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Captain Sara Lance / White Canary
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Species: Human

Known Aliases: The Canary, Ta-er al-Sahfer (الطائر الأصفر), White Canary

Affiliations: The League of Assassins, Team Arrow, The Legends

Played By: Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Arrow Pilot only and pictures throughout Season One)/Caity Lotz (Arrow Season Two onwards)/Emily Murden (young)


Appearances: Arrow | Legends of Tomorrow | The Flash | Crisis on Earth-X note 

"Today is the day we earn the name "Legends"! Now... how do we sneak out the back?

Laurel's younger sister. Sara was thought to have died on the Queen's Gambit when it sunk, she was actually rescued by the crew of the Amazo, where she became a reluctant participant in Dr. Anthony Ivo's experiments. She was later found and recruited by the League of Assassins, which she later left. After Malcolm Merlyn's attack on the Glades, Sara returns to Star(ling) City, becomes a vigilante known as the Canary, and reunites with Oliver and her family.

She was killed by a drugged Thea Queen under Malcolm Merlyn's orders but was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit a year later. By this time, she joins Rip Hunter's team and took the name White Canary to differentiate herself from her sister Laurel, a.k.a. Black Canary.


She has since been promoted to the rank of Captain following the disappearance and later resignation of Hunter from the Legends.

see Arrowverse: Earth-X to see her Earth-X counterpart
see Arrowverse: Earth-2 to see her Earth-2 counterpart

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  • Adaptational Heroism: In the comics, the character who bears the name White Canary is a definite villain, but on this show, Sara, who has only been heroic (if somewhat damaged) on-screen, assumes the identity.
  • Adaptational Modesty: The White Canary costume is far more conservative than Sara's previous one. Interestingly, the White Canary costume of the show is actually an inversion of the one from the comics. It's later averted.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: The comic White Canary, being Asian, has black hair.
  • All Gays Are Promiscuous: A Rare Female Example; in Legends of Tomorrow, Sara sleeps around with a lot of women, and will even risk her own life by chasing tail in time periods when this is hazardous to her health, like 1950s America. Or 1693 Salem!
  • All Girls Want Bad Boys: If her relationship with Oliver is any indication. Judging by her past with Nyssa, this extends to bad girls as well.
  • Always Someone Better: After her death, Laurel really had a lot to live up to when she starts donning her sister's mask.
  • Amazon Chaser: Sara's not exactly picky, but she's shown an attraction to Action Girls, having a relationship with Nyssa, describing Supergirl as "kind of hot", and sharing a kiss with Guinevere. Ironically, she has sex with Alex Danvers before really finding out that she's a badass.
  • And Starring: She's finally given a "Special Guest Star" on Arrow starting with season 4.
  • Anti-Hero: While more lighthearted than she was before, Sara is still willing to kill or Shoot the Dog if she has to, nearly sniping Stein in the 1980's to prevent Savage from being able to create more of Firestorm.
  • Animal Motif: She loved canaries long before she joined the LoA.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: In the past, her relationship with Laurel doesn't ever have seemed to be particularly good. When she's revealed to be alive, an alcoholic Laurel completely rejects her. However, they do become closer after Laurel starts going to AA meetings, and she discovers Sara's vigilante identity.
  • Arch-Enemy:
    • To Damien Darhk. She develops a burning hatred for him after he killed her sister Laurel in Season Four of Arrow, spending the first few episodes plotting to kill a past version of him. Once Darhk is brought Back from the Dead in Season Three of Legends, she makes several attempts to kill him and also wishes to prolong his suffering.
    • To Malcolm Merlyn. Aside from Darhk, Merlyn is a very personal enemy to her, due to their heavy history together and Malcolm being responsible for Sara's life turning out the way it was, not to mention having a hand in Laurel's death. She's frequently paired in fights with him throughout Season Two of Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Arc Symbol: Ever since the yacht incident, water has consistently been an important factor in her life. She was nearly drowned twice (said incident included), and was saved both times by people who will eventually teach her to become tougher and stronger. When she was really killed, she was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit.
  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Ta-er al-Sahfer doesn't really translate to "canary", it actually translates to "yellow bird". The actual Arabic word for "canary" is a loanword that is pronounced exactly like "canary".
  • The Atoner: Like Oliver, she carries guilt and regret over her actions as a killer since Lian Yu and part of her motivation for joining the Legends is to redeem herself by becoming as Laurel puts it, "a hero in the light."
  • Back for the Dead: She was Put on a Bus at the end of Arrow Season Two and suddenly comes back out of nowhere in the Season Three premiere, before being unceremoniously killed in that same scene to push Laurel's story and Character Development.
  • Back from the Dead: Thrice. She survived the sinking of the Queen's Gambit, much to Oliver's surprise. Then she survived the collapse and sinking of the Amazo freighter, being saved by Nyssa al Ghul. After her death in the Season Three premiere, she's revived a year later via the Lazarus Pit. The girl has a habit of dying and coming back.
  • Badass Bisexual: She's bisexual and a kickass fighter.
  • Badass Boast: In the second part of the Legends Pilot, she claims she could kick the ass of a bunch of "70s rent-a-cops" in her sleep, much less while stoned.
  • Badass Family: She and her sister are Action Girls while their dad is Da Chief.
  • Badass Longcoat: Her White Canary costume include a trenchcoat, though she rarely wears it. She also fights while being Pretty in Mink during the early episodes.
  • Badass in Charge: Becomes leader of the Legends in Season Two.
  • Badass Normal: One of the greatest Badass Normals in the entire Arrowverse, second only to Oliver when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. She gets by solely with the skills picked up from her Training from Hell from a well-renowned Murder, Inc.. Though she edges closer to Badass Abnormal with the revelation of her supernatural bloodlust and affinity for death due to being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, which is why the Death Totem and Mallus both show such interest in her.
  • Badasses Wear Bandanas: She wears a black bandanna during the black market operation in the second episode.
  • Battle Couple: When she and Oliver fight together. Also was one with Nyssa Al-Ghul during her time with the League of Assassins, as confirmed in "Unthinkable".
  • Been There, Shaped History: Sara "Lance" was the inspiration behind Lancelot.
  • Being Good Sucks: When Sara runs into a time displaced Damien Darhk she is left with the choice of either letting Laurel's killer live or risk changing the timeline in unknown ways by killing him. Ultimately she puts Darhk back into his proper timeline knowing that he will eventually kill her sister and has to live with the fact that she could use the Waverider to stop him but ultimately cant.
  • Beleaguered Boss: Sara is this to the Legends, a team of B-List outcast superheroes and failed villains. Once Sara is put in charge she finds herself as the long-suffering mother hen who has to deal with the Legends antics and keep them in check.
  • Berserk Button: Sara is normally level headed and practical when on missions but whenever Damien Darhk is brought up she loses it. It won't matter the situation or location if she learns that he is near Sara will drop everything and try to kill him. Since Darhk is the one who killed her sister, Laurel, its understandable.
  • The Berserker: As a side effect of being resurrected via the Lazarus Pit, she's afflicted with a bloodlust causing her to fly into an uncontrollable berserker rage in combat. She departs Star City and Team Arrow to find a way to deal with it and struggling to overcome it forms much of her arc in the first season of Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Sara is a very fun, nice young woman. And a trained (by Ra's Al-Ghul, no less) assassin with a notable body count.
  • Bifurcated Weapon: Her weapons of choice are two Telescoping Staffs that she can detach if she wants to go Dual Wielding.
  • Big Damn Heroes: Shows up out of nowhere and saves Roy at the end of "City of Heroes", then does it again twice in "Broken Dolls", once to save Arrow from the cops and later to stop a fleeing Barton Mathis.
  • The Big Gal: She's one of the Legend's go-to girls when it comes to melee.
  • Big Little Sister: Her original actress, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, is taller (5'8) than Laurel's actress, Katie Cassidy (5'7 1/2). No longer the case after Caity Lotz (5'6) takes over.
  • Big Ol' Eyebrows: Both Jacqueline MacInnes Wood and Caity Lotz have thick eyebrows (the former more so).
  • Bi the Way: In Arrow, she is shown to have deep feelings for both Oliver Queen and Nyssa Al-Ghul. Legends takes it Up to Eleven and has her flirting with, making out, or sleeping with woman (and sometimes men) from throughout history, while also having a budding Ship Tease with Leonard Snart which accumulated with them sharing a kiss. Crisis on Earth-X even gave her a one-night stand with Alex Danvers, where said crossover also had her firmly stating she likes both genders. Season 3 also has her getting hooked up with John Constantine.
    • The creators stressed they didn't want to add labels by calling her bisexual (or, by extension, a lesbian) since they don't seem to see it as truly different from any heterosexual pairing.
  • Biker Babe: She's frequently seen riding motorcycles, Sara is easily one of the best fighters and martial artists in the entire Arrowverse.
  • Boobs of Steel: A busty fighter who is highly competent in hand-to-hand and several weapons.
  • Breakout Character: She was originally supposed to be just a Plot Device for her older sister's journey to become Black Canary (and was even slated to become the villain Ravager until Summer Glau's unhappiness with her small role caused it to be shifted to her), but she quickly became a fan-favorite character upon her introduction. After she got killed in the Arrow Season Three premiere, a lot of fans were upset. The showrunners eventually saw how beloved of a character she was and found a way to literally bring her Back from the Dead, and she is now one of the main characters of her own show. By season 2 onwards Sara becomes The Captain of the Waverider and arguably the closest thing Legends has to a main character. Some even think that her importance in the Arrowverse is on the same level as that of Oliver, Barry and Kara, meaning that CW doesn't have a Trinity, but a Quaternity.
  • Break the Cutie: Flashbacks show how much of a carefree party girl Sara was before the Queen's Gambit. A lot of horrible things happened to her to turn her into the ruthless assassin she is in the present.
  • Broken Bird: After nearly dying on Lian Yu and having to join the League of Assassins to survive, she went from a carefree party girl to becoming quiet, reserved, and haunted, seeing herself as a murderer who is no hero.
  • Burn the Witch!: Or rather the more historically accurate hanging, which Sara is almost subjected to when she gets stuck in 17th century Salem for "corrupting" young women. In her defense, they were happily corrupted.
  • But Not Too Bi: Strangely enough, towards opposite sex partners. She hooks up with women all the time, but the only men she's shown an interest in were Ollie, Captain Cold, and quite recently John Constantine.
  • But Now I Must Go: After John Constantine restores her soul, she takes all of one episode to decide she needs to leave town until she can control her Lazarus Pit-induced violence, conveniently setting her up for her role in Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Came Back Wrong: Being brought back by the Lazarus Pit gave her an increased aggression that can only be permanently dealt with by killing the person who killed her, Thea Queen. Since she's obviously not willing to do that, she has to get by with occasionally killing other people to drive off the urge, which is why she left Team Arrow shortly after being brought back. She regains her soul after being Rescued from the Underworld.
  • Canon Character All Along: Laurel's counterpart and namesake doesn't have a sister in the comics. She's later revealed to be a Decomposite Character after she shows up as the Canary. She's then also confirmed as the Arrowverse's White Canary, who is a villain in the comics.
  • The Captain: After Rip goes MIA in the Season Two premiere, Sara is made team leader and captain of the Waverider. Ironically, this is the same rank her father had when he was a police officer. She is ultimately made the Waverider's permeant Captain, with Rip's blessing, after the Legion of Doom debacle.
  • The Casanova: She becomes a Rare Female Example in Legends of Tomorrow Season Two, effortlessly sleeping with multiple gorgeous women.
  • The Charmer: Seems to be able to charm people fairly easily in any era.
  • Celebrity Paradox:
    • Barry is mentioned to be a Lady Gaga fan. Sara's (second and permanent) actress was a backup dancer of the singer (she even appeared on some of her music videos) before she got into acting.
    • A Season 2 episode of The Flash (2014) mentions the Law & Order franchise. Sara's (same as above) actress guest starred on Law & Order: LA during its third episode playing a key character.
  • Celibate Hero: During Legends of Tomorrow Season One. She takes quite a while to recover any kind of sexual desire after being resurrected, resulting in an awkward situation when she encourages a closeted lesbian, only to pull back when the woman actually kisses her. She gets over it by Season Two — and then some!
  • Chekhov M.I.A.: Presumed dead even before Arrow Season One, she returns as an integral member of Team Arrow in Season Two.
  • Clark Kenting: Her disguise as the Canary is a large black Domino Mask and a wig that's a lighter blonde than her natural hair color. This is enough for her own sister not to recognize her, apparently.
  • Color Character: White Canary.
  • Composite Character: Despite mainly being Decomposite Character of the Dinah Drake Lance Black Canary note , she also has shades of the Dinah Laurel Lance version as well note . Both are also her mother and older sister, respectively. Once she joins Rip Hunter's team, she dons the identity of White Canary, yet another different character in the comics.
  • Continuity Snarl: Both her physical appearance and name spelling were different in the Arrow pilot due to the recasting of her actress note . What really emphasized the "Snarl" is that her original height and hair color were important plot points late in Arrow Season One when her family thought they found her, but instead found an Identical Stranger having both those attributes. This has not been addressed by either the show or Word of God to this day.
  • Cool Big Sis:
    • Served as one to Sin, due to a promise she made to Sin's father to care for his daughter.
    • She also has this dynamic with Kendra, being her close female friend on the team and giving her guidance in controlling her powers.
  • Contralto of Danger: As the Canary, she uses a voice-changer like Oliver that gives her this voice.
  • Covered in Scars: She has visible scars on her back (at least until she goes into the Lazarus Pit). A doctor even compared her to a war veteran because of said injuries.
  • Cry Cute: After she finally learns of her sister's death.
  • Cute and Psycho: Sara is an attractive, adorable young woman who happens to be a trained assassin with occasional bouts of homicidal rage and who's been known to fantasize about killing people she finds especially annoying. She's also referred to being able to kill someone over the course of several days.

  • Dance Battler: Her (second) actress practices Tricking, training discipline that combines martial arts kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from breakdancing, and it shows in some of her fight scenes.
  • Dating Catwoman: She used to date Nyssa Al-Ghul, and they still care for each other.
  • Deadpan Snarker: She's developed a snarky side since her time on Arrow. She quips about Rip and Snart failing to take down one guy in a steam room full of Russian mobsters, and joins Jax in taking shots at Stein's nostalgic view of the fifties.
    Stein: Even someone as jaded as yourself can’t deny how idyllic this time was.
    Jax: If you're white.
    Sara: And a man. And straight.
  • Death by Origin Story: Played with. She "died" in the pilot of Arrow. Later, there was evidence to suggest she was alive, but it was refuted. However, she's now back alive and well, kicking ass and taking names in Starling City. For Oliver, she had two deaths, because he saw her "die" again on the island. And then a third time, as her real death is Laurel's Black Canary origin story, though she's eventually resurrected.
  • Death by Sex: Subverted. She appeared to have died after sleeping with her sister's boyfriend, but she later turned up alive.
  • Death Is Cheap: Over the course of five years' worth of appearances (about ten years in-universe), Sara has either been presumed dead or actually killed no less than five times, but each time, has either turned out to be Not Quite Dead or comes Back from the Dead.
  • Decomposite Character: At first, she seems to share the role of Black Canary with her sister, Laurel. However, given the creators have mentioned their desire for this to be a Legacy Character-type thing, she's actually a Decomposite Character of Dinah Drake, her and Laurel's mother and the comics' first Black Canary. She does have Comic!Laurel's bisexuality though.
  • Dies Wide Open: Laurel finds her corpse this way, as Sara was in shock while a brainwashed Thea is killing her.
  • Domino Mask: Wears one in her guise as the first incarnation of the Canary. It's still larger and more concealing than Helena's mask or Oliver's face paint.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: She gets killed by Thea at the end of the Arrow Season 3 premiere. She gets better though.
  • Dual Wielding: Her staff can be detached into metallic Eskrima sticks.
  • Dying to Be Replaced: A very odd variation. She shows up in costume before Laurel is even started on a proper heroic journey, seemingly replacing her in her iconic role as Black Canary. Her story arc introduces major fan-favorites like the League of Assassins and has a definite Redemption Quest angle. However, since Laurel is the female lead, with the planned out fate of becoming Black Canary herself, Sara became an awkward character for the show. You can see the results above...
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: The younger Sara, before she got on the Queen's Gambit with Oliver, had telltale bangs hanging from her forehead.
  • Fake Guest Star: Caity Lotz has been in 22 out of 23 episodes of the second Arrow season, which is more than some of the actual regular cast, and was integral to the season's plot, but wasn't promoted to series regular. Her being a guest star in seasons three and four makes sense though, as in the former she dies in the first episode and makes only a few posthumous appearances, while in the latter she's resurrected in a brief recurring stint that sets up her role in Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Fanservice Costumes: The second trailer shows she's gonna wear different eye-catching wardrobes note . Her actual costume is a sleeveless Latex Spacesuit/Sensual Spandex with the top designed like a corset.
  • Flanderization: On Arrow, she did have a love life, but she mainly kept that in private and didn't let it interfere too much with her other activities. Her migration to Legends of Tomorrow really cranks up her flirtatious side to the point of being a Lovable Sex Maniac. She goes out of her way to flirt, seduce, and sleep with every attractive girl and sometimes guy she comes across. Taken Up to Eleven in the first episode of Season Two of Legends, where she is scolded by Rip for seducing the Queen of France and mother of the Sun King, and accused of being a witch by the Town of Salem after seducing all of the women there.
    • This could be justified by the fact that, by the second season of Legends, Sara has gone through quite a bit of character development and has relaxed some of the tense, private, emotionless attitude that she had before.
  • Force and Finesse: Her and Laurel's fighting styles can be described this way. Sara prefers to fight more gracefully (Finesse) while Laurel has a more smash-mouth style of fighting (Force).
  • Forgotten Fallen Friend: After "The Climb," Ollie seems to have swept her death under the rug and the mastermind behind her murder successfully manipulated Oliver into protecting him. The only people who still actively try to find justice for her are her sister, Nyssa, Thea (who ironically was the one used to unknowingly and unwillingly to kill her) and her father.
  • Former Teen Rebel: Back in Arrow Season One, Laurel and Quentin discussed how troublesome she was during her youth.
  • Fun Personified: In the two-part Legends pilot, she really has fun in the 70s, going out for drinks with the Rogues, getting into fights while flirting with every attractive guy and girl she can, having some pot with Martin Stein's younger self (after, again, flirting with him in front of his future self then teasing the older Martin about it), knocking him out with a bong then stealing the rest of the pot before going off to recover Ray's missing tech.
  • Funny Background Event: In "Abominations", when General Grant and Nate are discussing battle plans on dealing with the zombie confederates, Sara is seen in the background throwing knives to pass the time.
  • Genius Bruiser: On top of being an expert martial artist with League of Assassins training, she demonstrates proficient biology and technology skill which she learned from Ivo and the League (enough to make Felicity jealous), is multilingual, and is also an Ace Pilot who learnt how to pilot the Waverider instantly.
  • Girliness Upgrade: Inverted. Her outfits prior to the yacht accident were more feminine. Once she returns, she basically becomes an older version of a Shorttank.
  • Going Native: She rejoins the League of Assassins after being stranded in the 1950's, but finds herself succumbing to the mindset of an assassin, even initially attacking the team when they arrive to extract her.
  • Good Bad Girl: She sleeps with her sister's boyfriend. She later tells Oliver on the island that Laurel got her grounded, knowing she had a crush on Oliver, and went after him herself; and it's later revealed in another flashback that Sara was having doubts about betraying Laurel, and a fight between the two (ironically, because Sara was trying to warn Laurel that planning her future around a guy who's known for being a casanova wasn't a good idea, stemming from Ollie's texts pleading with Sara to come with him) is what ultimately pushed Sara into going through with it. This heavily implies an element of revenge in her sleeping with Oliver on the yacht.
  • Good Is Not Soft: As nice and fun-loving she might be, she is still a deadly fighter who is not afraid to take a life when the need arises.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot: Inverted when she fights with Oliver. Though they are proficient with each other's weapons, she prefers the Bo Staff while Oliver prefers the bow.
  • Hair Color Dissonance: She has raven hair in the Arrow pilot flashback, but Season Two onwards recast her as a blonde and stick with it. What's really jarring is that her original raven hair was a plot point late in Season One when her family believed that she may be alive only for them to find an Identical Stranger (who has raven hair). This has never been addressed on the show or by Word of God ever since.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Unlike in Arrow, she is firmly attached to the side of good in Legends.
  • Heroic Self-Deprecation: Like Ray, she doesn't have high self-esteem, even if it's improved since her time on Arrow; when her bloodlust takes over especially she tends to get very big on self-loathing. Consistently calls herself a killer, and not a hero, due to her past as a killer and her comfortableness with taking a life, ending up leaving Starling City briefly from "Seeing Red" until her reappearance in "Streets of Fire" as a result. She realizes that maybe she's more than that after hearing the praise the Canary got from a police officer who saw her do a Heroic Fire Rescue in the latter episode.
  • Hypocrite: Sara chews Barry out after learning that he messed with the timeline and changed the lives of the people around him. This would be kind of understandable, as the Legends want to "preserve the timeline", but she herself already did try to kill Dahrk multiple times, though she alludes to this by stating to Barry that she has been struggling with the temptation to kill Dahrk and in doing so preventing her sister's death.
  • I Am a Monster: She sees herself as this thanks to the bloodlust not just making her want to kill but need to.
  • Instant Expert: She was able to skillfully pilot the Waverider on her first attempt, to the point where she impressed Rip, who let her continue piloting.
  • It's All About Me: Somewhat. After Laurel viciously rejects her, Oliver suggests giving her time to come around, but Sara sadly says that she gave her "six years" already. However unlike Oliver, Sara had some opportunity to contact her family and didn't, leaving the complaint holding significantly less weight. However, she did spend a good amount of time with the League of Assassins during that time. Because of this, it's arguable that she had less of an opportunity to contact her family than Oliver did, since it would be easier to get away from Amanda Waller than it would be to get away from Ra's al Ghul.
    • More glaringly, she's this when it comes to her pursuit of female lovers during time eras when such relationships were still taboo. While Sara is more than capable of defending herself, she never seems to really take into account the potential social consequences her female lovers can suffer as a result of being found in a lesbian relationship during less progressive time periods.
  • It's Not You, It's My Enemies: She tells her father this is why she can't come home to stay. Justified in that she is being chased by the League of Assassins, and they do actively go after her family to draw her out. No longer the case after "Heir to the Demon", however.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy:
    • Despite still very much being in love with Oliver, she leaves because she believes she is a monster, and she loves him to much to be with him.
    • Despite falling in love with Ava Sara ultimately breaks up with her after being possessed by Mallus through the Death Totem as she believes that she is still a monster and Ava deserves someone better.
  • The Kirk: Sara's leadership style fits this. She is pragmatic but is also caring and shows compassion. Ironically ever since she became the leader of the team, she has toned down her Casanova ways while Kirk famously did not.
  • Knife Nut: Being a former assassin, Sara prefers knives when dealing with undercover work.
    Rip Hunter: I specifically said no weapons!
    (two more knives later)
    Rip Hunter:Exactly how many knives do you have?

  • Lady of War: She moves gracefully in battle, employing gymnastic flips and dance-like movements, and uses a bo staff with speed and deadly efficiency. Her costume as the White Canary is also rather elegant.
  • The Lancer: While Ray and Snart are advertised as this, Sara acts more of the support for Rip early on. Which is hilarious considering her name.
  • The Leader: After Rip disappears in the Season Two premiere of Legends of Tomorrow, Sara takes over as captain of the Waverider from the second episode onwards.
  • Le Parkour: One of her many skills learned from the League of Assassins.
  • Light Is Good: In contrast to her former look as the Canary which was all in black, her look as the White Canary is as it sounds.
    Laurel: You've lived in the shadows long enough. Be a hero in the light.
  • Living Legend: Lancelot is conspicuously absent from the team's trip to Camelot... and then it's revealed that Sara Lance was the inspiration for him in the legends.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac: A Rare Female Example. This side of her becomes more apparent once she joins the Legends, having a tendency to seduce anyone in history that interests her. It kicks up a notch in the second season, when, in the first episode, she immediately gives in to the seduction efforts of the Queen of France — despite her mission being to ensure the Queen sleeps with her husband to conceive Louis XIV — and then uses being stranded in Salem as an excuse to sleep with an unknown number of women, despite knowing that in 1693, this would get her hung for witchcraft — which almost happens. Despite her horniness, she's never portrayed as a bad character, and this trope is Zigzagged in that she stops being so sex obsessed after taking up the leadership role.
  • Meaningful Rename: She becomes the White Canary because she's now "a warrior in the light".
  • More Deadly Than the Male: A running thread through Arrow Season Two is that while Oliver is holding valiantly to his Thou Shalt Not Kill policy, Sara has shown to be more than willing to kill if she feels it's necessary, with the same conversation coming up regarding Helena and Roy.
  • Morality Pet: To Nyssa Al-Ghul.
  • Ms. Fanservice:
    • In her first appearance, she's dressed in lingerie and an open robe. Her outfit as the Canary also qualifies — aside from the tight black leather, she shows off a lot of cleavage.
    • She also spends time on the salmon ladder, and there are a good number of shots of her wearing only a bra, somewhat similar to Ollie's tendency to spend a lot of time shirtless, though hers are less frequent.
    • Thanks to her Fanservice Costumes, several people on her team, including Stein and Jax, take notice, and the former actually calls her a "sexy assassin from the future" when calling her out on flirting with his younger self, which she finds very amusing.
  • Named by the Adaptation: The comic White Canary was never given a real name.
  • Never Found the Body: Being swept away by a violent ocean storm will do that. Twice even.
  • Never Got to Say Goodbye: She wasn't with Laurel during the her final hours. She finally finds out during Legends of Tomorrow's first Season Finale. Subverted somewhat in the 2016 crossover between all four Arrowverse shows; while being trapped in a Lotus-Eater Machine, Sara sees a construct of Laurel and was finally able to say goodbye to her.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: Everything about her shown in the teaser trailer did not make the show.
    • It suggests that she has no idea that Ray is a Size Shifter. She was actually part of Team Arrow's rescue mission when Ray was captured by Damien Dahrk because he couldn't grow back to his normal size.
    • It also shows her costume including a normal-length white jacket. It's a Badass Longcoat in the show proper, which she doesn't even wear until the sixth episode.
    • In it, she was shown being Naked on Revival and alone. During her actual resurrection, a ceremony was first held by the League of Assassins, with its members, her sister and Thea in attendance. She was wearing her old costume sans jacket, wig and Domino Mask (Foreshadowing perhaps?) when that happened.
  • Nice Girl: Apart from being a trained and deadly assassin with occasional bouts of uncontrollable blood lust, Sara is a very friendly and fun-loving person.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Her Breaking Speech to Damien Darhk is what spurs him to become Eobard Thawne's partner in crime and being forming the Legion of Doom.
  • Not Wearing Tights: Unlike her previous costume, her new White Canary outfit doesn't seem to come with a mask or wig to conceal her identity. Then again, this may be justified since the team are going to be travelling to different time periods and she is supposed to be dead in her own time.
  • Odd Friendship: She hit it off with The Rogues pretty quick.
  • Of Corsets Sexy: What's under the leather jacket of her Canary costume. Much like her previous one, the White Canary costume is also a corset.
  • Only Sane Woman: Becomes this post-Season Two. Aside from her Lovable Sex Maniac tendencies, she's usually the more maturer Legend acting as Team Mom to the likes of Ray, Nate, and Rory.
  • Peek-a-Bangs: Has some in Arrow Season Two, as part of the blonde wig she wears on top of her already blonde hair. Actually does a nice job of giving her some additional concealment similar to Oliver's hood.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: The shortest member of the team who is a deadly assassin and a One-Woman Army.
  • Plot-Triggering Death: Her death is what basically kickstarted Season Three of Arrow.
  • Posthumous Character: Subverted in Arrow Season Two. Double subverted in Season Three when she gets killed, then triple subverted when she's resurrected in Season Four.
  • Pretty in Mink: When infiltrating a high class event, her disguise will often include a fur wrap or fur-trimmed coat.
  • Professional Killer: An erstwhile member of the League of Assassins, she proves to still be highly adept at the "killer" part, though she's not happy about it.
  • The Promise: She made a promise to a dying pilot that she'd look after his daughter — none other than Sin.
  • Put on a Bus: Twice in "Unthinkable" - Sara leaves with the League of Assassins as in exchange for their assistance in stopping Slade's army in the present; whilst at the same time the flashbacks reveal that Sara was dragged into the ocean during the destruction of the Amazo, explaining why Oliver believed she was dead throughout the first season of Arrow.
  • Race Lift: Dons the White Canary identity, who is Asian in the comics (though see Composite Character above), upon joining Rip Hunter's team.
  • Really Gets Around: She likes having sex. A lot. In one episode she seduces... sorry, is seduced by the Queen of France, and apparently all the women in the town of Salem, c. 1670. Not to mention Alex Danvers and John Constantine in the same season.
  • The Red Baron:
    • Among the League of Assassins she was known as: Ta-er al-Sahfer (الطائر الأصفر)- "The Canary" note .
    • This also overlaps with You Are Better Than You Think You Are. As Laurel points out "If you were so horrible, why would they give you such a beautiful name?"
  • Related in the Adaptation: Since she dons the White Canary identity in Legends of Tomorrow, this made the character related to the Lance/Black Canary family by default. In the comics, the White Canary is an unrelated character who is a self-appointed Arch-Enemy of Black Canary (the Dinah Laurel Lance version).
  • Rescued from the Underworld: Oliver and Laurel, with the help of John Constantine, bust into The Underworld and retrieve Sara's soul to return it to her body.
  • Rescue Romance: Played with. Nyssa claims that she found Sara, saved her life, and then slowly nursed her back to health. Sara however insists she wasn't with Nyssa because of that, but because she loved her.
  • Revenge Before Reason: Or in this case, avenging while trying to prevent before reason. She's totally obsessed with killing Damien Darhk before he later kills her sister, to the point where she'll immediately jeopardize her current mission and even the rest of her team to take a shot at him if she gets wind of his presence. She later gets over this.

  • Sacrificial Lion: In the final moments of the Arrow Season Three premiere, Sara is killed off. Right after speaking to her sister and saving Oliver from Werner Zytle, the new Count Vertigo, she is shot with three arrows and her body falls off a roof and lands near Laurel, killing her on impact as Laurel screams out in horror.
  • Series Mascot: As of Legends of Tomorrow Season Two, she's the main promotional character for the series.
  • Self-Serving Memory: She tells Barry that she resisted the chance to save her sister when chewing him out over Flashpoint, when she had actually been held back by Ray.
  • Sexy Backless Outfit: Her White Canary costume doesn't have a jacket to cover the corset. Subverted Trope once she starts wearing one.
  • She-Fu: Her combat style involves her twirling around her enemies and evading blows.
  • Sherlock Scan: She's very perceptive of everything around her. To quote her line from Arrow Season Two, she's "mindful of her surroundings".
  • Shipper on Deck: For Kendra and Ray.
  • Simple Staff: Sara uses a bo staff that can disconnect to form batons as her primary weapon. She also twice uses an improvised staff, firstly taking the wooden door frame and later a metal pipe, to fight someone who'd attacked her and Oliver when they were out of costume.
  • Sleeves Are for Wimps: She mostly ditches the Badass Longcoat of her White Canary costume, resulting to her exposing her arms and shoulders.
  • Smash Sisters: With Amaya, the two of them really click well on the battlefield.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": The Continuity Snarl above caused this, with her name being Sarah in the pilot. Once she's recast, the "h" gets dropped.
  • Staying Alive: Pretty much her superpower. As of Legends Season Two:
    • Missing and presumed dead after the sinking of the Queen's Gambit. Saved by the crew of the Amazo.
    • Missing and presumed dead after the battle on the Amazo. Saved by Nyssa al Ghul.
    • Actually killed by a brainwashed Thea for Malcom Merlyn. Resurrected by Laurel and Thea using the Lazarus Pit.
    • Nearly killed by a brainwashed Rip but revived by Stein and Gideon at the last second.
    • Erased from existence after becoming a time aberration. Her past self is still running around just fine.
      • She also may have been killed by Vandal Savage when he wiped out Central City in between 3 and 4. If so, saved by the Flash after he went back in time and helped destroy Savage.
  • Stepford Smiler: Despite her more cheerful disposition, Sara is still feeling the effects of her Dark and Troubled Past, her resurrection, and the blood lust she was cursed with by the Lazarus Pit.
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Had a bad case of this thanks to Ivo, who callously manipulated her on the island. She grows out of it when she realizes how horrible he really is even to her.
  • Stranger in a Familiar Land: Both of her returns to her home city were met with her own cynical view of herself, stating that she's no longer the Sara who returned (first from The League of Assassins, the second from death).
  • Sudden Name Change: Her name is originally Sarah in the Pilot before becoming officially Sara in subsequent episodes.
  • Team Mom: After becoming the Legends' new captain, Sara finds herself acting as a beleaguered den mother to the crew, especially Nate and Ray. Beleaguered or not, Sara does not take the role lightly, and all who threaten her teammates had better beware of her going Mama Bear.
  • Telescoping Staff: Her Weapon of Choice. It can also separate into a pair of Eskrima sticks.
  • Temporarily a Villain: In "Left Behind", she went back to the League for a place to belong, and later tried to kill the team, having succumbed to her assassin conditioning. She was also this on Arrow when she Came Back Wrong before Constantine steps in.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: After supposedly dying twice and really killed once note  but brought back with the Lazarus Pit, it might become a little hard to take any threat to her life seriously. She nearly dies yet again in Season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow by a brainwashed Rip, and revived by Gideon within a matter of minutes (which may well be a new record for her coming back from the dead).
  • Took a Level in Badass: When she joined the League of Assassins.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: More open and carefree now compared to her quiet and reserved self in Arrow, with her having a lot of fun with the team during their travels. She still has angst, mind, due to her Bloodlust, but it seems that her pre-Island 'happy college girl' personality has come back.
  • Transplant: She was a Fake Guest Star in Arrow throughout its second season until the premiere of the third.
  • Trapped in the Past: She, Kendra, and Ray get trapped in the late 50s to the very beginning of The '60s during the middle of Season One. Happens again in the Season Two premiere after Rip time scatters the team, sending her to the 17th Century during the Salem witch trials.
  • Troll: She really enjoys tormenting Stein by flirting with his younger self.
  • Two First Names: Per the DC Comics norm.
  • Unlimited Wardrobe: The trailers alone shows her with the most wardrobe change. Most are Fanservice Costumes too! Technically, everyone has this thanks to the Waverider being able to make them costumes and clothing for whatever they need, but apparently she's the one that actually takes advantage of it.
  • Vigilante Man: What she becomes in Arrow Season Two. She seems as rough as Oliver was in the beginning — she kills a pinned-down Serial Killer (to be fair, he did go after her sister and father), and her targets of choice, as opposed to early Oliver's white-collar criminals, appear to be those who abuse women. However, time with Oliver makes her calm on this.
  • Walking Spoiler:
    • It's nigh-impossible to talk about her, or the plot of the second season of Arrow, without revealing that she's alive and a fellow vigilante.
    • Also impossible to talk about Season Three without bringing up she's dead, or Season Four where she's Back from the Dead.
  • Weak, but Skilled: The only member of the Legends without superpowers, magical totems, or advanced gadgetry, but on par with Oliver Queen as one of the premier combatants in the Arrowverse. She gets by solely on her training and skill. Even the weak part gets subverted as her resurrection had her Came Back Wrong and she was instilled with ferocious bloodlust.
  • What You Are in the Dark: In the Season Two finale she doesn't use the Spear to bring back Laurel — in part because a vision of Laurel helped her to finally move on.
  • Woman in White: Her costume as the White Canary is white, and she's chosen for the team specifically because she's a merciless assassin.
  • The Worf Effect:
    • During the "Invasion!" crossover, Sara was the only one of the brainwashed Badass Normals to give Oliver any sort of a challenge, and that was when Oliver was only trying to hold them off and not seriously harm them.
    • During the third episode of the third season, she gets her ass kicked by Kuasa.
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Her primary character arc in Arrow season 2 is her learning that she's not just the cold-hearted monster she thinks she is, resulting in her getting told this by people. This continues to crop up long after, and she's still having people tell her that she's not irredeemable all the way to the end of the third season of Legends.
  • You Are in Command Now: After Rip's disappearance, Sara eventually takes over as captain of the Waverider.
  • Your Cheating Heart: Sara was sleeping with her sister Laurel's boyfriend, Oliver. They hook up again in the middle of Arrow Season Two, though by then, Oliver and Laurel are firmly not together, and after some trouble, she gives them both her blessing and encouragement.


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