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A list of characters from Because I Love You. There sure are a lot.

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     The Saviours 


The leader of the five Saviours of Hikami. He aspires to fulfill the prophecy and defeat Giygas. His personality is shown as adventurous, determined and fun-loving. He deeply enjoys his quest, although he really doesn't know when to be serious.


The only female Saviour, and Ness' personal love interest (both of them deny it though). She is normally docile, caring and optimistic. Paula is usually the one who keeps the team together.


Ness' other roommate, and his best friend. He is asthmatic, and will go to great lengths to avoid places with smoke. He is normally knowledgeable, sociable and laid-back. The only one in the group without any magic, but he has some non-offensive Psychic Powers.


A kid who Ness and his roommates have been friends with since early childhood. He is normally timid, gentle and cautious, but can put up a good fight if provoked.


Lucas' beloved older twin brother. He is usually cheerful, energetic and loving, but he has a serious side in the form of his alter ego, the Masked Man. Claus is shown to be very caring and affectionate towards Lucas (and the rest of his True Companions, on that note).


     Residents of the Castle 


A seraph wolf, who is king of Hikami. He is devoted to making Hikami a better place, as well as ensuring that his daughters, Grace and Lunesta, are happy.


Rakuen's older daughter, who is the heir to the throne. She founded, and is in charge of, the Order of the White Rose.


Rakuen's younger daughter, who serves as Grace's sidekick.


A wolf living at the castle, and one of Rakuen's personal favourites. He is arranged to be married to Grace.


An anubi, who can control the powers of aura. He acts as a mentor towards Ness and his friends.


A pigeon who delivers letters for the Order of the White Rose.


A maid living at the castle. She is a member of the Order of the White Rose.


A dragon living at the castle. He flew Ness, Paula and Ninten there.


Another dragon living at the castle. She flew Lucas and Claus there.


A nine-tailed fox who is a member of the Order. As of yet, not much is known about her.


A dog-like creature (who seems a cross between a dog, a bear, and a tiger) who is a member of the Order. As of yet, not much is known about him.


A dark fox-like creature in the Order who is an arrogant Jerkass. She delights in picking on the Saviours. As of yet, not much is known about her.


A kitsubasa (winged fennec fox) who Ness and his friends meet in the woods. He lives at the castle, but was busy cleaning up the woods after the thunderstorm when Ness first arrived.


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