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Milton "Milt" Chamberlain

Portrayed by: Josh Duhamel

An FBI agent formerly of the Bureau's Detroit field office. He was transferred to Battle Creek due to the machinations of someone very high up the FBI hierarchy. Not much is known about his past and what little he does reveal only leads to more questions.

  • Badass in a Nice Suit: Milt is typically dressed in an expensive suit.
  • Consummate Liar: He is an incredibly smooth liar and is good enough to fool Agnew (himself a good liar) with a story about sleeping during 9/11.
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  • Expansion Pack Past: So far he's revealed that he spent part of his childhood in Monaco, went to high school in Tehran (where he learned Spanish), and speaks a number of languages from his globetrotting lifestyle.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Chamberlain wears well-tailored suits and custom shoes.
    Agnew: "How do you run in those shoes?"
    Chamberlain: "Oh, I have an excellent cobbler."
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: Everyone in Battle Creek is immediately enamored with Chamberlain, which upsets Agnew.
    • Agnew and Chamberlain's first case together makes headline news. Chamberlain graciously shares credit with Agnew but the front page photo crops Agnew out. Holly throws out the paper before Agnew can see.
    • The two later rush into a burning building. Although Agnew is the one to actually put out the fire, Chamberlain gets all the attention by virtue of carrying a victim to safety and into the eyes of the public.


Russ Agnew

Portrayed by: Dean Winters

Battle Creek's senior detective. He has an abrasive personality and doesn't particularly care about who he offends in the process of keeping his hometown safe. He doesn't particularly care about being forced to work with Chamberlain and is looking for ways to get rid of the FBI agent.

  • Driven by Envy: He's definitely jealous of the fact that Milt has more resources and gets more praise than him, not to mention the fact that Milt has charmed basically everyone. It's implied that he wants to find out why Milton was sent to Battle Creek partially because of his jealousy and his desire to bring Milton down a peg.
  • Everyone Can See It: The only person who's unaware that Agnew has a crush on Holly is Holly herself.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Agnew has a personality so abrasive that his co-workers discourage him from giving death notifications because they're afraid he might make things worse just by being himself. But he's also a dedicated cop who wants nothing more than to make Battle Creek a better place.

Holly Dale

Portrayed by: Aubrey Dollar

The Battle Creek detective squad's office manager. She is incredibly insightful and wishes to become a lawyer.

  • Eureka Moment: Several cases have been cracked because she notices or realizes things that the professional investigators have missed.

Fontanelle "Font" White

Portrayed by: Kal Penn

Agnew's primary partner before Chamberlain came along. He doesn't mind the FBI's help but nonetheless is loyal to Agnew and follows along whenever Agnew tries to freeze Chamberlain out.

  • Deadpan Snarker: Has no problems snarking to the Squad Commander about their lack of properly functioning equipment.
    Font:We could shoot people instead. Is that what you want? We're not shooting enough people?
    Russ: We need new equipment; new to this world, not just new to this precinct.
    Guziewicz: Okay, we need the latest training.
    Russ: We need everything.
    Font: Or we could shoot people. I don't mind shooting people.
  • The Stoner: He has a prescription for medicinal marijuana due to chronic migraines. One subplot has him dealing with a jerkass dispensary clerk who might have sold him fake pot.

Commander Guziewicz

Portrayed by: Janet McTeer

The Battle Creek detective squad's commander. She's more concerned with justice being served than the truth being revealed.

Detective Erin Jacocks

Portrayed by: Liza Lapira

A detective with the Battle Creek Police Department.

Detective Aaron Funkhauser

Portrayed by: Grapevine

A detective with the Battle Creek Police Department.

  • The Big Guy: Easily the biggest member of the squad. He can casually clothesline a fleeing suspect as if it was the simplest task in the world.

Detective Niblet

Portrayed by: Damon Herriman

A detective with the Battle Creek Police Department. He was nicknamed "Niblet" due to his unusually small teeth.


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