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Strategic Alliances

     The Six 

Members: Jackson, Christie, Isabella, Jack, Holly and Nick

  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Within about a day or two of forming, it immediately evolves into the Gr8ful alliance with the addition of Tommy and Analyse to the mix.

     Gr8ful / Unde9able 
Members: Christie, Jack, Michie, Holly, Isabella, Nick, Tommy and Analyse; later Sam
  • A House Divided: Within days of the alliance's formation, the members of Gr8teful started to disagree on who their target for the first eviction would be. Christie became frustrated with Jack steering her HOH reign by trying to get out Kemi – whom he wanted out for his personal dislike of her, rather than gameplay reasons – as Christie and Isabella began to see her as a potential ally in the game. Michie – who stated he did not want to get into a showmance – started to develop a quasi-romantic connection with Kathryn (whom Christie wanted to target, also for personal rather than gameplay reasons). Christie considered putting Jack up as the backdoor nominee because of his commandeering, before settling on Ovi, going against half the alliance.
  • Beauty Is Bad: The members of the Six Shooters alliance are considered to be attractive to varying degrees and most of them (mainly, Jack, Michie and Holly) would classify as a Mr. Fanservice or a Ms. Fanservice. However, they are also considered to be the Evil Counterpart to the other side of the house, since they have been had a sizeable amount of control in the game. In addition, some of the members of the alliance have engaged in cliquish behavior with the "floaters" in the house (most signified in how they came after Nicole after she revealed that Holly and Analyse thought that Nick and Bella were the bullies of the alliance) and in the case of Jack and Michie, have targeted the older and minority houseguests both game-wise and with crass, racist remarks (as they did towards Kemi and David) or harmful rhetoric (as Jack did towards Kemi behind her back).
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Signs of this begin as an eight-person alliance, when rumblings that most of the group think Bella and Nick are bullies surface, resulting in blatant lying from most of the alliance when those two confront them about what they think, after Nicole informs Bella and Nick of this info (leading to Gr8ful's scapegoating of Nicole). By Week 5, Bella's untrustworthy behavior against the group and their realizations that she and Nick are a potential threat lead to Bella's ouster from the house. In Week 5, Holly decides to nominate Nick and Sam for eviction, with the intent of Nick being the target; that plan backfires when Nick wins the POV, resulting in Sam becoming the target.
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Portmantitle:
    • Grateful + the number "8" (in reference to the number of the alliance members). Coincidentally, the name shares itself with the title of a 2017 single by rap/R&B group The Nappy Roots.
    • Undeniable + the number "9" (again, in reference to the number of the alliance members, after Sam was brought into the group).
  • What Could Have Been: One of the names floated for the alliance was The Hateful Eight, which Christie vetoed because she didn't want an alliance name with "hate" in the title. The Hateful 8 is a 2015 western thriller that is the eighth film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.

     The Black Widows 

Members: Isabella, Jessica, Nicole and Kemi

  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Bella backstabs her alliance, precipitating Kemi's backstabbing of her. Early in Week 2, Bella starts the Black Widows alliance, only to proceed to blow it up, setting the stage for alliance member Kemi's eviction in Week 2. Bella basically upends the alliance by telling Jack that she, Nicole, Jessica and Kemi formed their own alliance, a move that resulted in Jack putting up Jessica and Kemi for eviction in Week 2. Jessica – who wanted to form an all-female alliance like the Black Widows to show that women can take control of the game – needless to say, was basically pissed that Bella backstabbed the alliance upon finding out what happened. Kemi also "privately" makes it clear that she has an every-woman-for-herself mentality and would rather stay in the game and see Jessica be bounced to Camp Comeback than to try to look out for her alliance.
  • Epic Fail: Bombed in a matter of days without even having the chance of doing anything that could alter the course of the game.
  • Four-Girl Ensemble:
    • Isabella: The sexy one
    • Nicole: The sweet one
    • Kemi: The cynical one
    • Jessica: The realistic one
  • Four-Temperament Ensemble:
    • Isabella: Choleric
    • Nicole: Phlegmatic
    • Kemi: Melancholic
    • Jessica: Sanguine
  • Four-Philosophy Ensemble:
    • Kemi: The Cynic
    • Nicole: The Optimist
    • Jessica: The Realist
    • Isabella: The Apathetic
  • Ironic Name: The alliance's name obviously is intended to refer to the women in the alliance seeking to bump off the men in the game (black widow spiders are known for killing and eating their male mates), but because of backstabbing, they ultimately kill their entire alliance.
  • Playing Both Sides: Bella does inelegantly in forming the alliance and pretending to be their ally, only to make it clear with his reveal to Jack that she created the alliance that she's basically truly loyal to Gr8ful.

     Fellowship of the Zing 

Members: Ovi, Cliff and Nicole

     Six Shooters 
Members: Jack, Michie, Holly, Analyse, Tommy and Christie
  • Bash Brothers: Within the alliance (and the ones they were involved in prior), Jack and Michie began as this, even having a Final 2 deal. This ended in Week 5, when Jack sided with Tommy and Christie's assertions that Michie, Holly and Kathryn were a "secret trio" in the house and had all known each other outside the game. (Holly and Kathryn had known one another to a limited extent through their previous jobs as promotional models, though it is unknown and, most likely, unlikely that Michie knew any one of them prior to the game.)
  • Divided We Fall: The Six Shooters, itself created through a fracturing of the Gr8ful/Unde9able alliance, ultimately fractures further not much more than a week after forming in Week 4 (after the alliance dwindles to six, with Isabella's eviction and Sam and Nick being extricated from the rest of the original alliance) and because of it, distrust among those within and outside of the alliance causes the groups to basically split up into duos and trios – even blowing up Jack and Michie's prior Final 2 deal, after Jack believed Christie's assertions about Michie, Holly and Kathryn's alleged knowledge of one another outside of the game, effectively making them a "secret trio" in the game – and making them more vulnerable to being targeted by the other side of the house and even their one-time alliance mates if they end up taking power as HOH.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The Six Shooters is an alliance made up of six houseguests (three men and three women).
  • Five-Man Band:
  • Gender-Equal Alliance



     Nick and Bella 

     Jackson and Analyse 

     Kathryn and Michie 

     Holly and Michie 



The Winner

     Jackson Michie 

Jackson Glen Michie

Born: June 13, 1995
Age (at time of competition): 24
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Current City: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Server
HOH Wins: 5 (Week 8; Week 10; Week 11)
POV Wins: 6 (Week 4; Week 8; Week 9; Week 12)
Nominations: 2 (Week 4, Vetoed; Week 6; Week 12)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 4)
Prizes Won: 3 (Camp Director - Immune for first week, banishes four Houseguests, one of which is eliminated, chooses pairings for first HoH competition), $10,000 prize luxury competition and $500,000 grand prize (WINNER)
Punishments Taken: 1 (Alien Autopsy - For 24 hours after the sixth veto competition, Jackson must don a lab coat, shirt, tie and glasses, and when called, must perform an autopsy on an alien.)
Finished: 1st
Evicted: N/A
HOH Evicted Under: N/A

  • The Bad Guy Wins: Arguably, even if he was a lighter shade of grey especially when compared to Jack.
  • Bash Brothers: Jack and Michie started out as this up until Week 5, when Jack sided with Tommy and Christie's assertions that Michie, Holly and Kathryn were a "secret trio" in the house and had all known each other outside the game.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Jackson was initially adamant about not getting involved in a showmance to prevent it from affecting his gameplay. Only a few days after moving into the house, he ends up in a brief showmance with Kathryn that does last more than a few days, only to subsequently move on to an apparent showmance with Holly.
  • Heel Realization: Both he and Holly come to this and chose to make amends for all the bad they have done come finale, and Michie apologizing a lot for his cruel treatment of houseguests.
  • Innocent Bigot: Following Week 1, viewers accused Michie of racial and age discrimination against certain contestants, after choosing the oldest contestant of the season (Cliff), two African American contestants (David and Kemi) and one of of the season's two Hispanic-American contestants (Jessica) to banish into the "Hit the Road" competition upon being voted Camp Director. Whether this was because of personal biases or other reasons is not completely clear. Jack and Jackson also referred to David as the n-word when discussing the dishes piled up in the sink in order to upset Neat Freak David, and while talking to Kathryn said David should "Go back to Mexico" and would like "mule kick him in the teeth."
  • Jerk Jock: Not as bad as Jack, but still pretty racist with saying the N word to David who he calls a Neat Freak, and says other unsavory things abour other minority Houseguests. They are kept to the live feeds as Julie likely doesn't want another BB15.
    • Jerk with a Heart of Gold / Even Evil Has Standards: After realizing the Gr8ful alliance was basically a clique of popular kids come jury, and his trust with Jack was broken he happily let him be evicted. He is also shown to be generally a man of his word and has a soft spot for his mom.
  • Last-Name Basis: Jackson is referred to by the houseguests as "Michie" to avoid confusion with Jack.
  • Last of His Kind: Jackson is the last guy in the house in the final three.
  • Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught: Despite having taken a have-not punishment alongside Tommy, Cliff and Nicole, Michie has been accused of cheating on his all-slop diet. Live Feed viewers claim that he has gone into the shower with full pockets, standing with his back to the water and sometimes ducking from the cameras view with an apparent full mouth once he comes back up.note  Despite this, CBS and show producers did not indicate whether they would punish Michie for violating the rules.
  • Real Men Love Jesus: Fell into a praying stance after winning the final veto. He also prays frequently with Holly.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Watermelons. It’s hard for a day to pass in the house without Michie eating some watermelons.

The Runner-Up

     Holly Allen 

Holly "Beth" Allen

Born: January 11, 1988
Age (at time of competition): 31
Hometown: Lander, Wyoming
Current City: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Wine Safari Guide
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 5)
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 2 (Week 11; Week 12)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 50,000 prize (2nd place)
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 2nd
Evicted: N/A
HOH Evicted Under: N/A

  • All Women Are Prudes: Prior to the Week 5 HOH competition that she won, Holly and Michie had a major argument over her concerns about having sex in the house, worrying that their lovemaking will be caught on camera,note  that nearly led to them breaking up. Michie later opined whether they should end their showmance, claiming he didn't want to be with someone who regretted decisions they made with him. The two seemed to have resolved things by the time of the HOH competition.
  • Outdoorsy Gal: In her bio, Holly states that she loves hiking (with an occasional glass of wine in tow... she is a wine safari guide, after all), grew up teaching people how to fly fish, can ride a horse standing up, and used to traverse the Oregon Trail each summer in a covered wagon... wearing a bonnet, no less. Outside the game, she also lives on a ranch.
  • Out of Focus: Until she wins her first HOH competition in Week 5, Holly seldom received much airtime on the television episodes other than a couple of Diary Room sessions, a few sporadic other Live Feed excerpts included in the broadcasts and votes in the live evictions. Quite ironic, considering that by Week 3, she had entered into a showmance with Michie, one of the leading members of the Gr8ful/Unde9able and Six Shooters alliances.
  • Will They or Won't They?: Holly and Michie said that they will take their relationship outside of the house one step at a time.
  • She's Got Legs: Holly's legs are one of her most physically appealing features; she is frequently seen wearing short skirts or denim shorts that show them off.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts??: Exactly What It Says on the Tin. Fairly often.


The Jury

     Nicole Anthony 

Nicole Anthony

Born: December 26, 1994
Age (at time of competition): 24
Hometown: Long Island, New York
Current City: Long Island, New York
Occupation: Preschool Aide
HOH Wins: 2 (Week 10; Week 12)
POV Wins: 1 (Week 11)
Nominations: 1 (Week 3)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 5)
Prizes Won: 1 (America's Favorite Houseguest $25,000)
Punishments Taken: 1 (Pie Punishment, Week 9 - When called, must make a pie and throw it in the face of themselves or another House Guest)
Finished: 3rd
Evicted: 14th
HOH Evicted Under: Michie

  • Adorkable: The thick-rimmed glasses that she wears definitely make her look like this. Nicole comes off as quirky and odd at times, even slightly socially awkward. She also notes her love of solving puzzles and mysteries, reading and grammar.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: The Gr8ful alliance – especially, Nick and Isabella – actively conspired against Nicole for revealing to Nick that Jack, Michie, Analyse and Holly (the latter two of whom openly said this) had thought that Nick and Bella were bullies and had indicated they were looking to betray them. Fearing being targeted themselves, the other alliance members lied on Nicole, claiming she said this about them. Bella even went to have a "conversation" (read: confrontation) with Nicole about it, preventing Nicole from getting a word in edgewise just to attack her character over information she had received from other houseguests.
  • Enfant Terrible: She admits in her bio that as a kid, she locked her parents in the basement because they wouldn't tell her what was in a bag, had called 911 on them because she didn't get her way, and removed the lug nuts from one of the toilets in her house, flooding the downstairs kitchen.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Nicole has cemented herself as one of the most popular houseguests of the season due to her quirky and kind personality.
  • Grammar Nazi: Describes herself as this inasmuch in her bio:
    "I am a grammar-loving perfectionist who has been known to (in my head, most times) correct others' grammar when they are speaking."
  • Meganekko: Nicole is often seen wearing glasses. The fact that she is an avid reader plays up this trope.
  • Nerd Glasses: Her immediate trademark.
  • The Woobie: Tommy begins to see her as this In-Universe as the majority of the Gr8ful alliance sans Tommy and Christie are cruel to her and treat her as disposable. The fans completely agree with this as the poor thing is treated worse than Sam in BB20 earning her a pretty high spot in the fan polls.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Nicole apparently has a major fear of birds, which makes the fact that Analyse received a chicken costume as a punishment for placing second in the America's Road Trip competition a bit uncomfortable for her. Nicole herself even admitted that she tried hard to avoid making it obvious that Analyse as a costumed bird was mortifying.

     Cliff Hogg III 

William Clifford "Cliff" Hogg III

Born: April 24, 1965
Age (at time of competition): 54
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Current City: Houston, Texas
Occupation: Petroleum Engineer
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 4)
POV Wins: 1 (Week 10)
Nominations: 5 (Week 1, Vetoed; Week 3; Week 7; Week 10; Week 11, Vetoed)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 5)
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 2 (Week 1 Banishment - banished from house and must compete in challenge to re-enter; Pie Punishment, Week 9 - When called, must make a pie and throw it in the face of themselves or another House Guest)
Finished: 4th
Evicted: 6-4 (4th, Undone by winning Camp Comeback competition), Evicted for real by Michie in Final Four.
HOH Evicted Under: Nick (Undone by winning Camp Comeback competition), Nicole for the second time.

  • Back from the Dead: Won the Camp Comeback challenge on Day 30 after being evicted, then subsequently wins the Week 4 HOH competition, in which he decides to nominate the two big dogs in the Gr8ful/Unde9able alliance, Jack and Michie.
  • Caught Monologuing: Cliff's open monologues to the camera - which he punnily coins as "Cliff Notes" - are inadvertently used by Gr8ful, thanks to an eavesdropping Christie, to help steer their game. He basically gives away his his Fellowship of the Zing! alliance with Nicole and Ovi, reveals that he knows Nick and Bella, Jackson and Analyse and Holly and have formed showmances in the house and knows that Christie and Tommy are working together to the point of being a de facto fourth couple).
  • Cool Old Guy: Similar to Kevin from BB19, Cliff was liked for being a barrel of fun for an older guy.
  • The Starscream: Tried to get Holly out after they were protected by them before Final Four, Michie repaid this with masterminding a plot to force Nicole and Cliff to evict Tommy by twisting Tommy's truth.

     Tommy Bracco 

Thomas "Tommy" Bracco

Born: August 8, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 28 (turns 29 during Week 7)
Hometown: Staten Island, New York
Current City: Staten Island, New York
Occupation: Broadway Dancer
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 7)
POV Wins: 2 (Week 7; Week 10)
Nominations: 2 (Week 10; Week 11)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 4)
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 2 (Poison Ivy Punishment, Week 5; Rocket Man Costume, Week 7)
Finished: 5th
Evicted: 2-0
HOH Evicted Under: Jackson
Voted For: TBA

  • Bad Liar: In a DR entry featured in a Week 7 episode, in which she tries to convince Tommy that she is not a threat to his game in order to keep herself off the block, Kathryn notes that Tommy tends to take a stiffened posture and bites his bottom lip when he lies... as he does so while trying to convince her that the Six Shooters are not getting back together.
  • Camp Gay: It's somewhat obvious through his mannerisms, although he hasn't implicitly been confirmed as gay in the television episodes at least.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything??: For his BB Explorer punishment in Week 6, Tommy is forced to wear a rocket costume, complete with boosters that contain some not quite pleasing aromas for when the travels at the speed of smell. However, the oversized nature of the costume's headpiece very much resembled something quite... phallic.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: His vote for Jack to be evicted in Jury could be seen as this.
  • Pet the Dog: Tommy decided to comfort Nicole after observing (as a mediator) Bella bowling over Nicole about her supposed lie that four members of the Gr8ful alliance thought that Bella and Nick were bullies, making him start to wonder if maybe Bella really is a bully.
  • Token Good Teammate: Of the Gr8ful alliance, Tommy is about the only one able to stay out of any drama, racist comments, etcetera. In the popularity polls he places near the higher middle especially for his calming down of Nicole.
  • Working with the Ex: Technically, Working with the Aunt's Ex. Tommy had known Christie prior to the game as she was the ex-girlfriend of his aunt (the exact relative of Tommy that Christie dated is mentioned in the live feeds but not in the television episodes), making the reveal that they are competing with each other a major surprise for him. By the end of the first week, the two became part of the Gr8ful alliance.

     Christie Murphy 

Christie Murphy

Born: October 20, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 28
Hometown: Staten Island, New York
Current City: Keyport, New Jersey
Occupation: Boutique Owner
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 1)
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 5 (Week 7, Vetoed; Week 8; Week 9; Week 10, Vetoed; Week 11)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 4)
Prizes Won: 1 (Panic Power – can turn the Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto, allowing the Veto holder to decide replacement nominee; can be used up to the sixth Veto ceremony, expired)
Punishments Taken: 1 (Poison Ivy Punishment, Week 5)
Finished: 6th
Evicted: 3-0
HOH Evicted Under: Nicole
Voted For: TBA

  • Improperly Paranoid: During Nick's HOH run, Christie somehow got the notion that Nick was targeting her as a backdoor nominee for no justifiable reason when Nicole was the apparent target. She even considered using her Diamond Power of Veto power to keep her safe, which would have been wasteful if her irrational panic had led her to use it before Nick chose to backdoor Nicole.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: Acknowledges herself as this in her bio, suggesting that she would use her "femininity and charm" to persuade and manipulate the male houseguests, while also serving as the best friend to the women of the house.
  • Prone to Tears: Christie can be a very emotional person at times, something that is first shown during her Week 1 HOH run when she became conflicted about going through with Jack's plan to target Kemi, upon realizing that Kemi could be an ally.
  • Sanity Slippage: And, how! Christie suffered a complete emotional meltdown during Week 3, suddenly suffering complete paranoia – based on a few keywords that didn't really signify anything – that she was being targeted by Nick. Her slippage of sanity caused the other Gr8ful members to to try to calm her down, before her behavior resulted in Nick deciding to make her a target.
  • Working with the Ex: Technically, Working with the Ex's Nephew. Upon coming into the house, Christie and Tommy realize they are competing together in the game, an awkward situation consider that Christie is the ex-girlfriend of his aunt (the exact relative of Tommy that Christie dated is mentioned in the live feeds but not in the television episodes). By the end of the first week, the two become part of the Gr8ful alliance.

     Jessica Milagros 

Jessica Milagros Guzman Sanchez

Born: October 12, 1981
Age (at time of competition): 37
Hometown: Oak Park, Illinois
Current City: Oak Park, Illinois
Occupation: Model
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 6)
POV Wins: 1 (Week 6)
Nominations: 2 (Week 2; Week 3, Vetoed)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 5)
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 2 (Week 1 Banishment - banished from house and must compete in challenge to re-enter; Pie Punishment, Week 9 - When called, must make a pie and throw it in the face of themselves or another House Guest)
Finished: 7th
Evicted: 4-0
HOH Evicted Under: Jackson
Voted For: TBA

  • Fat and Proud: Jessica is a plus-sized model who has grown a positive body image.
  • Straw Feminist: Jessica is very big on female empowerment, and wanted to form an all-girls alliance from the get-go to prove that women can work together in the game; unfortunately, it backfires more than once. After trying to rally the women to her side in the first week, most of the female houseguest decide to vote for Michie over her as Camp Director, immediately stalling the creation of a female alliance, and Christie, Bella, Analyse and Holly decide to join the gender-equal Gr8ful. She also signs onto Bella's new female alliance with Kemi and Nicole, the Black Widows, only for Bella to blab about the alliance to Jack in a bid of loyalty to Gr8ful, thereby allowing Jack to put her and Kemi up for eviction (though Jessica manages to survive, despite Kemi revealing what she knows to Michie).
  • Team Mom: Michie refers to Jessica as much in an episode 7 DR entry, during a segment in which he tries to console her as she is up for eviction.

     Nick Maccarone 

Nicholas S. "Nick" Maccarone

Born: June 12, 1992
Age (at time of competition): 27
Hometown: Sewell, New Jersey
Current City: Sewell, New Jersey
Occupation: Therapist
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 3)
POV Wins: 1 (Week 5)
Nominations: 2 (Week 5, Vetoed; Week 9)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 2 ($5,000, Week 6; America's Prankster, Week 9 - Can make one nomination for eviction, which he can replace if evicted)
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 8th
Evicted: 5-0
HOH Evicted Under: Holly
Voted For: TBA

  • Ascended Fan: Nick became a BB fan starting with Season 17, after stumbling upon the show while visiting his aunt's house after his place lost power in a tornado. He reveals that James Huling from that season is his favorite player.
  • The Bully: Analyse and Holly referred to him and Bella as this in conversation, and Nicole informed him that they as well as Jack (who himself has been criticized as a bully) and Michie felt as such that they were thinking about conspiring to get them out. Because his alliance members were more afraid of Nick targeting them than being honest, it led Nick to basically doing this by trying to railroad Nicole out of the house based solely on a lie (that Nicole had said it herself and claimed the alliance members said so as a rumor).

     Analyse Talavera 

Analyse Marie "Sis" Talavera

Born: March 8, 1997
Age (at time of competition): 22
Hometown: Northridge, California
Current City: Simi Valley, California
Occupation: College Soccer Star
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 1 (Week 8)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 1 (Chicken Suit, Week 7)
Finished: 9th
Evicted: 5-1 (8th)
HOH Evicted Under: Jackson
Voted For: TBA

  • Amazonian Beauty: Analyse has a very fit and toned body, attributed to her being a soccer player in the real world. However, she doesn't play up the Ms. Fanservice angle as often as other similarly fit female houseguests in the past; ironic considering she is the chosen houseguest to appear in a bikini (the only one wearing swimwear to be shown first in the intro, since the series began featuring moving live-action shots of the houseguests in Season 16) in this season's title sequence.
  • In-Universe Nickname: Analyse is referred to by the houseguests as "Sis". However, she is not referred to by that name by any houseguest directly in the television broadcasts until episode 7 (by David); the only references to that nickname beforehand were by announcer Clayton Halsey in the episode recaps.
  • Out of Focus: In the early weeks of the competition, Analyse is seldom seen on the television episodes, beyond a handful of instances, most of them DR entries.

     Kathryn Dunn 

Kathryn "Kat" Dunn

Born: January 9, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 29
Hometown: Irving, Texas
Current City: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Digital Marketing Executive
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 1 (Week 3)
Nominations: 3 (Week 1; Week 5, Volunteered as Pawn; Week 7)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 4)
Prizes Won: 1 (Trip to Hawaii)
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 10th
Evicted: 6-1 (7th)
HOH Evicted Under: Tommy
Voted For: TBA

  • Brainless Beauty: Subverted. Kathryn is an attractive woman who acts like the Dumb Blonde stereotype, buoyed by her own general oddness regardless of playing up her ditziness. However, this is part of her strategy to avoid being perceived as a threat by the other houseguests, and Kat is much more aware of what is going on in the game.
  • The Ditz: Subverted. Kathryn plays herself off as an airhead, to throw off other houseguests to the fact that she's actually The Smart Girl who is extremely intelligent to the level of having been accepted into MENSA.
  • Improperly Paranoid: During the first week of the game, Kathryn repeatedly questioned whether the entire house is conspiring to get her out... directly to their faces... by uttering "are you [bitches] conspiring against me?," a montage of which was featured in episode 3.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Kathryn has worked as a model (she met Holly through one such job), and is frequently seen wearing tight clothing that accentuates her curves as well as some midriff-bearing outfits.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Kathryn plays up the dumb blonde stereotype well to lie low in the game and not become a target, hiding her high intelligence (she is apparently also a member of MENSA). However, she deviated from the playing The Ditz plan in Week 3, when she handily beat the other four houseguests participating in the POV competition by solving a puzzle (made to resemble Kaitlyn from BB20, who lost an opportunity to win re-entry into the house post-eviction by failing to solve a similar human-shaped puzzle), a move that would signify to Gr8ful that she may be more of a possible threat than she makes herself out to be.
  • The Pawn: In an attempt to set in motion Holly's plan to oust Sam, Kathryn volunteers to be a pawn nominee to ensure Sam's eviction. This almost ended up a bad idea, as, within an hour of the Week 5 live eviction, Tommy spread a theory to Christie, Jack and Analyse that Michie knew Kat and Holly outside of the house. This led to an alternate plan being set in motion to flip the vote to evict Kathryn by a vote of 5–4, only for the fracturing of the Six Shooters alliance putting that plan in the crapper and resulting in Sam being ousted by a unanimous vote.
  • Playing Both Sides: Kathryn has managed to play both sides of the house quite well in the game, being allied with the underdogs in the house while being loyal to Holly, even after the Six Shooters break up after the rest of that alliance nearly blindsides her out of the house.
  • The Sixth Ranger: Kathryn acts as a de facto one to the Six Shooters, due to Holly's side alliance with her. Her association with Holly outside of the house (and Tommy's spreading of a rumor that they and Michie knew each other outside of the game) and the blowup of the Six Shooters leads to Kathryn being ostracized as a side ally to the once-dominant alliance. As a result, Cliff, Nick, Nicole, and Jessica overheard the fight; Kathryn joined them after being outcast. Only Holly continues to work with her from thereon out, honoring their existing Final 2 deal.
  • Third Wheel: Kat considers Michie to be this for her alliance with Holly as the latter is in a showmance with him. Besides the complication of her having had a brief fling with him in Week 1 and part of Week 2, she mainly finds Michie's tendency to strongarm himself into Holly's strategy problematic.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Kathryn is alleged to have had a boyfriend at the time she engaged in a brief, casual fling with Michie (which, according to Michie, resulted in them even sleeping together) in the BB house, based on an goodbye video circulated by reality show websites that Kat had sent to her reported boyfriend, Marty, before leaving to play in the game.

     Jack Matthews 

John Kirkwood "Jack" Matthews

Born: July 7, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 27 (turned 28 during Week 2 of the competition)
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Current City: Tampa, Florida
Occupation: Fitness Trainer
HOH Wins: 1 (Week 2)
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 2 (Week 4, Week 6)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: Chaos Power (Can force HoH and nominees to redraw chips after players have been selected for Veto competition. Good until final six, used week 4.)
Punishments Taken: 1 (Alien Buddy Punishment - for 24 hours after the sixth veto competition, Jack has an alien follow him)
Finished: 11th
Evicted: 6-2 (6th)
HOH Evicted Under: Jessica
Voted For: TBA

  • Alpha Bastard: He's the de facto leader of the Gr8ful alliance and a very cliquey type guy who believes minoritoes should leave.
  • Bash Brothers: Jack and Michie were this... until Week 5, when Jack sided with Tommy and Christie's assertions that Michie, Holly and Kathryn were a "secret trio" in the house and had all known each other outside the game.
  • The Bully: His treatment of Kemi behind her back is seen as very hateful, and led to an online petition seeking to expel him from the game to ensure "Kemi’s safety". Jack has also caught controversy and was warned by the production crew about some of his various comments about the houseguests, with the petition centering on those concerning Kemi, including one in which he said he wanted to "stomp a mudhole through her chest."
  • Celebrity Resemblance: Jack notes he's often mistaken for Jason Momoa, down to the long, wavy hair and beard. He acknowledges in the season premiere that he sometimes plays up this comparison with women.
  • Control Freak: Jack's dislike of Kemi led to him trying to strongarm Christie into putiing Kemi up as a backdoor nominee. This ultimately frustrated Christie, as she began to waver on that plan and consider her original idea of taking out Kathryn (both eviction plans have little to do with gameplay, and are mainly tied to personal dislike of the houseguest being considered for eviction), upon realizing that she saw Kemi as a friend and potential ally for her game. His continued insistence that Kemi be the backdoor led Christie to consider blindsiding him for a backdoor before settling on placing Ovi as a likely pawn to initiate her plan against Kathryn.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Similar to Cody from BB19 he was a vicious, relative comp beast, horrible person but ended up being the first member of the Jury.
  • Expy: An arrogant control freak who has a hate on for a certain player and uses bullying tactics to get his way. Is this guy Paul? Give Paul credit though, at least he wasn't racist.
    • He has similarities to Tyler too. Both are rather good looking surfer-type jocks who run a powerful alliance that is controlling the house. But while Tyler was kind and a Benevolent Boss, Jack is... well, a Politically Incorrect Villain, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy who hates one minority houseguest (now several) and is a huge control freak. So in a sense, he's a Foil to Tyler. About the only minority houseguest Jack treats well is Tommy, and that's likely because he's not a different ethnicity.
    • He's also similar to Austin Mattelson with his arrogance and Irrational Hatred for a houseguest, and a huge bully at that.
  • Irrational Hatred: Towards Kemi. The exact reason is not quite clear, but it has been implied on the live feeds and the show that Kemi had thrown several houseguests under the bus prior to the first eviction nominations, hence why she became his number one target afterward.
  • Jerkass: He makes Paul seem like a nice guy. Literally everything that comes out of this man's mouth is offensive, bullying or domineering.
  • Jerk Jock: Is he ever! He starts out as a decent guy but spirals into a manipulative, cruel, brutish bully which gives Austin Mattelson a run for his money. Especially shown in his eagerness to get the geeky Student Ovi out over The Tease Kat.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Jack has said many comments and made game decisions considered to be racist or violent toward mainly minority contestants, starting with his remarks about Kemi in conversations with his alliance members. He referred to Kemi as "fucking poison," had said ahead of the Power of Veto competition that "[she is] fucking going up and you can play your fuckin' veto, but I'm gonna fuck you up!" (even if race wasn't a factor, it's still inappropriate given the connotations of physical abuse toward a woman), and that he wanted to "stomp a mud hole right through her chest." He also referred to Ovi as a "brown flame" and Jessica as a "maggot," and "imitated" David by appearing to walk like a monkey across the HOH room. This sparked a petition to force show producers and CBS executives to remove Jack from the game out of concern for the safety of others in the game, and him being warned by production about his comments. Oh and he mentioned rice pudding when talking about Isabella showing he's willing to drag everyone who burns him's name through the mud especially if they're a minority houseguest. It got to the point that Julie Chen refused to show him his goodbye messages, instead saying that he would have to wait until the end.
    • Jack "justified" his mud hole comment by saying Sam from BB20 had said that about Tyler... except she was mentally unstable while Jack seems relatively sane and is just a jerk.
  • Spanner in the Works: Jack inadvertently confirmed to Sam of the existence of Gr8ful and that Sam is an outside quasi-ally to the alliance, after Bella already told Sam was told by Bella that he in fact was on the outside.
  • Spear Counterpart: In a sense to Amanda Zuckerman of Big Brother 15 infamy given his derogatory, domineering, racist, and bullying comments to other houseguests. Everyone naturally cheered when the house finally got fed up with him and voted him out in a 6-2 vote.
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: After winning HoH in Week 2.

Evicted pre-jury (eliminated)

     Sam Smith 

Samuel Titus "Sam" Smith

Born: November 10, 1987
Age (at time of competition): 31
Hometown: West Nanticoke, Pennsylvania
Current City: Mountain Top, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Truck Driver
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 2 (Weeks 1, 2)
Nominations: 1 (Week 5)
Have Nots: 1 (Week 5)
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 12th
Evicted: 9-0 (5th)
HOH Evicted Under: Holly

  • My Friends... and Zoidberg: Upon her reveal of the alliance, Bella tells Sam that his two votes in their favor effectively makes him a de facto ninth member of the alliance. Sam is surprised that not only he didn't know of the alliance but that he's part of the alliance unknowingly. Julie even uses the trope structure in the Week 2 eviction show upon noting that the Gr8ful alliance and Sam are the next ones to cast their votes after the commercial break during the live eviction vote. Subverted thereafter as Sam is incorporated into the redubbed Unde9able alliance.
  • No Indoor Voice: Sam is very animated and loud, a personality that is especially noticeable in his DR entries.
  • Wild Card: For the first two weeks, Sam is treated as such, due to the fact that he is not aligned with anybody in the house. With Week 2, it becomes Subverted after having unknowingly sided with Gr8ful's intended targets in two consecutive POVs.
  • The Woobie: During his second week in the game, Sam receives news that his grandfather - with whom he was very close to, and had taught him how to drive a tractor-trailer - had passed away. The other houseguests touchingly rallied to him upon revealing the tragic news.

     Isabella Wang 

Isabella "Bella" Wang

Born: January 23, 1997
Age (at time of competition): 22
Hometown: Mount Olive, New Jersey
Current City: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Public Health Analyst
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 0
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 13th
Evicted: 8-2 (4th)
HOH Evicted Under: Cliff

  • Alpha Bitch: At first, she was a Lovable Alpha Bitch, despite getting into some drama, she played both sides but was pretty nice. However, this was completely played straight by Week 3 where she verbally abuses Nicole, a cute nerdy type girl. The same could be said for Nick as well.
  • The Bully: Her treatment of Nicole signifies this. Bella confronted Nicole about her supposed lie (based itself on a lie contradicting Holly and Analyse's own statements confirming this) that other members of the Gr8ful alliance thought that Bella and Nick were bullies. She adamantly refused to let Nicole defend herself, resulting in Tommy even considering whether what Nicole had said was true.
  • Cannot Keep a Secret:
    • Bella throws the members of the Black Widows alliance under the bus by outing that she is part of the all-girls alliance, and then admitted what she did to Nicole, leading to the news getting to Jessica and then Kemi. The move backfires and results in Jack putting up two of the alliance members - Kemi and Jessica - up as the Week 2 eviction nominees. Bella even admitted in a DR entry in episode 7, after she reveals to Kemi and Nicole that she revealed the alliance to Jack that her inability to keep things hush-hush in the game could be a liability for her in the game.
    • Bella's disclosure to Kemi that she has a final three deal with Jackson and Michie on Day 2 of the game, in addition to that of the side alliance that Bella created and backstabbed, is also used against her by Kemi, who tries unsuccessfully to use the news to her advantage against Bella's Gr8ful alliance members.
    • Bella also reveals to Sam that he's basically a de facto ninth member of the "Gr8ful" alliance... which he didn't know existed and realizes he's not technically a part of... prompting him to tell Jack what he knows.
  • Conflicting Loyalty: Bella helped form the Black Widows alliance whilst remaining loyal to her fellow Gr8ful members. Knowing Jack was HOH in Week 2, she opted to reveal her role in the alliance, thereby spearheading Jack's nomination of Bella's fellow Black Widows, Jessica and Kemi, and the eviction of the latter.
  • Expy: Riddle me this Tropers. A spoiled brat so delusional thinking America loves her and has a boyfriend who enables her behavior. Not to mention a total bully towards outsiders. Dunno, reminds me of a certain spoiled red head in BB19....
  • False Friend: Bella has a social butterfly-type personality, which leads her to develop a side alliance in an attempt to cover her bases. However, her loyalties to Kemi (whom she befriended during the first week of the game), Jessica and Nicole turn sour almost immediately upon creating the Black Widows. This left her fellow members of that alliance feeling that she was faking being loyal to them.
  • Fatal Flaw: Her tendency to double-cross people she's aligned with as well as her constant blabbing of game strategy ultimately leads to distrust among even her alliance mates, who helped spearhead Bella's eviction. She admits in her exit interview that these issues were what led to her downfall in the game.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Isabella's willingness to turn on Nicole, who had been her best friend in the house, after she tried to alert her that the rest of the Gr8ful alliance was about to flip on her. She opted to believe the lie by Analyse and Christie (the latter of whom had talked about breaking up the couples to the other side of the house) that Nicole said that Nick and Bella were bullies and their anger about the situation meant that Nicole had lied, and basically treated Nicole poorly because of it. It was the week after that happened that Bella was targeted by her alliance and evicted in an 8-2 vote.

Evicted pre-jury (sent to Camp Comeback)

     Kemi Fakunle 

Olukemi "Kemi" Fakunle

Born: July 7, 1993
Age (at time of competition): 25 (turned 26 during Week 2 of the competition)
Hometown: Elkridge, Maryland
Current City: Brooklyn, New York
Occupation: Marketing Strategist
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 1 (Week 2)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 1 (Week 1 Banishment - banished from house and must compete in challenge to re-enter)
Finished: 14th
Evicted: 10-1 (3rd)
HOH Evicted Under: Jackson

  • Alpha Bitch: Kemi even said as much in her pre-show interview, noting that "when [she] feels provoked [she] can be extremely vicious." This attitude becomes particularly noticeable once she finds out that Bella told Jack about the Black Widows and takes to throw Bella under the bus in anger for her actions. In the game, this more or less was a relatively Quiet Fury, but when she's upset or angry, she resorts to one-upping those who wronged her. She errs toward Lovable Alpha Bitch territory, though, since she was able to form friendships with some of the houseguests quite well.
  • Faux Affably Evil: Kemi is necessarily a villain or genuinely evil, but she falls a bit into an Anti-Hero category with elements of Alpha Bitch. Some fans note that the series seemed to play up Kemi as a bitchy person in the television episodes, while whitewashing Jack's disrespectful, concerning and borderline racist behavior toward her.

     Ovi Kabir 

Ovi Kabir

Born: November 15, 1996
Age (at time of competition): 22
Hometown: Oakridge, Tennessee
Current City: Knoxville, Tennessee
Occupation: Student
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 1 (Week 1)
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: Nightmare Power (May force the HoH to make new nominations in the middle of the night, with the original nominees being immune. Good for first six evictions. Evicted before able to use power.)
Punishments Taken: 0
Finished: 15th
Evicted: 12-0 (2nd)
HOH Evicted Under: Christie

  • Ascended Fan
  • Bribe Backfire: After being put up for eviction in Cliff's place, Ovi – in a last-ditch effort to save himself – goes to Jack and Michie to reveal that he has been given the Nightmare Whacktivity power to switch an HOH's nominees. While one would think this would give him the leverage needed to keep him in the house, so the Gr8ful alliance could use it to target whomever they want, the entire alliance and the other houseguests chose to send him to "Camp Comeback," possibly out of concern that he could use it to derail their decided-upon nominations, evicting him in a 12-0 vote.
  • In-Series Nickname: Ovi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Honor Student: Graduated Tennessee U with a pretty high GPA.
  • Not Quite Dead: As a result of Camp Comeback, he had a chance to come back along with David and the following two houseguests to be evicted.
  • The Quiet One: Rarely is seen talking to anyone when he wasn't campaigning.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: Not as bad as David but was evicted shortly after David.

     David Alexander 

David Alexander

Born: January 1, 1990
Age (at time of competition): 29
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Current City: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Photographer
HOH Wins: 0
POV Wins: 0
Nominations: 0
Have Nots: 0
Prizes Won: 0
Punishments Taken: 1 (Week 1 Banishment - banished from house and must compete in challenge to re-enter)
Finished: 16th
Evicted: 1st
HOH Evicted Under: None (occurred during "Hit the Road" banishment competition under Jackson's "Camp Counselor" reign)

  • Butt-Monkey: This guy is cruelly mistreated by Jack and Michie for the unspeakable crime of being African American and a Neat Freak.
  • Not Quite Dead: As a result of Camp Comeback, he has a chance to come back along with Ovi and the following two houseguests to be evicted.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: David was the first houseguest of the season to leave the competition and the only one not evicted by a houseguest vote, losing in the banishment after repeatedly getting lost in the "wilderness" and going into the wrong rooms as Cliff, Jessica and Kemi managed to find their way back to "Camp BB."


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