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Characters / Bay 12 Katawa Shoujo Role Play

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The list of characters from the Bay 12 Katawa Shoujo RP.

List of Characters:

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    Students of Yamaku 

Aiden Malcomsen

Anna Malcomsen

Takahiro Ueda

A mute, megalomanic, hammy student of 3-3.

Haruka Fushimi

"Oh, hi. I'm Fushimi Haruka, and you are?"
A sociable and affable student of 3-3. She lost the use of her legs to a childhood bout of polio.

  • Bookworm: Loves to read books. She was seen at least once reading The Kalevala and is currently a member of the book club.
  • Cool Big Sis: To Aoi. Well, technically bigger cousin, but it's close enough to count. She has this aura around her as well towards others.
  • Drama Club: Participates in this.
  • Expy: Haruka's player tends to use a lot of expies. Haruka is an expy of the female MC and Maria.
  • Gamer Chick
  • Genre Savvy: She compares the student's social life to a visual novel, among other things.
  • Ill Girl: Used to be one of these. This cost her her legs when she contracted polio. She grew out of it, however.
  • Nice Girl
  • Oblivious to Love: Seems to be this in regards to Kazuki.
  • Otaku: Is a fairly huge fan of various anime and manga.
  • Plucky Girl: Despite being an Ill Girl for most of her life and even losing the use of her legs because of it, she refuses to let that get her down.
  • Shipper on Deck: For nearly every couple she can find.

Yukari Kikuchi

"My, aren't we overexcited?" "Smooth move, idiot."
Another student in 3-3, and current leader of the archery club. Her legs had to be amputated owing to an exploding bottle of sake, forcing her to wear prosthetics.

Fuuka Kikuchi

A student of 3-3 and Yukari's older sister. She suffers from a weak immune system and type 2 diabetes.

Shinji Furukawa

A student of 3-3. He has scars from a bear mauling that restrict his movement on the left side of his body.

Kyle Johnson

"They also were wondering about you and Mao sharing me as a date the festival. I don't really mind if you don't..."

Keith Larson

"As it turns out, knowing the universal sign for choking and pointing at an unconscious man is a pretty easy way to tell someone that someone else is having breathing problems."
A mute student of 3-3, and member of the swim team.

Mao Kawanoe

"It's nice not to feel judged..."
A student of 3-3. Lacks most of her right arm.

Kazuki Akechi

"Okay then, sweet. You'll probably have an easy time finding me then. I'll be the goof with the bright red thing around his head."
A student of 3-3. Suffers from Meniere's disease.

Haruo Yasushi

Another student in 3-3. He has a birth defect that causes him to be unable to feel pain in certain parts of his body.

  • Adorkable: Is this most of the time, especially when Aoi lets him take her on a date in the festival.
  • Blessed with Suck: He has the inability to feel pain. This being a realistic setting, this causes him issues, especially with temperatures- he can receive a burn without feeling a thing.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander
  • Feel No Pain: Some of the nerves in his body formed incorrectly, causing him to be unable to feel pain- or anything else- in those parts of his body. Understandably, this might be an issue.

Aiko Setou

Ayumi Jin

President of the student coucil.

Jack Dux

A recent transfer student to Yamaku. He has Waardenburg syndrome, rendering his hair and skin completely white.

Cado Dens

A student of 3-3. Suffers from osteoporosis.

Rose Sakamoto
A timid red-haired girl who is blind since birth. She is incredibly shy and will avoid social interaction.

Kano Hayashi

"I told you I'm fine. Leave me alone."
The wheelchair-bound president of the book club. Has Spinal Stenosis, a terrible condition that puts him through constant pain 24/7.

Setsuga 'Setsu'/'Set' Kiyomaro

A student in 3-3. Suffers from multiple personality disorder owing to a house fire that killed her father, as well as scars.

Minoru Juro

A student of 3-3. Suffers from epilepsy and a lost leg.

Runa Korinzu

Minako Chiba

A sleepy girl with bright hair and red eyes. She is very strange and often out of touch with reality, but nonetheless she is Rose's best friend.

Risa Hanamichi

Yuuko Tsukino

Harris Bradley


    Staff of Yamaku 

Mr. Junichi Yaeger

Homeroom teacher of class 3-3.

Mr. Kenji Setou

Father to Aiko Setou and teacher of class 3-2, the class in which most blind students attend. For other tropes regarding the character and tropes regarding his original characterisation, visit the characters page of the original.

Mr. Akio Mutou

Principal of Yamaku and former homeroom teacher of 3-3. For other tropes regarding the character and tropes regarding his original characterisation, visit the characters page of the original.

Ms. Takako Shimizu

Homeroom teacher of class 2-1.

Ms. Yumi Takada

Homeroom teacher of class 2-2.

Nurse Anri Yamada

The school nurse.

Doctor Christoph Fealgud

    Other Characters 

Aoi Futaba

"Futaba Aoi, at your service."
The heiress to the Futaba zaibatsu, and Haruka's cousin. Visits Yamaku during the school festival.

Misanori Futaba

Aoi and Haruka's grandfather. Very little is known about him; the only information is from a newspaper article about the Futabas.

Jack's Parents

Jack Dux's parents.

Sora Dux

Jack's adopted sister.

Hisao Nakai

A friend and former classmate of Kenji's. For other tropes regarding the character and tropes regarding his original characterisation, visit the characters page of the original.


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