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The Plumbers

An organization that plays a key role in the franchise. What they are exactly are have been somewhat inconsistent between the series, but they are overall depicted as an organization dealing with aliens which Max was a part of. They retired a bit before the Original Series started, but have been brought back in the Time Skip before Alien Force.
    In General 
  • All There in the Manual : The Pop Up Trivia in Original Series episode The Ultimate Weapon gives several background details on the group, such as their founding in the 1700s by the Founding Fathers.
  • Arch-Enemy: They used to be this with an alien species called Sludgepuppies. The whole point of "Big Fat Alien Wedding" was to end the conflict by marrying their Star-Crossed Lovers.
  • Ascended Extra: They have always been important, but in the Original Series, they were essentially a background element used to give Max a backstory and justify some of the non-alien high-tech used in the story. In the sequels, they have a progressively larger role.
  • Big Good: The Magistrata.
  • Cardboard Prison: Plumber HQ in Omniverse is absolutely terrible at keeping its prisoners; villains constantly escape from it, sometimes offscreen (like Psyphon, who got arrested around three times yet always is on the run again by the next episode he shows up), and when they are shown escaping (Albedo, Dr Animo and Zombozo), they do it incredibly easily. Lampshaded by Ben in “Something Zombozo Comes This Way” when he and Max discover Zombozo managed to easily escape and pretend he was still there by leaving a kidnapped Plumber disguised as him, with nobody apparently considering checking him sooner, nor anyone finding it suspicious a Plumber disappeared.
    Ben: "Plumbers HQ really needs to work on its security system, Grandpa!"
  • Elaborate Underground Base: In Omniverse, their headquarters in Bellwood are this.
  • In-Series Nickname: "Red spots" in Omniverse, due to their red-coloured badges. Note that this is only the case in Omniverse; their badges were never shown in the Original Series and were portrayed as looking similar to the Omnitrix symbol in the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era.
  • The Men in Black: In the Original Series.
  • Men of Sherwood: When they aren't falling under Police Are Useless, they are this.
  • Order Reborn: As explained in Omniverse, the group was rebuilt during the Time Skip between the Original Series and Alien Force.
  • Police Are Useless: For most of the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era, they were pretty useless the few times we saw them, and it was even implied they willingly limited their resources on Earth because they couldn't afford to waste them on a backwater planet. They get slightly better in Omniverse thanks to Earth becoming an open system and allowing them to operate more freely, but they still tend to be conveniently absent or ineffective whenever they could end the episode quickly (for example, they don't show up at all when Looma's father threatens to blow up Earth in “Many Happy Returns”), villains manage to easily infiltrate their HQ several times despite all the security systems, and their prison still somehow fails to keep criminals like Psyphon contained for a long time. Also, they recruited Blucik and Driba as their technology expert.
  • Retcon: In the Original Series, they were portrayed as a mostly human secret organization that dealt with the paranormal. In the sequels, they are portrayed as a space police where most members are aliens.
    • They were also explicitly stated in Ultimate Alien to only deal with aliens to the point they couldn't get involved in arresting supervillain King Vicktor due to him being originally human; in Omniverse, they are seen dealing with some non-alien villains such as Doctor Animo and Billy Billions (who are both full-blood humans) and Zombozo (who has been confirmed by Word of God to be a supernatural being).
    • Word of God is that there were two separate groups of Plumbers, the Earth-based Men in Black of the Original Series and the Space Police of the sequels, with the remnants of the Earth group merged into the larger organization at some point before the start of Ben 10: Alien Force
  • Retired Badass: In the Original Series, most Plumbers we get to see are retired members who stopped their activities long ago, but still have plenty of skills and alien tech at their disposal.
  • Shout-Out: Their armors in the Original Series were very reminiscent of the Ghostbusters.
  • Space Police: In Alien Force onward.

    Magister Patelliday 
Voiced by Rob Paulsen

A Pisciss Volann (Ripjaw's species) Plumber, and the second-in-command of the Plumbers on Earth.

  • Alluring Anglerfish: Being of Ripjaw's species will make you that, though he is not as impressive as Ben's version of his species.
  • Ascended Extra: He appeared for the first time as a cameo character in Ultimate Alien episode "Mother of All Vreedles". Ben 10: Omniverse makes him the Second-in-Command of the Earth' Plumbers and a recurring character.
  • Badass in Distress: In "Gone Fishin'", he is captured by Space Pirates who attempt to serve him to their captain as lunch. Max display limited concern, insisting Patelliday can handle himself on his own. He indeed escapes easily before they arrive: the only reason he was staying as a prisoner was to better figure out what the pirates were up to.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: His appearance and mannerism are much less impressive than Ripjaw, and he seems like a comical character at the first approach, but much like Max, he is more than meet the eyes, as proven in "Gone Fishing" and "Rooters of All Evil".
    Phil: Aren't you getting a little long in the tooth?
    Patelliday: You tell me. (bites him)
  • Mauve Shirt: Is one of the few named Plumbers outside of Max and the main cast and he reappears quite frequently (compared to the other magisters: Labrid and Gilhil).
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: It’s not as obvious as for Ripjaw, but still visible.
  • Number Two: To Max.
  • Remember the New Guy?: He has been introduced in Ultimate Alien only, but both a conversation between Max and him and a a comment from Phil suggest that he was there before the Plumbers disbanded before the Original Series, and might even have been the first alien Plumber to operate on Earth.
  • Shout-Out: His voice is a homage to comedian Don Knotts, who starred in The Incredible Mr. Limpet as a man who becomes a fish.
  • Super Not-Drowning Skills
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Averted; according to Word of God, his suit includes systems that allow him to stand out of water without dehydrating like his species usually does. Still a problem in the season 3 finale, where a month in captivity with minimal water is enough to overwhelm the suit.
    • Sustained high temperatures can also be a problem, as shown in "Clyde 5," where Vera Tennyson cranks up the heating of Plumber HQ, leaving Patelliday almost completely dehydrated in a matter of minutes.

    Magister Labrid 
Voiced by Jeff Bennett

A Plumber officer, and one of Max's friends. He shows up in Alien Force's pilot episode to investigate the Highbreed invasion and help Ben find Max. He gets killed, and leaves to Ben the mission to end the invasion.

  • Small Role, Big Impact: He appeared in two episodes, not counting a very short cameo in a later flashback episode, and dies at the end. In this short time, he directed Ben and his friends toward fighting the Highbreed Invasion and partially initiated Kevin's Heel–Face Turn.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: He needs his suit to survive on Earth. A rupture that not only exposed his flesh but also left a gash in him caused him to die of exposure.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He gets killed an episode after his debut, but we do get to find out more about him in a flashback.

    Magister Prior Gihil 
Voiced by J. K. Simmons

The Plumber officer in charge of the sector where Earth is located during the Alien Force/Ultimate Alien era.

  • Four-Star Badass: In this case Magister Badass; the Officer in charge of the entire sector. Also a pretty good fighter capable of easily defeating Kevin.
  • Genre Blind: While you can't blame him for being skeptical about the Highbreed invasion due to not having any proof, he doesn't even bother investigating himself to make sure. He also doesn't both to check the source of his tip to make sure he isn't walking into a trap.
    • He gets better by Ultimate Alien, where, when receiving a distress call from Aggregor's ship and being given a flimsy excuse by Aggregor to justify it, he decides to still give it a look just in case. Sadly, this ends up costing him his life.
  • Jerkass: Comes out like this in "Darkstar Rising", where he attempts to arrest Ben's team for supposedly passing themselves as Plumbers, flat out states the Plumbers can't afford to waste their resources on backwater planets like Earth and refuses to listen or investigate about their claims about the Highbreed invasion is going on. He, fortunately, gets better by the end of the episode.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Aggregor in Ultimate Alien.

    Victor Validus
Played by Hebert Siguenza (Alien Swarm), Brian George (Ultimate Alien)

A Plumber introduced in the Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie, and Elena's father.

  • Brainwashed and Crazy: Courtesy of the Hive.
  • Cassandra Truth: He tried to warn the other Plumbers about the sentience of the Hive, but wasn't listened to.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Dies in the time between Alien Swarm and Ultimate Alien.
  • Killed Off for Real: In Ultimate Alien.
  • Large Ham: In Alien Swarm, while controlled by the Hive.
  • Mad Scientist: subverted; he was believed to be this, but his actions actually had a really sane motive.
  • Posthumous Character: In Revenge of the Swarm.
  • Red Herring: The beginning of Revenge of the Swarm sets him up as the main antagonist for the episode. He actually was dead in the time between Alien Swarm and that episode; the real villain is Elena, possessed by the Hive.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: Ben goes through a lot of trouble in Alien Swarm to defeat the Hive without having to kill him... only to have him die anyway in Revenge of the Swarm.

    Blukic and Driba 
Voiced by Paul Eiding (Blukic) and Eric Bauza (Driba)

A duo of Galvans introduced in Omniverse. The two of them are tech support in the Plumbers' HQ, in charge mostly of machines. Though they possess advanced knowledge in technology like all Galvans, they are incredibly dumb when it comes to practically everything else.

  • Aliens Speaking English: While that is very obvious in this universe, they take it Up to Eleven by being able to write in English, albeit poorly spelled. During their first time on Earth, they facilitated the needs of Translators in order to communicate with humans.
  • Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?:
    Driba: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
    Blukic: I hope not.
  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: in one episode, they are distracted by a Mr Smoothie commercial while Ben and the other Plumbers are dealing with a crisis.
  • Been There, Shaped History: They were the aliens that crashed near Roswell.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: They're both pint-sized, but Blukic is tall while Driba is short and squat.
  • The Engineer: They serve as the Plumbers' techsupport, although they momentarily forget they were tech support.
  • Fantastic Racism: They seem to have it out for Cerebrocrustaceans, as they have been known to make unpleasant comments about the species at least twice in the show.
    Driba: "We are not Cerebrocrustaceans; we know what we are doing."
  • Genius Ditz: While they have the natural intelligence that comes with Galvans, they are very stupid for their species. They are smart enough to repair the Omnitrix when a piece is missing in "Outbreak", albeit after several failed attempts. In "Catfight", they also created a remote control for the Omnitrix. However, in "Evil Encore" they make an emergency exit in the ventilation shaft, but are too stupid to make it bigger than Galvan height.
  • Guttural Growler: Blukic has a gravelly, bass voice.
    Blukic: ayup...
  • Informed Ability: Despite being recognized as dumbasses by Galvan, they are supposedly smarter than any human being, and even smarter than Cerebrocrustaceans. As Ben lampshades it, we have yet to see any indication of that.
  • Joke Character: Mostly there for comic relief.
  • The Load: Safe for a few times where they actually prove useful, they tend to mostly make things worse for the Plumbers and their stupidity almost killed the heroes at least twice. You seriously come to wonder why they even keep them around.
  • Metaphorgotten:
    Driba: Like Icarus, we flew too close to the sun. And like Icarus, we never got our smoothies...
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: They fixed the Annihilargh.
  • Noodle Incident: When the two get eaten by a humongous alien elephant super-villain, Bluric mentions "this is the second-worst time I've been stuck in an elephant's mouth." We never find out what the first was.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Dumb by Galvan standards, geniuses by Earth standards. Or so people say.
  • Percussive Maintenance: Blukic fixes things by hitting them with a wrench. Surprisingly, this actually seems to be some of his most effective repair work.
  • Remember the New Guy?: They were first introduced in Omniverse, but they had allegedly been around the whole time even though we had never seen them. Flashbacks in-between the original series and Ben 10: Alien Force inject them into the continuity even though there was never any mention of them. The real kick is they had been on Earth since Max was young and were actually the first aliens to officially make contact with humans, being the alien captured during the Roswell Incident.
  • Shorter Means Smarter: well... supposedly at least.
  • Skewed Priorities: They apparently consider getting smoothies to be more important than possibly being demoted.
  • The Smart Guy: though Ben begs to differ.
  • Those Two Guys: They are almost never seen apart, and the one time they are, they greatly miss one another.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Practically everything they do; they abandon the Plumbers during a major crisis to go get Smoothies, somehow repaired a Doomsday Device capable of destroying the Universe, and built Galvan-sized doors in a base meant for humans and other alien species. It's practically a miracle they haven't been fired already for their incompetence.
  • Tuckerization: They are named after storyboard artists and directors Butch Lukic and Dan Riba.

    Lucy Mann
Voiced by Tara Strong

Lucy is a Lenopan, which is usually referred to as a Sludgepuppy, a species of shapeshifting sludge aliens, and Ben and Gwen's cousin-in-law. She is the cousin of Joel Tennyson's wife, Camille Mann. While she mostly uses her powers for espionage like things, she is fully capable of kicking ass.

  • Annoying Laugh: Her laughs are often accompanied by a snort.
  • Ascended Extra: She only appeared once as a very minor character in the original series via the episode "Big Fat Alien Wedding" (in fact, she had only two scenes that barely last two seconds and wasn't even the main focus of said episode). In Omniverse (both in the flashbacks and present), she is shown to have hung out a lot with Ben and Gwen as kids in the flashbacks and she joins the Plumbers five years later, being the first Sludgepuppy to do so, and gets a whole episode dedicated to her.
  • Blob Monster: Lucy's full Sludgepuppy form is a benevolent example.
  • Catchphrase: "Psyche!"
  • Cute Monster Girl: Played with, in a more subtle way than the Original Show. In "Big Fat Alien Wedding", Camille's evil mother had a classic monstrous Sludgepuppy form, while Camille herself had a more humanoid, attractive one. Lucy in "Mud Thicker Than Water" shows the ability to use both variants.
  • The Gadfly: Likes using her powers to trick people, especially Gwen.
  • Lawyer-Friendly Cameo: In the original series, she looked like Naruto's female form, whisker marks and all.
  • Genki Girl: Not much removes the smile from her face, and even a fight won't stop her from pranking people.
  • Red Herring: ”Mud is Thicker than Water” is set up to make her seem like The Mole. In reality, she was The Mole hired to help discover the real mole, a Tetramand named Gorvan.
  • The Reveal: Her being a Sludgepuppy in the original series as it is easy to forget she came from the bride's side of the family in addition to her short screen time. It's only until the end this was showcased when Ben ends up slipping on her sludge while trying to dance with her at the reception.
  • Shapeshifting: Apparently, Ben is not the only shapeshifter in the family.
  • Token Heroic Orc: Sludgepuppies were best-known for being the Plumbers' sworn enemies for years. She is the first of them to join their ranks. Though to be fair, by the point she joins, the war between the two has been over for around six years.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Lucy is the Girly Girl to Gwen's Tomboy
  • Troll: A Running Gag in "Mud is Thicker than Water" is pranking Gwen with her shapeshifting. "Psyche!"

Voiced by Steve Blum

A cowardly insect-like alien, and member of the Plumber's Alpha Squad, who first appears in "Vilgax Must Croak", and later joins Ben, Rook, and Rad Dudesman in their trip to the Anur System.

  • Butt-Monkey: Most of his appearances involve him being placed in scary situations (from visiting Anur Transyl to escorting Vilgax), shot at, attacked or otherwise mistreated. Ben even considers him like a Red Shirt.
  • Cowardly Lion: Despite his cowardice, he's somehow a member of the Alpha Squad.
  • Deadpan Snarker: As cowardly as he is, he's prone to this.
    Whampire: I got a planet full of monsters after me, an alien vampire just turned my friends into puppets, and my appetite is really weird!
    Hobble: I noticed that when you were about to eat me!
    Whampire: More like I was gonna drain your energy.
    Hobble: Oh yeah, so much better.
  • Hopeless Suitor: He had a crush on Charmcaster.
  • Insectoid Aliens: His design is somewhat bug-like.
  • Red Shirt: Even wears red armor. However, it's downplayed since he doesn't die, but he is a Butt-Monkey, and Ben even calls him a "red shirt" in “Rad Monster Party”.


A Loboan Plumber operating on Anur Transyl, and one of Rook's former classmates. He serves as their ally during their visit to Anur Transyl in the Galactic Monster story arc.

  • Ascended Fanboy : Much like Rook, he read a lot about Ben while studying in the Plumber Academy, and was inspired by him into becoming a Plumber.

    Molly Gunther
Voiced By: Tara Strong

One of the few recurring female plumbers and a member of Alpha Squad.

Premiered in the Original Series

    Tennyson Family 

Tennyson Family

Ben's and Gwen's paternal family, most of whom served in the Plumbers.

Carl and Sandra Tennyson
Carl played by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Don McManus (Race Against Time, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)
Sandra played by Tara Strong (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Beth Littleford (Race Against Time, Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, Omniverse), Vyvam Pham ("Ben 10 Returns, Part 1")

Ben's open-minded parents.

  • Almighty Mom: Compared to her more easy-going husband, Sandra is the more authoritative of the two. She even has the guts to talk down Ma Vreedle, an often-feared criminal, and intimidates Ben with a 'look' when he tries to do heroics under their nose.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Invoked. They're the stereotypical Granola Couple.
  • Badass Bystander: Upon finally accepting Ben is a hero, Carl and Sandra go to assist him, with Carl grabbing an alien rifle Max left behind and blasts a Highbreed across the room!
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Carl inherited these from his father, Max, and passed them onto his son, Ben.
  • Canon Immigrant: Added to the cartoon after debuting in Race Against Time.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: In Omniverse, Sandra get a visit from Princess Looma trying to deliver her wedding gifts to marry her son; said gifts include Rook, Esther, Julie, and one of Fistina's arms. And then Ben and Fistina arrive to fight Looma right at her front door. She spends the entire scene watching this completely insane situation and treating it like if it was completely normal. Then again, she is Ben's mom so...
  • Doting Parent: Both tend to do this, but Sandra arguably takes it a bit further.
  • Dumb Blonde: Subverted with Sandra; see Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: They initially appeared in a What If? episode of the Original Series with completely different designs, before being given the movie designs in Alien Force.
  • Hidden Depths: In both the Original Series and Alien Force, it's mentioned Carl resents Max for neglecting the family in favor of Plumbers matters and, when he learns about the Omnitrix, for involving Ben in it. He gets better.
    • While we don't see his reaction, based on how his brother (Gwen's father) reacts to seeing Verdona Tennyson (their mother), it's implied that both Tennyson brothers have mixed feelings toward Max and Verdona.
  • Lethal Chef: Not really, but Ben doesn't like Sandra's cooking. Rook does, though.
  • Locked Out of the Loop: Excluding a non-canon episode from the Original Series, they didn't learn about Ben's super-heroics until around the middle of Alien Force. They initially reacted badly, but eventually allow Ben's duties as a hero.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Alien Force shows they are much smarter than they appear to be; when they find out about Ben's heroics, it disturbs them so much that they easily foil any attempt from him to leave without their knowledge or communicate with Kevin and Gwen, eventually forcing him to just transform and force his way out.
  • Odd Friendship: Sandra has one with Ma Vreedle in Omniverse.

Frank and Natalie Tennyson

Frank played by George Newbern
Natalie played by Juliet Landau

Gwen's conservative parents.

  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Frank inherited these from his father, Max.
  • Freudian Excuse: It's implied Verdona's free-spirited and irreverent nature and abandonment of Frank is the reason Frank is so conservative and straight-laced as an adult.
  • Obnoxious In-Laws: Natalie really doesn't care for her mother-in-law even before Verdona tried to abduct Gwen and take her back to her home planet. When Verdona says she'll be checking back on Gwen, Natalie's response is a very deadpan, "Oh, joy."
  • Sibling Yin-Yang: Frank is more conservative and less excitable than his slightly New-Age brother as shown in their reactions to discovering their children's secrets: Carl flips out when he finds out about Ben's Omnitrix while Frank resignedly accepts Gwen's powers will bring his mother back into their lives.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Natalie looks like an older version of her daughter. Frank also resembles his brother strongly to a lesser extent.

    Cash and JT 

Cash and JT

Cash Murray played by Dee Bradley Baker (Original Series), Tyler Patrick Jones (Race Aganist Time), Matt Levin (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)
JT played by Adam Wylie (Original Series), Tyler Foden (Race Aganist Time), Yuri Lowenthal ("Ben 10 Returns, Part 1"), Scott Menville (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien)

A duo of bullies who used to bother Ben in the original series, typically by hanging him to trees. Once he got the Omnitrix, Ben developed a liking to giving them a payback.



Voiced by Robert David Hall (Original Series, Destroy All Aliens), Jeff Bennett (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), René Auberjonois (Omniverse)

The brilliant, if cynical and obnoxious, creator of the Omnitrix. A Centuries years old Galvan (Grey Matter's species) considered as the smartest being in three galaxies, Azmuth created the Omnitrix as a means to allow all species to be in each other shoes and better understand each other, and as by this way promote peace. As such, he was disgusted when people like Vilgax attempted to use it as a weapon, becoming disabused with the Universe. After Ben proved to him the Omnitrix could still be used for good however, he got back part of his hope in the Universe and started to act as one of Ben's Mentor.

  • Above Good and Evil: He had two variations of this over the course of the series:
    • In the original series, he only wanted beings from the universe to understand each other to create peace, and the use of the Omnitrix as a weapon by one person was the same as another, and the sides and reasons did not matter.
    • Afterwards, his dedication became to the universe, and sees the universe as it is, as Albedo found out—The battles between good and evil within the universe are petty and insignificant. The ambition of those who are "evil" is ultimately pointless, as to tear down and destroy is of no consequence or quality.
    • Maltruant also states that regardless of the time or dimension, Azmuth is always too smart to be evil, which is why in order to get himself repaired, he had to settle for the second smartest being in the galaxy, Dr Psychobos.
  • The Atoner: He once created the Ascalon sword, a weapon so powerful it caused the destruction of the Incursian home planet after one of them tried to use it to unify his species. This is partially the reason he then dedicated himself to pacifist causes.
  • Badass Bookworm: Not so much most of the time, but "Showdown, Part 1" demonstrates to us that he is one.
  • Big Good: He shares the position with Max and Paradox.
  • Comic-Book Fantasy Casting: In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Jeff Bennett was channelling René Auberjonois—which probably explains why when Omniverse recast Azmuth, they just got Auberjonois himself to do the part.
  • Cool Old Guy: Zig-zagged; he is irascible, pessimistic, condescending, insufferable and brash, but on the other hand, he is well-intentioned and does display a softer side on occasions.
  • Crazy-Prepared: He's called the "First Thinker" by the Galvans because he tries to prepare for every contingency he can think of. For example, he built a device to disable the Omnitrix in case it ever fell into the wrong hands, which he uses on Albedo in Omniverse.
  • Create Your Own Villain: A speciality of his; to date, he's responsible for turning the Incurseans into space pirates, giving Sir George the Ascalon Sword, and accidentally screwing up the body and mind of Malware. It's also implied that his dickery was what led Albedo to turn out the way he is.
  • Cynical Mentor: Comes with being a cranky old man, even by Galvan standards. He can be wise in ways both worldly and emotionally, but at the end of the day, he's still a stressed-out old scientist.
  • Didn't Think This Through: For all of his genius, and usual good intention, the flaws with his Omnitrix are glaringly obvious, especially so in hindsight:
    • He created the Omnitrix in the first place to promote peace by making the "walking a mile in their shoes" a Literal Metaphor, without taking into account all of the abilities the watch gives essentially making the user a One-Man Army and the various power-hungry villains who can steal it and use it for their own ends.
    • The Omnitrix's basic design is vague at best to beings that do not have space travel, or just don't understand technology in general, which considering the Omnitrix's purpose to promote relations between races is fairly unhelpful. No details explaining what the alien is or what its abilities are are elaborated, the most that a new user can get is a silhouette. This also extends to maintenance, since the Omnitrix can be surprisingly fragile in a few exploitable ways and can malfunction, there's also no immediately obvious way to fix it without going to someone privy to the technology.
    • He failed to take into account beings that can retain consciousness and reform From a Single Cell, which not only creates a possible And I Must Scream situation for that individual and the owner, but also leads to the creation of a villain in the form of Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr.
    • Simply choosing an alien can be a chore due to the Omnitrix sometimes ignoring inputs for seemingly no clear reason. it also locks off its user from the majority of its functions, and will seemingly lock-off previous choices further down the line when new aliens can be accessed, also for no obvious reason. Omniverse later suggested that the reason the Omnitrix ignores inputs is that Ben keeps slamming the button down instead of just pressing it and it could be assumed that the locking off of old aliens was just a result of the Omnitrix being left idle for almost half a decade between the OS and Alien Force.
  • Figure It Out Yourself: In his own words: "Don't you want to figure it out on your own, as a true hero would?" Humorously, he likes the fact that Ben was honest and told him he didn't want to. Still didn't help him learn.
  • For Science!: This used to be his primary motivation until it cost him his girlfriend and he created a weapon that destroyed a planet; in the present his intentions are more altruistic, like creating the Omnitrix.
  • Good Is Not Nice: He is a well-intentioned scientist, a convinced pacifist and wants nothing but good for the universe. Sadly, he has the bad habit of acting like a dick with almost everyone around him.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Really gives off this vibe in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.
  • Heel Realization: He realizes it's just stupid to blow up the universe when the Omnitrix is near self-destruction.
  • Idiot Ball: Azmuth isn't an idiot, but you still have to wonder what he was thinking when he came up with the "randomizer", a function that causes the Omnitrix to uncontrollably turn its owner into random aliens and basically serves no purpose other than make it even more difficult to use.
  • Insufferable Genius: He's never shy about bragging how he's the smartest being in five galaxies. Though he can back it up, much better than Albedo.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Azmuth can really be a dick sometimes and his social skills are abysmal, but he does mean well.
  • Mad Scientist: Sort of. He's currently more or less a reasonable scientist, but he still tends to be... eccentric, to say the least.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: His reaction when he found out what the Incursians did with the Ascalon sword.
  • No Social Skills: That would almost be an understatement; Azmuth has a bad habit to act like an obnoxious jackass with a lot of people around him, even though he almost always mean well; his first assistant ditched him for not, according to her, giving her any credit about the creation of the Omnitrix, his other assistant developed a massive superiority complex on him that led him to commit a Face–Heel Turn, his girlfriend left him because he was neglecting her for his work (and he didn't notice she had left until it was far too late) and one of his creation became a rampaging sociopath because he took his time to find a cure to heal him.
  • The Nth Doctor: While the Omniverse episode "Universe Vs. Tennyson" establishes Celestialsapiens, the source species of Alien X and a species of Reality Warpers, as the cause of the various redesigns and The Other Darrins throughout the franchise, Azmuth himself is cited as a specific example, pointing out his redesigns and voice changes (going from Robert David Hall in Secret of the Omnitrix and Destroy All Aliens to Jeff Bennett doing a René Auberjonois impression in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, to Auberjonois himself voicing the role in Omniverse.)
  • Restored My Faith in Humanity: Or the universe. By the time Ben met Azmuth in Secret of the Omnitrix, the scientist had completely given up on the whole Universe, to the point that he was willing to let it, along with himself, be destroyed. However, after seeing Ben in action, he has a Heel Realization, helps Ben win, and becomes more rational in later episodes
  • Same Character, but Different: He was a lot more sarcastic and cynical when we first see him in Secret of the Omnitrix, but is more stoic and serious (though retaining a sense of sarcasm) by the time of Alien Force. Justified in that there was a five-year Time Skip in-between appearances.
  • Science Hero: One of the most brilliant scientists in the Ben 10 universe, and he knows how to use his knowledge to his advantage.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: With some very rare opportunities, such as the Alien Force season 2 finale, Azmuth usually prefers to let Ben figure out by himself how to use the Omnitrix, and very rarely helps him.
  • Small Parent, Huge Child: Azmuth (a member of the Galvan species, who are small enough to stand atop a human's palm) is revealed to be the creator of the entire Galvanic Mechamorph race who are at least the size of humans, with the malevolent Mechamorph Malware who has a history with Azmuth outright referring to him as father at one point.
  • The Spock: In Alien Force, he tends to encourage Ben toward no-nonsense choices. Less present in the Original Series and Omniverse.
  • Technical Pacifist: Azmuth dislike fighting and rarely takes part in conflicts directly, but will defend himself if it's actually needed.
  • The Watcher: he can follow Ben's use of the Omnitrix on regular basis through elements inside the Omnitrix.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: He has always been kind of a dick, but Omniverse tends to exaggerate this aspect of his personality; In a flashback episode, he openly doesn't care when Max asks him for help about Ben being trapped in alien forms and refuses to help until Ben as XLR8 starts wrecking his own lab. Also, he takes petty revenge on Albedo for capturing him by casually trapping him in an 11 years old Ben form.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: His creation of Ascalon led to the destruction of the Incursean's homeworld, and giving it to George led to the foundation of the Forever Knights.
  • World's Smartest Man: Azmuth is considered the brightest mind in three to five galaxies and sometimes even the universe. He's a Galvan, a species already known for Super Intelligence, and he's the brightest of them all, to where they named him First Thinker.

    Tetrax Shard 

Tetrax Shard

Voiced by Dave Fennoy

One of the Bounty Hunters recruited by Vilgax to get the Omnitrix in season 1 of the Original Series. It however later turns out he was actually The Mole and wanted to make sure Vilgax didn't get the Omnitrix. Tetrax actually is a Petrosapien who once accidentally allowed Vilgax to destroy his native planet of Petropia after providing him with the Crystal required to power his weapon. He has then been fighting Vilgax as a way to atone for his crime.

  • The Atoner: He attempts to prevent Vilgax from getting his hands on destructive devices as a way to atone for being the one who provided him with the crystal that allowed the destruction of Petropia.
  • Beard of Evil: Played With by his Evil Doppelgänger of Dimension 23 in Omniverse, who has a fairly awesome-looking beard made of the same crystal the rest of his body is. However, the alternate Tetrax is more of a Hero Antagonist than a true villain.
  • Bounty Hunter: He's really good at hunting targets. He proved more or less an acceptable match to the combined forces of Sixsix and Kraab, and practically Curb Stomped Diamondhead during their first encounter
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Yes, the guy dressed in black armor with a helmet is a good guy.
  • Gemstone Assault: Well, he is from Diamondhead's species, so yeah. Notably, his suit apparently is built so he won't have to remove it to use his powers.
  • Good All Along: In his debut, he's hired by Vilgax to retrieve the Omnitrix, but he reveals when he finally catches up to Ben that his actual mission is to retrieve the Omnitrix at all costs and keep it out of Vilgax's hands.
  • Good Counterpart: To Sixsix in the original series.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Initially, he genuinely worked for Vilgax, but, he decided to fight against him after Tetrax became indirectly responsible for the destruction of Petropia by aiding Vilgax. By now, he still is a bounty hunter, but he only works for those he considers honest hirers. He seems to work on a regular basis for Azmuth.
  • Hero Antagonist: Downplayed by the prime dimension's Tetrax, who is revealed to be Good All Along but is looking to remove the Omnitrix from Ben until the episode's end. Played Straight by the alternate Tetrax of Dimension 23: he and his allies are ultimately merely trying to retrieve Ben 23's Omnitrix and return it to Azmuth, with Ben 23's less-than-altruistic use of his Omnitrix up to that point and the seemingly widespread and indiscriminate distrust of aliens on that dimension's Earth seemingly leaving little room for argument.
  • Hover Board: He has one, which he gave to Ben later. He was also introduced with this as his production name.
  • Identical Stranger: To Diamondhead, especially since aliens of the same race can and often look different (except Highbreeds). Possibly justified considering he was supposedly the Last of His Kind at this point, meaning his DNA was most likely used for Diamondhead.
  • It's All About Me: Used to follow this. It bites him in the arses hard, and he gave up on it after that.
  • Last of His Kind: By his own fault. At least until Petropia is restored by Sugilite.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: In the original series, he was pretty easygoing and a friendly ally. When he returns in Alien Force, he immediately grabs Ben and starts screaming demands at him, as well as resorts to violence to get what he wants. It's because he needs Chromastone to restore his people and there's only has so much time to pull it off, so politeness had to take a backseat.
  • "Reason You Suck" Speech: delivers one to Ben at their first encounter, pointing out Ben's Leeroy Jenkins tendencies and his lack of strategy. Fortunately, Ben was smart enough to learn from this.
  • The Reveal: He wore a helmet hiding his face for most of his first appearance; it wasn't until the last minutes of the episode that he removed it and revealed himself as a Pretrosapiens.
    • It Was His Sled: By now, all fans are well aware he is a Pretrosapiens, and it's hard to not get the information from the fandom before you watch the episode.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: His planet gets rebuilt with all its population resurrected in "Secret of Chromastone" thanks to a combination of Chromastone's powers and a failsafe inside the crystal.


  • Adaptational Villainy: Since Vilgax didn't destroy his planet in this version, he is still an amoral bounty hunter.
  • Bond Breaker: While calling him, Kraab and Sixsix True Companions or even friends would be pushing it (as seen during their interaction in "Bounty Ball") it's implied they have worked together for quite some time and acted as a team on several missions. Due to Tetrax betraying the other two in "Mutiny for the Bounty", it's doubtful they'll work together ever again.
  • Chained Heat: With Ben in " Mutiny for the Bounty ": it's a subversion, since it was Tetrax that chained them together to bring Ben to his client and could have released them anytime. The device holding them was also designed to counter Ben's transformations, like creating two more cuffs when he turned in Four Arms.
  • Exact Words: He captures Gwen and uses her as a hostage to force Ben to surrender, promising he will let her go if the child does. After Ben is captured, he drops her from the train roof they were fighting on.
    Ben: "You said you'd let her go!"
    Tetrax: "I did let her go."
  • Kick the Dog: His Exact Words example above.
  • Know When to Fold 'Em: After Vilgax gives him, Kraab and Sixsix a Curb-Stomp Battle and sends them packing through their own teleporter, they wisely decide to not go back to the battlefield.
  • Healing Factor: Possibly averted: in "Mutiny for the Bounty" Kraab shatters one of his arms and he doesn't regrow it before leaving.
  • I Owe You My Life: After Ben helped him fight Kraab and Sixsix (who Tetrax double-crossed to keep all the bounty to himself) he lets Ben go. He is quick to add that it's only for this time.
  • The Leader: Of the group he forms with Kraab and Sixsix. After "Mutiny for the Bounty" it's safe to assume their group has been disbanded for good.
  • Once a Season: Tetrax is a fairly recurring villain, having shown up once every season.
  • Only in It for the Money: Which makes him unpredictable: one episode he could be helping Ben fight Vilgax, in another trying to hunt the kid.
  • Nothing Personal: He said it verbatim to Ben in "Bounty Ball", explaining they were only hunting him for money. Ben (as Grey Matter) argued back that attacking his person is the definition of personal.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here!: He and the other bounty hunters run away when Shock Rock proves too much for them.
  • Super Reflexes: Enough to keep up with XLR8, much to Ben's surprise.
  • Teleport Gun: He uses it to quickly arrive and leave a scene.
  • Vagueness Is Coming: When they give up on the hunt, he warns Ben it's only the beginning.
    "You're no longer worth the trouble, earth child! [...] We just wanted money! There will be others who want far more from you!"
  • Wild Card: He has nothing personal against Ben, therefore it's impossible to guess if he will be on his side or not when they meet.
  • The Worf Effect: He, Six Six and Kraab are quickly defeated by Vilgax, showing what kind of treat the conqueror is.



Voiced by Grey DeLisle

The alien who was in charge of bringing the Omnitrix to Earth, and one of Max's old Love Interests. She was the one who unlocked Upchuck for Ben.

  • Ace Pilot: In "And Then There Were 10", she manages to shoot at Vilgax while he is still inside his ship, damaging him so much that he has to spend the whole season in a Dark Lord on Life Support situation.
  • Action Girl: Xylene has impressive telekinetic powers which she uses expertly in battle. She is also the one responsible for injuring Vilgax in the first episode of the original series.
  • Amicable Exes: She and Max ended their relationship on good terms.
  • Battle Couple: Xylene and Max were this during his days as a Plumber.
  • Call-Back: She gets a mention in Omniverse episode "Gone Fishin'" as a Continuity Nod.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Despite her tentacled features, she's a beautiful space babe.
  • Lizard Folk: She is a reptilian alien.
  • Love Interest: To Max Tennyson. Apparently, Max has a thing for alien chicks.
  • Maternally Challenged: Xylene's species as a whole, since they don't take care of their offspring once they hatch. She isn't able to understand attachment to children in other species, which is implied to be a major factor in why her relationship with Max ended.
  • Mind over Matter: Xylene has the power of telekinesis. It's versatile enough to even control water.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries: An especially blatant case in that she explicitly states her species don't take care of their children at all, making you wonder the point of those.
  • The Noseless: She doesn't appear to have any semblance of nostrils when shown at different angles. Which suggests tha Uxorites have different bodily means for acquiring oxygen.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: She only appeared in two episodes, including one where we don't actually see her (only her ship is shown). Yet, she was the character who initiated the whole plot of the franchise.
  • Technicolor Magic: Her telekinesis surrounds anything it is used on in purple light.
  • Third Eye: She has a third eye on her forehead.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She disappeared entirely after her one appearance (outside of a mention in Omniverse) despite having a key role in Ben's origin, an obvious interest in Max, and a lack of explanation as to why Azmuth chose her to deliver the Omnitrix.

    Kai Green 

Kai Green

Voiced by Bettina Bush

Ben's first shown Love Interest, and granddaughter of Wes Green, a retired Plumber and old friend of Max. She began to take an interest in Ben after he began transforming into Blitzwolfer, though only because she wanted to keep him as a pet. According to a pop-up in the enhanced version original series episode ''Ken 10'', she is Ben's future wife and Ken's mother.

Original Series

  • The Chick: She's pretty much this in "Benwolf", being unable to contribute to the action unlike Ben and Gwen.
  • Damsel in Distress: Briefly at the beginning of Benwolf, where she gets caught in a flood and Ben has to save her.
  • First Girl Wins: Subverted here but played straight later on. See below in the "Omniverse" section.
  • Kick the Dog: Infamous for this in the Original Series, where she got interested in Ben only because she wanted to keep Blitzwolfer as a pet, something she flat-out admitted in his face with no remorse. Even Gwen was outraged by such an attitude. Instead of being a marker of being evil or mean, it's more a mark of being obliviously jerkish. She was too young and socially inexperienced to realize just how messed up it was, saying "I could train you, tame know!" in such a way that she thought Ben, or anyone really, would be totally understanding of her mindset. At least she preceded it by saying Ben was still a nice guy and "the alien thing is cool"
  • Long Hair Is Feminine: Her hair is long and straight in this series, and she's more feminine here than she is in "Omniverse", where she sports a ponytail.
  • Love Interest: She was this for Ben, though it's mostly one-sided in the Original Series.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: In her first appearance, she was more interested in Ben when he was Blitzwolfer.
  • Nice Girl: Moments of brushing off Ben's feelings and treating him like a pet aside, Kai is easily the most outwardly kind, most mild-mannered, and least sarcastic and snarky out of herself, Ben and Gwen in this series. She is far less so in the sequel series.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: In the sense that she only had one appearance in the original series (minus a cameo in "Perfect Day") and then never appeared again until 3 sequels later. She then became Ben's most love interest and eventually his wife in the future. But had this episode not happened, then Kai wouldn't have existed and Ben may have ended up staying with or getting back together with Julie, or ending up with Esther (who in the game show episode, was made out to be his next most likely love interest at that point).
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Kai is the girly girl to Gwen's tomboy in "Benwolf", with Kai's soft-spoken nature, mild manners and non-action traits clashing strongly with Gwen's snark, sass, brashness and temper.


  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Excalibur is capable of cutting through blast-proof doors like they were butter.
  • Adventurer Archaeologist: Alongside her grandfather in Omniverse.
  • Ascended Extra: While Man of Action did confirm that she was Ben's wife in the future, she actually had a very little role in the Original Series, appearing only in Benwolf as a character and in "Perfect Day" as a cameo in Ben's dream while she was completely absent in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Omniverse brings her back and makes her a recurring character as well as Ben's final Love Interest and wife in the future.
  • Badass Bookworm: Incredibly well versed in history and uses Big Ben's chimes as a distraction. Predicting just when they come.
  • Badass Normal: Uses martial arts and knowledge of alien technology to fight.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She has become this in Omniverse.
  • Everyone Can See It: The Forever Knights mistake them for boyfriend and girlfriend and Rook calls their back and forth arguing "romantic bantering".
  • First Girl Wins: A double subversion: it isn't the case at first in "Benwolf", but ends up being played straight after all in "Ken 10" (which reveals that she is Ben's wife in the future). Word of God even confirms that she is the ultimate winner in Ben's Omniverse "harem." This comes to pass in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
  • Flanderization: In the Original Series, her interest in Blitzwolfer was fairly subtle. She was interested in him in that she thought it could be amusing to have him as a pet, which was only expressed in one line at the end of the episode. When she comes back in Omniverse, it has turned into a borderline obsession to the point of which that she encourages Ben to turn into him whenever the occasion presents itself and uses Blitzwolfer's picture instead of Ben's for his profile on her phone. "The Most Dangerous Game Show" pushes it even further by having her apparently love all of Ben's aliens but acting disdainfully of him when he is in human form to the point that she treats them as separate individuals.
  • Future Badass: In the future, she has at some point found Excalibur and it is her main weapon.
  • He Is Not My Boyfriend: Says this about Ben in Omniverse. While it's true, there's clear sexual tension going on between them.
  • Love Interest: In Omniverse, the two have Belligerent Sexual Tension in spades and hold each other's arms after Ben rescues her from falling off of Big Ben, though they break as soon as it's commented on. And she gives him a goodbye kiss on the cheek. "Secret of Dos Santos" is chock full of Belligerent Sexual Tension between the two, and she gives Ben (as XLR8) a kiss on the lips when he discovers the path to the temple.
  • Loves My Alter Ego: She shows signs of this in Omniverse, similar to the original series, wanting Ben to turn into Blitzwolfer, and petting him when he does and subsequently saves her from falling (though she does give Ben a parting kiss on the cheek).
  • Official Couple: As of "The Most Dangerous Game Show". she is Ben's girlfriend and eventually becomes his wife.
  • She Is All Grown Up: Ben points this out as soon as he meets her again in Omniverse. Then again, so's he.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Once she and Ben meet again, this is the relationship they have. Even in the future where they are married with a son, they still bicker when fighting together.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: She's the Tomboy to Ester's Girly-Girl in Omniverse.
  • Tomboyness Upgrade: Kai becomes less feminine here than she was in the original series, having taken several levels in badass and smartass, as well as adopting a Tomboyish Ponytail.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Between the original series and Omniverse thanks to after school judo lessons.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Also in Omniverse. Her Kick the Dog moment in the original was done out of youthful obliviousness, but now she knows exactly what she's doing when she's mean to Ben. To be fair, Ben often gives as good as he gets.

    Alternate Bens and Omnitrix wearers 

Ben 10,000

Voiced by Fred Tatasciore (original series), Sean Donnellan (Ultimate Alien), Judd Nelson (Omniverse)

Ben's future self. Since the future is constantly changing, and there are various timelines, we have seen different versions of Ben 10,000 over the course of the franchise, with at least two confirmed to be from different alternate futures (the third one is... complicated).

  • Alternate Self: Presumably thanks to the future constantly changing, the Original Series, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse each gave a different version of Ben 10,000. While the one appearing in Ultimate Alien is confirmed both by Word of God and in-universe as being an alternate self, the two others' case is somewhat less clear (Derrick Wyatt stated they are meant to be the same characters, but many elements between the two— such as their relationship with Kevin— don't match).
  • Broad Strokes: Omniverse Ben 10,000 is stated by Word of God to be the same one as in the Original Series, but many details about both of them (including Word of God from both previous and these same writers) don't match such as Kevin being reformed (or at least having a habit of switching regularly between villain and hero) and having lived the events of Alien Force, Ultimate Alien, and Omniverse (he was still evil and had spent his entire life in the Null Void in the Original Series). Word of God's explanation is that this was due to alteration in Ben's past- despite the existence of various alternate timelines being established. The Ben 10 Wiki notably disregards Wyatt's statements on this and presents the Omniverse Ben 10,000 future as just one possible future.
  • Composite Character: Omniverse's Ben 10,000 has a slightly modified version of the original incarnation of Ben 10,000's design and life, but has some of the immature tendencies of his Ultimate Alien counterpart
  • Fusion Dance: In Omniverse, his Biomnitrix allows him to transform into alien fusions, such as:
    • Atomic-X: Atomix + Alien X
    • Fourmungousaur: Four Arms + Humungousaur
    • Crashshocker: Crashhopper + Shocksquatch
    • Uprigg: Upgrade + Juryrigg
    • Big Chuck: Way Big + Upchuck
    • Humungoopsaur: Humungousaur + Goop
  • Future Badass: Another thing all versions of Ben 10,000 have in common is that they are several times more badass than Ben's present self, usually having unlocked the Omnitrix's full potential and lost their immaturity with age. They all have access to 10,000 alien forms at the very least, can switch between forms with no glitches or time limit and fully know how to operate the Omnitrix even without the Master Control.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: According to Word of God, he used the minds of his smartest aliens to create a second Omnitrix for his son, and did the same to create his Biomnitrix.
  • Happily Married: To Kai Green in the Original Series and Omniverse, though in the former's case this is only known through Word of God. Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000's marital status was unknown.
  • Informed Ability: None of them ever get to use all 10,000 forms they are stated to have. Justified in that seeing 10,000 different aliens would require a lot of episodes.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch: Before his past self managed to make him grow out of his jerkassery, Original Series Ben 10,000 dealt with Vilgax by literally ripping him to pieces so he wouldn't come back again (it didn't work). Considering the victim was Vilgax, it's hard to blame him.
  • Manchild: Compared to the other versions of him, Ultimate Alien's Ben 10,000 really isn't much more mature than his present-day self. Omniverse Ben 10,000 kind of qualifies as well.
  • One-Man Army: Up to Eleven; Original Series Ben 10,000 was stated to have become so efficient he single-handedly patrolled the whole world to deal with criminals everywhere, making police and other superheroes obsolete.
  • Overprotective Dad: Initially towards Kenny.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: President Action variety with Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000, who stated he was once President of Earth during a Vilgaxian invasion. Though he stepped down later to let Gwen take over.
  • Papa Wolf: Towards his son, Ken. Deconstructed in Ken 10, where he acts so protective toward Ken he doesn't actually leave him a chance to prove himself.
  • Super Mode: Ultimate Alien Ben 10,000's "Ultimate Ben" form allowed him to use all his aliens' abilities without actually transforming into them.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Original Series Ben 10,000, when met by his past self, had become cynical and quite anti-social, spending all his time in his alien forms and refusing any help. He gets better by the end of the episode.
  • Transformation Name Announcement: Both Ultimate Alien and Omniverse Ben 10,000 activate their unique abilities (respectively his Ultimate Ben alien powers and his fusion forms) by shouting the name of the forms.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Unlike Ben's present self, Original Series Ben 10,000 has unlocked the Omnitrix' Master Control, allowing him to switch between all his form with no glitches, time limit or need to push the dial. Presumably, the other Ben 10,000 can do this as well.
    • Shapeshifter Default Form: In the original series, his most commonly used form was XLR8, as it allows him to patrol the world much faster. Whenever he wasn't in a fight, XLR8 was the form he was in.

Ken "Kenny" Tennyson
Voiced by: Tara Strong (Original Series), Scott Menville (Omniverse).

Ben 10,000's son. Was given a replica Omnitrix of his own on his tenth birthday. He is named after Gwen's older brother, Kenneth Tennyson.

  • All There in the Manual: How there is even a second Omnitrix is explained in the pop-up edition of Ken 10: Ben 10,000 simply used his smartest aliens to create one.
  • Art Evolution: In the original series, he had the skin tone of his mother, Kai. In Omniverse, he had his father's skin tone in a brief cameo presented in "And Then There Was Ben". When he returns later in the episode "The End of an Era", he has Kai's skin tone again.
  • Brought Down to Normal: He used to have an Omnitrix, but Ben and Kai took it from him when he was grounded. Then he was given a time-travelling device by Paradox and became Spanner.
  • Calling the Old Man Out: He isn't pleased with his dad constantly babying him and calls him out on it.
  • The Cameo: He has a silent one in Omniverse.
  • Cool Pet: Got one of his Aunt Gwen's Stone creatures for his 10th birthday.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Helps bring down Kevin 11,000 with a set of defensive aliens and only a day's worth of experience.
  • Foil: While, as noted below, he acts a lot like his dad there are some key differences between Kenny and Ben: Kenny is far more tactical in his use of aliens than Ben was thanks to years watching his dad use them. He's also more appreciative of that kind of alien: his disappointment is more in not getting to pick his own aliens and the fact he has no offensive aliens than the aliens themselves (outside of Toepick), and he has a circle of friends, something 10-year-old Ben notably lacked.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He used Grey Matter to hack his Omnitrix, and unlock Master Control.
  • Generation Xerox: Acts just like dear old dad did at that age. His relationship with Devlin Levin also mirrors his dad's initial interactions with Devlin's dad Kevin.
  • The Ghost: Snakepit, Sandbox and Shellhead are the only aliens never seen on screen.
  • I Just Want to Be Special: Really just wants to be a hero like his dad but Ben begins Kenny's career by protecting him at every turn rather than let Ken make his own mistakes.
  • Instant Expert: Is already fairly skilled with his aliens after less than a day of superheroing and with his father specifically trying to keep him out of harm's way. Justified as he seems to have a detailed knowledge of his dad's aliens.
  • Jumped at the Call: Had been chomping at the bit to join his dad in the hero business.
  • Kid Hero: Like father like son.
  • Stone Wall: Shellhead, one of his unseen aliens who according to Ken his only power is being invincible.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: To both his parents, having his father's looks but his mother's skin tone.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Kevin Levin uses him to get to his dad.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Ben put mostly defensive or skill-based aliens in his Omnitrix. He makes up for his skill and creativity with them. Becomes even more apparent when he uses grey matter to unlock master control.

No Watch Ben
Voiced by: Yuri Lowenthal

An alternate Ben introduced in "And Then There Were None", from a universe where there never was an Omnitrix.

  • Badass Normal: Seems to be his future path, specifically as a Plumber.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: At the start of "And Then There Were None" he complains that nothing special ever happens and he wished for excitement, shortly afterwards he gets attacked by evil alternate Bens.
  • Establishing Character Moment: Most of the first half of "And Then There Were None" highlights the similarities and differences between Prime!Ben and him: He is seen helping an old lady get her cat out of a tree, finding the town he lives in boring, desiring more, having an awkward relationship with his cousin (since without discovering the Omnitrix, they never became friends), and seems to have a friendly relationship with Cash and JT rather than the same one as Prime!Ben.
  • Naïve Newcomer: Spends the second act of "And Then There Were None" terrified and confused by the Omnitrix wielders until Paradox explains things.
  • Nice Guy: He is far less egotistical and self-centred than the regular Ben, presumably due to never becoming famous.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: When the regular Ben transforms into Spider Monkey, and when he's being carried away by him.
  • Small Town Boredom: He's grown tired of living in Bellwood and desires to find something else in life.

Ben 23
Voiced by Tara Strong

An alternate version of Ben, whose own version of Grandpa Max died shortly before he received the Omnitrix and who thus had to teach himself how to use it. Though still ultimately fashioning himself as a hero, without Max's guidance and teachings this Ben became even more self-centred, amoral and obnoxious than our Ben had ever been, and knows next to nothing about the aliens he meets or turns into, or even about the Omnitrix itself. A worldwide figure, entertainment mogul and hero to millions, he lived a comfortable life milking his heroism for personal gain before an interdimensional meeting with Ben put him on the right track.

  • Aesop Amnesia: Downplayed. He tries to decline a plea for help to save the Multiverse from Vilgax and Evil Bens, still suffering a case of Bystander Syndrome, but goes along with them anyway since it's the right thing to do.
  • Anti-Hero: He's a fame-obsessed annoyance, but he does save the day in the end anyway.
  • Atrocious Alias: His alien names are, for lack of a better word, lame.
  • Bystander Syndrome: Surprisingly, considering Mainstream Ben's most defining trait of character. He doesn't lift a finger to help people being victimized by non-alien threats, because the press doesn't lap it up as they do when he fights titanic battles against aliens. Ben basically has to drag him into helping take down a bunch of bank robbers, and even so he takes so long trying to call his cameramen in to film the fight that he misses it entirely. What's worse, since the only villain he knows of is "The High Intellectual" (actually Azmuth, trying to reclaim his Omnitrix), who specifically targets him, which means he only ever protects the public from threats that are only a threat to him in the first place.
  • Catchphrase: "It's Gyro Time!" Also, calling his villains "haters."
  • Fantastic Racism: Believes all aliens to be monsters, invaders or "haters." He gets better.
  • Fiction 500: He claims to be rich and influential enough to practically run Bellwood, which seems to behave weight in at least some respects.
  • Foil: He represents what Ben would've turned out to be without Max to rein in his ego and greed, and lacks the patience, skill, and some of the morals of the main Ben. He gets better, as a result of meeting the main version and working with Azmuth afterwards, though does still veer into his questionable morals.
  • Giver of Lame Names: Pretty much all of his aliens are poorly named, either as a line-of-sight on their appearance and powers or some variation of "[X] Guy/Man". Examples include Freezelizard (Articguana), Electricyeti (Shocksquatch), Charcoal Man (Heatblast), and Plug Man (Feedback). Though he changes Plug Man to Feedback after hearing Ben's name, and Eye Guy has the same name.
  • Hidden Depths: Ben 23 may well be a whiny, bratty, arrogant, selfish spoiled rotten twerp by nature; but he isn't completely without merits. At the end of "It's a Mad Ben World part 2" he gives a stunning speech of how individuals using the Omnitrix are only worthy of the power they wield when they use it to better the lives of others and he goes on to say that with everything riding on their choices, they best not mess up
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: He's obnoxious and sometimes seems to care only about his fame and his image - even at the expense of other people at times - but deep down he really does want to be a hero, and he genuinely respects and looks up to our Ben after meeting him. He is also legitimately receptive to Ben's advice, even when it goes against what he's built his image up to be though he doesn't really let it sink in until after he nearly kills Azmuth and Ben has to get tough with him. By the end, he comes off more as a misguided kid than the all-out jerk he seems to be.
  • Lonely at the Top: Pointed out by his version of Azmuth when the two finally meet: Ben 23 has money, fame and the adoration of millions, but none of that holds a candle to having Grandpa Max with him - and he still misses him.
  • Miles Gloriosus: Exhibits many traits of this, though he is not a complete example. Though he is a competent and effective hero in his own right, he constantly exaggerates or even lies to make himself look better, particularly in front of his less accomplished but far more heroic alternate version.
  • Morality Pet: Ben Prime tends to act a lot more mature whenever he's around Ben 23, steering him away from selfish decisions and toward a genuine heroic path.
  • Obliviously Amoral: Though he certainly wasn't above using the idea to make himself look good, he legitimately had no idea that not all aliens were evil. When Ben tells him so, he's amazed rather than disbelieving. After learning his lesson, he gradually becomes a much better person for it.
  • Offscreen Moment of Awesome: He has Nanomech, or "Teeny Weeny" as he calls him, meaning that at some point, he fought and defeated his world's equivalent to the Nanite Hive.
  • Palette Swap: His Omnitrix is a blue and gold version of Kid Ben's, and his aliens are blue palette swaps of Ben's.
  • Person As Adjective: He tends to use his own name as slang for "awesome," as in "that was so totally Ben." Given that he uses it when hyping up a crowd, it's likely part of his image.
  • Stepford Smiler: He seems cocky and content with the rich lifestyle he's built for himself, but it's really just a cover to cope over the loss of Grandpa Max.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Gyros - literally, as his name is branded all over his favorite franchise. Though when asked about it he dismissively refers to Gyros as "yokel food," possibly implying that his love for them may be just another part of his image.
  • Unskilled, but Strong: Self taught with the Omnitrix, and as such lacks finesse in the way he uses his aliens - in favor of brute force. Unlike the main Ben, though, he can at least consistently pick the transformation he actually wants.
  • Vague Age: It's never stated exactly how old he is, but he appears to be older than Ben's kid self, but younger than his teenage self, meaning he's somewhere between 11 and 16. Wordof God says he's 12-14.

Gwen 10
Voiced by: Ashley Johnson

A Gwen Tennyson from an alternate timeline where she got the Omnitrix instead of Ben.

  • Ascended Extra: Amusingly enough, she wasn't even technically a character at first; "Gwen 10" was a What If? episode from the Original Series imagining how things would have gone if Gwen got the Omnitrix instead of Ben. In fact, Gwen didn't even get to keep the Omnitrix at the end of this episode. Comes Omniverse, the concept is used to create an alternate timeline where she actually kept the Omnitrix.
  • Distaff Counterpart: Her alien forms are all female versions of Ben's.
  • Instant Expert: No Watch Ben and Paradox pick her up on the same night as the Omnitrix arrived, yet she demonstrates nearly the same level of skill with her aliens as the others do theirs.
  • Little Miss Badass: Still 10 years old when she appears, and still kicks ass.
  • Palette Swap: Her Omnitrix is the original, but with the same colors as her shirt, the symbol has cat ears like on her shirt, and the green has been changed to pink.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: It might just be because of the situation, but compared to mainstream 10-year-old Gwen, she is a lot less abrasive toward the various Ben she teams up with, and while she still snarks at them, it's much less mean-spirited.

Argit 10
'Voiced by:/ N/A

An alternate Argit briefly seen when Paradox is recruiting the alternate Ben's. In his reality, he got the Omnitrix. Nothing else is known other than that his Omnitrix is gold and he's filthy rich.

  • Bling-Bling-BANG!: His Omnitrix is golden.
  • The Cameo: Only appears as a gag and is never actually interacted with.
  • Idiot Ball: "Cough It Up", where Argit swallows the cube that Psyphon was after. When he's told it's a dehydrated Techadon Factory, he simply continues to mock Psyphon. When Ben of all people calls out on not knowing what dehydrated means, you know you did something wrong.
  • Joke Character: The protagonists are so repulsed by this version of Argit that they simply refuse to recruit him even though having an extra Omnitrix wielder would help them in their plans against Vilgax and Eon.
  • "No. Just... No" Reaction: The Bens, Gwen and Paradox quickly back out of his reality. This includes No-Watch Ben and Gwen, neither of whom had ever met Argit.
  • Noodle Incident: Everything about him is unknown, especially how he got the Omnitrix to bond with him despite not having Tennyson DNA.
  • Pooled Funds: Swims in a pile of money Scrooge McDuck-style.

    Devlin Levin

The son of Kevin 11,000 from an Alternative Timeline.

  • Everyone Has Standards: Although it was the Tennysons who locked his father away Devlin tried to keep his father from hurting them since he didn't want to hurt anyone and only wanted a family.
  • Freudian Excuse: He tricked Kenny into thinking they were friends in order to get access to the Null Void projector and release his father, a very dangerous criminal although he only did that because he loved his father and wanted him in his life. The altered version of the timeline shown in Omniverse makes this considerably softer as that version of Kevin 11,000 had simply been driven insane by absorbing extreme amounts of energy and was eventually cured, returning him to a state more consistent with his Character Development.
  • Happily Adopted: He was thrilled when Ben and Max offered to adopt him.
  • Heel–Face Turn: When he realized that Kevin didn't care about him and only wanted revenge on the Tennyson family Devlin quickly turned on him, apologized to Kenny and helped the Tennysons re-capture him.
  • Missing Mom: Devlin's mother is never seen nor mentioned. It was revealed in pop-up trivia that his mother was a woman from a Saturn colony whom Kevin had a relationship with before being captured and thrown back in the Null Void. It is never revealed what happened to her.
  • Raised by Rival: Ben decides to adopt him after re-capturing Kevin 11,000 since Devlin has no mother and Kevin couldn't care less about him.
  • Rhyming Names: Devlin's name is just two letters away from his surname Levin.
  • Strong Family Resemblance: He looks a lot like his father when he was a child.

    The Galactic Enforcers 

Galactic Enforcers

A trio of alien superheroes introduced in the Original Series, first met by Ben when they came on Earth to track Sixsix and Vulkanus. Their group consisted in Ultimos, a Superman Substitute; Tini, a female Tetramand; and Synaptak, an brain-like alien with psychic powers.

  • Abhorrent Admirer: In her introduction, Tini had a crush on Fourarms, much to Ben's dismay. This ends after he arranged for Synaptak and her to get together.
  • Amazon Chaser: Synaptak has feelings for Tini, a Tetramand girl.
  • By-the-Book Cop: Ultimos bases his behaviour entirely on the Galactic Code of Conduct.
  • Dropped A Bridge on Them: While it's left ambiguous whether they actually died or not, all three of them are defeated by Vilgax in Vengeance of Vilgax, with Tini and Synaptak disappearing under a rock slide and Ultimos having his powers absorbed by the warlord. They haven't been seen since them.
  • Flying Brick: Ultimos, being based on Superman, shares the same powers.
  • Head Blast: Synaptak can fire beams of telekinetic energy from his brain-like head.
  • Insufferable Genius: Synaptak acted this way toward Ben, though it's unclear whether it really is his usual personality or if he was just jealous about Ben getting Tini's attention.
  • Mind over Matter: Synaptak's power.
  • Official Couple: Synaptak and Tini, thanks to Ben.
  • Overshadowed by Awesome: In the Original Series' future, Ben 10,000 became so effective of his own he basically made the three of them obsolete, reducing them to glorified cops who come to arrest the criminals after he defeated them. However, after being enlightened by his 10-years-old self, he decides to let them handle some criminals again.
  • Pastiche: Ultimos is one of Superman.
  • Superman Substitute: Ultimos is a Flying Brick alien with a Kryptonite Factor and a friendly demeanour.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Ultimos is vulnerable to chocolate.
  • The Worf Effect: Ultimos gets easily defeated and depowered by Vilgax as a way to re-establish him as a big threat.



Voiced by Kath Soucie

Tiffany is a student at Bankcroft Academy. She is known to have a stuck up attitude, and disliked the Tennyson family because they're middle-class.

  • Academic Alpha Bitch: In spite of her Alpha Bitch tendencies as described below, Tiffany is ultimately successful at academics, given how she is a student of a prestigious school. Not that this is shown. See Informed Attribute.
  • Alpha Bitch: She welcomes all potential new students to the academy and seems to have a high influence over the decision of whether or not they get accepted. Anyone who doesn't meet her standards of class and social status gets rejected. Because of her prejudice of the Tennyson family, Gwen doesn't get in.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: She tries to put on a polite and friendly, welcoming facade when introducing potential new students to the school. She's actually snobbish, condescending and unwelcoming.
  • Damsel in Distress: She ends up being held hostage by the Circus Freaks and the titular ghost in "Ghostfreaked Out".
  • Informed Attribute: Given she is a student at the highly regarded Bankcroft, she is allegedly a really smart and talented person. However, all we see of her is her acting like a stuck-up snob and nothing else. She's utterly useless in the climax of the Tennyson's versus Ghostfreak and the Circus Freaks. Ben quickly points this out when praising Gwen, someone with actual Action Girl capabilities who contributed to stopping the villains.
  • Long Hair Is Feminine
  • The Perfectionist: In the sense that every student at the academy has to maintain the standards she has in mind of perfect class, refinery and decorum. People from "quality families" just don't make the cut for her.
  • Real Women Don't Wear Dresses: Tiffany wears a skirt and has a generally more feminine appearance than Gwen. Guess which of the two girls is actually useful when the school is attacked and the heroes and villains face off.
  • Slobs Versus Snobs: Tiffany is high class and a student of the prestigious Bankcroft Academy. She denies Gwen the right to enrol there because she is from a "quality family".
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Tiffany is the girly girl to Gwen's tomboy. The former is a snobbish, stuck-up, high class Alpha Bitch, compared with the snarky and brash, action-prone latter.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Ben saves her life when she's in peril and she shows no gratitude for this at all.


Voiced by Vanessa Marshall (Secret of the Omnitrix), Vyvam Pham (Alien Force)

A female Chimera Sui Generis (Vilgax's species) who worked as Azmuth's assistant and helped him developing the Omnitrix. He refused to give her credit for it though, resulting in her taking her revenge by putting her own signature inside it instead of Azmuth's. During Secret of the Omnitrix, she is found in Incarcecon by Ben, Gwen and Tetrax, and helps them find Azmuth. After the universe has been saved, she makes up with Azmuth and become his assistant again.

  • Berserk Button: She takes offense to being mistaken for Vilgax (plus she's a woman, so...)
  • The Cameo: Briefly appears in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
  • Cthulhumanoid: Just look at her. Though she won't drive you insane or anything like that.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Averted with her Original Series look. YMMV if the trope is played straight or not with her Alien Force look, but it definitely is in Omniverse.
  • Genius Bruiser: she is a brillant enough scientist to be Azmuth's assistant; she also is from the same species than Vilgax.
  • Lovable Coward: More than willing to let a ten-year-old do the fighting.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Chimera Sui Generis are supposed to be an aggressive, warrior species (proven in the Omniverse episode "Vilgax Must Croak"; they managed to repel a full-scale invasion of their homeworld by the Incurseans in a matter of hours). Myaxx, on the other hand, is a self-admitted coward who rather avoids fighting whenever possible.
  • Progressively Prettier: When she was first introduced in Secret of the Omnitrix, she barely had any difference with Vilgax's original appearance to the point Ben actually mistook her for him. Her cameos in Alien Force and Omniverse gradually despict her as more feminine and attractive. A strange choice when you consider her initial appearance was very explicit about her looking like Vilgax.
  • Unwitting Pawn: Word of God revealed that she was the one who accepted Zs'Kayr's offer to provide her with DNA samples for the Omnitrix, allowing him to secretly put his own sample amongst them and resulting in Ghostfreak.

Premiered in Alien Force Era (Force-Ultimate)


Professor Paradox/Timewalker

Voiced by David McCallum

An unknown scientist from the Cold War who was experimenting on Time Travel. His experiment went wrong, causing him to end up floating randomly through space and time for 100,000 years, unable to die or age. Though initially becoming insane because of it, he eventually became Bored with Insanity, and was able to take control over his time travel, starting to use it to save Earth at various points by alternating the course of time. This led him to meet with Ben's team during the Alien Force era. Though eccentric, he is otherwise a reliable ally.

  • The Ageless: Due to existing outside of time, he can't age and apparently also doesn't need to eat or sleep. This also makes him immune to time manipulation to some degree (he can't be aged into dust or anything like that, but he still feels it to some degree).
  • All-Powerful Bystander: While he does assist the heroes from time-to-time, he's prevented from being there for every instance. It's later explained that being a Paradox Person whenever he visits a location, the walls of reality will thin and eventually threaten it's destruction. This may also be in part due to the fact if he always stayed, he would be a case of Story-Breaker Power.
  • Artificial Limbs: In Omniverse, he apparently lost his hand in the Time War and has replaced it with the Chrono Navigator disguised as a bionic hand.
  • Badass Boast: Tells Eon that if he goes through with his plan, no force in all of time will be able to protect him from Paradox.
  • Badass Bookworm: Well, he used to be a scientist after all and since his field was studying and manipulating time... Well, he's better at that now.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Nice tie.
  • Big Good: One of the most powerful forces of good in the franchise, whose purpose is to counter any evil that threatens all of space-time.
  • Bored with Insanity: In his own words:
    "At first, I went mad, of course. But after a few millennia, I got bored with that, too, and went sane. Very sane."
  • Call-Forward: Word of God said that in Race Against Time (a movie that's otherwise non-canon), Paradox guarded the Hands of Armageddon from Eon for several years until Ben stopped him.
    • This is finally revealed in "Ben 10,000 Returns". The movie was actually set in an alternate timeline and thus Paradox guarded that alternate timeline's Hands of Armageddon.
  • The Cameo: He makes a brief one in "Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51". Prior to becoming immortal, he worked at Area 51 with Max and Colonel Rozum.
  • Cloudcuckoo Lander: His constant time travel and immortality cause him to often appear as this; he doesn't live events in the right order (for example, he apparently met a future version of Ben before meeting present Ben for the first time) and will offer gumballs to people in inappropriate situations.
  • Cool Old Guy: He doesn't look like it, but he is really 10,000+ years old.
  • Cultured Badass: He dresses and speaks the part of a well-educated Science Hero.
  • Doctor Whomage: From Doctor Who, Paradox is basically a giant love letter to the Doctor, especially the tenth incarnation played by David Tennant.
    • The quirk of offering gumballs brings to mind Tom Baker's Fourth Doctor (with him offering jelly babies).
    • His Chrono Navigator has taken the shape of a pocket watch, referencing the fob watch that is part of the TARDIS chameleon arch. It also took the form of a gauntlet, which references Rassilon's gauntlet from "The End of Time".
    • He has a tendency to use the phrase "Spoilers", taking after River Song, a companion of the Eleventh Doctor.
    • He Doesn't Like Guns, similar to most incarnations.
    • Both have had their arm cut off, with the Tenth Doctor losing his arm shortly after his regeneration before it grew back, while Paradox lost it offscreen and replaced it with his Chrono Navigator.
    • He once utters the Fourth Doctor's line: "I walk in eternity."
    • Both have participated in a Time War.
  • Does Not Like Guns: When first meeting Colonel Rozum, he removes his gun from him without him noticing and throws it away, saying he never liked them.
  • The Fog of Ages: He calls himself "Paradox" because he can't remember what his real name is (despite the fact he meets an old colleague who does).
  • Fourth-Wall Observer: Overlapping with Leaning on the Fourth Wall, Paradox appears to be aware of when the commercials are going to come on.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: He spent nearly ten thousand years floating randomly through time, but eventually, he got Bored with Insanity and went sane again. Very sane.
  • The Herald: He will pop out of a time portal near Ben and say, "I need your help with X".
  • Have We Met Yet?: Asked Ben this when they (from Ben's perspective) met for the first time. From Paradox's perspective at this point, they're already old friends.
  • Hero of Another Story: He is constantly on adventures of his own and the first time he appears, it's stated he's already saved the world hundreds of times.
  • Labcoat of Science and Medicine: His original attire has him wearing a lab coat, before he changes to a steampunk outfit.
  • Living Forever Is Awesome: Not at first, but learned to accept it and presently he thinks eternity is glorious.
  • Mysterious Past: A past even he barely remembers due to The Fog of Ages.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: He has this ability due to 'finding shortcuts' in time. Though he's also very capable of onscreen teleportation.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: Everyone calls him Paradox, even himself. He says he has forgotten his name after the many millennia he has lived, though his former lab assistant appears to be the only one left knowing.
  • Other Me Annoys Me: Subverted, as when they meet the parallel Paradox he warns his counterpart not to follow the same course of his actions.
  • Persona Non Grata: He is banned from interacting with Alien X (or any Celestialsapien, for that matter), for reasons unknown.
    • May have something to do with hiding the Forge of Creation, which is a Noodle Incident in itself.
  • Red Baron: "Timewalker".
  • Really 700 Years Old: He looks middle-aged, but is the oldest thing in the series, other than the universe itself. Considering the current universe is an Alien-X made reboot, he may have graduated to oldest thing period.
  • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: His job for the past several hundred years.
  • Sink-or-Swim Mentor: In the sense that he can't outright interfere, but he does provide hints and warnings that help guide Ben and the others' actions.
  • Story-Breaker Power: If he were to remain with Ben's Team all the time, he would thwart most of the threats with ease, but he's forced to play All-Powerful Bystander except in the most dire of times. The thing is, he could, remain with them, but there is just so much risk involved.
  • Super Speed: As an extension of his Time Master powers, he can slow down time around him, making it seem as though he's traveling at high speed.
  • Time Abyss: Originally from The '50s, he was sent back to the beginning of time and went on from there.
  • Time Dissonance: He can displace his time and location at will and he doesn't need to eat or sleep. He never ages.
  • Time Master: There is little he can't do to manipulate time.
  • Time Police: Self-appointed guardian of time.
  • Time-Travel Tense Trouble: For instance, "You're much smarter than you were when I met you later."
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: Several time travel theories can be drawn from him depending on the episode.
  • Will Not Tell a Lie: It's not made clear whether he's actually incapable of lying or if he chooses not to, but even Eon knew Paradox well enough to know that he never lied.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Played with; he himself constantly changes the timeline to save the world, but much like the character he is based on, he seems to follow the idea that there are some events that cannot, or in some cases, should not be changed. Most notably, he advises Gwen against trying to prevent Kevin's mutation in season 3 of Alien Force.



Introduced in Alien Force, Anodites are a species of incoporeal aliens made of Mana, the Life Energy at the source of magic. This grants them unusually powerful magic abilities, which can sometimes be inherited by their posterity.

Tropes applying to the species as a whole:

  • Energy Being: Composed of what is essentially magic energy.
  • A Form You Are Comfortable With: While their true forms are vaguely humanoid Energy Beings, they can use their powers to create themselves a physical body and appear as humans, allowing them to mate with them as a result.
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom: Their eyes tend to gow when they're casting spells.
  • Good Samaritan: According to Verdona, Anodites often use their powers to help people across the universe despite their flighty hedonistic ways.
  • Lady Land: It's implied there are male Anodites, but only females have been shown so far.
  • Mage Species: By virtue of being made of magic energy to begin with, they all naturally have magic powers. While this ability, which they refer to as the "Spark", isn't always passed to their posterity, it does sometimes happen, resulting in half-Anodites with impressive affinity for magic and who can eventually become Anodites themselves.
  • Magic is Feminine: The only Anodites seen in the series are female.
  • Mana: They are made of that stuff.
  • Monochromatic Eyes: White.
  • Out of Focus: They aren't ever brought up in Omniverse, despite Alien Force and Ultimate Alien showing they're a big deal to Gwen's lineage, and all Verdona got was a planned cameo which was eventually cut because of time constraints. Part of this is most likely because Derrick has more than once said he didn't care for them.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Their bodies are purple and their "hair" is pinkish purple.
  • Reality Warper: Not to the extent of Celestialsapiens, but their magic does allow them to warp reality to an extent. Ironically, their natural prociency with mana is one of the celestialsapiens few official limits.

Verdona Tennyson

Voiced by Barbara Bain (as an adult), Juliet Landau (young and Anodite forms)

Max's wife, as well as Ben's and Gwen's paternal grandmother. Verdona's an Anodite, from a species of alien, Mana-controlling Energy Beings. She is the one Gwen got her affinity with magic from.

  • Badass in Distress: In her backstory, she was this when she met Max for the first time.
  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: She left her family when she found out none of her direct children had inherited Anodite powers, treated Gwen favorably over Ben because Ben was lacking said powers (though in her defense, she got better on this side), and attempted to destroy Gwen's body to turn her into an Anodite against her will (again, they managed to talk her out of it). She seems to see nothing wrong with all of this and regards attacking her own grandchildren as a fun game.
    • On the other hand, destroying Gwen's body is more or less just peeling a full-body mask off her (which is implied they can put back on).
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: She does not appear in Omniverse. Justified due to downplaying Gwen's anodite heritage and Gwen's already severely reduced screen-time.
    • She was originally going to make an appearance in Omniverse episode “The Most Dangerous Game Show” (the designers of the show were even finished with her new design), but she was cut.
  • Irony: Despite her dismissive attitude towards humans and hedonistic nature, the straight-laced half-Anodite Gwen who embraces her humanity over her Anodite heritage is her favorite grandchild. The full-blooded Anodite granchild and Gwen's polar opposite, Sunny, who embraces her Anodite heritage is Verdona's least favorite grandchild despite supposedly embracing everything Gwen refuses because she's also a Spoiled Brat.
  • It's All About Me: Despite her good intentions, she's very selfish when it comes to her desires and prides herself on doing whatever she pleases.
  • I Was Quite a Looker: Her Anodite appearance hasn't changed, but her former human disguise was something to see. Even in her aged human form, her daughter-in-law can't help but admit she's still attractive.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Literally; she is an actual grandmother, yet was able to handle both Ben, Kevin and later Gwen in a fight at the same time.
    • She's also clearly much stronger than her other granddaughter, Sunny, who, unlike Gwen, is a full-blooded Anodite.
  • Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie: She is an alien Energy Being with magic-based powers.
  • Parental Abandonment: She outright abandoned her human family when none of them showed hints of having Anodite powers, only returning when she discovered Gwen had them and wanted to make her embrace her Anodite heritage.
  • Rescue Romance: She was captured by someone who wanted to use her for her energy powers and she was rescued by Max, hence how their relationship started.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Gwen's mother, Natalie, and Verdona don't seem to get along that well.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: While not a bad person, it is noted she is somewhat detached from her human side in her debut episode. She is more amicable and friendly the next time we see her.

Sunny Tennyson
Voiced by Ashley Johnson

Verdona's other granddaughter and a cousin of Ben and Gwen's who, unlike Gwen, is a full-blooded Anodite. Sunny's human disguise is pretty much identical to Gwen's appearance, except for having black hair (while Gwen's a redhead) and blue/purple eyes (while Gwen has green eyes).

  • Always Someone Better: Gwen's apparently this to her—Sunny finds this especially annoying because, despite not being a full-blooded Anodite and her lack of formal training, she's still very skilled and her powers/abilities are developing quite nicely. Sunny also appears to be jealous of the fact that Verdona considers Gwen to be her "favorite" grandchild. It's enough to earn her some sympathy.
  • Eating the Eye Candy: She tries to hit on Kevin and calls him "Muscles".
  • Motor Mouth: She can go on endlessly once she starts.
  • Odd Couple: Her (ex)boyfriend Antonio is some Neanderthal-like alien who talks in Hulk Speak, while she is a young, fairly attractive woman from a Mage Species.
  • Odd Name Out: Among her cousins, who are named Ben, Gwen, and Ken, Sunny's name sticks out.
  • Palette Swap: Downplayed in her debut appearance where she at least had a different outfit to better distinguish her from Gwen. In Omniverse her design is just a straight recolor of Gwen's.
  • Spoiled Brat: Verdona calls her a spoiled brat after she steps into her and Gwen's fight.
  • Token Evil Teammate: Of the Anodites in Gwen's family and Max's grandkids. She's more chaotic than straight up evil though.
  • Uncanny Family Resemblance: She's essentially a brunette version of her first cousin, Gwen.

    Jimmy Jones 

Jimmy Jones

Voiced by Scott Menville

A young Child Prodigy who is responsible exposing Ben's identity in Ultimate Alien. A big fan of Ben and his exploits, he was able to deduce after years of investigation that all alien forms were actually one single shapeshifting person. He then made the information public, assuming Ben would enjoy the fame. Though the team was initially uncomfortable with this, Ben comes to befriend him, and frequently asks for his help in searching for information.


Eunice (Unitrix)

Voiced by Molly Quinn

A mysterious girl met by Ben, Gwen and Kevin during vacation. She arrived on Earth in a spacepod, with no memory of who she was beside her name. Ben started developing an attraction to her, when it turned out she was being hunted by Sunder for unknown reasons. It's eventually revealed she was the Unitrix, a pre-Omnitrix prototype developed by Azmuth with the ability to absorb DNA from living beings and stock it inside itself. When arriving on Earth, she assimilated Gwen's DNA (the first person who touched her pod), causing her to turn into a female human. Sunder was actually sent by Azmuth to retrieve her after she had been missing. Though initially intending to turn her back into a device, Azmuth agreed, after a short argument with Ben, to keep her as an assistant instead.

  • Animalistic Abilities: Eunice has the ability to absorb and contain the DNA of various species without changing her form. She has been shown replicating the jumping ability of a rabbit, the strength of a bear and the flexibility of a snake. Eunice has two main weaknesses; she can only possess another animal or alien's ability for ten minutes and she can only absorb one creature's DNA at a time.
  • Artificial Human: She is actually an Omnitrix-like device created by Azmuth to store DNA, who turned into a girl after scanning Gwen's DNA.
  • The Cameo: Briefly appeared in "The Most Dangerous Game Show".
  • Forced Transformation: In her second Appearance, she was forcefully turned into a DN Alien by the infected Arachnichimps and is reduced to a mindless creature to fight Swampfire. Fortunately, he was able to restore her back to normal by restarting her.
  • Naked on Arrival: The only character to ever show nudity in the series.
  • Love Interest: To Ben in her first appearance. Seems to have got over it by the next time she shows up.
  • Power Copying: Her main special ability consist in copying animals' abilities for a limited amount of time through mere contact.
  • Shout-Out: The way she arrives on Earth is kinda reminiscent of Supergirl.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In her first appearance, she was a naïve girl who could barely stand a fight. The next time we see her, she can fight toe to toe with Arachnichimp Dnaliens.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: The whole argument between Ben and Azmuth about this: Azmuth considers her not more of a sentient being than any of Ben's transformations and intends to turn her back into the Unitrix to stock her in his lab, while Ben believes she is a real person and must be treated as such. Eventually, Azmuth agrees to keep her in human form as his assistant.

    Julie Yamamoto 
Voiced by Vyvan Pham

Ben's Love Interest introduced in Ben 10: Alien Force. Julie was originally a girl Ben met following one of his soccer matches. The two developed a quick interest in each other, but Ben started hesitating to make any approach, afraid she might reject him if she found out about the Omnitrix. When this eventually happened during their first date, Julie turned out to not be scared of him, and they ended up in a relationship. Though non-powered at first, Julie can rely on the support of Ship, a Galvanic Mechamorph pet she met and tamed after her first date with Ben, to assist her in fights.

  • Battle Couple: With Ben, especially after getting Ship. Subverted however, because despite being involved in Ben's heroism several times and having Ship to help her fight, she's not into the whole "fight evil to save the world" bit.
  • Bound and Gagged: In "Revenge of the Swarm". By Elena, of all people.
  • Competition Freak: In Ultimate Alien.
  • Dating What Daddy Hates: It's shown in "Ultimate Alien" her father does not approve of Ben.
  • Derailing Love Interests: Julie has become much less nice since the start of Ultimate Alien. Some of this is having to deal with Ben being famous (it was very justified in the episode with Captain Nemesis), but she's showing new traits that weren't originally present such as being overly competitive and short-tempered, likely as a misguided attempt at giving her more flaws.
    • She joined what was effectively a cult in "Flame Keepers Circle". She thought it was a corporation that was trying to improve people's lives by introducing alien tech at a faster rate than the Plumbers wanted (despite Kevin and Ben both warning her that such an act typically destabilized planets). It was really a bunch of crazy people worshipping Vilgax and it was ridiculously clear too, but she grabbed the Idiot Ball firmly until it was beyond obvious she was wrong.
  • Freaky Is Cool: Ben initially was afraid to tell her about the Omnitrix, fearing his ability to shapeshift into monsters would freak her out. Much to his surprise, when she does find out about it, she actually finds it "cool".
  • Kid With The Remote Control: Ship.
  • Love Interest: To Ben during Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. They unintentionally broke up prior to the Omniverse episode "Rules of Engagement".
  • Magic Skirt: She could rival Lois Lane in this department. Even when she is playing tennis, the skirt barely flutters.
  • Morality Pet: She was the one who brought Ship back to reason when it was Brainwashed and Crazy by the Forever Knights.
  • Multi-Ethnic Name: American first name. Japanese last name.
  • Nice Girl: At the start, she's very much a pleasant person, she wasn't afraid of Ben's alien forms and adopted the Mechamorph ship as a pet. During Ultimate Alien, she starts showing less nice traits, namely a short temper.
  • Official Couple: With Ben in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. However, they unintentionally broke up some time before "Rules of Engagement" in Omniverse.
  • Pink Means Feminine: Her clothes mostly consist in pink and white when in her regular attire.
  • Plucky Girl
  • Put on a Bus: Julie only appears in a single episode of Omniverse, "Rules of Engagement," in which she and Ben break up, and she gets a new boyfriend. Word of God made it known that she will not be returning again outside of a nonspeaking cameo and have actually gone on record that Ben will ultimately end up with Kai anyway so there's absolutely no chance of Julie and Ben getting back together again.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Initially appeared out of the blue (not helped by the fact many fans felt she was introduced just to get rid of the Incest Subtext between Ben and Gwen.); she gets better over time.
  • Sixth Ranger: Sort of; even in the Alien Force / Ultimate Alien era, she takes much less part in the story than most characters. She still helps Ben and the others on occasion.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Getting Ship helped with this, as he can turn into Powered Armor for her. She's also quite adept with certain weapons.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: See Derailing Love Interests above.
  • Women Are Wiser: Gwen states that Julie is the smartest of their group because she doesn't go looking for trouble, presumably including herself in that category.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: She is nowhere to be seen for the first 20 episodes of Omniverse, with a number of Ben's offhand comments suggesting he is once again single.
    • She finally shows up again in "Rules of Engagement"....with a new boyfriend. In the same episode, it's explained in a flashback that Ben accidentally broke up with her during a phone call. At the end of it, she is Put on a Bus for good, save for a cameo toward the end of the series.



"Ship Ship!"
Voiced by Vyvan Pham

A small, dog-smart Galvanic Mecamorph (Upgrade's species) generated by Baz-l when he accidentally crashed on Earth. Ship was intended to find a Plumber and bring him for help; unfortunately, it mistook Ben's Omnitrix for a Plumber's badge, and, since it was unable to speak, had to try to get Ben's attention by attacking him and wrecking his date with Julie. Eventually, it succeeded in leading them to the ship, and they saved Baz-l in time. While he was leaving, Baz-l decided to leave Ship with them. It then developed a bond with Julie, effectively becoming her pet and main mean to fight.

    The Plumbers Helpers 

The Plumber's Helpers/Amalgam Kids
from left to right: Helen, Manny, Pierce and Alan

A group of alien Half-Human Hybrids Kids assembled during Alien Force to face the Highbreeds.

  • A Day in the Limelight: They are the main characters of "Above and Beyond".
  • Fake Memories: The Rooters implanted these in their heads, making them believe that they were born hybrids and had human and alien parents.
  • Five-Man Band:
    • The Leader: Pierce - The most logical member who holds the rest of the team together.
    • The Lancer: Alan - Had a distinct contrast with the rest of his team and served as an outcast early on due to being the newest member.
    • The Chick: Helen - She is the only female, and is the kindest, most compassionate member, serving as the Team Mom. She at times doubles as The Lancer.
    • The Big Guy: Manny - Physically the strongest member, and loves to act before thinking.
    • The Smart Guy: Cooper - Being a Techno Wizard, he is one of the smartest characters on the show.
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: Pierce is never brought up after his death.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: They were originally thought to be half-humans. Though Omniverse retcons them into being regular humans who were infused with alien DNA, rather than being born hybrids.
  • Irony: Before being told they were hybrids, Manny and Helen thought that they were mutated by aliens. Come Omniverse, this turns out to be somewhat true.
  • Killed Off for Real: Pierce by the Forever Knights in "the Purge".
  • Monochromatic Eyes: Everyone except Cooper and Pierce.
  • Retcon: With the exception of Cooper, whose origin never was clearly defined beyond being the child of Plumbers, they were all initially introduced as Human-Aliens hybrids born from Interspecies Romance between alien and human Plumbers. The Rooters story arc retcon them into being ordinary kids who got experimented on by the Rooters and were given their alien characteristics using Kevin's power, all in order to create a weapon capable of destroying Ben.
  • Punny Name:
    • Helen Wheels being of "Hell-on-Wheels".
    • Manny Armstrong being of "Many arms, strong"
    • Alan's surname "Albright" references how his he's a "walking beacon".
    • Of course the guy named Pierce has the ability to shoot needles.
  • Similar Squad: The original three Plumbers Helpers (Pierce, Helen, and Manny) was this to Ben's Team (Ben, Gwen, and Kevin).
  • Superhero Speciation:
    • Pyrokinesis: Alan, being half Pyronite and all.
    • Super Speed: Helen, due to her Kineceleran DNA.
    • Super Strength: Manny, on account of the Tetramand DNA.
    • Technopath: Cooper's a mutant with this as an ability, notably he's one of the first mutants in the series to be portrayed heroically.
    • Spike Shooter: Pierce, as a result of being spliced with DNA from Argit.

Cooper Daniels
Voiced by Cathy Cavadini (Original Series), Corey Padnos (Alien Force), Chris Pratt (Ultimate Alien), Eric Bauza (Omniverse, flashback)

Alan Albright
Voiced by Zeno Robinson (Alien Force, Ultimate Alien), Bumper Robinson (Omniverse)

  • Alliterative Name: Alan Albright.
  • Butt-Monkey: He is often treated as the weakest member of his team, especially by Manny.
  • Characterization Marches On: Alan was initially introduced as a shy kid, lacking self-confidence and the youngest of the group. When he comes back in Omniverse, he is now much more hot-headed, snarkier, and the closest thing the group has to a leader after Pierce's death.
  • Character Development: See Grew a Spine below.
  • Chest Blaster: Sort of, he fired a ball of flame from chest in his debut appearance.
  • Cursed with Awesome: He felt that way about himself at first, but Ben helped him grow out of it.
  • Flaming Hair: Standard for Pyronites.
  • Grew a Spine: In his early appearances, he was very uncertain of himself, but he progressively becomes more confident. Manny even literally tells him to "grow a spine" in "Above and Beyond" in which he later learns to do.
  • How Do I Shot Web?: In his first appearance, he had some serious trouble learning how to fly. Ben eventually taught him a few tricks to help.
  • "Not So Different" Remark: Ben stated that Alan reminded him of a younger version of himself, especially in the sense how they both had trouble controlling their power.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He is physically the smallest and youngest member of the team, but his powers give him the potential to be the strongest of all. However he often had to be coaxed into this by support from his teammates. Ben has acknolwedged this and has called him "a powerhouse" before.
  • Playing with Fire: Due to his Pyronite powers.
  • The Scapegoat: He's been made this by the sheriff of his hometown during his debut. It's somewhat understandable when they were blaming the serial arson cases on him, less so when the sheriff sees the Highbreed weather tower and immediately comes to the completely logical conclusion that the kid who's in his early teens at best somehow constructed a massive device, by himself, to drain the heat from the area to feed his powers.
  • Sixth Ranger: He's the newest member of the Plumbers Helpers' (other than Cooper).
  • Tag Along Kid: In Alien Force he was the youngest member, and was treated as such.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Is taught this by Ben and Helen.
    • Subverted in "Above and Beyond" when Ben (as Big Chill), while pretending to be evil, tells him:
    Big Chill: You're out of your league Alan, you're the weakest one and you know it. Your teammates know it too.

Manny Armstrong and Helen Wheels
Manny Armstrong voiced by Khary Payton
Helen Wheels voiced by Juliet Landau

  • Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy: Manny, played straight.
  • Ax-Crazy: Manny is reckless, impulsive, and loves to bash or shoot things.
  • Berserk Button:
    • For Helen, whenever someone brought up Pierce.
    • Manny also doesn't take Kevin insulting his appearance too well.
  • Blood Knight: Manny lives for combat, and relishes every second of it.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Gender inverted. Manny is the impulsive one and Helen keeps him in check.
  • Cloudcuckoo Landers Minder: Even though he isn't technically a Cloudcuckoo Lander, Helen still acts as one to Manny, as she holds him back from his acts of immaturity.
  • Cool Big Sis: Helen acts as one to Alan and Cooper, giving them guidance and encouragement.
  • Guns Akimbo: Four guns in total, with one for each arm.
  • Expy: Manny and Helen are half-Tetramand (Fourarms) and half-Kineceleran (XLR8).
  • Hypocritical Humor: Manny has a tendency to call his enemies "dirty alien freaks" (or something similar), even though his own appearance holds little traces of humanity. This is played with during an exchange of insults he has with Kevin when they first meet.
    Manny: They're all dirty alien freaks.
    Kevin: That's a laugh coming from a Halloween reject like you.
    ( later on)
    Manny: Think you're funny?
    Kevin: Hey you're the comedian. You even have the face for it.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Manny comes off as being very rude and obnoxious, but will still put the lives of others before his own when the time is right.
  • Manchild: Manny is physically the largest helper, but the most immature of them all.
    • Lampshaded in "Vengeance of Vilgax Part 1" where he keeps "calling shotgun" to ride in the front seat. The other helpers shake their heads or facepalm in response.
  • Mirror Character: Manny is this to Kevin (reckless, rude, and eager to fight) while Helen is this to Gwen (kind, compassionate, and cautious). Fittingly each of them are pitted against their counterparts when they first meet.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Four arms means four guns. You probably don't want to be on the receiving end of Manny's blaster fire.
  • Out of Focus: By Ultimate Alien they are the only members of the team to stop making appearances, even though their voice actors still appeared on the show.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Gender inverted for Manny and Helen.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Manny and Helen fit this perfectly, and have even been Colour-Coded for Your Convenience.
  • The Smurfette Principle: Helen is the only female in the team.
  • Scary Black Man: Manny. He was black when he was human. Fitting since he's voiced by Khary Payton, who usually voices black characters.
  • Ship Tease: Throughout the series, it's hinted the two of them are an item.
  • Super Speed/Super Strength: Helen and Manny's respective default powers, thanks to their alien heritage or at least what was originally thought to be their heritage.
  • Team Mom: Helen serves as this, acting as a Cool Big Sis to Alan and Cooper, while restraining the immature Manny from acting recklessly.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Manny with Pierce. According to Helen they argued on every mission, later shown to be true once Pierce returns.
  • Younger Than He Looks: Contrary to what his size suggests, Manny's still a teenager.

Pierce Wheels
Voiced by Adam Wylie

  • Back for the Dead: After having his powers temporally absorbed by Kevin, he returns in Ultimate Alien only to be killed.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: Pierce is one of the Forever Knights' first victims in "The Purge".
  • Expy: Possibly unintentional, but his design and powers bear striking similarities with a one-shot character named Porcupine from the Original Series who appeared in episode "Ready to Rumble".
  • Gory Discretion Shot: His death at the hands of the Forever Knights wasn't shown.
  • Killed Off for Real: He is one of the few prominent characters to actually die.
  • Mirror Character: To Ben, which is specifically mentioned by Helen, with both being logical and calculating and serve as the team leaders of their squads. As Ben didn't initially get a chance to duke it out with his Plumbers Helper counterpart like Gwen and Kevin did, he is later given the opportunity when the two meet in "Voided".
  • Prickly Porcupine: It's revealed that the donor of his alien DNA was Argit.
  • Sacrificial Lion: Pierce's cold blooded murder by the Forever Knights showed just how merciless and dangerous they'd become.

    Reinrassig III 

Reinrassig III (Reiny)

Voiced by Richard McGonagle

A Highbreed lord who, following a fight around a portal, accidentally ended up stranded with Ben on a hostile desert planet. With no other choice, the two had to team up to find their way home and survive. Though initially as racist and aggressive as the others of his kind, Reinrassig progressively befriended Ben, reaching a point where he lost his hand protecting him. Ben reattached it using Swampfire's regenerative abilities, but this altered Reinrassig's DNA in the process. This, plus the realization that he had been infected by Ben's human emotions, led Reinrassig to exile himself on the planet, feeling he would no longer be welcome among his people. He eventually came to realize this was actually a way to save his species, and returned to his home world just in time to convince them not to commit mass suicide after Ben altered their DNA. Impressed by his lucidity, his people then named him Highbreed Supreme, and he stopped the war, then concentrating his efforts in reintegrating his species to the universe.

  • An Arm and a Leg: His hand gets amputated by an attacking Rodilia Dentia (scarab-like alien). Ben uses Swampfire to change his amputated hand to the DNA of a Methanosian, giving him a Healing Factor to save his arm.
  • Badass in Charge: He is named Highbreed Supreme at the end of Season 2.
  • Complaining About Rescues They Don't Like: During his episode, Ben at one point saves him from a swarm of killer bugs by grabbing his arm as Swampfire. Once the danger is passed, he immediately starts yelling about how Ben dared touch him. Ben even calls him out for it.
  • Determinator: Was forced to team up with Ben on a planet where the climate was weakening him (Highbreeds survive better in cold climates) with limited supplies of water. He still survived. Even after Ben left, he still found a way to come back on his homeworld of his own.
  • Don't You Dare Pity Me!: Repeatedly rejects Ben's attempts to be nice to him during their team-up. He gets better.
    "I do not take charity from vermin!"
  • Enemy Mine: The entire premise of his first episode is that Ben and him end up trapped together on a hostile planet, forcing them to rely on each other to survive. Unfortunately for their friendship, a lifetime of ingrained xenophobia doesn't vanish overnight, and he chooses to remain behind on a hostile planet rather than "infect" the rest of his people.
  • Fantastic Racism: Initially, like all Highbreeds. He gets better.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: Ben and him met in the middle of a battle, and both got teleported on a hostile planet. They ended up becoming friends.
  • Heel Realization: He has the start of one in his debut episode and fully realizes it off-screen, leading to him convincing the other Highbreed to change their ways later.
  • Humanity Is Infectious: His whole first appearance revolves around this trope; deconstructed when he decides to stay exiled because he feels like he was corrupted. Then reconstructed when he realizes the truth and convinces the other Highbreeds of the error of their ways.
  • Hypocritical Humor: When offered by Ben to join him around the campfire and talk, he dismisses the idea as pointless and essentially says he doesn't want to talk. Very next minute, Ben gives him his name, and he answers by listing all his name, titles, lineage and others until Ben interrupts him.
  • I Choose to Stay: After his Character Development, he deduces he has been infected by Ben, and chose to not go back home, knowing full well he'd threaten his people's purity. It doesn't last.
  • In-Series Nickname: Ben refers to him as "Reiny" to go around his Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card! introduction.
  • Literal-Minded: A minor case; he refers to Ben as Ben-Ben Tennyson due to Ben introducing himself as "Ben, Ben Tennyson". Other than that, he is perfectly able to understand expressions.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Averted; when first introduced, he was as arrogant and racist as any other Highbreed; it's only after befriending Ben that he became a better person. And when he came back on his planet, he successfully convinced his people to share his opinion.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: He's in charge of his race by the end of their invasion and seeking peace instead of trying to take every species with theirs since they had been Secretly Dying makes him a much more appealing Highbreed Supreme for the reconstituted Highbreed than their previous one.
  • Red Right Hand: Inverted; after he lost his hand saving Ben from a local predator, Ben uses Swampfire's regenerative abilities to heal his wound, leaving him with a green hand... only it's when they have befriended, so this is basically a sign he is a good guy.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: He only appears in three episodes in total, only one of which actually has him for most of the episode; however, he plays a key role in ending the Highbreed War.
  • Stab the Scorpion: At one point during their team up, Ben and him end up camping out for the night. Ben wakes up to see Reinrassig shooting at... the creature who was about to attack him.
  • Token Heroic Orc: While initially just as much a racist bigot as his peers, he is the first Highbreed to be portrayed sympathetically and receive Character Development.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Starts out as a generic racist Highbreed, but he and Ben eventually become Fire-Forged Friends, and he ends up convincing his entire people to give up their Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum and accept the other races after Ben uses their DNA to save the Highbreed species.
  • Try to Fit THAT on a Business Card!: His complete name and titles is: Reinrassig III, seventh son of the Noble Highbreed House of Deralla, direct descendant of the Pure Blooded High Order of Rarsect. Ben goes with just calling him Reiny.
  • You Have Outlived Your Usefulness: Subverted; he makes it very clear to Ben he intends to apply this trope on him once they no longer need to collaborate, but they end up genuinely befriending each other.



Voiced by Alexander Polinsky

One of Kevin's friends and former partners-in-crime. Argit is an porcupine-like alien Con Man who is usually seen attempting to make profit from any situation he can find, though he usually is harmless enough to not be considered by the main cast as a threat. Though he frequently double-cross Kevin in their deal, Kevin still considers him as a friend and frequently talks with him.

  • Affably Evil: He always acts friendly toward both Kevin, Ben, Gwen and Rook when he sees them, but he usually won't hesitate to double-cross them if he can save his skin or make profit by doing so.
  • Bullying a Dragon: In "Andreas' Fault", he started trying to blackmail a Forever Knights castle with the help of Andreas. This worked for a short while, then a superior was sent to put some order...
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: And how. Gwen describes him as "A con man who would sell his mother for lunch money" (According to Kevin's answer, he actually did it, and got a top price from her).
    • This becomes a point of Hypocritical Humor when he accuses the Incurseans for double-crossing him in bargaining for the Annihilarg.
  • Con Man: In almost every appearance, he's either pushing a scam, or trying to outrun the consequences of one.
  • Cornered Rattlesnake: As he himself says, he's only a threat when he's backed against the wall.
  • Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: It was out of fear, but he did defeat one of Dr. Psychobos's mutant To'kustars by shooting all of his quills at it. He also defeated Albedo as Ultimate Spidermonkey.
  • Diminishing Villain Threat: In his first appearance, he was portrayed as an actual villain who, while not exactly a big threat, was still dangerous enough for Ben to require using Echo Echo against him. In all his following appearances in the sequels, he was portrayed as more comical character who would fail anyway, to the point he can no longer be classified as an antagonist by now. See Harmless Villain.
  • Dirty Coward: He can and will fight if really forced to, but he is in no way a fighter, and usually either tries to run away as much as possible, backstab his opponents, or just ask the Plumbers/the main cast for protection.
  • The Dog Bites Back: He constantly tricks and double-cross Kevin, while still trying to act like his friend. In Ultimate Alien, a psychotic Kevin starts chasing him to get revenge on all the times he double-crossed him by the past.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In "The Ultimate Heist", he's not impressed when he hears that Rook has been trying to change Ben:
    Argit: Even I know you don't try to change a partner.
  • Evil Versus Oblivion: As shown in "So Long and Thanks For All the Smoothies", even Argit doesn't want the Universe to be destroyed.
    Argit: The Universe is where I keep all my stuff!
  • Extreme Omnivore: In "Cough It Up", he swallows the episode's MacGuffin for safekeeping. Not an example in itself, but when he's finally made to...well, cough it up, he also coughs up a bunch of other objects that he apparently ate just because he was hungry.
  • Harmless Villain: In-story, he is technically a criminal, but the protagonists leave him free both because he is a friend of Kevin and because he isn't much of a threat.
  • Hazy Feel Turn: Argit flip-flops between friend and foe often, with the only consistency being that he does whatever is best for his own selfish interests.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: His plans have a bad tendency to systematically backfire on him.
  • Jerkass: He is capable of putting a nice façade, but he really is quite a jerk.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: When Andreas apparently sacrifices himself to save him and the heroes, Argit appears to be honestly desperate... only to reveal he is actually mourning all the money he lost in the process. Kevin is not amused.
  • Karma Houdini: He constantly double-crosses Kevin and others, has manipulated poor Andreas into doing his bidding (and shows no true remorse when this apparently leads to Andreas' death), and betrayed the rebellion to the Incurean invaders. The worst retribution he has ended up with was to be sent in prison a couple of times, only to be free again by the next episode. He never truly gets punished and Kevin keeps trusting him. Even worse after “Frogs of War”, where he actually managed to pass himself as a hero and became famous and loved by Undertown's population. Oh, and in “The End of An Era”, it's revealed he will end up President of Earth in the future.
  • Lovable Traitor: He is a unscrupulous rogue who will betray everyone for his own benefit, but he gets away with that in the eyes of some fans due to being hilarious.
    • Though some parts still make him overlap with just being an obnoxious Jerkass, such as when he remorselessly manipulated Andreas to his own end, when he betrayed the rebellion to Attea during the Incursean invasion, or when he was willing to sell a baby to be eaten.
  • Manipulative Bastard: He acted like one toward Andreas. Though not an especially competent one, and it's pretty clear it worked only because Andreas wasn't the smartest.
  • Not Quite Dead: An actual ability of his race; they possess the ability to temporarily stop their pulse to fake death. According to Ben, this is the only explanation as to how such an obnoxious species was able to survive as long as they have.
  • Our Presidents Are Different: In "The End of an Era", which takes place in Ben 10,000's time, it's revealed that Argit has become President of Earth.
  • Pet the Dog: He actually tries to warn Ben about what will happen if he defeats Looma in "Many Happy Returns", but is silenced by Kevin.
    • In "The Ultimate Heist", he saves Ben by defeating Albedo, even though he could have easily fled and left him to his fate. Granted, he still tries to make profit of it after that, but it's still worth noticing.
    • In "Weapon XI", when the heroes wonder whether Kevin, who was revealed to be a sleeper agent of the Rooters, ever truly meant to be their friend, Argit is the one who repeatedly and honestly insists that they believe that there's still good in him, even saying that they all owe it to Kevin to give him a chance. Granted, he tries to use himself as a similar example, which doesn't exactly help his case...
    • Also, in a flashback, a young Argit saves the Tennyson family's lives from a psychotic Kevin.
  • Prickly Porcupine: He looks like a weird mix between a rat and a porcupine.
  • Rat Men: A hybrid rodent of sorts.
  • Rewarded as a Traitor Deserves: Gets on the receiving end of a non-lethal version in "The Frogs of War" when he betrays the resistance to Attea.
  • The Sociopath: While not to the same degree as many of Ben's major villains, Argit still qualifies as one. To begin with, he only cares about himself and money, and will use and betray anyone to get it, to the extent Kevin confirms that he sold his own mother for a profit. This trait is best shown in "Andreas' Fault"; where he takes advantage of Andreas' innocence to get him to work for him, and after Andreas sacrifices himself to save Argit and Ben's team, Argit is more concerned with the money he lost in the process and honestly doesn't seem to understand why Kevin would be disgusted with him.
    Argit: Sometimes, I just don't get you, Kevin!
  • Spike Shooter: Can launch spikes from his body, which are capable to knocking out whatever they hit.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: In Omniverse, thanks to the fame he got from defeating a Way Bad during the Incursean Invasion, he becomes a hero to the population of Undertown and creates his own enterprise, while still pursuing his illegal alien tech trade on a larger scale than before. He still remains fairly harmless though.



Voiced by Rob Paulsen
The Galvanic Mecamorph who spawned Ship.
  • Asteroids Monster: Notably spawning a regular character, Ship.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite offering Ship to Ben and Julie in his first appearance, he attempts to take it back later just so he could get some credit for Ben's victory in the Highbreed war. He however accepts to give up on him when he sees that Julie and Ship have bonded. Later, when Julie tries to give him Ship back because she fears it likes him more, he voluntary acts like a jerk so Ship will go back to her.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: Aptly described as a "total weasel" by the other characters. In his second appearance, he was going to sell Ship on the black market, even though Ship is technically his son.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Twice; in his second appearance, he recruited the Vreedle Brothers to bring Ship back alive. In his third appearance, while he is at the mercy of a bunch of fanatical alien mystics who accuse him to have profaned their sacred place, he outright tell them said sacred place is a mess to the point he thought it was just old ruins.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: See Asteroids Monster.

    Andromeda Five 

The Andromeda Five

Bivalvan voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
P'andor voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Andreas voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Ra'ad voiced by Dee Bradley Baker
Galapagus voiced by John DiMaggio

The Andromeda Five are, as suggested by their name, five alien of different species from the Andromeda Galaxy. All of them had in common that they possessed the powers Osmosian criminal Aggregor required to absorb in order to get the abilities he needed for his scheme. As a result, all of them were kidnapped by him so he could take them to his planet, where he would have use a machine to absorb them permanently (instead of the usual temporary 10% of their actual powers). They succeeded in escaping during the travel, and ended up on Earth, where they split up so they could better escape to Aggregor. The first half of season 1 in Ultimate Alien focus on Ben's team trying to help them go back home, causing Ben to scan all of them in the process. They included:



An old Alien prisoner Kevin met during his time in the Null Void Incarcecon. Kwarrel played a major part in Kevin's life by taking him under his wings, helping him to turn back to his human form and learning him a safe way to use his power, such allowing him to go on the path of redemption. Unfortunately, he was killed by prison guard Morgg while helping Kevin to escape the Null Void.

  • Badass Normal: he apparently had no special power or ability, but he was strong enough to handle the original mutated form of Kevin in a hand-to-hand fight.
  • Cool Old Guy: He was such a nice and cool guy that you have to wonder why he ended up in prison in the first place.
    • Dwayne McDuffie says that Kwarrel lived a full life and didn't reveal what caused him to end up in the Null Void, but hinted that "it was bad".
  • Gentle Giant: A life inside the Null Void has rendered someone who was very likely a brutish bruiser into someone who honestly seemed like he didn't deserve to be there anymore.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Gave his life to keep Morgg busy and allow Kevin to escape Incarcecon.
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: He helped Kevin grow as a person... and died to ensure he could escape.
  • The Mentor: To Kevin. He was the one who helped him to get rid of his psychosis and original mutant form, as well as teach him how to use his new powers.
  • Posthumous Character: His first and so far only appearance was in season 1 of Ultimate Alien; he actually died in the gap between the original series and Alien Force.
  • Rubber-Forehead Aliens: Looks like a human with grey skin and Pointy Ears.
  • Small Role, Big Impact: A Posthumous Character who only appeared in one episode in a flashback, but he was the one who cured Kevin of his insanity, making him a key factor of his Heel–Face Turn. He and his role in Kevin's backstory is noticeably one of the few elements not retconned in Omniverse.

    Jennifer Nocturne 

Jennifer Nocturne
Voiced by Tara Platt

  • Age-Gap Romance: Faked for the sake publicity between her, at 19, with Ben, at 16.
  • The Cameo: Briefly appears in "The Most Dangerous Game Show."
  • Celebrity Is Overrated: You have no idea...
  • Dye or Die: When she decides to abandon the entertainment industry and escape with Nemesis, she cuts her hair and dyes it black to hide her identity.
  • Hidden Depths: She was initially introduced as a shallow character serving as a reference to Twilight and a potential rival to Julie for Ben's affection. Her second appearance explores her further, revealing she had a harsh childhood, suffers a major lack of affection and is subject to a Stockholm Syndrome. Much like Captain Nemesis, Omniverse undoes this, and she's back to being a ditzy actress.
  • Ink-Suit Actor: When she dyes her hair and shorens it, she looks much more like Tara Platt, her voice actress.
  • Parental Neglect: The reason why she ran away to become a celebrity.
  • Retcon: In "The Most Dangerous Game Show," her hair is back to it's original color and length, and her movie career is still going (lending further credence to the fan theory that the events of "Catch A Falling Star" never happened).
  • Romantic False Lead: To Ben, sort of. It was actually very short, and it was quite obvious Ben didn't really love her; he actually wasn't even considering their relationship as a date, believing him spending time with her was platonic and doing it because it was apparently good for their image.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Toward Captain Nemesis. She even has an affair with him. A rare animated example that is not played for laughs.

    Elena Validus 

Elena Validus

Played by Alyssa Diaz (Alien Swarm) Tia Texada (Ultimate Alien)

A character introduced in the Ben 10: Alien Swarm movie. Elena was one of Ben's Childhood Friends when he was 13, and Ben's first crush (apparently excluding Kai Green). She comes back during Alien Swarm, where it's revealed her father was a Plumber who studied the Hive's nanochip.

  • Badass Bookworm: We don't learn it until Ultimate Alien, but she is as good of a scientist as her father.
  • Badass Normal: One of the few Plumbers' Kids to not have any power whatsoever. She still was a great pupil at the Plumber Academy and, according to her instructor, would have been a formidable recruit had she not abandoned her formation.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Subverted; she appears to do it in "Revenge of the Swarm", but it later turns out she survived.
  • Love Makes You Evil: Well, that can happen when you get infested with some weird alien nanochips that distort your deepest wishes...
  • Satellite Love Interest: With her Hive persona; after all the damages she went through, being with Ben became her only driving purpose, turning her into a Yandere and leading her to attempt to alternate herself just to please Ben. Lampshaded by Ben.
  • Uncanny Valley Girl: In Ultimate Alien.
  • Unexplained Recovery: She returns in the third-to-last episode of Omniverse...all cured of the Hive. How did that happen? We'll never know, as the writers don't really care about that storyline now that Dwayne McDuffie is dead and are dropping it.
    • A graphic novel. has since been published showing more about her, but it ended with her still infected and didn't explain how she was cured either.
  • Unlucky Childhood Friend: She retained feelings for Ben even after they stopped being together, but apparently repressed it. Then the Hive takes over her and causes it to resurface. The result... isn't pretty.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Thanks to the nanochips. She used it to assume Julie's appearance and try to pass time with Ben.
  • Yandere: Toward Ben, after fusing with the Hive.

    Colonel Rozum 

Colonel Rozum

Voiced by John DiMaggio

A military officer first introduced in Ben 10: Ultimate Alien who serves as the protagonists' main contact with the Army over the course of the show.

  • Beneath the Mask: The few first times we see him, he is portrayed as a rather reasonable person by military standards in fiction, accepting the protagonists' help and fully cooperating with them (though he does display some more aggressive tendencies when he suggested to nuke the place where Aggregor was hiding). We only get to learn about his Knight Templar tendencies in "Prisonner 775 is missing".
  • Broken Pedestal: Seems to be this to Max when we find out about his Knight Templar tendencies.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Has a wife and son he genuinely loves and sent agents to search for his sister after she disappeared.
  • I Did What I Had to Do: His justification for what he did in Area 51.
  • Karma Houdini: He gets away with his imprisonment of aliens with nothing else than having his family threatened by one of his vindictive prisoners. To make things worst, this still wasn't enough for him to learn his lesson.
  • Knight Templar: He imprisoned over 700 alien in Area 51 because they "might" become a threat to Earth.
  • Meaningful Name Rozum is Czech, Polish, and Slovak for reason (as in thinking capacity).
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: Appears to be this at first; flashbacks suggest he might have been one to Max in his youth.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Max calls him out on his actions in "Prisoner Number 775 is Missing".

Premiered in Omniverse

    Professor Hokestar 

Professor Blarney T. Hokestar

Voiced by Charlie Adler

An alien Con Man introduced in Ben 10: Omniverse. Infamous but pretty harmless, Hokestar is constantly looking for a way to make profit through his inventions, usually with mixed results.

  • Cut Lex Luthor a Check: Despite intially being a conman looking for a quick buck, he's actually pretty bright. He does eventually go straight and run a Mr. Smoothie (which he modified to travel to different dimensions) so a better use of his talents. He also makes a smoothie-powered car which serves as another example of his talents.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: He builds a restaurant capable of going through different dimensions so he's brighter than he appears to be. Also makes a smoothie-powered car.
  • Large Ham: Being a loud conman and with that Catchphrase, no surprise.
  • Lovable Rogue: His integrity hardly is higher than Argit, but he is pretty much harmless.
  • Meaningful Name: Blarney sounds a bit like Barnum and is reminiscent of The Barnum trope. Furthermore, the Hoke- from Hokestar seems to come from hokum, a word meaning nonsense.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Subverted; he does have multiple arms, but he could hardly be any less dangerous.
  • Snake Oil Salesman: Its his schtick. Subverted as of "Store 23", he seems to be running his interdimensional Mr Smoothie as a legitimate business.


Voiced by Tara Platt

A character introduced in Ben 10: Omniverse. A hybrid of human and a species of Rubber Man aliens known as the Kraaho that founded a village under Bellwood. Since Kraaho are from a volcanic planet, they were uncomfortable with Earth's climate, and attempted to use a nuclear device to change Earth's atmosphere and make it more appropriate for them. They didn't care what would happen to the everyone else. Ester disagreed and ended up helping Ben deal with them. By the end of the episode she was elected as their leader, thus ensuring they wouldn't try that again.

  • Badass in Charge: After her first appearance, she is appointed The Leader of the Kraaho.
  • Betty and Veronica: She's the Betty to Kai's Veronica.
  • Challenging the Chief: This is how the Kraaho leader is elected but there doesn't have to be a formal challenge; Ester did so unintentionally. "The Kraaho Way is whatever you say it is."
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: In "Fight at the Museum", after meeting Kai. By the end though, in a twist of Irony, she's bonded with Kai to glare at Ben for not comforting Kai when she's crying, prompting her to wrap an arm around her instead.
  • Cute Monster Girl: Justified, since she is half-human.
  • Green-Skinned Space Babe: Ester is Ben's first mutual alien Love Interest. She also happens to look exactly like a human save for her light purple skin and her eyebrows.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: While Ester's parents are never seen in person and only her dad is ever directly mentioned, it's basically all-but-explicitly stated that Ester's dad was an alien (he was the leader of the Kraaho before Seebik took over) and that her mother was a human.
  • Love Interest: To Ben, who she obviously has the hots for. "Rules of Engagement" reveals that Ben and Julie have broken up, leaving Ester as the most likely new love interest.
  • Official Couple: Played with; it's confirmed they have been on dates at least twice, and it is clear Ester considers their relationship as such. Ben, however, is shown to be almost completely oblivious to any form of romantic advances Ester tries. In "The Most Dangerous Game Show", she does realize that Ben will end up with Kai and ends up with Antonio (Sunny's boyfriend, apparently broken up) of all people.
  • Replacement Goldfish: She replaces Julie as Ben's Love Interest, though unlike Julie, they aren't explicitly stated to be in a relationship; "Return to Forever" and "Catfight" confirm they do go to watch movies together, but Ben constantly refuses to acknowledge they are more than friends and any advance she tries goes completely unnoticed.
  • Romantic False Lead: In the future, Ben ends up married to Kai. Having Spanner blurt this out was awkward, to say the least.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: Warm and passionate type.
  • Rubber Man: She got it from her Kraaho side.
  • Satellite Love Interest: Much like Julie, she has no major role beyond being Ben’s girlfriend; her one storyline is solved right in her first episode, and she never appears after that outside of episodes about Ben's love life.
  • Ship Sinking: Ben ends up with Kai, and in "Most Dangerous Game Show", it's revealed that Ester is now dating Sunny's ex-boyfriend, Antonio.
  • Superpower Lottery: Full-blooded Kraaho require constant high temperatures to survive, such that they are living deep underground near a thermal vent and still need cold weather gear. Half-blooded Ester can move around the surface just fine with a warm jacket, and still has their Rubber Man powers.
  • The Worf Effect: She effortlessly outmaneuvers Crashhopper (an alien who can jump at least 15 meters high) in her first appearance, but later episodes tone down her capabilities so the plot can advance, most notably when she is easily bested by Looma to show off how powerful and threatening she is.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Girly-Girl to Kai's Tomboy.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Her reason for breaking things off with Ben; she still likes him, but she knows that him and Kai are meant to be together.

    Ignacius Baumann 

Ignacius Baumann
Voiced by Richard Doyle (Ultimate Alien), Corey Burton (Omniverse)

Ben's next-door neighbor, and the owner of a local grocery store in Bellwood.

  • Ascended Extra: Appeared once in Ultimate Alien, hiding aliens from the Forever Knights. He appears more often in Omniverse (though with a completely different look and attitude).
  • Butt-Monkey: When Pakmar isn't there to get his property damaged by Ben's Destructive Savior tendencies, Baumann is the one who get it in the face.
  • Characterization Marches On: He was friendly to Ben and his team in Ultimate Alien. In Omniverse, he's much more of a Jerkass, hating Ben for accidentally destroying his car and trashing his store while fighting aliens.
    • Even his appearance has completely changed. When first introduced, he look like this. Omniverse gives him the look shown on this page.
  • Cranky Neighbor: In Omniverse anyway.
  • A Day in the Spotlight: "The Ballard of Mr Baumann".
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Makes Ben pay off the damage to his car by doing deliveries, even though the damage was the result of an unprovoked alien attack.
  • Fourth Date Marriage: With Sheelane, technically third time they met and their second date. Though it is eleven years between meeting and getting married.
  • Freudian Excuse: Mr. Baumann's Jerkass nature seems to be a result of being lonely. When it looked liked he was going to wish Ben would go away, he wished that Ben would be wrong about there not being a "Mrs. Baumann".
  • Jerkass: Granted, Ben did wreck his car several times, but it always was an accident, and he apologized each time. However, a flashback involving the first time him and Ben met shows that he was never nice to Ben in the first place despite being a kid and most of the accidents being fairly harmless (seriously knocking over a stack of lima bean cans warrants a ledger?).
  • Jerkass with a Heart of Gold: He's actually fonder of Ben than he lets on and he has served as something of an ally.
  • Interspecies Romance: "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann" reveals that he's been romantically involved with a mermaid-like alien named Sheelane since Ben was 5 years old.
  • Happily Married: "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann" ends with him asking Sheelane to marry him. She accepts.
  • May–December Romance: Baumann looks to be in his 50's while Sheelane looks much younger, though she is an alien mermaid so who knows how old she actually is.
  • Pet the Dog: In Ultimate Alien he hides aliens from the Forever Knights, in "Frogs of War" he hides the resistance in his basement.
    • He actually lets Ben do something for him at the end of "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann" at least somewhat recognizing that he means well.
  • Same Character, but Different: Apart from his name, Baumann looks and acts nothing like he was in Ultimate Alien.
  • The Precious, Precious Car: His store.
  • Throw the Dog a Bone: He gets to be involved with a hot alien mermaid woman "The Ballad of Mr. Baumann", fair payback for all the trouble Ben's put him through.
  • Too Dumb to Live: In "T.G.I.S.", he tries to prevent Ben from transforming and wrecking his store... while Dr Animo's minions are already wrecking his store, not to mention aggressing his customers.
  • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Baumann is an old, overweight, balding man, married to a pretty, young looking, mermaid girl. Lampshaded by 11-year-old Ben, who's more disturbed that said mermaid would find him attractive.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: Admittedly, he has been dealing with Ben's destructive accidents for a very long time.


Voiced by Tara Strong

An alien trader working in Bellwood who regularly becomes a victim of Ben's clumsiness.

  • Butt-Monkey: When Baumann isn't there to fill the role. Meaning quite often.
  • The Chew Toy: Every time he shows up, something bad happens to his things
  • Evil Counterpart: Mad Pakmar, Mad Ben's Pakmar, who thanks to Ben owns the only source of water and lords it over the slaves. Ben of course ruins that.
  • Hate Sink: As the series progresses, Pakmar has become such a spiteful prick who only cares about the safety of his business and not any other priorities, even those that mean the welfare of the universe. In fact, he causes more harm just by obstructing Ben.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: Though in his defense, anyone would have this in his situation.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Mad Pakmar's water business gets destroyed thanks to Ben and Ben 23, and said water is distributed to the people he'd been profiting from.
  • Long List: He produces a list of property damages that is at least ten feet long when bringing his grievances to Max Tennyson.
  • Oh, Crap!: His reaction practically every time Ben shows up. Biggest example being in "Showdown, Part 1":
    Pakmar: (recognizes Ben as Heatblast) Ben Tennyson?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (tries to run away)
  • Jerkass: Definitely. He always acts jerkish towards Ben every time he sets foot in his store. His counterpart in Mad Ben's world however, is an even bigger jerk, taking water and throwing it away right in front of dehydrated prisoners. Ben is happy he finally gets to knock down Pakmar, even if he isn't the same one from his world.
  • Maneki Neko: After one of Ben's fights destroy his pet store in the "Of Predators and Prey: Part 1" episode, he scrambles to save his last intact possession, a one-eyed maneki neko. It then gets smashed when Ben uses Armodrillo to dig a hole in his China store in the "Ben Again" episode.
  • Massive Numbered Siblings: He has hundreds of children.
  • New Job as the Plot Demands: Each time he appears, he has a new business. Justified because Ben keeps ruining the last one.
  • Properly Paranoid: He automatically assumes Ben will damage his property in some manner, and Ben never disappoints.
  • Spiteful Spit: Occasionally spits on the ground while talking to Ben. He does not like the kid.
  • Third-Person Person: Presumably to make it clear English isn't his first language.
  • Unlucky Extra: He has few to no relation to the plot of any episode he appears; most of the time he only is there to get his property accidentally damaged by Ben and remind us how clumsy Ben can be.


Voiced by Eric Bauza

Pax is a Florauna (Wildvine's species), and an alien rights activist. He acts and dresses like a stereotypical hippie.

  • Animal Wrongs Group: He claims to an alien rights activist and member of Extraterrestrials for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens. Though his methods are non-violent, they are very misguided, as he is willing to free even extremely dangerous creatures from containment and has no concern for who gets hurt by them in the process.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: He seems to have completely disappeared from Omniverse after "Rad".
  • Good Thing You Can Heal: He's graphically blown up twice and gets his head bitten off once, but it's alright because he's just a plant creature, and he regenerates.
  • Healing Factor: Pax gets blown up twice and has his head bitten off, but he can regenerate and just keeps going on as if nothing happened.
  • Hypocrite: Rook calls him out in his second appearance, he's concerned for the safety of the creature, but cares not for the other people in the ship who could be killed. He states that Pax put's the freedom of the creature over their freedom, when he's supposed to be fighting for everyone's rights. Pax didn't hear any of it because he was cleaning his ear(?), and wasn't paying attention.
  • Knight Templar: Wants to release dangerous and potentially deadly creatures at the cost of everyone's safety, believing he's doing the right thing, Ben states that's what makes him more dangerous.
  • Meaningful Name: His name means "peace" in Latin.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Florauna are generally hostile and savage-like towards others, at least back in the Original series. However, Pax is a pacifist who acts and dresses like a hippie.
  • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: He wears a pair of red/blue colored specs, despite the fact that he's not nearsighted and a set with two lenses would be useless to a cyclopean alien like him.
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: He is this to Rook and despite Rook's straight-laced and patient nature, it's surprising how quickly Pax can annoy Rook.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Has twice freed highly dangerous aliens that would either have destroyed the planet or torn him apart and then had the nerve to try and stop people from putting them back, or trying to free them again after they have been secured for everyone's safety. One alien he set free turns monstrous when exposed to nitrogen, which he reasoned wouldn't happen since humans breathe oxygen, never considering that the atmosphere might have both.

    Rook's Family 

Rook's Family
Rook Da voiced by Eric Bauza
Rook Bralla voiced by Kimberly Brooks
Rook Shar voiced by Alanna Ubach
Rook Shim voiced by Tara Strong
Rook Shi voiced by nobody
Rook Ben voiced by Alanna Ubach

Rook's father, mother, and siblings.

  • Flat Character: Bralla and Shim don't speak much, and Shi hasn't spoken at all, so their personalities aren't as developed as Da, Shar, or Ben's.
  • Jerkass: Rook Da, at first.
  • Named After Somebody Famous: Rook Ben named himself after Ben.
  • No Name Given: Rook Ben was previously simply known as "Young One", because he had not gone through his naming yet.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: Rook Da eventually comes to accept his son's choice of becoming a Plumber, allows his daughter to become one as well and even stands up to Kundo when the old master tries to stop them, getting hurt in the process. A stark change from his attitude in earlier episodes.



Voiced by Paul Eiding

Zed is an Anubian Baskurr, and Khyber's former pet. After Khyber abandons her, she becomes Kevin's pet.

  • Evil-Detecting Dog: In "Mystery, Incorporeal", she's shown to be suspicious of Dante. Turns out he's actually Michael Morningstar in disguise.
  • Loyal Animal Companion: Was this to Khyber, or so it seemed; she obeyed the sound of Khyber whistling, which Azmuth managed to use to turn her against him. Played straight after she becomes Kevin's pet.
  • No Name Given: Her name was not revealed until the credits of "The Frogs of War". Khyber only saw her as a hunting tool, and didn't care about her enough to name her. She is finally referred to by name in "For a Few Brains More".
  • Samus Is a Girl: Prior to the reveal, everyone assumed that she was a male, even Khyber himself. Kevin corrects Khyber on this in "For a Few Brains More".
    Khyber: If you feed him, you'll dull his hunting instinct.
    Kevin: Zed's a girl, you jerk!
  • Satellite Character: Justified, as she's a non-sapient pet.
  • Shapeshifting: Used to be able to do this, thanks to the Nemetrix.

    Rad Dudesman
Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui

Full name: Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman. A mercenary and intergalactic smuggler, who will take on any job and transport any cargo so long as he's paid well.

  • Anti-Hero: Being a mercenary and smuggler, he'll work for anyone who pays him well enough.
  • Awesome Mc Coolname: "Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman". Names don't come cooler than this.
  • Cool Ship: The Lovely Duck.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: Not talking to Ben, throwing Ben out the airlock, punching Ben in the face, all over Ben breaking a part and later using his ship to save his ass.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Literally. He made a cameo in "Have I Got A Deal For You" before properly debuting in "Rad".
  • Expecting Someone Taller: When he's introduced to Ben, he says that he thought Ben would be taller. It's funny because Ben was Diamondhead at the time, and even in his human form, he's still much taller than Rad.
  • Funny Animal: Aside from flying in "The Vampire Strikes Back", he doesn't really do anything duck-like.
  • Gatling Good: Pulls out some arm-mounted gatling lasers in "Rad Monster Party".
  • Killer Rabbit: You think that small duck-like alien isn't dangerous? Think again, there's a reason he's considered one of the best at his job.
  • "Metaphor" Is My Middle Name: In "Rad", he first claims that his middle name is trouble, then danger, then profit. Ben naturally doesn't buy it, and until Rook looks up some information on him, revealing that his full name really is "Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman".
  • Only in It for the Money: Rook tried appealing to his conscience, which didn't work. Then he threatened not to pay him, which did.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: In his first appearance, he already acted trigger-happy and hot-blooded, but was otherwise fairly easygoing and cool to get along with. During the Galactic Monsters arc however, he became cold-hearted and uncaring, just because Ben fouled up once. When Ben had practical concerns like incomplete repairs or an Omnitrix that won't work without being within collection range of a new DNA sample, Rad doesn't care BS about it. Furthermore, he even cuts off Scout while he was thanking them on radio. Mind you he always had a mean streak (in his first appearance he pointed a blaster at Ben for stopping him from shooting the Grackleflint), but it wasn't always his main character trait.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: After Ben saved everyone from Transyl's control, Rad punched him in the face (because Ben had used The Lovely Duck to smash into Zs'Skayr's castle).
  • The Unintelligible: His ship's AI, Pyxi, who can only be understood by Rad himself, and Grey Matter.
  • Token Evil Teammate: He'll help the heroes when they need him, but he doesn't care for anyone but himself or money.

Voiced by Scott Menville

A mysterious character who first appears in "Something Zombozo This Way Comes". He occasionally assists Ben, but also takes off with various artifacts after helping. He is actually Ken Tennyson, future son of Ben Tennyson and Kai Green.

  • Ascended Fanboy: He really admires Ben and loves the fact that he's working with him in "Animo Crackers". That's because he's his son.
  • Expy: According to the creators, Spanner is based on Ultra Ben and Power Rangers.
  • Future Badass: He's from Ben 10,000's time.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: He was able to take down a big and tough bouncer at Undertown with ease.
  • Mythology Gag: Word of God is that he's partially designed after Ultra Ben.
  • Punny Name: Get it? Spanner? As in Spanner in the Works?
  • Red Herring: "Cough It Up" plays with the idea he might be Jimmy Jones. "Fight at the Museum" confirms he is from Ben 10,000's time, thus discarding that theory. In actuality, he's Ken Tennyson.
  • Shipper with an Agenda: For Ben and Kai, on account of them being married in his time. He's actually their son, making that issue a tad more personal for him.
  • Significant Double Casting: Again, he and Kenny share a voice actor because he is Ken.


Voiced by David Kaye

Skurd is a Slimebiote, a DNA parasite who can absorb and use the powers of his host. Though he initially works with Khyber, he abandons him in favor of the superior power of Ben and his Omnitrix.

  • Arm Cannon: He manifests powers by either growing an extra arm or forming one from another alien form over an existing one.
  • Clingy MacGuffin: He boasts of being impossible to remove unless he wishes to leave. This is eventually proven wrong as he can be removed through ionic surgery.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Snipes frequently with Ben.
  • 11th-Hour Ranger: He's introduced at the beginning of Omniverse's eighth and final arc.
  • Equippable Ally: His usual method of helping in a fight is to make a weapon from one of Ben's aliens; using Diamondhead to make a BFS, building an Arm Cannon out of Bloxx, and so on.
  • The Fog of Ages: After billions of years, he (And the rest of his species) simply forgot what they existed for.
  • Fusion Dance: Of the composite type; on his own initiative he can mix and match the limbs of Ben's alien forms.
  • Gentleman Snarker: He speaks in a very classy manner and tone.
  • Infinity +1 Sword: He finds out about Alien X's DNA being in the Omnitrix and forms a blade out of Celestialsapien matter(possibly even using Chromastone's crystals as basis) so Ben can break the Contumelia's barrier and stop Maltruant's plans.
  • Kid-Appeal Character: Word of God is that he was added to the show at the request of Bandai, presumably to promote toys/merchandise.
  • Last of His Kind: Possibly; Azmuth says that his species is thought to be extinct. He certainly thought he was the only one. While we do find out the origin and purpose of his race, we don't know if there are any left in the present day. Skurd ends up joining his fellow Slimebiotes in seeding the universe when he, Ben and Rook travel to pre-creation to stop Maltruant. It's implied this is a Stable Time Loop.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: An Echo-Echo megaphone.
  • Mega-Microbes: Is single-celled despite being about the size of a golfball; unless he has a host he cannot survive teleportation.
  • Only in It for the Money: Or DNA; he loves sampling DNA, and agreed to work with Khyber because the Nemetrix provided such a wide array of it as well as an offer of profit from his hunts. As soon as he learned Ben's Omnitrix had an even greater selection, he promptly abandoned Khyber.
  • Panspermia: The entire purpose of his race, the Slimebiotes, is pretty much this and may have even designed as such. Their job is to gather, collect and deposit DNA in brand-new universes, resulting in the development of life in the new universe.
  • Power Copying: He can copy the DNA of anything he comes into contact with and replicate it on demand, usually producing extra limbs to defend himself. Being attached to the Omnitrix gives him access to Ben's entire arsenal of alien powers.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: Has some degree of control over his host's movements, just enough to jerk them around.
    • Also when Ben needed to talk in Spanish, rather than translating, he made him talk in random Spanish words for For the Lulz.
  • Stable Time Loop: Potentially. After he, Ben and Rook stop Maltruant, we discover his species' origin and he ends up joining them in seeding Ben's universe at its inception. Given how its said that he forgot his purpose after billions of years, it's implied that this is one massive cycle. He will seed the universe, forget what he is meant to do, join up with Ben, stop Maltruant and repeat the cycle. Given how it ties into stopping Maltruant, it's possible.
  • The Symbiote: Of the Mutualism variety.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Ben doesn't particularly like Skurd, but there's no way to get him off, and he is rather useful, so he's stuck with him.
    • Reached its climax in "Malgax Attacks" where Ben finally gets Skurd off with Azmuth's help. However, Vilgax attacks using Malware's remains as an exosuit and being strong enough to defeat Atomix. Ben realizes he needs Skurd and asks him to join up again, admitting they make a good team.
  • Time Abyss: Apparently billions of years old as literally the first species in the universe. In that time he and his people have all but forgotten their initial purpose. Heck, Skurd even believed he was the Last of His Kind.
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: He is brought to the creation of the universe to be accepted into an empty slot where he is reintroduced to it as a part of the initial life-seeding process. It's unknown is this is a time loop and he simply forgets in the interim.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: He develops a conscience having fought alongside Ben, best seen when he calls out Malgax (Vilgax with Malware's remains) after he and Ben stop him.
  • Whip It Good: He can use Wildvine's DNA to create thorny vine whips for Ben.
    Feedback: I already have tendrils, duh! What am I supposed to do with this?
    Skurd: Whip it, my dear boy! Whip it good!


Voiced By: Tom Kenny

Bezel is the creator of the charms of Bezel, the most powerful sorcerer in the universe... and the janitor at Gwen's college.

  • Almighty Janitor: He is the janitor of Gwen's college, and the most powerful sorcerer in the world.
  • The Archmage: Is the most powerful sorcerer in the universe.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Despite being the most powerful sorcerer in the world, he hates using real magic due to the lack of rules, and prefers prestidigitation.
  • Cool Old Guy: An aged and highly competent sorcerer.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Is incredibly magically powerful, but very eccentric.
  • Fatal Flaw: He stubornly refuses to use any of his magic directly even when in danger, resulting in him being turned into a totem by Charmcaster.
  • The Heavy: His charms have had a major impact on the series.
  • Retcon: In the Original Series, Bezel was a advanced civilization in another dimension. This change was the result of the creators of Omniverse not having access to the pop-up trivia where this was given.
  • Story-Breaker Power: Is the most powerful sorcerer of all time, however his dislike of magic means he doesn't really use his powers.

    The Contumelia 


5th-Dimensional beings who are responsible for the creation of the Annihilargh, and apparently quite fond of playing twisted pranks upon dimensions.

  • Above Good and Evil: They don't have conventional morality, instead seeing things as experiments that interest them. They also don't have a problem with Ben, Rook, or Maltruant onboard their ship and don't even interrupt them when they start fighting, saying they're "observers".
  • Appearance Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Everybody perceives their forms differently, based on things they love. Ben sees them all as Mr. Smoothie, Rook sees them as his father, while Maltruant sees them as... Himself.
  • Benevolent Precursors: Turns out that they may not be as bad as legends say they are, as they are all polite to the people who crashed into their ship, and even invite Ben and Rook to watch the universe be created. They also reveal they create universes with the Annihilargh as experiments instead of destroying them.
  • Mad Scientist: While far more benevolent than most examples, what else would you call beings who view creating entire universes and the multiverses that span from their timelines as mere "experiments"?

Premiered in 2016 Reboot

    Sez Family 
A family consisting of a grandmother named Maxine and her two grandkids, Simon and Ryan, who're likewise on their own roadtrip and likewise have had their share of supernatural weirdness.

In General

  • Similar Squad: To Max, Ben and Gwen. Both drive RVs, have a member with "Max" in the title, heck Max and Maxine even dress similar and, of course, one of the family has a power on them activated through an accessory (Ben his watch and Simon his backpack). Though whereas Ben and Gwen work together, Ryan hardly cares much of what his brother gets into and sees looking after him as just another chore despite, you know, his little brother being able to summon a mech on command.


Voiced by: Audrey Wasilewski (1st Appearance), Debra Wilson (2nd Appearance-Present)

Ryan and Simon's grandmother.


Voiced by: Debi Derryberry (1st Appearance), Ogie Banks (2nd Appearance), David Mudd (3rd Appearance-Present)

The younger of the Sez siblings, somehow acquired a mech that he controls.

  • Bratty Half-Pint: He's only six, but is very temperamental and heaven help you if you get him too riled.
  • Berserk Button: Do NOT call him annoying or act like a jerk to use him. Ben got to experience it whenever he lost patience or threatened to end his friendship with Simon.
  • Child Prodigy: Downplayed. He knows a lot of interesting trivia and is able to use his mech suit pretty easily.
  • It's All About Me: As he puts it, he's annoyed adults telling him what to do despite a lot of his complaints being childish (Eating certain foods, not to annoy people, etc). Justified as he's still very young and doesn't know much better.
  • Mirror Character: With Ben, the two tend to be annoying to their more mature family (cousin and brother respectively) and they do bond a bit over it. This thing though is that Simon is still young and not mature enough yet to realize that his actions can tend to annoy others. Also doesn't help that he can be hard to talk down once he's angered.
  • Motor Mouth: Talks a mile a minute, of course he is just a young kid, but still.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: Again six, but has the power of a mech on his side and no qualms using it to get his way.
  • Punny Name: Simon Sez, "Simon Says", har har.
  • Rocket Punch: Can fire these out as projectiles.
  • Shadow Archetype: Basically Ben if he didn't have restraint in using his power as he tend to cause a lot of damage once he's in the mech with little regard for others wellfare. The Forever Knight recruits him for this exact reason.
  • Spoiled Brat: Pretty obvious Maxine dotes on him too much as a lot of the problems when he's involved are always due to him throwing a tantrum.
  • Transforming Mecha: Can summon one from his backpack.
  • The Unreveal: There's virtually no explanation how he got his mech, it's just treated as a normal thing in the series. All that is known about it is that Billy Billions owned the factory that created the model of his mech suit. Which also means Billy can take control over the armor at times and make Simon do his bidding (though it never lasts since Simon is still the one piloting it).


Voiced by: Josh Keaton (1st Appearance), Ogie Banks (2nd Appearance), Charles DeWayne (3rd Appearance)

The older of the Sez siblings.

  • Aloof Big Brother: To Simon. Even when Simon's rampaging around in his mech, this hardly phases him and he seems more annoyed whenever it happens.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: As aloof and antisocial he can be, he helps Ben handling Simon and even plays video games with him, smiling for the first (and this far only) time in the series. He also does end up acknowledging Gwen when they're stuck in traffic (albeit as they're about to leave, causing her more annoyance than joy).
  • Love Interest: For Gwen, though one sided on her end.
  • Morality Pet: To Simon. A few words from him and Simon stops causing trouble. Like Gwen with Ben, he knows how to handle his little brother's tantrums.
  • Oblivious to Love: Gwen is infatuated with him, but Ryan doesn't even bat an eye to her advances.
  • Phoneaholic Teenager: A good chunk of the time, most of his appearances will just be him checking his cell phone.
  • The Stoic: Anti-social to a fault and rarely without a bored expression on his face.

Voiced by: Tara Strong
Glitch as he first appeared.
After merging with the Rustbuggy.
He once was Upgrade, before the fight with Vilgax in "Omni-Tricked" almost destroyed him, forcing him to fuse with Ben's DNA. Since then he became the Genius Loci of Omnitrix, until he escaped in "Innervasion" and joined Team Tennyson.
  • Brutal Honesty: He dislikes Vilgax, but had to agree that Ben is "kinda useless" without his alien forms, mostly due to Ben's cockiness carrying over to him.
  • Cool Car: He transformed the Tennyson Go-Kart in one by merging with it.
  • Empathic Shapeshifter: Fused with the Rustbuggy he changes to match the Omnitrix or Antitrix alien driving him.
  • Genius Loci: Being a Technopath. He has a large control of the Omnitrix, even modifying its structure to fight off intruders like the Fulminis.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: His DNA is a mix of a Galvanic Mechamorph and a human (Ben).
  • Happily Adopted: Grandpa Max immediately declared him a new member of their family.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Barely subverted. Twice.
  • "I Know You're in There Somewhere" Fight: To Ben when the High Override put Shock Rock under his control.
  • Mr. Exposition: He is the one who explained how the Fulminis were able to use Shock Rock and the Omni-Enhanced forms to open a gateway to invade Earth, as well as how to stop it.He also explained to Gwen and Max how to access the alien forms.
  • Palette Swap: Looks exactly like Ben, only with Upgrade's color scheme.
  • Sixth Ranger: Joined the Tennyson family at the end of Season 2.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: After Ben lost Upgrade in the season 1 finale, here comes a new Technopath to make up for it. Of course, it's actually a weird subversion, since he was Upgrade, and Ben can't transform into him. He is actually out of the Omnitrix now, acting as a Sixth Ranger.
  • Technopath: Just like when he was Upgrade.
  • Walking Spoiler: The way he was created and his role in the season 2 finale are a pretty big plot point.