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     Cody Lee Nickson (Juror #01; Evicted HG #07)

Hometown: Lake Mills, IA
Current Residence: Plano, TX
Born: Apr 13th, 1985
Age: 32 (age at time of competition)
Occupation: Construction Sales Rep
Number Of HOH Wins: 1
Number Of POV Wins: 0
Number of Temptation Challenge Wins: 1
Number Of Times Nominated: 3
Number Of Times As Have-Not: 1
Final Standing in Battle-Back Showdown: 1st note 
Temptations Taken: "Strangest Things" (Winner, Immune Week 6), "Where Were You?" (Eighth Place)
Temptation Punishments: Ve-Toad Curse note 
Prizes Won: America's Favorite Houseguest (WON $25.000); The Amazing Race 30 Official Winners (WON $1.000.000 + $5.000; Shared with Jessica)
Finished: 11th Place [1ST JUROR]
Evicted: 1st Time: 7-2-0 VS. ALEX and RAMSES; 2nd Time: 7-0-0 VS. MATT and ELENA
HOH Evicted Under: ALEX (Week 7, Day 58)
Voted For (As Juror): JOSH

  • 13 Is Unlucky: Cody's date of birth is April 13th and he became a Butt-Monkey who faced many struggles, adversities and extreme amounts of bad luck (or bad karma) in the game. Cody did managed to have some luck when he won the Safety Competition that would prevent him from being nominated and evicted on Day 1. He also won the first HOH of the summer, but everything went wrong for him from that point on. Under his HOH, he had to nominate FIVE DIFFERENT PEOPLE within the span of one week. First, Megan quit the game after she had fights with Cody, Josh, Alex and Jessica, because her PTSD was triggered from a real life experience that happened (sexual harassment in the military). Thus Cody was forced as HOH to nominate a third person — Alex. But going by his emotional response during the nomination ceremony, he really didn't want to do it because he had formed a strong bond and emotional connection with Alex. After nominating Alex, Cody felt guilty and remorseful for doing it because he wanted to keep Alex in the game and find a way to save her. He went against his entire alliance and threw the POV competition to Alex to ensure that she would get off the block. That turned his entire alliance against him. After Alex won the POV and took herself off the block, Cody was forced to nominate a fourth person and he chose Paul as the replacement with the intention of backdooring him and getting him out the house. Unfortunately for him, this backfired dramatically as Paul secretly received the Pendant of Protection which gave Paul three weeks of immunity from being nominated or being evicted. Angered by this blindside and after failing to backdoor Paul, he was then forced to nominate his fifth houseguest in a single week and he chose Christmas to put on the block because of her friendship and close association with Paul. After turning against his alliance by trying to protect Alex and trying to backdoor Paul (which wasn't in the plans for the rest of his alliance), the entire house turned against him, wanting to get him out of the house. On top of it, Cody failed to get his intended target Christmas out of the house, instead Jillian was blindsided and went home instead. It didn't get much better when Paul, his Arch-Enemy, won HOH next and backdoored him. Cody was evicted in Week 2, but his game was revived during the Battle Back competition when he won three rounds of it and beat Paul to return to the house. His luck ran out in Week 5. The house led by Paul made it their mission to bully Cody and Jessica. Cody received some minor luck when Jessica won the Halting hex Temptation which gave her the ability to halt or stop any eviction of her choice. In Week 5, she stopped either Cody and herself from being evicted. Things got worse for Cody after that. Josh, another Arch-Enemy to Cody and Jessica, won HOH. Jessica also threw the Temptation Safety Competition, in which she unleashed as a punishment on the entire house as a consequence for exorcizing the Halting Hex temptation. She became the third nominee alongside Elena and Mark and later Raven. She also lost the POV which would have saved her and given her a chance to take herself off the block. She was evicted under Josh's HOH and didn't even make it to jury. Bummer for Cody. It gets worse for him the following week. Alex won HOH and Cody knows that he's in trouble. Cody isolates himself and refuses to even think of having some semblance of a social game. He loses the Safety Competition to Mark which would have given him immunity from being nominated or backdoored. And to give him extra bad luck on top of it, his chip doesn't get pulled to play the POV competition, so Cody can't save himself from going up and going home. Even though he does make some effort in trying to get Alex to not nominate him by coming up with a plan, it falls on deaf ears due to the house's Undying Loyalty to Paul. He gets backdoored and sent home on Double Eviction of all evictions. It's a wonder why Cody didn't snap after having everything in the game go against him.
  • 0% Approval Rating: Everyone in the house either dislikes, hates or doesn't care about Cody. The only one who is on his side is Jessica and there was a point when even she questioned him personally and game wise. People no longer wanted to be associated with Cody because he has proven to be an aggressive and mean-spirited person as well as strongly untrustworthy. He betrayed his entire alliance when he refused to share information with any of his alliance members about what he was planning to do during his HOH reign (when he had the intention of backdooring Paul), a clear sign of arrogance and a superiority complex. Paul disliked Cody because he was targeting him since the beginning of the game and he made it personal. Paul took it personally when Cody told him that he didn't like him because of last season. Cody was also exceptionally rude to him and he never apologized for his behavior which led Paul to hold a grudge against him. Josh also strongly dislikes Cody because Cody has always bullied him unnecessarily. He has tormented him by trying to call him overly emotional and too much of a victim. He also, at one point, made it really personal by attacking Josh's physical appearance and fat shaming him. He also threatened to beat him up outside of the house. It seems as though Cody's dislike or hatred of Josh is nothing more than Irrational Hatred while Josh simply dislikes Cody because of how he has treated him for the time that he's been in the game. Christmas hates Cody because he backstabbed her and put her on the block in the first week. She never forgave Cody for doing it and since then, she made it her mission to get him out of the house. She also dislikes Cody because he has gone out of his way to personally attack Josh and Paul, her two closest allies and friends in the game. Christmas' dislike of Cody was so intense that she even criticized his military background and called him a disgraceful marine. Alex also showed a dislike towards Cody later on in the game. However, before her opinion of him turned sour, she simply was apathetic towards him. Alex's initial dislike of Cody started when Cody decided to nominate her and blindside her in the first week. After that, she never trusted him. In the later weeks, Alex's apathetic feelings towards Cody turned to disgust and hate when Cody decided to personally spite Alex by eating her entire box of cereal all by himself. Alex blew up at Cody and spat out personal attacks at him such as attacking his parenting skills and blaming Cody for Jessica's demise in the game. Alex has frequently called Cody a douchebag and has said that he's not a nice or good person because of how he's treated people. All of the other houseguests, such as Elena, Mark, Jason, Matt, Raven, and Kevin didn't like Cody because of how he acted in the game and the fact that he displayed a bad attitude and mistreated numerous people.
  • Abhorrent Admirer: For Alex in the earlier weeks. Cody isn't physically unattractive by any means but his personality is unpleasant. Cody has a strong admiration, affection, and respect for Alex and he wanted her to be in an alliance with him. However, Alex didn't reciprocate his offer. Despite Cody going out of his way to help Alex and to protect her (including going against his entire alliance, throwing the POV competition to her, risking Jessica getting mad at him, etc), Alex has still stated (both behind his back and to his face) that she plans on nominating him. Alex has admitted that she doesn't personally care for Cody, instead, she has a love-hate relationship with him. That didn't stop Cody from still trying to pursue her and get her to align with him. Alex has complained on the live feeds to others about how she feels uncomfortable with Cody constantly obsessing over her and trying to convince her to be in an alliance with him.
  • The Ace: Cody sees himself as the elite of the house. He also considers Paul one, AKA "The Battle of the Alphas". However, he's not as much of an alpha as he appears to be and he comes across as just a try hard.
  • Adorkable: Cody can be very awkward and dorky, mostly due to his lack of social skills. His interactions with Jessica and Alex are a highlight because he tends to lighten up and smile a lot when he's in their presence. His adorkable side was played up even more when he was dressed up in Toad Costume as a punishment in Week 2.
  • Affably Evil: While Cody is more Faux Affably Evil in most situations, there are times when he does show some genuine kindness, compassion and sympathy to others but it's a very select and small group of people. He's shown compassion towards Jessica and Alex. Jessica is his romantic partner so Cody showing affability towards her is not a surprise. And Cody had a very strong admiration, infatuation and respect for Alex which caused him to let out some warmth and emotion around her. Cody made a genuine attempt at trying to befriend Alex and align with her in the game out of sheer admiration and respect fo her as a person and competitor. When Cody was forced to name a replacement nominee after Megan quit and he had to put up Alex, Cody was near tears during the nomination ceremony. Jessica even called out Cody for almost crying and choking up after he nominated Alex, showing that he did have strong compassion for her. Most of the time, Cody is The Stoic and isn't the most friendly person around the block, but when he develops an emotional attachment to someone, he lets it show.
  • A God Am I: In the first week of the game when he was in power, Cody suffered from a serious case of HOH-itis. He had quite a strong hero, martyr, or God complex, believing that he was going to be the savior of his entire alliance. On the side, Cody also tried to proclaim that he'd do anything and everything to protect Alex and keep her safe — much to Alex's disconcertion. As a result of his hero and superiority complex, Cody made many stupid decisions which resulted in his entire alliance turning against him and no longer finding him trustworthy. Cody's huge ego and superiority complex is his biggest Fatal Flaw and will be his downfall.
  • Aggressive Categorism: Cody was shown to be very ignorant about transgendered people and he has made racist and transphobic comments on the live feeds.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: While nobody felt bad that Cody was evicted inside of the house, there is a portion of the audience who felt sad because they felt that with him gone from the game, nobody would be there to challenge Paul or make any big game moves.
  • Alpha Bastard: Try finding anybody from even the earlier seasons of this show and compare them to Cody's obsession with being number one. He wants to be the biggest man of the house, is a whole snake pit of smug, and crushes anything that so much as looks at him wrong.
  • A Lighter Shade of Black: Both Paul and Cody are villains and their dynamic is Evil vs. Evil. However, even though Cody can be pretty mean and cruel in his treatment towards the other houseguests, Paul is still far more ruthless in his approach in the game. Some even say that between Paul and Cody, Cody may be the lesser of two evils.
  • All Take and No Give: How Cody saw his relationship with Alex (and to a lesser extent, Jason). Cody has stated in his Exit Interview after he was evicted on Double Eviction that he tried to protect Alex and save Jason in the game. He even stated to Alex's face that because he threw his game away for her, she should consider trusting him and having some loyalty to him. However, Cody felt that Alex was completely ungrateful for what he tried to do for her. Cody stated in his interview that Alex (and Jason) never gave anything in return to Cody despite constantly sticking up for her, especially to Jessica when she wanted to get rid of her. Cody felt the need to call out Alex (and Jason) by saying that she played a dirty game and attempted to make her come across as disloyal and untrustworthy to the rest of the house.
  • The Aloner: Cody is a loner and he has one of the worst social games in the house. All he did while he was in the house was lay in bed with Jessica all day. After Jessica was evicted, he becomes an even bigger loner. He spends all his time alone in the Have Not room just waiting for his eviction to come because he doesn't want to put in any effort in socializing with the other houseguests or campaigning to try to stay in the house. Cody's poor social game and his loner status is self inflicted and completely his choice. Amazingly, he sulks in the Have-Not room by choice; it was noted to be the most painful one ever (as of this season), with blunted spikes attached the mattress rests so that anybody who rests/sleeps in there will feel them jabbing at them through the cushions.
  • Amazon Chaser: Cody likes, respects and is drawn to Alex because he loves that she is a fierce competitor who won't back down from a fight.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Whenever Cody wants something or tries to achieve a goal, he's cutthroat and ruthless in how he achieves it. And once Cody has a goal, nothing can or will change his mind. When Cody had the intention of backdooring Paul, he didn't tell any of his alliance members that he was planning on going against the team and nominating one (and later two) of his own alliance members. Cody's ruthlessness regarding his own alliance cost him everyone's trust and they all turned against him.
  • And There Was Much Rejoicing: Everyone was glad when Cody was finally evicted and gone for good. The people most overjoyed by his eviction were Paul, Jason, Christmas, Josh and Alex.
  • Angst Dissonance: Downplayed. In the beginning, Cody had frequently complained that he felt like the other houseguests were against him for no reason. But the rest of the house, including his alliance were completely justified in turning on him and no longer trusting considering that he backstabbed his alliance by putting two of his own allies (Paul and Christmas) on the block without even telling anyone about his plan to do so. He frequently makes "victim noises" as he calls it about how the houseguests can't stand him and how he and Jessica are always the targets in the house. The viewers didn't sympathize with Cody's position in the earlier weeks of the game, Cody's complaining only caused the audience to hate him even more. Subverted in the later weeks when the audience starts to sympathize with Cody and feel sorry for him when he gets really bad luck or karma thrown his way including the entire house gunning for him (and Jess), becoming a victim of ongoing bullying and harassment by the other houseguests who strongly despise him, losing his only ally (Jessica) in the game, and ends up ostracized by his fellow housemates and treated like he has The Plague.
  • Arch-Enemy: He and Paul never got along from Day 1. It got to the point where both men want each other out. While Cody might not like Paul, he at least seems to have some respect for him as a competitor, even going so far as to call him a fellow "alpha." Josh, however, he flat out loathes.
    • Josh also seems to be an arch enemy of his considering Josh voted to evict Jillian instead of Christmas. This further plays when Josh tries to make peace with Cody, and Cody simply pushes him away. Josh's childish tantrums don't seem to please Cody either.
  • Armor-Piercing Question: Jessica asked Cody if his behavior in the house reflects how he acts in real life, and worries about continuing a serious relationship after all's said and done. Cody admits it does.
  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Arrogance seems to be one of Cody's defining personality traits. He seems to have a strong sense of superiority and believes that he's better than the other houseguests because he doesn't fit in with the rest of the others whom he feels are losers. Cody's arrogance is the biggest reason why he has a poor social game and can't socialize with the other houseguests effectively.
  • Asshole Victim: While Paul and his supporters crossed a line by tormenting him and Jessica, it was after five weeks of these two tormenting them first. Doesn't make it okay, but the treatment they faced is no different than what how they treated others.
  • Aw, Look! They Really Do Love Each Other: Cody and Jess were very prone to bicker as houseguests, but were fully in love by the time they left the house. As soon as Josh won the game, the first thing Jessica did was bolt over to Cody and leap into his arms, right in the middle of Josh's big moment. That's just how much the two wanted to be together- they put their own relationship before everything else and had a secondary heartwarming moment as Josh celebrated on high.
  • Ax-Crazy: Many fans and houseguests believe that Cody is psychologically unstable and suffering from a variety of undiagnosed or unknown mental disorders and illnesses. He has a fascination with killing and violence. On the live feeds when he discussed his past in the military, he smiled creepily while bragging about how many people he has killed in combat. Cody is also prone to threats, violence and aggressive behaviour. Despite being The Stoic most of the time, he does have a Hair-Trigger Temper when he's provoked into anger and he can become quite scary and intimidating when he lashes out. He's threatened physical violence towards numerous other houseguests such as Paul and Josh. When Cody was nominated in Week 5, Cody became irrationally aggressive and got into Paul's face threatening him and yelling at him. Paul questioned Cody's mental state inciting that Cody was a violent, aggressive person that was unstable and dangerous when he's provoked into anger. Also, in Week 6 during a fight with Josh, Cody threatened to physically beat up Josh outside of the house. Cody's facial expressions also don't help when it comes to questioning his sanity and psychological or mental stability.
  • Back from the Dead: Cody was evicted in Week 2 but he made a comeback into the house after he won three rounds of the Battle Back Competition and beat Paul in the final round.
  • Badass Biker: Cody has a love of motorcycles, it's one of his favorite pastimes and hobbies.
  • Badass Boast: Cody is never afraid to call people out on their BS, even at the risk of making him seem like a huge jerk or making himself a target. He's called out Paul and Josh of all people numerous times. Cody got into Paul's face during Week 6 when he nominated Cody and Jessica. He told Paul that he treats the other houseguests like dogs and that he refuses Paul to treat Jessica in such a manner by telling her to lower her voice. And he yelled at Josh in Week 2 when Josh didn't vote to keep Jillian. Cody has zero problem with calling out other people and making himself a target because as he says, he's not a giant pussy.
  • Badass in Distress: Cody was always the biggest target in the house, there was nobody that supported him or could save him when he was in trouble. The only people that could save Cody were Jessica and himself. Cody was in danger every single week and there was never a time when he wasn't one foot out the door. Much of that is self inflicted though.
  • Bad Boss: While he was HOH in Week 1, he was shown to be a terrible leader to his alliance members. He refused to communicate with them about his plans, acted selfishly, and backstabbed two of his alliance members. Cody's actions as the leader in the first week caused him to lose credibility among not just his own allies but the entire house. Cody was very mean spirited, unnecessarily rude and came across as The Bully to some of the other houseguests such as Megan and Josh.
  • Backstab Backfire: His attempts to nip both Paul and Christmas in the bud were disastrous. The first came about as his original plan from the get-go, but unfortunately for him, America loves Paul and graced him with the Pendant of Protection. Forced to put somebody up on the block, Cody slammed Christmas up there in Paul's place and became near-universally hated for what he did.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Among the Big Brother fan base, Cody is either really liked/loved or really disliked/hated/loathed. To start with, Cody was the most hated and reviled houseguest of the season. Had a near universal 0% Approval Rating outside of the house and everyone wanted him gone as soon as possible. However, Cody started to gain some sympathy from the audience because he was an underdog bullied by everyone in the house. Cody did surprisingly win America's Favorite Houseguest at the end of the season, but it wasn't because he was a good player who was genuinely nice and loved. It was because a large portion of the audience wanted to spite Paul and the rest of the houseguests who were hated tremendously. Post-season however, it seems that some of the people that voted for Cody to win AFH are having buyers' remorse as they realize that he's really an intensely problematic person who is bigoted and rude. Just look at quite a few of the negative comments about Cody on the Official Big Brother Facebook page and one could see that he incites a lot of polarizing, intense opinions in people.
  • Battle Couple: Along with Jessica as she is his romantic partner and number one ally in the game. It was the two of them against the rest of the house and they had to fight and compete to stay in the game for as long as they could. Both were solid competitors and they won stuff when they had to to ensure their safety. Unfortunately for them, they were too outnumbered to survive together in the game.
  • Beard of Sorrow: After Cody had returned to the game after winning the Battle Back competition, Cody stopped shaving and Jessica noticed it. At the time that he was growing facial hair, he and Jessica were being targeted and going through a rough time. Cody growing a minor beard was a sign that he was stressed and unhappy with his and Jessica's situation in the game. Before that, Cody was always clean shaven.
  • Beauty Is Best: Out of all of the attributes that Jessica has, Cody constantly emphasizes her physical beauty as being the best thing about her. Although he does acknowledge that he likes her personality as well. But he admits that the way that she looked was the most important key factor that attracted him to Jessica.
  • Berserk Button:
  • Beyond the Impossible: Cody ended up voting for Josh instead of Paul, just because he respected Josh's game more. This is the guy who threatened to destroy Josh outside of the house, and even Josh himself expected Cody to vote against him. This also happened to be the final vote and the one that confirmed that Josh won the game.
  • Big Bad: Cody is portrayed as the villain of the season to the audience. Much of the audience are turned off by his mean spirited, aggressive and emotionless demeanour. He's also antagonistic towards the other houseguests which solidifies his status as a villain. Inside of the house however, Cody is more of a Big Bad Wannabe. Cody wants to be in control of everything in the house yet doesn't have the skills (good social game, strong strategy) to do it. Considering that way he's acted and treated other people, his status as a villain is completely understandable and justified. In addition, Jessica is The Dragon to him and Cody and Jessica are a Big Bad Duumvirate.
  • Big Bad Duumvirate: With Jessica. Cody and Jessica were the original main villains of the season. However, in the bigger scheme of things, Cody is the Big Bad and Jessica is The Dragon to Cody who is working for him to push his goals and agenda.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Tries to pretend that he's the strongest player and tough competitor, but he little to no control over anyone in the house because he has a horrible social game, has no allies in the game (except Jessica), and makes constant terrible strategic moves that often result in blowing up in his face. Cody probably hates Paul so much because he knows that he doesn't have a chance in beating him.
  • Big Eater: Cody noticeably eats a lot, he's gained weight since the start of the game to when he left. The other houseguests have also commented how much weight Cody has gained saying that they believe that he's gained 10 to 15 pounds because he eats so much. Although part of that may be stress eating (and the final three told Pop TV it's easier to gain weight in the house as opposed to lose it or stay the same weight do to having free access to tons of junk food and nothing but junk food, less incentive to exercise, and stress making them eat more), considering what he has to put up with on a regular basis...
  • Blatant Lies: Subverted. When he ran out of time to enact any other strategies before his impending eviction, he made up some stupid story that Alex and Jason set a secret plan in motion to take over the whole house together. Jason and Alex gave him an emperor's thumbs down and blew a raspberry at him. Then Josh starts to buy into the idea after he witnesses Alex and Jason arguing in the storage room while entering it with Christmas.
  • Blood Knight: Cody openly admitted on the live feeds that he loves war/combat and enlisted in the military because he has a love of fighting and killing. He has even bragged about how many people he had killed while he was in combat and doing tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Breakout Character: Cody made a big footprint in the house when he shook up the place in the first few weeks he was there, and then again in his short return. He and Jessica were chosen by CBS on September 27, 2017, as one of the teams to compete in the 30th season of the US version of The Amazing Race. Before that, Will Kirby was toying with the idea in front of them at the afterparty. Looks like CBS was listening!
  • Bridal Carry: When Jessica was evicted in Week 6, Cody lifted up Jessica and carried her to the door in a bridal carry. Cody did this because Jessica asked him to — she said that she refuses to hug anyone on the way out and Cody carrying her to the door was the only way to ensure that only Cody would be the one to get close to Jessica and hug her goodbye.
  • Bright Is Not Good: Cody wore a lot of lighter colored clothing, but he was the villain of the season. In contrast, he also has a tendency to wear a lot of black or dark colored clothing has well. The fact that he wears a mix of bright colors and dark colors shows that even though Cody has been painted as a villain or Big Bad, he's actually more of an Anti-Villain or Ambiguously Evil.
  • Broken Ace: After Jessica gets kicked out of the house, Cody becomes The Aloner who wallows in the Have-Not room and waits for his eviction, but not before taking away the chance to win the grand prize from as many of "those psychopaths" as possible.
  • Broken Tears: Finally shows some emotion when he cries to Jessica after the entire house targets him again in Week 5. Cody finally broke down when he realized how much he (and Jessica by association) was screwed in the game because of his poor behavior and bad game decisions.
  • Brutal Honesty: Cody is extremely blunt and honest much to his detriment. His brutal honesty towards some of the other houseguests is highly aggressive and makes him come across as The Bully.
  • The Bully: Cody has a very intimidating and aggressive personality. He constantly uses intimidation tactics to make other houseguests feel terrible. He has bullied a few houseguests in the house such as Megan, Christmas, Josh, and Paul. He seems to take pleasure in inflicting pain on others and insulting other people without any remorse. It comes with the territory considering that he's a Jerk Jock.
  • Bullying a Dragon: Cody thought that he could bully people like Paul and Josh, two people who could easily destroy Cody on a game level and a personal level. Did Cody not realize that bullying Paul and trying to intimidate him for making a game move (the week that he nominated Jessica and Cody in Week 5) would go over well with him and he wouldn't do everything in his power to destroy Cody (and Jessica) and his game? And did Cody seriously forget that Josh is an overly emotional, impulsive hothead who bangs pots and pans when he's pissed and has the ability to crush people verbally with his words if he feels he's being mistreated? Cody was so arrogant that he thought that he could get away with trying to intimidate and bully Paul and Josh when they were both many steps ahead of him on a game level.
  • The Bus Came Back: Won the Battle Back competition on Day 31, re-entering the game. Subverted when he's evicted in Week 7 for a second time.
  • Butt-Monkey: Cody has become the biggest target in the house and he is the most ostracized houseguest in the game. The rest of the house, even those who were his allies earlier on, have all turned against him and want him out of the house. Because of his bad social game and his inability to appear trustworthy to others, it's self inflicted. In the later weeks, Cody (and Jessica) even become the major target for bullying by the other houseguests.
  • Byronic Hero: Downplayed. Cody is the embodiment of this trope as he's aloof, anti-social, brooding and has a Dark and Troubled Past. He was also able to incite feelings of sympathy from the audience because of his underdog status and everyone mistreating him and ostracizing him while he was in the house.
  • The Caligula: During the time that Cody has been in power as the HOH, he managed to treat his other alliance members terribly, which caused a lot of unnecessary mistrust. He also showed little to no remorse for bullying Megan to the point where she had an immense breakdown and quit the game. He's personally attacked other houseguests, specifically Josh, in order to make them feel small. Cody didn't seem to care that he was backstabbing his alliance by not telling them his plan that he was going to backdoor Paul. He also showed little concern for Christmas when she broke her foot. Overall, whenever Cody is in some sort of power, he mistreats other people without any remorse and abuses his power. He also shows that he's mentally and emotionally unstable by showcasing an unnecessary aggressive, intimidating attitude towards other houseguests.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: As their relationship was burgeoning, Cody had trouble giving Jess a straight "I love you" and would often pull a Last-Second Word Swap until he finally worked up the nerve to tell her for real. Justified, because he has an ex out there and a lot of bitter memories of rejection.
  • Cassandra Truth: In the jury house, having blown their chances at winning the game, Elena finally recognizes that Cody's decision to target Christmas was right, and had the house not evicted Jillian, they might still be in the game right about now, and Cody is not as much of a jerk as he appears to be.
  • Catch Phrase: "Victim noise" or "victim noises". If it were a drinking game every time he says that phrase, everyone in the world would be drunk as hell.
  • Censor Box: In his introduction on the show, Cody is wearing a black strip across one of his dog tags so nobody can ID his post. Very justified, because it's for security concerns.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Cody has no loyalty to anyone in the game with the exception of Jessica. He has turned his back or backstabbed almost every single houseguest at some point, including his own alliance. Because of his backstabbing ways, nobody in the house likes him, trusts him or wants to work with him.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Cody is the biggest curser in the house next to Christmas and Paul. Every other word that comes out of his mouth is the F word. Curse words especially fly out of his mouth much faster when he's pissed off, upset or angered.
  • Cold Sniper: In real life, Cody is a genuine example, with the skills to hit multiple targets at several paces and deadly icy focus.
  • Colonel Kilgore: Cody states that he has a love of war and being in the military. He even admitted that he enlisted in the military because he loves going into combat and enjoys the violence and killing that comes along with being a marine. He's even bragged about how many people he's killed while he was in combat.
  • Combat Sadomasochist: Cody seems to love or have a fascination with violence, killing and fighting. He seems to get a thrill out of it if him being so happy and elated every time he tells stories about him killing people while was in combat as a marine are anything to go by. This is the same guy who bragged about flying down to the Ferguson riot (which was very violent and dangerous to begin with) and bragging about he went there simply to see if he could survive among all of the violence and chaos. Many fans have found Cody's elation at talking about violence and killing to be beyond creepy. And they consider him mentally unstable and crazy because of his fascination. Others say that Cody talking about violence, killing and war topics like it's no big deal could be a sign that he's become desensitized to the many horrors of violence and killing and that he's suffering from PTSD or another ambiguous mental illness.
  • The Comically Serious: Even when Cody tells a joke or tries to be funny (which is very hard for him for the vast majority of the time), he comes across as incredibly deadpan and serious. Despite his serious lack of humor, he can come across as funny at times during humorous moments simply because he's so serious to begin with.
  • Consummate Liar: Cody just simply cannot tell the truth regarding himself. He's lied about his personal life so many times that many of the houseguests think that he has multiple personalities because there doesn't seem to be any truth to what he says about himself. He's lied about numerous things that are mostly personal in nature such as his age (said he was 27 when he was really 32), the year he graduated from high school (said he graduated in 2008 when he really graduated in 2003), how many years he served in the military (said that he served 4 or 6 years in the military when he actually served 10 years), his birth order in his family (he told Jessica he's the oldest child of four but he's actually not because he has an older brother named Dillan that died in a motorcycle accident six years ago), about the fact that his very young nephew Dillan was named after his later older brother, and lied about having a five year old daughter named Paisley (he was even hesitant to let Jessica know that he had a daughter). Nobody trusts him because he lies so much despite his Brutal Honesty when it comes to expressing how he feels about situations or the other houseguests. Paul even stated to the rest of the house that he couldn't name one factual piece of information about Cody because he has lied about his personal life so many times and none of the stories or facts that he's said about himself add up.
  • Control Freak: Cody is very controlling by nature. He likes to have complete command of everything. He tried to be in control of his alliance when he was HOH in Week 1, but he became so controlling of everything that his plans blew up in his face and he alienated his entire alliance in the process.
  • Cute and Psycho: On the surface, he looks completely normal. However, it's obvious by his behavior in the house that he's mentally and emotionally unstable and is battling serious emotional issues. What makes him scarier is the fact that he always comes off as The Stoic yet he's an emotionally repressed individual that could easily snap if he's provoked. There have been times when he's come off as very unstable such as when he's acted intimidating and threatening towards his fellow houseguests such as making physical violence threats towards Josh that he would beat him up outside of the house and make his life miserable.
  • The Cynic: Cody has a very cynical view on life but it could be because of all the hardships and struggles that he's gone through as well as becoming hardened by his experiences as a military man.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He's a single unwed father to a five year old daughter. That means Jessica is taking the place of an ex. His ex-girlfriend has majority joint custody of their daughter, with implications that the love child is the main reason they broke up because she has not planned to become an unwed mother. In addition, his older brother tragically died in a motorcycle accident six years ago and Cody was supposedly very close to him before his death. Finally, Cody has serious emotional problems due to being a veteran and engaging in combat who has done a few tours of duty in the Middle East. Cody is possibly suffering from various mental illnesses, most likely PTSD, General Anxiety Disorder or Major Depression.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Everything that comes out of Cody's mouth is sarcastic and deadpan. He is The Stoic after all.
  • Death Glare: Gives these to everyone, but especially to those that he doesn't like or those whom he deems untrustworthy. BB Comics week even branded him as "The Starecrow".
  • Deep South: Cody is currently residing in Dallas, Texas but he's originally from Lake Mills, Iowa.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Normally, Cody is unemotional and The Stoic. However, there are only a select few people where Cody will show a more emotional, vulnerable and human side. The first is Alex, whom Cody seems to have a deep affection, respect and admiration for. Whenever Cody interacts with Alex, he becomes much more relaxed and likeable. The second is Jessica, who is his showmantic partner and his only ally in the game.
  • Despair Event Horizon: In the later weeks of the game, especially in Week 6 and 7, Cody comes to realize that he made a lot of major mistakes in the game. After Jessica leaves, he seems to lose all hope of ever believing that he could win and make it to the end. Once he knows that he's going to be backdoored by Alex, he spends all his time alone in the Have Not room and refuses to socialize with the other houseguests. Much of his hopelessness in the game is self inflicted and is a result of the bad choices he made in the game.
  • The Determinator: Cody is extremely persistent when he has a goal or an agenda. He was so determined to align with Alex early in the game out of interest and respect for her but Alex had declined his offer. That still didn't stop Cody from trying to find a way to get Alex to align with him. He also made it his number one goal in trying to get Paul out of the house. However, despite his determination, he hasn't had any luck at all and due to his persistence in trying to get rid of Paul, he managed to turn the entire house, including those who were in his own alliance, against him.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Cody tried to throw the last Temptation Challenge, "Where Were You?", and thought he didn't hear any sound effects while residing in the Have Not room... except he forgot about hearing the jackhammer in there and accidentally scored a point. Had he chosen the HOH room where Josh was residing (which he didn't go anywhere near), he could have succeeded.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Cody eating Alex's entire box of cereal just to spite her over a game move did nothing to help Cody's position in the house or the other houseguests' perceptions of him. The funny thing is, Alex wanted Elena out over Cody and was going to try to persuade the house to vote out Elena over Cody but Cody just had to screw up the chances to save himself by acting petty over Alex.
  • Dirty Coward: Has no issue with putting other people down, intimidating others, and backstabbing people when it benefits him especially when he's in power, but as soon as the tables are turned and the rest of the house goes against him (and Jessica by extension), Cody makes himself look like a victim (something that he constantly proclaims to hate) and cries about how everyone that he trusted has backstabbed him.
  • Disc-One Final Boss: Subverted. He seems to be the primary antagonist of this Season, but he was evicted in the second episode. Then Cody returned by winning the Battle-Back Showdown, restoring his primary antagonist status. He's this again after being evicted for a second time with a 7-0 vote.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: For Alex. For the first two or three weeks of the game, Cody was extremely persistent in trying to get Alex to be in an alliance with him. But much to Cody's disappointment, Alex turned him down and told him that she had planned on targeting him along with Jessica and the rest of the showmances. Cody didn't really take it well and put Alex on the block.
  • Do Not Taunt Cthulhu: Cody tried to backdoor Paul and get rid of him in the first week because he was the veteran of the house. Unfortunately for him, he dramatically failed and Paul targeted Cody for the rest of the game. It didn't help Cody's chances of staying in the game when he decided that it would be a grand idea to get up into Paul's face in Week 5 simply for nominating him and Jessica. By bullying, intimidating, taunting and mocking Paul on a personal leave, it only made Paul even more passionate in wanting Cody out of the house. Even Jessica has to call Cody out on his actions because even she didn't think that it was a good idea to piss off the HOH, especially when that HOH is Paul who wanted their heads on a silver platter to begin with.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Cody hates people who throw pity parties or victim noises. Ironically, it's only acceptable when he's the one making victim noises such as when he and Jessica were being targeted by the other house (for very good reason) and Cody ended up crying because of it. It seems the only one who can make victim noises is himself and the only one who's allowed to pity him is Jessica.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Cody is a huge jerk but that doesn't stop some fans from trying to excuse his Jerkass behavior. Even if Cody acts like a complete douche or asshole to other people, they believe that his behavior and his actions are justified because he was bullied and harassed all game. Some of the fans constantly try to brush his shitty actions under the rug.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: Downplayed. During the week that Cody was in charge as HOH in Week 1, he was rude, selfish and abrasive in his treatment towards the other houseguests, including his own alliance members. But he wasn't really that confrontational and argumentative with the others in the beginning. Cody didn't start to display aggressive, intimidating and belligerent behavior or getting into fighting or yelling matches with the other houseguests until later on in the game after the entire house turned against him. Once everyone turned on him, Cody became downright nasty, mean spirited and vicious in his treatment towards the other houseguests and he became the most unpleasant person to be around.
  • Drunk with Power: Whenever Cody gets some kind of power, he completely abuses it and lets arrogance dictate his behaviour in the game.
  • The Dulcinea Effect: Cody was willing to throw away his game for Alex and Jessica, despite not knowing them for that long. Cody had a serious soft spot and strong infatuation with Alex at the beginning which caused him to go to extreme lengths to save and protect her even against his alliance members desires. Jessica was in a showmance with Cody so it's understandable why he would be willing to throw away the chance to win 500G's for her if he felt that he was a liability or detriment to her future or chances in the game.
  • Emotionless Boy: Cody rarely emotes beyond a cold, clinical stare. The only ones who can make him emote past that are Jessica and Alex (in the earlier part of the game) and those who make him lose his temper. In some ways, he's also a Broken Bird- Cody seems like a tired man who is closed off from people due to personal trauma and has grown weary of emotions and bitter toward the notion of fun.
  • Empty Eyes: Along with his Thousand-Yard Stare. Cody's eyes often appear very vacant and empty along with his often emotionless facial expressions. When the producers wanted to prove that point prior to his second and final eviction, they added robotic whirs to Cody's eyes when they moved.
  • Enraged by Idiocy: Cody gets easily irritated by some of the other houseguests stupidity and immaturity, most notably Josh's Attention Whore antics and dramatic behavior. He hates when people act immaturely and make victim noises as a result of acting stupid. Ironically, Cody is a bit of a hypocrite, because he's made a lot of stupid mistakes in the game.
  • Entitled Bastard: Cody has an extremely entitled and It's All About Me attitude. He flat out refuses to let his alliance know about his game plan as HOH in Week 1. As a result, his entire alliance started to mistrust Cody and felt that he was acting shady because he refused to communicate his plans with anyone. The funny thing is that he expects complete loyalty and trust from everyone that he's aligned with but he refuses to really give any loyalty and trust back.
  • Entitled to Have You: Cody was arrogant enough to believe that Alex should have a degree of loyalty to him because he's stated that he wants to protect her or keep her safe in the game. He also had a sense of entitlement over Alex in the first week when he tried to make an alliance with her. Once he realized that her plans didn't coincide with his and that she wasn't sure on aligning with him, he put her on the block (understandably so). Cody has always had an entitled attitude when it comes to Alex but he hasn't really openly done anything to earn her trust or loyalty except declare that he wants to protect her or act nice towards her.
  • Epic Fail: His Eviction Speech on Double Eviction night where he was trying to call out Alex for playing a dirty game because she was trying to flip the house to get out Matt, Paul or Raven (when it was him who came up with the idea to do all of that in an attempt to try to keep himself from going on the block as a replacement nominee) was one giant colossal mess of Blatant Lies. Alex and Jason gave his speech a giant raspberry and an Emperor's thumb down once he was finished. Going by the other's reaction to his speech, nobody was buying what he was selling.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Cody may be the villain and he's generally not the most pleasant guy on the playground in his cruel treatment of others, but even he believes that the bullying and harassment that he and Jess have faced in the game has crossed a moral line. He's also commented that people personally attacking his military status and career was way too personal even though the other houseguests had ill will towards him.
  • Evil Counterpart: To Mark. Both are athletes or athletic guys, with Mark being a Lovable Jock and Cody being a Jerk Jock. Both Mark and Cody are in showmances with a female houseguest (Mark was in a showmance with Elena and Cody was in a showmance with Jessica). The major difference between the two of them is that Mark is a genuinely Nice Guy while Cody is a Jerkass.
  • Evil Grin: Upon hearing that he has a chance to go back into the competition, his face lights up with a look that Julie believes is him thinking about Revenge.
  • Evil Is Petty: Cody can be very harsh, cruel and mean, especially towards people that he doesn't like. For example, when Cody was nominating Megan in the first week, he unnecessarily told her to her face in his nomination speech that he was putting her on the block simply because he didn't like her. Cody also seems to like talking trash and saying mean things about all of the other houseguests with Josh, Paul, and Christmas being his main targets. He has also made racist and transphobic comments.
  • Evil Laugh: Cody already has a creepy enough laugh as it is but whenever he's feeling confident in the game or if he knows that something is going to benefit him and work in his favor, he resorts to laughing like a giddy maniac.
  • Evil vs. Evil: For the majority of the season, it's been Paul vs. Cody. The two are an Arch-Enemy to each other and have spent the entire game plotting to take each other out of the game. At the start, Paul and Cody were in an alliance together but Cody tried to get rid of Paul and he dramatically failed to do so. Since then, there's been a huge lack of trust between the two and Paul and Cody were each other's number one target. Between the two of them, Paul won the battle as Cody was evicted for the second time in Week 7.
  • Fatal Flaw: Cody has so many that led to the downfall of his game.
    • Pride: Cody has a very hard time admitting that he's wrong. His sense of pride has also managed to alienate many of the other houseguests. He believes that he's superior to the rest of them and that they aren't worthy of associating themselves with him. His pride has also led to the downfall of his game because he refuses to acknowledge the mistakes that he's made in the game and how he's treated the other houseguests.
    • Arrogance: Cody is a very arrogant person who has the mentality that he's better than everyone else. This is even lampshades in the first week when he states in his DR that he will only include people in his alliance that are physically appealing and won't give any time of day to the people who are referred to as outsiders. His arrogance also caused him to alienate his entire alliance due to not communicating with them and deciding to keep all of his plans to himself. By displaying arrogant behavior, he backstabbed not just one but two of his allies in the first week because he wanted to make a big move by getting the sole veteran (Paul) out of the house.
    • Cruelty: Cody has been a very mean, aggressive and unfriendly person for the majority of the game. He's been rude to nearly every single houseguest at some point (including Jessica!) and he doesn't seem to show any remorse for the way that he's treated people. He treated Megan and Josh terribly. He humiliated Megan in front of the entire house during his nomination speech by saying he put her on the block because he didn't like her and he has bullied and threatened Josh on numerous occasions. Cody is anti-social and doesn't know how to get along with people. His lack of kindness and his inability to socialize with the others have been a major downfall in this game for him.
    • Disloyalty: Cody doesn't know how to be loyal to anyone in the game with the exception of Jessica. Everyone else is expendable to him except himself, Jessica, and at the start of the game, Alex. In the first week alone, he went against his entire alliance in order to save Alex (someone that his entire alliance wanted out) and possibly align with her. He was willing to go against nine people all for one person (Alex). He also backstabbed and went against two of his allies (Paul and Christmas) by putting them on the block without even letting any of his other alliance members know about his plan to do so. After making such a move, he lost the trust of his entire alliance except Jessica and everyone realized that Cody was a completely disloyal person.
    • Consummate Liar: Cody never communicated to his alliance about his plans, so they felt he couldn't be trusted. If he were a little more open and honest and could communicate to his allies more effectively, Cody could have gotten farther in the game. His actions during his HOH reign had shown that he was capable of being dishonest if he felt that something wouldn't benefit him or Jessica. Because of Cody's dishonesty and lack of communication to his allies, they all turned against him believing that he was not capable of being honest.
    • Lack of Empathy: Cody was completely apathetic about the wellbeing of his allies with the exception of Jessica. He also showed little to no compassion for his fellow houseguests. He didn't care that he acted aggressively and treated them in a mean spirited fashion. He has repeatedly stated that he doesn't care what people think of him and that he doesn't care that people hate him. His generally apathetic and uncaring attitude was a major contributing factor of why his social game failed and why he was a big target.
    • Narcissism: Cody felt that he was the only one in the house who was actually playing the game. He also believed that he was the only one who could take out Paul because he believed himself to be the strongest and best player to do it. His ego also caused him to alienate the people that he was aligned with as well as people he wasn't aligned with. He also said in the first week that he only wanted to align with physically attractive people or people who had a personality. Cody also had a huge enough ego to believe that he could turn on his alliance in Week 1 by making a power move and taking out the sole veteran (Paul) without consulting his allies about it first. Cody also had a huge hero and saviour complex, believing that he could protect and save his entire alliance of nine people simply by making deals left and right. He had a serious A God Am I complex and his ego made him a huge target.
    • Obsessiveness: Cody was a very obsessive person and it led him to make some irrational decisions in the game. His obsession with getting Paul out since Week 1 caused his game to blow up in his face. After trying to get Paul out the first week, he didn't even try to fix what he messed up but instead continued to obsessively hate Paul and go out of his way to continue targeting him. In addition, Cody became obsessed with Alex to the point where his admiration and "respect" for her caused him to make irrational decisions that didn't benefit his or his allies' game.
  • Flyover Country: Cody is originally from a city in Iowa called Lake Mills. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.
  • For the Evulz: Cody wants Josh out of the game simply to savor the moment of watching him leave and even took delight in the idea of the houseguests booing at his unwanted eviction. Suprisingly, Cody was cheered during his own eviction(s) instead of booed himself, so not everyone opposes his gameplay decisions. He also tried to ruin people's games just because he wanted to watch them fail.
  • Foreshadowing: Cody was the last to enter the house because he held the door open for Jessica. Cody turned out to be the Black Sheep of the house and got into a relationship with Jessica, who considers him a gentleman (hard though that may be to grasp...).
  • Freudian Slip: After his second eviction, he accidentally infers that he wants to marry Jessica, but quickly backs away from the idea this soon. Julie lampshades this by saying Jessica is probably screaming at home after hearing this. And the Instagrammers lay it all out there for her to know during her livestream.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: He plays the game mean-spiritedly from day one. Yet, he is strongly respected by Mark and Elena, and adored by Jessica. Meanwhile, his nemesis Paul plays the game in good spirits and has just about everyone else at his side. Cody immediately earns dislike for ruthlessly and methodically targeting Paul and causing discord in the household in general, without care over who he steps over. As soon as he tried to backstab Paul and it backfires due to Paul secretly taking the Pendant of Protection, Cody is outed as a backstabber and his reputation flat-lined among the rest of the household beyond Jessica and Marlena, who stick with him no matter what- even though Cody himself is annoyed by the latter group's flip-flopping.
  • Friendless Background: Intermingled with Family Man. Cody tells Jessica he doesn't have any friends in real life and is very close to his family, which explains why he's so irrationally hateful towards other people out of spite for their fellowship. And then there's the implication that his isolated life and time in the military has made him very self-dependent and unwilling to think his judgements are wrong because he has no one there to be his crutch and tell him when he's in the wrong.
  • Gasshole: Cody is very gassy and he's constantly burping and farting on the live feeds. Even the other houseguests were frequently complaining about how much Cody farts and how disgusting it is that he does it all over the house.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Cody has a visible jealous and envious streak. It's assumed that he doesn't like Paul because he's very jealous of the fact that he's the leader of the house and has got many allies who support him while Cody is nearly disliked by everyone and he's the biggest target for everyone in the house.
  • Grumpy Bear: Cody always seems to be permanently cynical and miserable, no matter what the situation or circumstance. Even during notably happy or fun times in the house, Cody is never seen to be actively laughing or participating in the fun with the other houseguests. The guy is a Perpetual Frowner.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Normally is very stoic and unemotional, but he has a very quick and violent temper when he's provoked.
  • Hates Everyone Equally: Cody admits that he hates everyone in the house with the exception of Jessica.
  • Hate Sink: Cody may very well be the coldest, angriest, and most vicious houseguest ever, because some of the rotten things he's said and done are in a league of their own. He's been one of the most hate-worthy players and has done almost nothing to warrant the kindness of others. But there's a certain novelty in watching him play the game with so much apathy and the catharsis of watching him lose in all he does.
  • The Hermit: Cody has openly admitted that he prefers being alone and he likes the solitary environment. It makes sense since he has No Social Skills and didn't really bond and develop any strong personal relationships in the game.
  • Heroes Love Dogs: Inverted. On the live feeds, Cody admits to hating dogs. Who hates dogs, seriously? Unless you are an animal-hating, uncaring Jerkass.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Cody was this with Mark at the beginning of the game along with being Bash Brothers. Mark and Cody were really close and the two of them admitted that they were each other's ride or die in the game. Unfortunately, their friendship and alliance fell apart once Cody flipped on his alliance and Mark sided with Paul instead which caused distrust towards Mark on Cody's behalf. Mark has stated that even though he and Cody drifted apart on a game related level, he still liked Cody and wanted to be friends with him outside of the house.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Cody's decision to blindside his entire alliance by backstabbing not just one (Paul), but two members of it has, more or less, led to the rest of the alliance (except for Jessica) completely abandoning him and Cody becoming one of the biggest targets in the entire game.
  • Humiliation Conga: Being turned into a Ve-Toad along with co-conspirator Jessica, forced to hop around the house dressed like a frog and stand only on lily pads throughout the place. Then, when he comes back into the game and the following HOH competition includes random punishments to inflict on others to encourage their loss, the whole house indulges in tormenting him and Jessica.
  • Hunk: Despite his unpleasant personality, Cody is a physically appealing man. He's also a Walking Shirtless Scene who likes to show off his ripped body.
  • Hypocrite:
    • Started hating Josh for doing something cowardly in taking the Golden Apple and disliking it when people do things at the start of the game that are selfish. This was right before he revealed his true colors to the whole house.
    • Constantly claims that he hates people who act like victims or make constant victim noises. Yet when the tables were turned and the entire house went against them for their bad gameplay and their poor behaviour towards the other houseguests, Cody makes himself a victim or target of harassment and mistreatment by the other houseguests.
    • Cody has also complained how he and Jessica are constant targets and are constantly being bullied by the other houseguests. However, in the first few weeks, they had little to issue with using their power to bully, intimidate, and hurt other people, including people within their own alliance. Has Cody forgotten what he did to Megan and Josh in the earlier weeks of the game?
  • Ice King: To the point that a professional interrogator (Megan) couldn't even read him. Cody doesn't even pretend to be particularly affable. Even when the house is joking around and having fun, Cody is icy and serious. Justified, because he's from the military and the experience hardened him.
  • If I Can't Have You...: His obsession with Alex caused him to harbor some bitter emotions throughout the game.
    • Cody spent the first few weeks of the game trying to convince Alex to join him in an alliance. Unfortunately for Cody, Alex turned down his offer and even went as far as to boldly state to his face that she plans on going after all of the showmances in the game, including Cody and Jessica. As a result of Alex rejecting Cody, he put her up on the block as a replacement nominee after Megan quit the game. Even after Cody put Alex on the block, he was still persistent in trying to get Alex on his side.
    • In Week 7, Cody's obsession with Alex goes from extreme admiration and respect to serious hatred and vengefulness. Once Alex nominated Cody as a backdoor option, Cody became extremely spiteful towards Alex, even going as far as to say that he hates her and wants nothing to do with her inside or outside of the house. He even decides to personally attack Alex by eating her entire box of cereal by himself just to spite her for "betraying him". On Eviction Night, Cody twists the dagger more when he makes a nasty speech (that was filled with Blatant Lies) to Alex in front of the entire house by trying to paint her as a big backstabber and liar playing a dirty game. Cody knew he was going out the door. Because he was rejected multiple times by Alex in trying to get her in an alliance with him, he decided that the best way for him to leave is to leave with a bang by throwing Alex under the bus and blowing up her game.
  • I Love You Because I Can't Control You: Cody, who is The Stoic and a major Jerkass, can't help but have high admiration and respect for Alex, an Asian and Nerdy Genki Girl, because she has no problem challenging him. He had so much respect and admiration for Alex because since the start, Alex was one of the few people who has always been a straight shooter and completely honest and upfront with him. In the very first week when Alex and Cody were the last two left competing in the Safety Competition, Cody tried to use manipulation and reverse psychology in order to get Alex to throw the competition to him. Alex didn't fall for it and instead told him "No offence, but I hope you eat shit." Cody found this humorous and he bared one of the few genuine smiles that was ever seen in the game. Ever since then, Cody has never been able to let go of his Alex admiration to the point where it affected his game.
  • Ineffectual Loner: Cody could have been a force to be reckoned with in the game since he's a pretty strong competitor, but his social game is so terrible and his inability to form personal bonds and relationships with most of the other houseguests made sure that he never stood a chance of lasting long in the game.
  • Irony:
    • Cody calls all of the other houseguests "psychopaths" and bullies when it's him who acted psychopathic since the beginning of the game and mistreated numerous houseguests for no reason.
    • The one person (Alex) that Cody strongly respected and admired, blew up his whole game for and turned on his alliance for, was the same person who was responsible for his downfall and his eviction. Looks like Jessica's instincts regarding Alex being the eventual downfall for Cody were spot on.
  • Irrational Hatred: Has this for Paul and Josh. Granted, the both of them can be hard to manage sometimes due to their brash personalities. However, Cody has disliked Paul since the very beginning of the season. Cody even admitted that he hated Paul on his season (Big Brother 18). He went out of his way to target Paul in the first couple of weeks. Since then, Cody has made it his mission to try to get Paul out of the house. Cody also has an intense hatred of Josh. He claims that he hates Josh because he's overly emotional, immature, and makes himself out to be a victim constantly. While all of this may be true, it still doesn't justify Cody's mistreatment and bullying of him.
  • It's All About Me: Puts up Paul without talking to his allies, and then does the exact same to Christmas when his attempts to backdoor Paul fails without even warning them.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Was willing to allow himself to be evicted in order to further Jessica's game. Despite his huge role in making them both targets, it was still admirable and a humanizing moment for a change. And now it's gone even further with Cody telling her outright that he's afraid he can't make her happy in the way she deserves to be happy. Jessica sweetly told Cody that he shouldn't believe that and that he shouldn't just assume what he thinks is right to shield himself from getting hurt, because he can be wrong.
  • I Warned You: To everyone who ended up in the Jury House with him because they didn't heed his warnings that Paul was only using them to his own end and dumping them as soon as they became a liability to his game. Also, his response to the jurors who are now witnessing how stupid it was of them to leave Christmas in the house over Jillian after seeing her immense social and strategic game in action and vastly prolonging her longevity in the house and being behind several key evictions.
  • Jerkass: Is consistently rude and deceitful toward just about everyone to the point that even his own alliance members think he's going too far. Being a dick in Big Brother gets you on the chopping block, but with him, it's a step further in that he seems ready to kill some people. One wonders why he isn't in counseling.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: At the very least, he is very loyal towards Jessica, and he does have quite a few morality pets as shown below. He does seem to genuinely love and care for his daughter as well, so Cody isn't all bad.
  • Jerk Jock: Cody is highly athletic and physically fit. However, he's not the friendliest guy on the play ground and he's quite mean and cruel in the way that he treats the other houseguests. He's also strongly arrogant and thinks he's better than everyone else.
  • Jumped Off The Slippery Slope: Subverted – he seemed like he was taking a stab at Raven's inability to conceive children brought him into the territory of death threats from Matt. However, Raven made that up just to spite Cody and make Matt attack him, so she was the one who jumped off the slippery slope that day. Double subverted when he did what Matt did and basically levied an Implied Death Threat at Josh that he would destroy his fat ass outside of the house the week Josh was HOH and they argued, and a certain conversation came up that he and Jessica wanted to slander Josh as a sexual predator and ruin his life outside the house by exploiting a misunderstanding that he peeped at Raven in the shower (which Raven herself denies, and the very fact she denied it is a testament to its phoniness); when Josh's own mother wrote in the letter he got bundled with the HOH basket expressing fears over the threats made at him, Paul finally decided it was time to punish Cody and Jessica for turning the house into a slaughterhouse.
  • Kick the Morality Pet:
    • Nominated his Morality Pet Alex after she declined his offer for an alliance — her plans didn't align with his. On the other hand, Cody did feel bad about putting her on the block and got emotional over it.
    • In Week 7, Cody said that he "hated" Alex to her face. He ate Alex's entire box of cereal just to spite her. Cody randomly did so because he was angry, hurt and upset at Alex for nominating him and he wanted to make a statement.
    • In his Eviction Speech, he decided to throw Alex under the bus in front of everyone by saying that she played a dirty game and that she tried to flip the house on Matt, Raven and Paul along with Jason.
  • Lack of Empathy: Cody is emotionless and The Stoic. He rarely shows any kind of vulnerability or emotion. It takes people like Alex and Jessica to get him to show some emotion openly. He also didn't seem to care that Christmas had injured her foot. When Christmas had come back from surgery, everyone except Cody had come down to check on Christmas.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • Cody bullied his way into becoming the first HOH with reverse psychology and then took a stab at both Christmas and Paul from behind, and treated Josh like shit along with Jessica. Paul proceed to rally the rest of the house against Cody, then Christmas cursed him and Jessica into becoming a Ve-Toad.
    • Cody tried to tilt all the heat on Elena in the hope Alex would want to evict her over him. Unfortunately, he's too much of a target to ignore and it's Double Elimination Week, so Alex intends to use her sway as HOH to get the house to eliminate Elena next.
  • Loners Are Freaks: Cody is a loner, so he's considered to be an outcast among the other houseguests. Many of the other houseguests find Cody's behavior very bizarre with some even believing that Cody suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder.
  • Love Hungry: Game wise, Cody was so desperate for Alex to like him and to be aligned with him. He went to extreme measures to get Alex to want to be on his side of the house. He was willing to throw his alliance under the bus and nominate two of his alliance members in Paul and Christmas in order to get in Alex's good graces. Cody was willing to throw a Veto competition to Alex so that he could keep her in the game. He was ever so persistent in his desire to have Alex on his side out of his strange obsessive adoration and respect for her. His own alliance members pointed this out to Cody and other people but that still didn't stop Cody's persistence and determination with Alex in the game.
  • Love Makes You Crazy: In the earlier weeks, Cody had a personal connection and bond with Alex that caused him to make irrational and crazy decisions that affected the games of himself and his allies. Due to his irrational behaviour over keeping Alex in the house (when his ENTIRE alliance wanted her out), Cody's obsession with Alex managed to ruin his alliance members perception of him. His own alliance members were very confused and shocked by his desire in wanting to protect Alex and prevent her from being evicted. In trying to protect Alex, Cody went against his entire alliance's wishes, refused to share any of his plans, backstabbed his own allies, and threw a POV competition (much to his alliance members' horror) to Alex in order to ensure her safety. Even the audience was questioning why Cody was irrationally blowing up his game for Alex.
  • Love Makes You Evil: A variation. At the start, Cody made it obvious that he had a strong infatuation and respect for Alex (to obsessive levels!). At first, Cody just seemed to really like Alex on a personal level and he enjoyed her presence and her company. However, when he was in power as HOH in Week 1, Cody's admiration and obsession for Alex turned him into The Caligula who became completely unhinged and unpredictable because of his desire to keep Alex in the game. Cody also suffered from a serious power trip and part of what made his HOH reign so chaotic was his extreme obsession with trying to recruit Alex to his side of the house. He also had a strong desire to protect Alex and keep her safe. In doing so, he managed to become completely unhinged and crazy in his game plans. In trying to save Alex and keep her in the game, he acted like a power hungry Jerkass towards other people, completely jeopardized his status in the game, made himself the number one target for wanting to align with Alex, caused complete distrust among all of his allies, threw a crucial POV competition to Alex against his alliance members wishes, blew up and destroyed his entire alliance over Alex, caused drama and chaos to ensue because of his crazy behavior, refused to tell any of his allies about his plans on what he was going to do, and backstabbed members of his own alliance by putting them on the block (Paul and Christmas). Cody may have been a jerk to start with, but his mission to save and protect Alex and his desperation to align with her and get her on his side pushed him into Big Bad, villain or full fledged antagonist territory.
  • Mad Love: Cody, in the early weeks of the game, was extremely persistent in his attempts at trying to get Alex to be in an alliance with him and join his side of the house simply because he had such a deep respect, admiration and infatuation for her. Yet, Alex had openly and boldly said to Cody that shall she get into power, she would have no problem in targeting him and nominating him (As well as the other couples). Unfortunately, this didn't seem to stop Cody as it seemed that Cody liked Alex constantly rejecting him and telling him that she didn't want to be associated with him. In fact, it only made Cody chase after her even more and made him want to align with her even harder. But he just didn't seem to understand Alex's intentions in regards to aligning with him in the first place and that she really never had much interest in aligning with him at all. Couldn't Cody just take a hint?
  • Manipulative Bastard: Plays up his reactions as creepily friendly and extraverted to gain brownie points with Christmas during her story about her time with NASCAR. The way he behaves is so out of character and forced that he starts cringing. You can almost hear the seams inside him popping from putting on such a painful performance.
  • Men Are the Expendable Gender: In the custody hearings for his daughter Paisley, the judge only gave him the summer months. Which he is giving up by coming onto this show.
  • Men Don't Cry: Subverted. He admitted to Jessica that he rarely cries and it's hard to get a tear out of him. However, Cody was on the verge of tears when he had put Alex on the block. Jessica even called out Cody for being emotional while he was nominating Alex but Cody went into denial saying that he didn't get emotional. In the later weeks, Cody ends up sobbing to Jessica when they get targeted by the entire house. It was the second time (after showing emotion for putting Alex on the block) that Cody had shown that he's capable of letting his emotions out when he's sad, disappointed, hurt or upset.
  • Mighty Whitey and Mellow Yellow: Subverted. In the early weeks, Cody, who is White, was drawn to Alex, who is Asian, and had a bond with her. Cody mentioned that he liked and respected Alex because she's the opposite of a pushover — an Action Girl who is The Determinator and a strong competitor. He also seems to be drawn to her strong, feisty personality as he was amused when Alex had told him to eat sh-t while they were going head to head in the Safety Competition.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Constantly says that he's trustworthy which he believes makes him heroic. However, nobody in the house wants to align with him because he has such a poor social game and has proven to be untrustworthy because he went against his entire alliance. Josh even accuses him of having "little man syndrome".
  • The Millstone: Although Cody is a reasonably good competitor, he's still pretty useless socially and strategically in the game. The guy has zero social skills and has no allies in the game (except Jessica) because he's shown to be very untrustworthy. When he's not in power, his contributions to the game include laying in bed with Jessica all day, playing victim, and talking trash about the other houseguests that he deems unworthy of his social presence. Without having strong competition prowess, Cody is pretty incompetent in the game.
  • Morality Pet:
    • Strangely, Alex seems to be Cody's. Despite not being in his alliance and openly admitting she wants him gone, Cody is by far at his nicest around her and only seems to have positive things to say about her as a contestant and as a person. Despite bringing out the best in him, his admiration and respect for her starts to become obsessive in nature to the point where he becomes unhinged game wise and it destroys his entire game.
    • Raven appears to be one as well, with Cody caring about her well-being and genuinely wanting to help her in any way he can.
    • Jessica is his showmance and the only person who really stuck by his side, so that's why she would keep Cody in check when he becomes too intense.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Cody is almost always seen without a shirt...and quite a few of the female fans don't complain about that.
  • Must Make Amends: This will really surprise you. Once Josh won the game, Cody immediately went and apologized to Josh's folks for his misconduct in the house, proving that all the stuff he said was brought out by anger and not truly personal.
    Josh: It was so crazy. He came up to me and shook my hand and congratulated me. I was not expecting that and he said, 'I apologize. It was just a part of the game.' I apologized too and he then went to my family and said, 'I apologize. It was just a game move and just a show. If I hurt you guys I'm so sorry.' That was huge. As a man I really respected that and it meant a lot. Even though we're not friends and we probably won't talk after this, I really appreciated that and it meant a lot to me.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Cody wanted Paul out of the house in Week 1 because Paul was desperate to get Alex out of the house. Paul rallied people to get Cody to put Alex on the block in order to placate his large alliance. Cody, on the other hand, wanted to protect Alex, much to his alliance's disconcertion and Paul targeting her seriously rubbed Cody the wrong way.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Cody doesn't plan on winning the game anymore after coming to realize that he's let hate dictate his moves in the game so intensely that he's being viewed as a sociopath by everybody, even his girlfriend.
  • Narcissist: When he's on a power trip, Cody is best described as an angry Adonis who thinks he's on top of the world and wonders why people aren't worshipping at his feet when he doesn't show any concern for them. The one time he did try to show a vested interest in somebody's background (Christmas), it was so fake and plastic that you'd think Cody had blown a fuse. Josh was also annoyed Cody hadn't bothered to get to know him and learn about his degree in business and instead bullied him all this time.
  • Nerves of Steel: Cody is almost unflappable, even when everybody is taunting him. He is the epitome of The Stoic.
  • Never My Fault: Cody can't own up to all of his bad behavior, his poor attitude throughout the game, and the many horrible things that he said while he was in the house. He doesn't own up to anything, including the fact that he was an abrasive bully who threatened and abused people while in the house and was also completely and unnecessarily rude to other people for no reason. He also refuses to take responsibility for being transphobic and making hurtful comments about the Transgender community (such as referring to them as "trannies" and saying that he doesn't care about their cause because they are only 0.00001% of the total human population). In fact, when an interviewer for Buzz Feed had mentioned that there was a military transgender ban that was implemented by President Trump a few months ago, Cody widely grinned at this, meaning that he was very supportive and happy that this was the case and that transgendered people were no longer allowed to be patriots, join the military and serve their country like everyone else. Cody is seriously a bigoted person and he is very ignorant and has a lot to learn. The fact that he didn't even apologize for his actions and instead, chose to brush it aside and condone it makes his ignorance and bigotry that much more worse and problematic.
  • Nice Guy: The only nice guy in Cody's alliance. Especially shows when he is among the first to ditch Cody completely. And when everybody, including Raven (who just caught hell from Jessica), moves in on Cody and Jessica for a group hazing, he walks away and says in the Diary Room a little later that this is not what he wanted his game to be. He also went as far as to confront Christmas about antagonizing Cody after Paul set the plans in action. However, despite being nice, mellow and down to earth most of the time, it's not wise to make an enemy out of him by either betraying him or lying to him.
  • Nice Hat: His camouflage baseball cap. Sometimes, Jessica gets to wear it.
  • No Sense of Humor: Cody is basically the anti fun police. He doesn't seem to have a grasp on humor and having fun. When Paul was fooling around by dressing up as a rodeo clown in Week 1, everyone in the room was laughing and having a good time but Cody was completely serious and looked like he was about to kill Paul. And when Paul pranked him by putting Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the coffee filters and scoop, Cody didn't laugh- he broke into a Tranquil Fury and began hatefully cussing under his breath. Unlike all the other houseguests, Cody finds NO mirth in pranking/being pranked or lightening up for anybody except Jessica.
  • No Social Skills: Cody is extremely socially awkward and anti social. His social game is very poor and he doesn't know how to actively socialize with the rest of the houseguests. His lack of decent social skills have contributed to Cody being such a huge target.
  • Not Good with People: After all, Cody has No Social Skills and he prefers to be alone for the majority of the time. Even when he is interacting with others, he's treating them in a hostile manner or he's extremely awkward.
  • Not Good with Rejection: Cody had been trying for weeks to get Alex to be in an alliance with him, but Alex turned down his offer and told him boldly that she was planning on targeting him and the other showmances. Cody didn't react that well to Alex's rejection of being an alliance with him and he nominated her after Megan quit the game. Even after Cody had put Alex on the block, he still continued to be persistent in trying to both protect her and get her to align with him much to Jessica's disconcertion.
  • Official Couple: With Jessica; it's not only an actual relationship, it's involved some hanky-panky.
  • Out-of-Character Alert: Cody acting emotive around Christmas to try and make people see he's not a bad guy and can have emotional investments in people. It is so forced and creepy and one of the cringiest things to watch.
  • Perpetual Frowner: The guy serious doesn't know how to smile. He always seems like he has a permanent scowl on his face which makes him come across as completely anti social and unfriendly.
  • Pet the Dog: Cody, who is normally flip flopping between being a Jerkass and The Stoic, and his interactions with both Alex and Jessica bring out a much more vulnerable, nice and emotional side out of him. Alex is a Morality Pet for Cody and he has an obvious soft spot for her. He becomes more endearing whenever he's interacting with her. Jessica is his Love Interest so that's why she would make Cody become more nice and tolerable. Although, it is arguable that Jessica does bring out the worst in Cody at the same time.
  • Poisonous Friend: Jessica begins to see Cody as one after realizing he is a confrontational bag of nerves in real life, and Christmas gives her a heart-to-heart that the house is against her only because Cody is dragging her through the mud. Jessica confronts Cody and makes him own up to his behavior.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: Cody's already begun making comments that much of the BB fanbase considers to be highly transphobic and offensive just a couple days into feeds. Mocking "trannies" is not earning him many friends.
    • Taken one step further during later feeds, when Cody described Audrey Middleton as "a dude dressed up like a girl." When his showmance partner, Jess, called him out on it; Cody defended himself by saying "that's what he was!"
  • Poor Communication Kills: Cody refers to people Playing the Victim Card as making "victim noises". The way he words it is too curt and cold; it makes it sound like a blanket statement that he's apathetic to people who have been seriously hurt on an emotional level. He's not, he's just so stiff and annoyed when he talks to people that he usually comes off as hostile and it's very hard to tell when he's being sincere.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The Blue Oni to Paul's Red Oni – militant, cold, and unflinching to Paul's energetic, passionate and spirited. Best seen when the two competed in the Battle-Back Showdown and their colors matched their characters with Cody wearing blue and Paul wearing red.
  • Rejection Affection: Cody repeatedly asked Alex to be in an alliance with him throughout the game. Alex rejects him over and over. Cody doesn't take the hint. Even when Alex warned Cody the first time when she stated that she would target him, he still didn't stop being determined in trying to get Alex to join his side of the house. When she rejected him the first time, he put her on the block. When she saved herself by winning the POV, he threw his alliance under the bus to gain trust with Alex. The guy never quit wanting to work with Alex even during the week that led to his eviction.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Since Cody has returned to the game after winning the Battle Back competition, he has gained some favour and popularity among the viewers and the fandom. Most of his increase in popularity has to do with the very fact that he serves as a counterbalance to Paul, who is the season's creator pet. Cody also became an underdog because the entire house was against him and didn't want to work with him after the way he acted before he was evicted in Week 2. Cody's popularity in the fandom continued to rise when the other houseguests let their hatred of Cody (and Jessica) become stronger and stronger to the point where they all taunted, bullied and ostracized him which caused the audience to side with Cody and sympathize with him. He still has plenty of haters in the fandom though. All in all, Cody is a Base-Breaking Character within the Big Brother fandom.
  • The Reveal: Cody is a father of a 5-year-old daughter, Paisley. He only reveals this to a select group of people he can trust in real life. Only Jessica and Kevin get to know this. Respectfully so, Kevin wanted to tell the other houseguests because he felt they had a right to know, but only made it public knowledge once Cody left the game and no one could use it against him on a personal level.
  • Rule of Three: The first time he was nominated, he did get evicted, but won the Battle Back. The second time, Jessica used the Halting Hex to cancel it. It was his third nomination where he was evicted for good.
  • Sanity Slippage: Cody pulled a mini-Audrey style breakdown after Jessica left the game. After she was evicted, Cody started to act strangely. Since he knew that he was the target, he didn't bother to build any more relationships or create any more allies to help him in the game. After Alex twisted the knife in his back by backdooring him, Cody became even more isolated than before. He spent all of his time alone and away from everyone in the Have-Not room reading the Bible all day. The only time that he would come out of the Have-Not room was when he had to use the bathroom or when he had to go to the kitchen to eat. Houseguests noticed Cody's antisocial behavior and constantly discussed how strange it was. Cody also lashed out randomly at other houseguests by telling them that he hated them and didn't want to be friends with them once the game was over. Cody became extremely vengeful and spiteful towards Alex and, lashing out at her in the worst ways imaginable. He even took Alex's box of cereal and ate the whole thing as a way to spite Alex. He didn't take it well after Jessica left. Cody has had a soft spot for Alex and has tried to work with and protect for the entirety of the game, but when she threw him to the wolves, it just made Cody lose it even more. Cody mentally and emotionally checked out of the game and lost his sense of stability and his anchor in Jessica. It was clear that Cody was going nuts. He even lampshaded this during his Exit Interview with Julie Chen saying that he was finally happy to be out of that house because he was finding it way too emotionally taxing and exhausting. He was not too thrilled when he learned that it was a Double Eviction and that another one of the lunatics left in the house was going to be joining him in the jury house considering that he just wanted some peace and quiet after going crazy in a house filled with people that he didn't like. It's apparent that even though Cody is mentally unstable to begin with, being in that house, playing that kind of game, and being around a bunch of people that he didn't like or click with did nothing for his sanity and mental stability.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Cody is the Savvy Guy to Alex's Energetic Girl. Cody is much more serious, cynical, aloof, and The Stoic while Alex is more upbeat, optimistic, hyper and a Genki Girl.
  • The Scrappy: At the start of the season, the majority of the viewers and the fandom hated Cody with an undying passion. He was constantly bashed on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Big Brother forums. Many fans didn't like him for his cruel, aggressive and mean treatment towards the other houseguests, the fact that he played way too hard too fast, that he tried to target and backdoor the fan favorite veteran Paul in Week 1 along with backstabbing another popular houseguest Christmas, his misogynistic and sexist comments, his transphobic comments, his absolute joy talking about killing people or committing violence against another human being, and his generally cold, careless, ruthless and mean personality and demeanour. It didn't help that people also thought Cody was very boring and had no personality.
  • Selective Obliviousness: Cody repeatedly stated that he respects, admires and trusts Alex and he was desperate to align with her. However, she's also the same person that bold faced told him that she planned on nominating him and the other couples. That still didn't stop Cody from trying to align with Alex and get her on his side even though she had told him that he was one of her targets. Cody seemed like he was in denial about Alex for the entire game and just didn't want to admit that she didn't have any loyalty to him.
  • Sex for Solace: When Cody used to become an erratic mess, Jessica would offer sex as a way of getting him to calm down and take his mind of things. Fan even jokingly noted that before Cody would engage in some sexy times with Jessica, he would be very grumpy and ill tempered, but after he sleeps with Jessica and gets a little loving from her, he's notable in a better mood and much more pleasant. If one wants to cure Cody of his bad moods, sleeping with him and giving him sex does wonders.
  • Shell-Shocked Veteran: Apparently most of his Jerkass behavior comes from being an ex-military man. Not an excuse but still.
  • Ship Tease:
  • Smug Snake: Whenever Cody is in power or not, he's full of himself, arrogant, threatening, and aggressive. He has an apparent superiority complex and seems to think he's better than everyone else in the house. Although he's a relatively strong competitor, he lacks decent social skills and is terrible at strategy. Due to his arrogance and sense of superiority, his social game is non-existent and any strategic gameplay dramatically blows up in his face.
  • Stalker with a Crush: For Alex. Cody had an obsession with Alex in the early weeks of the game. He went as far as to repeatedly offer Alex an alliance with him in order to guarantee her safety. He also went against his entire alliance to try to keep her safe which only managed to cause his allies to mistrust him. Much of Cody's determination to protect Alex was because of his genuine admiration, affection and respect for her and the fact that he felt that she deserved to be in the game. All that Cody seemed to talk about on the live feeds was Alex or something concerning Alex, even to his own girlfriend Jessica!
  • Star-Crossed Lovers: With Jessica. His relationship with Jessica has been nothing but endless chaos and turmoil. the two loved each other so much yet they were constantly being torn apart. They were constantly targeted because everyone hated them and wanted them out of the house. Cody and Jessica tried to do everything in their power to try to stay together so that they could be with each other for the rest of the summer but unfortunately for them, the Big Brother Gods went out of their way to keep them apart. First, Cody was separated from Jessica in Week 2 when Paul backdoors and then evicts Cody. A few weeks later, Jessica and Cody were reunited once again when Cody wins the Battle Back Competition which ensures that he has a second chance in the game. Unfortunately, just because Cody won his way back in the house and Jessica was granted the Halting Hex Temptation from America (the temptation which would give Jessica the ability to null an eviction of her choice over a span of four weeks) didn't mean that they had any luck in staying together. As soon as Cody and Jessica were reunited and sharing in their romantic bliss as they were the ones in power with Jessica being the HOH, it all came crashing down afterwards. Once Cody and Jessica were vulnerable, they both became the number one targets of the house once again. Paul won HOH and put them on the block but with their luck, Jessica used her temptation to stop one of them from being evicted. But it didn't change their fate all that much in the game or their chances from being split apart as the following week Josh won HOH. Although Josh didn't nominate her, Jessica became the third nominee after losing (more like throwing) the Safety Competition (a curse that Jessica herself placed upon the entire house when she decided to accept the Halting Hex temptation). Jessica was evicted one week before jury starts, which means that Cody and Jessica are separated from each other for the rest of the summer. A week later, Cody gets evicted after Jessica and goes to jury without Jessica.
  • Static Character: Cody from the start of the game to the end of the game didn't change one bit. He stated the same and didn't seem to learn anything from his experience in the house. Cody started out mean and aggressive to other people and he was the exact same way during the time he was evicted and the time that he spent in the jury house. Cody also showed that he was a Sore Loser from start to finish. The only thing that changed about Cody was that he had a Relationship Upgrade with Jessica.
  • Stupid Evil: While Cody had all the power in the first week as HOH, he blew it. He had a large majority alliance that he was leading and was a part of, but he blew it all for a girl (Alex) that wasn't even in his alliance to begin with and backstabbing two of his alliance members (Paul and Christmas) for no good reason. After that, everyone that was in an alliance with him turned on him and realized that he was too much of a loose cannon to work with.
  • The Sociopath: Many people felt that Cody was sociopathic because of his very aggressive, cruel, cold and ruthless personality. He would show no emotion or vulnerability and people felt that he was nothing more than an emotionless robot. It didn't help that Cody is Ax-Crazy and emotionally and mentally unstable. This is a guy that has smiled while bragging about killing human beings. The guy is seriously not okay upstairs.
  • Sociopathic Soldier: How many of the viewers have perceived Cody. Many people have complained that Cody comes across as emotionless and sociopathic. Because of his emotionless and cold demeanour, many presume that Cody is mentally unstable underneath The Stoic facade. Cody fits the Broken Soldier flavor (Type 4) as Cody may be suffering from PTSD due to his experiences as a marine in the military.
  • Sore Loser:
    • With Jessica after his nemesis Paul wins HOH. And when he gets voted out to stay out, he walks right on top of the meeting room coffee table on the way out just to show everyone how he doesn't have anymore fucks to give at this point.
    • Also he was salty and bitter when he was getting evicted. When it was announced that he was evicted, he showed how much of a poor sport he was when he decided to climb on top of the living room glass table and walk over it so that he could leave the house without hugging anyone or wishing anyone else left in the game good luck. And just before that, he made up an eviction speech where he threw Alex and Jason under the bus and made up Blatant Lies about the two of them trying to flip the house. Cody chose to throw Alex under the bus because she didn't want to work with him.
  • Spanner in the Works: Both averted and subverted. He tried to pin targets on Mark and Dominique. However at Dominique's talkshow game, he revealed this idea without revealing who, which allowed Mark to figure it out. While Mark got the target off his back, it only added to Dominique being a target.
  • Stepford Smiler: Cody does not like to smile or grin at all. But when he does, it's so forced that it looks fake, like its plastered on his face. There's nothing natural about his smile but that's not surprising since Cody most likely doesn't understand the meaning of showing emotion, especially emotions like joy and happiness. His forced smile is an indicator that Cody is a deeply mentally troubled person hiding a lot of serious emotional issues underneath that stoic facade.
  • The Stoic: Cody is infamous for his stoicism. He's been described as a "stone-faced monster". And the show even adds a few robotic servo whines and whirs when he cracks his neck or moves his eyes around.
    • Not So Stoic: Jessica telling Cody that his character is seriously lacking almost got him crying. And when Christmas knocked him out of a POV where Jess's safety was on the line, he finally did break down in tears.
  • Taking You with Me: Dropped some bombs on Mark for his dishonesty and Dominique for her shadiness in the hours before he was evicted by giving Paul a lot of ammo to work with. Paul decided Dominique was the person of most immediate concern and got her out. Cody didn't believe what he said would affect who would leave next, thinking Ramses was more likely to be voted out next (which did happen after Cody returned to the house). He was surprised that the gambit worked when Dominique walked out as the next person evicted after him prior to the Battle-Back Competition.
  • Thousand-Yard Stare: Cody has a very emotionless, empty stare which is often seen as creepy. Cody is a combo of The Stoic and a Shell-Shocked Veteran who might have undiagnosed or untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Gifted a nice sum of $25,000 as America's Favorite Houseguest after a whole season of misery, remarking how it didn't make sense to him (he didn't know that the viewers switched sides when Paul became the bigger monster in the game). And on top of that, he and Jessica have been commissioned to take part in The Amazing Race 30.
  • Tragic Keepsake: Starts wearing Jess's red bandana on his arm on the night he knows she's going home. Wait, tragic red bandana around the arm of a badass? Why's that sound so familiar?
  • Tranquil Fury: Even when Cody gets mad or shows irritation, his anger comes across as emotionless and cold. He does have a Hair-Trigger Temper when he's provoked too far though.
  • Troubled, but Cute: Cody has some major emotional issues. He's a very emotionally repressed person that needs loads of therapy.
  • The Unfettered: Cody Nickson in a nutshell? He screws people over, he bullies people he doesn't like, and he never says he's sorry.
  • Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: His battle against nemesis Paul in the Battle-Back Showdown was practically a solid guarantee even before he beat the others trying to get back in, because Paul is the golden boy of the house and everyone voted for him (except himself, because that's against the rules) to compete without knowing Cody would be the opponent.
  • Unfortunate Names: "Nickson" sounds a lot like "Nixon". Cody's gameplay is underhanded, and he resigned to defeat after being caught and chastised...
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Would you believe this guy is frequently hitting the top of the houseguest ratings and is the biggest contender to win "Favorite Houseguest" of the season? A lot of it has to do with how much the audience is starting to hate Paul as of late for being the biggest snake in the house and Cody being the one who suffered at his hands the most, and their views on him switched from hating Cody to pitying Cody and realizing reparations were in order because they helped start his bad luck in the game in the first place by voting the Pendant of Protection into Paul's hands before they learned Paul transformed from a heroic player to a villainous one this season. It caused fans to go online and launch viral campaigns to vote for Cody, which finally resulted in him easily nabbing America's Favorite Houseguest.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Even for Big Brother, Cody takes things way too far with the anger, forgetting he's on a game show and holding grudges like the people in the house murdered someone he really cared about. During the week he blew up at Josh with Jessica while Josh was HOH, he made threats to come after Josh and shred him in two in a fight in real life before Josh could get a word in edgewise. Paul found it very unhealthy for the rest of the house to keep Cody among them and sarcastically remarked how well they were faring because of his many abuses.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Screaming at Paul after the HOH meeting where he put his and Jessica's names up a second time served no purpose but just to insult him because he was mad. When Paul explained that they were not his intended targets and that Cody was being unfair, Jessica realized Cody has a scary temper and was nearly driven to break things off with him. Cody went to the Have-Not room to give himself time to clear his head, which worried Jessica even more because she interpreted it as him wanting to run away from the problem. And then he told her his real fear. See I Want My Beloved to Be Happy.
  • Villain Corner: Started off the game as a well-meaning but quiet houseguest who seemed shy and had good reasons to hate on some players (like calling Josh a coward for taking the Golden Apple and throwing his team under the bus in doing so). It wasn't until he tried to backdoor Paul that he became vilified.
  • Villainous Crush: Had one on Alex earlier on in the game. He would constantly talk about how much he liked and respected Alex and wanted to keep her in the game for as long as possible because he enjoyed her company and also thought she deserved to be in the game because of her game playing skills. In fact, Cody liked Alex so much that he became a Stalker With Acrush and a Yandere for her. He discussed her nonstop to the other houseguests (including his own girlfriend Jessica!) and he made a declaration to Alex herself that he wanted to protect her in the game for as long as possible as well as wanted to align with her in the game. In fact, he liked her so much that he threw away his game for her in Week 2 and even admitted to Alex herself when he came back in the game a second time!
  • Walking Shirtless Scene: The dude is practically allergic to shirts.
  • War Is Glorious: Cody constantly smiles every time he brings up war and the military. He thrives on telling the other houseguests about his service and his time in the military. He also likes to brag about how many people he's killed while in combat. He enlisted in the army because he loves of war.
  • Wham Line: "Christmas, you got screwed." That was the moment he went from being a power player to a power asshole among the houseguests.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Finally given a scolding for his overwhelmingly poisonous nature by Jessica 40+ days into the game.
  • When He Smiles: Cody doesn't smile all that much, but when he does, it's considered to be endearing.
  • Woman Scorned: GenderInverted
    • Cody spent the earlier weeks persistently trying to get Alex to be in an alliance with him. Alex rejected Cody and his offer by telling him point blank that she was going to target him and the other showmance couples. Cody didn't take Alex's decline too well and he nominated her.
    • In Week 7 after Alex had put Cody on the block as a replacement nominee, he ate the whole box of Alex's cereal (she told him that he was only allowed to have some of it) just to spite her. Before that, he had told Alex that he hated her and didn't want anything to do with her when she and the rest of the house confronted him on what he had done. On the other hand, Cody being nominated wasn't what made him angry, it was the fact that it was Alex of all people that did it. It could also be assumed that Cody was also getting revenge against Alex for both declining an alliance with him and nominating him. Talk about Cody being majorly scorned!
    • And during his Eviction Speech, he calls out Alex solely, saying that she played a dirty game and that she had the intention of getting her number one ally Paul out of the house (which is NOT true since she was faking with Cody when he was trying to campaign to her). In addition, he tells Paul that basically Alex is a backstabber and cannot be trusted. If Cody feels betrayed or disappointed by anyone in the game, it's Alex. He's a man scorned!
  • Yandere: For Alex — in the earlier weeks of the game, Cody had a strange yet strong obsession and infatuation with Alex. Even fans had noted that Cody's obsession with Alex was beyond weird and creepy. Cody has repeatedly stated that he has a lot of "respect" for Alex because she is an athletic girl who is a strong competitor. Cody seemed to have an obsession with keeping Alex in the game even though the rest of his alliance wanted her evicted. He was willing to go to some extreme lengths to protect Alex and keep her in the game, such as going against his entire alliance and throwing the POV competition so that Alex would win. Cody also dived into Murder the Hypotenuse area when he decided to target and backdoor Paul because he (Paul) had been targeting Alex hardcore in the first week and Cody admitted that it bothered the f—- out of him. Cody was also highly persistent, to Dogged Nice Guy and Stalker with a Crush levels, in trying to get Alex to be in an alliance with him simply because he had such a strong interest in her. When Alex rejected Cody's offer for an alliance, he nominated her for possible eviction. On the live feeds, it seemed that every time Cody was talking, he couldn't help but bring up Alex every minute, even to Jessica. Hell, the guy was so obsessed with Alex and had her constantly on his mind that he called Jessica "Alex" while they were snuggling in bed together! Many media sites and many Big Brother fans have also commented and noted how Cody has a creepy, unhealthy obsession with Alex. Even Jessica has frequently complained about Cody's obsession with Alex! Christmas even lampshades it on the live feeds when talking to Alex. Alex had said that Jessica thought she was trying to hit on Cody and Christmas had said it was because Cody was obsessed with her.
  • You Were Trying Too Hard: Elena complained in the Diary Room that his use of maverick moves at the beginning of the game was a very bad thing to do.
  • Zero-Approval Gambit: Cody made no bones about going after Paul first and foremost. Yet in doing so, he incurred the wrath of the house and America itself. They're directly responsible for getting Cody out of the game and then netting him his haters in-house because they gave Paul the Pendant of Protection the very same week he tried to oust Paul and that trickled down into a brouhaha. Additionally, the entire gambit failed since it resulted in his eviction and Paul gaining an extreme amount of power and support inside the house. This was before the tables turned when America saw how much all this power was going to Paul's head and felt very bad for poor Cody and are strongly campaigning for him to be favorite houseguest of the season.

    Eugenia Ce'Anne "Elena" Davies (Juror #02; Evicted HG #08)

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX
Current Residence: Dallas, TX
Born: Aug 19th, 1990
Age: 26/27 (age at time of competition)
Occupation: Radio Personality
Number Of HOH Wins: 0
Number Of POV Wins: 0
Number Of Times Nominated: 3
Number Of Times As Have-Not: 2
Temptations Taken: "Strangest Things" (Ninth Place), "Where Were You?" (Joint Third Place)
Temptation Punishments: Golden Apple Curse note 
Prizes Taken: $5,000 note 
Finished: 10th Place [2ND JUROR]
Evicted: 6-1 VS. MATT
HOH Evicted Under: JASON (Week 7, Day 58)
Voted For (As Juror): JOSH

  • Abhorrent Admirer: Downplayed. Elena doesn't really go for Mark's type because she prefers challenging intellectuals and not just muscle-heads. He keeps trying to win her over but she's just not that into him. They also had some... well... yeehaw. She also has an admirer in Josh, who she admits that she is Just Friends with and does not see him in a romantic sense despite him having a mega crush on her and openly admitting it to her face.
  • Absolute Cleavage: Elena often has a very visible cleavage whenever she wears low-cut tops or dresses. She is the type to constantly Bare Your Midriff and wear many tops that reveal her stomach as well, which only manages to emphasize how large her breasts are. The biggest reason why Elena always has a visible cleavage is because her Gag Boobs always look like they are about to pop right out of her tops or dresses.
  • Action Girlfriend: Averted. Elena is the girlfriend of Mark, but she in no way provides any competitive skills needed to keep herself and her boyfriend safe. Elena is more of The Load when it comes to competitions and it's Mark that's the one who is competitive and takes action to save the both of them. Even when Mark has won competitions, he's won them when he really needed to such as when he was put on the block the first time by Josh and he needed to win the POV so that he could take himself off the block because he was the number one target. Or the second time that he won the POV because he was put on the block for a second time against Elena and had to win because he was going to go home after Cody. He's also won two Safety Competitions to ensure his safety. So while Elena and Mark may have been a couple, only Mark was the one contributing to the alliance in regards to pulling their weight. Elena basically did nothing but ride Mark's coattails and was going to use him to get to the end. Elena is in no way a good competitor and she has sucked at every single competition.
  • Adorkable: Elena can be very awkward at times because she's The Ditz and a Dumb Blonde. Her air headed personality does make her quirky and endearing though. However, it could be assumed that her cute or dorky side is nothing more than her being The Fake Cutie and that it's really just an act that she uses to manipulate and trick other people so that she gets others to trust her. Her friendly and sweet personality is nothing more than a facade. She is actually an Alpha Bitch in Sheep's Clothing.
  • Affably Evil: She was The Dragon for Paul and was working for the bad side in the earlier part of the game (that is, before she decided to turn on him), but other than that, she appeared to be affable, sociable and friendly regardless. But just because she had a generally outward friendly and flirty persona didn't mean that there wasn't a bitchy, catty and mean person underneath it all.
  • Aggressive Categorism: Looking at Elena's social media, such as her Twitter, she shows racist and sexist tendencies. She has made fun of Black people by mocking them and repeatedly using the N word. In addition to that, she has made sexist and misogynistic comments and she seems to have a dislike of other women. Elena has also made fat-shaming comments indicating that Elena does have serious weight or body issues since she's not known to have the thinnest figure either. She's also an abuse apologist as she condoned Chris Brown beating up Rihanna simply because she couldn't stand her. And finally, she's made homophobic comments in which she has mocked and made insensitive remarks about gay people. Going by the numerous comments on her social media, Elena is obviously a highly uneducated, ignorant and bigoted person.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Played Straight and then Subverted in regards to Mark's feelings towards Elena. Mark has always visibly had an attraction to Elena and always wanted to be in a romantic relationship with her, constantly talking about her to other houseguests. Everyone knew about how much Mark liked Elena. However, Elena didn't reciprocate Mark's feelings at first because she wasn't physically attracted to him. Elena had commented that Mark isn't her type and that she doesn't go for overly athletic muscle heads like Mark but instead is drawn to nerdy, intellectual types. The other reason why Elena didn't reciprocate Mark's feelings is that she wasn't sure if she wanted to get involved with someone while playing the game because it would prove to be too distracting and too challenging and it could make her a target if she coupled up with someone. Elena even admitted to other people in the house that her feelings for Mark weren't that real and that she was simply using him to help her game. However, it's later on subverted as Elena does eventually develop true feelings for Mark and she does get into a romance with Mark in jury and outside of the house. It's uncertain if their relationship has any staying power but they have given their relationship a chance to see if it will work out in the real world and outside of the game without any distractions of the game getting between them.
  • Alpha Bitch: While in the game, Elena appeared to be someone that wasn't that bad. She had her bitchy, catty moments from time to time but for the part she was harmless in the game. But going by her social media activity, Elena is actually the biggest bitch outside of the house out of all the female houseguests next to Jessica. She's also proven to be extremely petty and ignorant. Fans have dug up old tweets from Elena's Twitter that have exposed her ignorance and bigoted ways. The tag on Twitter exposing Elena for her ignorance is #Elena Exposed Party. Through her social media content, she had mande repeated problematic comments and tweets including racism, sexism, abuse apologism, and fat shaming. Elena tried to come across as a Southern Belle in the house but her true personality has been exposed outside of the house. She has always publicly lied about not having been invited to Paul's house for dinner when a friend and relative of Paul's admitted on Twitter that she was actually invited but chose to lie and be petty about Paul. In addition, she's a huge fame whore and is constantly seeking attention on social media to make money. Elena is NOT a nice girl at all and it's a really question as to how Mark can even like her or find her even remotely appealing. Outside of the house, it appears that Elena may take the title of Big Brother 19's BIGGEST BITCH OF THE SEASON.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Elena shared a good-bye kiss with Raven on the lips. ON LIVE TV. Uhh... wow. She also had major Ship Tease with Christmas earlier on in the game. Elena would cuddle Christmas in bed! It seems that Elena doesn't care which gender she's showing love to as she seems to like 'em both. However, despite her flirtations with both sexes, relationship wise, she prefers to be with men over women since she engaged in a showmance with Mark.
  • Ambiguously Evil: Elena's alignment is so ambiguous that it's really difficult to tell where she really side. It almost seemed as though Elena was teetering between being one the good or bad side. Originally, she was working for the Big Bad Cody as she was in a majority alliance with him. But when Cody betrayed the alliance, Elena chose to side with Paul. For the majority of the game, Elena's loyalty was to Paul and she was The Dragon to him. Once she discovers that Paul is controlling everyone and discovers that she is expendable to Paul, she becomes The Starscream and attempts to join up with Cody and Mark in order to get Paul out of the house. Elena is a selfish player who would to backstab others and go back on her word if she feels something won't benefit her. She decided to go back on her word to Alex when she made a promise that she wouldn't curse her in the prize and punishment POV competition. Elena chose to take $5,000 from Alex and give her a gruelling Camping Punishment which resulted in exposing to the house how selfish, petty and greedy she is. Elena's moral alignment in the game is so confusing because she's constantly zig zagging between being on the heroic side or the villainous side. However, for the majority of the season, she's been on the bad side because of her loyalty to Paul. All in all, Elena will benefit Elena no matter what the costs.
  • Ambition Is Evil: Elena is extremely selfish when she wants something. She's willing to lie and backstab in order to get what she wants. In Week 7, Elena had made a promise to Alex that she wouldn't curse her during the POV competition. But because Elena was so ambitious and greedy to win money at any costs, she decided to go back on her word and betray Alex by taking $5,000 from Alex and subjecting her to a brutal Camping Guide Punishment. Even Alex called out Elena for her ambitious and greedy ways. Elena even admitted to Mark and during one of her DR sessions that she didn't feel bad for stepping on Alex's toes in order to win that small amount of money. The question is...if Elena is willing to use her ambition and determination to step on someone's toes during a game, is she someone that would do it to other people in the real world as well?
  • Anti-Hero-> Anti-Villain: She can flip flop between being a darker Anti-Hero and Anti-Villain. Elena is much more on the Anti-Hero side considering she is mostly nice but she can also has her Alpha Bitch traits. As an Anti-Hero, she's Type II (a Knight in Sour Armor). On the Anti-Villain side, she is Type I (a Noble Demon) and Type III (a Well-Intentioned Extremist). She's a Noble Demon because although she can be bitchy and catty at times, she's also capable of stepping back and not getting personal in the game unless she is provoked into it. She's a Well-Intentioned Extremist because she has the potential to become ruthless in order to progress her game and she has a I Did What I Had to Do mentality. In regards to Elena's Character Alignment, she starts of as True Neutral (she didn't really have any impact in the game at the start) and then progresses down the scale to Chaotic Neutral with Lawful Evil shades due to her association with Paul.
  • Anything That Moves: Makes eyes at whatever meets her fancy. And it doesn't matter if the person is male or female either.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • Interestingly enough, Elena used to like Alex on a personal level. However, they became enemies in Week 7 when Elena decided to break her word when she had made a promise to Alex that she would't curse her during a prize and punishment POV competition. During the POV competition, Alex came in 2nd place and Elena won the competition coming in 1st place. However, Elena won the Camping Punishment and therefore wanted to switch with another houseguest. When it came time for her to choose which prize or punishment she wanted out of Alex's (5G's), Matt's (The POV), Jason (the Extremitard Punishment), Paul's (Tandem Skydiving Punishment), or Mark's (Colorado Trip), Elena chose the $5,000 and giving Alex the Camping Punishment, breaking her promise to Alex in the process. This caused Alex to become extremely bitter and salty towards Elena. Alex was so mad at Elena the she wanted to target her over Cody and get her out of the house. Elena, on the other hand, didn't show any guilt for taking the $5,000 because she knew that her life span in the game was going to be short-lived so she decided to break her word and take a gamble by taking what she can get before she leaves. The tension between the two continued to build throughout the week with Alex growing more resentful towards Elena every single time that she had to conduct her Camping Punishment (which consisted of wearing a camping costume, lugging around the house with numerous camping gear and luggage and a grill, and having to cook hot dogs for the entire house every time a bugle sounded off at any time of the day for an entire week). There was a point when Alex even wanted Elena out of Cody, who has been the main house target for weeks, simply because she disliked her so much. Elena also reciprocated her dislike of Alex, finding her to be petty over the punishment and how she reacted. During the same week, Elena and Alex come to a head and the two get into a major fight in front of the house where Alex calls out Elena for her stupid decision to break her word to her. Since then, the two have disliked each other and became each other's main target.
    • Much of the dislike between Elena and Dominique was one sided. Dominique disliked Elena simply because she was jealous over Elena being in a relationship or showmance with Mark. Elena also didn't like Dominique in return but for completely different reasons. Elena found Dominique to be extremely untruth worthy, dishonest, and delusional. Elena hated how Dominique was trying to exploit people's games by trying to gather information during her talk shows. She stated that she has no trust in Dominique and that if she were to win HOH, she would target Dominique because of sketchy behavior and gameplay. Dominique also tried to attempt throwing Elena under the bus during the week that she was on the block, which caused Elena to dislike and distrust her even more. Elena has also said that she can't stand when Dominique tries to constantly use her religion in the game and she thinks that Dominique is very delusional about the Lord assisting her in the game of Big Brother. In addition, Elena didn't really like Mark's friendship with Dominique as she felt that Dominique had way too much influence on Mark and was telling Mark to distance himself from Elena. While Dominique's dislike of Elena was more personal and petty in nature, Elena's dislike of Dominique was much more game related.
  • Asshole Victim: Stole $5,000 from Alex after saying she clearly wouldn't, and even though no one but Alex overheard their "deal" being broken, they were all shocked she just swiped the money out from under Alex like that. Alex and Jason and Josh were ready to pounce and lead the charge in getting her out of the house on double eviction week, right after the even more reviled Cody was removed from the house first.
  • Attention Whore: She was quite the attention seeker while in the house but that's nothing compared to how she's behaving and acting outside of the house and now that the game is over. Elena is attention seeking, using her Big Brother fame to become even more famous. She's acted like an attention seeker on her Twitter by behaving petty and making rude remarks about other houseguests. She likes to be the centre of attention and she wants to be famous so she can cash in on it.
  • Awesome Mc Cool Name: Elena's full given name is Eugenia Ce'Anne Davies. Very upper crust!!
  • Backstabbing the Alpha Bitch: Elena was aligned with Alpha Bitch in the first week of the game. But as soon as Cody betrayed the entire alliance that they were apart of, Elena had little issue with turning on Jessica (and Cody) and siding with Paul.
  • Bait the Dog: Think Elena is a sweet, down to earth Southern Belle who's a nice Girl Next Door? Think again. She may appear cool, friendly, fun and sociable, but she's actually selfish, bitchy, catty, manipulative and ruthless at times. She does a good job of trying to conceal that side of her personality though.
  • Bare Your Midriff: Like many of the other female houseguests, she wears tops and shirts that show off her stomach area or midriff. Part of what makes her a Ms. Fanservice.
  • The Baroness: Type I which is the Sexpot type. She is an Ice Queen with a chilly, aloof and icy personality, but she's also a Femme Fatale and a Manipulative Bitch rolled as well. Elena would use her sexuality as much as possible as she is a very physically attractive woman and she likes to use that to her advantage. She is incredibly manipulative and very ruthless. She has no regard for backstabbing other people as long as she gets her way. She will charm men and women alike with her feminine wiles and use her sexuality on them to get what she wants. Elena Really Gets Around and is willing to flirt with anyone that suits her fancy. However, despite being primarily the Sexpot type, she does have shades of the Rosa Klebb type as she does have a very domineering and controlling side to her personality. And if she wants, she can be aggressive, mean and petty towards other people. In the case of her relationship or dynamic with Mark, Elena is controlling everything. Elena likes to assert her dominance over Mark, who is more sensitive emotionally than Elena is.
  • Bastard Girlfriend: Downplayed. Elena doesn't abuse Mark or treat him that terribly but she does seem to manipulate him and lead him on. Elena had even admitted behind Mark's back that she wasn't really interested in having a relationship with Mark inside of the house. Other houseguests, such as Josh, Alex, and Paul, have commented how they feel that Elena treats Mark terribly and like he's expendable to her.
  • Beauty Is Bad: Downplayed. Elena is an attractive girl who's a Ms. Fanservice and she can be pretty selfish, bitchy and catty at times, but she's nowhere near having the same level of bitchiness and cattiness that Jessica has.
  • Beauty Mark: She's got a dolled-up beauty mark on the side of her face.
  • Berserk Button: Interrupting her and trying to out-talk her, JOSH!
  • Beta Bitch: Along with Raven to Jessica's Alpha Bitch earlier on in the game. Elena felt a loyalty to Jessica because they were both in showmances and therefore had a degree of Undying Loyalty to each other.
  • Betty and Veronica: Elena (Archie) was in a semi love triangle with Josh (Veronica) and Mark (Betty). Originally, she wasn't romantically interested in either of them, but she eventually chose Mark and developed a showmance with him. On the other hand, she was Just Friends with Josh and showed no romantic interest in Josh, even though Josh has a major crush on her.
  • Big Breast Pride: Has a large bust and isn't afraid to show it as much as possible.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: After denying Mark several attempts to kiss her after she allowed him the courtesy of cuddling, Elena finally let him have a peck or two when she was worn down by his constant badgering and schmoozing.
  • Big Eater: Elena eats a lot and she eats her food in large portions and quantities. When Elena was eating a very large bowl of ice cream, Josh had commented how much ice cream she was eating and all she said in response was that she didn't care and to not judge her for her extreme eating habits.
  • The Big Girl: Subverted. She's not overly tall in regards to height and she's not even competitive or a bruiser by any means as she has proven to be a very looser physical competitor, but she is larger set in terms of her body type. In fact, she is the largest set female houseguest next to Megan and Christmas.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She looks like she would be a Nice Girl who's a Girl Next Door...except that she's cunning, manipulative, catty and selfish. She's a Femme Fatale who likes to use manipulation and her sexuality in order to get her way in the game. Not the nice Southern Belle that she tries to pass herself off as.
  • Black Widow: Subverted. Mark and Elena may have been a couple, but before they became serious with each other, Elena was uncertain if she wanted to be with Mark in the house. Mark was very passionate and adamant about being with Elena because he not only wanted to be in a romance with someone, but because he wanted a partner who was a ride or die and would be loyal to him. But even though Mark felt strongly about being in an alliance with Elena, Elena didn't feel the same way about Mark. In fact, she has told other houseguests that she had no intention of staying loyal to him and plotted to get rid of him. Elena wanted him out because she felt uncomfortable with Mark's advances and attraction towards her mostly because she didn't exactly feel the same way about him that he did about her. She was hesitant to get involved in a relationship with Mark because it would distract her from her goal (which was to play the game and get to the end so that she can win) and because being with Mark would make her become a target because showmances and obvious duos are always the people that are targeted first in the game. But once Elena realized that Mark was 100% devoted and loyal to her and had every intention of taking her to the end with him, Elena changed her mind about getting rid of him. Eventually, Elena did develop genuine feelings for Mark once she realized that he was a nice person that she could trust. They were loyal to one another, but sadly for Mark, Elena's life span in the game was cut short. While Elena did plot against Mark and was not as attracted to him as Mark was to her at the beginning, Elena never went through with "killing" him in the game because she never won a competition to make that happen and she ended up developing feelings and a relationship with him.
  • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Elena (Blonde), Jessica (Brunette) and Raven (Redhead). They also fit the classes stereotypes often associated with their hair colors. Elena is a Dumb Blonde (ditzy, naive, sex kitten), Jessica is a Brainy Brunette (manipulative, smart, intuitive) and Raven is a Fiery Redhead (passionate, hot headed, emotional).
  • Brainless Beauty: Elena is an attractive girl but she is a Dumb Blonde in many ways. She doesn't seem to know what's going on half the time in the house because she's often Locked Out of the Loop. It's later subverted when it's more a case of Obfuscating Stupidity when she comes to realize that Paul is running the house and that she does have some good instincts regarding what's going on. But she once again proved how stupid she is doing the Jury Roundtable segment when she said that she didn't like Paul's game because he lied, backstabbed, manipulated everyone to get where he is. But that's how to play the game, Captain Obvious!
  • Buxom Is Better: Elena thinks that he large breasts are an asset for her, she can't stop flaunting them as much as possible. She likes to wear Stripperific clothing to show them off, but when she does, it doesn't always make her breasts appear appealing. Elena obviously likes having large breasts because she believes that she can attract the opposite sex with them and she thinks that larger breasts make a woman more sexy. It's still uncertain whether or not Elena's boobs are fake or real, but judging by how comically large they are and how they seem to spread and sag at the sides, the probability of her breast being fake is extremely high. Elena, of course, has never confirmed if she has naturally large breasts or if they are fake. In comparison to the other female houseguests such as Alex, Jessica, Dominique, and Christmas, Elena's boobs are exponentially bigger and more noticeable than all of them. Alex has breast implants but hers are much smaller and less noticeable and they appear to be more natural looking than Elena. Jessica also has breast implants to enhance her bust and although they look large, they are in no way as big as Elena's. Dominique has a regular sized bust and she's not too flat and not too big. Christmas, on the other hand, has a flatter chest and out of all the women in the house, she has the smallest boobs by far.
  • Can't Spit It Out: Elena simply couldn't admit that she had feelings for Mark. She couldn't admit that she wanted to be in a romance with him. Instead, she chose to say that Mark wasn't her type (which was true) or that she didn't want to get involved with anyone while playing the game. But looking back at it, it was obvious that Elena was using it as an excuse to not admit how she really felt about Mark. She does eventually confess her feelings for Mark once they are both out of the game and are in the jury house. They eventually become an Official Couple and manage to make a go of their relationship outside of the house.
  • Captain Obvious: Elena said that she didn't like Paul's game because he lied, backstabbed, manipulated everyone to get where he is, and that Paul eliminated all of his competition so that he could get as far as he did. Well... duh. Isn't that what playing the game of Big Brother is about? Elena doesn't understand the concepts of the game but this is really not a surprise considering that she was completely out of it for most of the game and didn't even know half of what was going on most of the time.
  • The Chick: Could be considered to be this of the entire season, as she's the most "heroic" of the female houseguests this season and is often the biggest mediator out of all the women in the house. All of the other women are much more confrontational and argumentative than she is. In addition, her main allies (Paul and Mark) are men. She's the opposite of Jessica, Raven and Alex who are all The Dark Chick.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Elena flip-flops loyalties at the drop of a hat, even if she just said moments ago that she wouldn't.
  • Cleavage Window: She wears a lot of clothes that reveal her cleavage since she has Gag Boobs and loves to showcase them as much as possible. Elena wears as much revealing clothes to expose her bust because she's The Tease and likes to use her sexuality to get her way.
  • Damsel Scrappy: Downplayed. There are quite a few fans who criticize and even dislike Elena for not pulling her own weight and needing her other allies to help Elena stay safe in the game. Instead of winning competitions herself, she often depends on Mark, Paul, or her other allies (whether they are male or female) to keep her safe in the game. For the most part, many fans think that Elena is useless and is The Load, as she contributes nothing of depth or value to the game overall.
  • The Dark Chick: Elena is The Dragon for Paul and she had a degree of loyalty to him as the main villain or Big Bad. For that, she was aligned with the bad side of the house. She considered to be a bad guy because of which side of the house she was aligned with and because she had a very Alpha Bitchy, catty personality. She also likes to use her sexuality and her feminine wiles to manipulate men and get them to do what she wants. She's also not above backstabbing other people and she is also a Manipulative Bitch that gets off on manipulating others with no guilt or remorse.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Elena is extremely snarky and sarcastic and she often uses dry wit to get her point across. She's the Ice Queen who passes herself off as someone who doesn't get her feelings hurt that easily. If someone so much as attacks her or comes after her, don't expect this girl to start crying or shedding any tears of sadness. Expect her to spout off endless sarcastic and snarky comments that are biting and edgy in nature.
  • Decoy Damsel: Elena looked like she was completely useless in the game and that she contributed nothing of value...but she was actually working for Paul, the main villain of the season. That made Elena by association a very dangerous person to have in the house. She was not as innocent as she tried to come across.
  • Deep South: Elena is the epitome of a Southern Belle in many ways. She has a very strong Southern accent, and a little sultry. After all, she is from the heart of the South, which is Fort Worth, Texas but she currently resides in Dallas, Texas because of her occupation as a radio personality.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Elena is normally an Ice Queen who comes off as aloof and distant most of the time. But she lets her icy attitude diminish in Mark's presence. Around him, she becomes much nicer, kinder, friendlier and warmer and Mark has a positive influence on her personality. Without Mark's influence or presence, Elena isn't the most pleasant person to be around.
  • The Determinator: When Elena really wants something, she'll do anything to get it. She's a highly persistent and determined individual who's no pushover.
  • The Ditz: Elena doesn't seem to have that good of a game instinct and she's Locked Out of the Loop a lot in the game. She's been blindsided so many times in the game that she's lost count. During the Jury Roundtable segment, Elena made one of the stupidest Captain Obvious comments by saying that Paul made it all the way to the end by eliminating the bigger threats in the house.
  • The Dragon: For Paul. Since the start of the game, Elena was one of Paul's closest allies and she would do everything that he asked of her. Elena really didn't provide anything of value to the game overall other than being Paul's loyal follower and minion.
    • Devour the Dragon: Once Paul realizes that Elena is much too attached to Cody and Jessica as well as to Mark, he realizes that she is of no good use to him any longer. Come Double Eviction night, Elena is put on the block alongside Mark for eviction. Mark wins the POV and saves himself. Paul and the rest of the house (with the exception of Mark) vote out Elena.
    • Dragon with an Agenda: Elena may have had loyalty to Paul since the start of the game, but eventually her plans didn't always coincide with Paul's. She came to realize that Paul was controlling everyone in the house and that he was the biggest threat in the game. Elena came to realize that she would have to get rid of Paul if she wanted to make it to the end. However, despite her coming to the realization that Paul was a dangerous threat in the game, Elena became public enemy number one and was evicted on Double Eviction.
    • Noble Top Enforcer: She's not as ruthless and aggressive as Paul is but that doesn't mean that Elena is completely nice either. She can be very bitchy and catty when she wants to be. Elena also has an incredibly petty side to her personality but despite her flaws, she's still a fairly good and noble person.
    • The Starscream: Despite her being loyal to Paul for the majority of the game, she does eventually turn on Paul and realizes that Paul is running the show. She also plots and schemes with Mark, Cody and Jessica targeting Paul and eventually getting him out of the house. Unfortunately for her, she fails in her plans as she's evicted on Double Eviction night.
  • Drowning My Sorrows: After losing, she intends to get so drunk in the jury house that nothing fazes her anymore.
  • Dumb Blonde: During a Jury Roundtable segment, Elena came off as extremely unintelligent when she commented that Paul managed to snake his way to the end because he got rid of all of his competition. Does she not realize that is the whole point of the game to begin with? Either Elena is just really that stupid of a blonde girl or she didn't realize what game she was playing all summer.
  • Emotionless Girl: She's the Ice Queen and she rarely shows any emotion. There hasn't been a time throughout the season when Elena showed any sense of weakness or vulnerability on an emotional level. She never even cried or shed any tears at all. The only emotion that she did manage to show was anger but that was because she was provoked into it. Other than that, Elena doesn't commonly show any emotion or any emotional expressions on her face. Nothing really seems to affect Elena or bother her. However, there was one instance when Elena did manage to crack the stoic and icy facade and that was when she was on the block against Mark during Double Eviction and knew that she was the one going home because Mark had won the POV to save himself and she was the backup target. Here, she did shed some Broken Tears knowing that she and Mark were going to be separated from each other.
  • Everything Is Big in Texas: Elena is from Fort Worth, Texas and she is one of the larger set female houseguests in the house. In addition, she has some large "assets" that she likes to use to her advantage.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Josh, Mark (and Christmas...) all find Elena sexually and physically appealing. Mark is in a showmance with Elena while Josh has openly admitted to having huge crush on her because she is his type. Josh and Mark have even gotten into a bit of a rivalry over her affections. Not surprising, considering that Elena is the typical hot blonde girl with large breasts and a curvaceous figure in addition to being a Ms. Fanservice and a Femme Fatale.
  • Evil Eyebrows: Elena's eyebrows are severely arched and they give her the appearance of a manipulative, cunning and scheming villainous. Very fitting since she was the The Dragon for Paul in the beginning.
  • Evil Is Petty: Elena may be a Nice Girl most of the time, but she can be extremely catty and bitchy. She's also incredibly selfish and do things that will only benefit her. During a prize and punishment POV competition in Week 7, Elena decided to be petty when she chose to take 5G's from Alex and give her the Camping Punishment in return. What makes it worse is that before the competition happened, Elena and Alex both promised that they won;don't curse or punish each other shall the POV competition be a prize and punishment one. Elena decided to go back on her word and backstab Alex. She revealed that she's extremely selfish and didn't even care that she managed to piss off the HOH which would create a bigger target for herself. When Alex received her Camping Punishment and was conducting it for the first time, Elena continued with her petty attitude by laughing and jeering at her behind her back and bragging about how she's proud that she took the $5,000 from her because of how she's handling receiving the punishment.
  • Evil Is Sexy: She is a Ms. Fanservice, The Tease and a Femme Fatale that loves to use her sexuality to get ahead. Despite her villainous personality and her bitch attitude, she's physically appealing and she appeals to the opposite sex with ease. She shows off her sexuality by wearing revealing clothing and showing off her body as much as possible.
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Greed: Elena let her greed get the best of her and that shortened her game. During the week that she was nominated, Elena had made a promise to Alex that she wouldn't curse her with a punishment if they were to play against each other in a prize or punishment POV competition. But when it came time for Elena to uphold her promise and her end of the bargain, Elena let her greedy nature control her. Instead of taking the POV which would ensure her safety from the block, she decided to take $5,000 from Alex and give her a brutal Camp Guide Punishment in return. For this punishment, Alex, even though she was HOH, had to wear a camp guide costume, walk around the house with a lot of heavy camping luggage along with carrying a grill, had to set up camp (including a setting up a tent from scratch every single time), and had to grill and make hot dogs for every single houseguest every time the bugle sound had gone off and no matter what time of day it was (it could be morning, noon, or night). By Elena giving Alex such a harsh punishment and breaking her word because she couldn't control her greed and decided to rob Alex of the money, Elena made herself a much bigger target than she already was. She exposed herself as a liar and and a betrayer who couldn't be trusted. Elena tried to justify her greed by saying that she knew that she was a target and she didn't know if she would be lasting much longer in the game so she decided to take whatever prize or money that she could get her hands on before her time in the game came to an end. Her greed cost her the game because she honked off the HOH and many of the other houseguests.
    • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Elena had no true loyalties to anyone. The only loyalty that she had was to herself. Yes, she appeared to be loyal to Paul for the most part and she was since the beginning of the game. But because Mark had decided to turn on Paul, Elena followed suit simply because she wanted to. Her backstabbing nature made her come off as very disloyal and nobody trusted her. There were times when her loyalty to Mark was even questionable and other houseguests had even mentioned it to Mark as well. Other houseguests such as Josh and Christmas has pointed out to Mark that Elena was not a reliable and trustworthy ally because she was disloyal and would backstab anyone in a heartbeat. Elena had even told other people in the house that she didn't want anything to do with Mark and that if she had the opportunity, she would turn on him and get rid of him. But then afterwards, she would pretend that she is on Mark's side and pretend like she never talked trash about him or that she was never plotting on getting rid of him. Elena displayed the same backstabbing and disloyal behavior towards Alex. Elena had promised Alex that she would never curse her or give her a punishment if they were playing in a prize or punishment POV competition. But what does she do in the end? BACKSTAB AND BETRAY ALEX. She did so by taking the $5,000 money prize from her and saddling her with a terrible Camping Guide Punishment in which she, as the HOH, had to do for an entire week and was arguably one of the most brutal punishments that Big Brother has ever had in the history of the show. Because of her inability to stay loyal to anyone and her constant backstabbing ways, everyone grew leery of her, started to distrust her, then turned on her (justifiably so!) and she became the house's next target. If Elena understood the concept of loyalty a little bit better than maybe she may have lasted much longer in the game. But it wasn't in her nature to be a loyal person.
    • Gluttony: SWEET (pun intended) JESUS, there was never a time when Elena was not eating. She would always be stuffing her mouth with food no matter what time of the day it was. When Elena eats, she takes very large portions and she never seems to be satisfied. One example of her displaying a gluttonous streak within her personality is her constant habit of making huge bowls of ice cream. Josh had made a criticism about how much ice cream she was eating, but she could only comment that she didn't care what he thought and that's how she chooses to eat her food. It seems that the only thing that Elena did all day was talk trash and eat food all day. Interestingly enough, it seems that due to her gluttony, Elena may be battling serious self esteem issues regarding her fuller figured body. There have been runners that Elena mentioned that she suffered from eating disorders in the past and as a result, has a very complicated relationship with food. Elena also seems to use food to comfort her when she is feeling upset or down about something. Her gluttony doesn't just extend to just food, but also to drink as well. Elena has said that she has a love of consuming a lot of alcohol and getting drunk.
    • Pettiness: Elena is an extremely petty and bitchy person. She is very catty and she'll do many petty things to get back at people she doesn't like. She talks endless trash about other houseguests and displays a superior attitude believing that she is better than everyone else. A key example of Elena displaying her petty side was when she had made a promise to Alex that she wouldn't curse her with a punishment during the POV competition. Alex believed that Elena wouldn't go back on her word. However, Elena betrayed Alex and acted petty by taking money from Alex and giving her a brutal camping punishment in return. Instead of owning up to her behavior and the fact that she broke her word to Alex, she decided to display a Never My Fault attitude and not take responsibility for what she did. Instead of owning up to her behavior and apologizing to Alex, she decided to rub it in Alex's face that she got money and that she had to perform a punishment for an entire week. When she was conversing with Mark and Cody about Alex doing the punishment, she cruelly said that she didn't care and that Alex was going to have to suck it up. She even managed to annoy Alex even more and try to get under her skin by watching Alex perform her punishment so that she could serve as a reminder of betraying Alex. This only made Alex angrier at Elena for acting so petty about what she did, which in turn made Elena become a bigger target. There's no doubt that Elena is one of the pettiest people in the house. And her petty behavior didn't just extend to her game but also to the real world as well. According to the material and stuff that has been seen on her Twitter and social media, she is an extremely mean and petty person who has made many horrible comments and remarks about other people, including racist and sexist remarks as well as abuse apologist remarks. When she was called out for her past bad behavior, she refused to own it and truly apologize for her petty and mean spirited behavior and actions. Instead, she tried to excuse her behavior instead of trying to acknowledge that her outlooks and opinions were very damaging to many people. Alex may have been the Queen of Petty, but Elena could be seen as the Princess of Petty as she wasn't much different than Alex in that regard.
    • Selfishness: Elena is an extremely selfish and self absorbed person. She doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself and she is all about self preservation. As mentioned earlier, she is only concerned with how something can benefit her and she's willing to use and manipulate people to get what she wants. The biggest example of her showing off her selfish side is when she decided to go back on her word to Alex by taking a money prize and giving her a camping punishment in return. She didn't have any consideration for how giving Alex that punishment may have made Alex feel and how humiliated that she may have felt because of the fact that Elena chose to break her promise to her in front of everyone. When Elena was called out for her selfish behavior in a house meeting, she couldn't even find the words or excuses to justify herself. Elena tried to say that she only took the money prize because she knew that she was a target and that the probability of her going home any time was very high and because of it, she felt that she had to take what she could get before she was evicted. That doesn't justify her selfish behavior. Elena also thrives on being the centre of attention. It's always got to be about her and if the attention isn't focused on her, she isn't a happy person. Her attention seeking and selfish ways have become more visible post season as she has been starved for fame and attention and is trying to capitalize on it. Her selfishness caused her to not be liked or trusted in the game.
  • Faux Action Girl: It looked like Elena would be one of the stronger female houseguests of the season competitive wise, but instead she's one of the worst female competitors, especially in comparison to Alex and Christmas who are highly athletic.
  • Femme Fatale: Proudly flaunts her assets and uses her sexuality to further herself in the game. Her main target is Mark, who is her "showmance" partner. However, it's not completely certain whether or not Elena has genuine feelings for Mark or if she's just playing and using him.
  • Gag Boobs: Elena is about a 38DD. Fans have made fun of her chest size and have said that her boobs make her look strange and awkward. Since her boobs are so large and take up the majority of the top half of her body, it's assumed that she had breast implants. Fans have compared her boobs to having a large pair of watermelons sitting on her chest. Elena's large breasts are also noticeable because many of her outfits and clothing are often very revealing and her body is often exposed, especially her top half. When she wears tight tops or dresses (which is the majority of the time), it makes her breasts look like they are about to burst out of her clothing. Sometimes her treats look like they are sagging to the side. Despite the comical size of her breasts, she does use them to her advantage because she is a Femme Fatale and The Tease that likes to use them to attract men and seduce them with her feminine wiles. While Elena isn't the only female houseguest that has large breast or breast implants (it's apparent that Alex and Jessica have had their breasts enhanced), Elena's breasts are large to a comical level that they are almost unappealing.
  • Gasshole: Elena is frequently known to burp and fart on the live feeds. Much of it has to do with her being a Big Eater.
  • Genre Blind: Tells Alex not to nominate any of her friends, then names half the house... and doesn't find anything wrong with the fact that Paul has gone from saying Dominique is one of their allies to unanimously evicting her.
  • Girl Next Door: Subverted. Elena has the appearance of an All-American girl next door who seems as if she is the typical friendly, sweet Southern Belle from Texas. However, she's anything but. Elena is a high maintenance girl who likes expensive things and is more of a Rich Bitch. Elena's sweet girl next door personality is more like a facade that she uses to fool people. She's actually much more of a Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who is far from down to earth and in fact, believes that she's superior to other people. It was assumed by the fans that Elena was going to be the Southern girl who everyone should like because she's such a humble person, but it was revealed that she is the complete opposite snd there's not a humble thing about her. Not only does she wear expensive clothing and tons of make up, but she is wealthy enough to drive a freaking Audi!
  • Greed: She snitched $5,000 from Alex just because she wanted some takeaway money if she went out of the game. It didn't matter if Alex agreed with her that they wouldn't curse each other, she listened to Cody.
  • Hard-Drinking Party Girl: Elena has mentioned that she has a love of drinking alcohol. She even said that once she is out of the game, she is going to go on a major drinking bender so that she will drown her sorrows. Elena is also a heavy party girl and loves to socialize which means that she loves to get drunk as well.
  • Heel–Face Revolving Door: Elena plays for Elena, plain and simple. She sided with Paul and Cody several times, and Josh called her out on it. It wasn't until she did something really despicable out in the open to Alex that the whole house finally recognized that Elena can't be trusted at all.
  • Head-Turning Beauty: Elena is a Ms. Fanservice that has very lovely "assets" and she uses them to gain attention from the opposite sex, notably Mark.
  • High-Heel–Face Turn: Elena used to be The Dragon for Paul since the start of the game, but she eventually decides to turn on Paul and chooses to side with Mark (and Cody) in wanting to get Paul out of the house. Unfortunately for her, she gets evicted before she can make any kind of impact in the game after joining the "good side".
  • Hollywood Pudgy: Elena has a very full and voluptuous figure, but there have been plenty of fans that have called Elena overweight or fat. In reality, she's not that overweight and has a rather normal physique for a woman. This doesn't mean that Elena is by any means thin or even slim, but she is healthy and normal looking. Elena also admitted that she has insecurities about her weight and that it was rumoured that because of her weight struggles being mentioned by other people, she has battled eating disorders.
  • Honey Trap: Her show-mance with Mark is all for show (save for some quality bedroom time), and she's willing to dump him like a hot coal if he stands in the way of her game. It's also why Paul wants to knock her out of the running. Yet she's likely not going anywhere now that she's flirting with Paul. Defied when Elena expresses her longing for Mark outside the game. Post-eviction, there are feelings between them and she's agreed to date him casually.
  • Ice Queen: Elena is very aloof and stuck up but it's operably because she is a Rich Bitch who thinks that she's better than anyone else. Even though she comes off as a party girl, she's not the friendliest girl on the block and she rarely lets her emotions show unless she is provoked. Her aloofness also caused Mark to have very confused or mixed feelings about their relationship and whether or not Elena was interested in him.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: Knowing that she was a big target after Cody, Elena decided that she needed to take what she could get before there's a chance that she's the next one to go. She decides to break her promise to Alex in not cursing her if they were playing in a prize and punishment POV competition. Elena took $5,000 from Alex and traded her the Camping Guide Punishment. This honked off Alex but Elena showed no guilt or regret for what she did.
  • I Have Boobs, You Must Obey!: Elena likes to use her assets in order to get what she wants. It's her strategy with Mark, and it's working to her advantage.
  • I Lied: She got the idea to have Alex to make a deal with her that neither would curse the other in the first Week 7 POV. Alex got $5,000, Elena realized her chances of winning the game were slim, it would suck to leave the game empty-handed, and so she went back on her word.
  • It's All About Me: Elena is extremely selfish and self absorbed. Elena had made a promise to Alex that she wouldn't curse her if they were playing against each other in a prize and punishment POV competition. But Elena chose to be selfish and instead chose to curse Alex by taking away the $5,000 prize that Alex won in the contest and making Alex do a brutal Camping Punishment in return. It was Elena's selfish and self absorbed attitude that made Elena the next biggest target after Cody.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: On Double Eviction, Elena was completely happy and satisfied that Mark had won the POV to save himself from being evicted (because he was the original and intended target) even though she knew that she was going to be the next one gone. Elena didn't show any bitterness and instead, was happy that Mark was still in the game with a chance to fight to get to the end.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: She stole Alex's money because she knew she wasn't going to make it to the end of the game with her bad competitive skills and status as a growing target whose time was coming soon, if not sooner.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite her catty ways and her selfish attitude, she's still a Nice Girl and Lovable Alpha Bitch. She's shown to be loyal and caring to those she considers to be her friends.
  • Kick the Dog: Elena decided to go back on the promise that she made with Alex about not cursing or punishing each other during a prize and punishment POV competition. Elena took $5,000 from Alex and cursed her with a Camping Punishment which would ensure that Alex would have to wear a camping outfit, walk around the entire house dragging and lugging around heavy camping bags and a grill, and set up a tent and a grill so that she can cook hot dogs for everyone in the house every time a bugle goes off for an entire week any time of the day. Elena seriously did not need to do that. She only made the target on her back even bigger than before by breaking her word in front of the entire house.
  • Kill the Cutie: Elena is evicted on the first Double Eviction of the season right after Cody. And she was nominated against her showmance partner Mark, who won the POV and saved himself from eviction. Talk about a brutal way of being evicted.
  • Light Is Good: Elena commonly wears lighter colored clothing, she's also blonde haired and fair skinned. Elena eventually went to the good side after she turned on Paul by becoming The Starscream and doing a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Light Is Not Good: Elena is commonly seen wearing lighter colored or bright colored clothing. In addition, she was also working for Paul as The Dragon for him and therefore, was working for the bad side of the house. This later changes when she does a Heel–Face Turn and becomes The Starscream to Paul.
  • The Load: To the producers. She, along with Alex and Jason, lolligagged after being awoken to gather downstairs to film the day's challenge, with the implication being that Elena was stalling them from getting downstairs by not wanting to get out of bed and Alex and Jason couldn't get her to stir. And the man on the intercom was pissed beyond wit.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Paul did not clue her nor Mark in that he was going to flip the vote against Josh to Ramses because the two of them were in cahoots with Cody and Jessica.
  • Manipulative Bitch: Elena resorts to manipulation tactics and using her sexuality whenever she wants something. Normally, she uses these tactics on Mark and there was a point when her intentions regarding Mark were questioned. Elena came off as so manipulative that it was uncertain whether or not she was being genuine with Mark in her feelings or if she was just simply using him for game related reasons.
  • Meganekko: Sometimes Elena can be seen wearing glasses from time to time.
  • Metaphorgotten: Listen to her eviction night speeches. It sounds like she's having a multi-saying pileup, and the result is a huge wreck. Part of it comes from spending too much time around Jessica.
  • Morton's Fork: When she arrived at the Jury House, she didn't want Mark to be evicted but felt lonely without him around, noting it was like a Catch-22 situation. Mark was voted out the house next, much to her bittersweet delight.
  • Motor Mouth: She's a radio host. Chatter is her specialty.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Elena likes to show off her body in revealing clothing and she has a physique and assets that the male audience find appealing.
  • Never My Fault: Elena never seems to take blame or responsibility for what she does. She has a very selfish and self absorbed mentality. When she broke her word to Alex by saddling her with a brutal punishment and taking a money prize from her, Elena didn't own up to what she did and instead chose to blame Alex and criticize her for the way that she was acting over being betrayed by her. Instead of apologizing to Alex for breaking her word, she decided to act like an Entitled Bitch who felt like she didn't deserve any blame for what she did or shouldn't take any responsibility because she was likely the next one going home.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Elena already knew that she was a target for the house after Cody and Mark, so she broke her word to Alex by saddling her with a horrible punishment for an entire week and taking $5,000 instead of taking the POV. This predictably angered the HOH, which made the target on her back much bigger. Alex was so angry at Elena for what she did that she even contemplated getting Elena out of the house instead of Cody, the guy who's been the number one target for everyone for weeks. Her betraying Alex did nothing to salvage her game and she was the next one evicted after Cody on Double Eviction.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Her real given name is Eugenia, but she goes by her stage name of "Elena".
  • Out of Focus: Going by the live shows, would you even know that Elena was even on the show? Because the live shows focused 90% of their time on Paul, Cody and Jessica, nobody else, including Elena, even managed to get that much attention of spotlight. Elena was so invisible for the vast majority of the season that most people that watched Elena get evicted on Double Eviction were questioning where she had been all season because she was such an irrelevant houseguest.
  • Perky Female Minion: For Paul. She's extroverted, light hearted, sassy and she had loyalty to Paul as well as a strong personal bond and friendship with him.
  • Reality Ensues: Around Day 40, Elena doesn't like the idea of throwing away her game for someone she met roughly a month ago and is leery around him for the same reasons Jessica has doubts about Cody- what if he's crazy like this in real life? However, they patched things up and Elena is willing to give him a shot outside the house and promised him a date in Texas.
  • Real Women Have Curves: Elena is fuller figured and more voluptuous in regards to her body type. But instead of being shamed or criticized by it from the audience, many of the fans have commented how they find Elena's body type appealing and that she looks healthy in comparison to other girls who look too thin. Elena has received compliments from the fans about how they respect that Elena is confident enough to show off her body despite her body not being considered to be ideal by beauty standards.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Alex hated her for lying to her face and sacking a punishment on her the week Alex was HOH. Josh, who knew Elena was a flip-flopper from the beginning, was overjoyed that the truth was finally revealed, causing Elena to become the next biggest target on the house hit list after Cody.
  • Rich Bitch: According to some of the other houseguests, she comes from a wealthy family. Other houseguests have commented that she's also very high maintenance and that she lives an expensive life. Alex had even noted that Elena drives an Audi, which is known to be an expensive car.
  • Rule of Three: She got put up for eviction three times before it finally stuck.
  • The Scapegoat: Justified, as she's disloyal to everybody, sometimes even Mark. Any time loyalties are brought up in the house near eviction nominations and Veto meetings, her name gets dropped as someone to either use as a pawn or to watch for signs of treachery.
  • She's Got Legs: Part of being a Femme Fatale. Elena never hesitates to show off her legs, which are known to be one of her best physical attributes.
  • Ship Tease: With Mark and Christmas. As of week four Mark is subverted, since she's flirting with him to get farther in the game, while her relationship with Paul seems to be more genuine.
  • Show Some Leg: Along with She's Got Legs, Elena is always showing off her legs by wearing revealing clothing, especially skirts, dresses or bathing suits.
  • Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Her relationship with Mark. Mark is one of the nicest and genuine guys in the house and she likes him and has feelings for him. Interestingly enough, Elena did admit that she wasn't attracted to Mark because he wasn't her physical type (Elena claimed to like nerdy and smart guys). Eventually, she did develop feelings for him that went beyond physical attraction and she appreciated Mark's kind, good and nice personality.
  • The Snark Knight: Elena is constantly making snarky comments, whether it's towards other people, herself or situations. She's the Deadpan Snarker and can never go a time without making a sarcastic comment. She doesn't seem to be aware however that because she is constantly using sarcasm to get her point across, nobody can really tell when she's being serious or heartfelt about something. Her endless use of sarcasm and being snarky has caused people to think that she's a major bitch who's an Ice Queen and an Alpha Bitch that simply does't care about anything or anyone.
  • Sore Loser: Elena openly admitted that she was going to vote bitterly because she was going to be a bitter juror. She was upset over how Paul played her and everyone else. Because of her salty feelings, she decided to vote bitter by giving the win to Josh over Paul for her vote. Even though Elena was closer to Paul than she was to Josh during the game. Yeah, Elena was bitter about Paul, as was the rest of the people that voted against him.
  • Southern Belle: Elena originally comes from Fort Worth, Texas. For the most part, Elena's sweet, but she has a salty and even sour side at times.
  • Spoiled Brat: Elena comes off as spoiled, entitled and a bit high maintenance. Even other houseguests have commented that Elena comes off as bratty because she comes from a family that provided everything for her growing up.
  • Stripperific: Some of the clothes that Elena wears are revealing and make her appear to be The Tease and Ms. Fanservice. Many of her outfits, such as her dresses have an Impossibly-Low Neckline which shows off her Absolute Cleavage.
  • Sugar-and-Ice Personality: Elena seems to have two side to her personality especially when it comes to her interactions with Mark. At times, Elena is an Ice Queen who is aloof, distant and cold and doesn't want to have anything to do with Mark. On the other hand, she is highly affectionate, loving and friendly towards Mark and shows that she has a lot of interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with him. Unfortunately, Elena gives off so many mixed signals towards Mark that she has left Mark completely confused by her feelings and her intentions. Her default personality seems to be an Ice Queen but if there's someone that she takes a fancy to, then she becomes a Defrosting Ice Queen who becomes a much nicer and warmer person.
  • The Tease: Wears false eyelashes, a ton of lipstick, has frosted hair, and a ton of pin-up outfits. You can bet she's not doing this just to be fashionable.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: After Mark splashes Josh with the hot sauce & pickle juice, she immediately tells Mark to get away from her when Josh comes bursting onto the backyard with condiments.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Did Elena seriously think that punishing the HOH (Alex), who has the most power in the house, to have to do a gruelling and brutal Camping Punishment for an entire week and taking $5,000 from her as well (when they BOTH made a promise not to curse each other to begin with) would not piss her off and make her want to target her even more? Elena is just not the sharpest tool in the shed. And she listened to Cody of all people, the same person that she is up against on the block. Does she not realize that Cody basically set her up by trying to coerce her to take the money and punish Alex so that he could make Elena's target on her back that much larger? Thus she gets evicted on Double Eviction right after Cody. Nice going Elena.
  • Tsundere: Elena's default personality and temperament is Type A, but around certain people that she likes, she becomes much kinder and nicer. Elena is mostly an aloof Ice Queen who is a major Alpha Bitch who isn't the nicest and friendliest person but when she does have an interest in them, she does let her guard down and is significantly nicer. Such is the case with her relationship with Mark. Normally, Elena is snarky and sarcastic towards everyone and she even displays a stuck up behaviour and attitude. But around Mark, she melts away that icy and aloof side that is her default personality and lets her more affectionate, fun loving and warmer side show. It seems that the only person that was able to bring out Elena's kinder side was Mark but that's because Mark is the ultimate Nice Guy and he proved to be a very positive influence on Elena's personality.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Elena knows well that she's a scapegoat. She lampshades how tired she's become of being subjected to this kind of treatment after the many consecutive times she's used as an eviction night pawn, feeling like the house is going to keep doing this until she goes out- which gives her the idea to cut and run.
  • The Vamp: Elena is quite the flirt and the seductress and she likes to use her sexuality to her advantage. That goes for both men and women. However, her seductive charms and feminine wiles work the strongest on Mark.
  • Vapor Wear: She has a big moment on After Dark where she got hooted out of a room because she had just showered and not put any underwear when she curled up in a compromising position on the couch. She then is forced to explain to some of her housemates that she didn't do it on purpose and just to prove her point now that she's decent, she makes a very blatant spread-eagle gesture that Paul proceeds to mimic ("I SEE EVERYTHING!"). This is also of one of the many colorful shenanigans that could never be depicted on the TV episodes.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Elena wears short shorts! Considering how much Elena loves to show off her body and her full figured and voluptuous physique, it's not surprising that she would also wear short shorts to show off her legs. Her wearing short shorts also confirms her status as a Ms. Fanservice.
  • Word Salad: Her eviction night speeches are an incomprehensible mess of fancy language and jumbled sayings. Honestly, she only does that because she has nothing to say otherwise- she ran out of things to say right before she got evicted.
  • Worth It: She could tell her chances of going to the end were nil, so Elena imploded her entire game just for some spending money. This got her knocked out of the game, but at least she didn't leave the game with nothing.

    Mark Gordon Jansen (Juror #03; Evicted HG #09)

Hometown: Grand Island, NY
Current Residence: Grand Island, NY
Born: Jun 13th, 1991
Age: 26 (age at time of competition)
Occupation: Personal Trainer
Number Of HOH Wins: 0
Number Of POV Wins: 2
Number of Temptation Challenge Wins: 2
Number Of Times Nominated: 2
Number Of Times As Have-Not: 3
Temptations Taken: "Bowlerina" (Winner, Immune Week 5), "Strangest Things" (Sixth Place), "Where Were You?" (Winner, Immune Week 7), Save a Friend Apple note 
Prizes/Punishments Taken: Adventure Vacation note 
Finished: 9th Place [3RD JUROR]
Evicted: 4-2 VS. MATT
HOH Evicted Under: CHRISTMAS (Week 8, Day 65)
Voted For (As Juror): JOSH

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Although many of the houseguests didn't approve of Mark and his gameplay decisions, they have all commented how they like Mark on a personal level. Josh, who was his Arch-Enemy throughout the game, has even said that he likes Mark as a person and that he would like to be friends with him outside of the house. Paul has said he thinks Mark is a cool person and that he just didn't agree with his gameplay decisions. Kevin has always liked Mark on a personal level despite not being aligned with him in the game. Alex also likes Mark, even saying that he can't believe someone as good and nice as Mark would ever associated themselves with someone has horrible as Cody. Jason has never gotten personal with Mark and has stood up for Mark to Cody when he was throwing him under the bus. Even Christmas, someone that Mark had a lot of tension with throughout the game, was crying after she put him as a replacement nominee and feeling bad that she had to do it. Most of the houseguests may not agree with Mark and his gameplay, but they don't have any harsh things to say about him as a person.
  • The Ace: Mark is one of the strongest male competitors and he also had one of the stronger social games. Unfortunately for him, his social and competitive strengths didn't manage to keep him in the game long enough to get to the end.
  • Achilles' Heel: His large stature and massive muscles make it easier for him to lose his balance and fall, so competitions which involve a lot of slipping and sliding are naturally his worst enemy. This caused him to lose the Week 9 POV competition the Zingbot-themed challenge. He kept falling over so hard that Paul was feeling the shockwaves from over in the next lane.
  • Action Hero: He starts out as an Action Survivor, but some time in the later weeks, he starts to pick up on his competitiveness and starts winning multiple competitions in a row. He has won a few Safety Competitions and he's come in clutch by winning POV twice, once when he was in serious danger during Double Eviction. He proved to be one of the strongest physical and competitive threats and he's arguably the strongest male competitor next to Cody and Paul. If he had stayed longer in the house, Mark could have easily been a houseguest that could have racked up a total of 9 or 10 competition wins by the end of the season and he would eventually become a One-Man Army that would Curb-Stomp Battle the rest of the houseguests in competitions, in particular competitions of a physical nature.
  • Action Survivor: As of Week 8, where (despite being the primary target) he narrowly survived double eviction after winning the Veto Competition.
  • Adorkable: Despite his large size, there is something incredibly cute and endearing about Mark. It's probably to do with the fact that he's a Gentle Giant and an Emotional Bruiser. On top of it, his interactions with Elena are incredibly sweet.
  • A Friend in Need: Mark is pretty loyal and understanding to his allies and friends. Whenever someone he cares about needs to be comforted, Mark will always be there to provide it or give advice. In Week 1 after Christmas had broken her foot, Mark had said to Christmas that he felt bad about not being there enough for Christmas and he even shed some Manly Tears about it. Mark is also Undying Loyalty to Cody, even when everyone else had turned their back on him. Mark even extended friendship and kindness to Josh by giving him advice whenever he went over the edge.
  • Agent Peacock: Downplayed. Mark isn't extremely androgynous or effeminate but he is still in touch with his feminine side. He's comfortable showing plenty of emotion (he's shed plenty of Manly Tears throughout the season), is very emotional sensitive and he's highly comfortable wearing pink shorts. But just because he's in touch with his effeminate side and is comfortable with himself doesn't mean he's any less of a badass or a beast when it comes to being a competitor and winning competitions.
  • All Guys Want Bad Girls: His attraction to Elena is highly questionable at best considering how heroic, kind and good hearted Mark is and how bitchy, catty and mean Elena is. Elena is the opposite of Mark when it comes to morals, values and personality. Mark is the stereotypical Nice Guy and Lovable Jock while Elena is the stereotypical Dumb Blonde Alpha Bitch. Elena appears to be a Gold Digger who has a desire to date men for their bank account while Mark is more humble about financial matters. Elena also uses her sexuality to get by and doesn't have an issue with using manipulation to get what she wants. Mark doesn't seem to realize that much of Elena's Southern Belle persona is nothing more than a facade to hide the fact that she's a major Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's not really a Nice Girl, a Femme Fatale who uses sexuality to entice men, and a Manipulative Bitch who is highly cunning. Mark is dating a girl who's the biggest bitch in the house and he doesn't seem to realize it or notice it. Many fans are now questioning: What does Mark see in Elena?
  • All-Loving Hero: Downplayed. Although he's had his problematic moments with some of the other houseguests (mostly Josh), Mark is noble, kind, compassionate, and good hearted. He has never openly stated that he personally hates or dislikes anyone in the game even if he may not get along or gel with them on a game related or personal level. He's never been purposely malicious, rude, or downright vile towards any of his fellow housemates and he's constantly advocating for everyone to try to get along in the house and be cordial towards one another.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: Mark is a decent Nice Guy who has a good nature and is a likeable person. However, the majority of the house doesn't trust him or see him as someone that they can align with or work with in the game. Many houseguests, including Paul, Josh, Christmas, and Alex, have commented to Mark that they can't trust him or work with him because Mark was closely associated with Cody since the beginning of the game. It was Mark's alliance with Cody that caused him to appear untrustworthy and disloyal to the others even though Mark is a person of a noble and a good character who's the opposite of Cody in many ways. Houseguests have frequently questioned how such a nice guy like Mark could ever be aligned or associated with someone like Cody since they are so different from each other.
  • Always Save the Girl: Subverted. Even though Elena was his romantic partner and he spent the entire game trying to build a relationship with her, Mark didn't seem to go to extreme lengths to protect her or keep her safe. When Elena was put on the block for the first time in Week 6 (and when she happened to be Josh's number one target much to everyone's oblivion), Mark had won the POV and instead of being the Knight in Shining Armor and choosing to sacrifice himself so that his girl could have safety, he chose to use it on himself instead and risk Elena's safety. A similar situation happened again for a second time on Double Eviction night when Jason won HOH in Week 7 and nominated Mark and Elena against each other making them have to battle each other and fight for safety to stay in the game. Again, Mark won the POV and took himself off the block which left Elena's safety at risk once again. So even though Mark really cared about Elena and wanted to protect her, despite his feelings for her, he was not going to risk his game for her or sacrifice himself and fall on his sword for her. And surprisingly, Elena didn't want Mark to do that for her since she had said that if she couldn't get to the end herself, that she wanted Mark to get to the end and have a chance at winning the game because she would be very happy for him if that happened. So while it seemed as if Mark would be completely devoted to Elena because of the depth of his feelings for her and the fact that they were in a relationship, Mark wasn't willing to throw away his game for her. That's in contrast to Cody and what he was willing to do for Jessica as he was willing to put himself in the line of fire and give up his game for her without hesitation.
  • Ambiguously Bi: Played for Laughs. Mark has made some jokes about being bi-sexual and he's mentioned that he's had a man crush on members of the same sex. His relationship with Ramses, the sole gay houseguest of the season, was very questionable and intimate. Mark didn't seem to have an issue with Ramses having an attraction to him and to Ramses, he came off as The Bear. Finally, the Zingbot made a zing about Mark by saying: "I think you might be bye-sexual because every time that you tried to get sexual with Elena, she said "Bye!"" The guy wears pink shorts, is a little on the effeminate side and is in touch with his femininity and emotions.
  • The Anti-Nihilist: Mark has a strong belief that life is much too short to hold grudges or take everything so personally in life. He's said that he doesn't take things too personally and that doing so will only make your life miserable. Instead, he frequently tries to see the best in all situations and the good in people no matter how badly they may have treated him. Such as the case with Cody, who may not have been the nicest person to other people, but he says that it's pointless to consider hating him or calling him a bad person simply over the way he played the game. Mark believes in the mentality that life is way too short to be bitter, angry and take everything too personally to the point where it would make you miserable and resentful of life.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Josh, who he finds childish and immature. Christmas is a close second, who he thinks is just a Manipulative Bitch. Guess what? Both Josh and Christmas are working together - it's no surprise Mark can't stand either of 'em! But by the end of his run in the game, he's made peace with both of them and they've patched things up.
  • Badass Adorable: Mark is Adorkable and an Emotional Bruiser who's not afraid to show his vulnerable side. But at the same time, he's also a powerhouse with a Heroic Build and is also one of the toughest and strongest competitors of the season. The guy has won 2 POV's and 2 Safety Competitions and he could have continued a winning streak and became the de facto competitive threat if he stayed longer in the game.
  • Badass Armfold: Mark frequently likes to cross his arms, it's one of his signature postures. Such as in the above photo.
  • Badass in Distress: Mark became a big target — he was constantly switching sides, he and Elena were a showmance (showmances are often the victims of being put on the chopping block), and he started to show that he was capable of winning competitions especially whenever his butt was on the line. Because of all three of these things, Mark became the house target after Cody and everyone wanted to get rid of him. Fortunately for him, he managed to win 2 POV's and 2 Safety Competitions. But he slid into full time distress in Week 8 when his luck ran out and he was backdoored by Christmas with no way to save himself. Mark has been in trouble in the game way more than he's been safe.
  • Bait the Dog: Subverted. Mark appeared to be one of the kindest and most likeable people in the house and he was one of the most moral in a house filled with poor behaved or ill mannered houseguests. But it does turn out that he has a very nasty side to his personality as well. He hates people who bully and mistreat others, yet there's been a few instances when he's done just that. Much of his bad behavior was in his interactions with Josh, which is understandable because he and Josh have clashed since the beginning. A lot of fellow houseguests as well as fans were shocked and appalled that someone like Mark would throw hot sauce and lime juice in Josh's face over something as silly as a bet in a pool game. However, despite that one instance of him appearing to be an unpleasant person, Mark for the most part is ultimately still a good individual depending down and he has good intentions. He does have a bit of a temper and he does let his emotions rule him which can in turn cause him to act pretty petty.
  • Bash Brothers: With Cody. When they were part of an alliance, Cody was Mark's closest ally, to the point that they were each other's ride or die, in the game and he had Undying Loyalty towards him. Even after their alliance had broken up, Mark still retained some loyalty towards him, even going as far as to defend Cody and his bad behavior during discussions about Cody.
  • Battle Couple: Subverted. Mark and Elena may be a showmance but even though Mark is an Action Hero who is incredibly competitive and has won numerous competitions, Elena is The Load and a Damsel Scrappy who can't win a competition to save her life. Mark was the one pulling all of the weight in their relationship game wise. Elena just sat around and rode Mark's coattails, hoping that being his romantic partner would help to keep her safe for as long as possible because he was a strong competitor.
  • The Bear: A heterosexual example. Mark is a physically husky guy with a somewhat hairy chest. He looks like a huggable teddy bear because of his large appearance and his Emotional Bruiser personality. There have been some gay men within the LGBT community who comment that they find Mark appealing because he's very manly and bearlike in his appearance. Ramses even admitted that he finds Mark attractive and he wants a Mark of his own. Mark would also playfully lift up Ramses giving the impression that Mark is a strong teddy bear.
  • Beauty = Goodness: Mark is a physically attractive handsome person. He's also very attractive on the inside as he has a very good, kind hearted, empathetic and compassionate nature. In many ways, he's the antithesis of Cody, who is physically appealing in some ways and is a Mr. Fanservice like Mark, yet he's a case of Beauty Is Bad because his personality is so awful and unpleasant.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: Paul gave Mark a friendship bracelet on Week 1 and Mark promised to repay him for it. Come Week 9, he keeps his word by giving him safety for a week.
  • Being Good Sucks: Mark has been one of the most nice and decent houseguests of the season and has treated everyone with common decency and respect (unless of course someone has crossed him, attacked him or betrayed him. Unfortunately for him, being a decent and nice person hasn't managed to help salvage his game as he's become one of the bigger targets in the house. However, the biggest reason Mark became such a huge target had more to do with his association with Cody than about him being a good, nice person. Mark has said that he has problems with acting ruthless and aggressive or having to lie and step on others in order to progress himself in the game.
  • Berserk Button: Mark doesn't stand for bullying. Whenever he sees bullying of any kind, he gets very upset. Much of it is personal for him since he was bullied when he was a child. Personally attacking him is a big no-no. In fact, Mark doesn't like anyone making personal attacks towards anyone at all. He doesn't take it well when Elena is attacked either.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: For the most part, Mark is a genuinely Nice Guy who acts cordial. However, it's a really bad idea to get on his bad side or make an enemy out of him.
  • Big Applesauce: Mark is originally from Grand Island, New York.
  • Big Brother Bully: Downplayed towards Josh. Josh is someone that has frequently gotten under Mark's skin time and time again. They have gotten into many fights and they have personally attacked and insulted each other. After making a bet during a pool game, Mark threw hot sauce and lime juice in Josh's face and it escalated into a major fight between them. Josh called Mark out in front of the house and yelled at him while in the process calling Mark a hypocrite and a bully because he disrespected him by throwing the liquid in his face. Ironically, even though Mark hates bullying and will advocate against it, he displayed a huge bullying tactic against Josh during that moment by throwing hot sauce and lime juice (ouch!) into Josh's eyes which caused extreme irritation. Mark may claim to hate bullying, but sometimes, he can come across as a bully himself especially with the fact that he is a big guy and has large muscles that he can use to intimidate others. He's still nowhere near the bully that Paul and Cody were though.
  • Big Brother Instinct: Has some towards Josh, especially earlier on in the game before they become enemies. Mark would often be the one to calm Josh down whenever he became emotional and to give him some perspective about life and the game. Despite the rift between them, they have managed to repair their relationship as of recently.
  • Big Brother Mentor: Towards Josh. Although Josh acts like an Annoying Younger Sibling who gets on his nerves through some of the stuff that he does, Mark does seem to have a older brother or mentor type relationship with Josh. He has frequently had deep talks and conversations with Josh concerning his (Josh) problematic actions and behavior in the game. Mark does try to look out for Josh and give him personal and game related advice about how to act and how not to act while playing the game.
  • Big Eater: Mark visibly loves to eat and when he eats, he's always eating large portions of food, explained by how athletic and active he is. Mark is also frequently seen to be snacking on food and it appears that his favorite place in the house other than the workout station in the backyard is the kitchen. He's got to get his fuel and his energy to do all that working out and weight lifting that he does on a daily basis from somewhere!
  • Big Good: Other than Kevin, Mark could be the closest person to be seen as this trope. He's kind, caring, empathetic, compassionate and he's probably the most noble houseguest of the season. He does serve as a Morality Pet to many of the other houseguests who are morally ambiguous in nature. However, overall, Mark does seem to fit the characteristics of The Hero better.
  • The Big Guy: Mark is one of the physically largest houseguests of the season. According to Josh, Mark is 6'5" and 250 lbs. Despite his large size, he's still a Gentle Giant. But despite his sensitive and emotional nature, he's extremely athletic snd physically active. He's also incredibly competitive and he has a love of combating and fighting for himself. He has a Heroic Build with incredibly large muscles and he puts them to use. He's a big guy in terms of his height and body type. Before he gained all that muscle mass, he used to be overweight but changed his diet and built his body up by weight lifting and training.
  • Birds of a Feather: Even though personality wise, Mark and Cody couldn't be more opposite or different from each other, the two bonded from the start because they share some things in common. Both of them are athletic and competitive. The only difference is that Mark is more of a Loveable Jock while Cody is more of a Jerk Jock. Both of them have a shared dislike of Josh and they both wanted to get him out of the house. Both of them were against Paul and thought that he was the biggest threat in the house; however, while Mark was originally aligned with Paul and served as The Dragon to him, Cody was never aligned with Paul and wanted him out since Day 1. Both of them are also in showmances with a female houseguest; Mark is with Elena while Cody is with Jessica. Even though they couldn't be more different, they still clicked due to how much they had in common with each other. Thus they aligned quickly and became each other's ride or die.
  • Blood Knight: Mark isn't a violent person by any means but he is a very physically active and competitive person. He loves to compete and fight for his life in the game. Considering how athletic he is and how much of a competitive spirit he has, this is really no surprise. Mark also seems to show a respect for people who pull their weight in the game and win competitions so he appreciates those who are warriors, soldiers and fighters when it comes to the game.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Downplayed. Although Mark isn't as much of a Large Ham as Jason is, he's good natured, outgoing and fun loving. Mark also has somewhat of a big personality and large presence and that isn't solely talking about his physical size. He also likes to let others know just how big his presence is by constantly showing off his bulging muscles and even flexing them.
  • Born Lucky: Mark has had some unbelievable luck when it comes to saving himself from danger. He won the first Temptation Challenge on a week when he was a big target. And then again, Mark squeaked away unscathed when Alex was a hair's breath away from winning the Otev POV where he was up for eviction. She dropped her shoe sole number scratch-off right as she prepared to offer it to Otev and win. Coming up empty-handed meant Mark had a free pass to win.
    • Karma Houdini Warranty: Finally exhausted his luck at the end of Week 9, being denied anything useful from the Tree of Temptation to save himself and losing the POV comp.
  • Brainless Beauty: Subverted. Mark is an attractive looking guy and he's a Mr. Fanservice who loves towels around without a shirt to show off his nice bulging muscles. But just because he's a looker doesn't mean that he's by any means stupid or dumb. He's not the brainy and intellectual type but he has shown that he does have a good memory. He won a puzzle competition, which is known to be one of the most challenging competitions to play. Mark isn't Einstein but he's no dummy either.
  • Breakout Character: As of the later weeks of the game, Mark has become one of the most liked and popular characters among the general public. He's in the top spots on many Big Brother popularity polls (such as Jokes Updates for example) and he could easily be a contender to win the America's Favorite Houseguest prize at the end of the season.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Mark could have proven to be one of the strongest players and contenders to get to the end of the game. But he never used his instincts and went through with some of his ideas. For example, Mark eventually caught onto Paul and his game and instead of making any actual moves to get rid of Paul like he frequently said that he was going to do, he never took the initiative to make those moves. It seemed that Mark was all about talking about doing an action but never moving forward with his plans. Before Mark got the opportunity to make a move against Paul, he was evicted. Also, Mark could have been a much stronger player if he was more consistently loyal than he was. Mark had a very bad habit of flipping sides and appearing unreliable and untrustworthy. Mark was very lazy in the social game aspect and he secluded himself to just Elena instead of branching out and securing allies and loyalties with other people that were going to get him farther in the game. Mark may have been a solid competitor in terms of winning competitions to secure his safety. But he had a strong laziness and inability to make moves with actual action instead of just talking about it.
  • Bruiser with a Soft Center: Mark is basically built like the Incredible Hulk with a Heroic Build that has a lot of big muscles. But underneath all that bulk of muscle is a very kind, loving, caring, sensitive, empathetic, compassionate Gentle Giant who's a Nice Guy.
  • Butt-Monkey: Since being in the house, Mark has been a Have Not for a total of five times, the most out of anyone in the game. He did manage to escape being a Have Not in Week 7 when he took the Have Not Temptation Pass.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Mark, just like Christmas, is outraged to know people sat there and watched him suffer when they had a chance to step in and help or at least be in his corner.
  • Can't Take Criticism: Mark has no issue with criticizing other people when they are doing something wrong or doing something that he doesn't like. But when others criticize Mark, he simply can't take it and he gets upset because of his overly emotional and sensitive nature. For example, after Josh got into a fight with Jessica and Cody and Jody were bullying Josh in front of the entire house, Paul called out Mark for his hypocrisy about not standing up for Josh when he needed his support. Paul was upset at Mark for standing up for Jody being bullied and harassed and trying to put a stop to it, but that he wasn't willing to extend the same courtesy to Josh simply because he has a personal beef with him since the start. Mark did not take Paul's criticisms well. Mark appears to be willing to do the right thing and stand up for what's right when it comes to others, but when it comes to other people telling him to do the right thing, Mark just can't stand it and he doesn't take criticism very well. But it could be justified because Mark has a lot of insecurities and self esteem issues due to being a victim of bullying during his childhood, and any slight against him or his character he takes as a personal attack or insult.
  • Celebrity Resemblance: To Mark Wahlberg. The resemblance between the two is quite strong and there is no doubt that Mark strongly resembles Mr. Wahlberg during his MARKY MARK and Calvin Klein days.
  • Cool Loser: Personality wise, Mark is nice, compassionate, kind, and caring. Physically, he's a Hunk and a Mr. Fanservice to boot. So one would expect that someone as nice and attractive as Mark would belong with the majority alliance or group of the house. However, it's the opposite. Mark is often treated as an outsider because of who he was originally aligned with since the start of the game (Cody and Jessica). Even after his alliance with Cody dissipated, Mark still chose to have a degree of Undying Loyalty to him, even though Cody had repeatedly thrown Mark under the bus. One could assume that if Mark wasn't so closely aligned or associated with Cody (and Jessica), Mark may have belonged with the majority alliance and his game would've not been in jeopardy.
  • Compassionate Critic: Mark has a tendency to call out people on their bad or poor behavior, not because he doesn't like someone, but because he cares about them and how they would be seen or perceived at large. Mark frequently calls out Josh because he has a Big Brother Instinct towards him and he is critical of Josh because he wants him to improve his attitude and not cause unnecessary problems for himself in the game. He's also been critical of Cody for his bad treatment of other houseguests as well as the bad decisions he's made in the game. But he criticizes Cody because he likes him on a personal level and sees him as his friend. Whenever Mark is calling out someone or being critical of people's behavior, it's done out of love, empathy and compassion because it's not in Mark to dislike or hate anyone on a personal level. Mark really means well when he's criticizing some of the other houseguests.
  • Conflicting Loyalty:
    • Suffered from this after Cody blindsided their alliance and put Christmas on the block, feeling torn between his close friendship with Christmas (and his loyalty to Matt, Raven, and Elena) and his loyalty towards Cody. Ultimately, he chooses to side with Christmas and voted Jillian out. When he later remains with Elena, and the two of them side with Cody and Jessica even though those two are the most unpopular occupants of the house, Paul closes the door on them to his own schemes and starts ratting on them to their so-called allies Matt and Raven.
    • This flaw also led to him helping the rest of the house to vote out Dominique, something he deeply regrets. Josh even called him out on in Day 40.
  • Covered in Gunge: OTEV sprayed him with a geyser of possession puke when he won that particular POV.
  • Crazy Jealous Guy: Downplayed. He's more of a Green-Eyed Monster when it comes to his relationship with Elena. He doesn't like it when Elena flirts with other people. Mark also had a bit of a personal vendetta against Josh simply because he knew that Josh openly had a crush on Elena. Mark also had a beef with Paul because he felt that Paul and Elena were a little too close for comfort and would flirt too much with each other which made Mark feel insecure and uncomfortable. Mark even admitted that one of the reasons why he didn't vote for Paul in the end is because he felt that Paul was trying to come between him and Elena.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: He won the second POV competition of Week 8 so easily that it prompted the rest of the house to figure out how to solve Jason's puzzle, who got stuck in second place.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Not only was Mark a bullying victim, he broke up with a girl because she sugarcoats every single thing she says with empty words. And unfortunately, Josh reminds him of talking to her. Crosses over into Black Comedy when Mark asks Josh if he's okay with being hit (for a potential friendly boxing match) and the other guys start wondering why Mark would talk to his ex like that. But worst of all, he outlived both his parents at a young age and is in the care of his grandparents.
  • Desperately Craves Affection: Mark wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with Elena because of his intense infatuation and attraction to her. Between Elena and Mark, Mark was more adamant and passionate about having a romance with someone because he just wanted to be in love and was looking for the opportunity to jump on the chance of having a relationship. Elena, on the other hand, was much more skeptical about having a romantic relationship while playing game because she didn't want to be distracted. It also seemed as if Mark was way more into Elena than Elena was into him, but eventually Elena did reciprocate Mark's feelings. Mark takes romance and love very seriously, almost too seriously.
  • The Determinator: Mark's extremely passionate in his beliefs and he's also a highly determined individual. He's not the type to back down when he believes in something or when he wants something. For example, Mark never gave up on trying to make a relationship with Elena work inside of the house. He was so persistent with her that he came off as a Dogged Nice Guy towards her. In addition, whenever Mark finds himself in trouble game wise, he manages to be extremely clutch by winning competitions when he needs to in order to save himself.
  • Distinction Without a Difference: Josh did not want to drink the losers' pickle juice and hot sauce cocktail after claiming he won the 8-ball game. After a lot of arguing, Mark allowed him to get away with not drinking it... and instead threw it at him.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: Sometimes Mark has let his feelings and his showmance with Elena take precedence over his game.
  • The Dog Bites Back: When Josh came after him with the pots and pans, Mark RAGED to life with an unbelievably loud voice and grabbed one of the pots and lifted it over his head, causing him to flinch, and the live feed to be interrupted. It is later revealed during the TV show proper that this is when the Powers-That-Be took a moment to break up the fight and Mark went into the Diary Room (with Josh STILL antagonizing him) and the houseguests believing Mark had gotten himself expelled. However, Mark knew what not to do and only made a reach for the pans, never laying hands on Josh himself because the show has cameras to prove when people get physical and could use it against him. During a long cooling off in the red room, Mark later remarked to Cody that Josh flinched just like the bitch he is, and Cody praised Mark for it.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: A little bit towards Elena, who is just using him for game related purposes. Mark seems to be genuinely into Elena on a romantic level but Elena has admitted that she doesn't necessarily feel the same way. Mark constantly goes out of his way to seek Elena's attention and he's completely oblivious to the fact that she may be playing him.
  • The Dragon: Like the majority of the houseguests, Mark used to be this for Paul in the earlier part of the game. He used to follow along with whatever Paul says, does or wants. He was also in an alliance with Paul at the start of the game, but after the alliance breaks up done to Cody betraying everyone by nominating two of their alliance members (Paul and Christmas), Mark chooses to take Paul's side over Cody's side. Despite being loyal to Paul earlier on, he does eventually become a Dragon with an Agenda and The Starscream.
    • Co-Dragons: Mark is this with the rest of the house including Alex, Jason, Kevin, Raven, Matt, Josh and Christmas, as he was aligned with Paul and often took his side earlier in the game. Mark contributed to Paul's agenda earlier on with the use of social game and competitive prowess.
    • Devour the Dragon: Once Paul realizes that Mark is a huge competitive threat and may possibly foil his future plans in the game, he realizes that he has to get Mark out of the house. In addition, Paul learns that Mark had turned on him and had realigned with Cody and Jessica. This caused Paul to distrust Mark and plot his demise for turning on him. However, instead of Paul directly taking Mark out with his own hands, he got Christmas to get rid of him by throwing the HOH to her and having him backdoored. Paul finalized the nail in Mark's game coffin when he voted him out in Week 8.
    • Dragon with an Agenda: Although originally aligned with Paul in the start, Mark eventually turned on Paul as he realized that Paul was running everything that was going on in the house. As a result, he regrouped with Jessica, Cody and Elena and plotted to get Paul out of the house shall he win HOH.
    • Noble Top Enforcer: Mark is MUCH nicer than Paul. He is way more noble in his approach in the game. He's not as ruthless, scheming and manipulative as Paul is. Mark prefers to play the game with more morals and values and he hates bullying, manipulating, and lying in order to get farther in the game. When it comes to aligning with people, Mark seems to be a really Horrible Judge of Character as he always finds himself aligning with people who don't contribute anything to the game (Elena), are too mean spirited and cruel in their approach (Cody), are too selfish and whiny (Jessica) and are way too manipulative, cutthroat and aggressive (Paul).
    • The Starscream: Although originally working with Paul, Mark starts to turn on Paul in the later weeks. He realizes that Paul is a huge threat that is running the house and he plots against him. He decides to regroup with some of his old alliance members (Cody, Jessica, and Elena) in order to gain the numbers that he needs to get Paul or any of his other allies out of the house. Unfortunately for him, the stars didn't align in order for Mark to take the shot at Paul as he was evicted in Week 8. Paul even said in goodbye message to Mark that he felt genuinely hurt and betrayed that Mark had turned on him. Despite this fact, Paul and Mark did manage to leave on amicable terms.
  • Dumb Jock: Subverted. At first, it seems that Mark would be nothing more than a muscled jock with no smarts or brains, but it turns out that he's got pretty good game sense and has a reasonably good memory.
  • Emotional Bruiser: He's a hard candy with a soft center, and described as "such a teddy bear" in a live Tweet. However, he's got a soft, spicy center, because after Josh pissed him off during their pool game, it was off to the races both big dudes' tempers, ending with Mark trying to teach Josh a lesson in good sportsmanship by spitefully flinging the punishment cocktail at his face.
  • Even the Guys Want Him: Ramses, who is the sole gay guy this season, has mentioned that he is attracted to Mark. He admitted to Elena that he is his type physically and that he also loves his personality. Considering that Mark is a Mr. Fanservice who is also an Emotional Bruiser and is not the type who's afraid to be affectionate with other men and he's also okay with showing emotion and wearing pink shots, is it really a surprise that the sole gay guy would take a liking to Mark? It also helps that Mark is the stereotype of what many stereotypically Camp Gay men are attracted to as Mark fits The Bear type physically (large and muscular with a hair chest and is like a big cuddly teddy bear).
  • Evil Grin: Mark's not a bad or evil guy by any means, but he constantly gets a dirty or mischievous grin on his face whenever the game is going good for him or something is going to benefit him in the game.
  • Extreme Doormat: Some of the houseguests argue that when it comes to Cody and Elena, Mark is such a "pussy" or a pushover. They have claimed to Mark personally that Cody has gone out of his way to be disloyal to him and has thrown him under the bus repeatedly behind his back yet Mark still continues to defend Cody and have a degree of loyalty to him. His fellow housemates are wondering why someone as decent as Mark would ever have loyalty to Cody and why he would continue to let Cody walk all over him. When it comes to Elena, the other houseguests, such as Josh, Alex, Christmas, and Paul, have made comments about how Elena mistreats Mark and doesn't even want to be in a relationship with him. Mark seems completely oblivious to the fact that Elena doesn't always treat him kindly and that he just lets Elena use him and manipulate him to her advantage. Even after the houseguests warn Mark about Cody and Elena constantly, Mark still doesn't seem to get that they may not have the best intentions when it comes to him and his well being.
  • Fatal Flaw:
    • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Mark is constantly switching allegiances, so many of the other houseguests refused to ever trust Mark or align with him. They felt that he didn't understand the concept of loyalty. When it came to being loyal to Dominique and for him to defend her and side with her, especially when she was being attacked by the rest of the house, he chose not to side with her or defend her. This is unfortunate because Dominique and Mark were friends and were working together. But because Mark didn't want to appear as though he was associating with a sunken ship in Dominique, he decided to throw her to the wolves and let her be evicted. Josh even called Mark out about his disloyalty to Dominique citing that he has no right to try to defend Jessica and Cody about their bad behaviour towards other people and them being mistreated by the rest of the houseguests considering that he did nothing to defend Dominique when she deserved it and needed it the most from it from the one friend and ally that she had in the game. Mark was also loyal to Paul and he showed that he sided with him over Cody when Cody decided to betray the alliance. But when Cody came back from the Battle Back competition, he all of a sudden decides to switch allegiances ONCE AGAIN and chooses to side with Cody. By doing this, Mark only managed to destroy his game and expose himself as completely disloyal. Christmas also got into a fight with Mark because of it. Christmas called out Mark for not being loyal and being an unreliable ally because he was constantly switching sides and flip flopping. Mark's lack of loyalty to any particular side was what ultimately cost his life in the game. If Mark had just picked a side and stuck with it all the way through, Mark probably wouldn't have become such a big target and he could have gone much farther in the game.
    • Good Cannot Comprehend Evil: Mark simply doesn't understand why characters that act bad do the things that they do. For example, with Cody and Jessica, he refused to acknowledge or understand why Cody acted the way that he did. He would just blindly accept his actions without even thinking of understanding Cody's behavior and how his behavior had been harmful to other people. Mark refused to understand that Cody was distributing bad behavior towards others and he refused to acknowledge Cody's mistakes. Other houseguests have called Mark out on not understanding what makes Cody tick and why his behavior has done some horrible damage to the other houseguests. Instead of acknowledging that Cody has harmed people with his words and actions, he simply brushes it aside and constantly tries to defend him. He simply refuses to see the negative or dark side of people when he should acknowledge it. Paul had to call Mark out on his hypocrisy regarding the bullying that Cody has done. Paul had told Mark that he constantly advocates for anti-bullying yet when Cody was bullying many people in the game, he did nothing to stop Cody from doing it. Instead, he just sat by and let it happen because he was too much of a coward to face up to Cody and was afraid that Cody would no longer want to be friends with him. Mark even admitted that he has a hard time seeing the bad in people and he's always trying to see the good in people no matter how they act. Unfortunately, this attitude and outlook is naive and it has caused him to have a Broken Pedestal towards anyone that has let him down.
    • Wide-Eyed Idealist: Mark is way too idealistic for his own good. He refuses to see the bad side of things even when things are obviously bad. Mark even admitted that he refuses to see the negative in things because he doesn't take things personally. This idealistic attitude extends to his perceptions of people such as Cody. Cody may have mistreated many houseguests, but Mark refuses to call Cody out for it. He refuses to acknowledge that Cody has hurt people on a personal level and that all of the actions and things that he said while in the game should not be taken so personally by other people. He also said that he refuses to see anything bad in Cody and that he shouldn't be judged for his behavior in the game. Mark still thinks that Cody is a good person, despite all evidence to the contrary in how he has acted since the beginning of the game. Mark's idealistic attitude has also made him a Horrible Judge of Character. He's very gullible and easily manipulated. His constant need to see the good in others has proven to be a huge weakness in Mark because he has no idea who's manipulating him, playing him or betraying him.
  • Genius Bruiser: Downplayed of course, Mark may not be the typical intellectual and brainy guy who's a bookworm that has his head stuck in a book or is extremely knowledgable about a variety of things including art, literature or current affairs. However, that doesn't mean that Mark is by any means stupid, unintelligent or ignorant. Mark won a Veto Competition focused on solving puzzles when he needed it most. Mark is excellent at reciting and remembering things. Mark could be perceived as not very smart because he's very athletic and seems like he would be a Dumb Jock that has no clue about anything. But Mark has some brains. He could also be seen as Brilliant, but Lazy.
  • Gentle Giant: One of the largest male houseguests and also highly emotional, sensitive and compassionate. Just don't get on his bad side — even though he's most sweet, he's got a sour side.
  • The Giant: Mark is not only the tallest houseguest of the season (at 6'5"), but he's also physically the largest. He's built like a wrestler because of his extreme Heroic Build.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Mark is generally nice and affable towards others, but he does have a ratter petty, mean and aggressive side if he's provoked. Doing things such as bullying, personally attacking him, or betraying him will bring out a much tougher and nastier side out of Mark.
  • Good Is Not Soft: Mark is nice to his friends and those he trusts, but he's not so pleasant towards his enemies or those who've done him wrong.
  • Graceful Loser: Once he learned that he was the likely target in Week 8 for a backdoor option by HOH Christmas and was eventually put up as a replacement nominee after losing the POV to Jason, Mark completely accepted his fate in the game with class and dignity. Christmas and everyone else in the house, including Josh, were very proud of Mark for handling his impending eviction well and with grace.
  • Green-Eyed Monster: Not enough to classify as a Crazy Jealous Guy but Mark has openly admitted that he would get jealous of Elena and Paul whenever they were together.
  • The Heart: Shares this role with Kevin of the season. He's easily one of the nicest and most noble houseguests. Although he's been in some fights with some of his fellow housemates, he's never been intentionally malicious to anyone on a personal level. Mark is always trying to get people to not get personal in the game and he's always the one trying to advocate against fighting and bullying. He always tries to get people to get along with each other and to try to get others to own up to their mistakes.
  • The Hero: Out of everyone in this cast that's mostly filled with either Big Bad's, Anti-Villain's, and Anti Heroes, Mark is the closest thing to a classic hero archetype this season. Considering that out of everyone, he's stayed true to his morals and values the most out of everyone shows that he has a highly noble and good character.
  • Heel–Face Door-Slam: After losing all the people who were unpleasant to be around in the house, Mark tries to distance himself from all things about them that made the houseguests want them gone. Unfortunately, what he did strained his reputation in the house so badly that Mark doesn't look dependable no matter what he does. He has to resort to begging and a failed attempt to use the Tree of Temptation to save himself. When he makes a final effort to have Christmas choose somebody else over him, she feels that all obligations she has to him are over with and it is time to cut him loose.
  • Heroic Build: Mark is the most muscular, physically built male in the house with large chest and broad shoulders.
  • Hero with Bad Publicity: Mark is The Hero of the season and he's also a decent person, but he's ostracized and left out by the rest of the houseguests. Much of the distrust or disdain that the others have towards Mark has to do with the fact that he was aligned with Cody, who was hated in the game. The other houseguests seem to have an issue with separating Mark from his association with Cody. Being aligned with Cody caused the other houseguests to state that they feel Mark is exactly like Cody because of the degree of Undying Loyalty that he has towards him and how Mark is always defending Cody and his poor behavior.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: Mark was this with Cody at the beginning of the game along with being Bash Brothers. Mark and Cody were really close and the two of them admitted that they were each other's ride or die in the game. Unfortunately, their friendship and alliance fell apart once Cody flipped on his alliance and Mark sided with Paul instead which caused distrust towards Mark on Cody's behalf. Mark has stated that even though he and Cody drifted apart on a game related level, he still liked Cody and wanted to be friends with him outside of the house.
  • Hidden Depths: Mark is sometimes seen reading a book and using glasses. Considering he tried to outgrow the image of a wimp by getting jacked at the gym, this shows he is also a modest bookworm.
  • Honor Before Reason: No matter what, loyalty, trust and keeping his word are things that Mark consistently tries to uphold. In Week 8, Mark had stated that he owes Paul a debt for giving a Friendship Bracelet which garnered him safety from being evicted back in Week 1. During Week 8, Mark had the opportunity to repay the debt that he owed Paul by giving him immunity for the week with the Save A Friend Tree Temptation that he had won.
  • Horrible Judge of Character: Mark's dooming experience in the house was to side with the people who were the best at pissing the rest of the house off, as well as his floundering romance with Elena, who he thought digs him (fortunately, she really does).
  • Hot-Blooded: Mark is a Large Ham and a Boisterous Bruiser. Everything about him can be over the top. including his physical size. Mark also has a tendency tone extremely overly emotional and he's known to be very hotheaded and sensitive. Despite all of his proclamations that he hates fighting and conflict, he doesn't hesitate to get into fights and confrontations with other people when he doesn't agree with them. He's gotten into fights with Alex, Paul, Cody, Christmas and Josh. Mark sometimes has a really bad habit off letting his emotions rule over him and it has a tendency to cloud his judgement.
  • Huge Guy, Tiny Girl: Mark next to any woman (and all of the guys too) in the house, especially Elena. Mark is 6'5", Elena is 5'5". Mark is the tallest in height as well as the largest in body type (because of his large muscles) houseguest of the season alongside Jason. He towers over every single houseguest with the exception of Jason (6'5"), Kevin (6'3"), and Josh (6'4"), who are all tall in their own right. Since all of the women in the house are on the shorter or petite side, especially girls like Alex and Jessica who are super tiny, Mark looks like Sasquatch next to all of them. He's even huge when he's standing next to Elena and she is average height for a woman.
  • Humble Hero: While Mark may be a very noble and heroic person by nature, he's far from arrogant and cocky. Whenever Mark chooses to help other people and give some of his support and his compassion, he never asks for any appreciation or thanks in return. At heart, Mark is a pretty selfless person who is willing to do things for other people and put other people's needs before his own without even asking for anything in return. Mark is one of the most humble people in the house especially in comparison to so many of the other houseguests who are shown to be very arrogant and self absorbed. Mark is incredibly humble in comparison to people like Cody, Paul and Josh, who are very cocky, arrogant and often think that they are better than everyone else. His humility is part of what makes him someone likeable and worthy to labelled a noble and good person.
  • Hunk: Mark is physically appealing and is a Mr. Fanservice to boot. His pleasant personality helps to increase his attractiveness factor. Dr. Will thinks he should be on The Young and the Restless.
  • Ideal Hero: Mark has a Honor Before Reason mentality and he's very noble and idealistic in his approach. He strongly believes in seeing the best in every situation as well as seeing the good in people. Unfortunately, Mark's idealistic outlook has made him a Horrible Judge of Character and it's made him incredibly gullible and naive. Mark is also the ultimate Nice Guy, so much that he borderline on being an All-Loving Hero, choosing to see the good in others even if they don't deserve it.
  • The Idealist: Mark has a Humans Are Good mentality and tries to consistently see the best in others even if they don't deserve it. Since Mark is such a noble and honourable person, it's not surprising that he's willing to give people second chances. He has the belief that nobody is born evil and that people can make mistakes but that doesn't make them bad or horrible people. Mark's idealistic nature extends to his perception and opinion about Cody. No matter how badly he's treated people or how mean he's gotten, Mark still refuses to think that Cody is a horrible person and that despite his mistreatment of others, he's still a decent person on the inside. People, such as Paul, have criticized Mark for having such an outlook. While it's noble that Mark wants to see the good in everyone, he's a little bit naive and trusting for his own good.
  • I Just Want to Be Loved: Mark wanted to have a romance with Elena since the start. In fact, it seemed that he was much more interested in having a relationship with Elena than he was in playing the game. Some fans felt that all Mark cared about was pursuing Elena and that he was so desperate to have a romance with someone that he would take anyone that threw themselves at him. Some argue that Mark's desperation to be in a romance or to be loved by someone is based on a lot of deep seated insecurities that Mark feels. His need to be loved stems from his desperation to feel accepted since he was a child that was picked on and bullied.
  • I Just Want to Have Friends: Mark's game primarily consists of trying to earn friends by showing he's a man of his word. Unfortunately, siding with a bunch of people who turn out to be selfish and pitiless sullies that aspect of his character by associating with them enough to make him a sizable target to get rid of.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Mark always had the intentions of keeping Elena safe and protecting her because of his feelings for her. Anytime that Elena was in trouble, Mark would always scramble to try and find ways to save her. However, it's inverted on Double Eviction night when Mark and Elena are both put on the block against each other and the two of them have to battle it out and fight against each other for safety and to continue playing the game. Mark wins the POV which would give him the chance to take himself off the block and secure his safety so that he can continue to fight in the game. Elena, although deeply saddened that she knew she was going to be the one sent home, was very happy for Mark and was very proud that he would have a chance to get farther in the game even if her time in the game was going to end for good (since there was no Jury Buy Back this season). Even when Elena was in jury, she had touted in the Jury House Segment that she didn't want to see Mark come to the jury house next because she wanted him to get to the end and have a chance at winning the game. Because Mark and Elena were each other's ride or die in the game (and that they are in a romantic relationship), they want the best for each other — even Elena, who's known to be one of the most selfish and self absorbed people in the house.
  • Irony: Mark pulls the apple with "Save a Friend" from the Tree of Temptation after he has run out of allies in the game. So who do you think is gonna be his choice- OH, OF COURSE IT'S PAUL, we've been over this many times before (Mark knew he had no chance of bargaining with anybody, so he gave it to the person who gave him friendship at the start of the game and to show people calling him out that he wouldn't go back on his word). On top of that, because Mark pulled the one apple that would have proven useful in Week 10, nobody remaining in that house that week wants to take an apple from the tree out of fear of the bad things that will befall them and the others, so Mark's misfire with the Tree and departure of the game has Gone Horribly Right and stunted the other contestants' games.
  • It's Personal: Mark takes everything personally in the game. Hell, this is the same guy who voted for the player that he chose to win the game (which was Josh) based on personal feelings. Mark had such an antagonistic relationship with Josh throughout the entire game because Mark strongly disliked Josh's overly emotional and aggressive personality. He didn't like that Josh would constantly act confrontational and get into fights with almost every single houseguest, himself included. Mark takes harassment and bullying very seriously as he was a victim of bullying when he was much younger. So bullying is a Trauma Button and a Berserk Button for him which is why he had such an unfavorable opinion about Josh. Mark hated that Josh constantly acted like a Manchild and The Bully when he didn't get his way. So, Mark's dislike of Josh was more personal than game related more than anything else. In addition, Mark turned against Paul and wanted to get rid of him because he felt that Paul posed a threat to his relationship with Elena. Mark has openly admitted that he was uncomfortable and jealous whenever Elena and Paul flirted with each other and he felt that Paul as trying to impose himself by trying to convince Elena to have more loyalty to him than to Mark. Mark felt threatened by Paul's presence over Elena and so made it one of his missions to try to get rid of Paul. Mark admitted that his vote against Paul to win the game was also personal in nature. One of the reasons Mark voted for Josh over Paul to win the game in the Final 2 is because he didn't like Elena and Paul's relationship and he felt that Paul was trying to break Mark and Elena's relationship up. He also said that he didn't vote for Paul because he didn't respect Paul's game, even though he does admit that Paul did play the best game out of anyone. But on his conscience, he couldn't vote for Paul to win because he simply had no respect for all of the backstabbing, lying, and manipulating that he did to get to where he did. Mark admitted to voting for Josh because even though they weren't on the best of terms for the entire game, at least Josh was open and honest about how he felt and where he stood with Mark unlike Paul, who he felt was playing a more cowardly and sneaky game by not being honest and upfront about what he was doing, how he was feeling and about his intentions.
  • Jerk Jock: Downplayed. For the most part, Mark is a Lovable Jock who is generally nice to everyone. However, he only acts mean if people are taking shots at him first. His relationship with Josh has been tumultuous for the most part and things got really ugly between them in Week 4 when Mark threw a cup of lemon juice and hot sauce in Josh's face and eyes.
  • Just Friends: Even though it's arguable that Dominique feels something of a more romantic nature for Mark, Mark always saw Dominique as just a friend. Instead, Mark had interest in Elena and was Oblivious to Love when it came to Dominique. As a result of Mark being blind to Dominique's feelings, she became a Dogged Nice Girl towards him.
  • The Klutz: Mark has terrible coordination when it comes to physical challenges where his large stature puts him at a disadvantage. He wasn't watching where he was going and stumbled off the Jury bleachers right as Josh came out of the house after winning the competition, and Julie had to grab Mark's hand and help him down so he wouldn't fall.
  • Last of His Kind: As of Week 8, he's the last House Guest who isn't Paul's minion. That being said, there's a reason there are no other independent thinkers left, at least not the ones who care to speak up like he did — the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: He and Elena were left in the dark to Paul's plan to knock out Ramses over Josh, because their loyalties with Cody and Jessica made them suspect. They ended up voting for Josh and were the only ones to do so aside from Cody.
  • Lovable Jock: Could change, but so far is both one of the most athletic houseguests and one of the kindest and most sensitive. Seemingly subverted later on, even if the person he's mistreating arguably deserves it. However, he was bullied as a child so it's not a good idea to set him off, especially since he's one of the most ripped houseguests.
  • Manly Tears: During After Dark he shed some tears while apologizing to Christmas. And he has lots of tears for Elena when he realizes he must make a choice between him and her to save with the Veto. Following her eviction, he continues to pour out his frustrations in the Diary Room until he's had a nice long cry. It doesn't help that Zingbot twists the knife deeper. Mark may be a manly man on the outside, but he's an Emotional Bruiser on the inside. Mark is not afraid to show vulnerability and weakness and he's not afraid to shed a few Manly Tears when he needs to. The first time Mark is shown to be visibly emotional is when Christmas confronted him about not being there to support her when she broke her foot. She was upset with him because he was not being as good of a friend as she expected him to be and because of that, Mark felt extremely guilty about not proving enough support and care to Christmas during her difficult time when she needed his support the most. Mark broke down in tears because he felt so bad about not being there for Christmas and he was feeling compassionate and sympathetic towards Christmas and her condition. There have also been quite a few occasions in which Mark has cried in the Diary Room. Mark's constant emotional nature and his constant crying spells have even been Played for Laughs as Mark's BB Comics character was named "The Incredible Sulk" and during the Best of the Diary Room segment showed Mark crying over silly stuff. Next to Josh, Mark is the most sensitive male in the house but he seems to be extremely comfortable with sharing his emotions with others and has no fear of being judged or criticized as being less than manly or possibly having his sexuality questioned. It's not shocking that Mark is okay with crying lakes and oceans considering that this is the same guy that's okay with cuddling or being touchy feely with other men or wearing pink shorts with confidence.
  • Mighty Glacier: Mark may be physically strong but he's extremely slow and doesn't have much speed. It's showcased during competitions which are physical in nature and require him to show speed. Mark is slow because of his large size and his height is what hinders him from being fast. Mark is a bodybuilder and is not a lean person who has a slim build and is wiry which is often the body type that is most suited for speed.
  • Mr. Fanservice: Mark has a Heroic Build and is not afraid to show it off by almost always appearing shirtless.
  • My Greatest Failure: In the week of his eviction, Mark admits that he was constantly flipping between loyalties during the game and this ruined his chances of moving forward when his alliances collapsed because nobody wanted to put up with a continuously dishonest player. He also regrets not doing everything that he could to protect Elena from being a target and for eventually being eliminated. After Elena is evicted, Mark blames himself for it and feels immense guilt about it.
  • Nice Guy: The only nice guy in Cody's alliance. Especially shows when he is among the first to ditch Cody completely. And when everybody, including Raven (who just caught hell from Jessica), moves in on Cody and Jessica for a group hazing, he walks away and says in the Diary Room a little later that this is not what he wanted his game to be. He also went as far as to confront Christmas about antagonizing Cody after Paul set the plans in action. However, despite being nice, mellow and down to earth most of the time, it's not wise to make an enemy out of him by either betraying him or lying to him.
  • Noble Male, Roguish Male: Mark is the Noble Male to Cody's Roguish Male. While Mark is much more benevolent, noble and diplomatic in his approach to fixing things and is likely to use Honor Before Reason before anything, Cody is more impulsive, aggressive and prone to getting into fights with others. The ways in which they treat their respective showmance partners (Elena for Mark, Jessica for Cody) shows off their noble and roguish personalities. While Mark is more likely to be gentlemanly, sophisticated and into developing a serious romantic relationship based on deep romance and emotions with Elena, Cody is much more aggressive, domineering, and controlling towards Jessica and he also seems to be into having more of a sexual relationship with Jessica that seems to be based on lust.
  • No Social Skills: Downplayed. It's not that Mark isn't capable of socializing and make friendships. But she it comes to making allies in the game and getting people to trust him and want to work with him in the game, Mark fails dramatically. And even though Mark is a friendly and nice guy, he didn't really manage to make any solid allies that he could work with and could rely on because he only stuck to first Dominique and then Elena. Mark did have a friendship with Cody in the beginning but as soon as he turned his back on him the first time, Cody never trusted Mark again even when Mark was making attempts at trying to fix their relationship so that they could be allies again and work together. Mark also didn't seem to take social cues from Cody in that Cody didn't want to have anything to do with Mark and that he no longer trusted him from a game standpoint. Mark may be a nice guy, but he sucked socially in the game and failed badly at making allies and holding onto them. But that is his own fault, he exposed himself as being way too much of a flip flopper who switched allegiances to many different people instead of showing loyalty to a specific group of people or even one person (if we're not counting Elena).
  • Oblivious to Love: Inverted (in Elena's case with Mark) and Played Straight (in Mark's case with Dominique). Mark openly admitted that he had an attraction to Elena and wanted to pursue a romantic relationship with her. But Elena was completely oblivious to the fact that Mark had feelings for her at the beginning and seemed like she only saw him as a friend and an ally in the game. Eventually, she did find out about how Mark felt about her, but she was unsure about how she felt about him. She even hesitated to get into a romantic relationship with Mark even though Mark was the one that was trying to pursue a relationship with her. With time, Elena realized that she did have romantic feelings for Mark and she wanted to try to have a romantic relationship with him. They eventually became an Official Couple. It's Played Straight when it comes to Dominique's feelings for Mark. Dominique wanted to take their friendship to a romantic level but Mark was too blinded by his attraction to Elena to even realize that Dominique was interested in Mark in that way. Because of Mark's obliviousness about Dominique's feedings and intentions regarding her relationship with Mark, Dominique came off as a bit of a Dogged Nice Girl whose feelings were being unreciprocated. Even though Dominique showed signs that she was interested in Mark romantically, Mark didn't see them because he was too blinded by wanting a romance with Elena or he didn't see Dominique in that way at all.
  • Official Couple: Played Straight with Elena after they go from a Will They or Won't They? status to a Relationship Upgrade. At first, it was uncertain whether the two were going to engage in a romance. Mark had feelings for Elena of a romantic nature, but Elena appeared as if she didn't reciprocate Mark's feelings and didn't want to have a relationship while playing the game in the house. Mark was ready to have a romance but Elena was uncertain. But eventually, Elena gets over her uncertainty about how she feels for Mark and decides to take her relationship with Mark to the next level. Mark is continuing his relationship with Elena outside of the house in order to see if their relationship would function outside of the game and in the real world.
  • One-Man Army: By Week 9, Mark is hanging on by a thread. After the first showmance with the much-maligned Jody is out of the house, he finds himself and Elena going up repeatedly and no one to turn to, including Elena herself, and Elena can't do well enough in the game to save herself, so she cops out. Mark is an absolute beast at the competitions who resolves to stay in the game through his excellent physical prowess when he is the biggest threat to the majority (mirroring Brad Culpepper's desperate situation in Survivor: Game Changers earlier that year). Unfortunately, his game has imploded so badly because of all the shady characters he allied himself with that he looks terrible by proxy and cannot find allies with anyone.
  • Only Sane Man: Finally emerging from underneath a rock, Mark shows up halfway through day 40 to find the house has gone apeshit. He is the only one still indoors as the rest haze Cody and Jessica like crazy, and the best vocal approximation of the look he gets as he peers on quietly is, "WTF is wrong with you animals?"
  • Out of Focus: On Day 40, he is practically AWOL, considering he went through hell the previous day and the days before that. By the time he does choose to emerge, everyone else has lost their marbles.
  • Parental Abandonment: A really sad example to boot. Mark lost both parents while only a boy. Mark's dad died when he was little, and not long after, his mom did, too, evidenced by the family photo where the latter is only around. He is now living with his grandparents who took up the surrogate responsibility of raising their grandson, who are wonderful people and responsible for his kind heart.
  • Rage Breaking Point: When Josh decided to torment Mark again after Paul's second time spearheading an eviction nomination meeting, it went well past the point of humorous and quickly accelerated into pure bullying. That got Mark angry enough to get physical with Josh- and prompted the civility gatekeepers monitoring the show from up on high to twice broadcast over the speakers, "Opposite sides of the house." On the live feed, they cut away from the footage.
  • Real Men Hate Affection: Subverted. Mark is a very large guy with big muscles but he's still an Emotional Bruiser who is very affectionate and loves to give out the hugs. He's a very touchy feely person and he's not the type to shy away from handing out affection. Mark is so comfortable with showing affection to others that he has no issue being touchy feely with member of the same sex without the fear of being portrayed as gay.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Mark is an Emotional Bruiser that has no problems with shedding a few Broken Tears or Manly Tears or wearing pink shorts. Mark is in tune with the feminine aspects of his brain and personality. His favorite color is also pink, and he lampshades this trope in the literal sense of wearing pink in his intro package.
  • Sadistic Choice: During double eviction week, Elena goes up twice, the second time with him. He knows that he has a chance of winning the game because he's a strong competitor, but Elena's goose is cooked. Although it would be chivalrous to sacrifice his game for her, Elena talks Mark into saving himself, but he is brought to tears.
  • Sensitive Guy Manly Man: The Sensitive Guy to Cody's Manly Man. Even though it appears as if Mark would be the Manly Man because he's incredibly athletic and he's very large in size with big muscles, he's actually ruled by his emotions and is in touch with his feminine side. Cody, on the other hand is more of The Stoic and engages in more masculine pastimes such as shooting guns and hunting in addition to being a veteran that served in the military and engaged in combat. Cody also rarely shows any emotion and he's nowhere near as sensitive, empathetic and emotional as Mark is despite the fact that they both share the trait of being athletic in common.
  • Ship Tease: With Elena. But he has a good close friendship with Dominique. Eventually, Mark goes through a relationshipUpgrade with Elena and they become an Official Couple. With Dominique on the other hand, they are Just Friends and Mark only views her platonically but Dominique likes Mark as more than just a friend and she displays Dogged Nice Girl shades towards him.
  • Shirtless Scene: Mark is almost always without a shirt and the female fans aren't complaining about it either. Part of what makes him a Mr. Fanservice.
  • Sleepyhead: Spends a lot of time napping/lying in bed and is fast asleep while the rest of the house is generally up. Until Josh decides otherwise...
  • Sore Loser: Downplayed. At the roundtable discussion at the Jury, Will thinks Mark is irritated by Paul and mad that Jody was evicted and his showmance partner Elena was sent packing. During the afterparty, Mark explains that he wouldn't vote for Paul because Paul tried to turn Elena against him, and while he thought Paul played a better game than Josh, Paul's dishonorable strategies didn't deserve to be rewarded. Will claims Mark is why Paul was deprived $450,000, but Mark doesn't think he's the real reason, just a contributor to his downfall (we all know the real game killer for Paul was one mightily pissed off Alex).
  • Spanner in the Works: Implied he intends to get rid of Paul at some point. Unfortunately for him, he was sent home before he ever got the chance to nix Paul's chances of getting to the end for a second time. But most of that was his fault since he made himself come off as too unreliable and disloyal in the game. Paul caught onto it so there was no chance that Mark had any shot of taking Paul out before Paul took Mark out.
  • Survivor's Guilt: On Double Eviction night, Jason won HOH and nominated Mark and Elena against each other so they had to battle against one another for safety and to stay in the game. Mark won POV which ensured that he had the opportunity to take himself off the block and be safe. But Elena was in serious trouble — she knew that if they couldn't get Mark out (who was the first or real intended target) then they were going to go for her instead. Unfortunately, they did pull the trigger on Elena as she was evicted after Cody. Mark was happy that he won the POV and ensured his own safety but he was also feeling saddened and guilty that Elena was going home instead of him. In a way he felt like he was responsible for her eviction because he was the one that was supposed to go home in her place. At that point, he mentally and emotionally checked out of the game.
  • That Makes Me Feel Angry: Normally, Mark is a friendly, calm and mild-mannered guy, but if he sees bullying of any kind, then he will not tolerate it and he will blow up in anger. It's also an unwise idea to even think of bullying him or attacking him in any way. When Josh made the very unwise idea to berate Mark after making a bet over a pool game and Mark's temper got the best of him which resulted in him throwing an uncomfortable mix of hot sauce and lime juice in Josh's face. That event alone should tell you to never mess with Mark no matter how mild mannered and friendly he seems. He can get quite angry because despite his sensitive and emotional nature, he's Hot-Blooded.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Mark seemed like he was not that much of a competitor when the game first started. He was athletic but he showed no promise when it came to performing well in competitions. However, when his safety was on the line and he started to realize that he was becoming a target to go home, Mark started to become increasingly good at winning competitions. But in turn, the other housemates started to view Mark as a huge physical threat so he became one of the biggest targets in the house. He's also someone, other than Cody, who had the guts to turn on Paul and realize that it was him that was running the show and that he was going to attempt at trying to take him out of the game before Paul could ever have the chance to go on a winning streak in comps, get rid of all of his competition, and slide his way to the end once again with a chance at winning.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He started out nice, but has recently been showing a much darker side, even going as far as to throw hot sauce in Josh's eyes over an argument as to who had won a game of pool. And he even tries pandering to Cody long after all bridges have been burned.
  • Trauma Button: Don't bully Mark. Just don't. You'll get what you deserve if you do. Mark got bulled as a kid and joined a gym specifically to muscle up to the point he stopped being a bullying target. Mark also wears glasses, but not too often because glasses are a common target of harassment.
  • We Used to Be Friends: With Cody, before it all went to absolute Hell. After Cody's betrayal, Mark decided that Cody couldn't be trusted and Mark owed no loyalty to Cody anymore. After Cody was evicted and reentered the game by winning the Battle Back competition, Mark decided to give Cody a second chance and wanted to work with him once again. Unfortunately for Mark, he was unaware that Cody no longer had any desire to work with Mark and didn't trust him because Mark had already turned his back on him before. Even though Cody has mistreated Mark and talked badly about him behind his back, Mark still refused to see the bad side of Cody and chose to continue to think that he's a good person who can be his friend outside of the game.
  • Will They or Won't They?: With Elena throughout the season. Even though Mark was attracted to Elena and wanted to have a romance with her, it was uncertain as to if Elena really reciprocated Mark's feelings. Mark let every single person that he talked to know about how he felt about Elena. Elena, on the other hand, had told other people that she was uncertain about her feelings for Mark and had even admitted that physically, Mark was not really her type as she has a tendency to be attracted to intellectual nerdy types over authentic jocks like Mark. Elena even said that she wasn't sure if she wanted to get into a relationship in the house while playing the game because it could cause a distraction for her wanting to play the game and try to win and it could paint a target on her back. Despite the mix up of feelings between the two and a possibility of the feelings being unreciprocated on Elena's behalf, the two eventually meet a crossroads and discover that they both like each other romantically. They end up having a Relationship Upgrade when they become an Official Couple. They extend their romance to the jury house and when the game is over and they are currently still trying to make a go of a romance in the real world.
  • With Friends Like These...: Mark learned that he's got nobody in his corner but him. Not even Elena, his very own showmance, is to be trusted. He decided to fend for himself and ensure his own safety by winning the first Temptation Competition. But that doesn't stop him from becoming Josh's target come next week because Josh hates the way both Mark and Elena have played the game.
  • Younger Than They Look: Come on, take a look at Mark and seriously believe that he even looks remotely like someone who just turned 26? Maybe it's the fact that he is so largely built and has such huge muscles which makes him look much older than his age, or maybe it's because he acts very mature for his age. Most guys like Mark appear very frat boyish and immature, but Mark doesn't only look mature physical appearance wise but he's also mature personality wise. Mark can come off as more mature and wise than other guys his age because he's lived a lot of life and he had to grow up very fast when he was a child because he was orphaned and both of his parents had died.


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