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This page is about the characters created or highlighted by Bob Lennon during his playthroughs. For the actual Bob Lennon article, check out his main page.

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    Characters from The Bob Lennon Show 


"Hi, I'm Jean-Kévin, I'm 14 and I come from! Where is Azur?"

Jean-Kévin is the archetype of the annoying noob who regulary invades the Minefield server. He has the default skin (probably because he hacked the game), has a puberty voice and can't speak, read or write properly.

He came from Bob's experience of Minecraft, where he met a lot of young teens with a bad syntax and attitude. Bob still continues to call noobs "Jean-Kévins" with a "Mexican avatar".

  • Butt-Monkey: Due to his ineptitude and his regular fails, he is often the victim of mockeries from Bob and Smurf Lennon.
  • Loony Fan: At the beginning of the Bob Lennon Show, he was just an enthousiast (but extremely annoying) fanboy, claiming to be Bob's biggest fan.
    • In the rest of the series, he becomes more an archetype of the hater, due to Bob's rejectal.
  • Signature Laugh: "Olololol!!!1"
  • Straw Loser: Every attempt to impress or defeat Bob Lennon ends in failure.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In X-COM, as Captain Kevin McJean. He still don't get respect though, as Bob doesn't even notice his death on the battlefield.

Smurf Lennon

A simple Smurf, companion of Bob Lennon. Smurf Lennon is the representation of the rest of Bob fans: he is sometimes annoying, Bob sometimes likes to tease him, but in the end they're friends and united against Jean-Kévin.

Bob still uses this voice to speak as a dumb character or to impersonate andience complains. Papa Smurf and Smurfette were planned, but eventually scrapped after the cancellation of the series. Only remains some samples of them Bob teased in the regular Minecraft episodes.

  • Butt-Monkey: Mostly at the beginning. Then, he and Bob have a more friendly relationship, but Smurf Lennon is still a bit abused.
  • Catchphrase:
  • Original Character: Smurf Lennon is a basic Smurf with no apparent specific abilities.

    Characters from Skyrim 

The Skull

"KAKAKA! Hi, Lennon! I'm here, Lennon!"

The Skull is a character created by Bob Lennon during his Skyrim playthrough, when he realised the skulls randomly disposed in the world had a movable jaw, and that shaking a skull up and down made it look like it was talking. The first time, he just did a The Twelve Tasks Of Astérix shout-out, but eventually did it more and more, developping each time a true personnality to the character.


Lydia is the first follower the player get in Skyrim and became quicly a fan favorite. Bob and his audience are no exception to the rule.


Kharjo is a Khajiit (actually one of the few the player can get in his team) and Bob's main follower. Bob's fondness for felines made him immediatly more affected by Kharjo's problems, whereas he usually doesn't care for others problems. After Kharjo's quest, he immediatly jumped on the occasion to have him in his team.


Bob's in-game wife, a merchant from Whiterun. Ysolda currently lives in his mansion in Lakeview, not doing much except gathering money, milling around and occasionally being Fus Ro Dah'd all over the place by her husband everytime he comes home.


Bob's adoptive Khajiit daughter, who he came across in a remote fisher's house in the middle of nowhere. His fondness for both cats and cute kids set his protective instincts into full gear, leading him to "rescue" (even though she didn't seem to be in danger, but Bob killed the imperial soldier who seemed to guard her anyway) and adopt her. He eventually trains her to become his successor.

C4LD3R Unit

Originally Calder, an housecarl put under Bob's orders by Ulfric Stormcloak, and was "tasked" to guard Bob's mansion in Windhelm permanently. Got upgraded into C4LD3R Unit when Bob gave him a set of modded Dwemer armor, mostly to diminish his unsightlyness.

Erik The Slayer

A farmer form Rorikburg who dreamed of being an adventurer. Eventually got the chance to realise his dreams after Bob completed his sidequest and hired him. While currently living in Bob's mansion along with his other companions, he is probably his second most appreciated ally.


Bob's adopted Khajiit son and overall third adopted child. Like Ma'isha, Bob adopted him on sight simply because he was a Khajiit.

    Other characters 

The Minas Tirith Octopus

During the visit of a Minecraft map reproducing Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings, Bob encountered a random squid in a one bloc-sized water pool, the poor animal stuck in this small aquarium. Bob, amused by this situation, called him the Minas Tirith Octopus, guard of the citadel. In later videos, he encountered others random squids, sometimes in the same situation, and occasionally assumed it was the same squid who followed him since Minas Tirith.

Gaston Dreyfus

"One down, thousands more to go."

First appearing in X-COM, Gaston Dreyfus is an elite soldier from France who proved himself on the battlefield. He later became a legendary veteran in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, before leaving the army and leading the resistance crew in FTL.

Gaston Poklonskaya

First appearing in XCOM 2, Gaston Poklonskaya is the son of Gaston Dreyfus and Natalia Poklonskaya who tries to follow into his parents' steps in heroically defending Earth from the alien invaders. He's a bit nervous to go to battle against the aliens at first, but eventually becomes more cocky after getting some experience.

FTL crew

Original teamThe LeaderGaston Dreyfus
 The ChickLa FEMME (The FEMALE)
 The LancerInsecateur (Scyther)
 The Smart GuyOptimus
Additionnal membersSixth RangerCharlie
 The MedicAlex
 The Big GuyO. Williams
Deceased membersSacrificial LambTeldarin
 Plucky Comic ReliefDolan
 The Sneaky GuyStick

Zombie Shigeru Miyamoto

In Resident Evil 6, one of the random stock zombie you can encounters in China looks like Shigeru Miyamoto according to Bob, who lampshades him everytime he encounters him. Bob subverted the Running Gag himself (consciously?) by calling him Hideo Kojima in the very last bonus episode.

Antonin the Gondorian

"Rise, Ranger! Minas Ithil needs you!"

Originally a simple unnamed Gondorian Sergeant in Shadow of War dubbed Antonin the Gondorian by Bob after the former saved the latter from an Uruk captain about to execute him and killed it in Episode 2. The feat was already quite impressive in itself, coming from an unnamed NPC, but he then proceeded to do it again only a few minutes later, and then a third time, managing to One-Hit Kill an almost full life level 15 Uruk captain. All in a single episode.

Ar-Beka the Dragon
Just an usual day for the Dragon.

Ar-Beka the Dragon is the first captain (excluding Bruz) Bob recruit and make into a bodyguard, the latter on Bruz's advice. Like any good Uruk or Olog worthy of his name, Ar-Beka then proceeds to betray and ambush Bob. All of this in less than three minutes. Thus, Bob began an epic quest to shame Ar-Beka back into his army. Ar-Beka eventually breaks and is rewarded for his trouble by being named overlord. Yay. Well, up until Bruz's betrayal, at least. Bob swiftly take back his fortress, but is so impressed in another captain's performance (and finishing moves on Bruz's captains) in doing so that he names him the new overlord and makes Ar-Beka a "simple" warchief.

  • Badass Beard: It's hard to see because of his helmet, but it's there.
  • Blessed with Suck: His Iron Will ability allows him to resist Talion's domination. Unfortunately for him, Bob is determined to break said will, by shaming him repeatedly.
  • Bullying a Dragon: The Dragon thought it was a good idea to betray Talion.
  • Butt-Monkey: Shaming him at least once per episode, often right at the beginning, quickly becomes a Running Gag.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: What started it all.
  • Cruel Mercy: What he's a victim of.
  • Demoted to Dragon: Pun unintended, but after his fort was conquered by Bruz in a story mission and Bob had to retake it, he was so impressed by another Uruk's showing in battle, he named him Overlord, and made Ar-Beka a simple Warchief.
  • De-Power: After getting shamed repeatedly, he eventually loses some of his abilities. And his title.
    • Subverted after he finally joined back Bob's army, Bob make him level-up to level 32 offscreen, making him regain his title and most of his abilities.
  • The Dragon: Actually has it as his title (though it probably refers more to his pyromaniac tendencies than his status in Sauron's army).
  • Fridge Horror: At some point after taking Nurnen's fortress, Bob decides to play around with the feature allowing him to make his own captains fight against one another in an arena. He... gets a bit overenthusiastic with it, resulting in his army having only the local overlord, a captain and Bruz alive. Ar-Beka either only escaped the slaughter because of his stubborness or missed a chance to become an overlord for the same reason. Fortunately, he actually becomes the new overlord later.
  • Heel–Face Brainwashing: What Bob keeps trying to do to him. He succeeds after a while.
  • Heroic Willpower: He possesses a villainous variation as the Iron Will ability. This is also the reason Bob keeps shaming him.
    • He also manages to never become deranged despite being shamed so many times.
  • Irony: The Dragon, named this way because of his pyromaniac tendencies, becomes highly vulnerable to fire after getting shamed repeatedly.
  • Kill It with Fire: Ar-Beka's main modus operandi. He's armed with a flaming mace, has a flamethrower and, before his downfall to level 1, was able to summon Drakes.
    • When Bob has to defend the fortress Ar-Beka rules over against Sauron's counterattack, he decides to put only fire-based defenses (and the walls needed to resist it) just to fit the theme.
  • Rugged Scar: You can see it under his helmet.
  • Roaring Rampage of Rescue: At some point, he ends up in a power struggle against another captain. Not wanting his soon-to-be slav- I mean recruit to die, Bob immediately went to do the mission, shamed Ar-Beka out of the fight then proceeded to kick the other captain's ass.
  • Save Scumming: Sort of. Sometimes after Ar-Beka is demoted to warchief following Bruz's betrayal, Bob decides to actually see if he's worth anything by temporarily demoting him to a simple captain and sending him to do pit fights. He absolutely crushes his opponent in the Maggot difficulty, and also manages to defeat the Warrior difficulty one relatively easily. Bob then wonder if Ar-Beka could be able to go as far as beat his opponent even in the Champion difficulty. The fight is cut, but "saved by Alt+F4" means what it means.
    • If you watch the livestream's uncut footage (which may or may not still be available at the time you read this), you can see Ar-Beka lost because he was sent against a captain with a poisoned weapon, when he's afraid of poison, making him unable to do anything for most of the fight.
  • Training Montage: Averted. Despite Bob being fond of making some music videos for his playthrough here and there, which includes training montages (or something similar to a training montage), the most notable being the one where he trains Ma'isha in Skyrim, when he finally manages to recruit Ar-Beka, who is only level 6 by then, and only because he sent him a death threat, he trains him back to level 32 between episodes, but does so without recording it. He doesn't even do it in a livestream, making even fanmade ones impossible.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: After being shamed over and over again, he ultimately breaks and is forcefully recruited in Bob's army. Despite being level 6 at that point (and only because of a death threat), Bob first appoints him to be his bodyguard, then later decide to make him warchief, only to change his mind immediately and make him an overlord.
    • And then between episodes 16 and 17 he made him level up to level 32, making him more powerful than he ever was. (albeit still with some of the crippling traits he gained after his repeated shaming)
  • Undying Loyalty: Not only he refuses to kneel before Talion out of sheer (un)Heroic Willpower despite being humiliated over and over again, he does so while boasting about his devotion to Sauron and praising him.
    • Even after he breaks and joins Talion's army, he still claim his devotion to Sauron is what gives him strenght.

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