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The Students:


Quintus Nemetorius Micon:

  • Cultured Warrior: He is an experienced Warrior and Scholar in his native Rome and has proven it throughout his time at Avatar High.
  • Badass Bookworm: He has always had a great love of learning, reading books since a very young age. Commonly referencing them when explaining complicated concepts, and has used the knowledge gained to design many highly efficient and practical military systems. Such as the mecha that Avatar High uses.
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  • The Professor: He has proven a very well educated man, having Several PHD's across multiple disciplines. He has also performed his own advanced research and made several scientific breakthroughs in his home nation -often beyond those that might have been expected from the technology that he had access to.
  • Four-Star Badass: He became a General during his military career in the service of his nation. Presently he serves as the Commander in Chief or the Imperator of the Nova Roman armed forces.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Subverted after some time. As a child of an Aristocratic family he had been sheltered from the day to day realities of life as a child and during his teenage years. This sheltered life ended when he joined the armed forces of his nation.
  • The Social expert: Quintus has become an expert in this field during his time in the military. Becoming a well-known person in his nations military, becoming a War Hero in several wars that his nation fought, including several major battles.
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  • Manipulative Bastard: Quintus has had to do several underhanded things to maintain power. Including tracking down rebels who have tried to move from one location to another in attempts to hide from the authorities. Other matters may well have occurred but are not discussed in public or at all.
  • The Cynic: Due to his experiences Quintus does not trust people and doubts their motives, an attitude he does not hide as anyone who knows him will readily confirm.

Fünfte Auer:

The Teachers:

Gordon Freeman:

Bridget Spencer Scott:

  • A Form You Are Comfortable With She is a God/Gas thing in a flesh suit.
  • Half-Human Hybrid She is a God/Gas thing in the form of a humanoid Alicorn.
  • The High Queen Out of her own pocket she has donated thousands to various 'good causes' in her native Stor; she also destroyed a paedophile ring (The 'Rainbow Factory') with not even a single thought otherwise.
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  • Love Goddess A large part of her goddom over Emotions.
  • The Medic One of her duties is tending to the unhealthy emotionally. It's what netted her a job in AH as the School Councillor.
  • Physical God A somewhat humanoid creature, just like all of the other Alicorns of Stor, she is the Goddess of Emotions, Virginity, Childbirth, Fertility and an aspect of Friendship.
  • Princess Classic Subverted. During an attack upon her person she immediately responded with force, enough to vaporise everything else in the room with her. She also fought on the front lines during The War (with Discord).
  • Winged Humanoid She has a large set of prehensile wings.

The Planetary Members:

SARFU Members:

Transform Losmos:

Others: (A sort of general area until everything becomes more organised)

Those going under Tank Man: (Codes: IFU 1 (Imperial Federation Universe #1). STU 47 (Star Trek Universe #47). SHU (Super Hero Universe). EQU (Questria' Verse')

Velk'rian I:(IFU 1)

  • A God Am I: She gets this way after believing her morality regarding war is the correct one.
  • Anthropomorphic Personification: Is the AI of the Velk'rian-Class Dreadnought, Velk'rian, she was given the ability to shift between 'human' and her ship form when she crossed over into Avatar High.
  • Blueand Orangemorality: Being a sapient AI from the IF already meant quite a different sense of morality, that she had been propelled into godhood only made it brighter shades of said colours.

Va'Kel Enterprise:(STU 47)

Katyusha: (SHU)

  • The Archmage: Her present situation was caused by one. During the Great Patriotic War, during the Battle of Berlin she was struck by a spell from one in SS employ, which was meant to cause the rapid and fatal growth of her psionic organ. Said organ wanted her to stay alive and instead took over function from the organs it was meant to displace, lashing out at the archmage as it did so, killing him and flattening half of Berlin.
  • Apocalypse Maiden: In her drugged up state she can destroy a good portion of the planet Earth.
Those going under Ideaforl33tmen:

Those going under Thatwhichshouldbe:

Those going under Martianhunter:

  • Bob

  • Snow, Ellijah

  • Roosevelt, Kenneth

  • Kennison, Adrianna

  • Kenneson, Kimball

  • Kenneson, Sarah

  • Starbounder, The

  • Longbottom, Neville

Those going under Of_Memes_and_men:

Those going under Zeldafan:

Those going under Tristar:

Those going under Jetmorgan:Zen:

  • Energy Being Due to various events he became well what it says

Those going under The Potato: (Starchking)Layfon "Wolfstein" Alseif:


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