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Characters / As Incríveis Aventuras de Dog Mendonça e Pizzaboy!

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Dog Mendonça

João Vicente "Dog" Mendonça is a boisterous fat, football-loving, womanizer, kinda dumb AND portuguese Occult Detective who protects monsters from humans or otherwise who had broken the code (the code is the fact that monsters don't reveal themselves to the humans). He's always accompanied by Pazuul his assistant, it seemed the two had already dangerous adventures before (such as beating Loch Ness). Pizzaboy meets him to help him find his bike stolen from a bunch of Gargoyles. Eventually this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



His name is Eurico Catatau but everyone calls him Pizzaboy (wich is kinda weird cause you know, the book is portuguese and you don't find many portuguese people saying "pizzaboy"). He works in a, well... pizza store, and dreams of getting the girl of his dreams and have a better job. So it happens his bike is stolen by a bunch of gargoyles. By taking the advice from a friend, Pizzaboy contacts Dog and Pazuul, eventually setting the beginning of a beautiful freindship.

  • Mythology Gag: He is called after an actor who appeared in a short film called I'll See You In My Dreams. Apparently the name of that actor was the subject of a mockumentary called A Man That Loved Zombies. All of these are producted by O Pato Profissional Produções who did this book as well.


A demon trapped in a little girl's body. Apparently he used to work for hell but was banished (the exacly reasons why are unknown but it seemed he wasn't evil enough), as of now he works with Dog as his assistant.

  • Shapeshifter: It seems so. He kinda does this in the sequel.
  • The Voiceless: Besides some grunts he never actually says something. Except on on time that he possesses a Gargole head and talks though it.


Gargoyle Head

A Gargoyle Head that was separated from his body after Dog's interrogation. It seems annoying at first and being just a head actually makes him look like a deadweight at first but ends up being pretty useful to the group.

  • Determinator: Although reduced into a head doesn't stop from chewing on much bigger adversaries.
  • Embarrassing First Name: In the sequel, although he doesn't seem to mind it. It doesn't stop from the others laughing at him.


A nerdy friend of Pizzaboy.


An annoying colleague of Pizzaboy.


The owner of the local pizza store.


One of the employers of the pizza store.


The owner of bar full of monsters from many kinds. Apparently he is a old friend of Dog Mendonça.


A chinese restaurant owner who leads then to Madame Chen.

  • Sadistic Choice: He wanted for them to cut a ball to please Madame Chen. He was just kidding.

Madame Chen

A wise chinese transvestite, who Dog and Pizzaboy meet to help them find their friends.


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