids near tragic accidents! His speed and control and unparalleled by anyone who’s ever lived! Look out world, the prodigy boy has arrived, and he’s not slowing down for anybody! Not a fan of the Olympics? Don’t sweat it, this guy has popularity all over the internet! Blogs dedicated to him, races held in his honor, videos of him go viral every day. Oh, and he’s got some great muscles too, though what else would you expect from an athlete? [[Spoiler: He is the case three culprit, killing both Nezumi Kurosawa and Sansaku Jeanne]]

Mikael Löfgren

Super High School Level Gardener

SHSL Mikael Löfgren is a 15 year old foreign-exchange student from Sweden. He is a shy, timid, and sensitive boy with a green thumb and a heart of gold.
  • Flower Motifs: Very appropriate for the Super High School Level Gardener.

Tadakuni Hidenori

Super High School Level Mangaka

Tada’s name echoes throughout Japan, as he’s been a well-known mangaka for a while. Through his short 7 years of drawing manga, he’s made over 20 one shots, a short story collection, had 3 major series, and has a major monthly series called Detective Shadow running through a very mainstream shoujo magazine. He seems to value drawing it a lot. He even draws it while he’s sick, quoting a shoujo hero named Nozaki, “Even if my eyes are closed, my body remembers.”

Yuudai Go

Super High School Level Rapper

Better known as OKIKOE, the faceless performer who brought rap music in Japan into the mainstream. His deep bass voice can be heard reverberating around any club or shopping mall, but he has never allowed the press or even live audience members to see his face.

    nonbinary students 

Kiku Hayashi

Super High School Level Extreme Sports Star

"Sport" is an activity where someone might die. Any other activity is a "game"." No quotation could define Kiku Hayashi as well as their catchphrase. Despite their age and physical looks, Kiku, under the public pseudonym Mori, has won more international championships than most middle-age male extreme sports stars combined. Between partaking in challenges, breaking worldwide records, and going on a mission to participate in every extreme sport, they’ve rapidly gathered attention across social media and a huge fan-following. They come off emotionally removed and standoffish towards strangers whom they deem "cowards", seeming unapproachable and unsympathetic, but, underneath their aloof attitude, they act saddened and depressed.

Shinji Satou

Super High School Level Cassanova

Have you ever fallen in love? Shinji Satou enters blossoming romances and short-lived flings practically every day— at least, in the virtual world. Known online as a “Romantic Conqueror” of sorts, many look up to the gamer as the ultimate casanova, able to complete any route in any visual novel in a short amount of time. In fact, the high school student has been building up a reputation for being the quickest and most reliable source for walkthroughs of any dating sim (and even just games with a romantic mode on the side). In just hours after being requested to, a full, in¬depth guide is guaranteed to be posted on the gamer’s blog. No matter the difficulty or type, Shinji Satou is willing to tackle the challenge head on! He is the first case culprit

Mikhail Kohut

Super High School Level Architect

An extremely talented and creative individual, Mikhail has been credited with the design and construction of many impressive structures in both Ukraine, their home country, and Japan, where they now reside. Their career in architecture began when they were very young, with a secret project that they still refuse to allow into the public eye, along with the reason for their interest in this skill in the first place. Regardless, what began as a hobby of putting together model houses out of wood and glue soon evolved into what puts Mikhail in charge of the construction of the elaborate things they’ve designed. Their eye for detail and the beautiful structures they’ve created have managed to get them a well-earned spot with the elite in Hope’s Peak Academy.

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