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Characters / Bay 12 Monster Girls

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The characters in Bay 12 Monster Girls.

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     Player Characters 


A yuki-onna. She owns the house the player characters live in.


The daughter of Frigid.

Trianna Andernice

An elven traveller.


Kyle Johnson

Cheru Dalo

A Domovoi, a canine house spirit whose purpose in life is to help out around the house.

None Liira

A Nekomata wandering actress.

Ascenere Panelres

Blas Rivera



Carrick Mors

A Gravedigger, a revenant with the task of putting the restless spirits of the dead that linger to rest.

  • Creepy Mortician: An entire race of them.
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: Seems incredibly creepy, but his job is simply to guide you to rest in the afterlife.
  • Expy: Yorick, is that you?
  • Mighty Glacier: Has the one of the lowest DEX scores in the party, but he's also one of the tankiest characters (only surpassed by Maja and Kyle) and he has his ghouls which act as meatshields.
  • Mook Maker: He uses ghouls to fight his opponents when he can't beat them into submission with his shovel.
  • Necromancer: All of his powers revolve around the dead. He himself is also dead ,but less so than his charges.
  • Psycho Pomp: Guides people to their eternal rest.
  • Revenant Zombie: Undead? Check. Driven by a purpose (being a Psycho Pomp)? Check. No deterioration? Check. Retention of intelligence? Check. Carrick fits all the requirements.
  • Shovel Strike
  • Soul Power

Elizabeth Selan

A ghostly catgirl who accompanies Carrick on his travels.


A small fairy who can summon the essence from things, which resemble the true ideas of those objects.

Miaka of Mironir

A sylph, who is the princess of Teppelin, the Land of the Westerly Wind. Definitely not Nia.


Human person with fox DNA spliced into his own. Also a plant user.


Karl Carlson

Keith Larson

Tom Fortune

Maria Toetje

Maja Szwede

A dragon adventurer.


A baby tonberry. She has a habit of stabbing things.

Yukari Kyousaka

A scantily dressed sniper hailing from a desert region.

  • Badass Normal: Has no magic -and is completely human, to boot-and relies on her very big gun. Said gun is meant to kill giant robots or tanks and will definitely do a good job against monsters or humans.
  • BFG: It's about her height when propped up on a wall.
  • Expy: Yoko, what are you doing here? Lampshaded repeatedly.
  • Fiery Redhead
  • Friendly Sniper: She isn't afraid to whip out her BFG should someone be stupid enough to try to mug her, but generally doesn't have problems with people.
  • Ms. Fanservice: She, along with Maja and Kyle make up the game's main fanservice source. Unfortunately for her, Keith takes notice.
  • Stripperiffic: She hails from a hot, desert region and often moves around quickly in combat, justifying the uniform choice. She does own several more conservative dresses, though.

Lonne Severl

The son of a catgirl and a sharkman, Lonne is a wanderer hailing from Miaka's kingdom of Teppelin, seeking adventure with his adoptive little brother Neppo.


A little monster boy of unknown race found by Lonne among the bloodied bodies of cultists back in Teppelin. Taking pity upon him, Lonne took him in and ever since, the pair have been inseparable.

     Non-playable Characters 

Clive Stringmaster

Sound Master of Magicsteady Academy. His eyes are a tired black and his black hair is ruffled and short.

Violet Whiplash

Siphon Master of Magicsteady Academy. Her hair is a short pink and her eyes are a bright blue, going well with her young features. She speaks in a girly voice and has a pink heart necklace around her neck that connects her head to her body.

Oromis Runeborn

Runic Master of Magicsteady Academy. He is large and bulky, being entirely made of mossy stone with cracks and runes engraved all over it. He can manipulate his body at will, deconstructing his stones and moving them about.

The Presence

A mysterious and powerful entity that many do not know of.

Mort Faucheuse/Nevermore/The Grim Reaper

A very powerful shinigami, or death god. He often takes the form of a plague doctor, and a robed skeleton when collecting souls.

  • Cosmic Entity
  • Time Abyss
  • All Deaths Final: Doesn't like anyone interfering with the natural death of things, like when The Presence saved Gelid from death. He doesn't seem to mind necromancy, strangely.

Count Blackula

Frigid's uncle, a fat rich black man who owns a mansion and has 30 vampire children.

The Pestilent Alchemist

A tall black figure with a mysterious white mask—he cannot be harmed by normal means and he uses alchemy which causes decay.


A succubus in Kyle's Magicsteady squad.


Kyle: "Cool, I know this place. My mom used to like to go there."
AMASCU: "Information added to AMASCU-159:/Documents/Useless_Information."
AMASCU (Autonomous Magic and Supernatural Combat Unit) is an emotionless robot in Kyle's squad.


A silent vampire sniper in Kyle's squad.


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