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This is a character sheet for the animated series Bionic Six.

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Main Characters

The Bennett Family/Bionic Six

    Jack Bennett 
Voiced by: John Stephenson
Codename: Bionic-1
Powers: Super Senses, Eye Beams


    Helen Bennett 

    Jackson Donovan "J.D." Corey 
Voiced by: Norman Bernard
Codename: I.Q.
Powers: Super Strength, enhanced intelligence

    Eric Bennett 
Voiced by: Hal Rayle
Codename: Sport-1
Powers: Selective Magnetism

    Meg Bennett 
Voiced by: Bobbi Block
Codename: Rock-1
Powers: Super Speed, Make Me Wanna Shout.

  • Neologism: "So-LAR!" "Ultra-(whatever)", etc.
  • Only Sane Man: On two occasions within the series, Meg's sonic powers protected her from brainwashing.
  • Power of Rock: She turns rock 'n roll music into potent sonic blasts.
  • Super Speed: Even faster than the rest of the team!
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Meg appears punkish whereas her mom, Helen, is more feminine.

    Bunjiro "Bunji" Tsukahara 
Voiced by: Brian Tochi
Codename: Karate-1
Powers: Superhuman martial arts (probably an overall boost to his agility and dexterity), mystical abilities.



The Bennet's robot gorilla

    Professor Amadeus Sharp 
Voiced by: Alan Oppenheimer



    Dr. Scarab, a.k.a Wilmer Sharp 

Voiced by: Frank Welker

Voiced by: Frank Welker



Voiced by: Frank Welkernote 


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