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Hazama (ハザマ)
  • Height: 183 cm (6'0")
  • Weight: 61 kg (134.5 lbs)
  • Blood type: AB
  • Date of Birth: April 29
  • Birthplace: Unknown
  • Hobbies: Collecting silver accessories
  • Likes: Boiled eggs
  • Dislikes: Cats

Voiced by:
JP: Yūichi Nakamura
EN: Erik Davies (Calamity Trigger-Continuum Shift II), Spike Spencer (during Extra Arcade Scene in Continuum Shift II), Doug Erholtz (Continuum Shift Extend onward)

Hazama is a Captain within the NOL's Intelligence Department. He claims to dislike physical labor and appears to be quite personable at first, but his true motives are veiled behind his false, foxy smile. Throughout the story of Calamity Trigger, he appears to assist Noel, and appears in a few other characters' stories as well, for seemingly no reason...until the True Ending where all is revealed.

In reality, he is the vessel for Yuuki Terumi, one of the Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast 90 years prior to the game's story, the Final Boss of Continuum Shift, and one of the masterminds behind every single event that happens in the story thus far. In Calamity Trigger's true ending he drops his amiable personality and reveals himself to be the exact opposite: thriving on the pain of others. Terumi's true form is actually that of a ghost, due to injuries sustained from fighting the Beast.

In the past, after Takamagahara released him (see Terumi's entry), he cut off Ragna's arm and absconded with his sister Saya to use as the template for the Murakumo Units. He now seeks to revert Noel back into her original Murakumo unit form and use her to destroy the Amaterasu unit, stating that the world is nothing but lies and vowing to plunge it into eternal despair. He uses knives as his specialty weapons.

His story in Continuum Shift reveals that he was the one responsible for the disappearances of the many NOL soldiers during Calamity Trigger - their souls were used to fuel the cauldron that would soon be used to temper Mu into Noel. In the True Ending, he kills Nu, who has resurfaced within Lambda, only to be beaten by Ragna after he gains the Idea Engine. Offscreen, he has Relius kill his body so that his ghost can enter Takamagahara and upload a special virus created by Phantom that destroys them.

His Arcade mode playthroughs are named, in the second and third game respectively: re-Play and Hundred Years Visitor. His story mode playthrough in the second game is named Advent Sword.

His Nox Nyctores/Drive is Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros, which allows him to summon chains that hang in the air and can be used to swing him back and forth or attack his opponents. In Chronophantasma, his Overdrive is Jormungand, which not only strengthens his Drive attacks, but also grants him his infamous life steal ring/aura from his Unlimited Mode.

In the fourth game, his Exceed Accel Meija Gekkouga/Glimmering Fang of the Basilisk has him stunning his foe with a kick. He then does some more kicks, ending with Serpent's Infernal Rapture, then he catches the launched foe with Ouroboros and slams them back to the ground, and finishes it with a slash of his knife covered in dark energy. His Astral, Senkon Meiraku/Hungry Darkness of 1000 Souls, has Hazama forming a portal beneath his feet that summons multiple Ouroboros chains from the ground to launch the opponent into the air. He then drops into his Terumi persona and summons thousands of serpentine spirits which coalesce into a monstrous snake that devours the opponent. Hazama then takes off his tie and holds it over his opponent's lifeless corpse. In the fourth game, this has been changed so that Terumi no longer takes over.

It has been revealed that Terumi will become a separate character from Hazama for the console release of Chronophantasma, and will have a completely different moveset. For more information, see his character page.

If you favor to read this, told by Terumi himself, go here.

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    A - C 
  • Achilles' Heel/Kryptonite Factor: As Hazama is an Artificial Human created from an Azure Grimiore, Celica's natural ability to nullify seithr, and by extension shut down Azure Grimiores, has a near-crippling effect on him. Just being in her presence will render him powerless.
  • Actually a Doombot: In Hakumen's CP Arcade, Hazama uses a barrier, Eternal Labyrinth, to create his fake to delay him and the other Six Heroes.
  • Affably Evil: Without his memories and/or Terumi's influence in Central Fiction, he actually is legitimately polite and amiable. That said, he's still as shady as ever and will kick your ass if provoked.
  • All According to Plan: Everything he did in Continuum Shift was completely orchestrated, just to infiltrate Takamagahara.
  • Ambiguously Evil: After separating from Terumi, Hazama's moral standing is dubious at best. He's nowhere near the scumbag as Terumi is, but he has his own hidden agenda as well. Even more so in Act 2 where he is pretty much a Wild Card at this point.
  • Amnesiac Dissonance: In CF, the amnesiac Hazama is quite different than in the previous games - he really is a polite gentleman instead of being a man of slyness under a polite facade. Or not. Act 2 reveals that he's still as much of a master actor as he used to be.
  • Animal Motifs: The snake. Case in point, all of his Drives have snake names, his crest (and thus Animal Battle Aura) goes with the Ouroboros theme, he enjoys boiled eggs, he has snake-like eyes and he despises cats.
  • Arbitrary Minimum Range: His Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent cannot target opponents at melee range.
  • Arch-Enemy: Mostly by virtue of housing the real person that everyone hates, but subverted after Terumi is separated and most of the cast just leave him be, though are still weary of him.
  • The Artifact: Since Terumi is a separate playable character now, Hazama has kind of lost most of his ties to people directly related to Terumi. Despite this though, he still has Nightmare Fiction/II in matches against Ragna in Central Fiction, despite the two lacking any of their Ham-to-Ham Combat associated with their matches since Continuum Shift as a result of both of their memories being tampered with, resulting in the lack of animosity both had for each other in previous titles.
  • Artifact of Doom: In addition to possessing his own Nox Nyctores, he also possesses his own Azure Grimoire. In fact, he created it and knows how to shut down others, like Ragna's. Notably, despite Terumi being its creator, his Azure is also a counterfeit like Ragna's.
  • Artificial Human/Soul Jar: Hazama is, in actuality, a host body for Terumi created from an Azure Grimoire.
  • Audible Sharpness: Pokes fun at this by actually saying "SHING!" when he attacks with his knives.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He is a captain in the NOL's Intelligence Department and one of the most powerful villains in the series.
  • Ax-Crazy: Mainly applies to Terumi though. Otherwise without him Hazama is more sane.
    • That being said, his cruelty seems to be an inherent trait regardless of the fusion with Terumi, as the latter brings it out much more often compared to Hazama's own volition; while he has his nice demeanor in Central Fiction – he still relishes in brutal torture and exhibits sadomasochistic tendencies in an almost lustful manner or whenever he is provoked, despite largely being someone who minds his own business. This can be seen when he tortures Rachel during the third act of Central Fiction by killing her over a hundred times, just to test the limits of her immortality. He was even going to cut her body to pieces with his jagged chains and throw said pieces in different parts of the Boundary; despite this, Hazama is still much more subtle in his disposition compared to how blunt and openly-foul-mouthed Terumi normally is; it is even to the point where Terumi himself cannot fully confide in Hazama's wild card status.
  • Badass Bookworm: His intelligence is what really makes him dangerous.
  • Badass Creed: Shared with Jin, Tsubaki, Noel and Makoto in CS. Unlike his fellow NOL members, who recite it enthusiastically, Hazama says it with bored sarcasm. As of Chronophantasma, he, along with Tsubaki, are the only two who still recite the creed during battle intros with other NOL Personnel, after the others defected during the True Ending of Continuum Shift.
    "Dispatched... in mankind's darkest hour, we... are Knights of the Blue Flame."
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: And damaging it is a good way to piss him off.
  • Badass Longcoat: A very stylish one, to boot.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: As the Arcade Mode boss in CS, he always wins his battles, with the exception of Jin and Relius.
  • Bad Samaritan: He was actually refused by Litchi on the first attempt to had her join NOL... until he says "We can save Arakune!" Just the thing she wanted. While he planned to backstab her at some point, Hakumen frags him before he could.
  • Bait the Dog: CT establishes him as a good mild-mannered guy who doesn't like fighting... but then in the ending he reveals his true colors, i.e a major villain. In CS onward he stops doing it.
  • Bastard Understudy: Hinted at in Chronophantasma, and finally brought to light in Central Fiction. After being separated from Terumi, Hazama doesn't want to be his vessel anymore, instead wanting to find the Azure and destroy Amaterasu for his own reasons which, as per usual with him, he has yet to specify.
  • Batman Gambit: His fight with Ragna. After Ragna powers up the Azure Grimoire. He's banking heavily on the fact that if he loses Ragna won't kill him because of his life link to Noel. And if that works he's still counting on the Observers to be distracted for a brief instant so he can kill them all.
  • The Battle Didn't Count: In CS, several boss fights with him end like this, where he writes it off as just a warm up, even if you Perfect'd it and sealed the deal with an Astral Finish... Somehow.
  • Beating A Dead Player: In Tsubaki's bad ending, after she's died from overuse of the Izayoi, Hazama kicks her corpse as he taunts her.
  • Beauty Is Bad: He's quite a handsome guy, but is also one of the nastiest villain in the game.
  • Become a Real Boy: His plan in Central Fiction is revealed to be this. Hazama is a sort of "reverse-Nu" in that he's a body without a heart who can't feel emotions and wants to fuse with Noel in order to become "whole". He mentions that when Trinity stabbed him during the end of Chronophantasma's story mode, he felt pain for the first time, and he never felt more alive. And now that he's no longer Terumi's puppet, he wants to complete that sensation.
  • Benevolent Boss: He can put up an act of this, where he treated both Noel and Tsubaki with respect.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed: After Ragna and Naoto manage to rescue Rachel from his clutches, Hazama knows he's beaten and decides to jump in the Cauldron to avoid being "saved" by Ragna. Played with in that he saw a "future" he can go to before he jumped in, and Naoto suggests that he might still be alive.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Initially, Hazama appears as a courteous man who is solely focused on his mission and manners. He addresses everyone with the appropriate honorifics, has a sense of humor, and maintains a professional courtesy at all times. His facade, however, belies the sadistic monster within. Every word that comes from his mouth drips with poison designed to turn friends against each other, and he seemingly takes joy in mocking his opponents and even allies at every turn. Subtlety is his strong suit, and he relishes in making others experience pain.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Yes, he's funny with his crass personality, constant references and endless stream of hilarious lines, but this person houses a monster who is best described as a sadistic and dangerous psychopath who should not be underestimated and approached with extreme caution.
  • Bishie Sparkle: In his gag ending while he's having a bath. At the time, he didn't know about the catnip.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: Pretends to be a harmless and polite NOL officer to save face in public, but by Continuum Shift you can tell he's letting some things slip on purpose.
  • Blade Spam: His j.C is him slashing with his knives up to 5 times in the air. He does it much faster in his Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent DD.
  • Blatant Lies:
    • In CT, he says he's not that good at fighting... he doesn't even look that suspicious. But he's actually best at trolling.
      • He tries this with Tsubaki in Slight Hope. Makoto was not having it.
    • He was also forced to lie to Jin when he was caught in his assassination attempt on Makoto, claiming it was to "educate" her. While he doesn't explain, Jin doesn't buy it either way.
    • There's even a scene in CS when he claims to feel bad for Lambda. Obviously, he's not feeling sorry for her at all.
  • Body Horror: He has a large hole in his torso from where Trinity stabbed him in the ending of CP. A large gaping hole with nothing in it, and it's flaking.
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: Possibly during the Arcade endings in Continuum Shift.
    "Now I've learned of another possibility! Great moves out there, bud! But really, I owe you thanks. All of the possibilities of this world... the continuum shift... I will make it MINE!"
  • Breakout Villain: Mori stated that when he designed Hazama and characterized him, he wanted Hazama to be an unlikable antagonist with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. When a popularity pool occurred in a Blazblue festival all the voice actor participants were in complete and utter shock when Hazama came in 3rd place, surpassing both the main character and his former host themselves, but only to be beaten only by Noel and Tsubaki. As the series went on, Divergent Character Evolution took place and Hazama became more distinct from Terumi. Terumi retained the irredeemable factor, while Hazama became quite engaging while still retaining his charm.
  • Break the Cutie: By far his greatest asset. No one is safe from his ginormous mental penis. He'll troll and break anyone for no reason other than his own enjoyment if it doesn't have anything to do with his plans. The only time someone survived this was Makoto, and Relius broke her pretty easily.
  • Break the Haughty: In Chronophantasma a number of arcade endings have karma biting him back.
    • Also earlier in his Help Me, Professor Kokonoe segment, he has to cease his usual temperament during the show... and when he starts getting at it again when the show's about to close, Kokonoe snaps and then threatens him to send him into the Boundary, and he's suitably terrified.
    • Also in his gag reel where Kokonoe pretty much trolls him about his cat allergy.
  • Break Them by Talking: Not only is he an absolute master of it, but it's actually his hobby. He can, and will, do it to people for no other reason but for his own enjoyment at their mental suffering. Tsubaki being his favorite due to all her bottled-up emotions making her easy to break with the right string of words.
  • Bullying a Dragon: He really loves taunting Rachel, even though she's at least strong enough to keep up with him.
  • The Caligula: When someone as deranged as he is is the captain of an organization, that is not a good sign.
  • Can't Live Without You/Gemini Destruction Law: He has a "life-link" with Noel where, if he dies, he'll come back to life as long as Noel lives, and vise-versa.
  • Casting a Shadow: Attacks with serpentine apparitions composed of dark energy.
  • Character Rerailment: Played with in Act 2. Hazama was actually not affected by the Embryo, and still knows about his connection to Terumi. He was just screwing with everyone for shits and giggles. His true intentions, however, are still different than Terumi's.
  • Characterization Marches On: Hazama and Terumi were virtually indistinguishable from each other initially, to the point where many fans assumed the former was simply an alias for the latter. After Trinity separates them and Terumi becomes his own separate character, Hazama began to diverge in characterization a bit. This becomes even more present in Central Fiction. According to story details, both of them remain separated from each other, with Hazama being affected by the memory loss caused by Nine's Lotus-Eater Machine. He actually believes he's a Captain in the NOL and upon meeting Terumi again decides to work with him in order to recover his lost memories, in much the same way Kazuma Kvar did in the novel Phase Shift 1. A big tell that Hazama is now his own character is the fact that he does not have a special intro with Ragna or Valkenhayn anymore, where Terumi is in control and his voice set switches to a special C-type, which is his Unlimited form's voice. Also, when using his Astral Heat, Hazama doesn't transform into Terumi anymore. In his ending, it's shown that he has different desires from Terumi, and Nine offers to grant his wish if he defeats Izanami. The Six Heroes theme also doesn't play when he faces off against Hakumen, Nine, Valkenhayn, or Terumi. Act 2 plays with this.
  • Charged Attack: His Serpent's Benediction special is a stance where he'll do different attacks depending on the button pressed. If you delay the followup, the followup will become more powerful, indicated by a green aura.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: Was an NPC in Calamity Trigger. And appeared only once in the opening.
  • The Chessmaster: In CS, he manages to juggle every single member of the cast in a way that makes it almost completely impossible for his plans to ever fail. The loss of the timeline resets he so despised actually ends up being his downfall in this regard, as he can no longer predict his opposition's every move. It comes back to bite him in CP.
  • Classic Villain: Embodies Ambition, Pride, and Wrath. Though the latter two are more for Terumi's, and after their split Hazama only has the ambition.
  • Clock King: Much of what Terumi knows about most of the cast is due to repeating "that worthless comedy show" so many times and seeing every possibility of the continuum shift. Not only did Makoto refuse to play to his schedule, but being overreliant on Takamagahara's observations left him unable to adapt to reality after Continuum Shift, leaving him in the dust regarding the plans of his opposition.
  • The Coats Are Off: Inverted, one of his Battle Intro has him coatless, then he dons it before the battle starts.
  • Coldblooded Torture: Near CF's climax, he tortured Rachel to see how much pain she can show and endure before she dies. He also casually mentions that Saya broke after around tens of tortures. Right in front of Ragna.
  • Confusion Fu: Hazama packs a very solid mixup game, especially since his unique overheads and lows tend to lead into very rewarding combos on hit. He also has his Drive for some varying degrees of mobility for even more ways to mixup or run away from his opponent. Too bad he needs to get in close to be able to touch his opponent as he has to deal with short range on most of his moves and his overall slow movement speed outside of using Ouroboros.
  • Consummate Liar: Subverted... usually. He doesn't usually even try to hide the truth unless it has to do with his plans.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Deconstructed. Hazama is quite successful at first, but that's mainly because he has knowledge of every iteration of the time loop and continuum shift to fall back upon to set up his plans, and for little other reason. Strip him of that, and he becomes far less effective.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: For once has this turned on him in The Wheel of Fortune where a super-pissed Hakumen beats him and Ignis into submission at the same time.
    • Also in CS proper; After Ragna manages to activate his Azure Grimoire, bypassing Terumi's manipulation of it, Ragna soundly beats him. Although it turns out it is part of his plan anyway.

    D - I 
  • Dance Battler: A lot of his attacks seem to gracefully be so. A lot of them focus on quite a few nimble movements. Then again, considering his nature, it wouldn't be out of place for him to "dance around his his opponent" just for the hell of it.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He has his moments. In particular, while Jin, Noel, and Tsubaki resolutely state the NOL's Badass Creed, Hazama snarks his way through it.
    (to Izanami) My wish? If I had to explain, it was something like "Please disappear, you're in the way."
    (to Terumi) ...Did you say similar things to your previous vessel as well? What a poor guy. I get it already. You're a serious slavedriver.
  • Devil in Plain Sight: Subverted, as very few of the characters trust him, or think that he's up to any sort of good. Those who don't even know who he is get uneasy just being around him.
    • In The Wheel of Fortune, Makoto is able to tell from the first time she meets him that he's a bastard, that his polite attitude is his way of mocking people, and that "his smile is a lie." Too bad Tsubaki didn't catch this. It would have saved Jin and Noel a metric ton of trouble if she had seen Hazama beyond the lies and the occasional half-truth.
      • In Slight Hope, a flashback shows Makoto didn't need to wait that long to find him fishy.
      "There's just one downer. My direct superior's gonna be this guy, Hazama. I got a hunch I'm not gonna be too crazy about him."
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Very powerful pressure and mixup that can troll his opponents for days, and very rewarding said mixup tools that can lead into some crazy combos, not to mention his chains can easily make him zip around like crazy in one instant, as well as being used for combos. However, he has to deal with his short range on several of his moves, and outside of his chains he as one of the slowest walking speeds of the cast with only a Capcom fighter-styled dash which doesn't cover much distance at all. Also, several of his bread-n-butter combos are usually chock-full of Some Dexterity Required, while his primary mixup command normals require meter to cancel them.
    • Continuum Shift II takes this to ridiculous levels. His old bread 'n' butter combos are gone, and the majority of his new ones require canceling his C moves from his aforementioned odd, sliding dash.
    • It gets even better with Continuum Shift Extend. Even more of his combos no longer work, and the ones that still do deal much less damage in comparison. The CPU doesn't really abide by this, making him the ideal boss character. Though he does get a new loop unveiled in that game which actually works in all versions of Continuum Shift.
  • Disaster Dominoes: In the grand scheme of things, one can attribute Makoto's mission to Ibukido in Slight Hope as the origin of Hazama and Relius's downfall - the more she got involved in the plot, the more their plans fell apart.
  • Dissonant Serenity: He Mind Rapes a few characters with a simple smile on his face, but it's subverted when Terumi takes over, as he starts throwing out more obvious Slasher Smiles.
  • Divergent Character Evolution: Both Hazama and Terumi use Ouroboros as a part of their playstyle, but Hazama is more well-rounded, using it for both offensive and defensive capabilities as well as for general movement. Terumi uses it primarily for more offensive purposes. Also Hazama's style is more graceful and dance-like with also utilising confusing tactics, while Terumi is more brutal and head-on, relying on pressuring his opponent relentlessly.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: A lot of his poses and positioning of his snake-like projectiles. Then the Anime decided to push all the subtlety out the window and go all the way on his already blatant Memetic Molester status.
    • And as if he wasn't enough of a Memetic Molester, Chronophantasma takes it even further. Read this exchange between him and Litchi and tell me there was nothing sexual about it. And the fact that it sounds like he's actually molesting her doesn't help.
    Hazama: Well if it isn't Professor Litchi Faye-Ling. Stunning, as always. (Litchi tries to move past him only for him to grab her) Now that's just rude, ignoring someone like that.
    Litchi: Don't touch me.
    Hazama: What a shame, to see you wasted on such garbage.
    Litchi: Let go of me.
    Hazama: I can help you forget if you like.
    Litchi: I'll pass. Now if you don't mind, I'm in a hurry. Would you please let go of me?
    Hazama: I promise after I'm done you'll have no memories of that failure. No more moping around. You'll finally be free of him. That's what you want, after all.
    Litchi: Mind Eater. You won't enjoy my memories, I assure you. Or do you intend to brainwash me and have me submit that way? Like that girl?
  • The Dragon: To Izanami, with Relius; though Hazama is more of this to Terumi.
  • Dragon with an Agenda: He is now this as of Central Fiction. In Act 1, he meets up with Terumi again and is trying to find a way to merge with him again. Except that's a lie, and he's actually not interested in being Terumi's meat puppet anymore. Hazama's true goal remains unknown, with the only hint about it being Nine's remarks that it's "interesting", causing her to erupt with amused laughter.
  • Emotion Eater: He (or rather, Terumi) feeds on the hatred of others.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Whether or not he has actual standards is a debatable subject, but even he didn't think anyone was insane enough to resort to copying Celica's soul from the past solely for the purpose of killing him like Kokonoe did. Also, he of all people thinks Relius' interest in Makoto is "random and untoward".ill also occasionally twirl his fedora hat around his finger in one of his victory animations.
  • Evil All Along: What was thought as a good-mannered gentleman who doesn't like fighting turns out to be such a sociopathic Troll.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: Fitting his nature as a sociopath, Hazama only sees virtues such as friendship and trust as ideals to be mocked or tools to be manipulated. Despite his alchemic and tactical genius, he is incapable of understanding these things on anything more than an intellectual manner. It's this crutch, among others that ultimately saw his plans in Slight Hope shatter to pieces.
  • Evil Counterpart: For Ragna. He has the power of the Azure Grimoire and has a powerful lady backing him, just like Ragna.
  • Evil Feels Good: He gets his laughs from screwing people over.
  • Evil Is Hammy: The crazier he behaves, the hammier he gets.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: He and Relius learned the hard way that trying to manipulate the Goddess of Death was a bad idea.
  • Evil Laugh: Usually the signal that he's about to troll you into oblivion, or reveal himself (punctuated by his portrait changing to reveal his eyes and show Hazama grinning), or his Ouroboros snakes creating an aura around him, blowing away his hat and tie and spiking his hair up Super Saiyan-style in Story Mode. It's especially unsettling on the Japanese audio track and arguably the most iconic thing about him.
    • Once Centralficiton rolls around and he's become his own person he stands out with his own more subdued, but still evil laugh in it's own way. In Act 3 of arcade mode he shares a laugh alongside Terumi and the sound of them laughing like madmen together is incredibly unsettling.
  • Evil Wears Black: He wears a mostly black 3-piece suit with a black hat, and boy is he a sly person.
  • Expressive Hair: When his cover is blown completely, he takes off his hat and it stands up straight. Although, that's generally a sign that it's no longer Hazama talking but Terumi.
  • Eye-Obscuring Hat: He often tilts his hat in this manner. Most of the characters (and audience) can tell he's up to no good thanks to this.
  • Eyes Always Shut: As Hazama, most of the time. Whenever he opens them, Yuuki Terumi takes over and either trolling, general bastardry, asskicking or all of the above ensue.
  • Faking Amnesia: In Central Fiction, he only pretended to have amnesia and knew about his connection with Terumi. The truth is he has his own goals, while in Act 1 when Hazama and Terumi encounter each other with the former humbly asking who the latter is, Terumi applauds Hazama for "telling an interesting joke" in their unique battle intro for that said Act.
  • Fantastic Racism: Though this mainly applies more to Terumi compared to Hazama, as he really hates that "shitty vampire" Rachel, her pet "Old Yeller" note , and those cats Jubei, Kokonoe and Taokaka (especially in Hazama's case in Weaksauce Weakness as seen below). While he hates Makoto for a more practical reason, some of his comments to or about her, especially her Arcade ending, seethe with this as well.
    Makoto: Does screwing with peoples' lives get you off that-
    Hazama: "Lives?!" *laugh* What are you, a drooling idiot?! Dolls don't have lives - they got jack-shit! ... Soul or not, if it was made by human hands, then obviously it was meant to be used as a tool by humans. I mean, seriously! ... Wait a second... I guess that would make beastkin tools too, huh?
    Makoto: Shut the hell up! We were never tools, you stupid asshole!
    • Even after splitting from Terumi in Central Fiction, Hazama still shows some animosity towards Makoto in a very subtle manner in their normal match interactions with each other.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Hazama tends to maintain a calm and quiet demeanor around most people, pretending to be harmless as a member of the Intelligence Department and claiming he prefers to avoid conflict due to not being very proficient at combat. This, however, is simply a guise to his true nature. When people see through it, he shows his true colors as a selfish and manipulative snake; destroying other people’s lives and twisting their beliefs for his own gain. He has no qualms with killing those who get in his way and shows absolutely no remorse for his actions. He, akin to Rachel, refers to himself with the very humble "watakushi" (sometimes just "watashi"), calls everybody else "anata" even if they piss him off, and speaks to everyone with a creepily sweet voice to add even more to this. However, the ending of his Act 1 arcade run in Centralfiction has him use "boku" at one point.
  • Fedora of Asskicking: Villainous example. He himself apparently knows how awesome it is, since after every fight where he loses it in the anime, he conjures a new one out of thin air.
  • Final Boss: In Continuum Shift, he serves as the Arcade boss.
  • Foreshadowing: Around the climax of CS, he (technically Terumi) tells a story to Noel about a Prime Field Device who got in touch with the Master Unit and gained the power of the Eye, but then got locked in the Boundary by the humans who sent her because she gained sentience. Then they decided to make more weaponized Prime Field Devices, with their sentience stunted as well. At first it sounds like the tale is connected Noel being a Prime Field Device, but actually this refers to the Prime Field War, a war that gets detailed in CF which serves as the backstory of "The Origin", i.e that very first Prime Field Device that he referred to. It's also how The Origin became the "god" of the verse. It also hints at Terumi's true persona, i.e Susano'o, who naturally will know well of the true history of the world.
  • Force and Finesse: The Finesse to Teurmi's force - Terumi fights with a brutal, roughneck style of fighting fitting his sadism, gameplay-wise he plays pretty straightforward and very meter-reliant (with his drive named Force Eater to drive the point home, which helps with meter gain), while Hazama fights stylishly with his dance-esque moves and is suited with playing mind-games with confusing mix-ups and complex maneuvers with his Ouroboros.
  • Freudian Trio: The Ego to Terumi's Id and Kazuma's Superego, being the middle ground to balance them out.
  • Fusion Dance: In CF, after being separated from Terumi, the latter tried this with him. It failed repeatedly. At least in Act 3, they manage to merge, with Hazama being in charge, until Terumi gets himself out later.
  • Gambit Roulette: It seems like he's playing this game, as his plans come together a little too perfectly and rely on the independent actions of over fifteen people. Subverted. Thanks to the magic of Phantom, he's been able to observe every single possibility of every single timeline of the continuum shift. The reason he always seems to know what will happen is because he does.
  • Game Face: Normally looking normal with Eyes Always Shut, if Terumi breaks out from the inside, his hair spikes up and his eyes open.
  • Game-Over Man: He's one in Carl, Valkenhayn and Platinum's CS storyline. Normally Relius is the Game-Over Man, but those three have issues directly with Relius, so Hazama took his place there.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Unless you're jerking around with his Unlimited Mode, winning with Hazama demands heavy use of baiting, fly-over cross-ups, space control, and more mind games than most fighting game characters. Yes, even his play style is focused around trolling.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: He's heavily implied to be one of the most powerful characters by a ridiculous margin, even causing Rachel to lose her composure when he's around. You may have just killed him with an Astral during the match, but afterward your character is tired and trying to catch their breath while Hazama just got a nice warm-up exercise. The only exceptions are Jin, where in his story mode after fighting Jin (win or lose) he is impressed by the "power of order" and retreats, and the true ending, after Ragna receives Lambda's Idea Engine and proceeds to beat the crap out of Hazama.
  • Glacier Waif: In gameplay, he may seem very nimble with a lot of quick combos that involve shredding his foes with his knives and smacking them around with dance moves, but his slow walking speed and sliding dash gives him notably poor mobility options should his Ouroboros be unavailable somehow at some point.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser:
    • He appears in Teach Me Ms. Litchi Reloaded Episode 3, alongside Jin and Noel, to teach Taokaka about their organization. And no, he doesn't try to kill everyone or anyone; he teaches and trolls.
    • He, like everyone else, appears in the Gag Reels of characters. This includes his own, Noel's (as one of three survivors of her cooking, even going as her as to enjoy it), Makoto's (as the MOM in a re-enactment of Makoto's family life), and Relius'.
    • And, while more on the side of "evil", he has a bad ending and thus has a meeting with Kokonoe.
  • Grapple Move: His Bloody Fangs special is one; it doesn't do damage, but it opens combo possibilities. Also another of his special named Snake Bite, an anti-air version done with Ouroboros; when it his the enemy, Hazama then throws them to the opposite wall.
    • He gains a new DD in CP named Serpent's Unholy Wrath. After he grabs his foe, he kicks them to the ground and then stomp them several times before kicking them away.
  • Grappling-Hook Pistol: Ouroboros can be used this way.
  • Green and Mean: Green being his main color scheme... and is pretty rude and foul-mouthed. Downplayed for the times he has to save face and keep up a polite façade.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Rachel's Normal Ending implies at least part of the reason of he hates Ragna may be jealousy.
  • Gut Feeling: The main reason everyone can tell he's evil is because they just sense it.
  • Half-Truth: Likes giving off one.
    • He told Tsubaki that Noel stole her rightful position of Jin's secretary and indirectly caused all of Tsubaki's troubles... omitting that (A) Jin would have found out about Ragna and run off regardless of Noel and Tsubaki's roles, which led to Tsubaki transferring to Zero, and (b) if Noel didn't steal it, Tsubaki would have died.
    • He told Litchi he knew Kokonoe... missing out that "knowing" here actually means Kokonoe utterly hates him and considers him her worst enemy. And he loves trolling her.
  • Hates Being Touched: His grapple cancel quotes when in his Unlimited form (or actually by Terumi) give off this impression, and also gives the impression on how much he loathes every living being a lot, showing off his/Terumi's gigantic ego. Of course, Hazama himself subverts this by Centralfiction as he's no longer in sync with Terumi.
    • In Alter Memory episode 10, he becomes extremely violent after Noel and Makoto manage to land a couple of blows on him.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: No matter who it is, Hazama (or more so Terumi) will show some scorn towards him/her at some point. He also likes to throw racist insults towards any kind of being, especially when they pissed him off. He's pretty much being petty.
    • However, Terumi seems to display much more of this while Hazama's cares are much more ambiguous, to say the least.
  • Hate Sink: Both in and out of universe. Mostly everyone in the game either doesn't trust him or outright loathes him. Word of God even admitted that he was designed to have absolutely no redeemable qualitiesnote .
  • Hazy Feel Turn: He breaks away from Terumi in the fourth game because he likes his newfound freedom, but that doesn't mean he's suddenly one of the good guys as he still enjoys being The Gadfly and watching the rest of the cast scrambling around him.
  • Hellish Pupils: His eyes have snake pupils.
  • Hidden Agenda Villain: He claims he wants to show the world the "true meaning of despair". What that entails no one knows. This continues in CF, where after being separated from Terumi, he goes off with his own thing; it's rather scarcely hinted (if at all) on his motives, unlike Terumi (who still has Omnicidal Maniac as his schtick).
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In the long run, ending the time-loops in Continuum Shift was the catalyst for his (temporary) defeat in Chronophantasma.
  • Hope Crusher: Because he thinks the only truth is despair, everything else needs to be cut down. Including (and especially) hope.
  • The Hyena: As soon as he doesn't have to play innocent, he will start cackling like a madman.
  • Hypocrite: VERY MUCH SO, even after splitting from Terumi.
    • As much as he claims to hate lies and that the world is nothing but lies, if it keeps his plans from being compromised, he will lie his ass off.
    • Also in CS, he calls Kokonoe out for having bad language.
    • Hazama is an artificial body of Relius' design that Terumi is merged with, and the latter ejected himself from Susano'o to get out of being a servant of the Master Unit. Knowing this, read the spoilered quote under Fantastic Racism again. And the lines below get to emphasize even more of this point of hypocrisy.
    • He accuses Jin of being selfish. Yes, he's right, but coming from someone who thinks he's the greatest thing ever and a gigantic, unabashed bastard on his own, every semblance of meaning and point is lost.
    • He refers to the Black Beast as a failed experiment on numerous occasions, detailing in Valkenhayn's CS Arcade ending "What good is a monster you can't control?" He tried to recreate the experiment using himself in Ibukido, but the remnants in Saya's consciousness in Number Twelve wanted none of it. Take-Mikazuchi obliged and blew up the facility in response.
  • Identical Stranger: To Another Hazama from Naoto’s timeline. The only difference is that the Hazama from Bloodedge Experience looks younger. Naoto assumes that they are the same person but Hazama doesn’t know him and Relius says that no one named Hazama appeared in the main timeline version of Naoto’s story.
    • Kazuma Kval looks exactly like him, minus the fact that Hazama's eyes are actually visible. But this is justified, as they are both specifically made to be vessels for Terumi.
  • I Have You Now, My Pretty: In CP, when Litchi works for NOL, there's a scene where he sexually harasses her, latching and groping Litchi while promising her to make her forget all about Roy, much to the lady's distaste and disgust.
  • Implied Death Threat: Delivers one to Makoto in his CP Arcade.
    Hazama: If you see [Tsubaki], would you let me know? I think it would be best if she... disappeared permanently.
    Makoto: Wh-Wha-?! Why would you think I'd let you hurt any more of my friends?!
    Hazama: Sheesh... you just had to remind me exactly how much of a nuisance you can be! Perhaps you should share Tsubaki's fate.
  • Insane Troll Logic: To Rachel in her CS bad ending. But it does fit, given how much of a Troll he is.
    Hazama: Note to self: tea makes you a drooling idiot.
  • Invincible Villain: Continuum Shift is him getting one over the entire cast. Even if you beat him in game, he acts like nothing even happened and calls it a "warm up". Chronophantasma subverts this though by having Hakumen finally do him in.
  • Irony: He is reliant on the timeline resets to predict his opponent's every move, so when the timeline resets are stopped in the True Ending of Continuum Shift, He ends up losing much of ability to play Xanatos Speed Chess and Terumi nearly gets offed by Hakumen.
    J - R 
  • Jerkass: Yea, even without Terumi he's still a pretty unpleasant person overall, he just hides it a lot better than his former partner.
  • Joker Immunity: Despite his fate in the third game i.e being drown on a lake after stabbing Trinity, he reappears in CF and looks to be quite well. Granted, see Uncertain Doom below.
  • Kick the Dog: Constantly. Terumi feeds on people's (mainly Ragna's) hatred towards him, so kicking dogs is pretty helpful to him.
  • Kick Them While They're Down: He gains a new Distortion Drive in Chronophantasma named Serpent's Unholy Wrath/Orochi Burensou.
  • Knight of Cerebus: For the whole series. Though already pretty dark, Calamity Trigger started off pretty light hearted, with copious amounts of humor. Once he starts being active, however, everything gets dead serious.
  • Lack of Empathy: Hazama's empathy for others is virtually nonexistent. CF's Story Mode deconstructs this. It's revealed that Hazama is a vessel without a heart and thus cannot feel emotions and he hates every second of it. When Trinity stabbed him in CP and left a giant hole in his chest, the pain he felt made him feel alive for the first time in his life and makes it his goal to understand the concept of pain.
  • Large Ham: Oh yes. When Terumi takes over, he even out-hams Bang.
    "This world is nothing but LIES LIES LIES LIES!!!!!!"
  • Laughably Evil: Yes, he's a horrible, horrible human being (even though he's not actually human at this point), but his extremely crass personality, constant references and hobby of Mind Raping people for the fun of it makes him a constant source of hilarious lines that all but force you to like him.
  • Laughing Mad: More so than Arakune and Jin when Terumi is in control. Just listen to it. Exaggerated in the anime.
  • Lean and Mean: Quite tall, lean and a major villain. He does present a mask of politeness, but it only serves to underscore his poison tongue and sly personality.
    • If you crunch the numbers, his BMI is 18.2. Clinically Underweight.
  • Leitmotif: Gluttony Fang, a rather trolltastic piano peace. Like Ragna, he also has a boss theme for his Unlimited Form, Endless Despair for when he really wants to lay down the pain.
  • Let's Get Dangerous!: He becomes this whenever Terumi takes control of him.
  • Life Drain: His Unlimited self is surrounded by a green ring that will drain the life of the opponent slowly should they come close to him. His normal self's Overdrive also has it. The drain stops if he gets hit-stunned, though.
  • Living MacGuffin: As revealed in Chronophantasma, he literally is his own Azure Grimoire.
  • Loose Lips: It's because of his comment towards Makoto (about Relius having some weird interest on her) that she (through Bang) managed to slip through his plans and uncover some truth that she can use to mend the relationships between her, Noel and Tsubaki. Unfortunately for her, Tsubaki has already been Brainwashed and Crazy and her chances are put on hold until the next game.
  • The Man Behind the Man: He and Relius are behind everything; it's not even worth putting a spoiler on. Even Saya, who was abducted as a child by Terumi, and used by him and Relius as a "vessel."
    • Inverted in Chronophantasma - they mistook Izanami pulling their strings for the reverse.
  • Manipulative Bastard: His method of coaxing Litchi to join NOL is to inform her that he knows a lot about Arakune, and the events surrounding him, then time it with the fact that Kokonoe is too busy hunting his ass to even help Litchi and her Boundary corruption is getting worse, prompting her to get desperate and join it. If that doesn't seem manipulative, remember that Litchi's corruption start acting up when she gets near the Azure Grimoire. Hazama is made from one, thus it can be concluded that Hazama purposely gets near her to have her corruption act up, putting her into desperation, and eventually joined NOL for the cure.
    • Even more so, his half-truth he feeds to Tsubaki, which drives her into wanting to kill Noel, her best friend. What he says afterwards just tacks on more total bastard points.
  • Mask of Sanity: He's quite capable of appearing to be calm and polite. In CF, though, without Terumi inside him, he really Became the Mask. At least until his Act 2 arcade play, where it's revealed that he applied Faking Amnesia for himself for shits and giggles.
  • Meaningful Name: "Hazama" means "gap" or "edge", i.e Edge of the Boundary.
  • Mind Rape: According to Word of God, this is the side effect of being hit with Ouroboros. It also happens to be a hobby of his, and he admits it. He'll do it to people for no reason other than he feels like it at the time. Just ask Tager.
    • He doesn't even use Ouroboros often, though; he usually does it by speaking. The few times he uses Ouroboros for it, he uses it as a failsafe method (see: Tsubaki).
  • Minored in Ass-Kicking: Claims to not like violence and unnecessary fights but being Terumi's vessel, he does possess some formidable combat ability.
  • Mr. Fanservice: A story mode illustration shows him in a bathtub, completely naked, although water works as a Censor Steam. Shiny sparkles included!
  • Mysterious Past: In Naoto's Act 3 Arcade, he encounter Hazama, but he didn't recognize Naoto. Then he ran into Relius and asked him a question about Hazama's past, but he doesn't know about Hazama's history either. Naoto apparently had encountered Hazama in the past, but it's hinted that it might not be the same Hazama as the one in the present.
  • Never Found the Body: According to Chronophantasma's Library Guide, both his and Platinum's bodies were never recovered.
  • Nightmare Fetishist: In Noel's Gag Reel in Continuum Shift, while everyone else is knocked out cold by her spiced puffer fish, he manages to keep eating. Not only that, he loves it.
    • Since Hazama aka Terumi is sustained by hatred, it actually makes sense that he would enjoy a dish that embodies hate so well.
    • CF reveals that the only thing that makes him feel alive, other than screwing with people, is pain.
  • Obviously Evil: Less so in Calamity Trigger due to his limited amount of screen time. In Continuum Shift it's clear that Hazama isn't even trying to hide his evil intentions anymore. Subverted later on though, see Ambiguously Evil above.
  • Off-Model: Became infamous for this thanks to the story mode cutscenes. You can thank GONZO for that.
  • Oh, Crap!: He gets at least one moment like this near the end of his gag ending when Taokaka, Jubei, Kokonoe, and every single other Kaka and cat in Kagutsuchi start chasing after him in something similar to, like, a game of tag.
    • He didn't even know that he put on too much catnip while taking his bath, hence why the mating/courtship behavior in the feline characters around him was uncontrollable.
    • While the above example is in a more humorous vein, before things became outright silly he had a more serious "Oh crap" earlier in the gag reel when he was unwittingly backed into Jubei in the first place. It was one of the few moments in the game he showed genuine surprise, and perhaps even fear.
    • At the end of his CP Arcade run (Hundred Years Visitor), Terumi is outright mortified when Kokonoe evokes a Chronophantasma of Celica right next to him. This is justified as A.) Terumi's Azure Grimoire (and Ragna's) and Ouroboros shut down completely, B.) He was antagonizing Tager prior to the evocation and infuriating him even more would be... unwise, and finally C.) He'd JUST finished gloating to Ragna that, without naming any names, he'd killed Celica years ago and now there was no way for Ragna to activate Kushinada's Lynchpin.
      Terumi!Hazama: *Utterly terrified* You've gotta be kidding me...There's no way I—Phantom! You're listening, right? Get me out of here now! YESTERDAY!
      Ragna: A... woman...?
      Terumi!Hazama: What the hell are you doing here...!? You don't belong here!!!
      Celica: ...Ragna?
  • Only One Name: Is simply named "Hazama." Even when he uses the fake alias "Captain Honoka" in the BlazBlue: Spiral Shift – Hero of the Ice Blade light novel he keeps up this trope.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: Hazama usually speaks in a soft, somewhat high-pitch sarcastic tone of voice while using polite pronouns to most people. However, as seen in this special intro, Makoto is the only one to whom he speaks with a deeper voice and refers to as a "sneaky little rat", showing that he really, really hates her.
  • Orochi: Some of his moves in Japanese has this in their names, mainly his "Serpent's Unholy Wrath" original name being "Orochi Burensou" (Great Serpent Martial Tempering Burial).
  • Perpetual Smiler: An evil example. Hazama almost always wears a smile, even when Terumi takes over. However, those smiles are usually signs of trouble. The smiles go away when things don't go his way.
  • Precision F-Strike: If he uses sexual swears or lingo, he's downright pissed (prick, bitch, cockblock, FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition), cock fight, circle jerk).
  • Polite Villains, Rude Heroes: He's the Polite Villain to Ragna's Rude Hero.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: He likes insulting Beastkins and Prime-Fields for being "dolls".
  • Pop-Cultured Badass: Dude's responsible for 60% of the game's shout-outs, everything from Star Wars to various anime.
  • The Power of Hate: He or rather Terumi inside him relies on this trope.
  • Psychotic Smirk: When Hazama is in control, he tends to give off these a lot. Terumi skips the subtlety and goes full blown Slasher Smile.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: A favorite subject for his breaking speeches, these invariably go on for several text boxes.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Relius's blue. Hazama is the Blue to Terumi's Red.
  • Regenerating Mana: His Unlimited self in CP is able to regenerate MP if he uses Overdrive.
  • Ripple Effect-Proof Memory: Not only has he apparently retained his memories from each and every time loop, but it's heavily implied to be the cause of his insanity; he's been living through time loops longer than anyone (even Rachel), and after the millionth or so loop, he couldn't take it anymore and set out to end the loops and let the world die for good. CF answers some of these questions; during that period, he had Terumi inside him, who is actually Susanoo, and he was always an Omnicidal Maniac, so the time loops have little to do with it. Being the will of a Sankishin Unit, it's only natural that he'd be immune to forgetting everything that has happened in previous time loops.
    S - Y 
  • Sadist: One of his defining traits is that he loves seeing others suffer, carrying all the requirements of a physical and psychological sadist. This aspect of him plays a key part in his story in Central Fiction. Pain is the only thing that truly makes him feel alive, but he doesn't know why, which is the reason he wants to merge with Noel, who he still has a life-link with.
  • Sarcasm Mode:
    • His recital of the NOL's Badass Creed.
    • At the end of CS he claims he thought the heroes would be happy to see him.
    • "That hurt me Noel, right here."
  • Sarcastic Clapping: Hazama does this whenever he loses a match due to a Time Up.
    • Also in Jin's arcade ending.
  • Say My Name: AMATERASUUUUUUU!!!!!
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: His final appearance in Centralfiction involves him jumping into a Cauldron, saying that there seems to be a "future" he can go into. It's implied that that's how he appears in Naoto's time.
  • Secondary Color Nemesis: Hazama wears black and green.
  • Sensible Heroes, Skimpy Villains: Inverted. Hazama's outfit is incredibly reserved, while Makoto's is so skimpy it can barely be acknowledged as clothing.
  • Shaping Your Attacks: His attacks are often accompanied by darkness that takes form of serpents.
  • Sharing a Body: Hazama is his own living entity made by Relius, while Terumi is a ghost inhabiting Hazama's body.
    • Chronophantasma deconstructs this. It is revealed that because of residual side effects of the Mind Eater curse on Terumi in the past, Hazama and Terumi's merge was incomplete, forcing them to remain as two separate identities inhabiting the same body and acting as one, Hazama being the dominant personality to save face in public and Terumi taking control when his cover has been blown, or when he wants to torture something (hence why they have two separate sets of story portraits). Rachel and the remaining Six Heroes take advantage of this by using Trinity's Muchorin to switch Terumi and Hazama's consciousness, forcing Terumi to the front side and Hazama to the backside to kill him directly. Not only do they manage to do that, but an unforeseen side effect incarnates Terumi into the physical world in a corporeal body of his own. (Hence why they appear as separate characters).
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: His outfit consists of a pimping suit almost as stylish as Valkenhayn's.
  • Shirtless Scene: This.
  • Shoryuken: His Rising Fang special is a kick version, not unlike Rugal's Genocide Cutter. His DD, Serpent's Infernal Rapture, is also one.
  • Sickly Green Glow: Ouroboros' and its energy projections have this going for them. Y'know, just in case you were uncertain if you could catch the incoming snake apparition with your face without having to suffer bodily harm.
  • Signature Move: His Drive moves, as well as his Serpent's Infernal Rapture DD.
  • Sincerity Mode: To Makoto at the end of Slight Hope, complete with Kubrick Stare.
    You're really starting to grate upon my nerves - sorry, but it's true. Relius was going to take care of you, but shit... I just don't think I can WAIT that long...
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: Along with Ragna and Kokonoe. Oddly, however, it's what type of swear he uses that can indicate his mood. He throws out religious (damn, hell) and excretory (ass, shit, piss) swears like there's no tomorrow. Oddly subverted with Hazama by himself without Terumi in his body; he still maintains his polite front.
  • Slasher Smile: Terumi's default expression when he takes over for Hazama. He flashes a huge one in the True Ending of CS while in his ghost form.
  • Smug Snake: In almost every sense of the word. However, unlike the standard definition of this trope would imply, he's actually a lot more successful.
  • Smug Super/Insufferable Genius: His arrogance doesn't usually have an effect on his plans.
  • Smug Smiler: Has a condescending smirk at almost all times.
  • Snakes Are Evil: Gee, we never could've known.
  • SNK Boss: He makes v-13 look like a chump (no small feat). He's insanely fast when fought as a boss, and his super meter and drive meter have auto-gain properties. Oh, and he can also drain your health if he gets close to you or attacks you. Plus a brutal sky-high kick Distortion Drive that knocks off a third of your life...which he uses with wild abandon. And this kick is so insanely fast the computer can and will counter anything and everything you throw at him with it.
  • The Sociopath: While he's not as blatantly open about it as Terumi is, especially when they're separated into independent beings, he still fits the mold. To Hazama, people are merely pawns to be manipulated and discarded when they aren't useful anymore. CF, however, shows that he's actually a Deconstruction of these types of characters. His condition is caused by him being an Artificial Human without a heart, and he hates every second of not being able to feel emotions. Pain is his only real source of stimulation, but he doesn't understand why.
  • Soft-Spoken Sadist: He talks to his victims in a calm and collected manner. CF shows that this aspect is what makes his sadism distinct from Terumi's. While Terumi makes others suffer out of pure malice and to satisfy his own ego, Hazama makes others suffer out of curiosity and because it's the only thing that makes him feel alive.
  • Sophisticated as Hell: He has a polite manner of speech... but if he's pissed, he'll often couple it with insults and dirty words.
  • Spectacular Spinning: He spins at least ten times while cutting his opponent during his Distortion Drive, Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent. He w
  • Spoiler Opening: Even before the big reveal at the end of Calamity Trigger's true ending, that close up of him in that game's opening made it clear that he would end up being a major player in the game's plot.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: In Continuum Shift he makes the most appearances of any character. Not only is he the boss of Arcade Mode, he appears in every character's story mode in some shape or form, either in their main story or in their bad ending.
  • Stable Time Loop: Hazama's order to send Makoto to Ikaruga (direct or otherwise) is more than likely to keep her out of his hair while he mindrapes both Noel and Tsubaki. He learned about her dedication to her friends due to her interference with The Wheel of Fortune, which is a result of her detour into the Cauldron at, you guessed it, the ruins in Ikaruga! And on top of that, she learns about Relius' "random and untoward" interest in her and Tsubaki jumping to Zero to pursue Jin to Kagutsuchi and bring him back. Better pray she doesn't get the rest of the story from Hakumen...
  • Stealth Insult: He is known to drop these from time to time. His dialogue with Makoto in CS Arcade mode is utterly dripping with veiled contempt for her.
  • Stepford Smiler: Of the Unstable variety when possessed by Terumi. He always wears a permanent smile on his face, but he's a complete maniac. CF reveals that without Terumi, he's the Empty variation. Hazama's ever-present smile serves to hide the fact that he's an Artificial Human who can't feel any emotions outside of pain, and he hates every second of it.
  • Straw Nihilist: Claims that the world is a lie and that he will show it the truth of "despair."
  • Suicide by Cop: In the end of CS, a beat-up Terumi tells Relius to kill his Hazama body so he (as a ghost) can infiltrate Takamagahara and disable them from within. Then he commands Ignis to crush his throat.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: When he opens them.
  • Synchronization: He is later hitched to Terumi, who was seperated from him in Chronophantasma, though this appears to be different then a life link. When Hakumen slays Terumi with Time Killer, Hazama loses his strength and falls into the lake below.
    • In Central Fiction, it seems Hazama and Terumi's connection was lost and that thanks to Trinity's spell, Terumi can no longer fuse with him which is fine with Hazama seeing as he dosen't want anything to do with Terumi anymore.
  • Taking You with Me: After Terumi gets hit by Time Killer, Hazama uses the last strength available to him to stab Trinity while she's distracted as one last screw you.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Even though he's technically a part of the NOL (as Hazama), he doesn't seem to like working with them. Likely because Phantom and Relius often show up to remind him of the important work that needs to be done while he's in the middle of tormenting people. Coupled with that, when the Imperator gives him orders, he flat-out ignores them, and will yell at her ("don't "cease" me!").
    • Relius' Arcade ending confirms that they are both quite cooperative. Terumi had planned for Hazama to die at Relius' hand, at the exact moment Takamagahara was vulnerable. This also makes Relius' Arcade ending the only canon Arcade mode ending besides Noel and Ragna/Hazama's endings. In fact, much of the additional content in Extend reveals that the two of them are practically villainous best buddies. Even when fighting each other, their in-fight dialogue indicates that neither of them want to fight the other, and find the match unnecessary.
      Hazama: This is dumb, can we stop?
    • Their battle quotes in Chronophantasma paint a different picture; each only saw the other as an ally of convenience, and secretly harbored hatred for the other. In fact, Relius' world and Terumi's were incompatible with Izanami's "world of death" as well as each other's, meaning that their alliances were going to crumble sooner or later. Izanami was in the better position by the end, and the rest is history.
  • Tempting Fate: "I'm going to need Major Worthless to keep Hakumen off my ass at a crucial moment. Oh, I know - I'll let her wander around Ikaruga without supervision, even though Major Pain-in-the-ass, First Lieutenant Defect, and the thrice-damned squirrel would be out looking for her. What's the worst that can happen?" The list starts at the squirrel, goes around the block, and ends with Trinity and Hakumen. It's been fun. Don't come back.
  • Terms of Endangerment: He calls Ragna "little puppy" and "Rags"(Ragna-kun) when in conversation with him.
  • Theme Naming: Most of the names of his special moves not counting his Astral Finish usually have something to do with snakes or venom (or also sickles in the Japanese version). Some examples include: Venom Sword/Jabaki ("Snake Blade Fang"), Wind Serpent's Fang/Hirentotsu ("Flying Sickle Thrust"), Serpent's Benediction/Jasetsu ("Snake Temple"), and Serpent's Infernal Rapture/Jayoku Houtenjin ("Snake Wing Crumbling Heaven Blade").
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Boiled eggs. To the point that Alter Memory features an over one minute-long scene of Hazama eating five boiled eggs and nothing else while making phone calls. And of course he also eats them by swallowing them whole, just like how a snake eats their eggs.
  • Thanatos Gambit: How Terumi got inside Takamagahara to deliver Phantom's virus. He had Relius kill Hazama, who weakened from his fight with Ragna. Having already been life-linked to Noel (as Mu), Hazama would come back to life while Terumi was off disabling Takamagahara.
  • Troll: A prime example. Terumi/Hazama's such a troll, having tons of traits that could be seen in internet trolls, though it's likely he'll be deposed in light of the events of Chronophantasma. Since he is sustained by people hating him, trolling people is actually a survival tactic for Hazama/Terumi.
    • Ironically, both Hazama and Terumi remaining separate shows quite the stark contrast between the two in that Hazama's much more of a troll than Terumi is; the latter even says at some point in Centralfiction that he himself can't even trust Hazama when he's left to his own devices.
  • Uncertain Doom: When Terumi was hit by Hakumen's Time Killer in the True Ending of Chronophantasma and presumed dead, Hazama was still unaccounted for. Come Central Fiction, it's revealed he's still very much alive.
  • Variable-Length Chain: His Nox Nyctores: Ouroboros. In gameplay, it has a unique touch in that when it hits his opponent at certain lengths for each version of his D moves, it'll do less damage via a "marked dead zone".
  • Villain Decay: Goes through this throughout Chronophantasma. Without his (clearly more competent) cohorts to bail him out and clean up his mess, he quickly loses his Invincible Villain aura. His Kick the Dog traits begin to seriously get in the way of his mission, and because the good guys have stopped fighting among themselves and unite to take him out, he can no longer easily play Divide and Conquer like in Continuum Shift. Due to losing his ability to know everything in advance, he is no longer Crazy-Prepared and the good guys pull several fast ones on him, proving Rachel is better at thinking on the fly, and results in him getting ambushed by The Six Heroes, then getting split apart from Terumi, and Hakumen nearly taking him out permanently. It shows in CF in that, while still an enigmatic guy with hidden agenda who likes to toy with people's minds, he doesn't play big like other villains and especially Terumi.
  • Villain Episode: His Continuum Shift Story Mode.
  • Villain Protagonist: He's this during his story mode, just like Relius.
  • Villainous Breakdown: If his fun is interrupted or his plans go awry beyond recovery in an iteration, his temper disintegrates, but he can recompose himself after the incident is resolved. The infamous ending of Slight Hope has permanently diminished his tolerance of Makoto, however.
  • Villainous Valour: Technically many of the characters can actually defeat him. Hazama/Terumi is frequently pitted against characters who are equally strong or even stronger than he is, but he still manages to win due to his wits and cunning. Hakumen (at full power) is far more powerful than he is, Ragna beats him at the end of CS, Rachel was more powerful than him in CT and can still hold her own when he gets his strength back in CS (thanks to a stronger link to the world, and his Azure Grimoire), Jin nearly came close to beating him only for Hazama/Terumi to retreat at the last second, Makoto has been shown to be able to hold her own against him though she has no way of defeating him. If it wasn't for those gambits, his Azure Grimiore, his revolving door of Observers and life-links, and Phantom being his exit bus, he probably wouldn't even be so successful - and CP proves it, see Villain Decay above.
  • Villains Never Lie: Usually.
  • Villains Act, Heroes React: It's only after him (or rather Terumi inside him) starting to reveal himself and act as the villain in the end of CT (and then in CS) that other characters start going against him, when they previously have their own businesses.
  • Villains With Good Publicity: As much good publicity as a member of the intel unit can be, at least.
  • Villain Team-Up: After their fight in Hazama's CF act 3 arcade play, Terumi found out that Hazama was faking his amnesia and he broke into laughter. He's decided to team up with him, but only with Hazama in charge.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: His joke ending reduces him to a sneezing, suffering plaything for the Kaka cats, due to his allergies. They're not significant enough to paralyze him against Tao alone, but prolonged exposure to her, two Kaka kittens, Jubei, and Kokonoe all at once leave him a wreck. That's what he gets for bathing in catnip.
    • This comes back to haunt him in Bang's CP gag reel, where Round 3 of the "King of Men" competition involves Kaka tickle torture.
    • Gets even worse in Acts 1 and 3 of Centralfiction, which goes to show that it's only Hazama that happens to have this issue and not Terumi. In his Act 1 arcade, he encounters Taokaka, causing his allergies to flare up. He fights her and drives her off. In Tao's Act 3 arcade, he had defeated Ragna and was about to finish him off until Tao appears, causing his allergies to flare up once again and giving Ragna a chance to escape. Tao then fights off Hazama, causing him to retreat when his cat allergies become too unbearable.
  • Weapon Twirling: As expected of a butterfly knife user, he does this a number of times in his animations.
  • Wham Line: When confronted by Ragna in Continuum Shift, he reveals he has his own Azure Grimoire.
    Hazama: Restriction 666 released...
  • What Is This Feeling?: Trinity stabbing him at the end of CP was the first time he ever really experienced pain and he wants to explore how others feel pain as well and he does so by torturing Rachel above the Boundary.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: He's highly allergic to cats. This is pretty much a source of hilarity in the gag reels. Exploited in Taokaka's Act 3 CF arcade, where she helps Ragna escape from Hazama and his allergy allows her to overpower him.
  • Wild Card: As of CF, it's hard to tell what Hazama wants at this point. He has no desire to be Terumi's vessel/host anymore, but he still enjoys trolling the cast as always. The story mode reveals that ever since Terumi left his body and Trinity gave him a hole on his chest, he recognizes himself as a being capable of pain, and he gains a desire: to see how people would look like when they're in pain.
  • Would Hit a Girl: He actually seems to derive some sick pleasure from hurting women in particular. Just ask Rachel, Tsubaki and Makoto. This is to make us hate him all the more.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Yet another reason to hate him. While he doesn't get off on hurting kids as much as he does hurting women, he won't hesitate to do so if he feels like it.
    • In Carl's CS Bad Ending, Carl stumbles onto his plot by accident and Hazama flips out, butchering Ada and breaking Carl completely, only killing him after he was done with him.
    • In Platinum's CS Bad Ending, after Platinum fights Carl, Hazama decides to use both her and Carl as the catalyst for Kusanagi.
    • In Chronophantasma's True Ending, after Hakumen strikes Terumi with Time Killer, Hazama uses the last of his fading strength to stab Platinum while she's distracted in one final, twisted act of revenge, causing the two of them to fall off a cliff.
  • Xanatos Speed Chess: Makoto's friendship with Noel and Tsubaki was a potential boobytrap that could have violently imploded his plans for the two of them. To make certain she's out of the way, he patches a request to her indirectly (she doesn't trust him — see Devil in Plain Sight above) to get her as far away from Kagutsuchi as possible, and when she does come back midway through his plot, the first thing he tries to do when he catches her chatting with Jin is attempt to kill her. Key word being "try" — the attack is parried.
  • You Can't Thwart Stage One: Part of the reason the heroes couldn't defeat him in Continuum Shift was that Takamagahara was using him in their plan to destroy the Master Unit and would switch to a different timeline if things went awry. But look how that turned out...
  • You're Insane!: Anyone could say this to him, and most likely it has happened on a few occasions. But oddly enough, he asks Jubei if he's completely insane in his gag ending when Jubei says he just wants to smell him until he's completely satisfied. And what makes it played for even more laughs is when he asks why they can't just fight or something and can't even finish saying that he thought he hated him because Jubei's too busy smelling him. He's not too happy about that. "Can't you wait until I'm finished TALKING?!"