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Since the Azure Rain series has so many characters, don’t be surprised if they aren’t all listed. The Main Four is Exactly What It Says on the Tin and Supporting Characters consist of recurring characters who aren’t the main four (Keida, Naesa, etc.).

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     Main Four 


“Absolutely not.”

A former investigator of murders. Baltan generally tends to be irritable, hates change, and wants to lead as simple a life as possible, having gotten his fill of adventure years ago. Or so he tells himself. As a child prodigy and more or less genius, Baltan is the ‘brains’ of the group.


“Feels like old times, doesn’t it?”

Baltan’s good-natured and kind ex-investigative partner. Despite his massive size and intimidating appearance, he loves cute things and animals and is generally seen as a benevolent caretaker. He’s also an excellent cook and usually gives very good advice, though he generally doesn’t take the lead position himself. His size and strength lead him to being more the ‘brawn’ of the group, though ‘heart’ definitely wouldn’t be unfitting.

  • Adorkable
  • Belated Backstory: Though we get some a brief summary Azure Rain, Crimson Lightning will likely provide more detail of when Eureka was living with the tribe and what he was like as a young teen
  • Berserk Button: Do not hurt Baltan. Do not hurt Azzie. Do not hurt Lleuwellyn. Do not hurt children. Do not even THREATEN to do any of the above.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Roughly eight feet tall, well over three hundred pounds of muscle plus super strength, claws, and fangs. Don’t piss him off.
  • The Big Guy
  • Chef of Iron
  • Cuteness Proximity
  • The Determinator
  • Ear Notch
  • The Exile
  • Forgot Flanders Could Do That: Due to his generally more peaceful nature and tendency to care for all living things, it’s a bit of a shock when he does show off his strength and ability to kill pretty much anything
  • Friend to All Children
  • Friend to All Living Things
  • Gentle Giant: Is one until someone he cares about is hurt
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has a lot of scars due to his previous line of work, but the most notable goes from above his right eyebrow to the left side of his chin. He got it from his father when he was banished from Kwoltan Gera
  • The Heart: Though Azzie also has some tendencies of The Heart, Eureka is mainly the one keeping the rest of the group together. When he is out of commission for a few days after being shot, Baltan and Azzie both get depressed and the former barely eats anything. If he had been any less okay than he ended up being it could have been a Despair Event Horizon for both of them which is saying a lot given that nearly every character in Azure Rain has a Dark and Troubled Past
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: His facial scars set him apart from Keida
  • Lightning Bruiser: At first you’d think that Kwoltan Gera Azures would be slow since they’re so big. Nope.
    • To be fair they aren’t as fast as some other Azure types, like Illdresil Gera, which is the fastest, but they are faster than non-Azures and many times more powerful.
  • Mistaken for Gay: His love of cooking, cute things, small animals lead some characters to think he’s gay. It’s actually his much more masculine twin who is gay.
  • Nice Guy
  • Obnoxious In-Laws: He isn’t very fond of Shaeda. The feeling’s mutual.
  • Papa Wolf: Is this to Azzie, Lleuwellyn, and pretty much anyone else that’s younger than him
  • Red Oni: To Keida’s Blue.
  • Sweet Tooth
  • Team Dad
  • You Didn't Ask: His response when Baltan gets angry that he wasn’t told about Eureka’s identical twin brother.


“Missed you.”

A young boy taken in by Eureka and Baltan early in Azure Rain. Though shy and withdrawn at first he quickly takes to his new surroundings and generally helps to keep the mood light in tense situations. He’s small but not a pushover and will defend the people he cares about no matter what.

  • The Ace: Has the makings of becoming one. He even manages to fight off a few of the cultist guards with little help, after only have learning skills one or two days before and being hungry and tired.
  • Badass Adorable
  • Big Eater
  • Break the Cutie: Averted; thus far all attempts to do so—and there have been many—have failed.
  • Cat Boy: He has white cat ears and displays some cat-like behavior, like darting after sudden movement or flashy objects. These seem to be things he does voluntarily, not reflexes.
  • Conveniently an Orphan
  • Cuddle Bug: Justified in that Azure children need lots of affection and cuddling to grow properly, something he’s never had access to before
  • Cute Bruiser
  • Deliberately Cute Child
  • Everything's Cuter with Kittens: His cat ears add to his cuteness appeal
  • Fear of Thunder
  • Genki Boy: Despite the amount of horrible things that have happened to him for the majority of his life, he still manages to be rather upbeat and cheery.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness
  • Mommy Issues: Subverted. His adopted mother who raised him to believe she was his birth mother was incredibly abusive but he doesn’t brood on this for too long.
  • My Instincts Are Showing: Azzie does this more frequently than the other characters due to being younger and thus having less self-control. It does seem intentional at least most of the time though.
    • More specifically, he likes to pounce on Lleuwellyn’s tail whenever he twitches it, among other cat-like behaviors and responses to sudden movements and lights
  • The Pollyanna
  • Sweet Tooth
  • The Voiceless: For most of the book, due to having his vocal chords cut at the beginning


“I’ll see what I can do but I’m not promising anything.”

The former medic of Illdresil Gera, he’s rather quiet and aloof but does obviously care about those around him. His place in the family is more or less being the Cool Big Brother to Azzie (despite is otherwise antisocial behavior he is NOT an Aloof Big Brother) and giving Baltan a hard time.

  • Badass Bookworm
  • Broken Bird
  • Character Development: Starts off as cynical, semi-suicidal, and completely engrossed in his past since his village has never let him forget it or move on from it. He gets a lot better even just by the end of Azure Rain, now having a caring family and something to live for. He beomes slightly more playful and less cynical over time even though he still has a lot to work on to get over his past traumas.
  • Claustrophobia
  • Combat Medic: As with all members of Illdresil Gera, a kick from him can burst organs. He can also throw knives (though he doesn’t get to do so in Azure Rain) and is not shy of fighting.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Defrosting Ice Prince: More to Baltan than anyone else, as Lleuwellyn readily gets along with Eureka and Azzie but has a long-standing hatred of Easterners
  • Doesn't Like Guns: One of his first snide remarks to Baltan is that he thinks guns are cheap, skill-less weapons. His knife throwing, on the other hand…
  • Elfeminate
  • Fantastic Racism: He makes a lot of assumptions about Baltan based on his race right away but seems to get somewhat better by the end of Azure Rain
  • Good Scars, Evil Scars: Has one over his right eye that he’s very self-conscious about due to his tribe’s high standards of beauty. It also marks him as the main sacrifice to Kreor
  • Green Thumb: Suggested early in Crimson Lightning when he and Azzie return from harvesting a plot he bought in the community garden.
  • It Sucks to Be the Chosen One: Lleuwellyn is specifically marked to be Kreor’s host.

     Supporting Characters 


“I have missed you every day, even after all these years.”

Eureka’s identical twin brother, he has spent his entire life in the tribe. He is generally quieter and more introspective than Eureka but can still assert himself and has proven to be a very effective leader when given the chance.

  • Action Dad
  • Ascended Extra: Shows up a lot more in Crimson Lightning if the blurb is anything to go by
  • Badass Gay
  • Blue Oni: To Eureka’s red, at least when they were younger.
  • Character Focus: Crimson Lightning will most definitely feature a lot more of Keida’s perspective.
  • Ear Notch: The top portion of one of his ears is missing
  • Eloquent in My Native Tongue: Though he doesn’t devolve quite as far as Hulkspeak when communicating in common language, Keida is a much more inspiring speaker in his native tongue.
  • I Have No Brother: He mostly tries to ignore Beialk’s existence and only very grudgingly interacts with him when he has to. This doesn’t have as drastic an effect on Beialk that it might have if they were closer in age, since Keida was already a warrior when he was born.
  • Identical Twin ID Tag: His facial scars set him apart from Eureka
  • The Mentor: To Toua
  • Nice Guy: Pretty apparent right after his introduction. When he notices that Baltan is upset he tries to talk to him even though he can’t speak common language well.

Shaeda-Ashail (Pond Foot)

Keida’s wife and mother to Naesa. While she normally chooses a more supportive role, she is by no means quiet or weak willed and is hailed as one of the best hunters Kwoltan Gera has to offer.


“ I just wanted to prove that I can be as good a warrior as anyone else.”

Keida and Shaeda’s daughter. She’s very blunt and aggressive and comes off as rude, but also has [[Tsundere a sweeter side]]. She is very determined to prove herself as a loyal warrior, most likely because of the delay in her training caused by attending the boarding school in Vinez.

  • Action Girl
  • The Apprentice: To Fioreln, who also mentored her father
  • Ascended Extra: Becomes much more prominent in Crimson Lightning
  • Beneath the Mask: She presents herself as abrasive, condescending, rude, and ready to jump into battle at a moment’s notice; on the inside she is insecure about living up to her parents’ legacies (her mother as one of the best hunters, her father as one of the most respected warriors) and wants to be seen as a good, loyal warrior.
  • Cat Girl
  • Daddy's Girl: She gets along better with Shaeda, who she is more like, but despite their squabbling she and Keida are quite close and God help you if you hurt her
  • Handicapped Badass: In Azure Rain her legs are destroyed from the knee down. Crimson Lightning shows that she now has prosthetics but still needs a lot of physical therapy to catch up to the other apprentices
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: She’s smaller than normal but is just as strong as the other apprentices, which is to say, several times stronger than the average adult non-Azure male
  • Slap-Slap-Kiss: With Lleuwellyn, in a way. The first time they interact she makes fun of his fear of water and he basically tells her to go drown. In Crimson Lightning a few of their interactions seem like light hearted teasing/flirting.


“It’s adorable how you talk as if you had a choice.”

A serial killer who targets children and the main villain of the book. The other members of the cult refer to him as ‘the messiah’. He loves playing mind games with people and setting them up to walk straight into traps, simply because he has left them no other option.

  • Batman Gambit: He’s mastered them.
  • Big Bad
    • Could be The Dragon if you think that Kreor actually exists.
  • Card-Carrying Villain: It seems that he wasn’t in the past, but in Azure Rain? Oh yes. Complete with conveyor belt into meat grinder. You’ve got to be a special kind of evil to be the messiah of a cult of evil mooks.
    • His motives fall into the Destruction class, since the god he intends to resurrect would bring about the end of the world. It ups him from being a child killer to an Omnicidal Maniac.
  • The Chessmaster
  • The Determinator: Even after being thrashed by Eureka, kicked through bulletproof glass, and falling two stories, he still tries to kill Lleuwellyn.
    • And he was kicked by Lleuwellyn. TWICE. Word of God states that a kick from an Illdresil Gera Azure can easily shatter bone and liquefy organs.
  • The Medic: Was one.
  • Meganekko
  • Sanity Slippage: Has been slipping at a pretty fast rate throughout the entire book, if Eureka and Baltan’s observations of how he’s changed from their first encounter are anything to go by. Also in Lleuwellyn’s flashback dream he seemed a lot more merciful and remorseful about his actions
  • Smug Snake


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