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Character page for Beyond Despair’s Bounds. For the students of Class Aoi, go here. For the students from the original, go here.

Warning: all spoilers are unmarked.

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    Player Characters 

Arashi Fukui

SHSL Inventor

Arashi Fukui is a man you cannot describe in a word, or two for that matter. With a great number of gadgets, gizmos, widgets, and doodads under his belt, his machinations have changed lives all over the globe, be it for better or worse. He’s always had a knack for tinkering with common objects around his household as a child, a knack that soon grew into a full­blown career of sorts. If there’s anything he’s known for better than his creations, it’s his personality. While he’s rarely appeared in interviews for unspecified reasons, those whom have spoken to him personally can confirm he’s quite the odd young man. Brilliant, but odd. Though it’s rarely specified how so, and one could only wonder how he acts in person – a personality like his is one you have to see to believe…

The seventh killer, who killed Akemi in Chapter 6.

Asa Josef Amsel

SHSL Hacktivist

Like most teenagers and children of this era, Asa often found themself on the internet. From an early age, they were an avid forum browser, and learned a lot from those forums. One of the things they learned was coding. They picked up on it very quickly and soon learned how to deconstruct codes as well. They started using this knowledge to get into the accounts of people they didn’t like and mess with them. As word spread about what they were doing, people started paying them to do so. They soon moved on to larger projects as their skills increased, eventually shutting down and redirecting websites of major businesses. Their signature move is replacing what they removed from these websites with videos and pictures of cats overlaid with information about everything immoral the company has done.

The fourth killer, who killed Haru in Chapter 4.

Ayano Aizawa

SHSL Painter

Quickly taking the art world by storm, Ayano Aizawa is a charismatic ball of energy that wouldn’t strike you as the type to enjoy such a delicate art. However, once you put her in front of a canvas, it becomes apparent just why people refer to her as the SHSL Painter. She enjoys pushing the boundaries of the medium, making wildly colorful abstract works of motion and form that seem to jump off the wall at you and grab hold of your imagination. Only 17 years old, she’s already been exhibited at art galleries across Japan and even a few overseas galleries. Her process is unique, drawing on her sound-color synesthesia to produce audio works that she then translates onto paper, painting the work in her mind before it ever makes it onto the canvas.

The fifth victim, killed by Mizuiro in Chapter 5.

  • Horrible Judge of Character: She thinks that Honoka Nogitsu is merely pompous, but decent if you get to know him. That's right. Honoka. She's also quick to forgive several of the murderers.

Haru Ikezawa

SHSL Behavioral Psychologist

After shooting to fame with a groundbreaking study into aggression that he published at the age of 15, Haru Ikezawa has become one of the top new names in the field of behavioural psychology. Highly academic in nature, he has pioneered some of the most controversial new ideas about the brain in modern science, and apparently only wants to continue studying. Despite his vigorous work ethic, he seems to have a peaceful outlook on life.

The fourth victim, killed by Asa in Chapter 4.

  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Every time he tries to have a conversation with Rini, though they seem to be on better terms now.

Hiiro Louise

SHSL Roller Derby Girl

Known by derby fans only by her pseudonym, this scarlet player for the Pretty Killer Rollergirls has the biggest reputation of any player on her team. She’s known mostly for being a jammer, though she’s had no trouble being a pivot or blocker in the past either. However, a part of her fame comes from her appearance and persona, being known for constantly expressing a hot-and-cold personality that many of her fans find endearing. Her and her team’s popularity began blowing up after their part in the national roller derby tournament in their 10th year, and though they didn’t win at first they ranked very high and marked their presence in the sport. When they effortlessly won the championship the following year, their skills were even more greatly admired as the best in junior roller derby, and the main jammer who’d helped the most in their victory received a Hope’s Peak invitation as a result.

Killed by Maru shortly after the class merge in Chapter 5, for trying to attack Maru.

  • Brutal Honesty: Can hold back sometimes, but she doesn't really hide her thoughts on others and what they do.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Disagrees with the notion of executing the culprits, especially when the executions involve cruel irony.

Katashi Haruyama

SHSL Line Cook

Katashi Haruyama is the son of Jiro Haruyama, head chef of renowned French restaurant Dans La Mer in Kyoto. Many in the culinary world believe that he is being groomed to inherit the restaurant when his father retires. With his no-nonsense attitude, and a bright mind for adding new twists to his father’s classic French dishes, he seems to be on the fast track to culinary superstardom.

The second victim, killed by Nobu in Chapter 2.

  • Team Chef: He's the only hope they have right now, as it seems that none of the other students are capable of preparing a meal.

Kuroi ★ Hoshi

SHSL Sukeban

The name is familiar and well known and sometimes even feared. Kuroi ★ Hoshi. Or more personally known, Fujikawa Tsukiyama. Known for her time spent in a girls delinquent group, Koyōte as their leader. Kuroi ★ Hoshi is one feared by many her age and older in Osaka. Due to her mysterious past Kuroi ★ Hoshi has climbed to the top and earned the title of SHSL Sukeban, but not much else is known about the small delinquent.

Still alive as of Chapter 7.

  • Failed a Spot Check: While investigating one of the victims in Chapter 5, she merely comments that Conor dyed his hair and became emo. Never mind the fact that he was shorter, his talent was revealed to be false, and he had a different name and ethnicity.

Ming Zhu Mao

SHSL Modern Fashion Designer

Sneaking into the fashion industry, Ming Zhu Mao burst into the scene out of nowhere. Their name was nothing, and then it was everywhere; models were strutting their designs down the runway, and magazine spreads displayed their work in many photoshoots. Elaborate, yet with a certain finesse, no would could deny that Ming Zhu was paving a new road in modern fashion with their new view.

The first culprit, who killed Louie in Chapter 1.

Miriam Thompson

SHSL Swing Singer

What’s the source of that vintage music that pours out in Osaka every weekend? You may acredit your snapping fingers and jiving feet to none other than Mia Thompson. Despite being the youngest member of the Barrelhouse’s band, Mia is by far one of the most requested singers in the club’s long lifetime. Known for her self-respecting image which inspires individuals to appreciate their bodies regardless of what others may say, she has an electric personality that could light up the entire town, with enough energy thrown into her singing to power even the most boring of sticks-in-the-mud to get up and jive until the early morning.

The third victim, killed by Rini in Chapter 3.

  • Canon Foreigner: She actually began the game in the Aoi roster, but was switched into Midori shortly after the prologue began. Thus, she appears on this character page.

Rini Akahina

SHSL Idol (SHSL Boxer)

Not too much is really known about Rini, not even her full name. She’s nowhere near actually famous, only having just become an idol, and is pretty much entirely unknown at this point. How Hope’s Peak had managed to find her is a mystery along with exactly what she had done to qualify as super high school level but there is no doubt that she definitely is good, Hope’s Peak makes no mistakes.

The third culprit, who killed Mia in Chapter 3.

  • Anywhere but Their Lips: Is regularly seen giving Aoi kisses pretty much everywhere on her face but her lips.
  • Apologizes a Lot: Along with apologies being pretty regular she also tends to go a bit overboard when suggesting things that may right what she thinks she's done wrong.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: During the second trial she punched Yuuki, and pretty hard too, even she isn't really sure why.
  • Cuddle Bug: Very much a hugger, and occasionally even a kisser, though only ever on the cheek.
  • Dramatic Sit-Down: She does this a lot, though usually on the floors of bathrooms rather than on things that one typically sits on.
  • Dramatic Stutter: She tends to get nervous or flustered easily and tends to stutter when nervous or flustered so.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook: Averted, Rini is probably one of the most typically feminine characters in the game but by her own admission if she tried to actually cook something she'd probably hurt herself.
  • Kitsch Collection: Has a collection of Sylveon plushies so large that it's only ever described with absurdly large numbers. Also has several of the figurines typically seen in such collections though not much room to actually display them.
  • Lipstick Lesbian: One of the most typically feminine characters in the game and one of the biggest lesbians in the world.
  • Mysterious Past: Insinuated in her bio, as no one really knows anything about her.
  • Survivor Guilt: Says that she should have been the one to die when she began to confess to killing Mia.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: She's been sprited in twelve different outfits, whereas most students are only seen in one or two.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Her pink hair, which is dyed. Sprites without glasses used in the prologue also confirm this as her eyebrows are clearly brown.



For information on Maru, see her entry on the character page for the first game.


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