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Character page for Attack On Lololo 4.

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"ULTIMATUM!" *everything dies*

The Glass Cannon of the bunch, Meta-Mind started out as a Badass Normal before picking up a Cool Sword and gaining some powers to go with it. He specializes in extreme offence, relying on support from healers and others to keep him in the game as he dishes out large amounts of damage in small amounts of time.

His main character development arc so far has revolved around his moving from the more self-centered viewpoint he held at the beginning of the game to a more altruistic one. From the looks of things, future development arcs will be based around his status as a Legacy Character, though exactly how is unknown.

His official title is the Wandering Swordsman.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: Ultimatum, an apparently unavoidable Skill which deals upwards of a thousand damage in one hit. However, certain very specific conditions must be met in order to use the Skill, and the GM has been oddly close-mouthed about what exactly those conditions are.
  • Break Them by Talking: Did a lot of this early on, talking down both of the game's first two lieutenants.
  • Legacy Character: The "Meta-Mind" title is this, although Meta wasn't sure that his predecessor even existed until Wave EX-1.

    Zeldamaster 2
"You're all bark and no bite!"

A spear-twirling freedom fighter with aura-related powers and a veteran of the Third Lololo War.

The Quiet One of the players who post regularly, he started out as the member of the resistance who constantly would taunt opponents, and then be in a position to defend other members of the resistance. After gaining a few skills, he would settle into the role of a Lightning Bruiser that would usually use two of his skills in combination to do a priority attack and decent damage in the same turn, almost every turn of each battle.

His official title is the Transient Lancer.

  • Brought Down to Normal: Part of his backstory: thanks to him constantly swapping powers in a series of fighting tournaments, he no longer has any proficiency with any of them, and has to relearn to use them.
  • The Lancer: Subverted, as he doesn't associate with the rest of the Resistance to be part of any specific group.
  • The Quiet One: Of the various users who use prose, his is more likely to focus on the thoughts of his character.

"Do not worry, comrade! I shall cover you!"

A defensive tank and healer, Aeront is one of the most team-oriented members of the group. His mighty armor seems to conceal a mysterious past.

His official title is the Guardian Paladin.

  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: His primary weapon is the Old Glory Red Repulser, a heavily modified version of Captain America's shield which he uses to dispense healing around the battlefield
  • The Medic: Specializes in healing magic.

    The Kirbinator 
A studious mage who doubles as the team's unofficial standard bearer. Specializes in raising the overall morale of the team.

His official title is the Driving Soul.

  • Battle Cry: His skill of the same name allows him to raise the Resistance's spirits as well as intimidate foes.
  • Magic Wand: Started off as a Crooked Wand, but was later refined into a more potent weapon.

A kind cleric with a gift for healing magic, Impromptu is a veteran of the Second Lololo War and a former friend of General JasonGuy299.

Her official title is the Nurturing Healer.

  • Healing Hands: Quite literally, she learns the Skill 'Healing Hands' from SBSam soon after Wave 2.

    War P. Anda 
A chill dude with a thing for raps, Warpy joined the Resistance at the beginning of the game. After reaching Level 3 and becoming an established member of the cast, he inexplicably vanished from the game. It remains to be seen whether he will ever return.

His official title is the Raging Brute.


    Nicholas 1024 
His official title is the Supporting Knight.
  • Absurdly Sharp Blade: Can be accomplished temporarily thanks to his Sharpen skill, which, well, sharpens his sword.
  • Charged Attack: Quite often, in order to build up the power of his blade. The most notable example was during Wave 6, when he combined nearly every sword-related skill in his arsenal to release an absolutely massive attack, setting the player record for most damage dealt in a single turn.
  • Combination Attack: His playstyle revolves around supporting his allies. He even receives special bonuses while doing so, due to his title. In addition to this, he also possesses a more straight-forward combo attack, Dual Strike.
  • Cool Sword: His Rust Bringer / Blade of Ruin / Atlantic Sword / Oceanic Entrencher / Tsunami Breaker / FLOOD QUAKE BUSTER is this. At the end of each Wave, he takes a Seal and applies it to his sword, resulting in a unique weapon that constantly grows in power.
  • Critical Hit: In addition to pulling these off in-game several times, he also possesses the Critical Strike skill, intended to achieve exactly this effect.
  • Finishing Move: His Finishing Blow skill allows him to perform a final, definitive attack when an enemy is in critical condition.
  • The Leader: His role in the team is essentially this. Upstanding, noble, and willing to lead by example, Nicholas is probably the closest thing the Resistance has to a leader.
  • Making a Splash: His signature sword has this elemental affinity.
  • Master Swordsman: But you may have picked up on that already.

    SB Sam 
A calm, understated musician with a fierce temper boiling just below the surface. His signature weapon is the Mirror Baton, a powerful wand capable of absorbing and redirecting momentum.

His official title is the Tranquil Conductor.

  • Catch and Return: One of the Mirror Baton's many purposes is to absorb and redirect momentum; it can do this.
  • Dual Wielding: Frequently dual wields the Mirror Baton with a sword of some kind.
  • Magic Music: The theme for his weapons, though it's less music with magical powers and more "what if all instruments were also deadly weapons?"

A Time-Traveler from an unspecified dimension, Aquinas is a tech-savvy Friendly Sniper with an unabashed love for puns.

His official title is the Shrewd Electrician.

  • Badass Normal: He may not have the magical powers that other members of the Resistance have, but he doesn't need them to kick some ass.

    Kirbyand Hobbes 
A member of the resistance who is apparently from The Dimension of Increased Verbosity due to a Cosmic Retcon, he specializes in finding the elemental weaknesses of his enemies and exploiting them with his Runes, Glyphs, and Symbols.

His official title is the Knowledgeable Wizard.

  • Attention Deficit... Ooh, Shiny!: A bit- apparently spent an entire turn in the wings of a stage investigating a mysterious light, and then almost started doing magical experiments in the midst of a battle.
  • Cool Sword: The Sunset Blade/Sunset Divider, which adopts whatever element the target is weak to. Somewhat subverted, though- he doesn't really use the sword to fight, instead to discover the enemy's weak points, and then attacks with his spells.
  • Cosmic Retcon: Thrown in to account for his "backstory" not matching his character at all. He switched places with a version of himself from another dimension, and that version was retroactively always there.
  • Elemental Powers:
    • Runes, Glyphs, and Symbols have various elemental abilities.
    • The Sunset Blade has an even better version of this, adopting whatever element the target is weak to.
  • Magic Knight: More focus on the Magic than on the Knight, he mostly uses his sword to find the weakness of his enemies instead of attacking them.
  • Motor Mouth: Has a tendency to ramble after the dimension switch.
  • Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness: Recently switched places with the version of himself from "The Dimension of Increased Verbosity, although it more shows up as Motor Mouth.
  • The Smart Guy: Tries to be this, doing his best to come up with a strategy for the battles, and using his sword to find the enemy's weakness.
  • Technobabble: Refers to his ramble as "magical technobabble" when learning how to make Symbols.
  • Third-Person Person: Started off as this after the dimension switch, but quickly switched out of it.

    Zelos Wilder 
Zelos is probably the most unpredictable member of the Resistance. During his time in the game he's set off fireworks, taken up archery, learned earth magic, used a sword, stripped naked in the middle of battle, studied alchemy, and just recently, gotten drunk. Although he joined later than most of the main cast, his antics have catapulted him into a prominent position among the fighters.

His official title is the Bold Ranger.

  • Drunken Master: An extremely common depiction in fanon and spin-off materials. Became canon when he took a swig of Suspicious Beverage, complete with misspellings and comic sans font.

    Kmj 10 
One of the newer members of La Revolución, Kmj10 joined shortly before Wave 6. As of now, he only possesses a Rusty Sword and a Double-Edge Machete.
  • Attack! Attack... Retreat! Retreat!: Immediately after Kmj10 chooses to expand out in the Commemorative Wave, the Drift Plague shows up. He promptly goes back to attempting alchemy.
  • Epic Fail: So far, most of his attempts to actually do something have failed.
  • Motor Mouth: Tends to ramble a lot, whether actually talking or internally monolouging.

Joining in the late stages of Wave 5, Galax is an old Anti-Hero who totally doesn't have a dark past.
  • Anti-Hero: Galax has no problem killing. In his own words, "I have no delusions of heroism."
  • Dimensional Traveler: Galax isn't even from the same timeline he flew in from.
  • I Gave My Word: "Never speak, always fight, and make things right...That was the vow, wasn't it...?"
  • Mystical White Hair: Check. Galax / Seven's hair has been described as "a silvery gray-white, appearing recently doused, yet dry to the touch."


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