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These are the characters of Bleach Blazing Souls, be their role major, minor, comedic relief, Lethal Joke Character, or anything in-between.

Warning: all spoilers are unmarked.

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    Good Characters 

Wataru Kurenai Sugiura

"I am... the true king!"

The second of two sons of the current Sugiura King and Queen. After a traumatic event in the past, he has turned incredibly timid and frightened of everything, including himself. His Guardian Beast is called Kivat. For some reason he was chosen as the heir of the Kivat Beast, rather than his older brother, and thus is to be the next king.

  • Beware of the Nice Ones: Do not hurt or speak poorly of anyone he knows. His normally kind self is still able to open gigantic cans of whoopass.

Daigoro Ito

"Heh... that pain... will always haunt me..."

The current Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13, Daigoro was appointed to his position not long after he himself fought against the Hollow King, Heroism. This caused not only the destruction of Hiroshima, but also the sealing off of the Soul Society from the Material World, and the imminent devastation of said world. Since then, Daigoro has attempted to reconcile for this error, but doesn't seem to be doing so well on that stage. Not to mention his sins are catching up to him...

  • Mind Screw: Due to certain involvements in the Future Arc, Daigoro is involved in stuff that would destroy the minds of lesser beings. No, not really. But it is extremely confusing for him.
  • Stone Wall: Dai lacks any form of attack whatsoever, though his defense is definitely nothing to be sniffed at. He tends to play the "Shielding" strategy in battle.

    Neutral Characters 

Hinawa Kagami

"Shut up and go to hell!"

A young girl with a Dark and Troubled Past, Hinawa is a human with supernatural powers that turn her into an outcast. She's also secretly one of two surviving members of a 'slightly' strange clan of assassins that specialize in killing the inhuman.

  • Facepalm: Her reaction to some of Arcueid's actions.
  • Harmless Freezing: Averted. Being touched by her bare hands freezes normal humans nearly instantly, causing frostburns and eventually stops the heart of the victim. In a matter of seconds. Doesn't work quite as well against anything remotely supernatural, though.

    Evil Characters 


"Time judge it all, Angra Mainyu."

The King of the Hollows, he is a being that was born evil, lived evil, died evil and desires only evil - because it's the only thing that brings him joy. He managed to seal off Soul Society for 5 years and kill Yamamoto, who had been severely weakened by having to plow through an ARMY of Arrancar.

  • Magical Eye: His eyes see all possible imminent futures, and his release only strengthens it. Oh, and they also have a dull, disinterested and thoroughly evil stare thanks to it.


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