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Boogiepop series along with its various novels and adaptations contain a rich cast of characters. This page is for character of the spin-off anime Boogiepop Phantom. For other novel characters please refer to the Boogiepop Series Character Page.

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Main Characters

Boogiepop is a mysterious figure who protects (stalks?) Tokyo. A thing of legend, few know what Boogiepop actually looks like and even fewer know what Boogiepop actually is.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Boogiepop may inhabit a female body, but it's hard to say what gender Boogiepop is. It's unclear if Boogiepop even has a concept of gender.
    • In universe, Boogiepop is often mistaken for male, but no one is quite sure.
  • Ambiguously Human: Is Boogiepop the alternate personality of the human Touka? Is Boogiepop an alien? Is Boogiepop an actual shinigami? Although various theories are posited in and out of universe it's never explicitly stated.
  • Badass Cape: When Boogiepop is in charge, it typically dons a cape and hat (which Boogiepop has Touka carry around). If Touka does not have quick access to Boogiepop's cape and/or intends to make a quick appearance it will not always make the effort of putting the cape on.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: While Boogiepop's signature hat isn't quite big enough to obscure Boogiepop's vision completely, it does flop over Touka's face enough to get in the way sometimes.
  • Nice Hat: Boogiepop has a rather unique signature hat
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Boogiepop looks exactly like Touka wearing a cape and hat over her school uniform. To be fair to her classmates, between the obscured face, the vocal changes, and the dark in which Boogiepop is usually spotted, she may be harder to recognize.
  • Split Personality: As opposed to in the light novels, in the anime Boogiepop is said to be another personality of Touka's, not a separate being possessing her body.
  • Shinigami: Boogiepop is rumored to be one
  • The Stoic: Boogiepop isn't very expressive, but does gain more expression through human interaction

    Nagi Kirima 
Nagi is a delinquent who seemingly can't be bothered with school, leading her to have a bad reputation among teachers and fellow students. Outside of school she acts as a vigilante of sorts, leading her to have a strangely symbiotic relationship with Boogiepop.
  • Action Girl: While a lot of Nagi's badassery is done through her smarts, she still performs amazing athletic feats.
  • Badass Normal: Nagi has no special powers and no alternate personality to help her, but she somehow manages to hold her own against the supernatural creatures she often finds herself up against.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Nagi is smart enough to get top grades if she actually bothered to show up to school.
  • Hacker Cave: She does a lot of work in one
  • Skipping School: Nagi doesn't show up to school much at all
  • Stun Guns: Nagi's weapon of choice


Supernatural Beings

    Poom Poom 
Poom Poom is a creepy child that lures unsuspecting humans away. He is one of the characters associated with the events of the series.

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