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Characters / Big Brother 2013

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Callum Knell

Charlie Travers

Daley Oujederie

Dan Neal

Dexter Koh


Gina Rio

  • Daddy's Girl: Spoiled brat who gets whatever she wants. Doesn't talk to commoners.
  • Lonely Rich Kid: Has trouble connecting to other housemates because of class differences.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Money!: Her attitude on the first night. Fighting with Sallie, and then getting a formal warning for trying to steal her hat.

Hazel O'Sullivan

  • Badass Adorable: The token hot chick of the season but she's not swayed into have a romantic fling. She's much more concerned with being awesome and funny.

Jack and Joe Glenny

Jemima Slade

  • Gold Digger: By her own admission. She set up a website for other Gold Diggers to find men.

Sallie Axl

  • Properly Paranoid: Was insanely critical and suspicious of Michael. She called him an actor almost instantly. And was voted out because she went against him. Her problem? She was right.

Sam Evans

Sophie Lawrence

Wolfy Millington

  • Heroic Vow: She plans to win this game for everyone who's ever been picked on or were told they weren't good enough.

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