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Bravemule has a LOT of characters, and it can be pretty hard to keep track of all of them. This page details only some of them. (Warning: Spoilers ahead!)

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    The Dregs and Clods 
According to Word of God, they were bandits before 1051, the foundation of Bravemule. It is now known that they were fleeing a raid that went wrong, killing their Leader and separating them from their comrades.



The expedition leader.


"Fifteen sunrises have happened since Mittens went missing. Please Mittens I am alone without you. If I could fill my flask with your breath I would need ale no more."

The miner.


"The nefarious trees! Their retaliations escalate. I dodged an ancient chestnut where it toppled. Any tree that assaults I come next for their sapling. There are no innocents."

The woodcutter.


"Frote trains a pack of war mutts for the militia commander. He has numerous animals. I suggested to butcher one to make its brothers quarrel over the meat but he said that is not how to train. It would work."

The other miner.


"Thirty-three sunrises. I do not see the monstrous elf still. If it attempts to ambush the dwarves I will slash its throat meat."

The dregs' original militia commander.


"Mar moved commodities into the medical room. I have thread, crutches, cloth, splints, and buckets. However to my sadness there were no enormous corkscrews or serrated discs."

The butcher/chief medical dwarf.

  • Ax-Crazy
  • Back-Alley Doctor - As a butcher, she's the closest thing the initial dregs had to a medic.
  • Mad Doctor - She quickly develops a liking to the idea of being able to cut animals up and put dwarves back together. She also has some rather strange ideas of how hair transplants might work.


"Scheme solved. Office room is used for management with no connection to impending invasion. Leader is not a snake creature in dwarf skin."

The sheriff.


"The plague spreads through white fields."

A warrior in the militia.


"I chose a blade iron and a burdened hilt. I am eager to train."

A dreg who survived the massacre prior to Bravemule's foundation, he serves first under Squib, and then as Militia Commander.

  • A Father to His Men - He never leads his dwarves into fights he doesn't think they can win (and quick to order a retreat if a fight turns sour to save both himself and those under his command,) and seems to care for dreg and clod alike at least while they're alive, since anyone who gets injured he orders to seek medical attention.
  • Total Party Kill - He tries to avert this when the "war elves" return for another round of sieging. When locked outside, he has no choice but try to fight against Atrix's forces. Neither he or any warriors in the field with him survive.


"Drowning fire that murders the crop murders the fire, therefrom I surmise drowning the seeds would unmurder the crop."

A supposed veteran dreg. She serves as the primary planter for Matul Remrit, in spite of her lack of farming knowledge.

  • Miles Gloriosus - For three planned raids she made all kinds of boasts about how she was going to wreck elf shit. Three for three she got too sloshed to join in raids. It's implied the raid-turned-ambush that wiped out most of the dregs was slept through the same way.
  • Right for the Wrong Reasons: See her quote.


"I do not understand the shield."

A dreg who serves as a Militia Captain for Bravemule.

  • Accidental Murder - Accidently kills Hog with a severe head injury when he throws his shield at her during a sparring match.
  • Combat Pragmatist - More than willing to use a shield offensively, along with his sword. He's also more than willing to try and beat Squib by ganging up on her with Hog in a sparring match.
  • Heroic Sacrifice - He and Lesh sacrifice themselves to buy time for the rest of the militia to escape Atrix's cavalry. Sadly turns into a SenselessSacrifice when all but two soldiers are killed anyway.


Seems to be a dreg herbalist, and deeply traditionally minded.

  • No True Dreg: She despises what Matul Remrit becomes when it tries to grow by accepting clods exiled/migrating from Dreadlion.
  • Revenge by Proxy: It appears she releases a berserk Kalu to try and force the surviving population back on the road, and kill those she feels are traitors to the name "dreg" in the process, without getting her own hands dirty.


"I snoozed with deer creature on region one grass. If dreg snoozed on grass it would think "What magnificent sky fires at night! I should snooze on grass and not on bed." "

A dreg hunter who later serves as sheriff.

  • Understatement: He beat three yaks to death - breaking a crossbow in the process - because he was "flustered."


A clod-turned dreg who joins the militia out of desire for booz and an apparent eagerness to fight.

  • Blood Knight: He has an extreme desire to fight based on his entries.
  • Spirited Competitor: Overlapping some with BloodKnight, He seems to be a very competitive dwarf in his military endeavors, wanting to be the first among the militia-clods to accomplish something noteworthy.
  • The Rival: Appears to consider Trumpet to be his, based on his complaints of the war mule's alleged kill-stealing in Reast's War Legends.


A clod-turned dreg who joins the militia for both the perks and to protect others.

  • Actual Pacifist: He declares himself to be a "peacer," their term for pacifists, before joining the militia. He even decides death is preferable to fighting or killing even in self-defense and is killed by a harpy as a result not long after enlistment.
  • An Axe to Grind: He was briefly shown wielding an iron war axe as his weapon.
  • Good Is Not Soft: He seemed to at least realize that sometimes others have to die so that his loved ones may live, and joined the militia as a result.
  • Martial Pacifist: Tries to become one.


    The "War Elves" 

A contingent of human soldiers/mercenaries sent to assault Bravemule, lead initially by thier apparent commander Serus, and then by the Hammerwoman Atrix.

  • Villain Has a Point - The reason the "war elves" are besieging Bravemule in the first place is because Behem murdered one of their caravans.


"I wish we had not fatally beaten the Milker close to camp, but a year has almost passed and we had a good time about it then."

  • Bad Boss - He clearly doesn't care much for his men, since Hein regularly beats his soldiers without his orders.
  • Badass Mustache
  • Quickly Demoted Leader - Following the miraculous and spontaneous appearance of Atrix's "qualifications."


"I have sudden and immense respect for Atrix, where before there was none."

  • Action Girl
  • Badass Mustache - Directly leading to her meteoric rise among the ranks of the "war elves."
  • Curbstomp Battle - On both ends.
  • Girls with Moustaches - Presumably made from some treebark and some spare time.
  • Lured into a Trap - Trame allows Atrix to lead her troops straight into two ambushes that appear to cost her at least three men that she and her troops otherwise crush easily (what with there only being three trained soldiers left by that point - Timd, who actually knew how to use his crossbow as a hunter, and the only two survivors of the militia, Japa and Gheim.) And then they get jumped by a good-sized group of demons.
  • Made of Iron - Very few can tank getting two crossbow bolts lodged in thier upper bodies/shoulders without collapsing from pain, usually due to the resultant bone damage, nevermind still have full use of both arms.


"Hein beat a young Soldier, committing all manner of violence and brutality, and destroyed many of the teeth."

A subordinate of Serus who challenges him to a moustache duel, and loses rather quickly.

  • Jerkass - When he's even slightly grouchy he physically takes it out on younger troops.
  • The Brute - Strongly implied to be one of the more physically mighty members of the human force, being able to beat the crap out of/regularly picks fights with multiple members of his unit when irritable.

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