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Characters / Blade Of The Immortal Bakumatsu Arc

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The following information contains SPOILERS for the original Blade of the Immortal manga and Blade Of The Immortal Bakumatsu Arc.

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    Main Characters 

"I really have gotten older."
  • The Atoner: He reveals that it took him fifty years to slay 1000 evil men, which should have erased his immortality, but it remains. He is not happy about it and has some choice words to say to Yaobikuni if he ever sees her again.
  • Change the Uncomfortable Subject: When Ryouma asks if one of the girls Manji mentioned (Rin) used to be his girlfriend, Manji immediately changes the subject.
  • Continuity Nod: After being attacked by Shinsengumi members, Manji, in his stupor, asks what happened to their "one-on-one" rule. He is clearly remembering the Ittou-ryu; the Shinsengumi have no idea what he's talking about.
  • Experienced Protagonist: See the original series.
  • Historical In-Joke: His public surname is Nakahama, after Manjirō Nakahama, an English-Japanese translator of the Bakumatsu Period and one of the first Japanese to visit America. His backstory in chapter 1 coincides with the real Nakahama's backstory, such as being shipwrecked and rescued by the John Howland ship and arriving in San Francisco in 1850 before returning to Japan.
  • Insult of Endearment: Refers to Rin and Doa as “a couple of dumbass girls” who once broke into Edo Castle.
  • I Will Fight No More Forever: So he says, but it doesn't last long.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Still wears his iconic black and white kimono with the "manji" symbol, 80 years later. He either still buys them somewhere or has them specially made these days.
  • Look What I Can Do Now!: He says it took him eighty years to learn how to fight with shuriken.
  • Making the Choice for You: He has kept his distance from Rin, even upon returning to Japan 14 years prior; he lives far from Edo and still seems to think it's best for the both of them that he stay out of her life.
  • Older Than They Look: He is over one hundred years old, but still looks pretty young.
  • Surprisingly Good English: He is fluent in English after living for years in America. He's so good, in fact, he apparently taught Niijima Shimeta (Joe Neesima) English.
  • Symbol Motif Clothing: His kimono has the “manji” symbol on its back.
  • They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: Though he has no qualms about discussing the nature of his immortality, he doesn’t reveal much about his personal life, refusing to mention his sister or Rin by name. Ryouma finds this frustrating.
  • Trap Is the Only Option: Seeing the "manji" symbol painted with blood on a wall and note just for him kind of gives it away.
  • Younger Than They Look: He doesn't really look his body's age (26).

Ryouma Sakamoto
"Why not try saving people this time?"
  • Continuity Nod: He asks Manji if he cuts his firewood with his weapons, just as Rin asked Manji back in the day. Again, Manji scoffs at such a ridiculous idea.
  • Genki Boy: Excited, happy, and optimistic about everything.
  • Messy Hair: He keeps a bit of it tied up.
  • Patriotic Fervor: He has great aspirations for the future strength of Japan.
  • That's Gotta Hurt: While watching Manji get cut up.

    Tosa Imperialists 

Takechi Zuizan (Agi)

Izou Okuda
  • Death Glare: He does not like or trust Manji at all.
  • Pretty Boy: Manji called him cute, although it didn't seem to be a compliment. He has a decidedly less-than-rustic appearance.
  • Undying Loyalty: To Takechi.

    Itsuban Squad 

Ayame Buran
"It's just that until now, it's always been insects and corpses..."
  • Crush Blush: Has a creepy crush on Manji because of his immortality. She blushes any time she mentions him, and wants to have his children.
  • Evilutionary Biologist: You'd think Burando would have tried to get rid of all his medical notes.
  • Mad Scientist: Picking up right where her great-grandfather left off.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Hoo, boy...

Keisuke Yamanami

  • Attack Animal: He has control over a pack of dogs.
  • Beast Man: He has a dog's muzzle for his mouth and nose, and uses it accordingly.

Toshizou Hijikata

  • Warrior Poet: Enjoys writing poetry, but doesn't want his colleagues to know.

Souji Okita

  • Bishounen: He has feminine physical traits.

Isami Kondou

    Minor Characters 

Niijima Shimeta

    Referenced Characters 

Rin Asano

Ayame Burando

  • Heel–Face Turn: He supposedly changed his ways, but his progeny may suggest otherwise.

The old hag is still around.
  • Continuity Nod: At the end of the original series, she meets Manji again and he tells her he last saw her ten years earlier. The original epilogue takes place ten years after the start of the Bakumatsu Arc, so she will likely show up at some point.

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