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Characters / Atelier Judie: The Alchemist of Gramnad

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Judith "Judie" Volltone

The main protagonist, a young alchemist who specializes in making magical pills. Her parents owned their own magical pill shop, and left it for Judith after their death. Although she's an orphan, Judith has her pet, a parrot called Fink, as a companion and is never alone. She is a bit of a tomboy by nature, likes round things and dislikes anything bothersome.

  • Fish out of Temporal Water: The story starts when Judie is asked to alchemize an "Hourglass of the Dragon", which has the power to control time, and accidentally sends herself 200 years into the future.
  • I Choose to Stay: Depending on the ending, Judith either stays in the future where her friends build an Atelier for her, or goes back to her original time where she continues working in her old workshop.

Adelbert Hocker

Bohrer Quelle

Christa Shulze



Konrad Io

Martin Chrom

Pamela Ibis

  • Legacy Character: She's the first iteration of the recurring spectral ghosts named Pamela throughout the Atelier series.

Rastel Biheusen

A girl from a rich family in Metterburg. She likes to sing, grow flowers and listen to fairy tales. She is a bit of a day dreamer and is interested in magic. She is also a romantic. She eventually becomes a close friend of Judith.


Witoss Lotps

    Other Characters 

Oval Eisberg

Park Stifel

Post Kohlstadt


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