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This is part of the character sheet for Dota 2. This page contains the heroes exclusive to Artifact.

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Artifact Heroes
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Red Heroes

    Keefe the Bold
 Keefe the Bold is a red hero who does not have an innate ability. His signature card, Fighting Instinct, modifies a red hero with +1 attack and armor.

Mazzie is a red hero. His signature card, Steel Reinforcement, is an improvement that grants +1 Armor to the friendly tower in the lane it's built in.
  • Mini-Mecha: Although it might qualify as a Humongous Mecha from his perspective, due to being a member of the diminutive Keenfolk.
  • Parental Abandonment: Apparently, his parents have abandoned him.
    "Geeze Sniper, if I wanted to feel bad about myself I'd ask my parents why they never visit me on my birthday"


Green Heroes

    Farvhan the Dreamer
 Farvhan is a green hero who has the Continuous Effect Pack Leadership, which grants neighboring allies +1 armor. His signature card is the Prowler Vanguard, a creep who also grants +1 armor to nearby allies.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: Farvhan and his Prowler Vanguards are of the same species as the Prowler Ancient jungle creeps, meaning they have a humanoid torso on a quadrupedal lower body, although the upper half is decisively not human and the lower half not equine.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": His name used to be spelled "Fahrvhan" (with an extra H before the R), however it was changed sometime before release.
  • Status Buff: Both Farvhan and his Prowler Vanguards grant extra armor to nearby allies.

Rix is a green hero whose Relentless Rebel Continuous Effect grants him permanent rapid deployment, reducing the time he needs to respawn to one turn instead of two. His signature card, Truth to Power, is a spell which silences a unit for one round.
  • Anti-Magic: Truth to Power, his signature card, which silences an enemy.
  • Arch-Enemy: Has a strong dislike for Tresdin, the Legion Commander.
    "I'm going to enjoy killing you, Commander."
  • Death Is a Slap on the Wrist: Thanks to his Relentless Rebel Continuous Effect, he can respawn the next turn after he dies.
  • Wolf Man: Rix belongs to the same species as the Vhoul neutral jungle camp.


Blue Heroes

    J'Muy the Wise 
J'Muy the Wise is a blue hero with the Wisdom of the Elders Active Ability, which draws one card from the deck. His signature card, Battlefield Control, is a spell which forces one unit to attack another, both of the user's choosing.

    Kanna, Priestess of the Dire
 Kanna is a Blue hero. Her Bringer of Conquest Continuous Effect causes random melee creeps to spawn in her lane. Her signature card is Prey on the Weak, a spell which summons a Hound of War for every damaged unit on the battlefield.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Prellex, due to being the Priestess of the opposing Ancient.
    "I am a woman of my word, and today I make a new promise: soon Prellex's body will be crushed in the rubble of her false god, and on that day you will be rewarded beyond all measure."
  • Injured Vulnerability: Keeping units injured, but still alive, allows Prey on the Weak to summon a larger number of Hounds of War.

    Prellex, Priestess of the Radiant 
Prellex is a blue hero. Her Bringer of the Faithful Continuous Effect spawns a Melee Creep in her lane during each deployment phase. Her signature card, Barracks, is an improvement which also summons a Melee Creep during the deployment phase.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Kanna, due to being the Priestess of the opposing Ancient.
    "Kanna and her heretics will stop at nothing to undo the work that we've accomplished, and that is why we must return in kind."
  • Church Militant: Both her and her subordinates are fanatically devoted to Radinthul, the Radiant Ancient, and are willing to take the fight to the Dire.
  • Zerg Rush: Having Prellex and her signature Barracks in a lane means a guaranteed 2 Melee Creeps spawning in each turn. Add in those that spawn normally, and those you summon with other cards (such as Dimensional Portal or Better Late Than Never) and you can have an overwhelming amount of bodies to throw at your opponent. Just watch out for cards that hit all enemies such as Thunderstorm or At Any Cost, which can wipe out your army in one fell swoop.

Black Heroes

    Debbi the Cunning 
Debbi the Cunning is a black hero. Her Continuous Effect, Meticulous Planner, deals 2 damage to heroes or towers attacked by her. Her signature card is a spell, No Accident, which deals 3 damage to any unit.
  • Lizard Folk: Belongs to the same race as the Kobold neutral jungle camp.

    Sorla Khan
 Sorla Khan is a black hero whose Warmonger Continuous Effect allows her to deal 4 extra damage when attacking towers. Her signature card, Assault Ladders, is an Improvement which causes allies in a lane to deal 2 extra damage to the enemy tower.
  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Like her fellow Red Mist warrior Oglodi Axe, her skin is blood-red.
  • Anti-Structure: Both her Warmonger Continuous Effect and Assault Ladders signature card increase the damage enemy towers take.

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