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Voiced by Jason Marnocha

Bakko, the Hero of Boulder Pass, is a boisterous warrior who excels at both defending his teammates from harm, as well as charging head-long into the enemy team with his surprising mobility to cause havok. Bakko can either engage on an enemy or escape a potentially sticky situation with his War Stomp ability. His other ability, Shield Dash, doesn't cover as much ground but pushes the enemy back, potentially causing them damage (and incapacitating them, with the proper battlerite) if they strike a wall. Bakko strikes at enemies with his War Axe, which charges his weapon. He can throw his weapon with his Blood Axe skill, dealing additional damage to the first enemy hit for reach charge he's gained. On the more defensive end, Bakko can stun melee attacks or reflect projectiles with his Bulwark and can give his teammates a shield with his EX ability, War Shout. His other EX abilities, War Stomp and Shield Slam, are just crowd-control-heavy versions of his regular abilities. Finally, his ultimate is Heroic Charge, allowing Bakko to charge a great distance with an enemy and slamming them into either a wall or another enemey, dealing heavy damage and stunning them.

  • Attack Reflector: Bulwark creates a large shield in front of Bakko, which reflects projectiles back to their sender.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Boy, is he ever. Bakko laughs more than he talks, and always finds some joy in the glory of battle.
  • Dash Attack: Shield Dash
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Has a very large shield which can be used to block attacks with Bulwark.
  • Shield Bash: Not only does he have Shield Dash and Shield Slam, he can also do this by equipping a certain Battlerite. Implicitly, he also does this when another player melee-attacks him while using Bulwark because this stuns the player
  • Shockwave Stomp: War Stomp has Bakko jump towards a targeted spot, causing a damaging shockwave upon landing.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: Bakko frequently insists he is immune to nervousness just before a match starts. This is contrasted by a few lines where he heartily admits he is actually is.
    Bakko: "A hero like me never gets nervous. Oh, who am I kidding, I've got butterflies, mhmhmhm!"
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: Blood Axe has Bakko throw his weapon, which always hits with the sharp end.

Voiced by Edward Bosco

Croak, the Ranid Assassin is a sneaky champion with a large amount of mobility skills, making him one of the most evasive characters in the game. Blade Fury, his basic attack, is a simple sword slash which deals low damage, but gains increased attack speed when Frog Leap or Camouflage is used. Toxin Muck and its EX upgrade Sludge Spit can be used to spit out his venom at a range; although the damage on these moves is weak, they poison their targets, dealing damage and granting Croak health regeneration. Croak can jump around the arena with Frog Leap, which has him jump to a location, dealing damage in front of him upon landing, and can be recast a second time for a short time to further increase his mobility. One of Croak's key abilities is his Camouflage and its EX upgrade Deceit, which turn him invisible, increase his movement speed, and add a stun or incapacitation effect to his next Blade Fury. Noxious Lunge is a dashing attack which inflicts damage to foes it passes through. For Croak's Energy ability, he can use Toxin Blades to add venom to his next several Blade Fury attacks, increased the damage dealt, healing him for each strike, and inflicting Toxin on foes struck. Croak's ultimate ability, Venom Wind, is similar to Noxious Lunge, however, instead of dealing upfront damage, it inflicts a powerful toxin on enemies hit, causing them to explode after a few seconds, dealing heavy damage in an area around them.

  • Bewitched Amphibians: Inverted. He tried to kill a witch, was cursed as a result, and ended up as a frog, but the witch's curse was simply to have his body decay. The transformation into a frog was done by the spirit he stole from Ruh Kaan's tomb to stop that curse.
  • Bragging Rights Reward: His Dab of Pride and Accomplishment Victory Pose, which costs 20,000 tokens to unlock (as much as a Legendary skin) and is a Take That! to Star Wars Battlefront II.
  • Delayed Explosion: Victims of his Venom Wind explode after a brief delay. If they time an invincible move correctly, they can dodge this damage, so it's essential for Croak to wait until his opponents have used up these skills before he uses his ultimate.
  • Dual Wielding: Croak uses two swords in battle.
  • Emergency Transformation: According to the Book of Lore, he Was Once a Man, but was forced to abandon that form in order to escape a deadly curse.
  • Gradual Grinder: Most of Croak's moves deal weak damage. However, he has many ways to disengage, allowing him to use hit-and-run tactics to slowly whittle down his foes' health.
  • Highly Visible Ninja: His skins come in a wide variety of bright colors, as poisonous frogs tend to. This doesn't stop him from turning invisible.
  • Invisibility: Can turn temporarily invisible with Camouflage.
  • Poisoned Weapons: Toxin Blade temporarily envenoms Croak's swords.
  • Poisonous Person: Croak uses his natural toxins for his Toxin Muck, Toxin Blades, and Venom Wind attacks.
  • Was Once a Man: He was originally a human member of the Ranid tribe.
  • You Are Already Dead: If you're low on health, your invincible moves are on cooldown, and you get hit by Venom Wind... goodbye.

Voiced by Natalie Van Sistine

Once a tribe queen, now a fearless contender; Freya, the Eye of the Storm uses her giant hammers and lightning powers to her advantage. Most of her abilities afflict, and gain power from, the Static debuff. Her main attack has her Bash an enemy, dealing slightly more damage if the target is afflicted with Static, or she can throw a Storm Mace causing Static, or knocking back enemies already afflicted (incapacitating them if they hit a wall). For mobility, she can Spring to a target location, granting haste and boosting her next Bash, or slam a Thunderclap down, which causes Static, dealing extra damage if the target is already afflicted. She can also protect herself with Electric Shield, which counters the next attack by giving all nearby enemies Static pulling them toward her, while she gains a shield, or use the energy skill Charged Strike, which attacks and gives her a shield. The attack can absorb Static from her target to make the shield stronger. The EX Skills Shock Vault and Thunderstrike give her Spring and Thunderclap Fading Snare and some extra damage on top of their normal effects, and her ultimate ability Lightning Strike deals massive damage in an area, which can increase to even more damage if the target is affected with Static.

Voiced by Howard Wang

Raigon, the Exiled Prince was the former crown prince of Quna, before Pestilus's trickery forced him away. For now, he fights in the arena, waiting for the day he can retaliate. His Sword Slash deals basic damage, but also lowers the cooldown and provides up to 3 charges towards his next ability, Retribution, which deals damage and heals Raigon, the effects of both increasing for each charge. His mobility skill Heavenly Strike has him perform a leaping slash, he can Parry enemy attacks, stunning melee attackers and deflecting projectiles in the direction he's facing, and the Seismic Shock launches the target into the air, taking them out of the fight for a bit. His energy skill Dragon Palm knocks back and inflicts Fading Snare, dealing extra damage if the target hits a wall. His EX Skills are the Slicing Winds, which empowers his next two Sword Slashes to send out a razor sharp gust that heals Raigon if it hits, and Tectonic Shock is a heavier Seismic Shock that Incapacitates the target when they land. His ultimate ability, Wrath of the Tiger, has him dash into an enemy, then creating an Ao E where he rapidly slashes anyone inside for a massive amount of damage.

Voiced by Curtis Arnott

Rook, the Hungering Berserker, is a brutal combatant who loves food as much as he loves fighting. He can charge into the fight with Rush, weaken his enemies' defense with Crushing Blow, enter an unstoppable rage with Berserk, and strike from afar with Boulder Toss. When in a pinch, he can use his EX abilities Eat to recover his health, or throw a Meat Bolt to slow foes from afar. Smack sends foes flying, incapacitating them when they hit a wall. Rook's ultimate ability, Tremor has him leap into the air and smash the ground three times, creating increasingly powerful shockwaves that heavily damage foes.

  • The Big Guy: Emphasized by himself, where he frequently calls everyone else small or tiny.
  • Bring It: Every time he activates Berserk, it's accompanied by him yelling "COME AT ME!"
  • Drop the Hammer: His Weapon of Choice.
  • Edible Ammunition: He throws his meat with Meat Bolt. Eat, of course, has him prove it's edible by eating it to heal himself.
  • Edible Bludgeon: Uses his meat as a melee weapon with Smack.
  • Frankenstein's Monster: One of his skins.
  • Ground-Shattering Landing: Tremor does this three times.
  • Huge Rider, Tiny Mount: The default Ram mount is much smaller than Rook is, bu he doesn't have any trouble riding it.
  • Hyperactive Metabolism: May eat his meat shank with Eat to heal himself instantly and a bit more over time.
  • Mighty Glacier: Rook's only mobility skill is Rush and its long casting time hampers it for being used for defensive positioning purposes, but once he does get in, he can deal heavy damage with Crushing Blow and Pummel, and become momentarily invulnerable with Berserk, which also further increases his damage output.
  • Shout-Out: May yell out "ROOK SMASH!" when he activates his ultimate. Additionally, one of his skins change his skin color to a shade of green while accompanied with red that makes one think of some kind of orc, though which one is more arguable.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Berserk makes him invulnerable for a short time when triggered.

     Ruh Kaan 
Voiced by Christopher Guerrero

Ruh Kaan, the Crypt Warden is an undead combatant who was awoken when a grave robber stole from the sacred crypts of Ark'Dun. His primary attack, Defiled Blade, charges up automatically over time. Once it charges fully, a strike from this weapon curses its target, causing them to take extra damage and heal Ruh Kaan when he hits them. He also has Shadowbolt, a powerful long ranged projectile, Sinister Strike, a dashing attack, Claw of the Wicked, which drains an enemy's health and pulls it towards Ruh Kaan, and Consume, which shields Ruh Kaan, slows melee attackers, nullifies projectiles, and instantly recharges Defiled Blade upon blocking an attack. His energy skill, Nether Void, teleports Ruh Kaan and curses enemies near his destination, and his Ultimate, Shadow Beast, briefly replaces Defiled Blade with a powerful cleave attack and Shadowbolt with a pulling attack similar to Claw of the Wicked.

  • And I Must Scream: Prior to a graverobber (later revealed to be Croak)'s arrival, his job of guarding his people's Soul Jars amounted to standing still in a tomb for centuries. Needless to say, he is in no hurry to retrieve the stolen urn.
  • Casting a Shadow: Can manipulate shadows, most notably for Shadowbolt and Claw of the Wicked.
  • Life Drain: Hitting enemies afflicted with Curse heals Ruh Kaan. His Claw of the Wicked and Reaping Scythe also drain health from enemies.
  • Mummy: Most of his body is wrapped in bandages.
  • Purple Is the New Black: Most of his abilities have a purple color to represent being shadow-based.
  • Spin Attack: His Reaping Scythe has him spin around while LifeDraining anyone he hits.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Claw of the Wicked pulls an enemy towards Ruh Kaan. The EX version pulls an ally instead.


Voiced by Steven Kelly

Voiced by Gianni Matragrano

Stories are told about Thorn, the Twisted Terror, a mysterious tree-like monster who kills all it encounters. His basic attack is Root Claw, a three-hit combo whose third attack has increased range and can pull a foe closer. Thorn also has ways to attack from afar, such as Leeching Thorns and its EX upgrade, Thorn Barrage, which shoot out thorns at distant foes, Evil Clutch, which spawns a monstrous hand that brings foes to you, and Entangling Roots, which disables an enemy while draining their health. Burrow allows Thorn to tunnel underground, stunning foes when he emerges, and its EX version brings nearby allies with you. Thorn can shield himself or an ally with Barbed Husk, disabling the target but causing them to release a volley of thorns when attacked. Finally, Thorn's ultimate, Dead Roots, creates a thicket which slows and damages foes who stand in it.

  • Badass Baritone: With a side helping of Guttural Growler. He has a deep, guttural voice.
  • Dig Attack: Burrow and Root Network end with Thorn emerging from underground, damaging and stunning nearby foes.
  • The Dreaded: Stories of his deeds are used to scare children who would venture into the woods at night.
  • Fast Tunnelling: Burrow and Root Network allows Thorn to rapidly travel underground.
  • Locked Out of the Fight: Entangling Roots does this to one enemy, disabling them but also granting them a shield.
  • Treants: Thorn appears to be a living monstrous tree.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Can bring foes closer with Evil Clutch. The third hit of Root Claw is a shorter-ranged version of this.



Alysia, the Ice Weaver, uses her powers of ice to create beautiful art from the bodies of her enemies. Her primary attack, Frost Bolt, damages enemies and extends the duration of the Chill effect. Said Chill effect is inflicted by her right click ability, Ice Lance, and slows down enemies by 20%. Ice Lance also deals extra damage to enemies already affected by Chill. Her spacebar ability, Arctic Wind, lets Alysia jump over walls and attacks to cross the battlefield in style. Glacial Prism creates a shield around the target ally. If the shield is broken, it explodes, damaging nearby enemies and inflicting Chill. The EX version of this ability, Ice Block, immobilizes and shields the target ally, gradually restoring their health as long as they are frozen. Flash Freeze summons a frozen star that explodes after a brief delay, dealing damage and inflicting Chill to enemies or inflicting Freeze, granting them a shield but immobilizing them, if they already have Chill. The EX version, Snow Cone, is a channeled attack in front of Alysia that inflicts Chill to enemies as long as they remain in the attack's area, and Freeze if they stay in the cone long enough. Her energy ability, Ice Crown, launches a wall over a long distance that blocks attacks and enemies. If the wall if broken, it explodes, launching icicles at enemies. Her ultimate, Frozen Gallery, marks a large rectangular area in front of Alysia. After a short moment, enemies within the area are heavily damaged and frozen.

Voiced by Anthony Sardinha

Ashka is diminutive creature with power over flames. His primary attack, Fireball, is exactly that: a ball of fire that deals damage. If an enemy has been affected by Ignite, this will reset the effect's duration. Fire Storm launches 3 large fireballs one after the other, applying Ignite and dealing Damage Over Time. His Searing Flight turns him into fire that flies to the target location, dealing damage to nearby enemies. The EX version of this skill, Searing Fire, gives Ashka the Pure Fire effect, healing him when his Fireball hits. Flamestrike creates a circular area that erupts into flame after a brief delay, stunning enemies and damaging them. The EX version, Molten Chains, petrifies enemies that are too close to Ashka. Molten Fist makes Ashka dash in a straight line, knocking back enemies he hits. His energy skill, Firewall, creates a wall of fire that blocks projectiles and ignites enemies that pass through it. And his Ultimate, Infernal Scorch, moves Ashka forwards, inflicting heavy damage to enemies, igniting them, and creating a large area that lingers for several seconds, dealing constant damage to enemies within it.



Voiced by Gianni Matragrano

Voiced by Karen Kahler

Iva, the Scavenging Inventor is just what her title says: an old lady who scavenges for parts to build inventions with. She enters the arena so she can use the trophies she wins as scrap metal. Her main attack, Boomstick, is a Short-Range Shotgun that fires four bullets that spread out. Her right click, Rocket X-67, has longer range and explodes on impact, potentially hurting multiple enemies. The rocket's true power, however, comes when combined with Iva's space ability, Jet Pack, which lets Iva fly a short distance, but, most importantly, leaks oil onto enemies below. If the rocket's explosion hits an oil-covered enemy, said enemy will catch on fire and take considerable amounts of damage over time. Her Zap applies a shield to herself or an ally, and boosts movement speed, and Tazer spell-blocks enemies and stuns them if they use an ability. Her EX skills are Flame Thrower, which ignites oiled enemies and deals heavy damage, and Concussion Shot, which incapacitates an enemy. Her energy ability, Tractor Beam, pulls enemies towards her and blocks all attacks, and her Ultimate, Machine Gun, fires several piercing bullets.

  • Covered in Gunge: Her Jet Pack does this to any enemies Iva passes over.
  • Dirty Old Woman: Occasionally expresses an attraction to Bakko when chosen, or that her teammate(s) are good-looking, no matter who they are.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: She has a flamethrower that packs some really heavy damage, and can avoid setting off some counters; despite being a ranged hero, this plus the Short-Range Shotgun makes her hard to approach.
  • Gadgeteer Genius: Everything she's packing, she made it herself. The only reason she wants to win these tournaments is to use the awards and trophies as scrap metal for her inventions and ammo needs.
  • Glass Cannon: All in all, she's rather fragile and her ability to flee from danger is predictable and not quite that good, but her damage output is devastating and if she has you where she wants you she can tear you apart in moments.
  • I Call It "Vera": Her machine gun is named "Bessy".
  • Jet Pack: Her movement ability. It leaks oil onto any enemy she passes over, slowing them and putting them at risk of being lit.
  • Man on Fire: Her gameplay revolves around getting the Burning Oil effect onto her enemies by combining her Jet Pack and Rocket X-67 or Flame Thrower.
  • Miniature Senior Citizens: She is one of the oldest characters in the game, and the smallest.
  • More Dakka: Her ultimate. Individually, the bullets don't do much, but together they can be devastating.
  • Never Mess with Granny: Her old age does nothing to hinder her combat ability.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She looks quite old already, but one would assume she's within a regular human age. Her Book of Lore story reveals she's actually centuries old.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: Her Boom Stick has the shortest range of any ranged character's primaries, but its multiple bullets deal hefty damage if they all hit.
  • Tractor Beam: Her Energy ability. It draws in enemies and nullifies attacks.
  • The Unsorceror: The Book of Lore implies that she's actually from the same fire-controlling race as Ashka, but was outcast because she lacks their powers.

Voiced by Amber Lee Connors

Jade, The Lone Gunner is a mysterious gunslinger with a score to settle, packing a myriad of ranged weaponry at her disposal. Her main weapon is a pair of Revolvers for short and mid-range combat, and her Snipe packs a long ranged piercing (but slow to fire) blast that also packs a short stun, or EX charge it into Snap Shot, which is weaker, but much faster and roots the target(s) in place. If you need to make a getaway, a single Blast Vault will stun anyone who made the mistake of getting in melee range while also launching you away, or maybe hide from your enemies with Stealth. If your teammates are in a pinch, the EX ability Smoke Veil will provide a handy shield as you make your getaway, cripple their assault with the snaring and silencing Disabling Shot, or just blast the offender away with the energy skill Junk Shot. When the going gets tough, pull out the ultimate ability Explosive Shells, which fires four powerful explosive shells that damages and knocks away anyone caught in the blast.

  • Guns Akimbo: Her main weapons are a pair of revolvers.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Snipe and Snap Shot pierces foes, but deal less damage for each enemy hit.

Voiced by River Kanoff

    Shen Rao 
Formerly a mighty dragon, Shen Rao, Tempest of the East was punished for his arrogance by being sealed in a human body. He uses the remnants of his powers to battle enemies.

  • Blow You Away: Has a number of wind-based abilities such as Ascension, which lets him fly, Dismissal, which creates a whirlwind that blocs projectiles, and Jet Stream, which pushes enemies away. His "Storm Struck" debuff is a literal example, as it creates strong winds that move the opponent away (similar to Panic).
  • Orbiting Particle Shield: His Ultimate, Dragon Storm summons dragons that orbit around him and can be launched together.
  • Pointy Ears: Has these, even in his human form.
  • Shock and Awe: Most of his offensive capabilities involve electricity.

Voiced by Kayli Mills

Voiced by Jason Marnocha

Into the arena enters Varesh, The Eternal, formed from the energies of others. His main attacks are the Hand of Corruption and the slower and stronger Hand of Judgement, which can be combined into the EX skill Hand of Punishment. These attacks inflict the debuff Corruption, Judgement, or both at once, respectively, on their targets, which he can use to make his other attacks stronger. The Inhibitor's Guard provides a shield to himself or an ally. Shatter summons an exploding crystal, and can be EX charged into Crush, which has a larger Ao E and knockback. Wuju has him teleport if he gets hit by an attack, knocking away anyone at his destination. His energy skill Reform has him dash in a straight line, creating a Shatter crystal on any enemy he passes through, and his ultimate ability Powers Combined has him dash through enemies, inflicting Corruption and Judgement. He can dash up to three times, but only if he hit with the previous dash. Shatter, Crush, Wuju, and Reform activates Corruption and Judgement on the target for bonus effects, consuming it in the process.

  • Standard Status Effects
    • Corruption reduces the target's damage and healing output by 15%. Activating it heals Varesh and Snares the target.
    • Judgement has the target take 15% more damage. Activating it deals damage and Silences the target.

Support note 

Voiced by Morgan Berry
  • Combat Medic: Has mostly supportive abilities, but can still deal damage.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: She's very cute and very loud.
  • Expy: She's pretty much Soraka. Her legendary "Moonlight Princess" skin (which turns her skin blue and replaces her antlers with a single unicorn-like horn) is so unsubtle that it might as well be called "Soraka Blossom". It's amazing Riot haven't sued them.
  • Genki Girl: She's very hyper and energetic.
  • Little Bit Beastly: As a faun, she has copper-coloured fur covering most of her lower body, back and parts of her head, shaggy hoofed feet, a pair of antlers and a cute button nose. She also has skins that make her into a Cat Girl (Winter Kitty, only available during Winter events) and a fox girl (former sponsor-exclusive item, no longer available).
  • The Medic: A dedicated healer.
  • Stripperiffic: She wears very, very little- just a skimpy loincloth over a bikini and a couple of ornaments.

Voiced by Amanda Julina

Voiced by Brittany Lauda

Voiced by Edwyn Tiong

Voiced by Howard Wang
  • Animal Stereotypes: Oldur speaks with rather flatly with little inflection, because he's a humanoid sloth. This ties into his Time Master capabilities.
  • Combat Medic: Oldur is one of the most offense-oriented Support characters. His Time Bomb debuff adds significant but delayed damage to his normal attack, and hitting a time Bombed enemy with Quicksand or Chrono Bolt deals said extra damage immediately on top of the attack's own damage and a large bonus.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Most of his abilities involve throwing sand with special effects.
  • Elemental Shapeshifter: His Shifting Sands ability turns him into a ball of sand that moves forwards, hurting enemies and healing allies.
  • Taken for Granite: Stone Glass petrifies an enemy after a brief delay, unless they manage to use a debuff removal ability before it goes off.
  • Time Master: Many of his abilities are time-themed, which mostly translates to using a skill now and having an extra effect happen later. His primary attack, Sands of Time, is the most obvious example, dealing extra damage after a brief delay.

Voiced by Jill Harris

Voiced by Sung Won Cho

Voiced by J. Michael Tatum

Title: Ulric, The Unwavering Light

Devout follower of the Way of Symphony, unwavering light against the dark, Ulric was trained in the holy Monastery of Resonance and has spent many years travelling the lands to spread the word of the Light. He joins the Arena now to demonstrate to allies, foes, and onlookers alike the primacy of the True Path.

Zander, the Magnificent Magician is Lucie's brother and a member of the former Phantomime troupe or performers. His primary attack, Trick Shot, throws two cards that can either heal allies or hurt enemies. Regardless of who they hit, Zander is healed when the cards hit a target. This ability also applies Hearts to allies, reducing the damage they take. His right click ability is Grand Conjuration, a large projectile that deals heavy damage to multiple enemies and applies the Arcane Catalyst debuff, increasing the damage they take. The EX version of this ability is Spotlight, which pushes back enemies in an area, removes debuffs, and heals allies while they stand inside the light. His spacebar ability, Mirror Image, is a dash that creates an Illusion at Zander's previous position. The Illusion uses a weaker version of Trick Shot whenever Zander does. The EX version, Mind Game, is the opposite: Zander stays in place, while an Illusion shoots out from him, damaging enemies and applying Arcane Catalyst in an area around it. His Q ability, Portal, creates a portal. When allies step onto the portal, they briefly disappear and become invincible. They can then pick a destination, where they'll reappear. Placing the portal on an illusion allows Zander to pick its destination and increases the Illusion's duration. His E, Sheep Trick, transforms enemies in an area into sheep. While transformed, they can't attack, but if they take too much damage the effect ends early. Rabbit Form, his energy ability, transforms Zander into a rabbit, increasing his speed and pushing away nearby enemies. And finally, his ultimate, The Prestige summons a Grand Illusion that uses a full-power Trick Shot whenever Zander does and also copies his Grand Conjuration, potentially doubling the damage it deals. The Grand Illusion also increases the radius of Sheep Trick.


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