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The Empyrium is the home realm of the Arkn. It is categorized into four regions: Distalia, Mistria, Shallus, and Destrus. Each region is ruled by a Thani, and each Thani in turn is ruled by the Arkn Eldric. The one exception to this is Avantas'tol, a metropolis which exists as an independent kingdom within the realm.

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Avantas’tol, also known as The City of Glass and Stone and the Traveller's Window, is an Arkn city located on the forest/mountain border of Distalia and Mistria. It exists as an independent monarchy within the Empyrium, due to negotiations between the Eldrici and the ruler of Avantas'tol. It is a hub of commerce and trade, as well as the biggest den of underground gambling in all of the Empyrium. Historically, the city has always been ruled by the Irinith family. It is known for its lavish and beautiful architecture.

Irinith Family

    Amartas Irinith 

Amartas Irinith

Appears In: Staff of the Scholar

The patriarch of the Irinith family and former ruler of Avantas'tol. The father of Tabbris, Calcharan, and Ryu'lough.

  • Action Dad: Is implied to have been one.
  • Abusive Parents: He was emotionally and physically abusive to his three sons in childhood, and remains verbally and emotionally abusive to Tabbris when he's an adult.
  • Domestic Abuse: In addition to abusing his three sons, he's all but confirmed to have mistreated his wife, Iaealis, when she was alive.

    Tabbris Irinith 

Tabbris Xanthris Irinith

Appears In: Staff of the Scholar, Archives of the Scholar (mentioned)

The former Indazari of Avantas'tol. The oldest (and only surviving son) of Amartas Irinith, he ruled the kingdom for a time before stepping down. He is the father of Sevar'khai and Franz Faust.

  • Action Dad: He's no stranger to battle — before and after producing two sons. (He also personally trains them in the art of combat.)
  • Affectionate Nickname: Faust usually calls him "ire-an Elbaset" ("My Father").
  • The Good King: He was a good ruler, and was much beloved by his subjects.
  • Parental Favoritism: Downplayed: he favors Franz slightly over Sevar'khai; however, this seems to be more out of protective instinct (due to Franz being half-human), and he does make the effort to train both his sons.
  • When You Coming Home, Dad?: Tabbris's work unfortunately kept him very busy, and caused him to miss out on much of his son's lives. Despite his distant nature, however, he is a caring man, and he tries to be a good father.

    Indazari Sevar'khai Irinith 

Sevar'khai Elistros Irinith

Appears In: Archives of the Scholar

"Prince Sevar'khai is a shithead. I’ll be blunt on that point."
Franz Irinith Faust

The oldest son of Tabbris Irinith and older half-brother of Franz Faust, Sevar'khai is the aggressive and egotistical heir to the throne of Avantas'tol.

  • Big Brother Bully: According to Faust, Sevar'khai is this.
  • Sketchy Successor: It's hinted that he's not nearly as beloved (and adept) a ruler as his father was.
  • The Wrongful Heir to the Throne: The only thing we know for certain about Sevar'khai that isn't from Faust's perspective. He's the only full-blooded and legitimate son that Tabbris Irinith birthed, but he is apparently not ruling very well.

    Franz Faust 

Franz Irinith Faust
Appears In: Archives of the Scholar, Staff of the Scholar, Bard of the Black Violin, Malachi X
Played By: Penthepoet

"I’ve the blood of angels in me, and I just got done beating a man so hard in my fury he is the sole possessor of a swollen ankle and a heavy limp."

Known as the Scholar of Ersis and the Archivist, Faust is an Arkn-Human hybrid and the youngest child of Tabbris Irinith. He is a scholar of Arkn and Dekn culture.

See here for tropes about him.

Historical Iriniths

    Gav'reel Irinith 
Appears In: Archives of the Scholar (mentioned)

"Gav'reel Irinith, the deceased King of Avantas'tol — the City of Glass and Stone — well, he was my ancestor. He passed down to me a weapon I am proud of to this day."
Franz Irinith Faust

The former King of Avantas'tol. He was known for being a fair ruler, and tried to bring peace and prosperity to his people in his time. Gav'reel carried a weapon of legendary power: a staff known as The Thorn, which vanished after his death.

  • Death by Origin Story: He is introduced via the legend of his demise: he was murdered by Miriam Mag'dal, who was wielding Reignbreaker (the former sword of Ellpagg).
  • Technical Pacifist: Gavreel refused to kill anyone unless it was absolutely necessary.
  • The Good King: He was a good and fair ruler, and genuinely tried to better the lot of his people during his reign.
  • Magic Staff: The Thorn was a weapon of immense magical power — such that it was said to be carved from the wood of the original Tree of Life. It vanished after his death, and eventually wound up in the hands of his ancestor, Franz Faust.
  • Staff of Authority: Surprisingly Averted; the Thorn was not the sign of his rule, but a symbol of his magical power (and a weapon).



A former section of Distalia, now reduced to an ethric wasteland due to Dekn invasions and past eruptions from the ethric volcano Mortavrest. The region has been walled off by uniquely gigantic Ethric crystals, sigiled with an EMP field that resonates throughout the region to disable any potentially active ethric tech from Dekn invaders. The creatures here tend to be more fearsome and ravenous than the others; in addition, there is the threat of The Absent, which wander the area, and the region is home to the bandits known as the Scarred Marauders. While no active cities are located in the region (other than the ruins of the past), the Arkn Eldric, Eldrici Lazros, has a great fortress here.
  • Background Magic Field: Protected by a small scale version of this: the entire region is walled off by giant Ethric crystals, which emit an energy field that disables any Dekn technology within its borders.
  • Desert Bandits: The Scarred Marauders, an enormous group of Dekn bandits living under the wastes of Destrus.
  • Desert Punk: The region is prime for this setting. It's been reduced to a desert wasteland by Dekn invasions and volcanic eruptions, is pockmarked with ruins, and it's a haven for deadly wild animals and even deadlier bandits.
  • EMP: The entire region is blanketed by a magic version of this, generated by massive Ethric crystals; the field knocks out any Dekn tech that enters (or is left within) its borders. (The Eldrici's castle is protected, however: it's built of metal alloys, which basically turn it into a giant Faraday cage.)

    Eldrici Lazros 
Appears In: The Army That Does Not Exist (one-shot)

"Eldrici has no army. Enemies fear his very presence, they flee from the mere mention of his name."

The feared ruler of Destrus and the leader of the Army of Nothing. He dwells in Castle Diamus, on the border of Destrus.

  • Action Dad: He was the adoptive father of Iscari, as well as the leader of the Army of Nothing.
  • A Father to His Men: Averted; he is said to have no friendly of sentimental attachments to anyone — least of all his troops.
  • Anti-Hero: Is seen as such by many of his peers.
  • The Dreaded: So deadly is Eldrici Lazros that his name is feared by Arkn and Dekn alike.
  • Love Is a Weakness: According to legend, "The Eldrici was cold hearted, and loved nobody. No friends or family clouded his thoughts, he was free of all that." (However, given that he adopted a son, the legends may not be entirely true.)
  • The Spartan Way: He puts his recruits (often orphans of war) through brutal tests; those who fail are killed before him.

Scarred Marauders


Distalia is the central hub for food production and building material in the Empyrium. The region is populated by ethri-absorbent, tree-like plants known as Aela. These plants bear an edible fruit (which may contain a minor ethric boost), and can be used as a wood substitute for building. The entire region is forested in these Aela, hiding away many cities and villages. The central city is Vinaya; it is located within the tallest Aelas of Distalia, with many of the structures being built into the giant trees and bridges connecting certain portions together.
  • Arboreal Abode: Many of the buildings in Vinaya, the hold city of Distaila, are actually built into the massive Aela.
  • Arcadia: Is implied to be this.
  • Tree Top Town: The towns and cities are built high up in the trees (Aela) — literally, in some cases.


A very mountainous region located to the right of Distalia on the map. The area is populated by many Arkn villages and towns built into the sides of the mountains. Located here is the largest (now dormant) Ethric volcano, Mortavrest; the region's hold city, Windecayn (one of the largest in the Empyrium), is built within the walls of the great dormant volcano, which powers most of its technology with its Ethric steam and diesel-like super-heated Ethri.
  • DungeonPunk: Windecayn, the hold city of the region, built within a dormant volcano, and most of its technology is powered by the Ethric steam rising from said volcano.


Shallus (often referred to as "The Shallus") is a shallow, oceanic-like region surrounding the right of Mistria, and above Distalia. The ocean itself is made out of a dark, thick liquid known as Aebys, while the beaches are moist with Ethric runoff from Mortavrest. Many creatures live in the Aebys within the Shallus, such as the Celdrissia.
  • Ocean Punk: The region has shades of this (though the "ocean" in question isn't full of water, but a dark brown, thick substance called aebys).
  • Turtle Island: The Shallus contains intelligent, floating, turtle-like creatures called Banka that are so slow-moving that vegetation often grows on their backs — and so massive that they can be mistaken for islands.

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