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Characters / Atelier Lilie: The Alchemist of Salburg 3

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    Main Characters 


The main protagonist of Atelier Lilie. Lilie is a young and aspiring alchemist from the city of Kentonnis on the Isle of El Bador. She possesses no last name, for she is an orphan; much like Ingrid and Hermina, she was raised as a foundling by the Kentinnis Academy of Alchemy. She is one of Dornier's finest students as Atelier Lilie opens. In the opening of the game, Dornier is charged with opening an academy of alchemy in the city of Salburg, and he asks Lilie to come along to assist in this endeavor.

Elsa Hessen

A young girl who calls herself a baker, though the bakers of Artisan Street haven't seen any person like her. She and Lilie quickly make friends with each other after they meet. She likes rum raisin. She recently came to Salburg from a neighbouring farming village and can often be seen curiously looking around the city. Elsa does not talk about her origins, and is actually from the aristocratic family of Maxheim and is the younger sister of Hedwig.


An adventurer who likes to tweak equipment, and also enjoys apple pies and singing.

Irma Walder

A fortune teller that's part of a travelling caravan. She has traveled all over the country, but has few friends, and becomes fast friends with Lilie when the two meet. Irma is a friendly person with a bright and positive attitude. Her favorite thing is her set of tarot cards, which she has been using ever since she started telling fortunes. Her dream is to achieve perfect readings through her cards. She will go silent if her cards change during a reading.

Theo Mohnmeier

A young man who comes from a family of farmers who specialize in poppies. He spent most of his childhood working out in the fields, and has grown physically strong because of it. His family has never been wealthy, but he believes in working hard, even if it won't make you instantly rich. Now that Theo is older, he does less work at his family's fields and spends more time in Salburg. He enjoys spending time at the bar and being outside of his home. He has also now become an adventurer, although he has no prior battle experience. He is relatively new to the world of adventuring, but wishes to become stronger and more well known. His ultimate dream is to live within the city of Salburg and to have a lot of money. Like Lilie, he also loves beef jerky.

Ziska Villa

A female warrior who has always dreamed of knighthood. Since childhood, Ziska has been fascinated with the Holy Knights. She wishes to become the first female Holy Knight, and will stop at nothing to reach her goal.

    Other Characters 


The leader of the faeries.


Lilie's direct mentor figure, who is trying to establish the academy seen in "later" titles. As such, he can be constantly found in the atelier. If the player chooses to mentor Ingrid, he will mentor Hermina, and vice versa. He remains unplayable, however. Lilie can obtain recipe books from him for her alchemy.


A starving artist who came out of seemingly nowhere, Eiroross has a passion for painting. He specializes in landscape painting, and is very modest about his talents. He would truthfully like to start painting portraits, but has a difficult time finding people who would volunteer to be painted. He is always outdoors looking for inspiration to paint.

  • Starving Artist: Eioross always seems to be down on his luck, and can barely afford to eat.


A shady character who has lived alone in a desolate corner of Salburg for most of his life. He has very few possessions and is very poor. Because of this poor circumstances in life, Gemeiner has turned to swindling the people of Salburg for money. Upon hearing about Lilie's efforts to create the academy, Gemeiner takes it as the perfect opportunity to make some cash.

Hedwig Maxheim

An aristocrat living in Salburg, and Elsa Hessen's older sister. Her family has never been short of money, and so Hedwig has never had to work in her life. She hasn't yet learned the value of doing things for herself, and so she has grown up to be a very spoiled and uptight individual. She has grown bored of her current life and is always waiting for something interesting to happen.

Heinz Maddok

The owner of the adventurer's bar "The Golden Wheat".


A child prodigy, and literal genius. At the age of ten she shows remarkable skills in alchemy and has already been enrolled in the academy of El Bador; her talent was discovered because she is an orphan who was raised as a foundling by the El Badoran academy. She was raised alongside Ingrid, another highly talented orphan student, and even at this time the two share a love-hate relationship

  • Recurring Character: She appears in Elie, Lilie, Judie, Marie & Elie, Marie Elie & Anis and her own title Hermina and Culus: Atelier Lilie Another Story, giving her an impressive record of six nearly-consecutive appearances between 1998 and 2003.


A child prodigy. She has been studying alchemy since the age of eight, and shows remarkable progress for a girl that is only ten years old. She was born and raised in El Bador, and was taught at the renowned Kent Academy alongside Hermina, another child prodigy who is the same age. Although the two were practically raised together, they see each other as rivals and do not get along. The two can rarely agree on anything and argue often. The rivalry is life long, and the two are still bitter towards one another in Atelier Elie after they've both aged nearly 30 years.

  • Cutting Off the Branches: Ingrid is a major supporting character throughout the game, and can be chosen as Lilie's "primary" assistant (the other option being Hermina); other games and side materials make it clear that Ingrid was canonically chosen for this role.

Josef Carossa

The owner of the local grocery store in Salburg. Lilie can purchase alchemy ingredients, equipment and recipe books from him. He'll approach Lilie in the beginning of the game and ask her if she's interested in romantic relationships. If the player answers yes, he will give Lilie the Antique Pendant, a love charm that Josef once received from his wife, and tells her she should give the pendant to the person she likes when the time comes.

Karin Fabrik

The blacksmith's young and energetic daughter, who has grown up in the smithery all her life, and wants to follow in her father's footsteps. She is annoyed that she often gets mistaken for a boy, as she's always been a tomboy. She chooses to keep her hair short because she is always around open flames.

Kaspar Sein

One of the wealthiest men living in Salburg. He is respected by the upper class citizens of the city, and has a large collection of exotic goods. He started as a lowly farmer, but managed to save his finances as he aged.

Kurt Frobel

A dedicated member of the Salburg Church who worships the goddess Arutena. He was raised in the church and had a strict upbringing. He has a somewhat rigid personality, but has a great sense of righteousness. When he learns of Lilie's effort to build a magical academy, he does not agree. Because Kurt sees things logically, he is not a firm believer of alchemy. However, he still offers to assist Lilie for when she goes out to gather materials, as that is not alchemy.

Leo Branden

Ulrich Morgen

The Vice Captain of the Royal Knights. He is a man of considerable ability as a knight, and does his job valiantly. Despite his skills, he does not wish to become the Captain of the Royal Knights. He greatly respects the King, and patrols mostly outside of the castle gate.

Werner Gretenthal

The owner of the General Store, although he doesn't seem to be very good at running a store. His inventory is never steady, and it often doesn't contain anything at all. He's not very sociable, although he is not rude or mean spirited.

Wind Schigsal

The 8th King of the Schigsal Kingdom

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