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Characters / Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Island

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    Main Characters 

Annie Eilenberg

A lackadaisical 17 year old girl who is the granddaughter of the alchemist Bentner. She wishes to marry a rich man to avoid having to do any work. Annie has a lazy attitude and used to be a shut-in, but is a actually a friendly person.

  • Bifauxnen: Poor, poor Annie. She gets mistaken for a boy constantly. That she doesn't really have much of a fashion sense (or care to have one) doesn't help her much, either.
  • Gold Digger: Her goal in life is to "marry up" and never work again.
  • Lazy Bum


A fairy who aides Annie because her grandfather requested it. He looks like a child, but he's a full grown fairy with a history of raising numerous great alchemist in the past. He's a tough trainer who loves sweets, and is oblivious to his unfortunate height.

Hans Arlens

A member of the resort development project on Sera Island, and also Annie's supervisor. He's hardworking and always serious. His wealthy and sheltered upbringing is affecting his fashion sense and dealings with women. He also easily gets flustered when Annie teases him.

Gillian Clout

The only female member of the Knights of Orde. She doesn't take her job seriously at all, choosing to slack off at the library or make her special herbal juices.

Fitz Erberlin

A young girl whose parents own and work at the local restaurant. She spends most of her time there helping. She tends to be rude to everyone except for Annie, who she admires and respects greatly.

Kilbert Hennes

A renown adventurer from Sera Island's Adventurer's Guild, Annie runs into Kilbert as she's looking for a bodyguard. Kilbert loves to train and perfect his sword skills, and he is never seen without his sword Fragarach. Fragarach is known as a "demon sword" and was passed on to Kilbert by his father.

  • Bad Liar
  • Idiot Hero: Obviously he isn't the actual "hero" of the story, but he's clearly meant to be a send-up of this type of character.

Kyle Eugrald

A mechanic, and eccentric flirt. He tends to not to notice anyone when he has set on working on something.

Beaux Shrick

A young man that Annie gives food to while he is "dying". Beaux is a beginning adventurer that somehow ended up on the island, possibly due to his poor sense of direction. He promises to stay in town until he returns a favor to Annie for saving his life. He doesn't like people who say bad things about his brother, and dislikes the Adventurers' Guild for an unknown reason.

Lisette "Liese" Lander

Lisette was born as a princess of the royal family of the kingdom of Lander. When her family was faced with a great monetary debt, she ran away from her kingdom in order to make money in the neighbouring Orde. This leads her to become an alchemist, a profession she keeps even after solving her family's crisis. Lise got used to a more outgoing and free lifestyle as an alchemist and couldn't adjust and return to her life as a princess. Therefore, she once again ran away and joined the Sera Island development project for the financial opportunities.


Clara Clemens

The manager chosen to take care of the "relaxing" facilities (Park or Spa).


Manager of the "classy" resorts (Theatre or Museum).

  • High-Class Glass: Albrecht, the manager for the "high class" resorts, wears a monocle over his right eye.

Kenner Diesel

Manager of the "recreational" resorts (Theme Park or Beach).

Jasmine Baltz

Mueller's twin sister, and manager of the "eatery" facilities (Bakery or Market).

Mueller Baltz

Jasmine's twin brother, and manager chosen to take care of the facilities (Hotel or Aquarium).




A male Edo Frog, which is a frog-like animal. He helps Annie by becoming a mascot for either the Theme Park or Beach, after Annie gives him a Fiery Puff, and can be found at the Basin.


A male Renard, which is a fox-like animal. He helps Annie by becoming a mascot for either the Spa or Park, in exchange for money, and can be found at the Quarry.


A male Tasso, which is a raccoon-like animal. He helps Annie by becoming a mascot for either the Theatre or Museum, in exchange for protection against some monsters, and can be found at Fruitful Forest. He asks Annie to call him "Inata" for short.


A male Felis, which is a cat-like animal. He helps Annie by becoming a mascot for either the Hotel or Aquarium, in exchange for a pair of Magical Pompoms, and can be found at the Lone Island.


A female Cunicle, which is a rabbit-like animal. She helps Annie by becoming a mascot for either the Bakery or Market, after gaining her trust with three visits, and can be found at the Ice Forest. Her name was chosen by Annie due to the incapacity to speak human language of the creature.



Another participant in the contest on the island. He doesn't want to stick out but ultimately fails because of his attitude and interesting choice in clothing. Considers himself Annie's "rival" in the alchemy contest. Despite his outlandish appearance and odd choice in clothing, you rarely see him around town.

Julian Fanile

One of the contestants in the development project, and a rival to Annie.

    Other Characters 


The woman that runs the weapon shop.


Annie's grandfather.

  • The Ghost: Despite his fame as an alchemist and his connection with Annie, he never appears in the game.

Brigette Gabrielle

The one who gives Annie jobs at the Adventurers' guild.


The receptionist at the Committee headquarters. According to him, his role model is Hans.

Jacob Liefman

Also called Old Jacob, he owns and runs the General store.


The prince of Orde.

Melody Orkin

The Librarian at Sera Island. Since she's obviously not allowed to eat during work, she secretly eats her beloved Squid Jerky in secret. She is polite and speaks formally, adding honorifics like 'Miss' and 'Mister' except to her childhood friend, Gillian.


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