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Characters that appear in the Blaster Master Zero trilogy, the Retraux reboot of the Blaster Master series.

Unmarked spoilers for Blaster Master Zero below!

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Introduced in Blaster Master Zero

    Jason Frudnick (Zero

Jason Frudnick

Voiced by: Kensho Ono (Trilogy)
Jason as he appears in Blaster Master Zero.

Click to see him as he appears in Blaster Master Zero II

If these mutants are aiming to destroy the Earth, then I can't just walk away now.

A young and incredibly talented engineer who lives on the planet Earth. After encountering the mysterious creature he dubs "Fred", he becomes caught up in a war against deadly mutants living beneath the planet's surface.

  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Has a more anime-feel, resembling his original Japanese counterpart Kane Gardner from Metafight.
  • Adaptational Badass: In the NES game (in the English version at least), Jason was just some kid. In Zero, he's a Badass Bookworm who works as an engineer.
  • Adaptational Dye Job: He went from being brown haired to being black haired with blue highlights.
  • Age Lift: In the original continuity, Jason was introduced described openly as a young boy, a kid looking for his pet; an early teen at the very best. Here, Jason is evidently a young adult, living on his own as an independent scientist. This was likely done to help bridge the gap between the original Jason and Kane Gardner in the new iteration.
  • Badass Bookworm: He's an engineer who fights mutants.
  • Badass Cape: In Zero II, he adds a cape to his suit which is outfitted with sensors to help him detect when to use his Counter moves.
  • Badass Normal: Compared to EX Characters at least; Jason isn't powered by magic or super tech beyond his trusty Blaster and Eve's support. He's just some guy with guns (albeit lots of them) who uses his smarts to triumph over much bigger enemies on foot.
  • Berserk Button: Don't insult Eve. Leibniz manages to push it even further due to Eve's condition in Zero II.
  • Big Damn Heroes: On the pathway to the Golden Ending, Jason, with the aid of Fred and SOPHIA Zero, saves Eve from the Mutant Core, which has taken over SOPHIA III and turned it into Invem SOPHIA.
  • Car Fu: Spark Tackle and Burn Spark allows to ram and go through enemies and projectiles unharmed by speeding through them.
  • Combat and Support: The combat to Eve's support.
  • Composite Character: Other than his name, he's Kane Gardner from Metafight. He's also somewhat of a Decompisite Character as well, since Kane (minus the original design) actually existed in-universe.
  • Distressed Dude: In The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of Zero II, he is found Taken for Granite at the hands of Drolrevo, and it's up to Eve to rescue him.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: In the initial game, Jason started out as an engineer by trade and an independent researcher, just curiously observing an unknown creature he found and having just enough of a technological knack to learn the ropes of piloting SOPHIA III. Come the second game, he's reverse-engineered his own SOPHIA unit, superior to both the first and its Super Prototype, but he's created a new functionality to his personal gear, revamped the Blaster Rifle's functionality, developed for Eve a support device that enables her to slow time in a given area, and created an entirely-new form of power supply that runs perpetually on kinetic energy. Studying that Planet Sophia technology really did wonders for him.
    • He does have his limits, however. The blaster functionality in II that works as the ability Shantae had in the DLC of the last game was purely Eve's design, and while Gaia SOPHIA is superior, it's only from a technical level; SOPHIA Zero far outgunned Gaia SOPHIA, but the sheer might of the weapons, and Jason running the mech ragged trying to find a cure for Eve meant that it eventually broke down on his watch. Both the adjusted blaster and the Gaia SOPHIA were made specifically at a lower power level so that the sheer might of the blaster's wide beam and all the wonderful toys SOPHIA Zero had wouldn't break them down, because Jason couldn't figure out a way to simply diminish the power used in the old weapons.
  • Helmets Are Hardly Heroic: Averted. Jason always wears his helmet when going outside SOPHIA. Given that he visits foreign planets and planetoids in space in Zero II this is more than justified.
  • Humble Hero: He states that he never got into the mutant blasting business just to be acknowledged as a hero, but at the same time sees no issue with performing noble deeds himself.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades:
    • In general Jason has access to several weapons which covers nearly all angles and gives him an edge to fight off all types of enemies granted he can keep his weapon level high.
    • This also extends to SOPHIA III and G-SOPHIA. While Jason's MA doesn't have the speediness of EIR, the raw power and bulk of ATOM or the extreme mobility of GARUDA, it more than compensates by being extremely versatile and adaptable.
    • In Zero, when compared to the EX Characters, Jason lacks any special attributes or abilities that the other playable characters have, but he possesses a very diverse range of attack options, which allows him to adapt to any possible situation. This extends to Jason's stats as well, to an extent:
      • Jason has the most balance of range and power outside of SOPHIA III (Shantae and Shovel Knight are restricted to melee outside of subweapons, while Ekoro and Gunvolt have long-ranged-but-weak projectiles (though the latter compensates for this with his Flashfield and the latter can charge up her shots for a little more power (but only inside dungeons))).
      • Jason also has the most gun options and subweapons inside dungeons (but he has to collect most of his subweapons over the course of the game, and has to unlock access to his various guns by picking up power-ups (and loses them if he gets hit)).
      • However, Jason has the worst mobility of the playable characters, as he has slow movement (in the overworld and in dungeons), a short jump, lacks special mobility options in the overworldnote , lacks any form of invincibility frames that can be used to bypass hazards in dungeonsnote , and in the overworld, Jason is the only character who has to worry about Falling Damage (or, more likely, flat-out dying after falling down half-screen height).
  • Love Confession: Implied to have made one to Eve in the Golden Ending.
    Jason: Eve... I have something I need to tell you too...
  • Nice Guy: Jason is almost always positive, polite and tries to avoid unnecessary fights as much as he possibly can. This trait is a major plot point in Zero II where in the path to true ending Eve is inspired by Jason's heroism and refuses to give up even after the disastrous aftermath of the battle against Planade-G.
  • Multicolored Hair: Black hair with strands of blue. Mysteriously enough, they're identical in style to the strands of blue that Eve gets in the sequel from her mutant infection...
  • Palette Swap: In Destroyer Mode, he and SOPHIA III get a gray makeover.
  • Red Is Heroic: Jason's main coloring outfit is red and so is SOPHIA's default paint jobs.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Somewhat rare for The Hero, Jason plays the part of the blue oni to Leibniz's violent, tempermental, quick-to-scrap red.
  • Robosexual: In Zero, Eve is a Ridiculously Human Robot (as opposed to the Human Alien she is in other entries). It doesn't stop the Ship Tease in the least.
  • Science Hero: To the point the Earth even knows to call him when they need help like an actual superhero! He shares this trope with Eve, as they are both geniuses who can adapt and improve the SOPHIA-series Metal Attackers, and Jason himself built his cape that allows him to perform blast counters.
  • Ship Tease: With Eve. Prior to his confrontation against Hard Shell, transmission between him and Eve, who was in SOPHIA III at the time, cut off, and he shows concern for her safety. And then it goes Up to Eleven in Area 9.
  • Swiss Army Weapon:
    • Jason's Blaster Rifle is this having a gun function for basically every situation covering almost every possible angle.
    • SOPHIA III and G-SOPHIA's arsenal also has plenty of weapons ranging from lasers to missiles to cannon shells.
  • Taken for Granite: He was turned into stone at some point during his fight with the Mutant Cocoon. Eve frees him after she takes down the Mutant Cocoon and exposes its true form.
  • Tank Goodness: Jason pilots the NORA MA-01, SOPHIA III in Zero and the EARTH MA-001, G-SOPHIA in Zero II.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Said verbatim on reaching Area 5 (the Under the Sea stage).
    Jason: Looks like from here on out is some man-made sea... this is gonna suck.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Shortly before Zero II, in preparation for the oncoming space voyage, Jason made some pretty hefty modifications— not just in his self-created Superior Successor, the G-SOPHIA, but also to his own MA Pilot gear. With the extremely-versatile Blast Counter mantle on top of a completely revamped succession line of the Blaster Rifle, actual Boss Mutants he'd fought on Earth he can now easily dispatch in a few shots, no SOPHIA required — and that ingenuity seems to let him stand head-and-shoulders above his colleagues, who all otherwise use the same Metal Attacker tank and Pilot gear that their vehicle was dispatched with.
  • Weapon of Choice: His Blaster Rifle, which also serves as a Cool Key that provides manual control to SOPHIA III.

    Eve (Zero


Voiced by: Tamako Miyazaki (Trilogy)
Eve as she appears in Blaster Master Zero.

Click to see her as she appears in Blaster Master Zero II

It's so strange though, I feel like I remember that sensation...

An amnesiac girl found in the cockpit of the SOPHIA-III. She serves as the tank's mechanic and Jason's co-pilot, assisting him on the mission to destroy the mutants. Despite having lost her memories, she can't help but feel as though her connection to the SOPHIA-III runs deeper than she thinks.

  • Action Girl: After she discovers her new purifying powers in The Very Definitely Final Dungeon of Zero II, she takes the battle into her own hands.
  • Adaptational Attractiveness: Like Jason, she has a more anime-esque feel in Zero, resembling Dr. Jennifer Cornet from the box art of Metafight. She was created by and is considered the daughter of Dr. Comet and Kane Gardener, so the resemblance to her mother is only natural.
  • Adaptation Species Change: In the Worlds of Power novel, she is an alien with the appearance of a teenage girl. In Zero, while still hailing from an alien world, she is instead a Robot Girl.
  • Animal Motifs: Cats.
  • Breast Expansion: A subtler example. After being infected by The Corruption, Eve’s breasts grow by a lot. In fact, if you pay attention to Zero II’s intro, you can spot the moment when her chest starts to grow. They don't go back down even when she's purified.
  • Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu: Eve is able to rip through Drolrevo's outer shell with the Acceleration Blast in the ANDREIA, dealing irreparable damage and paving the way for Jason to finish it off (while simulataneously saving Jason and G-SOPHIA in the first place from petrification), but at great cost; the ANDREIA is utterly ruined from all the energy it needed to use the Acceleration Blast in its already weakened state, and Elfie is effectively barred from speaking with Eve again from the afterlife after she became a Ghost in the Machine for the ANDREIA.
  • Bullet Time: The Unchained DDF Blast-Counter can disrupt mutant nervous systems and slow the environs around Eve during her sojourn through Area Omega. It's also the only Blast-Counter that works on the overworld.
  • But Now I Must Go: After the defeat of the Multidimensional Overlord, Eve leaves Jason and Fred, believing it to be her sole responsibility to destroy the Mutant Core.
    Eve: I have to go... so that I can protect you, and this planet.
  • Combat and Support: The support to Jason's combat.
  • The Corruption: At some point after the conclusion of Zero, the leftover mutant cells that remained in Eve's body after she was infected by the Mutant Core are starting to transform her into a mutant, and Jason and Eve are now on a quest to find a cure.
  • Determinator: She separates from Jason, Fred, and G-SOPHIA after they take down Planade-G and ends up in inter-dimensional space by her lonesome. As she recalls her history with Jason, however, she steels her conviction and sets out to save Jason, no longer wanting to feel like a burden to him.
  • Energy Absorption: The I-HIX replicates the Absorber in function; it has a shorter lifespan, but compensates with a faster fire rate. Shots that hit the projection are converted into CP for the Unchained DDF.
  • The Engineer: Mechanic-type, responsible for maintenance work on SOPHIA III. Her expertise goes into the development of the G-Blaster that Jason uses in Zero 2.
  • Expy:
    • Resembles Joule from Azure Striker Gunvolt and Ciel from Mega Man Zero. In Zero II, her new taller and bustier design is almost one-to-one Lumen from Azure Striker Gunvolt.note 
    • Not to mention Dr. Jennifer Cornet from the original Metafight. Her mother/creator.
  • Fanservice Pack: Eve's bust has been increased substantially between Zero and Zero II. It's implied that this is the result of The Corruption altering her body, which, in addition to inducing Body Horror, conveniently gave her bigger breasts.
  • Genki Girl: The official website describes her as cheerful and lively.
  • Goggles Do Nothing: Has a pair of goggles dangling around her neck, which she hasn't used as anything more than an accessory.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Attempts this by destroying the Mutant Core with SOPHIA III's self-destruct function. It backfires, especially during the pathway to the Golden Ending, where the Mutant Core takes over SOPHIA III, turning it into Invem SOPHIA. The residue from said infestation triggers the events of Zero 2 as well.
  • Identity Amnesia: Downplayed; she only remembers her name, and still retains her engineering prowess. She recovers the rest around Area 6.
  • Idiot Hair: Sports a strand, although she is anything but idiotic.
  • Leitmotif: "Eve NORA-2057".
  • Lethal Chef: A 100,000 downloads special wallpaper shows Eve about to pour a box full of radioactive material into a cooking pot, while a horrified Jason attempts to stop her. Said radioactive box is very similar to the one that mutated Fred in the original game. An optional conversation in Zero II offhandedly mentions her cooking "skill" as well.
  • Locked into Strangeness: Though purged of her mutant corruption in Zero II's true ending, it left some marks: the blue streaks on her hair remain, her right eye is still green (just without the black sclera), and her right cheek has a couple of scars. In a less glum note, it also apparently enlarged her breasts, which she got to keep without ill effects.
  • Love Confession: Mirroring the Golden Ending of the first game, and befitting her role as the protagonist for the final section of the game, Eve ends II by saying she wants to tell Jason something. The implications are obvious.
  • Mismatched Eyes: After her mutant corruption is cured, Eve's right eye remains green as it was when she was infected.
  • Mission Control: Serves as Jason's spotter (until she leaves him to deal with the Mutant Core by herself) and later gets isolated from Jason and G-SOPHIA in Area Omega, forced to find him on her own.
  • Multicolored Hair: As of Zero II, her hair gains streaks of blue as a result of her being infected by the Mutant Core. They remain in place even after she is cleansed of her mutant corruption.
  • Nice Shoes: Wears a pair of white high-heeled boots with red linings on the bottom. An official wallpaper shows them detached as white outer stockings and red stilettos.
  • Power Palms: After she is sucked into inter-dimensional space and separated from Jason and G-SOPHIA, Eve discovers that she has miraculously developed the power to purify mutants by using the mechanical attachment on her right arm dubbed "I-HIX". This takes the form of an extremely short-ranged paw-shaped "Absorber" round that disintegrates weak mutants on contact when they would normally be killed.
  • Ridiculously Human Robot: To put into perspective, not only does she have a humanoid appearance, she's also a Genki Girl. Plus, the 100,000 downloads wallpaper shows her eating human food. In Zero 2, Kanna gives her a medicine made from fruits and a flower from her hair, revealing she can at least drink like a human.
  • Robot Girl: She is revealed to be an android from an alien world constructed to perform maintenance and adjustments on SOPHIA III.
  • Robotic Reveal: When they recover Fred and discover his circuity, she explains that she's also a robot. He just holds her hand.
  • Scars Are Forever: She retains a pair of small scarrings on her right cheek after she is cleansed of her mutant corruption.
  • Science Hero: Doesn't start as one, as she's a Support Droid built for the 'science' part but not the 'hero' part, but the climax of II has her take on the hero role for the rest of the game, and she performs admirably. Like Jason, she's also a genius, and multiple aspects of Jason's gun and the Gaia SOPHIA were designed by her; she's also the one who does repairs.
  • Ship Tease: With Jason. The official wallpapers ship them even further.
  • Sleepyhead: A side effect of her condition in Zero II. Eve is often in Sleep Mode in order to conserve energy either for when she is needed the most or to prevent her from consuming G-SOPHIA's energy. Eve herself doesn't like this very much since this makes her feel like The Load for Jason.
  • The Smart Guy: Lampshaded by Jason, who notes that her engineering prowess far exceeds that of his. Justified; she is a Robot Girl who was built specifically to perform maintenance and adjustments on SOPHIA III.
  • Took a Level in Badass: The final section of Zero II results in this for Eve. She reflects on feeling like The Load for Jason and how she's become accustomed to him doing everything for her as she feels hopeless in a black hole full of mutants...and then grits her teeth, gets up, fights and sneaks her way across miles of shattered debris looking for Jason and Fred, determined to save them. It only gets better from there; she stares down Leibniz and GARUDA and was ready to fight them if she had to. On foot. She then gets a new MA, pilots it through the black hole cutting a bloody swathe through the mutants, saves Fred, and confronts a Mutant Cocoon; something so damn powerful it makes Mutant Overlords and a mutant planet look weak in comparison. Oh, and that Mutant Cocoon? It beat Jason and Gaia SOPHIA in a fair fight, Eve knows this because she can see the aftermath, and the MA Eve is in is technologically inferior to the Gaia SOPHIA. And she still takes the creature on and is able to fight it to a standstill long enough for reinforcements to come, allowing her to cap off her Character Development into a competent Action Girl badass by using an Acceleration Blast laced with her own purification powers to rip through the Cocoon's shell like a hot knife through butter and free Jason. She definitely proved her mettle there.
  • Two-Faced: As a result of her mutation in Zero II, the mutant cells have noticeably infected the right side of her face, along with turning her right eye's sclera completely black and her iris either turning green as seen in-game, or with a more creepy, black spiral design as seen in official art. Along with tears from the infected eye apparently becoming blood.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: Mentions that the "Mutants" that Jason is fighting are called something else in the Sophia 3rd databanks, but waves that aside as inconsequential and refers to them as such after.
  • Walking Spoiler: Her role at the end of Zero II makes her a pretty big one.
  • When She Smiles: While she's already a Genki Girl, Jason lampshades how beautiful her smile is in the Golden Ending, thankful for him being by her side and supporting her to the very end.

    Fred (Zero

Fred as he appears in Blaster Master Zero.

Click to see him as he appears in Blaster Master Zero II

*ribbit ribbit*

A mysterious lifeform that Jason discovers on Earth. When it jumps down a strange black hole, it inadvertently kickstarts Jason's quest to exterminate the mutants hiding beneath the planet.

  • Adaptation Species Change: In the English version of the original, he's a frog. In Zero, he's a froglike alien. Or rather, a robot designed to look like a froglike alien.
  • Chekhov's Gunman: On the pathway to the Golden Ending, he proves vital in Jason's mission to save Eve, leading him to SOPHIA Zero.
  • Convenient Color Change: For unknown reasons, Fred changes from green to silver after Jason and Eve travel to the galaxy in search of a cure for Eve's corrupted condition.
  • Mythology Gag: A 100,000 downloads special wallpaper shows Fred fantasizing himself as an enormous creature, a reference to the introduction scene in the original Blaster Master where he makes contact with radioactive material and grows huge as a result. In addition, in his fantasy, he looks like the original Fred.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the original game Fred got turned into a huge mutant which you eventually fought and killed, here Fred avoids becoming a mutant boss and survives as a result.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: If it weren't for Fred, Jason wouldn't have found SOPHIA III, nor met Eve, and wouldn't have started fighting the mutants. Earth would have been probably be screwed in the first game and the Mutant Cocoon wouldn't have been dealt with in the second game.
  • Team Pet: Serves this role for Jason and Eve. Given what we learn about Support Droids in II - that they aren't just there as mechanics but are also there as moral support to keep the pilots from going mad with the isolation of fighting mutants - and Jason's own comments while aboard L-229 with a comatose Eve, being a team pet who uplifts the MA pilot's spirits may very well be Fred's second purpose as part of the team.
  • Thinking Up Portals: He is capable of creating wormholes. The one he creates in the opening leads Jason directly to Sophia III. This becomes a gameplay mechanic in Zero II, where Jason gets the ability to use Fred to teleport him directly to Sophia III. Fred also creates a portal to exit each dungeon after you've cleared it.

    Mutants (Zero

Invem Them All

The primary antagonists of Blaster Master Zero and its sequel, the Mutants are a race of varied monstrous organisms that travel the universe, leaving death and destruction in their wake. In response to their threat, war tanks like the SOPHIA III were made and distributed across the stars, with the hopes that the never-ending Mutant horde could be combated.

  • Adaptive Ability: The race has a variant of this as a whole. On the minion level, the further along Jason gets in Blaster Master Zero I, the more he begins encountering mutants that start to resemble him in his suit and have a gun like his, employing strategy and swarm tactics to overwhelm him. Additionally, they adapt to create a Boss Mutant that takes on the appearance of Fred.
    • Furthermore, Blaster Master Zero II shows Cocoon-class mutants can adapt to take on the abilities of the enemies that fight them, which is why Drolrevo has watery attacks when Eve fights it- it's already fought the ANDREIA once before. By the time Jason fights Drolrevo Mastro, the mutant has further adapted to use various attacks inspired by the three other MA tanks that attacked it while Eve charged the Acceleration Blast, as well.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: The strongest variants of the Mutant race have imposing titles like "Lord", "Overlord", and "Mastro".
  • Always Chaotic Evil: Not even a single mutant throughout the games is even slightly hinted to be good, or even neutral, or at very least not destructive.
  • Awesomeness by Analysis: Cocoon-class mutants can study and replicate the powers of anything that fights them. This is best demonstrated via Drolrevo Mastro, who replicates the powers of every MA that fights it in its Cocoon state.
  • Big Bad: They serve as this for the series as a whole.
  • Bishōnen Line: Some of the strongest and most dangerous Mutant encountered in both games have very human-like appearance in contrast to other monstrous bosses.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: They notably explode on death, and most Mutants are in some way unorthodox in appearance. The most 'normal' ones appear somewhat like variations of human fauna. The most bizarre ones include flying, strafing energy diamonds and giant lanterns that fire energy.
  • Boss Warning Siren: Major Mutants are announced this way followed by Boss Subtitles.
  • The Corruption: What they cannot destroy, they tend to instead corrupt. They seem to refer to this corruption as 'invem.' Metal Attackers and Support Droids are not exempt from this.
  • Flunky Boss: Most Mutant bosses have the bad tendency of summoning minions to aid them. Although this can backfire on them since said minions have a chance to drop health and energy pickups.
  • Genius Loci: It is unclear if Planade G was a sentient planet in Area G before it was completely overtaken by the mutants, but by the time Jason encounters it in Blaster Master Zero II, it is a living mutant planet with a connection to the Hive Mind as an Overlord-class mutant, and it shows intelligence in Jason's fight with it; namely, once Jason has it down to low health, it starts spinning faster and faking him out so Jason has a harder time getting the window of opportunity he needs to siphon energy from it.
  • Hive Mind: They seem to operate like a hive. Mutant Overlords and Mutant Cocoons are the Queens of the hive, and everything the Mutants do serves to give the Overlords power to then give to the Cocoons.
  • Humongous Mecha: Defend Them All and its Boss Rush variant, Invem Them All, are this.
  • Insectoid Aliens: Many of the Mutants solidly fall into this category (especially boss level ones) being close, visually, to Earth insects.
  • It Can Think: While they still do not speak a single line of dialogue it's outright stated in both games that Mutants of "Lord" class and above have human level intellect.
  • Nothing Is Scarier: No one really knows where they come from or if there's any purpose in any of their attacks on all the planets they invade other than simply grow stronger and continue to consume more and more...
  • Planet Looters: Their entire existence is devoted to the extraction and consumption of resources for the sake of their masters. This is taken to an extreme level, as Jason's monologue in Zero II indicates that they can eventually consume and destroy stars. This is foreshadowing to the endgame boss Planade-G, which is an Overlord-class mutant the size of a planet.
  • Spam Attack: Another variant of Mutant bosses are ones that loves to fire a lot of projectiles at you.


Zero EX Characters

Playable Guest Fighter DLC characters in Zero that can be harnessed in EX Characters Mode. They have no story cutscenes, nor ending cutscenes.

    Common Tropes 
  • Cool Tank: Each of them ride what appears to be recolored SOPHIA IIIs. Granted, considering their natural skills when compared to Jason, they need to use it far less often than he does and can finish large portions of the game without it.
  • Falling Damage: Unlike Jason, averted; none of them take any damage whatsoever when landing from a high jump.
  • Mana Meter: Every EX Character has a replacement for the Subweapons Gauge that functions akin to a Mana Meter.
    • Gunvolt has EP, which is used to fuel his Flashfield and Prevasion abilities. He's also the only character who can use his meter outside of dungeons. Gunvolt also has an SP bar that can be used to power his Skills.
    • Ekoro has the Heart Gauge, which is very similar to Jason's Subweapons, but recharges on its own by shooting enemies.
    • Shantae has the Magic Meter, which is consumed to use her Magic abilities.
    • Shovel Knight gets a literal Mana Meter, which he uses as a power source for his Relics.
  • Not Quite Flight:
    • While playing as Gunvolt, you can hover if you use your Flashfield while airborne.
    • Ekoro can fly short distances, but can't ascend.
  • Palette Swap: Zig-zagged.
    • Averted big-time for the characters themselves. They offer completely different gameplay experiences, both in the overworld (when not riding their tanks) and dungeons.
    • Played straight with the tanks they ride; as opposed to the red SOPHIA III...
      • Gunvolt rides a predominantly blue and gold tank.
      • Ekoro rides a pink tank.
      • Shantae rides a purple-painted tank.
      • Shovel Knight rides a tank colored a lighter blue than Gunvolt's.



The titular character from the 2D platformer series Azure Striker Gunvolt. An Adept who possesses a Septima known as "Azure Striker", he commands electricity and lightning powers with absolution, which gives him the ability to do anything between frying enemies to a crisp with Flashfield to dodging enemy attacks with Prevasion.

In EX Characters Mode, Gunvolt's main mechanic revolves around EP, a meter that replaces the Subweapons gauge. With EP, Gunvolt can use Flashfield in tandem with his Dart Leader, Cerberus, to battle, as well as Prevasion, which, for a large EP cost, allows him to negate damage from any hit as long as his Flashfield isn't active. While in dungeons, Gunvolt also has the ability to use Skills; by consuming Skill Points, Gunvolt can invoke powerful abilities that range from decimating foes to healing himself.

For tropes which apply to him in his own series, see Azure Striker Gunvolt Heroes and Allies.

  • Achilles' Heel: As powerful as he is, Gunvolt is useless underwater, which comes from his lightning powers. While submerged in side-scrolling areas, Gunvolt can't use Flashfield, rendering him effectively helpless.
  • Art Evolution: His design is a stylized variant of his design in Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. Namely, his suit has been more defined so it looks more like combat armor, the suit's chest is more pronounced, and his midriff is even less pronounced.
  • Badass Longcoat: Dons the same dark blue longcoat from Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Downplayed; his design makes his midriff less pronounced compared to his Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 design.
  • BFS: Starts the game with his signature Luxcalibur Skill while in dungeons; when using it, Gunvolt summons a blade made of lightning that destroys foes unlucky enough to be in his path.
  • Boring, but Practical: Outside of Skills, Gunvolt has exactly one method of attack. However, his sole method of attack happens to be pretty damn useful.
  • Chain Pain: Gunvolt can learn Voltaic Chains, which is acquired from Lumen, who is situated on a midair platform in Area 1 (which requires Wall Climb to reach). This is a 3 SP dungeon Skill that summons chains that criss-cross the screen, then electrify to destroy enemies in contact with the chains. Its power scales relative to the number of enemies on-screen, which is devastating against flunky bosses.
  • Defeat Equals Explosion: Like in his home series, he dissipates into sparks when his HP is depleted to zero.
  • Fragile Speedster: Compared to Jason, he can Wall Jump, he jumps higher, moves much faster, and can crawl as fast as he runs, but he takes twice as much damage as Jason does. Thankfully, he also has Prevasion, which can block up to 3 hits at full energy.
  • Heal Thyself: Galvanic Patch/Healing Volt, a dungeon Skill which costs 1 SP to use, restores three bars of HP.
  • No-Sell: Prevasion outright negates damage from almost any hit for a third of his EP gauge, as long as Flashfield isn't active. Notably, the way this mechanic interacts with Blaster Master means that Gunvolt can straight up walk through hazards as if they didn't exist.
  • Overheating: Unlike in his home series, averted. Even if his EP Bar depletes to zero, he does not need to wait for it to completely replenish before he can use his abilities again.
  • Scratch Damage:
    • Cerberus' bullets deal minimal damage when they hit enemies — Bibys, for example, can be killed one at a time — and are better suited for destroying rocks and other barriers that typically require Crusher shots than actually inflicting damage. However, it Tags enemies, which allows you to use Flashfield to dispatch them.
    • The area of effect where Flashfield projects itself also does minor damage on contact if an enemy is standing close enough. It's good for breaking lots of rocks, though.
  • Shock and Awe: As in his home series, he uses lightning-based attacks in combat and his main form of offense involves tagging his enemies with his bolt-shooting gun and then using his lightning powers to conduct electricity into them.
  • Spam Attack: Holding down the Shoot button enables you to auto-fire Cerberus darts, just like in his home game.
  • Speed Echoes: Leaves afterimages when he moves around, as long as he has enough energy for Prevasion and is not using Flashfield.
  • Super Move Portrait Attack: When activating major Offensive Skills, Gunvolt appears as a cut-in, just like in his home game. Unusually, the game only shows the top half of his face when activating the Skill, which is normally just the prelude to a full shot of his body in his home series.



An apprentice angel and one of the main characters of Gal*Gun: Double Peace.

As a Cupid-in-training, Ekoro wields The Power of Love, capable of shooting arrows of love from her dual pistols and hearts that inflict massive damage to those in its path. In addition, while in dungeons, Ekoro is capable of accessing the Heart Gauge, a unique Subweapon system in which Ekoro can expend energy from the Heart Gauge to execute powerful attacks, then recharge her power by damaging foes.

For tropes which apply to her in her own series, see this character page.

  • Abnormal Ammo: Fires arrows from her pistols.
  • Charged Attack: While in dungeons, holding the Shoot button will cause Ekoro to charge her Desert Angels, which will fire a large pink heart that goes through objects and the environment and deals significant damage.
  • Curtains Match the Window: As in her home series, light blue hair and eyes.
  • Diving Kick: Has a dropkick named Ekoro Kick, a Dungeon Skill which, in addition to damaging enemies, allows her to pass over hazards such as spikes without taking any damage.
  • Dual Wielding: Dual wields Desert Angel pistols as her method of combat.
  • The Power of Love: Her Weapon of Choice, of course.
  • Wings Do Nothing: Downplayed, but she can only glide for short distances in the overworld.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: As in her home series, she has light blue hair.



The half-genie hero from the titular series.

As a half-genie, Shantae is capable of a number of magical feats, including whipping her hair at opponents in melee range, shooting fireballs from her hands, and animal transformations.

For tropes pertaining to her home series, see this character page.

  • Cool Sword: Her Scimitar spell can summon four of these to damage enemies and obstacles around her, but it drains her magic meter quickly.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Shantae's normal attack is her hair whip which has very poor range in a game where most of the enemies like to shoot you from a good distance. You have to approach enemies carefully or else she will take a lot of unnecessary damage.
  • Morphic Resonance: Both of her enemy transformations have an identifying trait; the generic mook enemy transformation is purple like her hair, while the Mother Brain transformation sports oversized earrings where its nonexistent ears would be.
  • Playing with Fire: The Fireball spell is one of her subweapons; it does damage on impact and also keeps doing Damage Over Time like Jason's Flamethrower.
  • Prehensile Hair: Her primary form of attack is whipping opponents with her hair.
  • Shock and Awe: She can summon a Storm Puff that can be used to light up darkened rooms and do constant damage to enemies; whipping it sends it away to attack foes she cannot otherwise reach.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Her signature magic dances make an appearance, and allow her to extend her abilities.
    • While in the overworld, she can transform into a monkey. While a monkey, Shantae has increased jumping height and speed, is small enough to run through small openings, and can climb up walls by simply coming into contact with them, but cannot attack.
    • Shantae can transform into an elephant while in dungeons. While an elephant, Shantae can use a ramming attack that deals heavy damage and breaks objects she comes into contact with. It also allows her to pass over hazards unharmed.
    • Unique to Blaster Master is the ability to transform into mutants, gaining their attacks and being able to use them to fight other mutants: by default, she can turn into one of the generic mook mutants and shoot slow-moving but piercing projectiles, and can later unlock the ability to turn into Mother Brain, the Area 1 boss, which can shoot a constant aimable stream of moderately-damaging projectiles but is immobile while doing so and can also float over pits and damaging floors.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: As in her home series, she sports purple hair.

    Shovel Knight 

Shovel Knight

The protagonist of the titular series.

A melee-oriented character, Shovel Knight swings his shovel blade as his primary weapon, and can use many of the Relics he acquired in his journey to the Tower of Fate.

For tropes pertaining to his home series, see this character page.

  • Anchors Away: Brought his Anchor relic for use as a throwing weapon.
  • Bling of War: The Ornate Plate can be acquired in Area 3, and it automatically lights up dark areas when worn.
  • Brown Note: Can use the Horn to clear the screen of enemies.
  • Charged Attack: In an area high in the first room of area 1 (same area as Gunvolt an Ekoro's 4th skills) lies a shovel power up that enables charging his strikes.
  • Fishing Minigame: Shovel Knight can cast a line into bodies of liquid with the Fishing Rod Relic. Pressing the Shoot button when the "!!" symbol appears over his head will cause Shovel Knight to reel it in, and he can fish up either a grenade that rolls along the ground and explodes, one of Jason's decoy turrets that activates automatically and functions the same way, a small or a large fish that refill his health by 1 or 3 bars, or a large magic potion that refills his MP completely.
  • Four-Fingered Hands: He is the only one to have these in the game compared to the others.
  • Invincibility Power-Up: His Phase Locket returns, and works like it always has.
  • Mechanically Unusual Fighter: Shovel Knight's basic attack, without any upgrades, is a melee move in a game designed around mostly ranged combat, so when playing as him one has to be even more careful than usual.
  • Mythology Gag: Gameplay aside, he's the only character who has a unique animation when he dismounts from the SOPHIA III, wherein he somersaults forwards, then poses with his shovel upwards when he lands. It's not just for show, either; Shovel Knight can dodge enemy attacks while in his dismount animation.
  • No Indoor Voice: Shovel Knight himself doesn't talk in this game, but the description for his Relics and equipment is written in CAPS LOCK, giving off this impression.
  • Shovel Strike: His primary attack is to thrust his shovel blade into opponents for rather hefty damage. He can bounce on them and projectiles as well, as well as reflect enemy projectiles. He can also break through cracked walls and special blocks with it as well.
  • Spread Shot: Defeating the Remote Blaster in Area 6 gives him the Blaster Master Mail, which allows him to shoot 4 green projectiles in a spread formation inside dungeons with every shovel swing at the cost of 10 MP per use. In addition to damaging enemies, they also function like Shantae's flame projectile and Jason's flamethrower, allowing him to melt the ice in Area 6. If you also have the shovel upgrade and are at full health, you can combine this with the Drop Spark, allowing him to shoot a 5-way spread shot with each swing of his shovel.
  • Sword Beam: Or rather, shovel beam: like in his native game, getting the shovel power-up from the midair platform mentioned above gives him access to Drop Spark, which allows him to shoot sparks that travel along the ground when he's at full health. Much more useful than in his native game, seeing that he's always standing on the ground in the dungeons and because it gives him a ranged attack when he's outside SOPHIA.

Introduced in Blaster Master Zero II

    Gonbei and Tae 

Gonbei and Tae

Gonbei voiced by: Taku Yashiro (Trilogy)

Tae voiced by: Yurika Takagi (Trilogy)

A young and fit farmer, Gonbei is from a farming community on the planet Montoj. When the local feudal warlord began overtaxing the citizens, Gonbei and his fellow farmers decided to start a farmer's revolution, or "ikki". However, they discover that the warlord was transformed into the Mutant Overlord "Zavira", who subsequently killed most of the farmers present. Gonbei was lucky enough to escape, and soon met a Metal Attacker, NORA MA-05 "KUEBIKO" and its Support Droid, Tae. Together they represent the remnants of their "ikki", hoping to one day defeat Zavira and bring peace back to Montoj.

  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Tae is loosely based on the character of the same name from Ikki: Legend of Takeyari Master, who herself is very loosely based on the 2P character from the original game. Unlike Tae from the novel adaptation, who had black hair and navy blue eyes, Tae in Zero II sports unnatural white hair and red eyes.
  • Animal Motifs: Whereas Eve's design incorporates a cat motif, Tae's multiple tail accessories and robot ears are more evocative of foxes and kitsune. It is a bit more subtle, though, with Tae having a single, smaller fox-shaped charm on her obi instead of Eve's kneepads.
  • Assist Character: Gonbei and Tae show up to help out Jason and Eve when Gathervira emerges. If enough damage is dealt to Gathervira's core, KUEBIKO will hammer the core with shots from the foreground to expose Gathervira's interior dungeons. If the G-SOPHIA falls off the titan, KUEBIKO will also rain holographic bamboo shoots that the G-SOPHIA can jump off of with the Recoil Jump. He does not show up during the rematch on Planetoid G-2, but G-SOPHIA has had plenty of opportunity to widen its arsenal by then.
  • Blade on a Stick: Gonbei's weapon of choice is a spear, the handle of which is takeyari bamboo; hence, his title "The Legendary Takeyari Master".
  • Badass Normal: Considering Gonbei lives in Montoj, a planet where technology seems to be far less advanced than Earth's, he's still able to fight Jason on equal footing using nothing but his agility and hit and run tactics alongside some flashbombs.
  • Battle Boomerang: Gonbei uses sickles like this during his boss fight.
  • Berserk Button: Trampling enough crops before starting the fight against Gonbei will make him very angry. Angry enough that his attacks will deal double damage.
  • Boss Subtitles: Gonbei. The Legendary Takeyari Master.
  • Combat Pragmatist: Gonbei uses the bushes in his arena to set up tricky attacks and ambushes. He also can throw flashbombs in order to blind you before lunging from the bushes.
  • Crossover: Gonbei and his story arc are based on the Sunsoft arcade game Ikki, in which he and his fellow farmers rebelled against a cruel governor in protest of his absurd taxes. Except in this case, said governor got turned into a mutant and destroyed much of the planet. Tae wasn't in the original game, but she is in the novelization of the game, "いっき ーLegend of Takeyari Master".
  • Dash Attack: Gonbei's favored fight tactic is to hide in the bushes, then dash forward in a sudden ambush. You get this as a Blast Counter when you beat him.
  • Fragile Speedster: The KUEBIKO often breaks down under combat pressure, but is especially mobile, able to scale the mountains of Planet Montoj with little difficulty.
  • Gatling Good: The KUEBIKO has this as its primary armament, and it can arrest Gathervira on its own.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: You spend most of the battle against Gonbei chasing him around than anything else.
  • Human Aliens: Gonbei isn't from Earth, but unlike Kanna and Stein, he doesn't look any different from a human.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Gonbei is very agile, can take a good beating and his takeyari lunge will introduce you to a whole world of pain if it lands.
  • Robotic Reveal:
    • A support conversation has Eve verify Tae's support droid number, YS-3. Tae does not want to be called that, however.
    • Gonbei originally thought that Tae was a spirit sent by Heaven to help him. He realizes the truth after talking with Jason and Eve, though he chooses not to tell Tae out of respect.
  • Turns Red: When Gonbei's health is low enough he will drop more flashbombs before using his boomerang attack and one to blind you momentarily before readjusting his position for his dash attack.
  • Unexplained Accent: Tae has an odd southern drawl in her dialogue.
  • The Unfought: While Gonbei is fought on foot you never fight him and Tae piloting KUEBIKO.

    Kanna and Kenwood 

Kanna and Kenwood

Kanna voiced by: Shiori Izawa (Trilogy)

Kenwood voiced by: Hideki Makino (Trilogy)

Kanna is a plant-based alien girl who lives on planet Stranga. With her droid Kenwood, she pilots the NORA MA-06 "EIR".

  • Action Girl: Don't let Kanna's demeanor fool you; she was able to get into a fight with GARUDA that ended in both of them walking away, meaning that she was at least able to fight Leibniz in GARUDA to a standstill, who himself gives Jason trouble and forces Jason to retreat in their first proper fight. Also shows up in gameplay; she's just as dangerous a pilot as Stein is, and she isn't slacking off when all the MA pilots unleash hell on Drolrevo to buy Eve time to fire the Acceleration Blast.
  • Animal Motifs: Much like how Eve and Tae have cat and fox motifs, Kenwood's appearance seems to be subtly based on some kind of bull or ox, with horns and "hooved" shoes, fitting for a world focused on vegetation.
  • Ascended Extra: Kanna stars in her own DLC minigame, "Kanna Raising Simulator", where the player helps raise different types of Kanna.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: Eccentric and weird as Kanna may be it's easy to forget she was able to fight off Leibniz and GARUDA. Given that Leibniz is bent on destroying all Support Droids and that Kenwood is alive and fine by the time you meet them she did a good job at this.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Kanna literally has a flower pot for a head. It even has a face to emote with.
  • Breakout Character: She became immensely popular the moment she was revealed, with her popularity eclipsing even that of the main protagonists. She became so popular she got her own spinoff game as DLC.
  • Close-Range Combatant: The most devastating attacks available to the EIR are in melee range, whether by drill kicks or by charging into its aggressors. Its sole ranged option is slow and can be disrupted before it hits the ground.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Kanna behaves in a very strange manner. She's fond of shouting "Flower!" at the top of her lungs and behaves more like a spoiled child than an MA pilot.
  • Cloudcuckoolander's Minder: Befitting the role of a butler, the level-headed Kenwood upholds the responsibility of keeping the eccentric Kanna in check.
  • The Ditz: Kanna seems to be off in her own world constantly, which gives Jason and Eve several headaches as they try to get her help.
  • Diving Kick: EIR's Drill Smash essentially works like this. EIR jumps in the air and then descends like a meteor to the ground also causing debris to be flung around where it landed.
  • Gag Boobs: Kanna's sizable bust is held by a bra with a watermelon print. Literal melons! Infinity Kanna takes this trope to an extreme level, as her breasts are planet-shaped.
  • Gyaru Girl: Instead of brown, Kanna's green.
  • Hidden Depths: Kanna refuses to give Jason information on the key he needs to access the dimensional tunnel that leads to Area F until he provides her with three different types of fruit. At first this seems to be just Kanna being off in her own world as usual. When you give her the fruits, rather than use them for herself, she combines them with a flower from her hair and mixes them up to create a medicine for Eve, who is suffering ill effects from Stranga's unusual atmosphere.
  • Hyper-Competent Sidekick: If Kanna's backstory is to be believed, Kenwood is very much this trope, considering he had to travel much of Stranga alone looking for something to pilot the EIR, and practically raised Kanna into the role. Of course, given he's a support droid, his competence only goes so far; given that Eve herself can pilot the SOPHIA models in I and II with great competency, the fact that Kanna is still the pilot must mean Kenwood doesn't think himself up to the task.
  • The Jeeves: Kenwood visually gives off this vibe, and acts much like a butler dedicated to his mistress and eager to see her prosper.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Kanna's MA, the EIR, is a lot faster and more maneuverable than the G-SOPHIA. Notably, it more resembles a bike than the four wheeler that is G-SOPHIA, even though the EIR has four wheels as well. Eve and Jason lampshade this trope in regards to the EIR, since they find it confusing a tank is using itself as a weapon just as much as it uses its projectiles.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Between Kanna's breasts, her skintight bodysuit that is too small to even hold said breasts, and her ditzy demeanor, she delivers plenty.
  • The One Guy: Kenwood is the only known male Support Droid in Zero II.
  • Proper Lady: Kenwood's personal goal is to teach Kanna how to be a proper lady.
  • Servile Snarker: It's clear that in comparison to the other MA pilots and their droids, Kanna and Kenwood take on a sort of 'master-servant' relationship. It doesn't stop Kenwood from snarking on occasion when he doesn't feel he needs to be serious, which can only be expected on a planet as wacky as Stranga.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Barring Eve taking control of SOPHIA III in I and her use of Andreia for the final section of II, Kanna is so far the only known female MA pilot. Even if Eve's stint as a pilot can be counted, Kanna is still the only non-droid female pilot.
  • The Spock: The level-headed Kenwood adopts a formal, straightforward, and no-nonsense tone, as is to be expected from a butler.
  • Suddenly Voiced: Kanna is voice-acted in the trailer by Cristina Vee for "Kanna Raising Simulator".
  • Team Pet: Kanna's support animal Yacopu, a bunny-like droid who can synthesize medicine and other items after eating various fruits.
  • This Is a Drill: One of the EIR's most common attacks is to dive at you from the air with a drill. You get one for the SOPHIA after you defeat Kanna.
  • Plant Aliens: Kenwood grew Kanna from a seed when he was unable to find a native lifeform capable of piloting EIR. He feeds her by watering her head.
  • Visual Pun: Kanna's watermelon-printed bra holds up her... melons. She's also a literal pothead.

    Stein and Tesset 

Stein and Tesset

Stein voiced by: Taketora (Trilogy)

Tesset voiced by: Azusa Iwakura (Trilogy)

Stein is an alien situated on the planet Div Ido, whose structure is split into two by dimensional rifts opened by a Mutant Overlord. While not the savviest on the Metal Attacker technology, his blood contains high amounts of the mineral "Sophinium", the same energy used to power the Metal Attackers; by producing Sophinium in crystallized form, he can use the mineral to power up or repair his Metal Attacker. Stein is accompanied by his Support Droid Tesset, a child-like girl who serves as the Droid for NORA MA-03 "ATOM". ATOM is a Metal Attacker that resembles a steam engine train; it is offensively-tuned Metal Attacker that is further enhanced by the Sophinium that Stein feeds it, but without a Booster is incapable of interstellar travel.

  • Animal Motifs: Much like prior Support Droids, Tesset appears to be subtly based on an animal. In her case, her appearance is vaguely reminiscent of a jellyfish.
  • BFG: ATOM's regular blast shots are freaking huge if you compare them to G-SOPHIA's.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Stein cares deeply for Tesset as if she was his own family. He recognizes and admires the similar bond shared between Jason and Eve.
  • Bizarre Alien Biology: Stein's blood contains high amounts of Sophinium, which forms crystal-like growths on his body. Conveniently, Metal Attackers run on Sophinium, and so he can feed these crystals into ATOM for power boosts.
  • Cool Shades: Stein sports an impressive pair.
  • Cool Train: The NORA MA-03 "ATOM" is built like one; it can even run backwards while firing its main cannon and Wave-Motion Gun.
  • "Could Have Avoided This!" Plot: The characters note that because Stein is unaware of the ATOM's software-based functions, he got into a fight that could easily have been dodged. To be fair, however, Tesset, who is better attuned to the software, is on the other side of the planet.
  • Drill Tank: ATOM is not one, but has one attack that creates a drill shaped cone in front of it.
  • Hopeless with Tech: Zig-zagged. Stein has no idea how "oh ess" and "ramrom" stuff works, but is an adept mechanic who can repair and service the ATOM using his Sophinium secretions. He can effortlessly install the booster you find for him, and once he has that, he meets up with Tesset without any further complications.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Stein is a mountain of a man that is almost as big as Jason's tank. Tesset is barely even twice the size of Jason's pet frog.
  • In-Series Nickname: Tesset often refers to ATOM as "Mr. Tank".
  • Macross Missile Massacre: ATOM is capable of easily filling the screen with missiles.
  • Mighty Glacier: Stein's tank-like MA, the ATOM, is not a very fast machine. However, between the Macross Missile Massacres and Wave Motion Guns, it has enough firepower that it doesn't need to be.
  • Nice Hat: Both Stein and Tesset wear army berets, though Tesset's is hilariously big for her tiny head.
  • Power-Strain Blackout: After using its Phlebotinum Overload attack ATOM will shutdown momentarily not unlike G-SOPHIA's zero SP shutdown which is catastrophic in the middle of a battle.
  • Shout-Out: Tesset's design is an homage to Tesse from Waku Waku 7.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: While in overdrive mode ATOM can let out a trail of smoke that will explode at the end of its attack.
  • Tactical Suicide Boss: Stein will use his Sophinium overdrive even if means leaving himself extremely vulnerable in battle.
  • The Load: Tesset fears she's this. Her interactions with Eve leave Eve thinking she might be this as well, at least until the final section of the game. Thankfully for Tesset, Stein outright admits she's useful, since while he's more than capable of handling the hardware in the ATOM, the software is something he doesn't quite understand.
  • Token Mini-Moe: Tesset. Her hair and oversized hat obscures her eyes, and she has to pull herself up to the dialogue box to be seen because she's so small.
  • Wave-Motion Gun: When powered up, the ATOM will sometimes fire one of these. Unlike most examples of the trope, he can actually turn around while using it, resulting in a nasty surprise if you think you can simply jump over him and fire away.



Voiced by: Shouta Aoi (Trilogy)

A mysterious Metal Attacker pilot who is first seen ambushing Jason and Eve in Area D. He is a lone wolf who attacks any mutant or pilot he sets his sights on, and after their initial encounter, he quickly develops a seething hatred of Jason and makes it his personal mission to kill him and/or Eve. Unlike other Metal Attacker pilots, he is not accompanied by a Support Droid. His Metal Attacker, NORA MA-07 "GARUDA", is a flight-oriented Metal Attacker capable of exceeding the speed of light.

  • Attack Reflector: Of two kinds: the standard one, his Vector Reflector, which will return fire any projectiles shot at him and one he uses on his own projectile in order to change its trajectory and trick you.
  • Boss Subtitles: "The Nomad Berserker".
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Having accepted Lucia's passing in the true ending, he decides to go save Earth after it is attacked by mutants once again. Granted, he does so hoping that it pisses Jason off.
  • Combat Pragmatist: During his second fight on foot against Jason on Area G he knows better than trying to simply battle him directly and will call GARUDA for air support every now and then.
  • Cope by Pretending: A tragic example. He tries to hide the pain and grief over the loss of Lucia, his Support Droid, by pretending he "disposed" of her.
  • Death Seeker: Leibniz has clear signs of someone who just doesn't give a damn about anything other than his twisted mission to "save" MA pilots from their misery. He barely reacts after being defeated on foot by Jason and is almost relieved at the prospect of being put out of his misery.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: That Jason simply has a Support Droid that he's in a happy and working relationship with pisses Leibniz off enough to attack in the first place. Every succeeding encounter that only shows more of Jason and Eve's bond just makes him more needlessly violent.
  • Establishing Character Moment: He shows up by ramming G-SOPHIA into a secluded planetoid and spitefully insults Eve by calling her a "doll", simply because she's a Support Droid, which pisses off Jason. Shows how messed up in the head and how dangerous he is in the first minute you meet him.
  • The Faceless: Every time he is seen, he never removes his helmet.
  • "Get Back Here!" Boss: GARUDA it flies at near blinding speeds and the few moments you have to deal damage to it is when it stops to rain down attacks on you, or when it tries to outright ram you.
  • Glass Cannon:
    • The Garuda has a lot of destructive power and options to retaliate against its enemies' aggression, but sustained damage will completely arrest its operation. Jason is not interested in terminating him, and Eve is programmed to stop him if he tried, or else Leibniz would not have survived their first encounter, let alone any of the others. The same can be said of its operating system, but Leibniz is smart enough to eject Eve when she cracks its OS for data.
    • Leibniz himself is a Glass Cannon. While he moves fast and has some REALLY powerful attacks his health, when compared to other bosses, is rather low. A skilled player can quickly down him with well timed Blast Counters.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: The first time he shows up he has his pilot suit's helmet giving his effect.
  • Gratuitous German: He's named after the German philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz.
  • Graceful Loser: Leibniz accepts his defeat at Jason's hand both times with eerie calm. Contrast to his defeat while piloting Garuda in which he throws a tantrum.
  • Heartbroken Badass: He's a skilled MA Pilot and a major threat even when fighting on his own... But the loss of Lucia, his Support Droid left him deluded and he tries to cope with the pain by taking out on other Support Droids and insisting to himself he "threw" her away because she was beyond use.
  • Heel–Face Turn: It is only when facing the truth courtesy of Elfie's remnants that Leibniz' aggression against the other MA pilots concludes. He would have not turned heel in the first place had Lucia survived Planade-G, and he did not take her demise well at all.
  • If I Can't Have You...: Played with, in regards to his own Support Droid Lucia, who perished when they tried to fight Planade-G. His attitude thereon is that if he lost his partner, no other MA pilot should be allowed theirs, and rationalizes to himself that he's doing them a favor by ridding them of their Support Droid or killing them outright if they resist.
  • Ironic Name: Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz coined the phrase "best of all possible worlds" in reference to the real world and was one of the chief early proponents of rationalism. This Leibniz, however, has long crossed the Despair Event Horizon and has made quite a few leaps in logic to justify his attempts on Jason and Eve's lives.
  • It's Personal: Ever since crossing paths with Jason, Leibniz makes it his personal mission to end him and Eve.
  • I Work Alone: He works on his own accord and is the only Metal Attacker without a Support Droid; he claims he disposed of them because they were past their usefulness.
  • The Lost Lenore: Losing Lucia, his Support Droid, turned him into the violent, unstable mess of a man he is now.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Or at least emotionally unstable and ruthless.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: In on-foot combat, he wields a shield that projects a Vector Reflector. If Jason shoots at Leibniz while the Vector Reflector is out, he will deflect the shot back at Jason. When you beat him, you get this shield as a Blast Counter as well. The Whip ignores this, but does no damage until the Vector Reflector is disabled.
  • Nonindicative Name: Zig-zagged. Leibniz is a berserker in that he attacks any MA Pilot who has a Support Droid, but while fighting he's anything but your typical "berserker"; he fights pragmatically attacking with precise and powerful moves punishing anyone who would fight him like a berserker themselves.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Not Leibniz, but GARUDA is the only Metal Attacker that isn't a explicit ground based vehicle being instead something that looks and operates more like a spaceship.
  • Not So Different: Jason realizes that he might not end up so different from Leibniz if something ever happened to Eve.
  • Obviously Evil: Glowing purple eyes? Check. Horned helmet? Check. Violent and full of anger? Check. Subverted by the end since he's not really evil, simply delusional and bitter.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Plays the violent and chaotic red oni to Jason's blue. Even when he has his Heel–Face Turn, he's still tempermental and prone to brooding, though he is noticeably a bit more rational.
  • Recurring Boss: Leibniz is fought a grand total of four times throughout the game. Two times while piloting GARUDA and two times on direct confrontation, on foot.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: His support animal was never shown in game, but supplementary materials reveal it is a snake to contrast Fred the frog.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Leibniz wears Lucia's choker as a necklace.
  • Tragic Villain: The whole reason behind antagonizing Jason and Eve is that GARUDA's Support Droid, Lucia, was killed in action while fighting Planade-G. It's clear that Leibniz and Lucia held a very strong bond with each other, which caused Leibniz to cross the Despair Event Horizon upon her death.
  • Troll: For all his seriousness, the Golden Ending has Leibniz hurrying to protect Earth mostly hoping he'd piss off Jason. Although it's pretty clear he has recovered some of his heroism by then.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: He refers to Eve as a "doll", and claims that he disposed of his after it outlived its usefulness. He doesn't really believe that, he's just extremely unwilling to admit he cared about his Support Droid in an attempt to ignore the pain. Jason and Eve figure out the truth fairly quick and don't buy Leibniz's opinion for a second.

    Golden Ending Metal Attacker/Support Droid (UNMARKED SPOILERS) 

Roddy and Elfie

Elfie voiced by: Kaori Ishihara (Trilogy)
Elfie with NORA MA-02 ANDREIA.

Pilots of the NORA MA-02 ANDREIA. They perished while fighting the Mutant Cocoon. Despite being named after the protagonists of Blasting Again, they have no relation to their original counterparts.

  • Adaptation Species Change: Like with Eve, Elfie was made into a Support Droid.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Her very existence is one to Leibniz. His argument is that Support Droids have no soul, but if that's the case, how is Elfie standing in front of him right now- despite being dead? Leibniz seems shocked at this, and this serves as the wake-up call he needs to perform a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Art Shift: Elfie resembles an Animesque version of her original counterpart with an Adaptation Dye-Job.
  • Call-Back: ANDREIA functions almost exactly as SOPHIA III up to having the regular Warhead Missiles, Jump Booster, Spark Tackle and Full Acceleration Blast functions installed in her. Eve even calls ANDREIA as SOPHIA III's "sister".
  • Car Fu: Spark Tackle makes ANDREIA ram into whatever is in front of her. Using it in conjuction with Water Trap is the only way to damage the Mutant Cocoon.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: Elfie is quite dead, nothing more than a ghost tied to her Metal Attacker. You can see it in the cutscene art: her body is faded from the waist down, and she gives off no life sign readings. She invokes this to break through Leibniz's delusion that Support Droids are nothing more than "broken dolls."
  • Death by Adaptation: In Zero II, Elfie's a Posthumous Character, compared to her original counterpart who was still alive.
  • The Ghost: Roddy doesn't appear directly in Zero II, as he was separated from his partner at some point during their fight with the Mutant Cocoon. It doesn't help Elfie's case that Roddy's whereabouts are unknown either; all that's left of him is his broken Blaster Rifle, found by Eve. Given she found that Blaster Rifle after killing a ravenous Dig-Rawler...
  • Making a Splash: ANDREIA focuses on using water in order to function at its best capacity by quickly regenerating SP when submerged, however only clean water will do the job and it's not immune to polluted water bodies. It also features Water Trap, a gun that encases enemies into a water cube and allows for it to use them as platforms or to be rammed and destroyed with a Spark Tackle.
  • Never Found the Body: Roddy went missing at some point after separating from Elfie during their fight with the Mutant Cocoon. The only thing that remains of Roddy is his broken Blaster Rifle, which Elfie takes as evidence that he is dead.
  • Take Up My Sword: Having failed to take down the Mutant Cocoon with her partner, Elfie passes on the ANDREIA to Eve to defeat it in her stead.
  • Uncertain Doom: Elfie only mentions Roddy by name once, mentioning that he and Elfie separated at some point during their fight with the Mutant Cocoon. It's not known what happened to him after, but Elfie assumes the worst; the sight of his broken Blaster Rifle only confirms her fears.
  • Unrelated in the Adaptation: Unlike in Blasting Again, Roddy and Elfie here have no direct relations with Jason and Eve.
  • Walking Spoiler: You don't learn of their existence until you fulfill the requirements to achieve the Golden Ending.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Elfie doesn't get much onscreen time since her introduction, quickly disappearing after she passes on the ANDREIA to Eve.

Zero II EX Characters

Playable characters that can be used in the Extra Characters Mode. Like in Blaster Master Zero they have no story cutscenes or interactions with other MA Pilots.



The protagonist of Luminous Avenger iX, a spinoff title in the Azure Striker Gunvolt Series. Copen is a Muggle living in an Adept-controlled society armed with extraordinary scientific, engineering, and combat talent that allows him to fight on even ground with even the strongest Adepts. His unique suit grants him the ability to fly, and with the Divider photon pistol, he can Tag enemies before showering them in a storm of homing shots that tear apart his foes. Accompanying him is Lola, his personal assistant AI and Attack Drone, who grants him access to EX Weapons obtained from Sumeragi's Falcons and can empower him with the power of the Muse Septima.

For tropes which apply to him in his own series, see Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger IX.

  • Blow You Away: The Rising Cyclone EX Weapon summons a whirlwind that damages anything immediately above or below Copen/Tagged enemy and propels Copen upwards. Also useful as a Spring Jump.
  • Charge Attack: Muse's Kiss EX Weapon can be charged to fire a powerful projectile with Lola's shape.
  • Cool Tank: Unlike the EX Characters from the first game, Copen has a uniquely-designed Metal Attacker instead of a Palette Swap of the SOPHIA. In his case, he has the G-LOLA Metal Attacker, which resembles Lola and comes with some cosmetic changes like Full-Accel Burst firing a gigantic Lola hologram.
  • Dash Attack: The Anchor Nexus EX Weapon allows him to auto-target an available enemy and ram it with the Bullit Dash by forming a drill out of thread.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Copen has vastly superior mobility compared to Jason and his weapons change based on whether he has an enemy locked-on or not, which requires him dashing into an enemy. However making full use of Copen's potential is NOT an easy task and you find yourself fumbling with his speed and control quirks more than anything else until you get the hang of it. Once you do learn how to do it you'll be soaring through areas faster than the wind while annihilating any mutant in your way.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Copen is extremely nimble, especially compared to Jason, has some very powerful weapons at his disposal, and his Prevasion allows him to tank damage by avoiding it as long as he has Bullits and they can be easily reloaded.
  • Limit Break: His "Blast Counter" is actually the Twin Shredder SP Skill from his home game. By consuming a large chunk of your Blast Gauge, Copen and Lola will team up and ravage all enemies onscreen with a flurry of attacks.
  • Not Quite Flight: Copen can glide to slow his descent.
  • Outside-Context Problem: Copen is one for the bosses. He's so damn agile and powerful that he can go toe-to-toe with bosses Jason must use his tank to survive. Copen can absolutely murder bosses on Top-down segments so fast they can barely do anything about it.
  • Shock and Awe: His Stellar Spark EX Weapon allows him to summon lightning bolts that damage enemies in front of him. If he's Tagged an enemy, it instead summons a Flashfield that directly damages the Tagged target.
  • Spam Attack: Copen's regular gun, the Divider, fires rapidly. Dashing into an enemy beforehand will lock-on them and allow for more powerful, homing, shots at no extra cost.
  • Speed Echoes: Copen leaves afterimages while he's moving, but not when he's dashing.
  • Super Mode: The Idol Trigger negates the need to use a Bullit when performing an air dash, among other effects, with gradual Energy consumption for the unit; he can use other subweapons while it is in effect. Because Copen starts missions on foot and there is no pad to summon G-LOLA, this is how you defeat Planade-G. Just make sure you keep its energy up and the field clean.
  • Tanks for Nothing: Actually pilotting the G-LOLA is more of a liability than an advantage to Copen, as he can easily deal with almost any situation and access almost any location all on his own right from the start of the game and travelling in it means he loses access to his EX Weapons, some of which are unique to sidescrolling levels, as well his ability to No-Sell damage by consuming Bullits, and to further hammer this home, he needs to specifically summon it from checkpoints to use it to begin with, starting the level on foot by default when entering a new location or continuing from a checkpoint and unlike Jason and The Empress, his version of the weapon needed to defeat the first form of Drolrevo is an EX weapon and he doesn't even have the option of using G-LOLA in the final level, instead finding a wrecked, unuseable ANDREIA and the new EX weapon where the other characters get back their Metal Attacker. The only things he isn't capable of without it are interplanetary travel and breaking open walls that require the Drill and Full Accel Blast subweapons.
  • Wall Jump: Copen can ascend a single wall by kicking off it. Dashing on a wall has the same effect without the need of the Recoil Jump from G-LOLA.

    The Empress 

The Empress
The heiress of the Dragonblood Clan, who made a pact with the Astral Dragon Atruum in exchange for power. Armed with a sword and her Dragon Arm, a manifestation of Atruum's power, the Empress seeks revenge against the Divine Family of Medius for the genocide of her clan.

For tropes which apply to her in her own series, see Dragon: Marked for Death.

  • Arm Cannon: Her Dragon Arm is an arm-cannon in the shape of a dragon's head that breathes fire, though it can transform into a massive blade.
  • BFS: The Empress' Dragon Arm can transform into massive Blade Below the Shoulder, the Dragon Sword, for her combo finisher and counter-attack. It can be used as a normal attack as well, although it's slow (unless used at the end of a regular combo, or jumping) it's very powerful.
  • Charge Attack: The Empress' Dragon Arm can be charged up to spew a massive torrent of flames, which causes it to grow massively in size.
  • Close-Range Combatant: Compared to Jason and Copen, the Empress is much more focused on getting up close and slashing things apart. With that said her Dragon Arm is nothing to scoff at...
  • Crosshair Aware: Every enemy within a specific radius from her displays an arcing blue line from the enemy to her, which turns red when the enemy attacks her, making it easier to prevent her from being blindsided by offscreen enemies, which is important considering she specializes in melee damage.
  • Damage Over Time: The Dragon Arm's attack deals damage over time, useful due to the lack of normal ranged attacks of the Empress.
  • Dash Attack: In top-down mode, the Empress is capable of performing Rapid Thrust, a lunging stab evocative of a Single-Stroke Battle, although it's unfortunately not as useful as a movement tool as Jason's version since it and her default counter can't be used without counterable enemies present.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: The Dragon Cannon. It spews a massive torrent of fire but takes a short while to charge and missing it means you'll leave yourself open to retaliation, but if it hits, especially someone stunned by a Blast Counter, you can bet that thing will either die or be very wounded.
  • Palette Swap: D-ATTACKER's weapons work functionally in the same way of G-SOPHIA's, however D-ATTACKER has new graphics to match the thematic of the Empress' home game.
  • Shock and Awe: The Empress can equip the Emperor Sword, which grants an electrical status effect to her attacks.
  • Shows Damage: All the damage she deals and takes is displayed in numerical form, which helps a lot in determining the most effective weapons against non-boss enemies.
  • Spin Attack: Her new counter-attack in the top-down mode causes her to use her Dragon Arm's blade form to deliver a horizontal spinning slash.
  • Super Mode: She can summon her dragon form for a super-attack.
  • Tank Goodness: The Empress' Metal Attacker tank, the D-ATTACKER, is a vehicle with an effigy of Atruum's head mounted on it, enabling it to spit fireballs. Design wise it slightly resembles ATOM.

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