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    Introduced in War of Indines 

Cadenza, Clockwork Knight

"The Cadenza model is Willat's most powerful soldier—it fights without hesitation, pain, or remorse—a perfect engine of destruction!"
- Magister Vilnar

The Cadenza model is a kind of clockwork soldier created by the Willati Magister Bors Vilnar. They are designed as mass-produced shock troopers, striking down upon all enemies in their way. The playable character in War of Indines is the personal prototype of Vilnar and is able to be controlled by him remotely.

Cadenza is powerful and tanky, but very slow; his fighting style revolves around making positive trades with his opponent by reducing incoming damage while hitting back hard.

  • Dash Attack: Cadenza's finisher is a dash with so much length that the only reliable hiding place is right next to him when he starts dashing.
  • Fuel Meter of Power: His Steel Body tokens allow him to avoid stuns, but you only get three per game. Use them all, and that's it.
  • Immune to Flinching: Cadenza's fighting style revolves around taking hits and responding with more powerful counterattacks. As such, he has a remarkable resilience to being stunned.
  • Magitek: Cadenza is an example of the combination of magic and technology that the people of Willat use.
  • Mighty Glacier: As mentioned above. He is one of the slowest characters in War, but has very high power.
  • Super Prototype: Prototype of the next Cadenza model, with improved armor and armaments and the ability to be remotely controlled instead of just following simple programming.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Cadenza specializes in fighting at melee range. His opponents might be able to run away, but he has a techniques to pull fleeing enemies closer to him with a grapnel so he continue wailing on them.

Cherri Seneca, Dreamwalker

"All my questions are gone. They have been replaced by a hideous, stark clarity that leaves no room for doubt, only fear.”

Cherri was the daughter of an influential merchant family. When she became deathly ill, her parents did all they could to find a healer capable of curing her. They were already too late when they stumbled upon the legendary healer Hepzibah Culotre, for Cherri had already succumbed to her illnes. The healer Hepzibah, who had disasppeared a century ago, was not discouraged. Without asking for a reward, she restored the girl from beyond death, a feat forbidden by the gods. Cherri was returned, but not as she had left. Her mind was shattered and filled with holes, and bearing a strange connection to the dreamscape, a plane of imagination, wonders, and horrors. She is now able to see and influence the thoughts of others through her connection to the dreamscape, but at the same time her mind slowly unravelling even more.

Cherri fights in a way that is highly disorienting to her opponents. Uncanny movements, and suddenly appearing and disappearing figments combined with mental attacks leave her opponents off-balance. Worse than all this is her piercing, eyeless gaze. Opponents subjected to it are wracked with waves of confusion, hesitation and past traumas so much, that they start to second-guess all their moves and tactics.

  • Came Back Strong: Cherri was a regular girl before her illness. Now she is able to fight on even terms with seasoned warriors thanks to her new psychic powers.
  • Came Back Wrong: However, she is not completely Cherri anymore, and she is losing more of herself every day.
  • Psychic Powers: Telepathy, Mind Probe, empathy.
  • Demonic Possession: She is in danger of this from the more powerful beings in the dreamscape.

Demitras Denigrande, Vampire Knight

"Can you hear it? The bated breath, the fast-beating heart, the whimper of fear? The symphony of demise draws ever closer to your grand finale."

A vampire who fights with lightning speed, Demitras was an established lord in Gesselheim when the Dark Overlord Rexan rose to power three hundred years ago. He was one of the first to add his influence and army to support the nation the Overlord was building. Now, a hundred years after the fall of Rexan, Demitras is still looking to bring back the glory days, but he doesn't have the same force of personality and power that was used to unite the land in days past.

Demitras uses superior movement and speed to dictate the flow of battle. Darting in and out of combat, he gradually builds up more and more speed. When an opportunity presents itself, he can use this stored tempo to unleash a devastating attack on the opponent.

  • The Dragon: Demitras was one of the most important supporters of the Dark Overlord Rexan, working as his second in command. Demitras tried to hold things together after the Overlord's death, but he lacked the charisma to unite the nation as Rexan had.
  • Fragile Speedster: No defenses but he will be constantly dancing out of your optimal range.
  • Glass Cannon: No defenses but he can hit you HARD when you are vulnerable.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He is a vampire, so this comes with the territory. He is more than three centuries old while he looks like a man in his early twenties.
  • Royal Rapier: His weapon of choice.

Hebzibah Culotre, Vivimancer

"I’ve seen men return from death to life again. Now I’ll see how a nation is returned to life..."

Long ago, Hepzibah was the most sought after healer in the realm of Indines. She was gifted beyond compare with vivimancy, the art of channeling life, moving it, controlling it, and even transforming it into other kinds of power. After many years in the service of others, she grew sick of the petty people and their greed, and turned towards seeking a greater understanding of her craft. Now, more than a century later, she has returned with knowledge of the penultimate spell of her craft: a spell of true resurrection.

Hepzibah's fighting style is one of great risk and great reward. By burning some of her own life force to fuel the pacts she has made with dark beings, she can gain great speed, power and other improvements to her otherwise mediocre stats. Using one's own life force as a fuel would be a terrible price for many, but Hepzibah can easily replenish herself by 'borrowing' from others.

  • Black Magic: Vivimancy, the manipulation of Life Energy.
  • Cast from Hit Points: Using her life as fuel for her dark pacts. Using many pacts at once can turn her from a Squishy Wizard into Lightning Bruiser, but this takes a lot of life to keep up for longer periods.
  • The Heavy: Both her resurrection of Cherri and her plan to resurrect the Dark Overlord Rexan serve as the beginning the of the War of Indines story, and the motivation for majority of the cast.
  • Hot Witch: She is not bad to look at, and her clothing looks 'witchy'. Especially her hat.
  • Really 700 Years Old: She was born 200 years ago, but because of her 'borrowing' life from others, she still looks to be in her twenties.

Hikaru Sorayama, Geomancer

"Motion, Power, Clarity, Purpose—to fight is to experience the thrill of living!"

A student of geomancy—the magic of elements—who has some elemental heritage of his own, Hikaru is a fighter who utilizes the power of the world around him to aid his strength in battle. Hikaru became a good friend of Khadath Ahemusei during his studies in the Argent University. After graduation, Hikaru went on to travel the world as a wanderer, exploring the far reaches of Indines and the north. When he encountered Khadath again, he learned of the troubles of Khadath's tribe, and decided to help his old friend in the search for a cure.

Hikaru is a close-range fighter with high mobility and speed. He uses various elemental infusions to add additional properties to his attacks—a fistful of flames for additional damage, a shield of earth for protection, a whip of water for range, or a wreath of wind for speed. By carefully managing and using these resources in the correct situations, Hikaru is able to adapt as the situation requires, making him an excellent fighter in most matchups.

  • Blow You Away: His Wind token can be used to increase the priority of his attacks.
  • Dishing Out Dirt: Using his Earth token gives him Soak 3, reducing the damage he takes.
  • Elemental Powers: Has control over the traditional four.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Hikaru doesn't use a weapon, and he doesn't really need one when he can enhance his punches and kicks with the power of the elements.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: His style is generally fast, but with use of his elements, single strikes can be among the fastest, or hit among the hardest, etc. However, he needs to recharge the element after use.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: Hikaru fights barehanded with elemental effects added in, and some of his techniques contain meditations to recharge his elemental powers.
  • Making a Splash: The Water token increases the maximum range of his attacks and reduces their minimum range.
  • Playing with Fire: Applying the Fire token increases the power of his attacks by 3.

Kallistar Firechild, Fire Elemental

"Let's see who burns out first!"

Kallistar is descended from a tribe of half elementals that once lived in Gesselheim. Her elemental nature gifts her with natural magical ability and affinity with the element of fire, which gained her easy admission into Relecour's Argent University. During her studies she became known as a prodigy of war magic, and she met and befriended Magdelina Larington while on a exchange program. Kallistar's final assingment to finish her training was to experience true battle and test her magic in a life-or-death siutuation. It was then that Magdelina contacted her about the visions of the Overlord Rexan's return, and Kallistar eagerly joined the quest to stop said resurrection from happening.

Kallistar is able to transform between her more defensive and tactical human form, and her all-out offensive elemental form. While in elemental form, Kallistar’s attacks are fast and deadly, but her life slowly drains away, making this powerful state a liability that she must manage carefully. Her skill in magic enable her to engage her opponents at any range, be it deadly explosions in melee or great blasts of fire in range.

  • Dangerous Forbidden Technique: Not only does her elemental form burn her life away, many of her techniques are so powerful that they take an additional toll on her body.
  • Fiery Redhead: She has a great mane of flowing red hair and the personality to match her element.
  • Glass Cannon: She can deal tremendous blows while in her elemental form, but she loses health while doing so, and she doesn't have much movement or defense.
  • Playing with Fire: Kallistar bears the heritage of a fire elemental and has specialized in war magic that uses fire.
  • Stance System: Shifts between a Fast and powerful, although vulnerable form and her regular, human form.

Kehrolyn Ross, Homunculus

"Call me a monster, and I’ll show you a monster."

Kehrolyn is a unique homunculus capable of transforming and improving her own capabilities. She was created by Doctor Aaron Ross, an infamous Willati scientist, whose work was getting dangerously close to banned research. After the Magisterial Council found out that his work had crossed the line, and Kehrolyn's "sister" August had shown her capabilities by destroying a military battalion, Dr. Ross' laboratory and research were destroyed, only Kehrolyn and Ross' former assistant Lixis managed to escape. Now she is travelling with Lixis, trying to make sense of her experiences and to seek a purpose for her existence.

While fighting, Kehrolyn shifts her form quickly to gain advantages, such as whip-like limbs, natural armoring or growing sharp blades. While these changes to her form are specialized and Kehrolyn can only use one at a time, they stay a little while after she shifts her form, allowing the previous shift to combine with the current shift.

Khadath Ahemusei, Planestalker

"If you hesitate, if you fear, if you despair, then you are already trapped."

A prince among his tribal people, Khadath cast off his wealth and status to become a scholar, and study Planar Magic at the distant Argent University. Now, a plague sent by the gods has stricken his people, and he is one of the few who can save them. Armed with his ancestral sword and his sharp wits, Khadath is searching for a cure to save his people and himself, before it is too late.

Khadath is not the most powerful fighter around, but his fighting style makes great use of his training and knowledge gained from the Planestalkers. Teleporting himself and moving his opponent around make him difficult to catch, but his greatest tool is his Gate Trap. It is a field of distorted reality that slows his opponents down when they are close to it, and Khadath can cause it to distort more violently as a form of attack.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Khadath's finisher is nearly always a One-Hit Kill, but the opponent has to be exactly on top of his Gate Trap and it has low priority; he must either catch the opponent on top of it without any movement effects, or predict a move so that they have no choice but to end their turn on the Trap. It is frequently more useful kept in his hand as a threat.
  • Death of a Thousand Cuts: Khadath's fighting style usually subjects the opponent to continuous light hits while controlling their actions with the Gate Trap.
  • High-Class Glass: Part of his normal getup, which indicates that while his people are tribal, they are not primitive.
  • One-Hit Kill: Khadath's finisher, Dimensional Exile, pulls his opponents into his Gate Trap. It does 25 damage in a game where max health is 20, and will only fail to kill the tankiest of fighters.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: He is a prince of his tribal people, and instead of sitting home and moaning about his people's troubles, he is out doing something about them.
  • Teleporters and Transporters: Khadath's magic is specialized in teleportation and spatial control.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: His hair is white with a bluish tint.

Lixis Ran Kanda, Biomancer

"I will defy nature, and I will master it, and I will live!"

Lixis is a dryad from the great forests bordering the western desert of Sanghalim. The desert grows several kilometers every year, and it is this threat that drove Lixis to seek understanding of life to prevent the eventual destruction of her and her sisters' home. On a quest for knowledge of alchemy, she ended up in Willat, the capital of Technomagickal and alchemical research in the world. Her natural aptitude for this branch of science landed her a position as assistant researcher for the famed alchemist Aaron Ross. While working in this role, Lixis aided in the creation of August, the homunculus that sparked the Magisterial Council to deem Ross' research dangerous enough to destroy. She escaped the destruction of Aaron's laboratory with his research notes and his other creation, Kehrolyn. Lixis is now close to finding a solution to stopping the advance of the desert.

Knowledge of alchemy and life has also brought Lixis great understanding of decay, poisons, and disease. With toxins and other alchemical substances created with this knowledge, she is able to weaken her opponent with every blow she connects. This combines well with her fighting style that focuses on stopping movement and keeping her opponents at an arm's length.

  • Badass Bookworm: She is an alchemist first and foremost, and unintimidating physically, but well capable of holding her own in a fight.
  • Blade on a Stick: Lixis fights with a spear that also works as an injector for her toxins and other alchemical substances.
  • Find the Cure!: Her motivation is to find a way to restore blighted lands to fight the spread of the desert.
  • Master Poisoner: Her research and talents in alchemy allow her to create quite the variety of dangerous substances.

Luc Von Gott, Royal Historian

"Every age needs a hero. Perhaps I could be of use to this one too."

Luc is a genius inventor who was one of the legendary Four Heroes who fought and killed the Dark Overlord Rexan during the Centennial wars, two hundred years ago. After the Overlord was slain and after taking a reasonable vacation, Luc van Gott disappeared from all record. This is because as a master artificer and student of time travel, Luc decided to make sure that Indines would stay safe after all the sacrifices had been made to protect is at that time. He found a great danger in the far future, and by tracing the roots of that danger, he has arrived at the current time to help stop the calamity before it even happens, and to train the next generation of heroes for the task that lies ahead.

Luc carries a portable time manipulator with him while fighting. This 'Temporal Battery' builds up its charge over time, and Luc can use its power to manipulate time itself. Increasing his own speed by a significant amount does not take too much charge, but greater applications, such as stopping time for himself or his opponent, or repeating an attack by calling it from a different time, take much more energy.

  • Badass Bookworm: While Luc is a genius inventor and currently a professor and the Royal Historian of Jeffreys, he is one of the Four Heroes, and perfectly capable of kicking anyone's ass.
  • Badass Mustache: When saving the world is not enough for someone, they've got to have the facial hair to match.
  • Good Old Fisticuffs: Luc doesn't wield a weapon, preferring to take his opponents down the old-fashioned way.
  • Time Master: Can use his Temporal Battery for limited and short manipulations of time in combat. He has a bigger time machine he used to actually travel in time.
  • Time Stands Still: He can stop his own time to avoid damage, or stop his opponent's time to get close to them.

Magdelina Larington, Battle Channeler

"Let this vessel be your sword."

Magdelina is a Battle Channeler, a spiritualist who uses rituals to summon forth her ancestor's ghost and channel its strength as her own. The ancestor in question is Solar Saint Avenlia, one of the Four Heroes who fought in the Centennial wars, two hundred years ago. One night Avenlia sent Magdelina dreams warning about the imminent resurrection of the Dark Overlord Rexan. Upon her ancestor's urging, Magdelina set forth on a quest, along Kallistar and Vanaah, to stop Rexan's return

In battle, Magdelina uses Solar Saint Avenlia's power to bolster her own techniques. The strength of this connection is built over time by Magdelina, and she receives increasing power as the connection gets stronger. This leads to Magdelina's starting the fight weak and forced to avoid the enemy, but the longer the fight drags on, the stronger Magdelina grows, eventually overwhelming the opponent with sheer power.

Regicide Heketch, Imperial Assassin

"Are you afraid?"

Heketch is a Rasp, a creature from the nightmarish Dark World. Such creatures feed upon fear, sorrow and dread, and most of Rasps prefer to savor the fear and suffering of their victims instead of ending their lives. Heketch found more pleasure in the act of killing, and this is what drew Overlord Rexan to summon him and bind him to be the Imperial Assassin.

Heketch is an assassin and he fights like one. He appears suddenly from an oblique angle, delivers a lethal strike with precision and then either retreats to prepare for a new attack, or continues to harry a weakened target.

  • The Dragon: He served the Dark Overlord Rexan as his top enforcer.
  • The Dreaded: The title 'Regicide' is a part of Heketch's name now, after more than three centuries of assassinating high and low profile targets.
  • Hit-and-Run Tactics: Heketch's sudden appearance trick recharges when he gets a certain distance away from his opponent. This leads to him leaping in and out of battle both to recharge and avoid getting hit.
  • Knife Nut: A ruthless, bloodthirsty assassin who attacks with knives, throws knives, dresses in knives, smiles with knives.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Part of the Rasp physiology is a smile that would not be out of place on a shark.
  • Psycho for Hire: The reason why Overlord Rexan summoned and 'hired' him.
  • Villain Teleportation: If Heketch is sufficiently far from you, he can appear next to you or behind you, ready to deliver a killing blow.

Rukyuk Amberdeen, Wandering Sharpshooter
"A little money, a little excitement, and to think I'm doing a little good—those are the only payments I need."

A mercenary from Willat who fights from afar with his custom ammunition. However, he needs to periodically reload.

  • Arbitrary Minimum Range: All of his Styles except Point Blank miss up close. His Longshot Custom Ammunition counters this a bit by reducing minimum range by 1, but most of his Styles have a minimum range of 2 or more, so they'll still miss up close.
  • Armor-Piercing Attack: His AP Round Custom Ammunition makes his attack ignore Soak (damage reduction).
  • Blinded by the Light: One of his Custom Ammunition tokens is Flash Shell, which allows his attack to ignore Stun Guard.
  • Long-Range Fighter: His Styles have absolutely massive range. He also has great mobility, letting him stay away from the opponent.
  • Muggle: He has no magical ability whatsoever, making him an outcast in his homeland.

Sagas Seities, Doppelganger

"Everything can be replaced."

Sagas Seities is a doppelganger, a creature from the fractured realm of the Minus World. In itself, the realm is nothingness, but it contains reflections from the other realms. The doppelgangers search these reflections to find individual to duplicate in form and deed. One such doppelganger took the form of a legendary hero, many centuries dead, while wandering the Minus World. By chance, he happened upon a rift to the Prime World left by a departing planestalker, Zaamassal. Now Sagas wanders the Prime World in the quise of a hero long gone, to relive the legend he had idolized.

Sagas' unique nature as a doppelganger is expressed in his fighting style by the ability to emulate his current opponent. He can mimic his opponent's special styles, copy their boosted abilities and even replicate their special attacks. He can even nullify the special tehcnique an opponent is using for a short moment.

  • Cool Shades: Part of his attire out of necessity, because the eyes of a doppelganger will always remain in their natural form that evokes invokedUncanny Valley from people in the Prime Realm.
  • Dark-Skinned Redhead
  • Dead Person Impersonation: Sagas' idol died fighting the Dark Overlord, two centuries ago. Hearing rumors of Rexan's impending resurrection, Sagas is resolved to fight the Overlord and win, to prove himself better than the original.
  • Power Copying: Being a creature whose existence is dedicated to impersonation, Sagas can use techniques he has seen for a short while after seeing them in use.
  • Simple Staff: The hero who Sagas idolized used a staff in combat, so Sagas is similarly capable, having observed the hero from his first moment of life to the last.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: As a doppelganger, Sagas can shift his form to imitate someone, but this is limited to people he can observe. He stays in his preferred form most of the time.

Seth Cremmul, Oracle

"There's just one fate for you..."

Seth Cremmul is an imperial oracle from the Theocracy of Sanghalim in the west. He serves as one of the oracles directly in the service of Kallimerina, the Avatar of Sanghalia, and is a recipient of the divine blessing of supernatural insight granted to her closest servants. For his whole life, Seth has lived in the palaces of Sanghalim and served the oracle, never setting foot in the outside world. Now, on the orders of Kallimerina, he has set out to the blasted lands of the south, to aid Magdelina Larington in stopping the resurrection of the Dark Overlord Rexan.

As a fighter, Seth's stats are a little below average, but correctly predicting the enemy's attack allows him to respond with more speed and power. His fighting style features extremely useful tricks, such as reducing enemy range, forcing the enemy to move around, mimicking the opponent's movements, and more.

  • Childhood Friends: With Vanaah.
  • Combat Clairvoyance: Seth possesses a limited form of this; at times his oracular foresight allows him to better prepare for and respond to the actions of the opponent.
  • Glowing Eyes: While in battle.
  • Kung-Fu Wizard: He fights with martial arts combined with his powers as an oracle, making him good at avoiding and locking down the opponent's moves.
  • Seers: His connection to his goddess gives him his abilities as an oracle, recieving insight into the future.

Tatsumi Nuoc & Juto, Water Mystic & Familiar

"Ready, Juto?" "Gru-u!"

Tatsumi's peaceful life on the island of Condao ended after a gigantic tidal wave crashed on her village, destroying everything in its way. Tatsumi was the lone miraculous survivor, seemingly untouched by the wave's fury. After the calamity, her village's sacred artifact, the scepter of Nuoc, bound itself to her. While wandering the nearby coastal area, she found another survivor: a small bear that was near death. Using the power of the scepter, she saved the little creature's life by binding it to serve as her familiar, and named him Juto. The scepter had also bestowed upon her the ancestral burden of protecting the seas from disaster.

Tatsumi and Juto fight as a team, with Juto moving around the field to support Tatsumi through effects that depend upon his position. Juto can extend Tatsumi's ranges, attack her opponents or shield her from harm by absorbing damage she would receive. At the same time Tatsumi helps Juto move around, and can bring him back to the fight if he absorbs too much damage on her behalf. Tatsumi herself prefers to fight at longer ranges.

  • Familiar: Juto serves Tatsumi in this capacity after she saved him by binding their souls together.
  • Making a Splash: The scepter of Nuoc granted Tatsumi control over the element of water.
  • Panda-ing to the Audience: Juto is a baby panda.
  • Sole Survivor: Tatsumi was the only survivor of her village after the destruction caused by the tidal wave.
  • Stone Wall: Tatsumi is the most defensive fighter of the cast. Her fighting style has many techniques for keeping the enemy away, avoiding hits and preventing damage she takes. Her offensive options deal small damage or require setup.

Vanaah Kalmor, Desert Paladin

"By the goddess' will, I will purge this world of darkness, no matter the depths I must delve."

Vanaah is the captain of an order of paladins called the Reapers, who fight against all manner of evils that plague the desert lands of Sangalim. She serves both Sanghalia, the goddess of life, and her sister Djare, the goddess of death, for she uses death as a means to protect the lives of her countrymen. After Magdelina told Vanaah of her visions of the return of Overlord Rexan, Vanaah was the one to suggest a plan to venture into the southern wastelands to stop the resurrection.

In battle, Vanaah is a daunting adversary. She wields her scythe with great skill and power, striking fast to surprise or slow to counterattack with impunity, as situation requires. With great concentration and focus, she is able to channel her connection with the goddess of death for a tiny moment to strike with power and precision beyond mortal capacity.

  • Childhood Friends: With Seth.
  • Dark-Skinned Blond
  • Lightning Bruiser: She has good reach, plenty of forward movement, high power and above average defenses. Channeling the power of the goddess makes her even stronger and faster for a moment.
  • Sinister Scythe: Vanaah's weapon of choice is a scythe of intimidating size.
  • The Paladin: Trained from birth to hold on to her ideals, to have unwavering courage in the face of darkness, and to trust entirely to the gods for her strength and fate.
  • You Will Not Evade Me: Her fighting style contains techniques to hold opponents in place and to instantly move next to targets further away.

Zaamassal Kett, Corrupted Planestalker

"All that exists is my world. Let me show you the chaos behind these eyes."

Once, Zaamassal Kett was one of the most skilled knights of the Planestalkers, an organization that protects Indines from the horrors that lurk outside space and time. He had always had a different percerption and grip on reality, a trait that was put to good use in the service of Planestalkers. In a major battle against one of the most powerful enemies of the order, Oriana, Zaamassal ended getting lost on the wrong side of the dimensional gate. For countless years, he wandered the planes, and his innate understanding of the planes and the nature of the reality grew. One day, he met Oriana again. This encounter ended with him sworn in the service of the dimensional warlord, for his old loyalties lay forgotten. He was sent back to the Prime World to guard Cherri Seneca, who had a special place in Oriana's plans.

Zaamassal is an experienced warrior who fights with two blades, and his fighting style is further reinforced by his understanding of reality itself. As long as his concentration remains unbroken, Zaamassal can subtly alter the space around him to enforce his paradigms—fields of warped reality that grant him additional powerful abilities. Attacks made by him cut deeper than they should, his position changes out of sync with his movements, or such other small alterations in reality.

  • Dual Wielding: Zaamassal wields a longer blade in combination with a shorter blade meant for parrying and trapping an opponent's blade.
  • Fallen Hero: He is currently serving as The Dragon to one of the greatest enemies of the order he used to belong to.
  • Reality Warper: He possesses a very minor form of this. Only usable on a small, personal scale, to gain an advantage in a fight.
  • Stance System: His paradigms warp reality in different ways, but he can only maintain one at a time, so he has to change them according to the situation.

    Introduced in Devastation of Indines 

Adjenna Callista, Crystal Witch

"Come closer, look into my eyes."

A thousand years ago, dragons ruled the world, enslaving the lesser races and setting themselves up in grand palaces and luxury. Among them, the Dragon King Greyheart was the most powerful, standing as an almost godly ruler among his peers.

Adjenna, as any other dragon, always lusted for more power for herself. Occupying a place by the side of Greyheart seemed like a valid aspiration despite her sister being the current lover of the Dragon King. The details are shady but the outcome of her plans resulted on her sister becoming a demon, set to live on the Afterworld for eternity.

By the power hungry standards of the draconic culture Adjenna proved herself to be worthier than her, thus becoming the bride and mate of Greyheart for several centuries to come.

But then, the advent of the Gods occurred, and the races of Indines had champions at last who could overthrow their Draconic lords. The Dragon King Greyheart was too powerful to truly die, and so he was imprisoned in the deep well below the grand colossus, Helim Mekhit . The rest of the dragons disguised themselves in human form, and scattered to the winds, living their immortal lives in seclusion.

When Greyheart's empire fell, Adjenna constructed for herself a massive tower of glass in the northern wilderness of Relecour , and has lived there in seclusion for the past nine centuries, taking no part in the politics or struggles of the world below. Now, a millennium later, she has found the key to releasing Greyheart, and restoring the Dragon Empire to glory once more.

  • One Bad Mother: Isn't the greatest mother to her daughter Marmalee.
  • Taken for Granite: Her UA involves giving the opponent a petrification token at the end of beat if she's next to them and wasn't stunned. If the opponent gets a 6th token, they are eliminated from the game.

King Alexian XXXVII, Dynastic King of Jeffreys

"We are all that stands between this world and Devastation. Now stand beside me and fight!"

Alexian is the thirty-seventh king of Jeffreys, and successor to the world's oldest kingdom. The Jeffrian Kings are said to be descended from giants, and Alexian stands head and shoulders over every man in his kingdom, reinforcing that legend. His ancestors are renowned heroes of legend, but Alexian himself is a peacetime king, and has led his nation in the prosperous golden age that is now coming to an end. With Gessleheim's overlord resurrected and the threat of inter planar invasion standing at his door, the aging King Alexian has taken up arms to rally his people and lead them in battle against what he sees as an inevitable invasion from the South.

Like his forefathers, Alexian hopes to die a glorious death in a heroic battle, perhaps carving his own legend by destroying Overlord Rexan yet again.

An excellent character for beginners, Alexian absorbs damage well and hits like a train. He follows a strict code of conduct, facing opponents directly and allowing them to rise to their feet and challenge him head on, even when it would be more advantageous to strike opportunistically.

Arec Russel Zane, Prodigal Sorceror

Aria, Planestalker Prototype

Byron Krane, The Immortal Bound

Cairngort Rexan, Overlord of Gesselheim

The former Overlord of Gessleheim. He turned the country into a great empire, but was then betrayed and killed. Three centuries later, Hepzibah Culotre resurrects him in the modern day.

Lord Cairngort Rexan is a Brawler who has rather weak stats on his Styles, but makes up for it with his Unique Ability that gives up to 3 Curse Tokens to the opponent whenever he is hit. These tokens usually have no effect unless they're anted, but some of Rexan's cards gain extra effects when the opponent is holding on to them. If Rexan would give his opponent a Curse Token when all 3 are already in play, the opponent instead loses life. Not only that, but you must also hit Rexan or be hit by him after anteing your Curse Tokens, or you'll get them back at the end of the Beat.

  • Curse: His Unique Ability is to give Curse Tokens to his opponent that weaken them.
  • One-Hit Kill: His Zero Hour finisher instantly kills the opponent at the End of Beat if they have 3 Curse tokens.

César Grist, Reliquary Hunter

The Reliquary is an ancient and powerful organization that polices the world for powerful artifacts from ancient times. Hunters like César scour the world to contain dangerous relics and to stop those who would use them for evil purposes. César would have died long ago, but a powerful relic replaced his heart and sustains his body and mind, making him immortal. Though there is one problem with the core, it requires power to run.

In the past Cesar has tried to escape the Reliquary but it has always ended the same. His core will shut down and agents will be sent to retrieve him. After a few centuries he has resigned himself to his work though he now has a grim sense of humor about the whole situation.

  • Artifact Collection Agency: Works along side with Endrbyt gathering relics all around Indines.
  • Death-or-Glory Attack: His finisher "Endless Vigil" resets his threat level, and doubles the bonuses from threat levels gained afterwards (up to +6 power and stun immunity), but once he hits level 4, he loses instantly.
  • Double Weapon: Quadruple weapon actually - his ironstar is four blades arranged in cross formation around a central grip.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: The first time in a game he would take lethal damage, he remains at 1hp instead.
  • Mighty Glacier: A lot of his styles have zero or negative priority. They also mostly have poor stun guard, meaning he depends a lot on the guard bonus from his Threat Level to hit his opponent.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: He cannot move past the opponent if he is at Threat Level 4, to stop him from just using Dodge to skip this period of vulnerability.
  • Really 700 Years Old: His exact age in unknown, but it's easily in centuries.
  • Who Wants to Live Forever?

Clinhyde Eight, Super Soldier

  • You Are Number 6: Like all members of Willat Black Ops organization, the Division 13.

Clive Melmont, Apprentice

In a terrible disaster a few years prior, the Melmont family's estate was consumed in a huge fire. Clive was the only survivor and was gravely injured. It was the royal historian and famous hero Luc Von Gott who built a robotic body for Clive, transferring the boy's consciousness to it and saving his life. Clive now follows Luc on his adventures, inventing new and incredible machines of his own and learning from his master about what it means to be a hero.

Eligor Larington, Successor of St. Kelbran

The Templars are a wandering order of monk-knights who keep peace and dispatch monsters within the borders of Jeffreys. Eligor has been serving his duty to the common folk of the realm for three years now, but as the times of peace draw to an end, he is searching desperately for some great task to make a name for himself.

The inheritor of the legendary sword of Saint Kelbran, Eligor's soul is one of pride and unrest. While his duty is to the people of Jeffreys, his real interest is in making a name for himself by striking down some great monster or performing some epic quest.

When Runika Zenanen asked for volunteers to aid her against the Dragon Queen, Eligor alone stepped forward and accepted the errand, despite its impossible odds.

A highly defensive fighter, Eligor gains vengeance tokens on being hit, which he can spend to boost his stun guard. Many of Eligor's effects allow him to punish opponents who have already hit him that beat, and he can deal tremendous damage under the right circumstances.

  • Chain Pain: Attached a chain to his sword, which he can use to close the distance with opponents.
  • Famous Ancestor: Descended from Avelina, one of the four heroes who struck down Rexan.
  • Glory Hound: Far more interested in the 'being famous' part of being a hero than he is in actually helping people.
  • Last Chance Hit Point: His 'Sweet Revenge' finisher allows Eligor to survive an attack that would otherwise kill him and then hit the opponent back for triple damage.
  • Mighty Glacier: Vengeful is his only Style that doesn't have negative Priority, and it only has +0. This is a good thing, because most of his cards give him bonuses if he was hit that Beat, and he can use his Vengeance tokens to avoid being stunned, which is the biggest threat when going last.
  • White Hair, Black Heart: Not evil, but certain a dislikeable anti-hero.

Endrbyt, Relic Hunter

Gaspar Geddon, Disciple of Naught

Gerard Matranga, Mercenary King

Iaxus the Shattered

Joal Kalmor, Monster Hunter

Kaitlyn Van Sorrel, Marshal of the Planestalkers

Kajia Septie Salix

Husks are undead dryads –those who choose to outlive the ancient trees that give them life. The existence of a husk is a cursed one–they are seen as harbingers of disease, death, and famine across the land. Shunned by society and the world, many of the husks in Indines have banded together to form cults in the service of the Great Disasters–creatures born of calamity and destruction.

In the first Centennial Wars, these cults came to the aid of the Southern Empire in their march north, and prepared a great curse to spoil the forests of Jeffreys , the central nation of Indines. Kajia, an accomplished druidess, stood with her own life tree in the way of this curse, taking the brunt of its dark power upon herself. The force of the curse blasted her life tree, and became infused permanently into her body, turning her into a husk as well.

Kajia determined to fight the husk cults as long as her new half-life would allow, and aided the side of her nation from the shadows. Even to this day, there are rumors of a dark spirit of the forest that aids travelers and defends the forest from those who would harm it. Kajia has seen the coming of Havoc and been called to join the husks who serve it in her dreams. Now her task of stopping them has become ever-more urgent.

Karin & Jager Brandtford, Werewolf Twins

"I heard stories about the land across the sea, but I never imagined this."

Born beneath the full moon, the werewolf twins Jager and Karin have only one human soul and one wolf soul between them, and so each must always take a different form than the other. Sent together with Marmelee to act as her bodyguards, Karin and Jager are privy to Marmelee's secret plans to thwart the unbinding of her father, the Dragon King.

The two have also heard stories of an immortal Dark Wizard who is able to conjure new souls. On their journey, they also hope to find this person and convince him to break their two souls apart, so that they can at last take whichever forms they wish.

Although Jager functions as a marker instead of a separate character, most of Karin's effects are based around working with Jager and using him to ambush and close down her opponent.

  • Brother–Sister Team
  • Confusion Fu: Karin has tremendous flexible positioning that makes her hard to predict, with lots of forward movement, with the abilities to switch places with Jager or attack from Jager's position instead of her own. In addition, her other styles allow use Jager to restrict or control the opponent's movement.
  • Elegant Gothic Lolita: Karin's dress and tiny hat fit this aesthetic. Jager in human form is a Badass in a Nice Suit.
  • Our Werewolves Are Different: Of the 'switching between pure wolf and pure human' variety. Karin and Jager are restricted to never being in the same form, but that appears to be unique to them.
  • Mystical White Hair
  • My Instincts Are Showing: Karin is prone to trying to eat raw meat while in human form.
  • Puppet Fighter: Her player also needs to control Jager. Her Howling Style allows him to attack, and many of her cards give her bonuses if her enemy is too close to him.
  • Sinister Scythe: Karin wields a sickle in human form.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes

Lesandra Machan, Summoner in Training


Malandrax Mecchi, Deadly Genius

Marmelee Greyheart, Lost Princess

"I won't allow this world to fall under my father's rule again, no matter the cost."

On the day the Dragon King fell, the people of Amalao decided to cut all ties with the mainland of Indines, and their druids shrouded the land in an eternal mist. It was not to be seen again for a thousand years. This fabled land of dryads , beast men, and elementals remained lost and forgotten to time, and no one who ventured to find it ever returned.

It was almost two and a half centuries later when an egg was discovered by treasure-hunting beast men within an ancient palace. After the egg was returned to Czanthine, the country's capital, it hatched, revealing the only dragon to be recorded born in the past millennia.

Marmelee grew up in the schools of the elementals, and showed an exceptional talent for magic. Like all dragons, she excelled at natural magic, and learned to transform her superficial form into that of a dryad in order to live her daily life in Amalao. Due to her long lifespan as a dragon, she was appointed national historian of the country, and spent centuries researching the past of the world and of herself.

After an archaeological dig at the site where her own egg was discovered, Marmelee discovered a shocking truth. She was the last daughter of Greyheart and Adjenna, the dragon king and queen, all of whose eggs were thought to be destroyed. She also discovered that on the thousandth eve of the Dragon King's sealing, it would be possible to release him from his bonds.

The people of Amalao, who worshipped the ancient dragons, were overjoyed at these findings, and sent Marmelee north to find her mother and aid her in releasing Greyheart from his prison. Marmelee, as a scholar of history, had learned of the oppression and atrocities that had taken place under her father's ancient empire, and secretly resolved to stand against her mother and prevent the Dragon King's unbinding.

Marmelee supplements her natural draconic powers with a wide variety of magic she has studied in her own time. A defensive fighter, she gains concentration counters over time that she can spend for various powerful effects. However, being stunned breaks her concentration and leaves her vulnerable.

Mikhail Isen, Hand of Divinity

Saint Mikhail Isen is a Virian, an angelic being from the Celestial Plane. He is sent to Indines to investigate the resurrection of Rexan.

Mikhail's Styles have significant range and power, but he needs to ante one of his 3 Seal Tokens. If he does not ante one, all his Style's bonuses and effects do not apply. Mikhail regains Seals by getting hit or by using his unique Base.

  • Long-Range Fighter: All of his Styles have some range bonus.
  • Mighty Glacier: As a Heavy, most of his Styles have huge power but negative priority. Of note is that if he doesn't ante a Seal Token, all of his Style is canceled, including the priority penalty.
  • No-Sell: His Sacred Style cancels all attacks as long as he's at least 3 spaces away from his opponent.

Oriana Xenia Vellopholetta, Astral Conqueror

""The Prime World is ripe for the taking."<—

At the origin of the universe, where all existence begins, the Plane of Chaos stands. Here, vast cosmic energies give rise to new beings of unimaginable scale and power, snuffing them out again in the same instance. Those creatures that exist long enough to escape the primordial null and become self-aware are called Chaons. Not a true species, the individuals of this race vary widely in power, size, and capability, ranging from levels smaller and weaker than animals, all the way to the level of gods and beyond.Oriana is the most powerful known Chaon, possessing powers to alter space, time, and the laws of reality themselves. She has set up an empire of sorts—banding together the various races of the planes, and conquering her way across the multiverse. The Prime World, which sits in the very center of the linear planes, is one of her many current projects for conquest. This world presents an interesting problem, as the leylines surrounding Indines form a tight mesh that prevent her from mustering her full power in that world. Instead, she must reach through cracks in those leylines—using allies like Zaamassal or breaches like Cherri to manifest and project her power. Oriana appears human in the world of Indines, but the body that she projects into the world is really just a puppet with only the tiniest fraction of her true capability. Those who have seen her true form say she is more akin to a star in appearance and magnitude. She's a character so alien as to be completely unrelatable and inscrutable.

Ottavia Six, Cybernetic Sniper

It's as easy as that.<—

An agent of division 13, Willat's experimental black ops cell. Ottavia is a cyborg who wields a powerful rifle. She is one of the team team sent to hunt down Kehrolyn and Ryukyuk after the latter goes rogue.

Pendros Schalla, Wandering Druid

“Don’t just sit there, we’ve got a world to save, don't we?”

Pendros Schalla is a wandering druid who travels the world righting wrongs. He is a good friend and mentor to Hikaru.

Runika Zenanen, Royal Artificer

"If it weren't my job to arm the kingdom, I'd be keeping every one of these for myself."

Runika is the Master Armiger of the Jeffrian Artificers–one of the most renowned crafters of mystical weapons and armor in the world. When not developing new weapons for her king and country, her hobby is archaeology, particularly that relating to golems–massive animated war engines used in the ancient battle against the Dragon King.

On a research trip to study the ruins at Helim-Mekhit, Runika stumbled upon the Dragon Queen Adjenna, and learned of her plot to release the Dragon King Greyheart upon the thousandth anniversary of his binding. Returning home with this grim news, she found the King unwilling to lend aid–being more concerned with developments in the south and the warning of the planestalkers that even more dangerous developments were soon to come, Alexian would not spare an army to 'chase ghost stories' in the north.

Runika decided to take it upon herself to travel north and challenge the Crystal Witch herself. Enlisting the aid of the templar Eligor, Runika set out to stop Adjenna before it was too late.

In battle, Runika uses the power of the weapons and armour she has created to overwhelm the opponent. She is immensely powerful with all her equipment, but lack of combat experience can be exploited by an opponent who can destroy her gear.

  • Clothes Make the Superman: With all her artifacts on Runika is terrifying. Without them, she has average-to-poor stats and lacks the powerful effects of most other characters.
  • Explosive Overclocking: Can overcharge an active artifact, for a powerful one-time benefit, at the cost of losing it for the rest of the fight.
  • Gadgeteer Genius
  • Medium Awareness: Her rationale for creating Udstadt is "Why should bad guys get all the fun of being final bosses?"
  • Power Fist: Her primary weapon. Apparently a remote control version.
  • Subsystem Damage: Getting hit allows the opponent to turn off one of her artifacts.
  • The Cassandra: Is completely ignored trying to warn Jeffreys about Greyheart's return.
  • Wrench Wench

Shekhtur Lenmorre, Cursed Heroine

"This power was meant for evil, but maybe I can use it for good."

Shekhtur was a young thief in the western desert nation of Sanghalim who employed herself by stealing high-value items by request of foreign buyers. All that changed when she took on a contract to break into the Imperial Reliquary and steal a trinket known as Malephaise’s Claw. The cursed relic bound itself to her. Feeding upon anger and bloodlust, it provides great power to Shekhtur if she allows it.

Unwilling to let the claw control her, she has set off to the East in search of the client who requested it, an ancient wizard named Byron Krane , in the hope that he can free her of its curse. As she sets off on her journey, Shekhtur has resolved to use her newfound power for good, rather than to let it control her. Joining forces with the monster hunter Joal Kalmor , she embarks on the biggest adventure of her lifetime.

Shekhtur is nimble and agile, and skilled at infiltration from her previous past as a thief. The "Claw of Malephaise" allows her to gain malice tokens to further boost her speed and punch through defences.

  • Armor-Piercing Attack: Certain attacks allow her to ignore stun guard and soak when her priority is jacked high enough.
  • Artifact of Doom: The claw is stated to corrupt Shekhtur and drain her life force. It is a Clingy MacGuffin to boot.
  • Bad Powers, Good People: The claw is a demonic, life-draining artefact, but Shekhtur herself is good despite being a thief.
  • Foil : To Eligor, with whom she shares the box art and tutorial comic. Eligor is supposedly holy warrior who is vain and self-serving, Shekhtur is a thief with a demonic weapon who wants to do what she can to help. Shektur is offence-focused and relies on going first, Eligor is defence-focused and relies on going second. Eligor regains a token for each damage he takes, Shektur gains a token for each damage she deals - with both in trouble if they spend all their tokens without immediately regaining them.
  • Fragile Speedster: Her styles offer zero stun guard, but her tokens allow her to reach insane priority levels and hit first.
  • Life Drain: Her unique base lets her deal extra damage and heal herself by spending Malice.

Tanis Trilives, Ghostly Puppeteer

Voco Astrum, Evil Overlord Wannabe


    Introduced in Fate of Indines 


Baenvier Marlgrove


An alien heroine who takes the appearance of a stereotypical Magical Girl, although her true form is more frightening. She can change between three different forms, each with two different effects: one applied when she transforms, and one applied on all subsequent turns until she transforms again.

Jager Brandtford

Larimore Burman

An ancient dragon who has assumed human form to take on a new life as a magic teacher at Argent University. His Unique Ability is Firepower. Burman starts the game with two Firepower tokens and can hold up to five at once and spend them to improve his attacks. He can gain up to three Firepower per turn, but takes penalties to Power and Priority depending on how much he charges up. He also only gains his Firepower at the end of the turn, meaning that charging up isn't always a waste even if he has 5 already, if he's planning on spending some Firepower that Beat.

  • Arbitrary Minimum Range: His Dragonbreath and Warmage's Styles will miss opponents up close. Warmage's allows Burman to spend Firepower to push opponents at Range 1, giving him a way to use the Style even when up close, although it won't work on enemies at range 2 (which is also too close). His Dragonflare finisher also misses at range 1.
  • Bald, Black Leader Guy: He is the leader of Argent University's sorcery classes, and his human form is a dark-skinned bald man.
  • Blown Across the Room: Might, his unique Base, lets him spend Firepower to push the opponent that many spaces and deal extra damage. His Warmage's and Incinerating Styles also have effects that can push the opponent by spending Firepower.
  • Breath Weapon: Even in human form, he can use his Dragonbreath to improve his reach and power.
  • Mighty Glacier: Even though his Styles and unique Base mostly have okay Priority, he still tends to go last due to his charging mechanic.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Charging 3 Firepower prevents him from moving, obviously to prevent players from just charging 3 and using Dodge to avoid all penalties.
  • Twofer Token Minority: He was added to Fate of Indines as the Designer's Choice in order to add racial and gender balance, since most characters in the expansion were Caucasian women. Also a rare case where "male" is considered the token.
  • Waxing Lyrical: When defeated in BattleCON Online:

Lord Eustace

Sarafina Vanedran

A tactician who uses a hologram to disorient her enemy.

Thessala Three

An artificially-created steel elemental with a myriad of different transformative states, Thessala is a member of the Willati Special Operations team.

Unlike the other shapeshifter characters, she transforms along predetermined paths. Her special ability allows her to place tokens on a track, with each space granting a different bonus and stronger bonuses farther along the track.

Welsie Acktern

Xenitia Zook

    Introduced in Trials of Indines 

Amon Elcela

Burgundy XII

Cindra Flama

Cindra was a simple peasant until her village was attacked by bandits. She fled into the woods and, while starving, found an egg. She ate the egg, which turned out to be a phoenix undergoing resurrection, and was transformed into a half-phoenix.

Similarly to Kallistar, Cindra has a Human form and a Phoenix form that saps her life. However, she has no control over the transformation. Once her life drops low enough, she automatically and permanently assumes Phoenix form for the rest of the duel.

Dareios Kuel

Dravil Coldwater

Hayden Morgan

Uleyle Kimbhe

The archmage of Relecour and Mage Hunter. She has a Staff Marker that grants power to anyone who stands on it, friend or foe.
  • Combat Stilettos: Her art shows her wearing high heels. This is because she is insecure about her height.
  • Magic Staff: Her Staff grants power to anyone who controls it. This includes her opponent.

Lucida Malephaise

Trias Blackwind

Wardlaw O'Brien

    Introduced in Wanderers of Indines 

Anya Southwind, Defender of Justice

A harpy who can switch between Grounded and Flying stances. Some of her cards have effects that only apply in one stance or another. While flying, she can avoid short-ranged attacks, but she is vulnerable to stuns.

Cionaodh O'ciaominh

Dajin Nidala

Feylana Chorgitz

A Regulamancer, or magical lawyer. She can place her bases into a "Geas Pile", limiting her options in exchange for more power and other effects. She can also steal her opponent's Bases.

John Strong Stevenson

Kai Omekai

The Puzzle Box Master. He has five Function cards, and can challenge his opponent to guess which one he plays. If they guess wrong, Kai gets the Function's bonus, but if they guess right, he loses all his Functions and gets a penalty.

Kora Sev Traxae

Rin Coldwater

Ser Vekyl Voroos

Wendy Thrystle

    Boss Characters 

    Supporting Characters 


    Promotional & Guest Characters 

Anath Adrasteia

An avatar of destruction. She can change between four different Aspects that each grant her a powerful bonus and drawback. If she is stunned, she if forced to change to a different Aspect.

  • Arbitrary Maximum Range: The Aspect of Ruin makes all of her attacks miss at range 3 or greater.
  • Arbitrary Minimum Range: The drawback of her Aspect of Death. She can hit enemies from much farther away, but her minimum range is increased by 1, so all her attacks miss up close.
  • Mighty Glacier: The Aspect of Hate increases her power, but reduces her priority.
  • Mystical White Hair: Her hair is white, indicating that she's the avatar of some huge otherworldly power and not just a regular human.
  • Stance System: Her Aspects allow her to change her playstyle at will.

Evil Hikaru

"I'll fight everyone... and then I'll win! It's foolproof!"
An evil doppelganger of Hikaru. While Hikaru's Elemental Tokens improve his power, Evil Hikaru's Evil Elements instead weaken the opponent, but deny him certain bonuses from his Styles if he has too many, leading to situations where he wants to avoid regaining them. A lot of his Styles also require him to predict his opponent's moves in order to use them to their full potential.

  • Ascended Extra: He originated as a secret character whose cards could be printed if you uncovered a secret code in the lore book. BattleCON Online makes him into a regular character.
  • Blood Knight: Violence is all that he really cares about.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He's evil and he knows it.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His Dark Raging style has a whopping +3 Power, but if Evil Hikaru and his opponent didn't use the same Base, his opponent also gets that bonus, on top of +3 Priority (almost guaranteeing they'll go first and nullifying any potential life lead you might gain).
  • Elemental Powers: His Evil Elements apply effects roughly opposite to Hikaru's to the opponent. Fire reduces damage, wind reduces priority, water forces the opponent to come closer, and earth reduces Stun Guard.
  • Laughably Evil: He is so over-the-top in his villainy it's hard to find him genuinely threatening.

    Introduced in BattleCON Online 


A professor of alchemy who can permanently upgrade his base cards by anteing reagents.
  • Magikarp Power: His Styles are weaker than most, but his ability to permanently improve his Bases more than make up for it in the late game, if you can upgrade the right Bases in the right way.

Ø Seven

A mysterious being from the Minus World who can absorb emotions. Her ability, Empath, permanently replaces her styles with an upgraded version if she's hit.
  • Colour-Coded Emotions: Her skin is pure white, but changes color depending on her current emotion.
  • Emotional Powers: Judging from the names of her Styles, she can change emotions at will to strengthen her attacks.


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