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The Hero(ine) or "Main Character" is, depending on the chosen backstory, either one of the Remnants of Atlantis, currently Walking the Earth to stop the spread of Oriharukon energy, halt the plans of Riederan's minions and generally gather clues on the whereabouts of their homeland, or an Atlantian, cruising back from a Bad Future where the whole world except for a last city is tainted by Oriharukon, rallying up the Remnants to stop Riederan's conquest.

  • Can't Drop the Hero: Heroes cannot be stored, put to rest or assigned to an expedition squad.
  • Confusion Fu: Kinda. At level 120, the hero can take on a quest chain that allows them to learn certain mercenary skills. The catch? You can only learn one, and there's no way to know what your opponents' choice is until you see them use it.
    • This applies more to certain heroes and less to others. In the North American servers, there are a whole two cannon mercenaries. However, sword users or staff users have a wide variety of choices.
  • Chronic Hero Syndrome: Whether it involves setting historical events right, fending off world-devouring demons or returning a girl's stolen pijamas, all NPCs in the world have a task for you.
  • Desperation Attack: Deadly Strike/Shot for melee or ranged mercenaries. It's powerful but will put you at around -200 AP.
  • Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Played straight. All weapon types except Staff and Instrument make for a main which either excels at physical attack or defense, or has a balance of both. However, those two can learn utterly devastating magic by levels 100-120, and considering that monsters able to defend themselves from magic are pretty rare...
  • Sticks to the Back: when on the map.
  • The Ace: A Hero is basically a D-Grade mercenary with improved abilities and stats (mainly HP), and gains more and more powerful perks as they level up.
    • For Heroes that have D-grade mercenaries, anyways. There isn't one for instrument or power saw heroes.
  • Virtual Paper Doll: All equipment the Hero wears is displayed, and there are many costumes to choose from as well.There's even an option to hide them, but keep the stat bonus.
  • Weapon of Choice: You may choose one out of 9 at the beginning of the game (1 for each class except swords and staves, where 2 class choices are available). Class Change Coupons are the only way of changing class (and therefore weapon type) outside of creating a new character.
    Sword Mercenaries 

Sword mercenaries are pretty reliable: most of them couple their sword with a shield, which gives them a good boost in HP and defense. Some can wield two swords instead. They can attack a single enemy, and thanks to swords having a passive Magic Level bonus they have the most powerful magic attack out of all melee classes.

Swordsman Gyebaek

One of the first soldiers that enlist as mercenaries when the Hero sets out for their journey.

  • Combination Attack: Hell Flame, which uses Dark Seed and Hex of Darkness.
  • Player Mooks: He's perhaps the most plain of all characters, but is dependable and you can add as many as you want to your formation.
  • Playing with Fire: He has Fire alignment and his main magic attack is the single-target, average-power Flame Sword.
  • Stone Wall: He acts as this early in the game. Other sword&shield mercenaries are basically a step up from him.

Exorcist Michael

None other than the Archangel Michael, who was banished to Earth for disobeying his divine orders to let Lucifer live. His former companion Iris, together with the Hero, tricks the demon Citratus, the warden of his prison, into breaking his seal, letting him escape albeit turned into a human being.

  • Fallen Angel
  • He Who Fights Monsters: He won't lose any chance to remind you that he fights evil.
  • Magic Knight: quite heavier on the magic side than other sword users. Also one of the few the only non-staff mercenaries who can use an Orb.
    • His skills revolve around staff-users, whether it is hasting yours or silencing all of your opponents' at once.
  • Mana Burn
  • Non-Elemental

Lady Knight Joan of Arc

A sacred shield-maiden whose master Janet entrusted to the Hero after he helped her track down the sacred artifacts of the Knights of the Round and avenge the death of her brother Percival.

Pirate Anne Bonny

A companion of the pirate captain Mary Read, whose ship was marooned on the coast of the Caribbean and whose treasure was stolen by the ruthless pirate Davy Jones, who framed her with the help of the treacherous bandit Jack. The Hero and Mary Read unravel Davy and Jack's plot, recover the treasure and bust Anne Bonny out of prison.

  • Cast From Hit Points: The Bloody Vengeance attack sacrifices part of an ally's HP to deal magical damage to an enemy.
  • Dual Wielding
  • Glass Cannon: Two swords, extra poison damage, and a passive skill that makes her hit harder and more often...and her base defense is the lowest of all mercenaries. Wearing heavy armor only partially covers this weakness.
  • Nice Hat: She gains one after the third upgrade.
  • Pirate Girl
  • Poisonous Person: Her regular attacks have a high chance to poison an enemy, dealing extra damage and slowing them down.

Warlord Khun Phaen

A swordsman with enhanced magic power that can inflict pretty decent damage with both physical and magical attacks, and tips the scales of the battle where Heroes and Bosses are concerned.

  • The Lancer: As long as he's on the field, he automatically heals and buffs the Hero.
  • Magic Knight: He's the only melee mercenary (besides the Exorcist) who wields an Orb, the exclusive off-hand of magic characters.
  • Shock and Awe: His magic attack, Thunderbolt Slash.
  • Useless Useful Spell: His Demoralize skill automatically targets the enemy leader, and will thus fail if the enemy party is made up of regular Mooks.If it does hit a boss, though, it will seriously gimp their attack and defense power and block all of their skills for some time. And Bosses are immune to pretty much everything else that would block skills or stun.

Valkyrie Morrighan

A wise spirit, the Golden Mimir, warns the Hero of the impending Ragnarok, upon which the armies of Riederan will ravage the earth. In exchange for his oath to fight by the Guardians' side, he awakens and gives to them a Valkyrie.

  • Acrophobic Bird: Dictated by need. She could use her wings to fly and avoid attacks, but being pretty tanky she prefers to take the blows that would otherwise hurt her teammates.
    • To elaborate: Flying targets can't be hit by normal attacks from melee weapons and artillery. (Swords, spears, axes, power saws, and cannons) However, melee characters can walk right under flying enemies. With Morrighan in the front row, a melee character would attack the middle row character right behind her. If she would fly, anyways.
  • Boobs of Steel: On par with other melee females despite her shorter height.
  • Winged Humanoid

Champion Odysseus

The mastermind behind the Achaeans' brilliant tactics that brought Troy to its knees, he was surprised by the Trojans suddenly counterattacking with monsterous reinforcements sent by Riederan. He joins forces with the Hero to resist the Trojan onslaught and turn the tables to the Achaeans' favor again.


    Spear Mercenaries 
Those who prefer a Spear can hit harder than swordsmen, are faster and pierce two enemies with their regular attack, but are less resilient.

Spearman Zhan Yu

A basic mercenary. He has more offensive and supporting potential than the Swordsman, but his magic is weaker and he's less durable.

  • Boring, but Practical: spamming his AP-draining attack, coupled with other ways of slowing down an enemy, can prevent a foe from moving at all indefinitely. It also still hits the character behind the target, allowing you to slow the front two rows in PvP.
  • Fragile Speedster: He can't take as much of a beating as the Swordsman. His attack animations contain a lot of quick stabs on multi-hit attacks, and lightning spear is complete with two backflips and a forward dive.
  • Shock and Awe:His Lightning Spear hits and delays the turn of a column of enemies.

Spartan Leonidas

The restless spirit of one of the 300 Spartan heroes who fought at the Thermopylae asks the Hero to defeat the Bronze Giant who annihilated he and his companions. As a reward, he has one of them swear allegiance to his cause.

  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: He's the only Spear mercenary to use it, giving him (even)higher defense than other spear mercenaries.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: His War Cry makes it harder for the enemy to hit multiple times.
  • Pokémon Speak: All of his voiced lines are just him screaming "Sparta!". The skill use and dialogue text are normal, though.
    • With a new update, one of his skills is even called "Sparta".

Taoist Jen Woo Chi

A spiritual warrior who bends souls to his will to smite his enemies, and can be summoned by the Hero with a special scroll which is conveniently in stock on the Item Mall.

General Guan Yu

One of the highest officers of the Wu army, he is ready to start the offensive to win the war of the Three Kingdoms, but he lacks a trustworthy field officer to lead his men on the field. Luckily, the Hero just happens by...

    Axe Mercenaries 
Mercenaries with an Axe are bulky and have high Defense and HP ratings in addition to their powerful axes who can hit a whole row in a single sweep. However, they are slower than most mercenaries of their same respective grades, and tend to be vulnerable to magic.

Viking Bluetooth

A burly axeman from the frigid scandinavian peninsula that can take a lot of hits and hit enemies hard with his physical attack and freezing magic.

  • An Ice Person:He can freeze several enemies to prevent them from attacking and weaken their Magic defense.
  • Badass Beard
  • Glass Cannon: To magic attacks at least. His base magic defense is negative.
  • Grim Up North: unsurprisingly, his alternate, more powerful version is the Northern Viking...
  • Magikarp Power:Get him to level 100 and complete a pretty tricky quest to turn him into the Northern Viking, which wears a red armor, is a bit more resilient against magic (his magic defense is actually negative before that), and gains an upgraded ice magic.
    • Sort of - Freezing Axe actually is very helpful even without the upgrade.

Beast Trainer Zhu Rong

The Hero gets mixed up in a fight between the Beast Trainers of the South, led by Princess Hwa Man, and the Mohenjodaro devils, commanded by Naraka.In exchange for his aid, they allow him to enroll a Beast Trainer in his ranks.

  • The Beastmaster
  • Crutch Character:She is easy to get, cheap to upgrade, has good defense and decent attacks, but later on she becomes much less useful as the fights start being based more on tactics and flexibility than on raw power.
  • Summon Magic:Her magic attack summons a pack of foxes to hit all enemies. You can capture fallen animals or get them as rewards from quests to let her summon them instead, increasing the damage done.

Tarkan Attila

The leader of the feared barbarian Huns, Attila is one of the most powerful physical fighters in the whole game.She can be bought on the item mall.

  • Badass Normal: She is the only mercenary who doesn't have any attack or support magic, but her skills give her regular attacks insane offensive potential.
  • The Beastmaster: She attacks in tandem with her eagle.
  • Noble Bird of Prey: Utilizes an eagle in battle.

Druid Naruk

A Druid-in-training, formerly named Raging Wind, who asks the Hero for magical items needed to perform a ritual in order to summon the soul of a Druid and become a full-fledged one himself. The ritual goes awry, but Naruk recognizes the Hero's valor and agrees to aid him in battle if they help Raging Wind go on with his training.

    Power Saw Mercenaries 
Mercenaries that wield power saws have an array of useful support skills, and can still deal good physical damage thanks to their brutal weapons.They however have low natural defense and are easy prey to magic.

Punisher Frank Reade

Once an employee in Detroit, he was suspected for the murder of local sheriff Enrique Mas. The victim's daughter, Christine Mas, is however reluctant to jump to conclusions, and asks the Hero to investigate on the case. After learning of local underground criminal Leather Face and meeting the spirits of his previous victims, they find out that Enrique was abducted and mind-controlled by Leather Face.After having him return, Christine gives Frank the OK to stay, but he prefers to travel with the Hero to find a place to start anew.

Puppeteer Rin

The youngest of a family of puppeteers, Rin gained infamy among the Iga Ninja when she opened a Gate of Torment and lured her companions to their death in order to summon armies of demons from it. By finding her precious Puppet in their travels, the Hero can convince her to use her powers for good as she accompanies them on their journey.

  • Creepy Child: if snuggling with an emotionless, giant saw-wielding doll is of any indication...
  • Token Evil Teammate:She's pretty cheery and remorseless considering her past. Also, one of her skills gets her a temporary power boost at the price of an ally's life.

    Bow Mercenaries 
Characters with a bow are weaker than melee fighters, but have the distinct advantage of being able to target any enemy in range, regardless of cover or whether it's flying.Combined with other ranged mercenaries, they can easily pick off high-priority targets from behind their allies. Although not required, they can also equip arrows to increase their attack power.

Archer Robin Hood

The most basic ranged mercenary. She has a Silence spell that slightly debuffs and prevents low-level enemies from using magic. Chatting with her when she's employed in a home reveals that she's looking up to the Hero and dreams, one day, of becoming a Heroine herself.

  • Casting a Shadow: Her Silence skill deals Dark damage.
  • Lethal Chef: One conversation always ends with her admitting trying a new dish when the Hero tells her he/she's sick.
  • Magikarp Power: Through a level 100 sidequest she can turn into the deadly Dark Archer, which has greater attack capabilities and gains an area attack.
  • Rain of Arrows: She learns such a skill after upgrading to a Dark Archer

Prophet Cassandra

A ranged mercenary specialized in supporting melee characters and weakening enemy melee.

  • Boring, but Practical: She has a passive skill to boost melee allies and her other skills all debuff all enemies that use a specific melee weapon. Since Melee characters are usually in the front and melee enemies common, she is very handy to have in many situations.

Hwarang Kim Yoo Shin

Empress Himiko

  • Magic Knight: Much more focused on magic skills than most ranged mercenaries, including being able to shield allies from magic.

    Gun Mercenaries 
Gun-users wear medium armor and can attack three characters in a column with an average attack. They can aim for high priority targets as well, but pierces reduce attack. They're average in HP and defense, but are for the most part fast. Like archers, they can equip bullets for more attack, but they don't have to.

Gunner Oichi

One of the first characters the hero can recruit, straight from the tutorial.

  • Bare Your Midriff
  • Trick Bullet: Although you don't get to see ammo when it's fired, and you can equip normal bullets, deadly shot fires dark... ...stuff.

Inventor Da Vinci

The husband of an innkeeper and father of one, after he disappears while exploring the Machine Shrine, his wife is wooed by the wealthy enterpreneur Francesco, which, upon realizing she is still thinking about him, organizes a search party to rescue him.

  • Abnormal Ammo: Instead of equipping bullets, you can also equip machines such as siege engines that attack in a cross pattern like a cannon. You lose one on use though, so it's best saved for long fights.
  • The Engineer: He even wears a robotic suit which covers more of him as he gets upgraded with crystals. It comes with two arms, but they don't seem to be used for anything. (He holds the gun with his own two hands)
  • Summon Magic: His only skill is to summon a machine from his supply to support the party. The basic search robot can only loot corpses, but the other machines attack on their own.

Janissary Hassen

  • Boring, but Practical: His only skill boosts his own offensive power. He won't be doing much outside of basic attacks, but he's pretty good at it.

Sheriff Christine

Patriot Washington

An American war hero fighting off the Red Shirt confederate army. The enemy has recently and mysteriously strengthened their ranks, so there is a supply crysis at the camp, which the Hero is asked to solve.

  • Superpowered Evil Side: If he takes more than half his health in damage, he turns into a white-coated, hard hitting demon.

    Cannon Mercenaries 
Cannon mercenaries are used mostly for support, using their wide-area attacks to chip away at enemy's HP, and casting weakening magic to soften them. In TBS they take on a special role, having a very short movement range, but a huge attack radius and a bonus to damage when attacking buildings and large enemies.

Artilleryman Napoleon

A supporting mercenary who has a debuff which weakens the enemy's defenses. It is the only mercenary that cannot be bought or obtained from a quest: instead, you have to find one while wandering around on the world map or in cities.

  • Enemy Scan: Before a certain update, the enemy's HP would be hidden in battle. His magic was one of the few ways to display it.

Cannoneer Goemon

Automaton Gigas

  • Combat Medic: It has the Healing Pulse magic, which heals the whole formation for a small amount
  • Rocket Punch: Its Arms of Atlantis special attack launches a swarm of them to assault the enemies.
    Instrument Mercenaries 
Instrument wielders are an oddball kind: while their stats go near those of staff users, their weapons and attacks are considered Ranged gear.They attack with piercing music notes which hit ground and flying enemies alike, and can equip special music sheets to make their attacks more powerful or inflict a status debuff.They are used mostly for support, and have some unique abilities to help.

Minstrel Paganini

The last descendant of a famous family of instrument crafters. She used her musical prowess and mind-afflicting power to rise in ranks among the Detroit Mafia, until chaos forced her to come back to Dallas, where local sheriff Colins informs her of her parents' murder, and offers her a pardon for her crimes in exchange for cooperation in apprehending the criminal Ben, who also was the committee for the murder.

  • Power Incontinence: She confesses to the Hero that she only went to Detroit to improve her music skills, and unwillingly unleashed her magic power which soon made other criminals fear her.
  • The Power of Rock: She attacks by playing guitar riffs and licks.

Vampire Carmilla

  • Abnormal Ammo: Her guitar shoots bats.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Vampire: Her dialogue lines are pretty amiable, and she even has a pretty powerful healing spell.
  • Head Pet: She has a cute bat resting on her head.
  • Life Drain: Both her attack skills and regular attack restore some HP, or steal it from the enemy.

    Staff Mercenaries 
All of your magic characters are dumped into this one section - for characters who wield various staves. They're the squishiest characters of all and can only hit one character, not even doing all that much damage. Their focus is in their skills.

Shaman Okuni

One of the first characters the hero will recruit.) She comes with the Blessing of Life skill, which heals an ally, or a row of them at later upgrades. However, that's not all.

Monk Dharma

A supporting character with very low offensive potential, but that possesses a wide array of skills that help keep the team alive.

  • Crutch Character: Late in the game, you can find mercenaries with his same support skills and with better offensive potential.
  • Mana Shield: He can cast one on the hero, using his MP to prevent some damage every time they're hit.
  • Status-Buff Dispel: Holy Guard will dispel and prevent all status effects and magic casting on its targets, even beneficial ones such as healing.

Witch Morgan Le Fay

A young witch-in-training who is studying magic under Vivian. To become a witch proper, she has to undergo several trials involving Dracula's Castle, once a jail and torture ground for witches. Vivian asks the Hero to help out with the trials and give moral support, and by the end of the quest line, the Witch decides to tag along.

Princess Isabel

A Spanish princess who is still waiting for her fiancè, Enrique, to come back from the trial of the Minotaur Labirynth, in spite of there being a lot of evidence that he is dead. In an attempt to make her move on, her nanny Eva asks the Hero to complete the trial in Enrique's stead. In order to escape being coaxed into marriage with the Hero, she asks him/her to settle for having her under their employ instead.

Oracle Anck Sun Amun

Elementalist Pocahontas

Goddess Roro Kidul

The divinity who watches over the Indian Sea, she recently lost most of her power to several swarms of monsters shattering the jewels that contained her power and making off with the pieces. She tantalizes the Hero with the chance of granting him the limitless power of the ocean if he can recover them for her.
  • Awesome, but Impractical / Luck-Based Mission: One of the items required to recruit her has a very slim chance of dropping from an item, that can only be gotten sometimes by killing the boss of the third floor of a dungeon, whose key has a tiny chance of dropping from the prize from the second floor, whose key has a similar drop rate from the first floor. The key to the first floor is also pretty expensive. And each floor can only be attempted once per day, per player.Such item has been the most expensive item in the game for months.

Sorceress Mwindo


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