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The Storkowitzes



Voiced by Susan Roman

A 11-year-old bird. Excitable and happy, he is passionate over filmmaking and often carries a video camera with him.




Voiced by David Huband

Eddie's dad, who is a psychiatrist. He is somewhat of a strict disciplinarian.



Voiced by Sally Cahill

Eddie's mom, who is an artist. She is a bit more relaxed towards Eddie's nature.


Voiced by Stephanie Morgenstern

Eddie's older sister. Like most teenagers, she goes from happy and loving to being constantly annoyed by everyone in her family.

  • Bratty Teenage Daughter: At times.
  • Granola Girl: She is a staunch environmentalist. The first episode has her throwing paint on models wearing fuzzy caterpillar coats, and another has her boycotting a singer because he uses shampoo with the extract of an endangered plant (even though she had been begging to go to one of his concerts).
  • Non-Mammalian Hair
  • Running Gag: She would be dragged home by Officer Pigeon as a result of her protests.


Voiced by Alison Sealy-Smith

Eddie's younger sister, who hatches in the first episode.

Eddie's friends

Sleepy Bat

Voiced by Julie Lemieux

An apparently narcoleptic bat in Eddie's class, and the only recurring non-avian in the series.

Olivia Owl

Voiced by Karen Bernstein

A smart owl.

Spring Robin

Voiced by Ruby Smith-Merovitz

A female robin whom Eddie has a crush on.

Tommy Turkey

Voiced by Adam Reid

A fat domestic turkey. He's not very smart, and he compensates for his inability to fly by using balloons.

  • Acrophobic Bird: Justified due to being a domestic turkey, which lack the flight abilities of their wild relatives.
  • Balloonacy: Tommy "flies" by way of a single helium balloon in his backpack. This becomes a plot point in one episode, where his friends try to convince him to ditch the balloon, only to realize that turkeys can't fly.
  • Fat Idiot
  • Stock Animal Name: A turkey named Tommy, which is a variation of Tom.

Gregory Woodpecker

Voiced by Rick Jones

An also-excitable woodpecker.

  • All Drummers Are Animals: He plays drums in two episodes.
  • Performance Anxiety: In the musical episode, he is shown to have a fine singing voice, but is afraid to perform onstage. At first, he has Eddie beak-sync to him, but then feels guilty over pushing Eddie into the spotlight this way and runs off. Eddie finally fakes a sore throat, forcing Gregory to step in as his understudy and overcome his stage fright.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Try to think of another cartoon woodpecker besides Woody Woodpecker.

Other characters

Miss Finch

Voiced by Jill Frappier

Eddie's teacher. He has a crush on her.

Mr. Nuthatch

Voiced by Richard Binsley

A psychologically unstable green bird who is a recurring patient of Morty's.

Officer Pigeon

Voiced by Chris Wiggins

A yellow, Scottish-accented pigeon who is the main police force.

  • Donut Mess with a Cop: Subverted. Officer Pigeon buys a box early in the episode "Birdman", but after losing his job due to Eddie and Sleepy's interference, he throws them at the bank robbers to stop them and admits that he doesn't eat them because "they're bad for you".

Principal Pip

Voiced by Len Carlson

The rather laid-back principal at Eddie's school.

  • Cool Old Guy: In one episode, he dresses as Birdman to chase away would-be robbers.


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