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Beyond The Great Sea NPC and Admin Characters

The artwork displayed here belongs to their rightful owners.

Those who don't specifically live on an Island

    Shopkeep Castor 

The Sweet Monster Researcher
Age/Bday: 33/29 Nov
Gender: Male
Height: 190.5cm/6'03"
Weight: 66kg/144lbs
Home: Tooth and Nail
Job Class: Shopkeep
Alignment/Element: Hero/Dark
A kindhearted and well meaning guy who's interested in researching about Monsters.

    Ultimate Mage Ativa! 

Ultimate Mage Ativa! (Ultimate Mage Ativa Venti)

Age/Bday: 17/13 Apr
Gender: Male
Height: 5'02"/157cm
Weight: 53kg/116lbs
Home: Anywhere's good lol
Job Class: 'The Most Powerful Mage in History EVER!!'
Alignment/Element: Hero/Wind
Don't you know me?! I'm the best mage ever!


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