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Characters / Big City Greens One Shots

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Character page for the various one-shots, or one-time characters, of Big City Greens
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Season 1

    Daisy the Bear 

    The Scary Truck Driver
Despite his appearance, he's a really nice guy.
Voiced by: John DiMaggio
A scary trucker that Cricket mistook for a serial killer. Actually he's a nice guy that doesn't know how to deal with people.

    Radio DJ
The DJ of the Radio
Voiced by: Scott Aukerman

The DJ and owner of a radio station, that still tries to find ways of being relevant.

  • The Bus Came Back: After his only appearance in "Gridlocked", he reappears in "Cricket's Tickets" hosting the contest in which Cricket finds the tickets.
  • Technology Marches On: His radio starts to become obsolete, thanks to the podcasts and internet and he knows it and is trying to find new ways to make people be still interested in the radio.
  • We're Still Relevant, Dammit!: In-Universe. The main reason why he and his crew planted some tickets for the Barnacle Banquet, it's because they're still trying to find new ways to attract new public, due the surge of the podcasts.

    Baby Birds 
Three birds Tilly finds in a nest alone and hopes they see her as their "mama", but they imprint on Cricket instead. She names them Michelle, Julie and Barnaby.

    Justin and Val 
Voiced by: Paul F. Tompkins (Justin), Lauren Lapkus (Val)
Two overly eccentric tourists.

  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: Cricket and Tilly pretend to be "annoying city people" in an attempt to make them leave early, but Bill calls him out. They eventually ditch the Greens for real when they play up their country nature to win them back, causing them to recognize it as not authentic anymore and more stereotypical and offensive.

    The Pepper Merchant 
Voiced by: Griffin McElroy
An eccentric purveyor of hot peppers at the Big City farmer’s market.


    Jimmy the Zookeeper
The Zookeeper.
A "Zoocurity" guard at the Big City zoo.

    Dr. Enamel 
Voiced by: Fozzie Bear (Eric Jacobsen)
Cricket's overly eccentric dentist.

A senior woman Tilly uses to replace Gramma for spunning her.

Alice's Substitute Granddaughter
Voiced by: Marieve Herington

A guy who wants to learn what fun is.
Voiced by: Alex Hirsch

A playground artist whom Cricket befriends and teaches him the ways of having fun.

  • Dirty Coward: After Funtopia collapses and proves to be unsafe, the angry parents and children attempt to lynch both Wyatt and Cricket. Wyatt washes his hands in the problem and tells them that Cricket was the actual mastermind, leaving Cricket to their mercy.

Season 2

    Vrum/Dr. Bubblebutt 

An experimental car invented by Gwendolyn Zapp that the Greens buy to temporarily replace the Kludge.

    Other Bill Green 

    Gina the Waitress 
Voiced by: Riki Lindhome
A waitress at Crispy's.

    Ashton and Willow 
Voiced by: Adam McArthur (Ashton), Jessica McKenna (Willow)

Cantaloupe Sinclare's followers.

    Superhero Performers 

    Tuck Offerman 
Voiced by: Keith Ferguson
The host of I Hate It!.

    Greasy Gus 
Voiced by: Fred Tatasciore
The owner of Gramma's favorite burger joint.

    Ska Guy 

Voiced by: Mary Fabar

some caption text
Voiced by: David Harbour

The owner of a rusty old van. Cricket and Gramma thought he was a mean creep, but he turned out to be nice and outgoing.