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Ben Weiss

Ben is a rookie Kreature Tamer. He's sensitive and kind hearted but he isn't the brightest bulb on the tree (not to mention self-conscious and shy to a fault.) However, he compensates for his shortcomings with with plenty of enthusiasm, a strong emotional connection with his Kreatures, and occasional insight. His motives are sincere; he became a Tamer out of an interest in Kreature Combat for its own sake, not out of shallow aspirations for power, glory or wealth. Although he's his own worst critic, he has more potential than he realizes.


Dennis Alvarez

Dennis is an outgoing guy who follows the path of least resistance. He may not always take things seriously, but his casual attitude belies his infectious passion for the people and Kreatures he cares about. He's the head kreature keeper of the Wyldcard team - not only is he nurturing, but he grew up around Kreatures, so their husbandry is second nature to him. He's thoughtful, affectionate, and views his teammates like family. He has seemingly endless patience and tries to give others the benefit of the doubt. Whenever things get heated, Dennis is there to offer a calm, balanced perspective.



Kristy Winters

Kristy is the Wyldcard team's assertive, resourceful battle planner. A big-shot corporate executive with her phone glued to her ear, she crushes her business rivals underfoot with the same indifference she would a bug. She has a cheeky sense of humour and a dry, acerbic wit that she doesn't hesitate to use. Kristy is a strict boss, though not an unreasonable one. She can be prideful, considering herself to be a consummate professional. Despite this, she's an amicable person who thinks highly of others as a rule and expects just as much from them.


Wade Romano

Drawn to the sport of Kreature Combat for the glory and prize money, Wade founded the Wyldcard team as a bid to escape the soul-crushing tedium of his former career as a telemarketer. He's a natural showman who seems aware of the fourth wall, or at the very least considers himself the hero of his own story. He likes to pull rank, delegating his administrative minutia so he can focus on promoting the team. He's rather arrogant and stubborn, but he is a competent leader in spite of his vices.


Wally The Platrox

As far as anyone knows Wally’s just some Kreature that Dennis adopted. His unusual intelligence might be the result of a top-secret experiment, but he'd rather not attract attention from those who'd want to reverse-engineer him so his lips are sealed. Since Platroxes are capable of mimicking speech anyway, talking doesn't seem to blow his cover. Wally is a pompous blowhard with a colossal ego who desires no less than complete subjugation of the entire universe; until then he’ll settle for being the Wyldcard team’s mascot in exchange for free room and board.


Skyler Martin

Skyler is unequivocally superior to Ben in every way: self assured, intelligent, ambitious and most of all, lucky. Life seems to hand out good fortune to Skyler like Halloween candy. Not only did he ace his Lvl 1 Tamer License application, he's become one of the most promising up-and-coming rookies in the KCF. He's also popular, having accumulated thousands of followers on his social media accounts. He's a wisecracking smartaleck who teases Ben when the opportunity presents itself. Though his taunts are made in jest they still wear on Ben's fragile confidence.


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