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    Player Characters 

A half-goblin/half-elf adventures played by Dwyt

Clear Sky
A Skeletal Grippli stormcaller played by Lauren

Rashani of the Rainstick
A half-orc/half-human Rainmaker played by Kat

A half-Dwarf/half-human adventurer
  • Bad Liar: He cracks under ANY suspicion.
  • Blessed With Suck: Either, his inability to touch weapons or his sword becoming mystically bound to him is a blessing while the other one appearing to be a curse.
  • Cursed Item: His swordnis describes as both blessed and cursed.
  • Sheath Strike: He never seems to actually draw his sword from its sheath

An avius who uses verse-magic, after defeating her and her bandit gang she opts to join the band rather than be thrown in jail.


    Player Characters 

A half-Poroal/half-Pteros(Gator/Lionfish) Remnant played by Lauren. She is a Fear soul Remnant who fights using a bident. Thanks to being a fear soul Remnant she feels intense fear when faced with creatures of the Abyss. She wants people to think highly of her and is concerned with her appearance above all else.

"I just want to protect people"
A half-Selacorm/half-Leodai(Shark/Stingray) Oathtaker played by Kat. She has fights with a khopesh and sheiks. She has a strong desire to help people but often ignores her own problems.
  • Amazonian Beauty: When flexing in an art gallery with Millota (long story), several artist use them as their muse.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: She takes her food very seriously and even attacks Gamgams for stealing it.
  • Socially Awkward Hero: Possibly due to being raised in a temple, Chisel’s social skills leave much to be desired.
  • The Hero: She has stated her main motivation is helping people.

A Pteros(Lionfish) Weir who lost his leg defending a village. He is the Pod’s primary healer and overall the most laid-back member of the party.
  • Adorkable: Kyle has described him as “a very sweet boy”
  • Surfer Dude: While there isn’t surfing in Kasvar his vernacular brings to mind this trope.
  • The Heart: He is the most friendly member of the Pod and the most emotionally open.
  • White Mage: Comes with being a Wer.


A Cnindaran(Jellyfish) Formulist who provides the Pods spellcasting. She is most likely the smartest member of the pod.

Master Finn

Anastia’s master he shares Anastia’s “appreciation” for fashion and dress. He is rather...infamous among the Remnants.
  • Lazy Bum:He lazes around Anastia’s house while she’s out adventuring.
  • The Load: Kyle stated he was this in the battle against the cutter bosses


A Leodai(Stingray) Oathtaker/Monk she’s Chisel’s Oathtaker partner and childhood friend.
  • Glass Cannon: Her defense is rather lackluster compared to her attack especially compared to Chisel.


An Anago(Eel) Remnant of the Zeal soul that the Pod met in the Abyss. They end up teaching the Pod the basics of Pressure and becomes a second mentor to Anastia.
  • Blood Knight: Thanks to her Remnant soul she enjoys fighting more than most.
  • Gender Bender: Thanks to being an Anago they can change their physical gender, altering how long their arms/legs are.
  • The Big Guy: They are one of the strongest member of the party.


    Player Characters 


A Tonarian who was put into cryostasis approximately 3000 years ago for reasons unknown. She was awoken to participate in the Cryo-waken game show. Afterwards, she becomes a StarStreamers to pay off her debts.


A Blend who was put into crostasis approximately 3000 years ago. She was awoken to participate in the Cryo-waken game show. Afterwards, she becomes a StarStreamer to pay off her debts.
  • Artificial Human: She's a Blend, an artificial human created by robots to replace their original masters.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She is typically absurdly nice but she seems to get aggressive when fighting.
  • Cloning Blues: Turns out she's a copy of the original Render.OS who ended doing A LOT of terrible things.
  • Dissonant Serenity: She almost always acts friendly even when fighting for her life!
  • Fish out of Temporal Water: Due to being in cryostasis most of her information is 3000 years out of date.
  • Technopath: As a Blend she has the ability to literally talk to machines.
    Chat Characters 

In StarStreamers The twitch chat is canon to the universe and people can submit summonable characters to assist the PCs in combat.
  • Hard Light: The char members are “summoned” via the creations of hard light holograms through VR gear.


A Rafflesian living on an, as of yet, undiscovered planet. He is described as a plant-like child. In combat he uses two drones to trap and entangle enemies.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He built his VR gear, streaming set up, and drones out of wreckage.
  • Plant Aliens: He is described as a small bellsprout looking creature.


A Caeruleum Human JD=} is a fashion streamer who dresses in light blues with flaming hair.* DeadpanSnarker: He's stated to have a "Tikaku like" personality.* FashionDesigner: If he's ever mentioned prepare to get some clothing advice.!!Kamen the GrumanKamen is a mysterious Gruman he appears to wear an older model of space suit and wields a ray gun. * MasterOfNone: He's explicitly average in all stats having a d6 in all of them. * RaygunGothic: His space suit and raygun appear to be inspired by this aesthetic. * RubberForeheadAliens: His species, the Grumen, are described as “humans but green”. !![=KnightShadeA self-proclaimed hero KnightShade is the first chat member to assist the StarStreamers. He appears to be a human of "African" descent with long dreadlocks, he wears a purple and black superhero outfit with a hood and cape. In battle he wields a stun baton and often fights recklessly.
  • Animorphism: At some point he learned how to transform into animals he's drank from.
  • The Cape: He seems to model himself after a comic book superhero.
  • Chest Insignia: Appears to have some sort of vortex symbol on his chest.
  • Deadly Upgrade: He can use his ability to transform into a Soladin making him tougher with Solar abilities but due to his physiology staying in that form hurts him.
  • Our Vampires Are Different: His home planet of Drakulon has blood oceans and its inhabitants don't have reflections.


  • Badass Teacher: He teaches younger gladiators and can fight on par with Steel Ronin.
  • Beast Man: He has blue fur, a tail, and wings.
  • Gladiator Games: He won his freedom from the gladiatorial pits of his planet sometime before the campaign.


Smeagol appears to be a female human who uses "Digital Magic". Most of her abilities appear to be based on Anime and Manga tropes.
  • Animesque: She is outright described as an anime character.
  • Anything That Moves: She has expressed attraction to MANY things.
  • Murder Is the Best Solution: She is possibly the only member of chat willing to kill.
  • Ill Girl: While she is a master at the digital arts she remains bed ridden due to injuries sustained from a creature called the Omnicrabe

Steel Ronin

A member of the Dullahan, Steel Ronin uploaded his brain to a robotic body. He is one of the strongest fighters in chat and wields a pole arm in battle.
  • Blade on a Stick: his main weapon is a pole arm
  • Brain Uploading: His people, the Dullahan, upload their brains to robotic bodies.
  • No Name Given: Steel Ronin is a rank rather than a name so his actual name is unknown.
  • Ronin: not a traditional one, Steel Ronin is apparently a military rank amongst his people.

Sirius Mango

A human communist freedom fighter/pop artist who shows up in the last few session to help fight off a mega-corporation.


xXxBl00dM00nRisesxXx is a Trasmo,s transparent humanoid with swirling purple gas inside her. She dresses in a black trench coat and wields a katana. She's apparently a member of the Net Warriors.

Savage Tokusatsu

    Player Characters 

Bobby is a native of Bright Lake and the main drummer for the highschool band. He gains the Green Gargoyle shifter and fights with a halberd.
  • Band Geek: Downplayed but he's pushed around by his other band mates enough.

Lita is recently moved to town and has taken up calling herself Onyxia and dressing in goth attire after her parents divorce. She gained the Pink Banshee shifter and fights with a screaming ring.
  • Goth: She ATTEMPTS to dress up like a goth but has little knowledge of the subculture.


Tikaku is a native of Bright Lake who is obsessed with self care and umbrellas. He gained the Purple Wisp shifter and fights with a glowing orb.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He is the sassiest of the main group much to the chagrin of his classmates.


Jerry is the father of Lita, who recently moved to Bright Lake. He is an absurdly nice person and a good father but certain events have implied he has a sorted past.
  • Former Teen Rebel: He mentions his wild teenage years to the group when driving them.
  • Good Parents: Is absurdly kind to Lita and the rest of the group, Ken's even friends with him.
  • Mysterious Past: Jerry seems to have had a past with transforming heroes but it hasn't been elaborated on yet.

Ken Brandt

The Son of Dr.Brandt, Ken inherited her research. He works with the PCs to defend Bright Lake against Fire Team Omega.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Similar to Tikaku but he just straight up likes messing with people.
  • Disappeared Dad: Like Sumika, his mother died in a car crash while his father's whereabouts are never mentioned.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: In-universe Ken is one of the least liked of the protagonists at the academy.

Sumika Ishimori

The daughter of Dr. Ishimori, Sumika inherited her research. She works with the PCs to defend Bright Lake against Fire Team Omega.
  • Disappeared Dad: Like Ken, her mother died in a car crash while her father's whereabouts are never mentioned.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: It's unknown if she participates in any sports but she's certainly athletic and certainly passionate.


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