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Characters / Beastmaster

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Portrayed by: Daniel Goddard


Portrayed by: Jackson Raine


Portrayed by: Marjean Holden

King Zad

Portrayed by: Steven Grives

Ancient One

Portrayed by: Grahame Bond

First Sorceress

Portrayed by: Monika Schnarre

Second Sorceress

Portrayed by: Dylan Bierk

King Voden

Portrayed by: Dai Paterson

  • Guyliner: He wears kohl eyeliner in every episode he is in.
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  • Light Is Not Good: Voden wears white everything, which despite tramping through forests always remain immaculate, as well as having bleached hair. He is also very pale.
  • Royally Screwed Up: Not only is he insane, his insanity actually increases in each subsequent episode. In one episode his own mother notes his madness.

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