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    Knight Commander Trina Sancta 

Trina Sancta

Artwork and Character owned by tazsaints
The Lady in Charge

Click here to see her after "In the Dead of Night" Event 

Age/Bday: 40/05 Jul
Gender: Female
Height: 175cm/5'09"
Weight: 61kg/134lbs
Home: Lon Lon Island
Job Class: Knight Commander
Alignment/Element: Hero/Dark
The current head of the Knights Guild.

    1st Knight Arnos Assan 

Arnos Assan

Artwork and Character owned by Gleaming-Hope
The TRUE Second Knight... At the time.
Age/Bday: 41/18 Mar
Gender: Male
Height: 186cm/6'01"
Weight: 77kg/170lbs
Home: Lon Lon Island
Job Class: First Knight
Alignment/Element: Hero/Dark
The TRUE Second Knight that was swallowed up by the Fog alongside the Trading Post for a year before being rescued. Becomes First Knight when First Knight Duncan Grey stepped down from his duties.

    2nd Knight Terrik Sommer 

Terrik Sommer

Artwork and Character owned by link2262

"Some day, I'm gonna be like them. I'm gonna go out and explore!"
The 2nd Knight We All Know and Love
Age/Bday: 21/11 Oct
Gender: Male
Height: 167cm/5'06"
Weight: 71kg/156lbs
Home: Lon Lon Island
Job Class: Second Knight
Alignment/Element: Hero/Wind
The Second Knight under Trina and now Arnos.


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