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BeyondtheGreatSea Villains of the South Sea

    The Fog
Top Left: Fogged Island Top Right & Bottom: Pockets of Fog (Location: Trading Post)

Artwork by tazsaints
The foreboding fog that when in contact, can result a jinx status effect on a person if they aren't immune. Be in the fog long enough and you're forgotten until the fog is cleared out of the area.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: To characters who have be swallowed up by the Fog. (Also joked that this is what happens to player characters that are no longer active.)
  • Laser-Guided Amnesia: Anyone swallowed up by the fog will cause this to those who remember them.
  • Status Ailment: When in contact, it puts a debuff of jinx that disables the use of weapons, so if you have to fight bare handed in the Fog (unless you're immune). Be in it long enough you're put into a slumber.

    General for the Villains 
  • Your Days Are Numbered: Dark Magic has it's cost on the casters and those who make use of it.
    The Pirate King: "Dark Magic exacts a price on all who make use of it, not just the caster. The toll to move in the fog is taken from your lives in the form of time."


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