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View the complete cast of Astral Cabal: Black.

For characters from the concurrently running game, Astral Cabal: Blue, see here.

Warning: all spoilers are unmarked.

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    Usami and Monokuma 


  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: If students fall asleep anywhere outside their dorms, they'll be punished, and not with an execution—rather, they'll be sentenced to a "time out".
  • Pungeon Master: As one example: "F-Firstly, I’d pike to thank you all for the opportunaty of letting me serfish you…!"


  • Hanging Judge: Unlike in the original Dangan Ronpa games, Monokuma is willing to execute even a wrongfully convicted student.
  • Just Following Orders: He seems to imply this during a conversation with Mai following her question as to why the class deserve this game, stating that he only does it because it's his job and there's 'no going against it'.

    Students A-K 

Alexis Altamira/Laia Altamira

SHSL Majorette (SHSL Novella Writer)

As a world renowned majorette, Alexis welcomed herself in the hearts of judges everywhere with her stellar performances. With a chinchilla on her shoulder and a smile on her face, she can tackle through any obstacle in her way! Indulging herself in the art of baton twirling, she has never sacrificed technical moves for grace, keeping a steady balance in each contest. She also enjoys gymnastics and dancing in her free time, but that could never replace her love for majorette!

Alexis is one of two murder victims in chapter 5, found dead of asphyxiation.

Aomi Tadao

SHSL Dance Instructor

Aomi Tadao, ever since she was a child, found dancing to be her passion. It’s not a big shock to see that she became a dance instructor at her family’s music studio! She was insanely popular, trying her best to teach everyone who came along. This included a famous Idol, who talked fondly of the lessons that she took with the studio, allowing even more fame to overtake Aomi and the studio. The tabloids went crazy, talking about studio and learning that there was a high schooler teaching people how to dance. Hope’s Peak Academy noticed this, and accepted Aomi to the school.

Aomi is one of the victims of chapter six, found dead of head trauma; however, her file states that her case "is not to be investigated".

  • Be Yourself: Became a SHSL Dance Instructor by following her passion.
  • Bunnies for Cuteness: During chapter 1's trial, Aomi wears a green sweater with a picture of a white bunny on it.
  • Dance Sensation: The tabloids went crazy talking about Aomi's dance instruction, which is how Hope's Peak Academy noticed her.
  • Dancing Is Serious Business: She's Super High-School Level talented at being a Dance Instructor.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Aomi followed in her parents' footsteps, becoming a dance instructor at her family's music studio.
  • Paparazzi: The tabloids went crazy talking about a high school student teaching people how to dance.
  • Popularity Power: A positive example of this trope, as Aomi became so skilled at teaching dance to others that she became insanely popular, with tabloids and even a famous Idol talking about how good her dance lessons are, which in turn helped Hope's Peak Academy notice Aomi and accept her into the school.

Chie Ueno

SHSL Composer

When hearing composer, normally what comes to mind is classical music- however Chie never bothered with such boring things. Hearing her music is highly common though- not in elevators but on popular radios. While she isn’t the one singing she is the one who writes the music and the words. For many bands it’s known that being able to convince her manager to write them a song it can be their way to fame and fortune. Although she is well known in the music industry as an upcoming popular composer, not much else is known about her which increased her popularity from her being supposedly shrouded in mystery.

Chie survives Astral Black.

  • Brutal Honesty: Chie takes this tack with Valentina when Valentina is "too dense", in Chie's words, to know that someone has died and the victim is not "asleep". Then Chie wonders if Valentina has ever watched a murder show before or played a game involving murder.
  • Classical Music Is Boring: Chie has this opinion of classical music; instead, she composes music that is highly common on popular radios.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Chie", means "wisdom", a fitting name for a person who writes the music and the words for others' songs. Her last name, "Ueno", means "upper field", a fitting name for someone with a Super High-School Level talent, thus putting her in the "upper field" of composers.
  • No-Sell: Chie's reaction to the chapter 2 motive's threat to reveal everyone else's dark secrets. While Chie's secret could ruin her capacity to perform in her field if it was released publicly, Monobear is only threatening to reveal secrets "within the class", so even if Chie's secret did get beyond that, it would just be treated as a "rumor" and dismissed.

Dimitri Averin

SHSL Aviator

A farm boy from a small town in Austria, Dimitri is known as the fastest aviator in his country. One day, upon finding an old aircraft in his grandfather’s garage, he cleaned up the machine using information he read. He was about 11 years of age, but very smart with hands on machinery. Ever since that fateful day, he took care of this airplane and learned how to pilot it with the help of his grandfather. Thanks to all the hard work, Dimitri became known as the ‘Tiny Falcon of Austria’ because of his young age and fast racing ability at age 12 (with plenty of parental supervision from a concerned grandfather, of course!). When he turned 14, Dimitri was sent to Japan to get a better education. About two years later, Dimitri was scouted for Hope’s Peak Academy. Now accepted, Dimitri aspires to make his family proud. Later attending school in Japan (Around age 14), he was well known among many as one of the fastest racers in the air!

He's chapter three's culprit, having murdered both Hinako and Hijiri, but is caught and executed.

  • And You Thought It Was a Game: After the first execution, he realises that the mutual killing is very real.
  • Call-Back: In chapter 1's trial, Dimitri asks if maybe the culprit has an incriminating injury but covered it up with makeup, like in the movies. Dimitri is played by the same person who played Chiemi in Doubt Academy Alpha, and in Alpha's second trial, the true culprit attempted to hide an incriminating injury using makeup.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Drops one towards the end of chapter three's trial, screaming about how he didn't kill Hinako and Hijiri.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Dimitri is chapter 3's murderer, but he is caught and executed. He is placed in a plane in a glass cage, and Monobear appears piloting an enemy plane. Because of the glass cage Dimitri can't manoeuvre away, so he has to shoot Monobear down. But more Monobears appear in more enemy planes, and even though Dimitri shoots them all down, even more appear after that, until finally Dimitri runs out of ammo. The Monobear planes clip the wings of Dimitri's plane, causing the plane to crash onto the floor of the glass cage and kill Dimitri.
  • Fanservice: Dimitri briefly takes off his shirt in chapter 1's trial to prove he has no incriminating scratch marks, and then very quickly puts his shirt back on.
  • Funetik Aksent: Dimitri is from Austria, and sometimes he has a slight Austrian accent when he speaks. For example:
    "Ace-sa... I mean, Keichi-kun is right, ja? We s-shouldn’t fight! I-in fact, please don’t fight. We’re trying to solve this together, ja? I’m not saying go be best of friends or anything, but all ze bickering... it wastes time!"
  • Older Than They Look: He's 16 but looks like he's 12.
  • Parental Abandonment: Lives with his grandpa, but where are his parents? Who knows. We find out in Chapter 2 that his parents were both famous thieves from Russia who left Dimitri, but the other details are unknown.]
  • Shout-Out: When the class is giving handwriting samples in chapter 2's trial, Dimitri writes on a pad containing a character named "Eiji Oshirou". This is because Dimitri is played by the same person who played Eiji in Doubt Academy White.

Hans Ariwara

SHSL Camp Counselor

Hans grew up living in America, with his 3rd-generation Indian-American mother and Japanese father. He was in and out of summer camps for most of his childhood, considering his mother worked and he was an only child for the majority of his youth, so his father had trouble keeping him entertained on his own. When he was around 13, he was given an opportunity to intern at one of the camps he had spent a lot of time at when he was young, and was an incredibly hit. All the kids loved him, he came up with the best and most innovative games, and was able to command everyone’s attention despite being only a year or two older than most campers. As his success in camps continued, eventually making head counsellor of one of Japan’s biggest international summer camps during a summer spent visiting his father’s family, his name made its way to Hope’s Peak and he was invited to hone his leadership skills, along with his skills in child recreation and development.

He murders Hoshiko in chapter 1, but the class correctly figures out it was him, and he is executed.

  • But Not Too Foreign: Hans is half-Japanese, a quarter Indian, and a quarter American, because of his Japanese father and 3rd generation Indian-American mother.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Hans is the first murderer, but he is caught and executed. He is placed at a camp in a "trust exercise" with "Monobear children", but the Monobears won't listen to his commands and keep hurting him as they pass by. He finally tries the "swinging log exercise", but is pushed off the log after passing the third Monobear, and he is then "hung" by the cord of friendship bracelets.
  • Fanservice: During chapter 1's trial, Hans takes off his shirt to reveal that he has a lot of freckles on his skin, but no bruises or cuts.
  • Friend to All Children: Part of what contributed to his success at being a camp counselor.
  • Irony: Hans describes whoever killed Hoshiko in chapter 1 as someone that Hoshiko trusted, as well as a fantastic liar. This is a pretty good description of Hans, as he turns out to be the murderer.
  • The Leader: An aspect of his talent, Hans often has to organise and lead large groups of children.
  • Sympathetic Murderer: After first wounding Hoshiko, Hans realised he couldn't let her suffer, and gave her an overdose of drugs to kill her in a less painful way.

Hijiri Tsutsui

SHSL Game Show Champion

Hijiri quickly became the subject of a national news story after scoring a perfect game on a popular trivia quiz game show. The show in question, Panel Quiz Attack 25, is one of the only game shows in all of Japan that consists of contestants that are not of celebrity status. This is likely the reason as to why he quickly caught the public eye, as it wasn’t common for an unremarkable high school student to swoop in out of nowhere and win half a million yen on a game show. At the end of the year, Hijiri was invited to the game shows’ annual tournament where he had to compete with other winning contestants. In the end, he was able to win even against three of the show’s best scoring contestants. His victory not only crowned him as the winner for the tournament, but also the owner of the title Super High School Level Game Show Champion.

He is one of two chapter 3 murder victims, found dead of exsanguination.

  • Dark Horse Victory: In-universe. This is how he earned his Super High School Level title of Game Show Champion, as it wasn't common for an "unremarkable high school student" to win a game show.
  • Dark Secret: We get to see what's written on Hijiri's "darkest secret motive card" in chapter 2. It reads, "Hijiri Tsutsui has Antisocial Personality Disorder".
  • Game Shows: Hijiri is Super High-School Level talented at winning these.
  • No-Sell: The chapter 3 "motive" has no effect on Hijiri. As the narration of his post clarifies, it's not that he hates his family, it's just that he doesn't care one way or the other.
  • The Spock: Hijiri says, without emotion, that the victim of chapter 1, Hoshiko, partially caused her own death by being too naive and trusting and going about by herself. His calculating nature causes the class to suspect him of the murder, but as he points out, his calculating nature is precisely why he couldn't have done it: after all, the "motive" was to avoid everyone else disappearing. That avoidance could be achieved by murdering someone, but as Hijiri says, that's thinking only one step ahead. Hijiri always thinks twenty steps ahead, though; the same result could also be achieved by Hijiri simply staying back and letting someone else commit murder first. That said, he does not take kindly to being called an "asshole", and when called such in chapter 1's trial he heatedly explains that his classmates cannot understand him, because he does not wish to be another idiotic human and cannot be compared on a spectrum of human emotion.
  • Stealth Insult: In chapter 1's trial, after Hijiri directly insults Sun-Mi's voice and "inane comments" (in Hijiri's opinion), Hijiri then congratulates Sun-Mi and says that he's 99% sure Sun-Mi is not the culprit. After all, the murder would have required more than one brain cell to pull off. Sun-Mi does realize that Hijiri was calling her stupid, though.

Hinako Matsuoka

SHSL Personal Stylist
Growing up in Osaka, Japan, Hinako was born into a highly-praised, noble family known well around the country for their contributions to the fashion industry. Her father being an agent and her mother being a fashion designer, she was exposed to such a high, pristine lifestyle at an early age. Being constantly on-the-go for business matters, she had always traveled as a kid, introducing her to various new lifestyles, people, and fashion trends. Being taken to many fashion shows and events related-to-work since Hinako never had a babysitter or nanny, she eventually took an interest in fashion and design. Seeing how from place to place everybody had a different style, it had inspired her to figure out ‘what’s hot and what’s not’. By also finding this interest, it had made her feel in a better place over the years and had thought that it would make her parents oh-so-very proud. Coming out of these various places with new ideas and new experiences, she had discovered many new resources and materials. Because of how well known her parents were, she had the ability to grow up with an advantage of being able to ‘shape’ fashion trends because ‘whatever her parents say goes’. Eventually being recognized for her good willed helping nature of fixing people up to look presentable and her amazing tastes in fashion as well as budgeting and social skills, she was accepted into Hope’s Peak for being the best there was at what she could do. She had worked with many famous people over the years in helping improve their wardrobes to help wow people from both near and far.

When Monobear first appears, Hinako tells him to go to hell, causing him to scold her. Hinako insists she did nothing wrong, but would he like her to do something wrong? Hinako kicks Monobear to the deck, so Monobear gets up and throws Hinako to the deck and breaks her leg as punishment, but Hinako survives. However, later, she is one of two chapter 3 murder victims, found dead of exsanguination.

  • Follow in My Footsteps: She was born into a family famous for contributions to fashion design, and she became Super High School Level-talented at being a Personal Stylist.

Hoshiko Tsukino

SHSL Stargazer

Ever since she was a little girl, Hoshiko’s imagination was large and either got her into trouble or brought great fortune. Her love of stars began when she was just five and during car rides or nights out with her parents, where she would draw the stars and pretend they made beautiful drawings (often calling them “diamond drawings”). Once she grew older she did research on stars and stayed up at ungodly hours just to spot the clearest images of constellation to chart them down. Hope’s Peak Academy soon invited her once her charts and drawing caught the public eye.

Hoshiko Tsukino is the first murder victim of Astral Black; killed by asphyxiation in chapter 1.

  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Hoshiko", means "star child", and her last name, "Tsukino", means "of the moon", both of which are fitting names for a Stargazer.
  • Ms. Imagination: This either gets her into trouble or brings her great fortune, and it also helped contribute to her SHSL talent of being a Stargazer.
  • The Speechless: Hoshiko is mute.

Jackson Halburn

SHSL Acrobat

Having been a circus worker that won the heart of the qualifying judges for Team USA, Jackson Halburn made his gymnastic debut in the last summer Olympic Games, where he stunned judges with his eccentric routines and free-form performance. Despite having earned world-wide fame medaling in all four men’s Olympic events, this shooting star prefers the more up-key attitude of his hometown’s circus, Manzini’s Big Top Show, to any sort of international event. It was his acrobatic feats under this tent — including a routine called “The Burning Star” — that won him a place amongst Hope’s Peak elite. Jackson is absolutely ecstatic to be present in such a talented student body and looks forward to learning from this experience.

Jackson survives Astral Black.

  • Destroy the Evidence: During chapter three's trial, a large piece of evidence is a small pair of gloves, which Dimitri (the main suspect at the time) is asked to try on. Before he can even get his hands on them however, Jackson deliberately forces his large hands into them, ripping them and making the evidence completely useless.
  • Fanservice: In chapter 1's trial, Jackson strips to prove he doesn't have any incriminating scratch marks, revealing black boxer briefs and a watercolor tattoo of a giant bird running up his side.
  • Insistent Terminology: Jackson goes by either "Jackson" or "Halburn", not "Jack".
  • Lovable Jock: Despite the stereotype of athletic characters, Jackson has been described as "a human Golden Retriever puppy"; an energetic person who desires to befriend those around him.
  • Momma's Boy: When prompted, Jackson can be prone to ramble about his life back in his home town, which includes fond recollections of his mother.
  • The Social Expert: As one of Jackson's posts narrates during chapter 1's trial:
    "Jackson may not have a lot of book smarts, but when it came to people... Well, he knew those pretty well."
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Jackson gives a minor one to Chie after Chie's blunt comment towards Valentina. Jackson points out to Chie that people have actually lost someone today, so how about Chie not smile like she's planning to kill Batman, since she has nothing to add but mean words?
  • Take Me Instead: He offers himself up to be executed in chapter three's trial as Dimitri is put under heavy suspicion. It's implied from what he says about his older brother saving his life that Jackson wants to do the same for Dimitri.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Jackson presented the majority of the evidence against Hans alongside Sun-Mi, and later, Hans slipped up and revealed that he knew the barbiturate drug could be taken for fun, Jackson didn't even know the drug came in pills until Hans mentioned it, and Jackson calls him out on this, so Jackson finally "catches" the culprit.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Ever since Jackson got stuck in an elevator as a child, he hasn't fancied the idea of possibly getting stuck in a small metal box with little to no way out.
  • Work Hard, Play Hard: Jackson carries both the title of a multiple-time Olympic gold medalist, but is described in his short bio as one who prefers to work in a circus, due to the more "up-key" and playful nature. He has obviously excelled at both professional acrobatics and a more recreational version of the activity.

Keichi Tachibana

SHSL Kart Racer

Karting since he was eight and entering the competitive circuit at thirteen, Keichi Tachibana is a prodigy in the international karting league. An energetic kid with a real need for speed, he does everything fast: running, talking, eating, and even sleeping. Hope’s Peak took notice of his skills during his participation in international races out of his age group, and sent him a letter of admission. Believing that the academy could boost him even higher, Keichi accepted without hesitation.

Keichi survives Astral Black.

  • Heroic Vow: After chapter 1's trial, Keichi makes this vow about the mutual killing game:
    "I’ll never give in to your twisted desires, you devils!! I swear to the heavens; these hands will never be used to hurt another! Never!!! I’ll die first before I kill somebody else!!!"
  • Keet: Described in his public profile as "An energetic kid with a real need for speed".
  • Large Ham: Sometimes Keichi speaks like this. One example during chapter 1's trial:
    "There’s only one way to solve this!! We know she scratched her killer, right!? Then there’s only one thing we can do! Everybody’s gotta take off their clothes so we can inspect them for matching marks! COME ON EVERYBODY, MAKE WITH THE STRIPPING ALREADY!! DON’T BE SHY!!!!"
  • Meaningful Name: His surname, "Tachibana", means "wild orange", which fits his energetic nature.
  • Red Is Heroic: His outfit is predominantly red and white.
  • Shout-Out: In chapter 2, Keichi wins a plush of a cat named "Cream", who previously belonged to Toru the SHSL Feline Specialist from Astral Academia.
  • Teen Genius: Entered the competitive circuit at age thirteen, and Hope's Peak Academy took notice of his skills when he participated in competitions that were out of his age group.
  • Tender Tears: After learning of chapter 3's "motive". He then locks himself in his room to keep his classmates safe from himself, so he won't be tempted to kill.

Koemi Takibana/Radiant♥Heart

SHSL Comedian (SHSL Supervillain)

Big things can come in small packages! The ever-smiley, bubbly, newly-blossoming young comedian, Koemi Takibana, has become something of a star in the field of comedy in Japan, and the United States! With her delivery and her charming exterior, she’s managed to capture the public’s attention, bringing laughter to a new audience. The exact nature of her bursting into the public eye is relatively unknown, but the fact remains that she’s here, and here (perhaps!) to stay!

She's responsible for murdering Satoshi in chapter two, but is caught.

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Koemi is chapter 2's murderer, but is correctly caught and executed. She's placed in a laboratory with an On switch near a creation of hers, but that turns out to be just a stage as the props and set comes crashing down. There are Monobears in the audience, and Koemi accidentally backs up onto a stool that chains her to it so she can't get up. The Monobears demand comedy, but every time Koemi tries to make a joke, a buzzer cuts her off. The Monobears finally decide to get the comedian off the stage the old fashioned way, but instead of a vaudeville hook, a giant scythe comes out from backstage and decapitates Koemi.
  • Dark Secret: We get to see what's on Koemi's "motive card" in chapter 2, where the motive was a threat to reveal everyone's darkest secrets: "You and your mother faced abuse… you’re angry at your brothers… but they’re dead now". Subverted when it's revealed not to actually be her secret. Given what we learn later, it is probable that since Koemi was reading her card aloud and didn't actually show it to the class, she was ad-libbing. We later learn that her actual darkest secret is that she's secretly a Super High School Level Supervillain.
  • Genki Girl: Her public profile describes her as an "ever-smiley, bubbly, newly-blossoming young comedian".
  • Pink Means Feminine: She's absolutely positively pink. Even when her true identity as a Supervillain is revealed, her "supervillain costume" is entirely pink.
  • Played for Laughs: She's Super High-School Level talented at being a Comedian, and hence skilled at doing this.
  • Wingding Eyes: Appears to have small hearts in her eyes.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: When a pink backpack full of pink things is found that could decisively prove Koemi's guilt in chapter 2, Koemi objects that the evidence might have been planted to frame her, so voting for her would only cause an innocent to die. This does persuade a few students to either default their votes or vote for Chie, but ultimately Koemi still wins a majority vote—and she is indeed chapter 2's culprit after all.

    Students L-Z 

Mai “Yukiko” Yukimura

SHSL Figure Skater

Through hard work and dedication, Mai Yukimura has become one of Japan’s most known figure skaters. Mai has become greatly known by her almost record breaking score of 228.35 in the ladies singles board at the World Figure Skating Championships. She is also well known by her many occurrences in TV interviews and her successful selling book called “Stellar Ice Skates”. Hopes Peak recognized Mai for her incredible dedication, motivation, and love for her talent and her skills as a figure skater.

Mai survives Astral Black.

  • Call-Back: Mai is played by the same player who played Honoka the Environmentalist in Astral Academia. In the very first trial of Astral Academia, Honoka inadvertently helped expose the murderer by asking the culprit (in that case Heather) to strip, and Honoka had actually been trying to prove the person innocent. Here in Astral Black's chapter 1 trial, Mai asks someone she trusts to strip, hoping that doing so will prove that person's innocence, only for that person (in this case Hans) to indeed turn out later to be the first culprit.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Mai", means "dance", and figure skating is closely related to dancing. Her nickname "Yukiko" means "snow child", and her last name "Yukimura" means "snowy village", both of which are fitting names for a Figure Skater.
  • Moment of Silence: Mai asks for one for the sake of the victim, Hoshiko, at the beginning of chapter 1's trial.
  • Self-Made Woman: Mai became Super High-School Level talented at being a Figure Skater through pure hard work and dedication.
  • Technicolor Eyes: Has purple eyes.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In chapter 1's trial, Mai finds the "barbiturate" drug, which becomes crucial evidence in determining who the culprit is later on.

Mari Kazuyaki

SHSL Train Conductor

Born and raised in Tokyo, Mari had always been interested in travel ever since her father exposed her to the worldly aspects of nature, away from the usual city clutter. Living in the big city hadn’t always fancied the budding train conductor, so she often left with her family whenever a chance arose. She loved to travel be it ferry, bus, plane, but her favorite of all was the local train. Mari had always escapade through the various cars on a train taking in the majesty of industrial metalworking. The aspirations of the young train conductor were to be in full fruition when a tragic accident arose; a terrorist group had hijacked the bullet train her family and herself were on. After a series of “stealth like” maneuvers she reached the the pilots area’s and stopped the train in its tracks, as it was going 230 mph! With the sudden stop, those standing flew to the ground. She picked up the intercom and commanded everyone start restraining the terrorists! After several hours authorities arrived and commended the young girl! Capturing the eye of Hope’s Peak, Mari was sought an audience!

Mari survives Astral Black.

  • Ascended Fangirl: Mari has always loved to travel, with trains being her favorite mode of transportation, and after saving a train from a terrorist attack, she is now a SHSL Train Conductor.
  • Big Damn Heroes: In her backstory, she saved a train from a terrorist attack.
  • Dark Secret: We get to see what's on Mari's "darkest secret motive card" in chapter 2. The card reads, "Mari Kazuyaki doesn’t stand a chance in a fight."
  • No Indoor Voice: One of her skills is a commanding shout, able to catch anyone's attention.
  • No-Sell: Monobear's chapter 4 "motive" turns on some loud, really annoying sirens with the threat of keeping the sirens on forever unless a murder occurs. But Mari has noise-cancelling headphones in her room, so she gleefully notes to herself that she's beaten this motive (she also considers sharing the headphones with the class and taking turns with them, giving everyone a "moment of peace").
  • Shout-Out: At the beginning of chapter 5, Mari wins an American Flag Bandanna from the Monomachine. This is a reference to Ginji Gohyaku, the SHSL Marksman from Astral Academia, who wore Captain America-themed clothing.

Masami Kinoshita

SHSL Salesman

Knock knock! Who’s there? Masami Kinoshita, that’s who! A salesman who is best known for his door to door work, he has completely revolutionized sales with his charismatic personality and unconventional techniques. With a 74% and 22% success rate, in telemarketing and door to door work respectively, he’s proven himself one of the best young salesmen working today. Clients often call him one of the sweetest, most charismatic salesman they’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, as well as pointing out how passionate he is about the products he sells. Although he was always a good salesman, Masami’s rise to fame started when he was 16, when he boldly asked his boss to allow for him to sell magazines up front, door-to-door, instead of only working through telemarketing. He quickly became someone often talked about in the world of sales, recognized for both his stellar techniques, fantastic lectures, and his energetic, quirky personality. A boy with a large, ever growing presence in the world of sales, it wasn’t unexpected for him to get an invitation to Hopes Peak, with the well-deserved title of SHSL Salesman.

Masami survives Astral Black.

  • Precision F-Strike: Upon discovering who the chapter 4 culprit is, and upon the revelation of just how awfully that person has acted before now, Masami repeatedly shouts at the culprit that that's "fucked up".
  • Traveling Salesman: A Super High School Level one. He's best known for his door to door work.

Ryouta Ishikawa

SHSL Private Investigator

Ishikawa Ryouta grew up as a typical student who enjoyed getting out and about. Coming off as reckless in manner by the time he entered middle school as opposed to the excessively shy boy he was prior, he was still in an awkward transitioning phase. Love was an affair involved in his circle of friends, and Ryouta’s curiosity and jealousy set off a chain of events. Before he knew it, he had wound up collecting evidence of his friend’s lover cheating, and awkwardly handed it over to the fellow classmate. Perhaps it was in admiration after the initial shock and rage settled over, but Ryouta’s friend offered to aid him in continuing an investigative line of work as a hobby at first. Soon, Ryouta had wound up a gang of five people including himself, each one with a specialty. They were dubbed as the ‘Knaves of Hearts’ and at first worked on petty cases typically involving romantic affairs in their school. It spread to working with students’ friends or family members, and over time the Knaves of Hearts became an actual crew of private investigators available for hired jobs in the country.

Immortalized in papers and spread through word of gossiping folks, the Knaves of Hearts found themselves getting more and more work despite their young age and got more equipment to improve their capability to solve cases. Taking requests either in person, by mail, email, or over the phone, they typically excelled in cases involving adultery but not necessarily limited to. The five owed most of their success to their young age allowing them to disguise themselves more easily, but Ryouta still managed to become the most well-known out of them and the unofficial leader.

Ryouta murders Valentina in chapter 6, but is not executed, even though he confesses, because the class chooses to focus on catching the Mastermind, so Ryouta survives Astral Black.

  • Cool Shades: Ryouta wears the Triangle Shades variant.
  • Expy: Of Ryouko Ishikawa from the first Astral Cabal game. Not only do they share extremely similar names, but they have similar appearances and similar backgrounds. They also end the game in similar ways: both Ryouko and Ryouta are the very last murderers in their respective games, and both of them escape punishment and survive because the class chooses to catch the Mastermind instead in both cases.
  • Karma Houdini: Ryouta murders Valentina in chapter 6, but is not punished because the class chooses to catch the Mastermind instead.
  • Opaque Nerd Glasses: Supposedly carries around a pair of these.
  • Precision F-Strike: In chapter 2's trial, when the class almost votes for Chie instead of Koemi because of a last-minute objection, Ryouta tells his classmates off for being willing to vote for a person who was helping just because of suspicious mannerisms, and Ryouta tells his classmates to "FUCK OFF!!!"
  • Technicolor Eyes: While initially hard to see, Ryouta's eyes are blue but with red pupils.
  • Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: While it's usually not noteworthy, Ryouta has been given some masculine accessories to differentiate himself from his female counterpart. Most notably is changing the Sailor Fuku to a gakuran and going from a mostly pink color scheme to a red one.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Ryouta completely turns chapter 1's trial around by explaining that rather than the culprit being injured, wouldn't the Barbiturate drug Mai found mean that the culprit is precisely someone who might not have been injured? That changes the course of the debate, and it puts Hans back on the suspect list after Hans had previously been cleared due to lack of injuries. It turns out that Hans is indeed the culprit.

Sachiko Okada

SHSL Ikabana Arranger

Sachiko Okada is a rising star in the traditional art scene in Japan. She’s perfected different Ikebana styles such as Sogetsu and Rikka along with many other. A numerous amount of her pieces have been on display in art galleries and other traditional art ceremonies, and each one of them having their own unique arrangement that isn’t seen in the work of her peers. In her off time, she assists her grandmother, a prominent member of the traditional art community in Japan, at the Okada Academy for Ikebana in teaching classes on different Ikebana styles. She’s seen as a fantastic example of the youth of Japan returning to their traditional roots, which is hilarious considering she was born and raised in the United States. Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore her skills with the craft, and her prestige in the traditional arts community is what attracted the attention of a certain Hopes Peak Academy.

Sachiko survives Astral Black.

  • Fanservice: There isn't an accompanying sprite, but during chapter 1's trial, Sachiko takes off her top and reveals a camisole underneath, and no incriminating scratch marks.
  • Flower Motifs: Her SHSL talent is "Ikebana", or Japanese flower arranging.
  • Innocent Flower Girl: While her innocence hasn't been confirmed, Sachiko's talent does deal with the art of Japanese flower arranging. Her innocence is eventually confirmed, as Sachiko survives Astral Black without killing anyone.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Sachiko", means "child of bliss" or "happiness", in reference to her talent in making people happy with Ikebana.
  • Odango Hair: Her hair is styled into two small buns
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Averted so far. Averted for good at endgame, as Sachiko never kills anyone and survives.

Satoshi Doku

SHSL Toxicologist

Satoshi Doku is the youngest well-known toxicologist. Since he’s still a teenager, he is often applauded by his knowledge for such a young age and is often seen in science magazines and based on interviews, he is a very mysterious person.

He's the second victim, killed by electrocution.

  • Dark Secret: We get to see what's on Satoshi's "darkest secret motive card" in chapter 2, because Satoshi is that chapter's murder victim, and Masami recovered the card from Satoshi's room. The card reads, "I am not who I appear to be."
  • Master Poisoner: His SHSL talent is in toxicology.
  • Meaningful Name: His first name "Satoshi" means "clear-thinking", a fitting name for an exacting science such as toxicology. His last name, "Doku", is taken from a Japanese sound effect that reads "dokudoku", and it's typically used for the gushing or running off of thick liquid. Again, this is a fitting name for a toxicologist.
  • Multicolored Hair: His hair is part brown and part yellow.
  • Teen Genius: He is "the youngest well-known toxicologist" and is "often seen in science magazines".

Sora Yukimura

SHSL Programmer

Little is known about Yukimura Sora’s childhood and rise to fame— though it is known that he was quite talented with computers and other technology. Said to have singlehandedly programmed a very effective anti-virus program that went viral over the internet caused him to get hired by prestigious companies, eventually rising from mere internet recognition to business fame.

Sora survives Astral Black.

  • Artificial Human: In chapter 6's trial, while speaking to Ryouta, Sora reveals that he is actually an android.
  • Fanservice: Briefly takes off his shirt in chapter 1's trial to reveal that he has no incriminating scratch marks.
  • Meaningful Name: His first name, "Sora", means "sky", which befits a programmer with blue eyes and blue clothing.
  • Multicolored Hair: Sort of. Sora's hair is of a light color near the top, and of a dark color near the bottom.
  • Self-Made Man: He rose from "mere internet recognition to business fame" because he single-handedly programmed a "very effective anti-virus", which is what motivated prestigious companies to hire him.
  • Sharp-Dressed Man: Wearing formal business attire, including a tie.
  • Techno Wizard: He's Super High-School Level talented at being a Programmer.
  • Teen Genius: Single-handedly programmed an anti-virus program which opened his way into a prestigious high school.

Sun-mi Choi

SHSL Retro Gamer

Growing up in the center of Seoul, and having spent most of her younger years wandering the streets with nothing to do, it was inevitable Sun-mi Choi would run across the tiny, worn-down arcade on the corner of town eventually. However, unlike most people who just passed by, Sun-mi saw a strange charm behind the little arcade, and stepped inside. There she was introduced to the world of pixellated platformers, fighting games, and racing simulators, all far outdated in the modern age. She was entranced by the games and began spending most of her time in arcades across the city. Soon the nickname “SUN” was easily recognizable on retro arcade games all around, and she was regarded as something of an arcade legend. Sun-mi began collecting hard-to-get console titles at home, and under the same nickname, ‘SUN’, she started a website where she informed about, reviewed, and streamed retro games. The website became wildly popular across the online gaming community, and Sun-mi became a minor internet icon. She continued frequenting arcades, eventually travelling to Japan to branch out and beginning to make public appearances.

Sun-Mi survives Astral Black.

  • Crush Blush: In chapter 1's trial, Sun-Mi briefly gets this while experiencing what the narration calls "puppy love" for Sora.
  • No-Sell: Sun-Mi isn't phased by the chapter 4 "motive", Monobear turning the alarm sirens on and refusing to shut them off unless a murder occurs. After all, if she's forced to stay awake, she can use the time to catch up on her retro gaming, and maybe no one will kill over this anyway, though Sun-Mi doubts that.
  • Shout-Out: During chapter 1's trial, Sun-Mi wears a black T-shirt with a green ox and cart with one of many "game over" messages from The Oregon Trail on it. In chapter 2's trial, she is wearing a "game over" hoodie, but this time without the Oregon Trail shout-out.
  • Tender Tears: Sun-Mi cries with her head bowed to hide her tears upon discovering that chapter 6's murder victim is her friend Valentina.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In chapter 1's trial, she presents the majority of the evidence against Hans alongside Jackson. In chapter 4's trial, she notices a verbal slip-up by Zacharie that describes the weirdness of a wound that Zacharie didn't see.
  • Verbal Tic: Sometimes when Sun-Mi speaks, she'll speak in Korean in addition to Japanese. For example, "Aaah, naneun geugeos-eul mid-eul su eobs-eo! I agree with him. Over there."

Tigris Sakai

SHSL Sportscaster

Characterized by their melodious yet valiant voice, as well as their high-powered calls of euphoria when a point is scored in a soccer match ( Goal, Goal, GOOOOOOOAAL! ), Sakai has become the icon of sports broadcasting amongst the Japanese community of athleticism, as well as the entitled ‘Darling of the SARN’. Their sports channel, SARN, is the first to be turned to during important matches for sports fans, due to their cleanliness and straight-forward way of commentating the occurring events. Though primarily a soccer commentator, they can do a job as graceful with baseball and tennis as they can with soccer.

Tigris is one of two murder victims in chapter 5, found dead of exsanguination.

  • Jerkass: They find amusement in bothering, manhandling and outward bullying other people.
  • Too Much Information: Tigris seems to say a lot of off-setting things, quickly discarding them with an excuse, like 'I'm joking' or 'Just kidding'.
  • Unreliable Expositor: They have a fondness of making up stories and facts, usually scary or offsetting ones, just to mess with people.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: So short, the pockets stick out.

Toki Yuhara

SHSL Apocalypse Prepper

After watching a rather unsettling apocalypse film at the age of 10, Toki Yuhara realized the world wasn’t going to last forever. Shortly after the film had ended, they began on what would end up to be 5 long years of online research, classes on what to do in event of disasters, and even building an underground bunker in their family’s front yard. After setting the world record for the largest non-retail amount of stored food, they were inspired to start a blog containing tips on survival ranging from how to stockpile, the safest places to be during a high magnitude earthquake, and even what to do in the off chance of a zombie infestation.

They're the chapter 4 victim, found dead of exsanguination.

  • Asshole Victim: Maybe, though our source of information on this is unreliable. According to the chapter 4 murderer, the murderer killed Toki because they were trying to take the culprit's cane away from him, though this may or may not have been the murderer attempting to make himself look good after killing them.
  • Crazy-Prepared: Part of what got their talent noticed, setting a world record for storing food and preparing bunkers and plans for various types of apocalypse.
  • Dark Secret: We get to see what's on their "darkest secret motive card" in chapter 2: what's written on the card is, "Toki Yuhara is little more than a zombie fanatic." After revealing this, Toki asks the class to promise not to tell the media that they're a "hack", in Toki's words.
  • Meaningful Name: Their first name, "Toki", means "time of opportunity", a fitting name for someone whose talent is preparing for the apocalypse.

Tsubame Mizushima

SHSL Ama Diver

Born the heiress to a society of ama diving, Tsubame has spent years training herself to live out tradition. Her mother had her treading water in swimming classes since she was an infant, and ever since then she’s been eager to prove herself among real waves. She easily progressed through the ama ranks, from sweeping the shallow coastline as an amateur oyogido to working in groupings as an okedo to claiming independency as a funado. Since being hailed as a funado, one of the most experienced ama, Tsubame’s been asserting her leadership to shape the dwindling community of ama. Now, at 15, her diving faction is recognized globally as the biggest supplier of akoya cultured pearls in the world.

  • Black Comedy: Rattles off a number of jokes after Hans' execution in response to the event.
    Tsubame: C’mon, don’t leave me… hangin’!
  • Child Hater: It's very subtle, but while confirming Ryouta's proposed theory, Tsubame briefly refers to children as "hellspawn" before correcting herself and saying "children".
  • Fanservice: Subverted. Tsubame strips during chapter 1's trial to prove she doesn't have incriminating injuries, but she's wearing a full wetsuit under her clothes.
  • Follow in My Footsteps: Born to a society of ama diving and eager to prove herself as an ama diver.
  • Hair of Gold: Has blonde hair and hasn't killed anyone yet, but slightly subverted in that Tsubame is very brusque during trials.
  • Heir to the Dojo: She's the heir to a diving society.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Tsubame", means "swallow", a fitting name for someone who can "dive" like a bird. Her last name, "Mizushima", means "water island", which again is a fitting name for an ama diver.
  • Shout-Out: In her introduction, out of nervousness, Tsubame says the following: “‘S that so? Hm. Well, ‘m Tsubame. Of course, y’ should already know that. I’m, uh… Super High School Level… Sailor… Scout. Yeah. Have fun with tha’.”
  • They Died Because of You: During chapter 1's trial, Tsubame tells Valentina that the victim died because Valentina didn't try hard enough to keep her friends alive.
  • Took a Level in Badass: In chapter 2's trial, Tsubame presents the pink backpack and the fact that almost everything in the backpack is also pink. This proves to be a crucial clue in figuring out that the culprit is the one student in the class who really loves pink.
  • Tragic Keepsake: She takes and wears Hinako's hairband after her death in chapter three.

Valentina Rose/Kanade Oshiro

SHSL Violinist

Born into an well known, extremely musical family, ‘Valentina Rose’ had picked up a violin before she had gotten herself up off the ground. Travelling all over the world from an early age as her family performed in concert, Valentina could often be found miming with her violin backstage, silently trying to keep up with what she could hear from the front. It didn’t take long for her to be performing alongside the orchestras rather than in the wings, and eventually solo. Her main forte is live concert, continuing to constantly travel all over the world, though Valentina’s name is also credited to a wide range of film soundtracks and a large number of songs.

Valentina is the chapter 6 murder victim, found dead of exsanguination.

  • Call-Back: During chapter two's trial, Valentina shouts 'LIAR!' at Hinako, in a reference to when Haruka (played by the same mun as Hinako) did during Astral Academia.
  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: She's very unaware of some of the nastier aspects of the real world, and oblivious to those that may think the way she acts is strange.
  • Dark Secret: A partial example, we get to see half of what's written on Valentina's "darkest secret motive card" in chapter 2, and it reads, "Valentina Rose's real name is" but Valentina is covering the half of the card that reveals her real name. We finally learn Valentina's real name when she's murdered in chapter 6, since her real name is shown on the flashing ID card announcement; her real name is "Kanade Oshiro".
  • Dissonant Serenity: At the beginning of chapter 3's trial, Valentina has a large smile on her face as she's speaking about a possible method the chapter 3 murderer could have used to take advantage of an opportunity.
  • Elegant Classical Musician: While she is involved in a wide range of areas, such as film soundtracks and the like, Valentina's main talent and love lies with classical music. She also certainly tries to act elegant and 'princess like' at all times.
  • Identity Amnesia: During the first trial, Valentina struggles to try and remember personal details about herself, such as how old she is and what she said in a previous conversation. At the time of writing it is not known why this occured, though as the narration questions why this was happening again, it's suggested that this memory loss has happened before.
  • Locked Room Mystery: The setup of her body being discovered; Monobear has to trick Mari into breaking down the door to allow the students access to the body.
  • No-Sell: Upon hearing chapter 5's "motive", a threat to make everyone sick and a promise to retrieve everyone's medication, Valentina isn't worried. She has no medication she needs to take, and she knows that someone will commit murder before Monobear spreads any diseases.
  • Please Wake Up: At the beginning of chapter 1's trial, Valentina does not realize at first that Hoshiko has been murdered, and is under the impression that Hoshiko is still asleep and simply has yet to arrive in the courtroom.
  • Rapunzel Hair: Her hair is down to her knees.
  • Sheltered Aristocrat: Of the plucky with child-like innocence kind. Seen during the first case, when Valentina genuinely believes that the victim is just sleeping and she doesn't know what 'murder' actually is.
  • Stage Name: 'Valentina Rose'.
  • Third-Person Person: It's not constant; Valentina switches often between referring to herself in the first and third person. She doesn't even seem aware of it.

Yukiko Kurosawa


If you keep up with recent films, you’ve probably seen the work of Yukiko Kurosawa without even knowing it. Her work covers blockbusters to indie with genres across the board. What had started out as a hobby of cosplay for the young girl quickly exploded into an acclaimed career with studios around the world attempting to enlist her talent for everything special effects. Her technique and attention to detail are nothing short of revolutionary for the industry, and many artists that utilize these new guidelines have no one but a girl with a face painted white to thank.

She is the chapter 5 culprit, but the class correctly pins her as the culprit, and she is executed.

  • Ascended Fangirl: Yukiko started out having cosplay as a hobby, but channelled this into an acclaimed career as an SFX artist.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Yukiko is the chapter 5 culprit, but is correctly caught and executed. Yukiko is placed in her old middle school, attacked by monsters, but she pulls off their bad special effects to reveal Monobear in a disguise. The last creature, however, is real, and it's a gigantic black creature that spits acid. Yukiko is able to escape the creature by hiding in a classroom, and it harmlessly continues down the hallway. But because of the chase, Yukiko is too panicked to breathe properly, so she reaches for her inhaler...which was never actually returned to her, and she flails about desperately before collapsing, finally dying by loss of air.
  • Fanservice: There's no accompanying sprite, but she briefly takes off her undershirt and body shaper to reveal a bra and reveal that she has no incriminating scratch marks.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name, "Yukiko", means "snow child", a reference to her face being painted white as stated in her public bio. Her last name, "Kurosawa", is the same last name as the famous late Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa, a fitting name for a SHSL SFX artist with an acclaimed career with studios around the world.
  • Pet the Dog: Yukiko offers everyone her face masks to help protect them from the chapter 5 "motive" threatening to spread a disease around.

Zacharie Morrison

SHSL Band Member

Even as a child, Zach has been a musical prodigy. In middle school he mastered the trombone within 6 months of learning his first scale and soon had most band instruments under his belt. At the age of 13, Zach began to grow in fame across America from all of the national contests that he had won. He had scholarships from colleges all over the country in the bag. His future was pretty much secured until he had a horrible accident that cost him his vision and most of his face. The public doesn’t know the specifics and he never talks about it openly. After some serious therapy and rehabilitation, he managed to come back on the musical scene and win back his position as one of the best musicians of his age. He made it clear that he was never going to give up because of his disability. In fact, the accident gave him an even bigger boost in the world. The uplifting story of his comeback spread over most of the globe causing him to be an almost celebrity amongst the musical elite.

Zacharie is the chapter 4 murderer, but the class correctly figures out it was him and he is executed.

  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: As we learn in Zacharie's post just before he is executed, "He didn’t think like anyone else, his mind and morals were warped from a young age."
  • Came Back Strong: He didn't let his accident deter him from music; in fact, he came back to the music scene even more determined to succeed.
  • Child Prodigy: A musical prodigy even as a child.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Zacharie is the chapter 4 culprit, but he is correctly voted for and executed. Zacharie is placed on a drum, with Monobear playing the drum to one of Zacharie's own concerts, repeatedly sending Zacharie flying high into the air. Zacharie is sent flying higher and higher with each hit, so he ends up breaking bones every time he falls back to the "ground" of the drum. Finally, as Zacharie is sent flying into the air one last time, Monobear crashes two cymbals together, crushing Zacharie so his broken body falls back to the ground one last time, dead, as Zacharie's own voice recording finishes the concert.
  • Disability Superpower: In compensation for his blindness, he has an incredible sense of hearing.
  • I Never Said It Was Poison: This is eventually how Zacharie is caught as chapter 4's culprit, as he remarks that the shape of the victim's wound is too weird for him to have inflicted. But as Sun-Mi points out, Zacharie didn't even see the wound, so how would he know how weirdly it's shaped unless he inflicted it?
  • Jack-of-All-Trades: Mastered a number of instruments at a young age.
  • Karma Houdini: Though not for the murder Zacharie commits in Astral Black's chapter 4, as he is caught for that murder and executed. But as Masami points out, not only has Zacharie killed sixteen people before now, but apparently no one ever found Zacharie after those murders.
  • Kick the Dog: A very slight example in chapter 4; when Zacharie discovers chapter 4's murder victim, he rejoices because that means the sirens finally shut off! He also, though only mentally, accuses the victim of having "sucked", and kinda wishes that this murder wasn't blocking the kitchen. We later learn that this attitude is, in fact, because it was Zacharie himself who killed the victim.
  • Precision F-Strike: When chapter 4's "motive" makes sirens go off and Zacharie can't make the sound go away by covering his ears, he screams at Monobear, "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! DAMN IT!" Upon realizing that he's going to have to get used to the noise for now, he calls Monobear "Fucko" in his head.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Is wearing a purple blindfold, and is Super High School Level-talented at being a Band Member.
  • The Sociopath: Thanks to his Blue-and-Orange Morality noted above, Zacharie reveals after being found out as the chapter 4 culprit that he has killed sixteen people before now.



With a big name and a personality to match, ロボットWIRE started out relatively small. A keen interest in modern music and how mixing works grew into a basic music channel on websites like YouTube and Nico Nico Douga. Though he didn’t have many viewers to start with, he continued on making remixes and even some original musical pieces. It wasn’t until he released a song he titled “人間の皮膚でロボット”, or “A Robot in Human Skin” that his audience began to grow. Soon after his audience hit one million, he was contacted by a well-known dance club asking for him to DJ for them. He quickly accepted, and that began his time of bouncing from club to club, playing music that got the crowd up and dancing; his appearances in clubs springboarded him into signing a contract with a music company and preparing for tour. It wasn’t long after his second tour was completed that Hope’s Peak scouted him, inviting him to join them as the SHSL Club DJ.

WIRE survives Astral Black.

  • Berserk Button: Never ask WIRE to take his mask off. During chapter 4's trial, he's asked to do so twice. The first time he refuses politely, but the second time he yells at the other person for supposedly being deaf, the class will have to see him dead before they see him with his mask off!
  • Bilingual Bonus: During chapter 2's trial, WIRE formally introduces himself "ROBOTTO<Wire>", because that is what ロボット means.
  • Hair of Gold: He has not killed anyone yet. And doesn't; he survives the game without committing murder.
  • It Amused Me: During chapter 1's trial, WIRE votes for himself out of sheer boredom, saying "fuck this murder shit man."
  • Took a Level in Badass: When he started out, he didn't have many viewers, but he kept on making remixes and musical pieces until "A Robot in Human Skin" caused his audience to grow, and he became famous after a dance club contacted him.

    The Mastermind 

The Mastermind/Tsubame Mizushima

  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Tsubame is chained down inside a thin glass box, with ice cold water starting to fill it up. Once filled up completely the box is sealed off and the water begins to freeze, icing over Tsubame with it. The end of the execution shows the now-frozen Tsubame on a pedestal, with the message that the ama diver has been eternally entombed.


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