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Characters / Batman: Nightwalker

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Bruce Wayne

The main character of the book. Orphaned at the age eight, he has been raised by the butler and has just celebrated his eighteenth birthday when he has to do community service in the Arkham Asylum.


Madeleine Wallace

An enigmatic inmate at Arkham's. She's 18, accused of three horrible murders, and plays mindgames with Bruce.


Detective Dracoon

The detective in charge of Bruce's community service.

Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce's butler, who has raised him since the death of his parents.

  • Battle Butler: He mentions having served in the Army, and when the Nightwalkers attack he at least tries to fight them off.
  • Parental Substitute: As always.
  • So Proud of You: Tells this not only to Bruce but also to Harvey when they graduate, knowing that Harvey's abusive father won't say it.


Lucius Fox

The head of the R&D department at Wayne Tech.

Harvey Dent

Bruce's best friend.

Dianne Garcia

Bruce's other best friend.


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