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Characters / Barbie in the Princess and the Pauper

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I'm savoring a first and last taste of freedom before getting married next a total stranger.
Anneliese is the princess of a bankrupt kingdom. In order to save her kingdom, she must marry a rich king, yet she is already in love.

Though I know I have so little, my determination's strong. People will gather around the world to hear my song!
Erika is a poor village girl who must work as a seamstress in order to pay off her parents' debt. She would much rather be a singer.


Yes, before this chapter closes, I'll be big as Charlamagne!
Preminger is the main antagonist of the movie. His goal is to become the king of Anneliese's kingdom.

I may be dainty, but I'm still a feline!
Serafina is Anneliese's pet cat. She falls in love with Wolfie.

A cat always lands on his feet. Even one that barks.
Wolfie is Erika's pet cat. He acts like a dog, and he falls in love with Serafina.


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