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Characters / Black Tide Rising

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Faith Marie Smith

Milo Wilkes

  • The Neidermeyer - Until Faith sets him straight by taking him on an "educational" Zombie-hunting tour, scrums & all

Sgt Decker

"Hang in their staff Sergeant, we've all got our problems, and Trixie really likes you!" - Lt. Faith Smith

  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer After his experience, he's competent enough to perform many basic, tasks, but acts rather robotically, (making exacting movements, as if at drill) and TALKS CONTINUOUSLY IN COMMAND VOICE, SIR!!!
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  • Neat Freak Part of what kept him, a private, and a H 7 D 3 Infected Lieutenant alive in a life raft for six months. Sophia found the three men clean shaven.
  • Creepy Cleanliness Coupled with Creepy Military Drill Precision, Wolf Squadron is still able to make good use of him.


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