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The cast of the new Wonderland from Are You Alice?.

Currently Under Construction, and the Looking-Glass Residents will get more tropes as more parts of their sections are translated.

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The 89th Alice / Alice?

VA: Takahiro Sakurai

"Well, that's a given. I'm Alice in Wonderland, after all."
The 89th person to stumble into Wonderland and become "Alice"... except it's a rare case. Instead of being named by the White Rabbit, it was the Cheshire Cat who named him, and ever since then the story has gone south. Alice is both arrogant and prideful, a bit cold, rude, and rational, but at the same time is caring and has a bit of a heart to him as well as being generally innocent. He doesn't agree with his protector, the Mad Hatter, all the time though.

The 89th Alice is actually the fictional "little brother" of Alice Liddel, written by Lewis Carroll after hearing Alice recount how she lost her mother and unborn sibling and desiring to see him real so he could have dreams. In a sense, the 89th is nothing more but a ghost or a fictional character brought to life, but for whatever the reason, he wanders Wonderland.

  • Alice Allusion: More meta than anything. His color palette is an edited version of the Disney Alice: pale skin, blonde with blue eyes, a white suit, blue under shirt, and black tie.
  • All-Loving Hero: He instantly takes the side of Rodge, instantly feels bad for the Duchess, and he feels sympathy towards the Cheshire Cat even when the Cat attacks and tries to kill Alice. He also sets out to help Jack after hearing his "sad" back story, likes the Mad Hatter even after all their arguments, and the only exception is the Queen of Hearts and that's after the Queen practically forces Alice to hate him.
  • Badass in a Nice Suit: On rare occasion, Alice shows he's very skilled with a revolver and can yell out some pretty cool lines.
  • Bishōnen
  • Butt-Monkey: Apart from the large amount of things wanting to kill whoever holds the name of "Alice", the Mad Hatter and White Knight easily force Alice to along with them and, alongside being dragged place to place, nothing is ever explained to him right away and cooperation is completely ignored. He's also been forced to cross-dress for no particular reason, forced to do chores with the Queen and then witness an execution just to continue the game, stabbed, shot, beaten, kidnapped once or twice, and so on. And, unfortunately, that all is part of being "Alice".
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Dead to Begin With
  • Deal with the Devil: Alice joins the game to kill the White Rabbit. Like all the other Alices before him, he's probably destined to either become a shadow monster should he die along the way.
  • Everyone Loves Blondes: Averted. A lot of characters actually disagree with Alice, but he occasionally presses the idea that the Regrets are in love with him. About the only parties you could say like him are the Knave and White Knight.
  • Gender-Blender Name
  • Good Colors, Evil Colors: During a hallucination/dream in Chapter 30, Alice sees a cruel-hearted version of himself in a black suit and presumably with red eyes and a red undershirt.
  • Innocent Blue Eyes
  • Light Is Not Good: Alice is basically a spoiled brat when he isn't around kids.
    • Light Is Good: ...but he shows much kinder moments when away from the Hatter, like his jerk side is a facade. Specifically, he shows kindness towards the other residents, disliking the Queen only after seeing him murder the very child Alice wanted to be friends with and he can't even get himself to hate the Cheshire Cat like everyone else.
  • Sir Swears-a-Lot: In the Singapore version.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: Despite the situation requiring it, Alice feels awful after wounding the Cheshire Cat by shooting his hand off.
  • Too Dumb to Live: A giant ink monster that wants Alice is attacking the town? Why, the simple solution is to reveal yourself and get eaten so your friends who are capable of holding their own survive! The Mad Hatter isn't assisting you? Why, just yell at him and say "Alice" would never love him! The Queen of Hearts is wielding his scythe at some kids? Jump straight into the path to stop him! On the bright side, none of the above never actually hurt Alice.

The 88th Alice / Regret

VA: Yukari Tamura

"You're "Alice", what're you doing walking around by yourself? What're you planning to do if you get attacked by the Regrets?"
A girl who disliked her name and became Alice was the one behind the 89th. A very innocent girl when she was alive, the 88th had a crush on the Mad Hatter and secretly tried to show him her affection. However, to jumpstart the plot to revert Wonderland back to normal, the Cheshire Cat stabbed her with a knife and ended her, and presumably the ability to end the game still belongs to her. Now she lurks around Wonderland like the other former Alices, targeting the 89th for his ability to kill.

  • Bodyguard Crush: Develops a crush on the Hatter.
  • Rose-Haired Sweetie: When she's not targeting Alice, I mean. A lot of people actually liked her, and even the Queen believed she would be the one to finally win the game.


VA: Mai Nakahara

The "boss" of the White Rabbit, Marianne is often seen sitting in a throne. Apparently sick.

  • Walking Spoiler: Since she holds the key to most of the truth as well as the exit to Wonderland.


     Original Residents of Wonderland 

Cheshire Cat

VA: Kazuhiko Inoue

"It appeared my dear Alice was lost agaiiiiin! So I came to show you the way!"
A "cat" that wanders Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat is well-known to be a trouble-making prostitute. Pet of the Duchess and

White Rabbit

VA: Showtaro Morikubo

March Hare

VA: Jun Fukuyama

     Added Residents of Wonderland 

Mad Hatter

VA: Hiroaki Hirata

"The only one who could get caught up in such a helpless situation is this stupid Alice!"
The Mad Hatter is the bodyguard to any Alice who joins the game, being the only one in Wonderland who doesn't attract Regrets. Apparently, but never fully shown, he was very kind to the Alices 1st through 88th, treating them nicely and maybe grieving when they died. However, when around the 89th, he becomes irritated, angry, and generally just unfriendly. However, he seems to have a real heart of gold, having many friends and allies through Wonderland, specifically having a close relationship with the Dormouse and March Hare.

Queen of Hearts

VA: Toru Okawa

"In case you didn't know, I have a great hatred of men. If you were like the cute Alices we usually get, I could've thought up a different method for obtaining satisfaction, but alas..."
A man (yes, for real) who was probably the first person taken to Wonderland. Calm and rational, fitting more the name of the "Black Queen" than the "Queen of Hearts", his job is to regulate the rules and take off the heads of useless people who hold titles and those that have broken the rules in one way or another. However, since the job isn't as frequent as other roles, the Queen takes up time by holding parties, womanizing, and doing all sorts of other stuff. He doesn't appear much, almost as if he was chained to the castle he lives in, but when he does appear it's easily seen that's he's probably the only character in Wonderland with his full set of marbles.

In the past, he was a gambler, often playing cards with older men and hitting on women. However, he was critically insane: seeing himself akin to the Joker playing card, he slaughtered and beheaded women who caught his fancy after luring them into alleys or deserted parts of the unnamed England town he lived in. After a total of 52 murders, still heavily believing himself to be "the Joker", he ended up fulfilling the requirements to come to Wonderland. The White Rabbit, almost as a joke, named him the Queen and, one day, the Queen of Hearts realized something: everyone in Wonderland except for him are given no choices in life and simply live by the game. Coming the conclusion he was a "normal person" because he could decide his own path, he settled down and found peace ruling Wonderland.

  • Ascended Extra: The Queen in the CD drama was a regular, but not quite fleshed out. He was also a lot worse of a womanizer in those than in the manga, flat out forcing himself on the Trumps. In the manga, he becomes a lot more sympathetic and he actually comes out more nicer, mostly because his sexual acts are slightly more subtle.
  • The Casanova / The Pornomancer: Legitimately cannot go out in public because he attracts attention everywhere he goes, for better or for worse. Of course, he doesn't mind unless he actually needs to go out.
  • Covert Pervert: Subverted. The 89th Alice guesses entirely too early on that the Queen is very disturbing, being aware by what the quote above means and even flat-out states that he knows the Queen had sex with the previous Alices (although His Majesty denies). There's too many examples of this to list, but the long and short of it is that he's lustful, molests his Trumps even on duty, has them dress as funeral mourners as it turns him on, and in the Drama CDs we're first introduced to him through listening to the moans of a Trump and then him dismissing her. We're serious about the last one, and it was switched to him just casually groping one of the Trumps instead in the manga.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Played with; his hair is undoubtedly black, but the colored art has a consistent issue with rendering his eyes in color. In the PSP game, his eyes are ebony in game but are brown on the website, Katagiri's blog has pictures of him with purple hair and eyes or eyes that are gold or black, on volume 7's cover his eyes seem almost mauve in color and on the special edition volume 3 color his eyes are black.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Completely decked in black, white, and grey because he hates the color red. Sometimes, however, his clothing and hair become blue, which is often regarded as the opposite of red.
  • The Gambler: In the past before coming to Wonderland, he was this.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse: Played for laughs in "Child Challenge" when he believed the best possible answer to the Duke becoming a baby was killing him because he was stealing the attention of the Trumps. He doesn't go through with it, however, because the Trumps scold him and walk away.
  • Only Sane Man: The Queen of Hearts comes off as "normal" because he's the only one running with real-life logic 90% of the time. The remaining 10% is simply his own opinions or him following the story. Because of this, he honestly comes off as normal, which is stunning because it's his actions that end up being insane.
  • Playing Card Motifs: He constantly calls the Knave of Hearts "Jack", associates his Trumps and occasionally women with general playing cards, and he constantly thought of himself as the Joker card prior to coming to Wonderland.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal: Although it's unknown how much of the cast acted towards it, Alice and Jack both made the mistake of hoping for at least something in return.
  • Wholesome Crossdresser: Heavily exaggerated, as even in high heels and make-up he's swamped by girls.

The Knave of Hearts

VA: Tomokazu Sugita

"Surely Looking-Glass Land has a cute, female Queen suitable for my tastes! And even though she's mild-mannered, one day she'd race to convey her feelings to her servant while on a terrace under the night sky! And she'd look up to me in admiration with teary eyes for many different reasons..."

The subtle Trump that's always at the Queen's side. With a straight face, Jack is silent and loyal, following every command the Queen gives to a T... until you give him the ability to talk. His job is to protect the Queen, but his real role activates when the Queen "abandons the game", as he's the only one out of Trumps (and possibly everyone else) who can execute the Queen.

Whoever the Knave of Hearts was in the past is only hinted at by the color illustration to volume 7 and with comments from the White Rabbit: a man who had his heart broken and, in his sadness, wished to end his life or destroy the world he lived in because of the injustice... but like with all people who fell in love only to be ignored, it was only temporary, which did not stop the White Rabbit from throwing Jack's former name and life away. However, what is blatantly shown is how he first met the Queen: under the impression the Queen was a cute girl that would hopelessly fall in love with Jack, he burst into the meeting room and was quickly greeted by a man. Instantly seeing this as an issue, Jack attempted to back peddle out, only to be threatened by the Queen and then ordered to keep silent, allowed only 10 words every 10 years.

  • Ascended Extra: Jack's only lines from the CD Drama collection came from the second Alice and the Tea Party collections and he was only ever mentioned by the Queen. In the manga, he appears whenever the Queen appears and he showcases a few skills, proving he is the Queen's bodyguard.
  • Black Comedy: Played with so much, he covers at least four different ways of Playing with a Trope.
    • Straight: Once he ruins his own "The Reason You Suck" Speech, he is promptly hit on the head with a very large statue of a male angel. He is then seen lying on the ground with a very large blood spatter coming from his head and he is quickly drawing a Dying Message to Alice. Of course, he survives it all.
    • Subverted: When the Dormouse goes out to kill the Queen, he shoots Jack through the side after a short fight. The Hatter later states that it's a bad enough wound to probably bleed Jack out.
    • Double Subverted: But then later, when Jack is seen holding his side and slowly walking to the Queen's throne room, the Hatter pokes some fun at him and all Jack can do is glare.
    • Parodied / Enforced: Especially in omakes, where he's given some ridiculous abuse for the sake of comedy. One omake (Are You Mania? from the manga) has him being splashed with hot tea for simply trying not to laugh, and another (Fork It Over, an omake CD) ends with him getting beaten over the head with a fan.
  • Bodyguard Betrayal: Attempted during Alice and the Tea Party Phase Two: The Knave of Hearts and/or chapters 39 through 41 as an attempt of The Dog Bites Back. Ultimately ends in failure.
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Exploited during one of the bonus CD dramas, where the Queen gives him the ability to talk if he tells jokes frequently.
  • Curtains Match the Window
  • Custom Uniform: It's hard to tell if it's because he's the Knave of Hearts or because he's a guy, but he's the only Trump in a proper uniform instead of wearing mourning gear: a vague military uniform made out of a long, black and brown triangular coat with cuffs matched with an unknown shirt and long white uniform pants, a pure white ascot, knee-high brown boots, white gloves, and an eyepatch. This only counts towards his standing as a Trump as the White Knight wears almost the same thing.
  • Eyepatch of Power / Goggles Do Something Unusual: He has an eyepatch, but he has both of his eyes. The reason he has the eyepatch is because he wants to hide the Queen from his field of vision, since the eyepatch is on the side that the Queen's usually closer to.
  • Evil Counterpart: More or less to the White Knight. They both protect a Queen and they probably both have the ability to execute them should they stray from the path, but the two act entirely different: Jack is almost always frowning, he first appears as stoic only to reveal a very kind side, he's laid back enough with his romantic desires so it's simply a motive, carries a sword and later on takes up the Dormouse's gun, and while he's first presented as neutral alongside the Queen he later shows he's one of Alice's (more-or-less) allies.
  • Idiot Ball: His plan to force the Queen into freeing him from his speaking contract would've gone well if not for Jack asking his hostage for assistance in their own kidnapping.
  • Incorruptible Pure Pureness: He's been around ten years and there is not an ounce of hatred for anyone and only bubbling disgust over the Queen. The fact he's still sane is one thing, the fact he's still around is another, but the fact he hasn't abandoned the job is the big deal.
  • Not So Stoic: He only comes off as The Stoic because of his "no talking" contract.
  • Sword and Gun: He always has a sword on hand, but volume 7 showed him wielding the Dormouse's forgotten revolver. Averted because he has yet to wield both at once, but he's shown to be skilled in at least one of the two weapons.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Gives one to the Queen of Hearts during chapter 41, revealing he cannot stand being treated so lowly and is tired of it all. He ultimately reveals that the reason he wears an eyepatch despite being able to see just fine with both eyes is because he tried to block the Queen from his complete sight, and he goes on to state that the Queen is nothing but a liar about his dislikes.. However, the whole moment is only present in the Manga.
  • Thinks Like a Romance Novel: The quote provided for him is something he said without prompt.

The Trumps

VA: Unlisted.

The Trump Soldiers are 51 women tailored to meet the Queen's criteria of favorite women: adorned in mourning gear due to a fetish, having pale spotless skin and long black hair, an eagerness to please, a readiness for anything sexual or not requested by the Queen, and all capable of convincing him to continue his job and continue playing the game. Every single one is identical, from personality to appearance, and the Queen is free to do what he wants with them 24/7.

  • Black Comedy / Last Disrespects: Literally the only reason they wear mourning gear is because the Queen gets off on stirring up bad memories.
  • Servant Tropes:
    • Bodyguarding a Badass: Subverted. There's no doubt the Queen could possibly defend himself, but because of the rules (being that the Queen can only kill those who disobey him), he can't actually fend for himself.
    • Bodyguard Babes
    • Happiness in Slavery: With the exception of the fact that the Queen may molest the Trumps...
    • Property of Love: Since the Queen can do whatever he wants to them, so long as he doesn't flee the game, well...

     Residents of Looking-Glass Land 

The White Knight

VA: Toshiyuki Morikawa

The Mirror World version of the Knave of Hearts, the White Knight is a peaceful man who, while slightly unhinged, desires to assist and protect Alice in Wonderland through all costs, even if it means getting them to forfeit the game. As the protector to the "White Queen", who will be the Alice that gives up their role to rule Looking-Glass Land, he takes his job serious.

Since the translation isn't widely available yet, all we can tell of his backstory is that he used to be the actual White Knight from the story, much like the Tweedles. He protected Marianne until an incident and, ever since, saw a problem with Lewis Carroll. He dies, shot several times while consumed by rage when he spots the Mad Hatter and recognizes him as "Sensei". He dies in Alice's arms, saying his final words and entrusting Alice with the motive to go right after Lewis Carroll.

  • Comedic Sociopathy / Yandere: It is really hard to see the White Knight as "good" when his first action is threatening Alice with a gun and intending to shoot with a smile on his face. Gets much worse because he isn't afraid to get physical and kick Alice in the gut.
  • Evil Counterpart: More or less to the Knave of Hearts. They both protect a Queen and they probably both have the ability to execute them should they stray from the path, but the two act entirely different: the White Knight smiles all the time, is openly kind with a harsh streak and would kill to find the girl he loves, wears white instead of black, carries a gun instead of a sword, and proved himself to first be on Alice's side and then somewhere in the middle.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Largely subverted, but it's true here and there. In the original story, the White Knight was the only character in Looking Glass Land to treat Alice with kindness and explain things to her. While his inventor status is absent as well as his klutziness, he keeps his ties to Lewis Carroll if horribly the opposite and his affection to Alice Liddell. He is, more or less, a mirror of the Knave of Hearts: the kindness is now false, the frowns are now smiles, and the romantic beliefs are exchanged for being completely psychotic for the sake of love.
  • Kindness Button: Agreeing with him and just going along.
  • Man in White: Considering he calls Alice a Queen and treats him with a lot of respect, something usually absent for the protagonist, it's really unnerving to see the lengths he'll go for Alice Liddell.

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

Tweedledee VA: Akira Ishida

Tweedledum VA: Soichiro Hoshi

Twins that reside in Wonderland, they're mirrors of the White Rabbit in a way. Dee frowns all the time and is extremely serious where Dum smiles a lot and means a lot more. Despite the roughness Dee gives off, they care very much for each other and live in a wooden shack in the middle of the Looking-Glass Land woods. Dee is capable of summoning regrets, including former Alices, and Dum is able to return a resident's name or change it, such as turning an Alice into the White Queen.

Tropes with come with translation aside from what's obvious in the story.

     Characters Not in Wonderland 

Lewis Carroll

VA: Hiroaki Hirata

"You always fall for my jokes. Of course I'm not going to throw it away. "Alice in Wonderland" is my... masterpiece."
The writer of Alice in Wonderland and also refereed to as "Sensei", Lewis Carroll plays in the story as a background character most of the time. A kind writer who became friends with the little girl named Alice Liddell, he ended up writing two stories for her: a story of her traveling in Wonderland, and a story about her and her unborn little brother living in one house sharing the name of "Alice". However, something occurred, and he took Alice for himself and ruined the story he wrote himself. It's not yet clearly written what exactly happened, but it may have to deal with the death of Alice Liddel...

  • Face Framed in Shadow: Always.
  • In Name Only: It should be noted that A) Lewis Carroll was a pen name for Charles Dodgson, B) all pictures of Mr. Dodgson have him with hair cut to ear-length and never any longer, and C) he stammered in life, which is not present in the manga.

Alice Liddell

VA: Mai Nakahara

A girl who looks identical to Marianne, Alice Liddell is a little girl who hangs out at Lewis Carroll's house. Close friends with the author, Alice talks to him very casually and seems to worry about him. When she was probably around six, her mother died while pregnant, and Alice was upset about losing the unborn child (which she hoped to be a little brother) because she felt it was awful the child could never be born, have hopes and dreams, and aspire to become someone. As such, to cheer her up, Lewis wrote her a story about how she and her little brother lived together sharing the name of Alice. She owns a pet, a black cat named Dinah, and is very innocent with a great love of cakes. It should be known that she isn't Marianne, they simply look the same because Marianne is the fictional Alice in Wonderland.

  • In Name Only: The actual Alice had brown hair, not gold (as per the popular depiction), and she actually had several brothers, two being older than her and one being younger. Her full name also happened to be Alice Pleasance.
  • Intergenerational Friendship: With Lewis Caroll.


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