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Due to the large number of students affiliated with Astral Cabal's games, the rosters have been split up into separate pages. Each is inserted into a folder based on order: the games in the same folders went on at the same time. There's also links to each one's mainblog!

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    Round 1: Astral Academia 
The first in the set of Astral games, this one took place in SPAAAACE.

The blog for it can be found over here.

    Round 2: Astral Cabal B&B 
The second in the set of Astral games, these two took place in two surprisingly different settings. Astral Cabal: Black took place on the ocean blue, at the Okeanos Sea Center. Astral Cabal: Blue, on the other hand, took place out in the tundra, at the Tountra Snow Center.

AC: Black's blog can be found here, while AC: Blue's blog can be found here.

    Round 3: Astral Cabal DPP 
The third in the set of Astral games. Astral Cabal: Diamond takes place at the Ifaisteio Research Site, which is set near a volcano, while Astral Cabal: Pearl is set at the Louloudia Excavation Site, located around some ruins. Astral Cabal: Platinum combines the two rosters and moves them down into the underground Synantisi base.

AC: Diamond's blog can be found here, AC: Pearl's blog can be found here, and AC: Platinum can be found here.


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